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2019年10月14日 12:54:15

Israel spies on the ed States more than any other ally does and these activities have reached an alarming level, Newsweek magazine reported on Tuesday.据法新社5日援引美囀?新闻周刊》消息称,以色列在美国的间谍活动比其它任何盟国都多,而且这些活动已经达到惊人地步。The main targets are US industrial and technical secrets, the weekly said. Newsweek said a congressional staffer familiar with a briefing last January called the testimony ;very sobering ... alarming ... even terrifying;, and ed another as saying the behavior was ;damaging.;《新闻周刊》援引机密简报称,以色列在美间谍活动的主要目标为美国的商业和科技机密。一位熟悉该简报的国会工作人员称这样的行为“十分严重……令人担忧……甚是震惊”,另外一人则称之“危害严重”;No other country close to the ed States continues to cross the line on espionage like the Israelis do,; said a former congressional staffer who attended another classified briefing in late 2013, according to Newsweek. The former congressional staffer said the intelligence agencies did not give specifics, but cited ;industrial espionage—folks coming over here on trade missions or with Israeli companies working in collaboration with American companies, [or] intelligence operatives being run directly by the government, which I assume meant out of the [Israeli] Embassy.;曾于2013年底参加闭门会议的前国会工作人员“没有任何一个与美国关系密切的国家像以色列这样如此过分地进行间谍活动。”据这位工作人员介绍,情报部门没有透露细节,但称“有的商业间谍跟随着与美国有合作的以色列公司而来,有的是直接由政府管理的情报人员,我觉得他们来自以色列大使馆。”Israels espionage activities in America are unrivaled and go far beyond activities by other close allies, such as Germany, France, Britain and Japan, counter-intelligence agents told members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees, Newsweek said.反情报机构向国会司法与外交事务委员会报告称,以色列在美国的间谍活动十分猖獗,远远超过德国、法囀?英囀?日本等其它美国盟友;I dont think anyone was surprised by these revelations,; the former aide was ed as saying.;But when you step back and hear ... that there are no other countries taking advantage of our security relationship the way the Israelis are for espionage purposes, it is quite shocking.;“我不认为大家会对这一消息感到惊讶,”这位前国会工作人员说,“但当你退一步想一下……没有其它任何一个国家像以色列这样利用与美国的安全关系用于间谍活动,这是十分令人震惊的。”Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman rejected the allegations. ;Were talking about lies and falsehood, simply libel which is baseless and unfounded,; he said. Lieberman added Israel was not involved in any form of espionage against the ed States, either direct or indirect in nature.对此,以色列外交部长阿维格多·利伯曼矢口否认,“这完全是缺乏事实根据的谎言与诽谤。”利伯曼还称,以色列从未在美国开展任何直接或间接的间谍活动。来 /201405/297344福清阳光妇产医院可以看男女吗For years, Toshiba, one of Japan’s best-known consumer electronics brands, had been a poster child of the country’s efforts to police corporate behaviour. The 140-year-old company even appeared as a case study in books on governance.多年来,日本最知名的消费电子品牌之一东芝(Toshiba),一直是该国在规范公司行为的努力中推崇的典范。这家拥40年历史的公司甚至曾经成为公司治理图书的研究案例。But what Seiya Shimaoka, an internal auditor at Toshiba, witnessed in late January was the opposite of exemplary behaviour. Instead, he saw the early signs of what would become one of the country’s most embarrassing corporate scandals, involving a company-wide effort to inflate profits by more than bn.但今月底,东芝内部监察委员岛冈圣Seiya Shimaoka)亲眼看到的情况却与典范行为背道而驰。他看到了即将成为日本最令人尴尬的公司丑闻之一的早期迹象,牵涉到全公司范围内将利润虚增0亿美元的行为。Mr Shimaoka repeatedly asked Makoto Kubo, head of Toshiba’s five-person auditing committee and a former chief financial officer of the company, to examine the accounts at its laptop business.岛冈圣也曾多次请求由5人组成的东芝监察委员会的委员长、东芝前首席财务官久保诚(Makoto Kubo)调查该公司笔记本电脑业务的账目。Mr Kubo brushed off the requests with a warning that reopening them would cause the company to miss its deadline for reporting earnings.久保诚没有理会这些请求,他警告称,重新调查账目将导致该公司无法按时提交财报。According to a 294-page report written by a panel of external lawyers and accountants, profits in its struggling PC division were later found to have been overstated.由外部律师和会计师组成的一个专门调查委员会撰写的长94页的报告称,东芝步履维艰的个人电脑业务的利润后来被发现有所夸大。Mr Shimaoka, who declined to comment, was one of the few executives who survived the ouster of nearly half of Toshiba’s 16-member board, including Hisao Tanaka, chief executive, after the panel found that top executives were involved in accounting malpractices over the past seven years.岛冈圣也拒绝置评。在该调查委员会发现过去7年东芝高管参与会计违规行为后,东芝的16人董事会有近一半被迫离职,包括社长田中久雄(Hisao Tanaka)。岛冈圣也是逃过此劫的少数高管之一。The scandal at the Japanese conglomerate with bn in annual sales has shaken a country that has embarked on sweeping governance reform championed by its prime minister, Shinzo Abe. It has also raised awkward questions about processes across corporate Japan, in the biggest scandal since the Olympus one in 2011.年销售额高达520亿美元的东芝的财务丑闻震惊日本,此前日本已启动得到首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)持的大规模治理改革。这是自2011年奥林巴Olympus)会计丑闻以来日本最大的丑闻,它还引发了外界对于整个日本企业界治理流程的尴尬质疑。Toshiba was one of the early adopters of the reforms. It introduced three external directors in 2001 when Japanese boardrooms were still dominated by long-time company insiders. On paper, it had a structure that gave its external directors the authority to name top executives and an auditing committee to monitor behaviour of the company’s leaders.东芝是较早实施治理改革的日本公司之一。该公司001年引位外部董事,当时日本公司董事会仍由长期任职的公司内部人士主宰。从字面上来看,东芝的治理结构赋予了外部董事任命顶层高管的权力,并设立监察委员会监督该公司高管的行为。It was lauded for its efforts. In 2013, the group was ranked ninth out of 120 publicly traded Japanese companies with good governance practices in a list compiled by the Japan Corporate Governance Network, a Tokyo-based non-profit organisation.这些努力令东芝备受赞誉013年,在东京非盈利组织日本公司治理网络(Japan Corporate Governance Network) 编制的榜单上,东芝在治理良好20家日本上市公司中名列。The company was also featured in a corporate governance book published in May by Mori Hamada amp; Matsumoto, one of the country’s biggest law firms. in it, Mr Shimaoka described in detail the multiple layers of checks that were in place to ensure compliance.东芝还出现在日本最大律师事务所之一森滨田松本律师事务所(Mori Hamada amp; Matsumoto) 5月出版的一本公司治理书中。岛冈圣也在书中详细描述了东芝为确保合规而建立的多层控制体系。Yet the governance framework laid bare by the panel showed woefully ineffective monitoring at the company.然而,调查委员会揭示的治理框架却显示该公司的监督机制非常低效。For example, it said Mr Kubo was aware of improper accounting that was systematically carried out from 2008. It added that no action was taken despite the warnings from Mr Shimaoka.例如,该调查委员会表示,久保诚知晓自2008年开始系统性实施的不合规会计做法。该委员会补充称,尽管岛冈圣也提出警告,但东芝没有采取任何措斀?The panel also noted that the three external auditors included former diplomats and a former banker who had no accounting expertise. “Internal controls by the auditing committee were not functioning,it concluded.该委员会还指出,3名外部监察委员包括两名前外交官和一位前家,他们都没有会计专业技胀?该委员会总结称:“监察委员会的内部控制没有发挥作用。”Mr Kubo, who also resigned from the board yesterday, declined to comment.久保诚周二也从东芝董事会辞职,他拒绝置评。Kota Ezawa, an analyst at Citigroup, says a number of Japanese companies have appeared to be in compliance with the country’s corporate governance code introduced in June.花旗集团(Citigroup)分析师绘泽浩Kota Ezawa)表示,很多日本企业似乎都遵循了日月颁布的公司治理法规。Many have installed more outside directors, unwound large cross-shareholdings and promised higher returns on equity to investors.很多公司增加了外部董事,取消了大规模交叉持股,并向投资者承诺更高的股本回报率。“But look at Toshiba,he cautions. “We need to make sure that companies understand that having structures that look good is not enough.“但看看东芝吧,”他警告称,“我们需要确保企业明白,仅有表面上不错的治理结构是不够的。”“Toshiba was lauded as a frontrunner in governance efforts, but that was a misunderstanding. Its governance structure looked good but the execution was not.Similarly, Hiroyuki Kamano, a lawyer who sits on the board of several Japanese companies, says the aggressive pursuit of profits and pressures to meet earnings targets are not unique to Toshiba.“东芝被称赞为治理的先锋,但这是一种误解。该公司的治理结构看上去不错,但执行起来却并非如此。”类似地,在日本7家公司董事会任职的律师Hiroyuki Kamano表示,对于利润的疯狂追求以及实现盈利目标的压力并非东芝特有的。Nearly half of the overstated profits identified by the panel were attributed to the 2012 financial year when many companies, including Panasonic and Fujitsu, were grappling with pressures from the stronger yen and the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.该调查委员会确定的虚增利润中,近一半归属于2012财年,当时很多公司(包括松下(Panasonic)和富士Fujitsu))都在艰难应对日元走强所带来的压力,以及2011年日本海啸和福岛第一核电Fukushima Daiichi)核事故的影响。“Increased profits and better performance lead to promotions so there is always an evil incentiveto make the figures look better, says Mr Kamano.Hiroyuki Kamano表示,“利润增加和业绩改善会带来升职,因此总存在一种(让数据变得更好看的)罪恶动机”。Under Mr Tanaka, Toshiba had also sought to mitigate its dependence on chipmaking, which accounts for 26 per cent of its annual revenue and is the sole division which generates a double-digit profit margin.在田中久雄的领导下,东芝还寻求减弱对芯片制造业务的依赖,这项业务占东芝年收入的26%,是唯一取得两位数利润率的部门。“I was midway in my effort to build a second and third pillar of revenue,he said at a news conference announcing his resignation. “But building new pillars of revenue should not be equated with improper accounting.”“我正在努力构建第二个和第三个收入柱,”他在宣布辞职的新闻发布会上表示,“但构建新的收入柱不应等同于会计违规。”Mr Tanaka has denied giving instructions to employees to inflate profit figures.田中久雄否认曾指示员工夸大利润数据。However, analysts including Mr Ezawa say the scandal is not expected to have a significant impact on Toshiba’s earnings outlook despite uncertainties remaining on how far the company will need to write down the value of its assets.然而,包括绘泽浩太在内的分析师表示,预计这桩丑闻不会对东芝的盈利前景造成严重影响,不过现在仍不确定,该公司将需要在多大程度上减记其资产价值。This is especially true for Toshiba’s nuclear business, which struggled in the wake of the 2011 nuclear disaster. Others hope the scandal will accelerate pressures to unload underperforming assets.东芝的核业务尤其如此。在2011年福岛核灾难后,该业务陷入困境。其他一些人希望,这桩丑闻将向东芝施加更大压力,要求其剥离表现不佳的资产。“The change in earnings may be limited, but even more important is to improve the governance system to rebuild confidence in earnings,says Mr Ezawa.绘泽浩太表示:“盈利的变化可能有限,但更为重要的是改善治理体系,重建对盈利的信心。”来 /201507/387785福清人流哪里比较好As a former prime minister of Australia, I understand something of the political costs leaders must bear in aiming to reconcile the long-term interests of the planet with short-term national interests.作为澳大利亚前总理,我深知要调和地球的长期利益和短期的国家利益之间的冲突,领导人必须付出某种政治代价。After attending the Copenhagen summit on climate change, I was attacked back home for either doing too much or too little in trying to bring about a binding global agreement.在参加了年的哥本哈根气候变化峰会之后,我在国内受到了攻击,因为人们觉得我在努力促成一份有约束力的全球协议时,做得太多或太少。We all failed at Copenhagen, though not for want of effort from many of us. The ed Nations conference in Paris this December is the next opportunity for leaders of the world’s biggest economies to show real leadership in the slow-motion drama that is anthropogenic climate change.我们在哥本哈根都是输家,但这不是因为我们许多人缺乏行动。今2月在巴黎召开的联合国气候大会,为世界最大经济体的领导人提供了又一次机会,让他们可以在人为气候变化的慢动作剧目中,展示真正的领导力。The ed States and China, the world’s biggest polluters, began tackling climate change together when they announced an agreement last November to curb carbon emissions. The ed States promised to double the speed at which it will reduce carbon emissions, aiming for a 26-to-28 percent reduction by 2025 from 2005 levels, while China pledged to peak emissions by around 2030.世界上最大的两个污染排放国——美国和中国——已经开始携手应对气候变化问题,并于去年11月宣布了一份限制碳排放的协议。美国承诺把降低碳排放的步伐加快一倍,打算025年使碳排放水平比2005年减6%8%,而中国则承诺030年左右使碳排放达到峰值。Meanwhile, India and China issued a joint statement on climate change earlier this month that included a pledge to submit plans on their own carbon targets before the Paris conference.与此同时,印度和中国本月早些时候发表了一份有关气候变化的联合声明,其中包括在巴黎会议之前提交它们自己的碳排放目标的承诺。Five years ago, such joint announcements by the ed States, China and India were seen as inconceivable. Now climate science makes them unavoidable.五年前,美国、中国和印度达成的这些联合声明会令人难以置信。如今,气候科学的现实让它们别无选择。The mathematical reality is that these three countries the ed States, China and India together with the European Union, will in large part shape the future of the planet.数学方面的现实是,这三个国家——美囀?中国和印度——加上欧盟国家,很大程度上将决定地球的未来。Between 1850 and 2012, the ed States and Europe produced 45 percent of greenhouse gases currently in the atmosphere, compared to 18 percent from China and India, according to the nonprofit organization Climate Analytics. Based on current practices, it is projected that by 2020, China alone will produce 24 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, India 7 percent, the ed States 13 percent and the European Union 8 percent. Climate change action by China and India is now critical.根据非营利组织气候分Climate Analytics)的数据,1850012年,美国和欧洲制造了目前大气5%的温室气体,相比之下,中国和印度产生的温室气体占8%。根据目前的情况,预计到2020年,单是中国就将产生24%的全球温室气体排放,印度7%,美3%,欧盟国%。中国和印度的气候变化行动如今至关重要。But China and India fear that radical action on greenhouse gas emissions will significantly reduce economic growth in a time when poverty reduction remains a national priority. We in the West cannot simply wave this problem away as if it is not our concern as well.不过,中国和印度担心,在减贫仍然是国家首要任务的当下,温室气体排放方面的激进行动将使经济增速大大放缓。我们西方国家不能对这个问题撒手不管,因为这也是我们的担忧。Still, India and China will face even greater problems if carbon emissions continue to increase.而且,如果碳排放继续增长的话,印度和中国将面临更加严峻的问题。India will be one of the states hardest hit by climate change, with increased coastal flooding and melting Himalayan glaciers. Rising global temperatures would make water security an even greater problem in India-Pakistan relations. William Cline, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, has estimated that a modest increase in average global temperatures would cut agricultural output in India by 38 percent.随着沿海地区洪灾的增多,以及喜马拉雅冰川不断融化,印度将成为受气候变化影响最严重的国家之一。不断上升的全球气温将使水安全成为印巴关系中更加严峻的问题。华盛顿彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute for International Economics)的高级研究员威廉·克莱William R. Cline) 估计,全球平均气温的小幅上升会使印度的农业产出下8%。The stakes are as great for China. Earlier this year, the head of China’s national weather service warned that climate change would have “huge impactson the country, including reduced crop yields, ecological harm and unstable river flows. A 2011 government report anticipated a 5-to-20 percent drop in grain output resulting from climate change by 2050. Never mind the crisis the Chinese leadership aly faces from unsustainable levels of air pollution in the country’s major cities.中国同样利益攸关。今年早些时候,中国国家气象局负责人警告称,气候变化对国家“影响巨大”,会导致粮食产量下降,生态退化,以及河流径流量不稳定011年的一份政府报告预计,050年,气候变化导致的粮食减产将达%0%。除此之外,中国领导层还面临着大城市不可持续的空气污染水平所带来的危机。While the ed Statestotal emissions are now considerably less than China’s, America’s per-capita emissions are three times that of China and 10 times India’s. If the ed States wants to persuade China and India to shift to a low-carbon development path, it must make a determined effort to reduce the carbon intensity of its own economy by becoming more energy efficient and switching to low-carbon energy sources. Shale gas is one part of this equation.尽管美国的总排放量目前远远低于中国,人均排放量却是中国倍、印度的10倍。如果美国想要说中国和印度改走低碳发展道路,就必须通过提高能效和转而使用低碳能源,坚决降低自身经济的碳排放强度。页岩气是这个方程式的一部分。Success in Paris this December will require a three-part approach.今年12月的巴黎大会要想取得成功,需要一个具有三个组成部分的对策。First, the ed States and China must rapidly increase collaboration on climate change both within and beyond the framework of the Paris conference. This means concerted action from environmental and energy regulators, and effective pricing for the heaviest polluters to purchase carbon permits and for what consumers pay for energy. The sort of large-scale investments needed in renewable energy, less carbon-intensive energy, energy efficiency and technological innovation will only happen if there are significant and sustained price and regulatory signals from government, coupled with innovations in the market. China’s air pollution crisis should be a core focus of bilateral policy, regulatory and technological effort not least because it affects us all.首先,美国和中国必须迅速扩大在气候变化问题上的合作,在巴黎会议的框架内外都是如此。这意味着环境和能源监管机构的协同行动,以及针对最严重污染者购买碳排放许可、消费者购买能源的有效定价机制。只有政府释放重要、持续的价格和监管信号,加上市场的创新,可再生能源、碳排放量较低的能源、能效和技术创新所需的大规模投资才会出现。中国的空气污染危机应该是双边政策、监管和技术行动的核心焦点——其中的一个重要原因是,它与我们每一个人都有关。Second, effective trilateral collaboration between the ed States, China and India is critical. Although India has been a smaller emitter in relative terms until now, India will pass China’s population in the next decade, and it has barely begun its own industrial revolution. Delhi aly has air pollution levels comparable to Beijing. The same type of climate change collaboration on regulation, pricing, technology and investment is needed in this triangular relationship. In this context, we cannot ignore the fact that coal, absent a quantum technological shift, is likely to remain the major fuel for energy generation in China and India through to mid-century. Investment must continue to focus on clean-coal technologies and shale-gas conversion.第二,美囀?中国和印度的有效三方合作至关重要。尽管印度迄今为止的碳排放量一直相对较少,印度人口将在未来10年超过中国,而且它基本上还没有开始自己的工业革命。德里的空气污染水平已经与北京不相上下。这个三角关系必须在监管、定价、技术和投资等领域开展同样类型的气候变化合作。在此背景下,我们不能忽视的一个事实是,如果没有巨大的技术变革,煤炭直到本世纪中叶都将会是中国和印度能源生产的主要燃料。投资的重点必须继续放在清洁煤炭技术和页?气转换上。Third, any climate change agreement in Paris must ensure that countries actually implement the emissions cuts they commit to. The final accord must agree to a regular review mechanism, full transparency of data and an ability to supplement the Paris agreement with further climate-change action as necessary. Much of the world seems oblivious to international treaty law, but it does respond to concrete environmental action based on that law.第三,在巴黎达成的任何气候变化协议,都必须确保各国兑现其减排承诺。最终的协议必须包括经常性的审核机制、充分的数据透明度,以及通过更多必要的气候变化行动为巴黎协议提供补充的能力。世界上的很多国家似乎忘记了国际公约法的存在,但他们一定会响应基于这部法律的具体的环境行动。Forging an agreement in Paris will take bold leadership. The people of the world, particularly the young, now look increasingly to the leaders of these great powers to protect our planet before it’s too late for us all.在巴黎达成协议将需要相关方面大胆地运用自己的领导力。全世界的人们现在越来越指望大国领导人保护我们的地球,年轻人尤其如此,以免我们所有人都追悔莫及。来 /201505/377485海口镇人民医院在哪里

福清阳光网上预约挂号福清一般人流后还会出血吗Given the decline in Brazil’s fortunes in the past two years, President Dilma Rousseff has pulled off a striking political coup by persuading voters to re-elect her, albeit with a reduced majority. The markets, however, do not appear convinced.尽管得票率较上次大选有所降低,但考虑到巴西过去两年的经济下行,巴西总统迪尔#8226;罗塞Dilma Rousseff)能在本次总统大选中赢得连任已经算是取得了意外的政治成功。不过,市场似乎并不买账。Her economic record since 2012 has been weak, to put it diplomatically. Although battered by global economic winds, India and China are nowhere close to the technical recession Brazil is now experiencing.说得客气点,罗塞夫自2012年以来的经济成绩欠佳。尽管都受到了全球经济风暴的冲击,但印度和中国现在的状况可距巴西所处的技术性衰退有着相当的距离。Inflation has crept above the 6.5 per cent target set by Ms Rousseff’s government. Having experience hyperinflation in the 1980s and 1990s, Brazilians are highly sensitive to this indicator. Last year inflation was behind the rising cost of public services, above all transport; the increase in fares in S#227;o Paulo and Rio were a leading cause of the protests that shook the Brazilian elite.巴西的通胀率已攀升至罗塞夫政府设定的6.5%的目标上方。在经历过上世纪八九十年代的恶性通胀后,巴西人对这一指标非常敏感。去年,通胀推动公共务成本、尤其是交通成本不断上升;圣保罗和里约热内卢交通票价的上涨,是引发撼动巴西精英阶层的抗议运动的主要原因。Those demonstrations highlighted another serious issue Brazil has faced for many years: the sclerosis of political institutions. The protesters made crystal clear that they regarded Ms Rousseff and her Workersparty as very much part of the corrupt establishment.这些例子凸显了巴西多年来面临的另一个严峻问题:政治阶层的腐化。抗议者直截了当地表明,他们把罗塞夫及其所在的巴西劳工Workers Party)视为腐败统治阶层的重要组成部分。Above all, they highlighted widesp unhappiness with political parties. These have long been vehicles for the rent-seeking ambition of members rather than an expression of popular convictions. Then there is the roster of smaller parties that leverage their presence in state and provincial assemblies with an eye on bureaucratic sinecures.最重要的是,这些例子凸显出人们对于政党的普遍不满。长期以来,巴西的政党一直是政客实现其寻租野心的工具,而非表达民意的平台。一些规模较小的政党则利用自身在国会和州议会的存在捞取好处,紧盯着官僚体系内的闲职不放。Ms Rousseff has failed to deliver political reform: she is caught up in the gears of the very machine she says she wants to fix. Her predecessors, Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, applied grease in the right places to ensure the machine ran a little smoother, and even to innovate so that it could occasionally do its job. Mr Cardoso broke the inflation spiral and Mr Lula da Silva began the heroic job of lifting tens of millions out of poverty.罗塞夫未能实现政治改革:她正卡在她说想修理的那台机器的齿轮当中。她的前任——费尔南#8226;恩里#8226;卡多Fernando Henrique Cardoso)和路易斯#8226;伊纳西奥#8226;卢拉#8226;达席尔瓦(Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva)——在正确的地方涂抹了一些润滑油,目的在于确保这台机器能够运转得更平顺一点,甚至旨在让其产生一些新的变化、以使其能够偶尔发挥应有的作用。卡多佐破解了螺旋式的通胀,卢#8226;达席尔瓦则启动了让数千万巴西人脱贫的伟大工程。The president’s inability to do the same is rooted in her personality. Daniela Pinheiro, a gifted Brazilian journalist, has written a fascinating profile in monthly magazine Piauí. Ms Pinheiro argues her political style was formed by her life as a revolutionary leftist fighting the military dictatorship in the 1960s and 1970s. For this she was arrested and tortured. Ms Pinheiro es a former minister who says her tendency to act as a member of an underground cell ex#173;plains everything: “A preference for solitude, self-sufficiency, distrust, the control of information, the habit of keeping large sums of money in cash in case of ‘some sort of emergency or other or the habit of sleeping with her shoes on ‘in case she needs to make a quick exit She is still that girl from the 1960s.”罗塞夫未能取得同样的成绩,根本原因在于她的个性。巴西才女记者达妮埃#8226;皮涅Daniela Pinheiro)曾在月刊《Piauí》上撰写过一篇关于罗塞夫的极为精的个人传记。皮涅罗认为,罗塞夫曾在上世纪六七十年代作为一名革命的左翼人士与军事独裁展开斗争,正是这种人生经历塑造了其政治风格。在斗争中,她曾被当局逮捕并遭受严刑拷打。巴西的一名前部长称,罗塞夫喜欢像一名地下监狱的犯人那样行事。皮涅罗引用这名前部长的话称,罗塞夫的这种倾向解释了下面的一切:“喜欢独处,凡事靠自己,不信任别人,对信息有控制欲,习惯存有大量现金以备‘这种或那种’不测,习惯睡觉时不脱鞋,以便随时逃生。她还是活在上世纪六十年代阴影里的那个女孩。”Her personality is a problem. To get things done in Brazilian politics you have to be chummy and form endless networks; you need charisma, you have to be all things to all people. Mr Cardoso and Mr Lula da Silva boast that ability. Indeed, it is highly unlikely Ms Rousseff could have won last month’s election had the latter not decided at last to put his full weight behind her campaign.她的个性是个麻烦。在巴西政坛,你若想解决问题,就必须平易近人并建立庞大的关系网;你要有个人魅力,要八面玲珑。卡多佐和卢#8226;达席尔瓦均具备这种能力。事实上,如若不是卢#8226;达席尔瓦最后决定全力帮助罗塞夫竞选,她上月很可能无法成功连任。Ms Rousseff’s almost Leninist faith in large state-influenced commodity enterprises, such as state-controlled oil company Petrobras or mining conglomerate Vale, has led to the neglect of more dynamic sectors of the manufacturing and service economies. She has let Portuguese colonialism’s bureaucratic traditions stifle innovation more than either of her predecessors. In the World Bank’s rankings for ease of doing business, Brazil stands at a lamentable 120.对于国家掌控的大型大宗商品企业,比如国有控股石油企业巴西国家石油公司(Petrobras)和矿业综合企业淡水河Vale),罗塞夫几乎有着列宁主义式的信仰,也因此忽视了更具活力的制造业和务业。她听任葡萄牙殖民主义官僚传统扼杀创新,这种纵容态度尤甚于她的两位前任。在世界(World Bank)公布的全球营商环境排名中,巴西仅排在20位,着实令人失望。Last week, Ms Rousseff seemed to recognise some shortcomings by promising her new government would be more inclusive. But to reverse the country’s parlous economic state, not to mention the corruption scandal unravelling at Petrobras, she must do one of the hardest things for any older person: change the habits of a lifetime. If not, Brazil faces a rough few years.近日,罗塞夫似乎意识到了一些弊端,承诺她的新政府将更具包容性。然而,为了扭转巴西岌岌可危的经济现状、甚至解决巴西国家石油公司渐渐明朗的腐败丑闻,她必须迈出对任何上了年纪的人来说都很难迈出的一步:改变长久以来的习惯。如果她做不到,巴西未来几年的日子可不好过。来 /201411/341782福建省福清市城头镇子宫肌瘤多少钱福清妇幼保健院网上预约

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