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This Christmas looks like being a bumper one for online shopping but not everyone is filled with the festive spirit and some have aly set online traps they hope you will fall into. Here are twelve cyber-scams to watch out for this Christmas:据英国广播公司报道,圣诞节是很多人的购物盛宴,同时也是很多骗子活跃的高峰时期。如今网络骗局层出不穷,不过万变不离其宗,其中12种特别值得警惕。The first scam of Christmas is phishing网络钓鱼They#39;ve been around for years and we#39;ve all received a version.Fraudsters send you a message and attempt to make you click on a link to a fake site or open some malware that infects your machine.“网络钓鱼”盛行多年。骗子给你发送信息,让你点击一个虚假网站或者打开恶意软件。They may be old but they have evolved and some are very cleverly targeted (known as spear phishing). Imagine you are placing orders on a well-known website for gifts. Suddenly you receive an email - apparently from that very site - saying that there is a problem with your last order and can you please ;click here; to attend to the problem. Logos, email addresses, even the link might look genuine but you#39;ll get more than you bargained for if you do as the email asks. Check twice and click once.这种把戏并不新颖,但是骗子们也在“创新”,他们学会针对特定目标人群,这就是所谓的“鱼叉式网络钓鱼”。比如你在一个知名网站下订单,突然收到一封邮件,乍看是这个网站发送的,邮件称你的订单有问题,可以“点击这里”解决。The second scam of Christmas is the fake virus checker虚假病毒检查程序You search for that elusive gift, and finally you#39;re led to a site that appears to sell just what your nearest and dearest want.But wait, a message flashes up saying that your machine is infected… but don#39;t worry just download the free virus check shown and your problem will be solved.想象一下你上网给亲友挑选礼物,突然弹出一个消息框称你的电脑受到了病毒感染,需要下载一个免费的病毒检查程序解决问题。By downloading it you will actually be infecting your machine and your problems will only just have begun. Install a good virus checker before you go online.事实上,如果你下载了这个软件,电脑才会真正的受到感染。对此,我们应该在上网前安装好病毒检查程序。The third scam of Christmas is the fake upgrade虚假升级软件As the Christmas spirit gets going we all send each other links to jokes and s, on Facebook, by email and via Twitter.Now imagine you arrive at one of these sites and it tells you that you don#39;t have the latest Flash Player so you can#39;t watch that funny , but not to worry click here and you can get your upgraded player immediately.我们习惯在圣诞节给亲朋友好友发送笑话和视频链接。想象一下,你登录一个社交网站,它提示你没有最新的Flash播放器,无法观看搞笑视频,“点击这里”就可以升级播放器。Not only will this ;upgrade; be malware but that malware will go on to send messages to all your friends telling them to go see the ;funny; .而这里的“升级软件”本身就是恶意软件,它还会发送信息给你的朋友,让他们也来看这个有“埋伏”的搞笑视频。The fourth scam of Christmas is the ;current news scam;慈善骗局People will use major world events to scam you out of money, regardless of how sad the event may have been. We saw it with Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.Difficult to believe in a season of goodwill but before the aid agencies had reached the poor people affected there were aly scam emails and associated websites asking you to donate.骗子们还会用一些大的灾难来骗你的钱。很难想象,在台风“海燕”肆虐菲律宾后,竟有诈骗邮件和相关网站骗取人们的捐款。They look genuine but don#39;t be fooled. The money goes nowhere but to the scammers.它们看上去很真实,但实际上这些钱只会流进骗子的口袋里。The fifth scam of Christmas is the illegal ;cracked; download非法的“破解”软件下载Many will be buying laptops or other computing devices for under the tree.They are expensive and there are many tempting offers to buy incredibly cheap operating systems, office products or other tasty goodies. There are even more tempting opportunities to download ;free; copies of ;cracked; pirated software.笔记本电脑及其相关设备都比较昂贵,骗子们就会提议你去购买便宜的操作系统软件、office办公产品等,并称你可以下载“破解”的盗版软件的“免费”副本。However, not only are you likely to find that the download is an illegal copy - and may not actually run or has an invalid key - but also that it comes with a hidden present: malware.然而,不仅该软件是非法的副本,而且可能隐藏有恶意软件。Buy from reputable sites and remember if it#39;s too good to be true then it probably is.因此,我们应该从有信誉的网站购买相关产品。 /201312/270432。

  • China is a country on the move— especially around its Lunar New Year holiday. This year, the holiday crush promises to be even heavier than before.中国是一个“大迁徙”的国家,尤其是在春节假日左右。今年春运压力可能比以往都要大。Government officials estimate that Chinese people will take to the air, roads and railways 3.62 billion times over a 40-day period around the nation’s most important holiday this year. The total is about 200 million more than last year—nearly three trips per person for this country of 1.3 billion—as people jostle their way home for family gatherings or to indulge their new-found passion for travel.春节是中国最重要的节日,人们纷纷回家团聚或者外出旅行。中国政府官方预测,今年为期40天的春运期间,飞机、汽车、火车的客运总量将达36.2亿人次,比去年多2亿。算下来全国13亿人口平均每人乘车三次。Getting tickets to all those would-be travelers is a daunting challenge that annually tries patience as well as stamina. And it is the railway system that routinely is most unable to cope. Railways are the transport of choice for low-cost long-distance travel, and that’s where the ticketing system routinely falls down.对于春运期间出行的旅客来说,购票无疑是个可怕的挑战,每年都试探着人们耐心和毅力的底线。通常来说铁道系统压力最大,火车是低成本的远距离交通方式,因而火车购票系统经常崩溃。Much of the criticism has focused on the railway’s online purchasing system, which has been unable to keep pace with the huge demand and also failed stop scalpers from ending up with many of the hard-to-find tickets.大部分批评集中在铁道部的在线购票系统上,这一系统无法持巨大的车票订购需求量,还让黄牛有空可乘、卷走大量普通市民难以买到的车票。While insisting that online sales were the fairest way to get tickets in the hands of travelers, rail officials told reporters at the briefing the public needs to be patient. Efforts were being made to provide online identity checks that would reduce the ticket scalping problems.铁道部官方坚持说,在线购票是对旅客来说最公平的方式,同时铁道部在新闻发布会中对记者说旅客要多点耐心,他们正在努力规范网上购票实名登记制度和减少黄牛问题。The rail system stretches across 100,000 kilometers and its pricier high-speed service now boasts some 10,000 kilometers of track. But with high- speed tickets hard to come by, many travelers are left standing in the aisles of the slower trains.铁道系统全国线路长达10万公里,价格昂贵的高铁线路现已拓展至1万公里。但高铁车票难以买到,很多乘客只能坐慢速火车回家。While officials had little good news for rail passengers, they did manage to bring a few smiles to those traveling by car as the country’s notoriously expensive highway tolls will be waived for the duration of the official holiday.虽然政府机构没能给铁路乘客带来什么好消息,但他们的确努力为那些驾车回家的旅客提供便利,规定春节法定假日期间免除贵得出奇的高速公路费。But for those hoping to save a few yuan on the drive to that New Year’s Eve dinner – think again. New Year’s Eve isn’t officially part of the holiday, and if you want to get there on time, you’re going to have to pay.然而对那些想要省点钱、在除夕当天驾车回家吃年夜饭的人来说,先不要高兴得太早。因为除夕当天并非法定假日,如果你想赶上年夜饭的话还是得付高速公路费的。 /201401/273857。
  • With his mother#39;s trademark pout on his face, Brooklyn Beckham makes his modelling debut aged 15.继承了他妈妈标志性的嘴巴,布鲁克林·贝克汉姆15岁开始了他的模特处男秀。The teenager appears on the cover of Man About Town magazine and while he poses just like his mum Victoria - he looks the spitting image of his handsome soccer star dad David in the black and white photo shoot which evokes the old Hollywood images of a young James Dean.这位少年登上了《Man About Town》杂志封面,照片上他的动作像极了他母亲维多利亚,而在一组黑白照片中,他简直和他的球星爸爸大卫一模一样,同时也让人怀念起老一代的好莱坞明星——年轻时的詹姆斯·迪恩。The pictures were taken by photographer Alasdair McLellan, who shot Victoria for UK Vogue and David for Fantastic Man, and is a #39;friend of the family#39;.这组图片由摄影师麦克莱伦执镜,他曾为维多利亚拍摄《Vogue》杂志照,为大卫拍摄《Fantastic Man》大片,他是“这一家人的好朋友”。Man About Town magazine, a biannual publication, says it is #39;targeted at high-end business-engaged and culturally-orientated male urbanities... giving a guide to the seasonal men must haves.#39;《Man About Town》杂志是一本半年刊,杂志负责人说该杂志“目标受众是高端的商务精英和有着深厚文化底蕴的都市男性。这是一本时尚男士的必备指南。”Brooklyn follows in the footsteps of his younger brother Romeo, 11, who had a starring role in a Burberry campaign in December 2012.本次布鲁克林拍摄杂志照紧随弟弟、11岁的罗密欧的脚步,罗密欧2012年12月为巴宝莉拍摄了广告。And just like his famous parents, it seems that Brooklyn#39;s also a dedicated follower of fashion as he#39;s pictured wearing labels including Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent and Supreme.就像他有名的父母,看上去布鲁克林也是紧跟时尚,照片中他穿着拉夫·劳伦、圣罗兰和Supreme品牌的饰。 /201404/289927。
  • The alleged anti-foreigner bias of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, which enforces pricing provisions of the 2008 Anti Monopoly Law, has become an increasingly common complaint among multinational executives working in the country.中国国家发改委(NDRC)是执行2008年《反垄断法》定价行为条款的机构。发改委据称重点针对外企的做法,已成为在华工作的跨国企业高管们越来越一致的抱怨。The grumbles began last year when the NDRC fined six baby formula makers, five of them foreign, for illegal pricing practices. They grew more audible during an investigation this summer into carmakers, and reached a crescendo in September when overseas chambers of commerce released their annual assessments of business conditions in the world’s second-largest economy.去年,发改委因6家婴儿配方奶粉企业(其中5家为外企)的非法定价行为,对其处以罚款,由此引发抱怨。今年夏季,发改委对汽车制造商发起调查时,抱怨声更大了。9月份,当多家外国商会发布针对全球第二大经济体的年度营商环境评估报告时,抱怨之声达到了顶点。While the penalties assessed to date by the NDRC seem to confirm the suspicions of its critics, a closer look at the NDRC’s enforcement actions reveals a more complicated picture. Multinationals are easy targets in a country where nationalistic instincts run deep. But some of the regulators’ more famous targets appear to have wandered into its sights by accident. Others were ratted out by other multinationals. And in one of the cases, at least five large global car manufacturers appear to owe the NDRC a thank-you note for targeting suppliers who admitted to cheating them for more than a decade.尽管发改委迄今做出的处罚似乎实了批评人士的怀疑,但更仔细地观察发改委的执法行动,让我们看到了一幅更复杂的图景。在中国这样一个民族主义本能根深蒂固的国家,跨国企业很容易成为靶子。但在监管机构的靶子中,有些比较著名的企业似乎无意中进入了发改委的视野。也有些是被其他跨国企业揭发出来的。在其中一起案例中,起码5家大型全球汽车制造商似乎应该给发改委写一封感谢信,因为后者盯上了一些供应商,这些供应商承认在10多年里一直欺骗这些汽车制造商。Multinational executives and competition lawyers who believe the NDRC is deliberately targeting overseas groups point to an expansion in the number of investigations and the amount of fines paid by foreign investors compared to domestic companies. In a critical report of Chinese competition enforcement released last month, the US-China Business Council noted that the NDRC launched just 20 pricing investigations from 2008-12, compared with 80 in 2013 alone. The NDRC’s recent targets range from luxury carmaker Audi to Qualcomm, the US chipmaker.认为发改委刻意针对外企的跨国企业高管和反垄断律师指出,受调查的外企数量有所增加,外国投资者与国内企业相比被判罚的金额也在增加。美中贸易全国委员会(USC)上月发布一份批评中国反垄断执法的报告,提到2008年至2012年期间,发改委只发起了20次定价行为调查,相比之下,仅仅2013年的定价调查就有80起。发改委近来的调查目标非常多,从豪车制造商奥迪(Audi)到美国芯片生产商高通(Qualcomm)。According to data compiled by the Financial Times, foreign companies or their joint ventures have paid almost 80 per cent of the Rmb3bn (0m) in anti-monopoly penalties handed down by the NDRC since 2011. From there, the circumstantial case against the NDRC becomes less clear-cut. Of the Rmb2.4bn in fines handed down to foreign companies, half of this amount was assessed against 10 Japanese auto parts makers who admitted in August to colluding to set prices between January 2000 and June 2011. The cartel’s victims included Ford, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota.根据英国《金融时报》汇编的数据,自从2011年以来,发改委做出的反垄断处罚金额已达30亿元人民币(合4.90亿美元),其中外企或其合资企业所占比例接近80%。但深入分析发现,批评发改委的推定理由就不那么清晰了。对外企开出的24亿元人民币罚单中,有一半是针对10家日本汽车零部件制造商的——这些公司今年8月承认,他们在2000年1月至2011年6月期间串通设定价格。这一卡特尔的受害者包括福特(Ford)、本田(Honda)、日产(Nissan)、五十铃(Suzuki)和丰田(Toyota)。The NDRC argues that it is too overwhelmed with its workload to organise a conspiracy against foreign companies. Compared to its US and European peers, the regulator’s price supervision and anti monopoly bureau is inexperienced and understaffed, although it has been beefing up manpower. To address these weaknesses, the NDRC has adopted two rational strategies. First, it copies earlier US and European successes: if a foreign company has been busted by Washington or Brussels for monopoly behaviour over the past decade, chances are the NDRC or the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, which polices other aspects of China’s Anti Monopoly Law, are looking at it too. In the Japanese automotive component case, Beijing was following a trail blazed by US and EU regulators.发改委辩称,其忙于履行职责,根本没时间组织一场针对外企的阴谋行动。与美欧同行相比,发改委下属价格监督检查与反垄断局的经验缺乏,人员不足,尽管该局一直在增加人手。为了克这些弱点,发改委采取了两项理性的策略。第一,它复制了美欧监管机构先前取得的成功:如果一家外企在过去10年里因垄断行为受到过华盛顿或布鲁塞尔方面的处罚,那么发改委或国家工商行政管理总局(State Administration for Industry and Commerce)目前可能也在调查它。国家工商总局负责执行中国反垄断法的其他方面。在日本汽车零部件企业受调查案中,北京方面就是在追随美欧监管机构开辟出的道路。The second strategy has been to encourage companies to come forward and admit wrongdoing, as it takes much less time to hear a confession than it does to investigate a case. Again in the Japanese case, the NDRC said Hitachi Ltd and Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp were spared punishment on the grounds that they had voluntarily reported the cartel activity and provided other “important evidence”. As one example of t he NDRC’s often accidental approach to investigations, the head of its anti monopoly bureau said an Rmb249m fine handed down on one of Audi’s China joint ventures last month stemmed from a car accident involving an Audi sedan and a taxi. The Audi driver complained to Chinese authorities after noticing a large discrepancy in repair appraisals for his vehicle.第二个策略,是鼓励企业主动交代,承认自己的过错,因为相比调查一个案子,听取招供省时得多。同样是在对日企的调查中,发改委表示对日立(Hitachi Ltd)和不二越(Nachi-Fujikoshi)免于处罚,因为这两家公司主动报告了卡特尔活动,并提供了其他“重要据”。突显发改委往往因偶然事件展开调查的是,价格监督检查与反垄断局局长表示,上月奥迪在华合资企业之一被罚款2.49亿元人民币,源于一辆出租车与一辆奥迪轿车发生的剐蹭事故。奥迪司机在发现保险公司对其车辆的定损额和4S店维修价之间存在较大差距后,向中国当局提出了投诉。Multinational executives complain that the NDRC frequently bullies them during the investigation process, barring their lawyers from meetings and pressing them to confess wrongdoing. Such tactics will come as no surprise to people familiar with the workings of China’s justice system generally. In this respect at least, Chinese authorities do seem to be treating foreign and local suspects equally.跨国公司高管抱怨称,发改委在调查过程中经常恐吓他们,不让他们的律师参加会议,强迫他们承认自己有过错。熟悉整个中国司法系统运转的人不会对此等手段感到惊讶。至少在这一方面,中国当局看来对外国和本国嫌疑人是平等对待的。 /201410/333799。
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