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2020年02月25日 20:26:51

Mobile anonymous sharing app Whisper today confirmed that it has raised million in its third round of venture capital funding.知名匿名信息分享应用Whisper今天确认,第三轮风投融资成功募资3600万美元。China#39;s Tencent, Shasta Ventures and Thrive Capital came aboard as new investors, while return backers included Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.腾讯公司(Tencent)、沙斯塔创投(Shasta Ventures)和兴盛资本(Thrive Capital)为新加入的投资者,而早期投资者如红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)和光速创投(Lightspeed Venture Partners)则再一次为Whisper提供融资。Whisper also announced its third product update, which includes enhanced search and category functions.Whisper同时还宣布对产品进行第三次升级,包括优化搜索功能,分类也更加优化。The company previously had raised million since being founded in early 2013. Newer rival Secret has raised over million from such firms as Kleiner Perkins and Google Ventures.自2013年年初创立以来,这家公司已经获得过2400万美元投资。而它刚冒头的对手“秘密”(Secret)则已获得凯鹏华盈(Kleiner Perkins)和谷歌创投(Google Ventures)等公司超过1100万美元的投资。 /201405/299849福清什么医院能做药流Everybody#39;s Web software got ;pwned; at the Pwn2Own hackers conference this week: Apple#39;s (AAPL) Safari, Google#39;s (GOOG) Chrome, Microsoft#39;s (MSFT) Internet Explorer, Mozilla#39;s Firefox and Adobe#39;s (ADBE) Reader and Flash.上周举行的Pwn2Own黑客大赛中,所有网络软件包括苹果(Apple)Safari浏览器、谷歌(Google)Chrome浏览器、微软(Microsoft)的IE浏览器、Mozilla公司的火狐浏览器(Firefox),以及Adobe公司的PDF阅读器(Adobe Reader)及浏览器插件Adobe Flash都被黑客彻底攻破。Chrome was hacked by a French team from Vupen Security with a use-after-free vulnerability that affects both the WebKit and Blink rendering engines.法国安全公司Vupen利用一个Use-After-Free 漏洞攻破了Chrome浏览器。这个漏洞对两种浏览器内核WebKit及Blink都有影响。Safari was defeated by Liang Chen, one of a pair Chinese Keen Team hackers, using a heap-overflow-and-sandbox-bypass combination that took three months to perfect.来自中国安全研究团队Keen Team的陈良利用一个堆溢出及沙箱绕过组合攻破了苹果的Safari浏览器。这个团队共用了三个月时间来完善这个组合。;For Apple, the OS is regarded as very safe and has a very good security architecture,; Chen told ThreatPost#39;s Michael Mimoso. ;Even if you have a vulnerability, it#39;s very difficult to exploit. Today we demonstrated that with some advanced technology, the system is still able to be pwned. But in general, the security in OS X is higher than other operating systems.;“苹果的OS操作系统被认为是非常安全的,具备非常好的安全架构,”陈良告诉安全信息网站ThreatPost的迈克尔#8226;米莫苏说。“即使它有漏洞,也很难被攻破。今天我们明,利用一些先进技术,OS操作系统还是可以被攻破。但总体来说,这个系统的安全性要高于所有其它操作系统。”In a separate interview with CNET, Chen said that OS X is harder to attack than iOS 7.0 because Apple issues security updates for its desktop operating system more frequently than for its mobile OS.在接受CNET科技资讯网的单独采访时,陈良说道,OS X系统比iOS 7.0更难攻破,因为苹果为桌面操作系统提供的安全更新比为移动操作系统提供的更为频繁。The two-day event, sponsored by Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and organized by the HP-owned Zero-Day Initiative, paid out 0,000 in prize money to eight teams of competitors, plus another ,500 in charitable donations. The event was staffed by observers from Apple and the other companies, which will presumably now start patching those holes.由惠普公司(Hewlett-Packard)赞助、惠普零日计划(Zero-Day Initiative)组织的Pwn2Own黑客大赛为期两天,共为八个参赛团队提供了85万美元的总奖金,并为慈善机构捐出了8.25万美元善款。除参赛团队外,参加这次活动的还有许许多多来自苹果及其它公司的观察员,他们将在大赛结束后着手修补这些安全漏洞。;I think the Webkit fix will be relatively easy,; Chen told Mimoso. ;The system-level vulnerability is related to how they designed the application; it may be more difficult for them.;“我认为Webkit漏洞比较容易修复,”陈良告诉米莫苏。“而系统级别的漏洞与程序设计相关,因此可能更难修复。” /201403/281624福建省福清市妇女医院人流收费标准Scientists have found an unexpected culprit for the Titanic#39;s sinking: the moon, Reuters reported.据路透社报道,科学家发现了泰坦尼克号沉没的意外之因:月球。Greenland icebergs of the type that the Titanic struck generally become stuck in the shallow waters off Labrador and Newfoundland, and cannot resume moving southward until they have melted enough to re-float or a high tide frees them, Donald Olson from Texas State University said.来自德克萨斯州立大学的唐纳德;奥尔森表示,泰坦尼克号撞上的那种格陵兰岛冰川,一般都是搁浅在拉布拉多和纽芬兰旁的浅水中,它们直到融化到能漂浮,或被大潮冲走才能重新开始移动。Olson said a ;once-in-many-lifetimes; event occurred on Jan. 4, 1912, when the moon and sun lined up in such a way that their gravitational pulls enhanced each other. At the same time, the moon#39;s closest approach to earth that January was the closest in 1,400 years.奥尔森说,;千年一遇;的现象于1912年1月4日发生:月球和太阳排得非常直,两者间的吸引力使得各自的引力增强。同时,月球在那年的1月份距离地球也是1400年来最近的。The high tide caused by the bizarre combination of astronomical events would have been enough to dislodge icebergs from Greenland in January 1912 and give them enough buoyancy to reach the shipping lanes by April, Olson said. 奥尔森你说,1912年1月份这些奇异的天文现象在一起引起了大潮,大潮足以使冰川从格陵兰岛脱落,并给它们足够的浮力使它们4月前漂到航道。 /201203/173994LG G Flex curved smartphone revealed in press renders, will launch next month LG型号为G Flex的弯曲屏智能手机渲染图泄露,将会在下月发布。LG has admitted that ;bendable and unbreakable; smartphone displays are aly in production, and we#39;ve heard plenty of rumors about a device known as the G Flex which features the new tech. Engadget has come across a trio of renders of the upcoming device, and we have learned from our sources that it will be coming out sometime next month -- pricing and availability (as well as hard specs) are as of yet unknown, however. As you can see in the images (above and below), the G Flex offers a curved display, but LG#39;s version approaches it at a literally different angle from the Galaxy Round that was announced last week: instead of it curving from left to right, the G Flex goes orthogonally from top to bottom. We#39;ll update you with more information and images as we get closer to the device#39;s launch.LG承认已经在生产可弯曲的智能手机显示屏,我们听到了很多关于使用此项新技术的型号为G Flex的设备的谣言。瘾科技拿到了很多此款机器的渲染图,从我们的消息源处得到了消息,这款设备将会在下个月发布,但是,价格,供货时间以及规格都不确定。从上下两张图中可以看出G Flex有一个弯曲的显示屏幕,但是LG的这个版本跟上周三星发布的Round弯曲角度完全不一样,不是左右弯曲,二十上下弯曲。随着发布的临近,我们会提供更多的消息和图片。 /201310/260315福建妇幼保健医院生孩子价格

福建福清市人民医院门诊部福清妇保医院人流价格It#39;s easy to get jaded when you cover the technology industry. Silicon Valley#39;s giants are constantly belching wisps of marshmallow-thick hype, and any reporter looking to cover the beat has to be constantly on guard against unproven claims about this or that algorithmically abetted amazing advance.报导科技产业新闻很容易令人感到倦怠。硅谷的巨头们总是进行着天花乱坠的宣传,常有人声称某项技术革新经数学计算明意义重大,而对于这些未被实的言论,每个追踪产业动态的记者都必须时刻保持警惕。So when Christopher Mims of Quartz recently declared 2013 to be a #39;lost year for tech#39;--one in which, he says, the industry produced nothing of great value--I could see where he was coming from. I feel the same way some days; when I#39;m covering some new me-too social-media product or a great new way to target ads, I hang my head in despair.所以,当Quartz通讯记者米姆斯(Christopher Mims)将2013年称作“科技领域的失落之年”,并称科技产业这一年中没有制造出富有价值的产品时,我能理解他为何得此结论。有的时候我也会这么想。当我在报道某款新的(过度社交化)媒体产品,或者一种新的定位广告的方式时,我都沮丧得抬不起头来。But then I a couple of rebuttals to Mims by Daring Fireball#39;s John Gruber and Om Malik, of Gigaom. They argued that the industry#39;s biggest advances have occurred beneath the media#39;s radar, and that the industry, as a whole, is anything but stagnant.但之后,我读到Daring Fireball主格鲁伯(John Gruber)和Gigaom创始人马利克(Om Malik)对米姆斯观点的反驳。他们认为科技产业最大的进步潜藏于媒体的视线之外,整个产业绝非停滞不前。I side with these more positive takes. Here#39;s my roundup of reasons to break out of your tech funk and be optimistic about tech in 2014.我认同这些更加正面的观点。我认为应当打消负面情绪,以乐观的态度看待2014年的科技产业。下面我将简要陈述我的理由:First, stop clamoring for the #39;next big thing.#39; Were you disappointed, once again, that Apple didn#39;t release something amazing and new this year--a TV or a smartwatch, say? Were you bummed that there were few revolutionary features on the latest smartphones? Have you concluded that the tech business is boring, that there isn#39;t any more innovation, that we live in uninteresting times?首先,不要再嚷嚷着呼唤“下一代伟大产品”的到来。今年苹果公司(Apple Inc. ,AAPL)没有发布什么新型产品(比如说电视或者智能手表),你感到失望了吗?新款智能手机没有太多革命性的新性能,你郁闷了吗?你是否已一口咬定科技产业了无生趣,将不会再涌现出新的技术革新?你是否认为我们已身处一个百无聊赖的时代中呢?If so, I#39;ve got two words for you: Grow up.如果是肯定的,我送你两个字:幼稚。I, too, constantly yearn for mind-blowing new tech. But I#39;ve been getting tired of the claim that just because we haven#39;t seen something on the order of the smartphone or tablet in the last few years, the tech industry can no longer innovate. The problem with this argument is that the touchscreen smartphone (and its cousin the tablet) was a singularly novel, industry-shattering device, and we#39;re unlikely to see anything as groundbreaking in a generation.我也总是希望能够有新的卓越技术出现。但是仅仅因为近年来没有出现类似智能手机、平板电脑的新产品,就有人断言科技产业已无法继续创新。这种说法令我生厌。其问题在于,触屏式智能手机(以及功能近似的平板电脑)是一种极其新颍、撼动了整个产业的电子设备,而我们在这一代产品中不可能再看到如此开天辟地的产品。The smartphone and the tablet *are* the next big things, and we act like spoiled children when we claim that they somehow aren#39;t enough. Most future advances will simply be improvements or expansions on these basic technologies--ways to make smartphones and tablets cheaper, more powerful, smaller, lighter, and to let them control and connect with an ever-large slice of our lives.智能手机和平板电脑本身就是新一代的伟大产品,可我们却像被宠坏的小孩子一样叫唤着这还不够。未来大多数技术进步主要将围绕这些基础技术进行改良和拓展,例如让智能手机和平板电脑更便宜,性能更强大,更小更轻,并将更大范围地管理、连接我们生活。In 2013 we saw several such innovations. Google#39;s Motorola subsidiary released a really good phone, the Moto G, that sells for 9 without a contract--the first of several devices that will radically expand access to mobile phones. Meanwhile Apple#39;s top-of-the-line devices came with an incredible processor, the A7, which proved that mobile devices can approach the power of desktop-class PCs. I was blown away, too, by the growth of apps that are now rewiring our worlds--apps such as ride-sharing service Uber or the robotic slot-car racer Anki Drive, which show the potential for our phones to transform the physical world.2013年见了一些此类创新成果的涌现。谷歌(Google Inc. Cl A ,GOOG)旗下的托罗拉(Motorola)推出了性能出色的Moto G,这款裸机售价仅199美元的手机彻底地拓宽了人们对手机的接触面。与此同时,苹果的新款高端设备装配了高效卓越的A7处理器,使得移动设备亦可实现台式个人电脑的计算能力。移动应用数量的壮大也令人倍感惊叹,例如叫车应用Uber和智能轨道赛车Anki Drive,都无不彰显著智能手机改造真实世界的巨大潜力。As the analyst Benedict Evans has argued, the true revolution in mobile computing is one of scale; we#39;re going from an Internet controlled by PCs to one controlled by three billion to five billion phones. No device on the horizon--not the long-awaited TV made by Apple, not Google Glass, not a smartwatch--will be as exciting as what smartphones and tablets hold in store for us. So let#39;s stop yearning for new stuff just for novelty#39;s sake. The next big thing is aly here, it#39;s in your pocket, and it#39;s incredible.正如分析师埃文斯(Benedict Evans)所提出的,移动计算真正的革命是规模的革命;我们正从由个人电脑控制的互联网转向由30至50亿部手机控制的互联网。即将问世的设备中,无论是人们期待已久的苹果电视还是谷歌眼镜或智能手表,没有哪一种能够像智能手机和平板电脑那样令人兴奋。因此不要再只是为了新奇而追求新设备。下一个重大产品已经存在,它就在你的口袋里,非常不可思议。Second, privacy is no longer an afterthought. I#39;ve aly argued that the disappearing-message app Snapchat was the most interesting technology of 2013 because it paved the way for services that don#39;t save all our data by default. The larger message of Snapchat, though, is that privacy isn#39;t dead.第二,隐私已经不再是事后才想到的问题。我曾经提出,阅后即焚的应用Snapchat是2013年最有意思的技术,因为它给不默认存储我们所有数据的设备铺平了道路。而Snapchat传递出的更重要信息是,隐私并非不再重要。For years, tech giants have given lip service to privacy. #39;It#39;s very important to us!#39; they insist while slurping up mountains of your data. But the industry hasn#39;t spent much time looking at privacy as a place for innovation, as a feature that users will care about when they choose apps or services.多年来,科技巨头一直口头承诺保护隐私。它们一边宣称“隐私对我们非常重要!”一边收集你的大量数据。但科技行业一直没有花费太多时间将隐私作为一个可以创新的地方、作为用户在选择应用或务时会在意的一个功能来考察。Thanks to Snapchat, revelations about the National Security Agency, and an increased fear of living in a panopticon, that will thankfully begin to change in 2014. Watch for an avalanche of apps that take privacy seriously--whether they delete data by default, keep your data local, or limit the scope of their sharing.受Snapchat的出现、美国国家安全局(National Security Agency)监控活动泄密、以及人们日益担忧自己生活在全方位监狱中的现象影响,上述情况在2014年将开始发生变化。让我们期待重视隐私的应用如雪崩般出现――无论其采取的方式是默认删除数据、以本地方式保存数据还是限制数据分享的范围。Third, enterprise tech is interesting, finally. For years, business software was a dead-end for innovation, dominated as it was by Microsoft, Oracle, and other entrenched incumbents. Now that#39;s changing. In 2013 several alternatives rose to challenge old-school business tech--like Quip, a clever new word-processing app, or Box#39;s collaboration software, Box Notes--and I suspect this trend will continue this year.第三,针对企业的科技也终于有意思起来。多年来,商业软件是创新的死胡同,被微软(Microsoft)、甲骨文(Oracle)和其他根深蒂固的巨头所主导。现在这种情况正在改变。2013年,几个替代产品崛起,对传统的商业科技产品构成了挑战,比如一款巧妙的新文字处理应用Quip,或Box推出的协作软件Box Notes。我猜这种趋势还将在今年持续。One enterprise advance I#39;m looking forward to: The rise of companies looking to bring cloud-based services to specific, specialized markets--also known as #39;vertical software-as-a-service#39; businesses. I#39;m talking about firms like Veeva Systems, which makes a cloud-based sales tool for the health care industry, and which successfully launched an IPO in the fall. Watch for other startups aimed at specific industries--law firms, hospitality, health care--to get really big, without anyone noticing, in 2014.我期待的一个企业发展是,着眼于将云务引入具体、专门化市场(又称纵向软营)的公司兴起。我说的是像Veeva Systems这样的公司,它为医疗保健行业提供基于云务的销售工具,并在去年秋季成功进行了首次公开募股(IPO)。2014年,针对具体行业(如律所、酒店、医疗)的其他初创企业有望悄然实现扩张。Last but not least, robots aren#39;t necessarily coming for your job. It#39;s been a cliché in the Valley for years that machines will replace humans across a wide variety of job types. It#39;s been a cliché in the Valley for years that machines will replace humans across a wide variety of job types. But while artificial intelligence is still advancing at a furious pace, I was thrilled that AI is augmenting, rather than superseding, humans. Look how Redfin used tech to create better real-estate agents rather than replace them, or how the app Duolingo crowdsources human intelligence to produce better translations than machines are capable of.最后同样重要的是,机器人不一定会取代你的工作。硅谷多年来的一个陈词滥调是,机器将在多种类型的工作上取代人类。但随着人工智能的发展如火如荼,我为之兴奋的是它正成为人类的补充而非替代。可以看看Redfin如何利用科技打造更好的房地产经纪人,而不是取代他们;也可以看看Duolingo应用如何通过对人类智能开展“众包”来提供比机器更好的翻译。I think we#39;re witnessing the dawn of a new paradigm in machine-human cooperation: Combining machine intelligence with biological intelligence will always trump one or the other. Machines make us better, and we make machines better. There#39;s still hope for us. Welcome to the bionic future.我认为,我们正在见人机合作新范式的曙光:机器智能与生物智能的结合肯定会比二者中的任何一个更为高明。机器让我们更优秀,我们让机器更先进。我们还有希望。欢迎来到仿生学的未来。Do you have any to add? I#39;d love to hear from you about the best and worst tech trends of the year.你们还有什么可补充的吗?我乐于听到你们对于年度最佳和最差科技趋势的看法。 /201401/271972平潭中医院评价福清妇幼保健医院乳腺增生

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