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I`m ZengWenqian -- :37:1 来源: I`m ZengWenqian  My name is ZengWenqian. I`m a girl. I`m years old. I am of medium height. I have short black hair.  I like singsing and ing books.I love to tell joke. My favorite animals are dogs. I think they are cute and friendly. I hope I have a good friend!What Is True Friendship? 什么是真正的友谊? -- 19::59 来源: What Is True Friendship? 什么是真正的友谊?  What is true friendship? I think it is a great shareable emotion between you and your friends. You share his happiness when your friend gets good marks in the exam. You share his sadness when he is unhappy.  Of course the most important thing true friends is that you can help each other. When you meet troubles, he or she will try their best to help you at once. When your friend is in danger, you will be happy because of your friend's sadness. I think this is true friendship.  什么是真正的友谊呢?我认为友谊是朋友之间最伟大的一种感情共鸣当你的朋友考试取得了好成绩,你能够分享他的快乐;当他伤心时,你能够分担他的痛苦  当然真正的朋友之间最重要的是能够互相帮助当你遇到困难时,他或她立刻竭尽全力帮助你;当你的朋友遇到危险时,你会立刻去救他或她  总之,你会因朋友的快乐而快乐,因朋友的悲伤而悲伤我想这才是真正的友谊

我的暑假生活 我快乐的暑假英语作文 --5 ::51 来源: 我的暑假生活 我快乐的暑假英语作文As usual,i did homework and joined many kinds of training class,but it'sa joyful summer vacation this year. 和往年一样,我做家庭作业并参加了各种培训班,但是,今年的暑假是一个愉快的暑假Except studying, I traveled with my families in the holiday. We went to Beijing and stayed there four days. We lived in the hotel. It is very beautiful. We visited to the Tiananmen Square, the Imperial Palace, the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace. We also went to the Great Wall. The weather was very hot, but we were exciting. I like Beijing very much. I hope I can go there again. 暑假期间,出来学习,我还和家人去旅游了我们去了北京并在那里待了四天我们住在酒店里北京很美,我们参观了天安门广场,故宫,颐和园和圆明园我们还去了长城北京的天气很热,但是我们很兴奋我很喜欢北京,我希望还能再去那里

去超市(Go to the supermarket) -- ::3 来源: 去超市(Go to the supermarket)  I went to the supermarket the other day with yuan. I was a bit hungry, so I decided to buy a small pack of cookies which cost me yuan.  After I ate them, I was still hungry, so I decided to buy a small bag of potato chips which cost me another 3 yuan. After I ate them both, I was no longer hungry.  However, I was very thirsty and wanted to buy a large bottle of milk to drink, but I didn’t have enough money left because even a small box of milk would cost me yuan and I needed yuan to pay the bus fare. So I gave it up at last.

  我最喜欢的季节 My Favorite Season -- :3: 来源: There are fourseasons in a year and I like the spring most. Spring is the beginning of theyear. In spring, everything is new and fresh. The plants turn to grow andgreen. I rains sometimes and it makes the air fresh. Spring brings good hope people. We can make a good wish the whole year and work hard on it. Ihave my wish, too and I will work hard on it.

  关于中秋节(Mid-autumn Festival)的英语作文 -- :33:36 来源: 关于中秋节(Mid-autumn Festival)的英语作文The Mid-autumn Festival falls on Thursday this week,we will have three days off.I'm looking ward its coming.这周星期四就是中秋节,我们会有三天假真盼望它快点到来 all the Chinese family,the Mid-autumn Festival is a day of reunion ,and me,it's a day to enjoy,to enjoy mooncakes ,to enjoy the moon,and to enjoy the happiness of the festival.On that day,we will go to visit my grandparents ,and then have a big meal together.At night,we will eat mooncakes ,and enjoy the moon together.对于所有中国家庭来说,中秋节是个团圆的日子,对于我来说,中秋节就是一个享受到日子,吃月饼,赏月,享受节日的喜悦那天,我们会去看望我的外公外婆,然后一起吃饭晚上,我们会一起吃月饼,赏月It will be a wonderful day,i like the Mid-autumn Festival.这一天会是美好的一天,我喜欢中秋节。

  安排工作Arrangement of Work --30 :19:7 来源: 小学生英语作文:安排工作Arrangement of Work Dear Sun Shengzhang,  I have come to see you, but you are out. I have something important to tell you. Mrs Ren told me that there will be a singing contest next Friday. We have to decide what song we will sing, and when we shall practise every day. Please think it over and come to my home this evening. And then we'll have a talk about it.Yang Zihao亲爱的孙盛章:  我来见你,可是你不在我有件重要的事要告诉你任老师告诉我下星期五要举行一次歌咏比赛我们得决定唱什么歌,每天什么时候训练请好好考虑一下,今晚到我家来然后我们就能好好商量一下杨子豪

  《简爱经典英文电影台词 --7 :5: 来源: 《简爱经典英文电影台词Jane:Why do you confide in me like this? What are you and she to me? You think that because I''m poor and plain, Ihave no feelings? I promise you, if God had gifted me with wealth and beauty, I would make it as hard you to leave me now as it is me to leave you. But He did not. But my spirit can address yours, as if both have passed through the grave and stood bee heaven equal.简:您为什么对我讲这些?您和她(英格拉姆)跟我有什么关系?您以为我穷,不好看,就没有感情吗?告诉你吧,如果上帝赐予我财富和美貌,我会让您难以离开我,就想我现在难以离开您可上帝没有这样做,但我的灵魂能够同您的灵魂说话,仿佛我们都经过了坟墓,平等地站在上帝面前Jane:Let me go, sir.简:让我走,先生Rochester:love you. I love you!罗切斯特:我爱你我爱你!I Jane:No, don''t make me foolish.简:别,别让我干傻事  Rochester:Foolish? I need you. What''s Blanch to me? I know what I am to her. Money to manure her father''s land with. Marry me, Jane. Say you marry me.罗切斯特:傻事?我需要你,布兰奇(英格拉姆)有什么?我知道我对她意味着什么,是使她父亲的土地变得肥沃的金钱嫁给我,简说你嫁给我Jane:You mean it?简:你是说真的?  Rochester:You torture me with your doubts.Say yes,say yes(He takes hersintoshis arm and kisser her.)God give me.And let no men meddle with me.She is mine.Mine.罗切斯特:你的怀疑折磨着我,答应吧,答应吧(他把她搂在怀里,吻她)上帝饶恕我,别让任何人干涉我,她是我的,是我的  After Jane finds out Mr. Rochester has an insane wife.简发现罗切斯特先生有个精神失常的妻子之后Rochester:So come out at last. You shut yourself in your room and grieve alone. Not one word of reproach.Nothing.Is that to be my punishment? I didn''t mean to wound you like this. Do you believe that?I wouldn''t hurt you not the world.What was I to do? Confess everything I might as well have lost my life.罗切斯特:总算出来了你把自己关在房间里一个人伤心一句责难的话也没有什么都没有这就是对我的惩罚?我不是有心要这样伤你,你相信吗?我无论如何也不会伤害你,我怎么办?都对你说了我就会失去你,那我还不如去死  Jane:You have lost me, Edward.And I''ve lost you.简:你已经失去我了,爱德华我也失去了您  Rochester:Why did you say that to me? To punish me a little longer? Jane, I''ve been though! the first time I have found what I can truly love. Don''t take if away from me.罗切斯特:为什么跟我说这些?继续惩罚我吗?简,我已经受够了!我生平第一次找到我真正的爱,你不要把她拿走  Jane:I must leave you.简:我必须离开您 简爱 经典英文电影台词让我们帮助她(lets help her) -- :00: 来源: 让我们帮助她(lets help her)  li mei is a new comer to our class. she is short and thin. she looks quite and unhappy. and then we know her story.  li mei has no mother, and her father is ill in bed. she also has a 70-year-old grandmother. they are living a poor life.  as soon as we knew about it, we all quickly started to do something her. at first, mr ma, our english teacher, gave her 300 yuan. then gao wen gave her some new clothes. at last, we decided that everyone will save 5 yuan her family every month. we often visit her father and help her do the housework. there is a smile on her face now.    李梅是刚到我班的新生她个子矮矮的,瘦瘦的,看起来寡言少语很不开心后来我们知道了她的经历  李梅没有母亲,她父亲因病卧床不起,家里还有七十岁的老奶奶他们的生活很艰苦  我们一知道这件事后便马上开始为她做些事,开始我们英语老师马老师给了她300元,后来高雯送了她一些新衣最后我们决定每人每月给她家节省5元钱我们常去看她爸爸,并帮她做些家务活现在她的脸上出现笑容了我喜欢迪斯尼I Like Disneyland -- :31: 来源: I get to know Disneyland a year ago, at the time, my mother took me to Hong Kong, I was so happy, we went to Disneyland, I saw many lovely cartoon characters. I saw them when I was watching TV, I felt so happy, I told my mother I wanted to come to here again soon. I like Disneyland so much, I want to live in theDisneylandworld.我一年前开始知道迪斯尼,那时,我的妈妈带我去香港,我感到很开心我们去了迪斯尼,我看见了很多可爱的卡通人物我看电视的时候才看到他们,我觉得很高兴,我跟妈妈说我想要快点再去香港我很喜欢迪斯尼,我想要生活在迪斯尼的世界

  爆竹(Firework) -- :: 来源: 爆竹(Firework)it’s th february. my parents and me watched the firework at that evening. i watched it carefully. it was beautiful and amazing. it looked like flowers and stars. it’s shiny and colorful. i saw a lot of colors. example, green, red, yellow and so on. i clapped my hands. and my parents told me it’s very dangerous, we can’t play it in the city.we were very happy. we love it. we will remember it ever.保护水资源 Saving Water -- ::39 来源: Water is the most valuable resource on the earth. Water is the necessity of our life and we must drink it everyday.Now, many people can not drink clear water, because many of them are badly polluted. So, in order to save water, the first thing we should do is reduce water pollution. In addition, we should develop good habits to save water. example, turn off the tap after we use. Or we should recycle the water to make it full use. In one word, water is scarce all of us and we should try our best to save it.水是地球上最宝贵的资源水是生活的必需品,我们每天都需要喝水现在,很多人都喝不到干净的水,因为很多水都被严重污染了,为了节约用水,我们首先要做的就是减少水污染另外,我们应该养成节约用水的好习惯比如,用完水的时候关掉水龙头或者我们应该循环用水以达到充分利用总之,水是对我们大家都是稀缺的,我们应该尽最大努力保护它

  英文接听电话常见情景--3 :6: 情况一:打电话的人要找的人不在, 问对方是否要留言Can I talk to Mark? (我可以跟 Mark 讲话吗?)He is out on his lunch break right now. Would you like to leave a message? 他出去吃午饭了, 你要留言吗?He is not available right now. Can I take a message? 他不在, 我可以帮你传话吗?情况二:打电话的人要找的人不在, 愿意接受对方的留言Can I leave a message? 我可以留个话?Yes. Go ahead, please. 可以, 请继续Of course. Hold on just a second so I can grab a pen and paper. 当然, 稍等一下让我拿个纸笔Sure, if you can excuse me just a second. Let me find a piece of paper to write it down. 当然, 如果你可以等我一下下, 让我找张纸写下来情况三: 更多信息请访问:http:www.en.com打电话的人找的是你自己Is Daisy there? (Daisy 在吗?)This is she. 我就是 (注: 男的用 This is he.)Youre speakingtalking to her. 你正在跟她说话(注:男的用You‘re speakingtalking to him.)This is Daisy. 我就是 Daisy.Thats me. 我就是情况四:对方打错电话Can I speak to Alexander Walker? 我可以和 Alexander Walker 说话吗?Alexander Walker? Im sorry, but theres nobody here by this name. Alexander Walker? 抱歉, 这里没这个人Im sorry. Im afraid youve got the wrong number. 抱歉, 恐怕你打错电话了What number did you dial? 你打几号?情况五:打电话的人要找的人是别人, 请对方稍等Is Brandon there? Brandon 在吗?Yes, he is. One moment, please. 他在请稍等Hold, please. 请稍等Hold on, please. 请稍等Let me see if hes here. Hang on. OK? 我看看他在不在等一下, 好吗?情况六:接受对方留言时听不清楚, 希望对方重复When he comes back, can you have him call me at () 555? 他回来后, 能不能让他打 () 555 这个号码给我?Can you repeat again, please? 能不能请你再重复一次?(Say) Again, please? 再说一次好吗?Pardon? 抱歉(请再说一次)Come again, please? 再说一次好吗?Im sorry? 抱歉(请再说一次)情况七:跟对方要求跟(打电话的人)刚刚已经通过话的人再讲话Can you put Daisy back on? I got to tell her something. 你能否请Daisy再来听电话呢? 我忘了跟她讲一件事Sure. Ill go get her. 当然! 我这就去叫她


  常用路试英语大全 -01-01 ::58 来源: Good Morning SirMadam 先生女士 早上好 Good Afternoon 午安 How are you? 你好么 Do you speak English? 你讲英语吗?I can speak a little English. 我可以讲一点英语 Please speak slowly. 请慢慢讲Would you mind speak louder please? 请讲大声一些Do you wear glasses? 你有戴眼镜么?I wear contact lenses. 我戴隐型眼镜Do you live at same address? 你住在上述地址么?Do you have any medical problem? 你的健康有问题么?Do you have any question? 你有什么问题么?You must obey all the rules and traffic signs.你要遵守所有的交通规则和标志Please sign your name here. 请在这里签名Are you y now? 你准备好了么?Turn on the engine (car). 点火Let's go. 现在开始Right turn. 右转Left turn. 左转Go straightkeep moving straight. 直行First street right turnleft turn. 第一条街右转左转Traffic light right turnleft turn. 交通灯右转左转Stop sign, make a right turnleft turn. 停牌右转左转Stay in this lane. 保持在这条线路行驶Second street. 第二条街Turn on the headlights. 开车头灯Turn on the wind shield wiper. 开雨刷Right of way. 优先权Stop the car here. 在这里停车Pull over the curb. 靠路边停车Slow down 慢驶Three point turn. 三点调头Parallel parking. 平行泊车Up hill parking. 上坡泊车Down hill parking. 下坡泊车Back up. 后退Back into the driveway. 倒车进入车道Too close. 太接近Too slow. 太慢Too fast. 太快Speed up . 加速Give your signal. 打灯号Cancel your signal. 取消灯号Try again. 再试一次Watch pedestrians. 注意行人Take it easyrelax please. 请不要紧张More gas. 加油Follow the car. 跟着前车Go back to the test centre. 回考试中心Entrance. 入口Exit 出口Intersection 十字路口Put on your seat belt. 放安全带Parking brake . 手刹Turn on the heaterair conditioner. 打开暖气冷气Head in parkingdrive in . 车头进泊车Back in parking. 后退泊车Turn off the engine. 关闭引擎You failed. 你不合格Do you have any identification? 你有件么You passed. 你通过Try again. 下次再试 常用 路试 英语 大全

  日常聊天口语对话篇:() The Average American Woman-- :7:1 Smith Sensei:: In today's English class, we'll be talking about the average American. to begin with, the average U.S. citizen is a married woman age 3. That's because about 51.% of the population are women and 3 is the median age.Yamada: Interesting. and how many children does the "average" woman have?Smith Sensei: She has .1 children.Yamada: How do you get the "point one"? Smith Sensei: Very funny.Yamada: Just kidding. So how tall is the average woman?Smith Sensei: She is 5 feet inches. I don't know what that is in centimeters.Yamada: That's okay. I can figure it out. So what else can you tell me about the average American "woman"?Smith Sensei: She is slightly overweight, about 3 pounds and dieting. Her dress size is size or . Yamada: Wow! That sure isn't the median size in Japan. Japanese women are much smaller!Smith Sensei: Yes, but as japan adopts the American lifestyle, dress sizes will begin to increase in Japan as well.Yamada: How true. So, keep going. Tell us more . How about religion?Smith Sensei: She doesn't go to church on Sunday, but she believes in God.Yamada: How about money? Smith Sensei: She makes less than $,000 a year from her white collar job. She lives in the state where she was born and spends a third of her income on housing.Yamada: Does she ever move?Smith Sensei: Yes, as a matter of fact. She'll move an average of times in her life. But nearly all her moves will be within her home state. Yamada: Tell us some personal inmation Smith Sensei: She wear contacts (隐形眼镜)or glasses, makes 6 phone calls a day and ahs a TV, VCR ( cassette recorder) , stereo, or radio on hours a day. Yamada: How about crime? Smith Sensei: You mean will she be arrested?Yamada: No. How is she affected by crime? Smith Sensei: She'll be a victim of crime an average of 3 times in her life. Yamada: How about love and marriage?Smith Sensei: She has a 50% chance of divorce.Yamada: That's not very encouraging. So what's the single most important fact that you can tell us about the average American woman? Smith Sensei: Well, she has credit cards.Yamada: I should have known. Hey, do you know any American woman who's interested in meeting a handsome Japanese man? Smith Sensei: This isn't a dating service.(我不负责安排男女约会)

  我的周末My Weekend -- ::53 来源: Today, I got up at8:00 at usual. And I have a busy day. In the morning, I studied two hours. Andthen my father told me to visit my uncle with him. We took something to him andhad lunch at his home. We went home at :00. When we got home, my mother was cleaningour home, so my father and I helped her. I cleaned my room. It was alittle dirty. After that, we went to the supermarket. I bought some snacks. I wastired today.今天,我像往常一样八点起床,并且度过了忙碌的一天早上,我学习了两小时然后爸爸叫我和他一起去看叔叔我们带了一些东西给他并在那吃了午饭两点我们就回家了,当我们回到家的时候妈妈正在打扫屋子我和爸爸就帮忙我打扫我的房间,房间有点脏打扫完屋子后我们去了超市,我买了一些零食我今天很累

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