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观察(Oervation) -- :: 来源: 观察(Oervation)   e to the edge, a look at two days ago,here was still golden, every tree branches rape of a month full of dishes full y of the pod looks a bit shen.careful observation pod vegetables, i saw so many seeds of its legs "while" a convex circular swelling, and the sharp tip;has the "cloak" of dioxin -- vegetables, seeds inside the circle liuliu, like so many small shiny glistening pearls, very pretty.  theirs was a combination of me and a few qiuqi, two at several quickly finished several lengthy rape.when i find that the tree came over 00 pages of this strain of dioxin in food,they're helping to hang on branches stems.i have to adopt a vegetable dioxin from above, catching 7 rapeseed augmented.纳西古乐英文介绍 -- :1:38 来源: 纳西古乐英文介绍走在丽江古城的古道上,毫无疑问,你将会听到美妙的纳西古乐——传统的纳西古典乐,中国音乐的活化石  When walking on the ancient streets of Lijiang Old Town, you will undoubtedly hear the wonderful Naxi (also spelt Nakhi and Nahi) Ancient Music, the traditional Naxi classical music that is regarded as a ’living fossil of Chinese music.’   Naxi people must enjoy special favor in the eyes of the divinity, they seem to be born with artistic qualities and poetic minds. Great talents in the areas of poetry, calligraphy, painting, and music have all come from this rich and captivating culture.   A crystallization of Taoist rite, Confucian ceremony, and the literary lyrics, poetic topics and musical tones of the Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties, Naxi Ancient Music has developed its own unique style and traits - the result of 500 hundred years of evolution. It originally included three parts -’Baisha Fine Music’ (Baisha Xiyue), ’Dongjing Music’ (Dongjing Yinyue), and ’Huangjing Music’ (Huangjing Yinyue), the last of which has long been lost in the river of time. Played on venerable Chinese musical instruments such as flute, shawm, Chinese lute, plectrum, and zither, Naxi Music has the power to cleanse the heart and relax the mind.   Baisha Fine Music: It is said that Baisha Fine Music was an honoraria from the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty-Kublai Khan. When this brave conqueror was on his expedition to Dali, which is not far from Lijiang, he met danger while crossing the Golden Sand River and received help from Mailiang, the leader of the Naxi people. To show his pure-hearted appreciation, Kublai Khan left half of his band and many musical scores as a gift bee leaving. Baisha Fine Music is one of ancient China’s few large-scale, classical orchestral ms of music and has ’qupai’ (tunes) which are archaic, simple and elegant in style, and exquisite, euphonious and energetic in character.   Dongjing Music: This is a type of Taoist music which was introduced to Yunnan from the central Plains during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Deeply rooted and widely sp among the Naxi people, Dongjing Music became the most well-preserved musical m in all of China. Besides its intrinsic stateliness, purity and elegance, Dongjing Music incorporated the local musical elements, styles and the skills used in permances of the Naxi ethnic group-creating a feeling of transcendental artistic conception and charming folk flavor which can be easily appreciated. It was originally an enjoyment reserved the noble class, but these shackles were eventually broken because of the Naxi people’s passion music.   At least four unabridged orchestras exist in and around Lijiang, and these characteristic bands are famous their ’three-olds’: first, old men (most of the players are over 70 years old); second, old musical instruments (many are antiques dating back more than 0 years, some of which can not be seen in other places); third, old songs (all are antiquated classical music). Members of the bands are drawn from all kinds of occupations including teachers, artisans, farmers, butchers, clerks, etc. Naxi Ancient Music Bands have been invited to perm in Hong Kong, Great Britain, America, Holland, Belgium and Norway, exercising great influence and gaining attention from all over the world.   Generations of national musicians devote themselves to Naxi Ancient Music and make it a part of Naxi culture. Music can represent a nation’s spirit and offer a better way to know the people who play and enjoy it, so take the opporty to hear Naxi Ancient Music; it is guaranteed to be an ungettable life experience 纳西古乐英文介绍旅游英语口语常用句子:一路顺风 -- :: 来源: 旅游英语口语常用句子:一路顺风  Have a good time!  祝你们玩得愉快!  Have a nice evening!  祝你晚上愉快  Hope you‘ll have a nice trip.  希望你旅途愉快  Wish you a pleasant journey .  祝你旅途愉快  Happy landing.  祝你安全抵达  Bon voyage.  一路顺风 旅游英语口语我的家族(My family tree) -- :3:0 来源: 我的家族(My family tree)  My name is Cathy. I am twelve years old. I am a student. I go to Guicheng Central Primary School. I am in Class Four, Grade Five. I am my father and mother `s good daughter. My father is Mr. Cai.  He is an office worker. He works in an office. My mother is very beautiful and young. Her name is Miss Zhu. She is an office worker, too. My father `s father and mother are Mr. Cai and Miss Deng. They are my grandfather and grandmother. My mother `s father and mother are Mr. Zhu and Miss Liu.  They are my grandfather and grandmother, too. So I have two grandfathers and two grandmothers. My uncle and aunt have a son, Jack. He is my cousin. Jack is a lovely boy. He is only five-years old. I like him.  I like my family very much.Asking a Friend to Go an Outing 邀友郊游 -- 19:: 来源: Asking a Friend to Go an Outing 邀友郊游May th, Dear Jack,  I came to see you this morning, but you were out. So I have to leave this note to you.  This Sunday is fine. So some of my friends and I have decided to go an outing. We'll meet at the school gate at 8:30 a.m.. Then we'll go climbing and play some games. We'll have a picnic, too. In the afternoon we'll go boating in the river nearby. If possible, we'll go to pick some wild fruits. I'm sure we'll take some photos, too. Will you join us? We'll be very happy if you can go. Call me up bee 5 p.p., please.Yours,Wang Gang杰克,你好:  今天上午我来找你,可是你出去了,所以我给你留个便条  这个星期天天气将是晴朗的我和几位朋友决定组织一次郊游我们将在早晨8:30在学校门口集合,然后我们将去爬山和做游戏我们还将进行一次野餐下午我们将在附近的河里划船如果可能的话,我们还可以采一些水果我相信我们还会照几张相你能参加吗?如果你能去,我们将会很高兴请在下午5点以前给我打电话你的,王刚年5月日

ring is coming --19 :: 来源: Spring is coming. The sun is shinning. The wind is blowing. The flowers are blooming. The grass and the trees are growing. The children are singing and dancing. The entire world is reviving.

My bedroom. --3 :1:57 来源: My bedroom.my bedroom i have a beautiful bedroom.thereare a desk and a chair.the desk is yellow ,and the chair is red.i like them.i have a computer .it's pink.there is a hat on the computer. my bed is purple.it is big.there is a pictren in the wall.there is a flower on the floor.i live on the fourth floor,of the biulding.i like my bedroom.

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