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Most people are well aware of the growing influence of bloggers, and of course the "power of mom" has been well documented for decades - combine the two and a powerful force is created. The folks at McDonald's a few years ago decided to go head-on with a variety of myths and misconceptions and urban legends with regard to the quality of their food. I about their latest chapter in this week's Advertising Age, which highlighted McDonald's Moms' Quality Correspondents - a group of moms that McDonald's invites to check out where their food is made, ask questions to their nutritionists, see the ingredients and much more.Its a great example of a company that identified a crucial challenge to their success - opinions of moms who visit their restaurants every day - and decided to open the door wide open and invite them in to have a look. And bonus points of course for McDonald's to embrace the blogging community and provide an example of transparency that others could definitely learn from for their own efforts. 很多人都知道了客主的影响力正变得越来越大,当然在几十年中“妈妈的力量”也是已经被明的了,将他们两者联合起来后就产生了一种强大的影响力。麦当劳在几年前决定正面迎对各种各样的关于他们食品质量上的误解、错误印象和不实流言。我阅读了本周《广告时代》上的最新一章节,他们重点突出了了“麦当劳妈妈质量通讯员”(一群由麦当劳邀请的妈妈来核对他们的食品产地,咨询麦当劳营养师,和检查食品配料等其它事项)。这是一个很好的案例,麦当劳决定门户开放,邀请妈妈们参观他们的餐厅,每天参观他们餐厅的妈妈们的意见是对他们成功的关键性挑战。通过参与客社区活动,麦当劳获得了额外的收益,同时也为其他人提供了一个明确透明的可供学习的案例。 /200901/60860The husband complained that his wife always cooked the same dish.   One day, the husband got home and asked his wife, "My dear, what will we eat today?"   The wife said, "You may select the dish today."   The husband was very glad and asked, "Which dishes are there today?"   "Cabbage."   "The others?"   "None."   "Then how to select?"   "Eat or not eat!" the wife said. 丈夫抱怨妻子总是做同样的一种菜。   一天,丈夫回到家,问妻子:“亲爱的,今天我们吃啥菜?”   妻子回答:“今天你可以选择。”   丈夫感到非常高兴,又问:“都有哪些菜呢?”   “炒白菜。”   “还有呢?”   “没了。”   “那你要我怎么选呢?”   “吃还是不吃!”妻子一本正经地说道。

TOKYO — At age 36, Hello Kitty may be running out of product lives. 东京——今年已经36岁的HelloKitty很可能将寿终正寝。That is the fear of executives at the Sanrio Corporation, the Japanese company that created the cute, cartoonish white cat in 1974, and groomed her into a global marketing phenomenon worth billion a year. 这正是Sanrio公司的执行官们所担心的问题。这家日本公司于1974年创造了这个卡通猫,自面世以来,这个可爱的小白猫创造的巨额收益约合一年50亿美元。In Japan and around the world, Hello Kitty has been licensed over the years for products that include dolls, clothes, lunch boxes, stationery, kitchenware, a Macy’s parade balloon and even an Airbus owned by Taiwanese airline EVA Airways. But amid signs that Hello Kitty’s pop-culture appeal is waning, especially at home, where sales have shrunk for a decade, the company has struggled to find its next-generation version of adorable. 多年来,Hello Kitty的授权产品涉及公仔、装、饭盒、文具、厨具,还进入了纽约感恩节盛大游行,甚至台湾长荣航空的一辆空客上也有HelloKitty。但是Hello Kitty的受欢迎程度已经出现了下降的迹象,特别是在日本本土,10年来销量下降,使得公司必须着力于寻找新的流行卡通形象。 /201005/104082

Winners of the Nikon Small World Competition, showcasing photography taken through a light microscope.   图片是使用光学显微镜拍摄的尼康“微观世界”摄影比赛的获奖作品。   Heiti Paves from Tallinn University won the competition with this 20X zoom picture of a Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress) plant.   来自爱沙尼亚塔林大学的Heiti Paves凭借这张20X焦距的拟南芥(生物学研究中常用的实验材料)图片夺得头奖。 /200910/87421


  Huge global interest in "the best job in the world"--earning good money for lazing on a paradise island for 6 months--has crashed the Australian website where it is advertised.一份“世界上最好的工作”的招聘广告一经发布——在天堂般的岛上休闲6个月还能挣到高薪——立刻引发了全球的点击热潮,导致发布该广告的一家澳大利亚网站瘫痪。The job pays 150,000 Australian dollars (about 100,000 US dollars) and includes free airfares from the successful candidate's home country to tropical Hamilton Island on the famed Great Barrier Reef.此项工作为应聘成功者付半年15万澳元(约合10万美元)的高薪,还将免费为此人提供从其所在国到著名的大堡礁热带海域的汉密尔顿岛的往返机票。In return, the winner will be expected to have as much fun as he or she can--soaking up the sun, swimming, snorkelling, sailing--and report to a global audience via weekly blogs, photo diaries and updates.而此人的工作任务就是尽情享受——沐日光浴,游泳,潜水和出海航行——并通过网络周记、相片日志和视频更新的方式,向全球观众报告自己的经历。The successful candidate--who will stay rent-free in a multi-million-dollar three-bedroom beach home--must be over 18, a "fantastic and charismatic" communicator, and able to speak and write English.应聘成功者还将免费住进一套价值好几百万的三居室海滨别墅——但是应聘者必须年满18岁,具有“极出色、极有魅力的”沟通技巧和英语读写能力。The campaign is a key element in a drive to promote the northeastern Australian state's 18 billion dollar a year tourism industry during the tough global economic climate, officials say.And they are at pains to stress that it is "a real job".据该国官员称,在全球低迷的经济环境下,他们想推动澳大利亚东北部这个州每年收入达180亿美元的旅游业,而此举正是其中关键一环。他们还一再强调“招聘绝非戏言”。The successful applicant will "also have to talk to media from time to time about what they're doing so they can't be too shy and they'll have to love the sea, the sun, the outdoors,” said acting state Premier Paul Lucas.澳大利亚昆士兰州代理总理保罗·卢卡斯说,应聘成功者“也需要不时地接受媒体的采访,谈谈自己在做些什么。因此,他们不能太害羞,要热爱大海、阳光和户外运动”。"The fact that they will be paid to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, snorkel and generally live the Queensland lifestyle makes this undoubtedly the best job in the world."他还说:“应聘成功者能拿着工资在大堡礁诸岛探索奥秘、游泳、潜水、享受昆士兰的生活方式,这使它毫无疑问地成为世界上最好的工作。”More than 350 applications had been submitted before the website crashed--from Britain, the ed States, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Canada, Netherlands and Portugal among other countries.网站瘫痪以前,已经有350多个应聘者提交了申请,他们来自英国、美国、克罗地亚、土耳其、意大利、德国、加拿大、荷兰和葡萄牙等国家。Candidates are required to create a application in English of up to one minute explaining why they are uniquely qualified for the job.应聘者需要在网上提交一段时长不超过一分钟的英语视频申请,说明自己为何能胜任这份工作。One applicant had submitted his application via email in six different language and some candidates had reportedly visited the Australian Embassy in Washington with applications in hand.其中一位应聘者通过电子邮件用六种不同的语言提交了申请。据说,还有一些应聘者甚至前往华盛顿的澳大利亚驻美大使馆亲自递交了申请书。 /200906/72344。

  My 15-year-old is disinclined to work for her GCSEs, saying her time is better spent preening herself in preparation for assignations with her delightful, diligent, privately educated, moneyed boyfriend. She insists the money spent on nail-painting, hair-colouring and the like is an investment and will be more than repaid when he marries her. Is she deluding herself?A curious mother我15岁的女儿不愿为拿到英国普通中等教育书(GCSE)而努力学习,称自己把时间花在穿着打扮上更有意义,为的是与她那个讨人喜欢、勤奋、上私立学校的有钱男友约会。她坚称,花在美甲和染发等方面的钱是一种投资,在男友迎娶自己时就会获得更多的回报。她是在欺骗自己吗?一位好奇的母亲Dear Curious Mother,Surprising as this may seem in the 21st century, your daughter's strategy is not unusual. Evidence on speed-dating gathered by the economists Michèle Belot and Marco Francesconi shows that women are attracted by rich men, while men focus more on a woman's physical appearance. Lena Edlund, another economist, has found that in the areas of her native Sweden where the wealthiest men live, women of prime marriageable age are over-represented.亲爱的好奇母亲:尽管在二十一世纪这种情况可能会非常令人吃惊,但你女儿的策略并不罕见。经济学家米谢勒#8226;贝洛(Michèle Belot)和马尔科#8226;弗兰切斯科尼(Marco Francesconi)收集的有关闪电约会的据表明,女性受到有钱男性的吸引,而男性更关注女性的容貌。另一位经济学家莱娜#8226;埃德隆德(Lena Edlund)发现,在其祖国瑞典最富有男士生活的地区,处于最佳适婚年龄的女性比例过高。However, your daughter is only 15; for Edlund, “prime marriageable age” is 25-44. Your daughter is either going to have to get her hooks into this chap unusually early, or she is going to have to keep him on the boil for another decade – a lot of nail-painting.不过,你的女儿只有15岁;在埃德隆德看来,“最佳适婚年龄”是25岁至44岁。你的女儿要么必须及早把这家伙弄到手,要么就必须设法让他保持再等上10年——那需要大量的美甲。Not only is she concentrating her investments into a single asset by abandoning her education, but she may even be making her main goal harder to achieve. Belot and Francesconi discovered that a strong social trend towards “assortative mating” means that although educated, high-achieving men are not interested in marrying a rich woman, they do like educated high-achieving women, rather than shallow girls with shiny nails.她放弃自身教育的结果是,不仅她的投资仅集中于单一的资产,而且甚至可能会让她的主要目标更加难以实现。贝洛和弗兰切斯科尼发现,存在一种强烈的“选型交配”社交趋势,即尽管受过教育的成功男士对与有钱女士结婚不感兴趣,但他们确实喜欢受过教育的成功女士,而不是指甲闪亮的浅薄女子。Your daughter should learn to work hard and look good at the same time. Not only will it advance her immediate goals, it will also – sadly – stand her in good stead for the rest of her life.你的女儿应该学会在努力学习的同时也把自己打扮得漂漂亮亮。这不仅能帮她提前实现当前的目标,而且——遗憾的是——在以后的日子里都会让她受益无穷。 /200908/81429

  THERE was a time when economics was widely seen as a graph-strewn study of exchange rates, gross domestic product and the like. Tim Harford's 2005 bestseller, “The Undercover Economist”, was a book that has helped shift that perception by bringing the not-so-dismal science to a wider audience. Mr Harford's second book, “The Logic of Life”, stakes out similar ground. Once again he eschews chalkboard economics in favour of a er-friendly guide to the economics of everyday life. The result is a fascinating study of how society is shaped by hidden pay-offs and punishments. Compulsive gambling or inflated boardroom pay might seem like madness, but look closer, says Mr Harford, and you find a kind of logic. The author sees rational calculation everywhere—even, or perhaps especially, in matters of love. Romantic types might say they seek the perfect soulmate but the revealed truth is more prosaic. Marriages are market-based transactions, swayed by supply (what is available) as much as demand (what the heart desires). Men may prefer slim women and women favour tall men, but both will alter their demands in response to market conditions. Suitors settle for what is on offer now, even if plumper or shorter than the ideal, rather than hold out for the perfect partner. The book surveys shelf after shelf of the economics literature but in such skilful hands it does not feel like a dutiful trip to the library. Economists are often too beguiled by elegant theories, but Mr Harford wisely confines himself to ideas that have been carefully tested against real life. Only thorough research could discern that residents of high-rise buildings are more likely to be victims of crime, because stacked tenants make for poor monitors of the surrounding streets. Even the excellent chapter on game theory has a practical hero: the card player, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, who applied its lessons to win the poker world championship in 2000. Mr Harford, who works at theFinancial Times, is an amiable guide for the non-specialist er, neither too lofty nor dumbed-down. The book's tone is breezy, but his command of the subject is such that even a well-schooled economist will discover much that is new. It is not a wonkish tome, but its broad policy prescriptions are clear enough. Since behaviour is governed by incentives, the way to achieve different outcomes is to alter the pay-offs carefully. One of the merits of “The Logic of Life” is its variety. Subjects range from the terrifying logic of “rational racism” to a cold calculus of divorce rates. If you want to know which poker hands to bluff with, why neighbourhoods with permanent residents have more road crossings or why digital communication makes the world spikier not flatter, Mr Harford's book provides some answers. And it does it all without an exchange-rate graph in sight. 经济学曾被普遍认为是对诸如汇率,国内生产总值等方面的一种图表研究。2005年,在畅销书籍《秘密经济学家》中,作者蒂姆"哈福德(Tim Harford)描述的不甚枯燥乏味的科学知识已开始在转变广大读者的此类看法。 哈福德先生的第二本著作《生活的逻辑》也同样在尝试改变读者对经济学的看法。在这本书中,作者秉承了前书的风格,绕开了生硬的说教,用读者喜闻乐见的方式介绍了日常生活中的经济学。作者在社会如何被隐性付和刑罚塑造成型上取得的研究硕果。读者对本书也是兴趣盎然。在书中,哈福德先生认为,强迫性或飞涨的董事会薪酬虽看似荒诞不经,但细究之下,读者将会从中得出其内在的逻辑。 作者认为理性的考虑是无处不在,甚至适用于情场,或许仅适用于情场。浪漫型的人士可能声称自己在寻觅完美无暇的红颜知己,然而,呈现的真相却十分平淡无奇。婚姻是基于市场的交易,但受供(现实中所有)求(内心中所需)两个因素的影响。男士可能更青睐身量苗条的女士,女士可能更仰慕身材颀长的男士,但双方会根据市场状况变更要求。求婚者可勉强地接受近在眼前的对象而不愿执着地追求完美伴侣,即使对方是身形丰腴或体格矮小,并远非理想。 本书参阅大量经济学文献,但作者娴熟的运用能力却使读者并不感到本书参考过大量书籍。经济学家往往过于沉迷优雅的理论,但哈福德先生却明智地只专注于现实生活精心考验的看法。只有通过研究可得出,高楼大厦中的居民更有可能成为犯罪活动的受害者,因为高处的住户更易成为周边街道穷困监视者攻击的对象。即使是介绍弈论的优秀篇章也会引用现实中的英雄做为例:玩牌人Chris “Jesus” Ferguson曾运用此理论在2000年世界扑克锦标赛中胜出。 任职于《金融时报》的哈福德先生是非专业读者的亲和向导,既不过于高傲,也不愚笨。本书基调轻快活泼,作者对主题的把握是如此娴熟以至那些受过良好教育的经济学家也会发现书中大多内容比较新颖。本书并非一部不可靠的大型书卷,但书中概括的政策处方已足够清晰。行为受激励控制,因此,达到不同目的的途径就在于对付的审慎取舍。 《生活的逻辑》的价值之一就在于书中题材的多样性。题材范围涉及到"理性的种族主义"这一可怕逻辑和关于离婚率的冷冰冰数字。哪位牌手在虚张声势,为何长住居民区有较多的道路交叉点,或者为何数字通信令世界变得更为复杂多变而不是顺利前进,如果读者对此感到好奇,不妨参阅本书。哈福德先生在书中提供了部分解答。在书中,汇率图表难觅影踪,却解决了所有问题。 /200809/47420Everyone was impressed with the scene in The Princess Diaries where the queen of Genovia tries to turn her granddaughter into a "lady". Taking a leaf out of her book, a Wenzhou based company has opened a girls' summer school, which aims to provide education in etiquette for young women. The company says that it can turn out "ladies" in about a week.相信大家都对电影《公主日记》中Genovia国的女王努力培养小孙女的公主气质的场景记忆犹新吧。如今照猫画虎,温州一家公司开设了“暑期女孩研修班”,表示通过一周的礼节教育,就可以将女孩打造成淑女。The company claims to have schools in Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities. Mr. Xu, the project head, said his team is targeting college and senior high school students. Those who enroll will be taught various classes, including how to match clothes, tea art and movies. A fee of 980RMB is charged to each student.这家公司宣称其学点遍布南京、上海和其他城市。据该课程负责人许先生介绍,培训班招收对象为大学生和高中生。参加培训的学员将参加各种课程,其中包括装搭配、茶艺和电影欣赏等。每个学员需要缴纳980元的费用。 In order to ensure a quality teaching experience, class sizes will be kept small. "10 people have aly applied for the class," said Mr Xu. He added that, "teaching will begin when enrollment reaches 20."为了确保授课质量,此次培训将采取小班授课。许先生补充道:“目前已有10人报名,待满20人就将开课。”With today' employment pressures there is clearly an increasing demand for these "lady" courses. In the past, schools like Zhejiang University City College, Tsinghua University and a Wuhan based vocational college ran comparable courses, for example, for white-collar workers.当今庞大的就业压力激增了“淑女”训练课程的需求市场。此前,浙江大学城市学院、清华大学和武汉的一所职业学校都曾开过类似的针对白领的培训课程。 /200908/80106From Beyonce to Taylor Swift, these young stars collectively banked 410 million in the lastyear.从碧昂斯到泰勒·史薇芙特,这些年轻的明星去年共“抢钱”4.1亿美元。In addition to topping charts, winning matches and luring fans, the top 12 highest-earning celebrities under 30 collectively pulled in 410 million over the last year.在过去一年里,跻身高收入排行榜的前12位名人(年龄均在30岁以下)除了在流行音乐排行榜上屡登榜首,在众多比赛中力拔头筹,吸引了大批狂热粉丝之外,还总共吸金高达4.1亿美元。With an average age of 23, the cadre of talented--and rich--upstarts consists of athletes,singers, actors etc.这些天资过人的新晋富豪平均年龄仅有23岁,主要包括运动员、歌手、演员等。The Queen B raked in an estimated 87 million between June 1, 2008 and June 1, 2009, thanks to a diversified portfolio of music, film, fashion and so on.“流行乐天后”碧昂斯借助自己在音乐、电影、时尚等领域多元化的发展,从去年6月1日至今年6月1日的总收入达到了8700万美元。The 27-year-old songstress turned actress turned global brand found time to release a double album (I Am...Sasha Fierce), star in two films (Cadillac Records and Obsessed), perform at both the Academy Awards and a presidential inaugural ball and embark on a 110-date international tour.这位27岁的女歌手继触电成功之后,开创了自己的全球性品牌,还抽空推出一张双碟专辑(I Am...Sasha Fierce),出演了《蓝调传奇》与《纠缠》两部电影,参加了奥斯卡金像奖颁奖晚会,在奥巴马的就职典礼上引吭高歌,并积极筹备她的110天国际巡回演唱会。 /200909/83087

  英国人如何应对经济危机?“勒紧裤腰”与“宽衣解带”Britons may be tightening their belts to cope with the credit crunch, but their favourite free leisure activity involves whipping off their clothes, a new poll showed Monday.However the overall figure disguised a stark difference between men and women, with female respondents preferring a good gossip to a good time between the sheets.According to the YouGov survey conducted over the Internet, 37 percent of Britons rank having sex at the top of their list of activities that don't cost a penny.That was more than the next three highest options combined -- gossiping with friends (18 percent), window shopping (nine percent) and going to a museum (six percent)."During the credit crunch our famed British upper lip might not be as stiff as before but other parts still are," said Lisa Power, head of policy at the Terrence Higgins Trust, the sexual health charity that commissioned the poll.However, while 53 percent of men ranked sex as number one, only 21 percent of women put sex atop their list, with 28 percent saying they preferred gossiping with friends.It also showed that passion levels may be tied to the cold weather, with 43 percent of Scots rating sex as their favourite freetime activity, compared to 35 percent of Londoners.By contrast, a study by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex concluded that declining house prices in Britain increase the risk of divorce.The YouGov survey interviewed 2,144 people over the Internet between November 21 and 23. 英国人可能正勒紧裤腰带应对眼下的金融危机,但本周一的一项最新民调显示,他们最青睐的休闲活动则可能需要“宽衣解带”。不过男性和女性对这个问题的看法存在显著差别,与“床第之欢”相比,女性受访者更乐意用闲聊打发时光。这项由YouGov调查机构开展的在线调查显示,37%的英国人认为“做爱”是最佳的免费“休闲活动”。这一比例甚至高于其它三个最受欢迎活动的比例之和。这三大活动分别是:与朋友闲聊(18%),逛街(9%)和参观物馆(6%)。委托开展该调查的性健康慈善组织“特伦斯#8226;希金斯信托”的政策部主管莉莎#8226;鲍尔说:“面临眼下的信贷紧缩,英国人可能不如从前沉着,但他们的'性'趣不减。”调查显示,53%的男性认为“做爱”是最佳的休闲活动,而这一比例在受访女性中仅为21%,28%的女性称她们更喜欢与朋友闲聊来打发休闲时光。此外,程度可能还与寒冷的天气有关,43%的苏格兰人认为“做爱”是最好的休闲活动,这一比例在伦敦人中为35%。而艾塞克斯大学社会经济研究所此前开展的一项研究发现,英国房价的下跌增大了人们离婚的风险。此项YouGov调查于上月21日至23日开展,共对2144名网民进行了访问。 /200812/57799New research from the Children of the 90s project suggests that teenage girls who are too thin may be at risk of osteoporosis in later life.最新研究发现,90后的女孩子如果太瘦,她们日后患骨质疏松的风险可能会增大。It has long been known that the amount of muscle in the body is related to bone growth, but the new study shows that fat mass is also important in building bone, particularly in girls.众所周知,人体的肌肉与骨骼生长密切相关。最新研究显示,脂肪组织同样对骨骼发育起着重要的作用,而且这一作用在女孩子身上尤为明显。The researchers looked at over 4,000 young people aged 15 and found that those with higher levels of fat tended to have larger and thicker bones. This connection was particularly marked in the girls.研究人员对四千多名15岁大的青少年进行了研究。结果发现,那些脂肪较多的孩子骨骼较大,而这种联系在女孩中尤其明显。Building strong bones in youth is particularly important for women, as they are three times more likely to develop osteoporosis, and they suffer two to three times more hip fractures than men.在年轻时让骨骼得到充分发育对女性来说尤为重要,因为女性出现骨质疏松的几率是男性的三倍,发生髋部骨折的风险也是男性的二至三倍。Jon Tobias, Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Bristol and leader of the research, said: "There is a good deal of pressure on teenage girls to be thin, but they need to be aware that this could endanger their developing skeleton and put them at increased risk of osteoporosis."布里斯多大学领导这项研究的风湿病学教授乔恩·托比亚斯说,“现在的年轻女孩面临着巨大的瘦身压力,但她们需要知道,这会威胁她们的骨骼发育,加大她们患上骨质疏松的风险。”"Many people think that exercise is the key to losing weight and building strong bones at the same time--but this may only be true up to a point. If you do a good deal of low impact exercise, such as walking, you will certainly lose fat but you may not be able to put enough stress on the bones to build them significantly."他还说,“许多人以为锻炼既可以减肥,又可以强骨,但这可能只对了一部分。如果你做的是大量低强度的运动,比如步行,那么你可以减去脂肪,但却不能对强骨有什么助益。”"To offset the detrimental effect of fat loss on your bones, it may be important to include high impact exercise as well, such as running or jumping."“为了降低减脂对骨骼造成的危害,建议从事诸如跑步和跳跃等高强度的运动。” /201108/149941


  Boozing into the night might inhibit coherent speech, but a Japanese company bets it will make workers communicate better. And it's even willing to pay for it.Japan General Estate Co said Tuesday it is planning to dole out thousands of dollars a month for its employees to go on the town in a bid to help communication.Japanese companies routinely offer generous expense accounts to entertain clients, but the real estate company is going a step further by subsidising workers' drinking sessions with one another.The company plans to offer managers who supervise 20 or more people up to 300,000 yen (3,000 dollars) a month to take them out. Managers with fewer than 20 workers will get 200,000 yen, a company statement said.After-hours drinking is encouraged in Japanese corporate culture as a way to break the ice in work environments that can be uptight and formal.But critics say the pressure to drink is one of the reasons why Japan's population is declining as men in particular spend little time at home.Japan General Estate said the drinking benefits could alternatively be used for wedding or funeral expenses.The company is known for its unorthodox work policies, such as paying 100,000 yen in benefits every month to employees who do not smoke. 喝酒至深夜可能会导致说话语无伦次,但日本一家公司却认为喝酒可以增进员工间的交流,而且甚至愿意为此买单。日本房地产总公司于本周二表示,公司计划每月为员工提供几千美元的“促进交流”活动经费。日本公司在招待客户方面一向慷慨大方,但这家房地产公司更胜一筹,甚至愿为员工喝酒聚会提供补贴。该公司在一项声明中表示,公司计划为管理20人以上的经理提供每月30万日元(合3000美元)的部门聚餐经费;手下员工不到20人的经理则可领到20万日元的经费。日本的企业文化鼓励员工下班后喝酒聚会,这样可以帮助员工在严肃紧张的工作环境中缓和气氛。但批评人士认为,喝酒应酬是日本人口持续下降的原因之一,特别是男性经常在外应酬,很少有时间在家。日本房地产总公司表示,酒水补贴也可用于婚葬出。该公司一直以其“另类的”员工政策而著名,比如,不吸烟的员工每月可获10万日元的奖金。 /200803/28876。

  美国《》杂志创刊于1953年。1953年12月《》杂志出版第一期,为月刊,主要面向广大男性读者。关于美国人的文化,我们专门向上海外教网的外教Ashley请教了以下问题:1、How widely is Playboy known is the U.S? 《》在美国有多流行?几乎所有的美国人都知道《》杂志,不论男女,它是一本月刊(Monthly)。2、Is Playboy a porn magazine? 《》杂志算色情杂志吗?Does Playboy contain lots of porn pictures and words? 《》杂志中是否充斥着许多色情的图片和文字?是的,我想《》应该算是色情杂志,其中有许多比较裸露的(naked)的图片。3、Is there any restriction for the sale of Playboy? (such as not to kids, etc.)销售《》是否有一些限制呢?(比如不允许卖给孩子等等。)是的,是有一些限制的,将《》卖给18岁以下的孩子在美国将被视为非法的。就像卖香烟一样,如果您看上去像个孩子,您会被要求出示您的身份(ID)以明您可以购买该杂志,否则您是无法买到的。当然也有一些小贩为了利益照样将《》卖给一些未成年人,这种现象在许多国家都存在。4、Is Playboy more expensive than any other magazines?《》要比其他的杂志贵一些吗?是的,《》显得要贵一些。美国大部分的月刊的内页在150-250,价格约2-3.5美元。5、 Is there another magazine in the US serving in the same way as Playboy? 在美国还有和《》类似的杂志吗?有的比如阁楼风情杂志。 /201002/96088

  Leading naturopath shows how to su percharge your immune system and fight infections with out relying on antibi otics.There are natural ways to boost your body's defence system.In the right circumstances antibiotics are invaluable, but we have to use them selectively.As a result of overusing them, we are gradually seeing the rise of drug-resistant bacteria--superbugs that are a real danger to our health.Even when antibiotics are used against the "bad" bacteria that infect us, "friendly" bacteria, which we need for optimum health, are also damaged or killed.The solution is to help yourself.The key is to help strengthen your immune system and modify symptoms without taking them away because they are part of the recovery process.There are natural ways of doing this very effectively, for adults and children.Sore throatThis tells you an infection is on its way.It could be viral or bacterial, but the first course of action is to take zinc lozenges(from chemists and health-food shops).If your lymph glands are swollen, showing your waste disposal mechanism is blocked, lymphatic drainage massage will help.You should also try to avoid breathing through your mouth rather than your nose because this means not only is the air not filtered, but you are also drying up the mucous membrane, part of your body's defence mechanism.Enhance your immune function by taking care over your diet.High levels of refined carbohydrates, high-fat foods, alcohol and caffeine all affect efficiency.A good multivitamin and mineral supplement will act as insurance against any deficiency but probiotics also help.The herb extract echinacea has immune-enhancing properties.Gargling with one or two drops of tea tree oil mixed with water helps;it is a powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, an ti-viral agent.ToothacheIf you have an infected tooth, you need to take antibiotics.Here, the alternative is not about what to do instead of taking them, it is about what to do as well as taking antibiotics and how to protect yourself after you've finished the course.The key is to take a supplement of the two main probiotics we need for the intestine, lacto-bacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium bifidum.Both help to detoxify the bowel, manufacture B vitamins and keep yeasts and undesirable bacteria in check, but are damaged by antibiotics.Ear infectionA short fast will help.Stick to water and juice for the first 24 or 36 hours and because the body is not distracted by the digestive process, you will fight the infection more efficiently.Hot packs and cold compresses ease symptoms.Both garlic and echinacea are antiviral and antibacterial and liquorice is a good immune system enhancer.Studies show treating otitis with antibiotics leads to more ear problems, more frequently.The best option is usually no antibiotics at all, except in the case of acute otitis.Instead, after visiting the doctor, concentrate on easing your child's symptoms while their immune system fights the infection on its own.Along with painkillers and medical decongestants, Lymphatic drainage massage, cold compresses and hot packs are all soothing and will ease the pain.Sinus troubleDepending on the severity of the problem, you may or may not need antibiotics.If you don't, a short fast will help, along with steam inhalations, which involve adding a couple of drops of tea tree oil to hot water.If you do need antibiotics, follow them with probiotics.Stomach ulcer More than 70 percent of duodenal and stomach ulcers are caused by a bacterium called helicobacter pylori. The standard treatment is antibiotics but,worryingly,in many patients H. pylori has now become resistant to antibiotics.All kinds of alternative approaches have been tried,but by far the most successful is an ancient Greek remedy called mastic. This is a natural chewing gum from the sap of the mastic tree that grows wild in Greece. The ancient Greeks chewed this to deal with stomach ulcers. Recent studies show between one and two grams of mastic,taken daily as a supplement for just a few weeks,heals ulcers and completely deactivates H. pylori in almost three-quarters of people with ulcers--even when the bacterium was resistant to antibiotics.Bladder infectionOne of the best ways to treat a bladder infection such as cystitis is with cranberry concentrate. It doesn't kill bacteria but it prevents them sticking to the walls of the bladder. If you also drink lots of water you can flush out the infection.Infected woundThere are many studies looking at the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial effect of honey, or even sugar, on infected wounds. Both are extremely effective and are often used in hospitals.Sugar is sterile. You can keep it for a hundred years and nothing will grow on it. To make a honey or sugar compress, sprinkle it on to the wound, cover with a bandage and change daily. /200812/59102

  In the past two weeks we have looked at the happiness formula defined by positive psychologist Martin Seligman, where H (happiness) S (your biological set point for feeling happy) + C (the conditions of your life) + V (the voluntary choices you make). Next, we'll look at the conditions in life that can improve our happiness ient.Step 1: Peace and quietJonathon Haidt in his excellent book, 'The Happiness Hypothesis', notes that research shows that we can never completely adapt to new or chronic noise pollution. Loud noises trigger one of our most primitive fear responses (the other is the fear of falling) and we can never fully relax if we are surrounded by intrusive noise. Noisy neighbours are one of the most emotive causes of domestic upset for a very good reason. It is essential to have some peace and quiet every day. If you are unfortunate enough to live somewhere noisy, persist with complaining to your local council. Additionally, try wearing wax earplugs to give you some respite. If you need your TV, radio or music up loud, wearing headphones demonstrates altruism to your neighbours, which will make you and them feel good.Step 2: RelationshipsThis is the most important of all the external conditions that can improve your happiness ient. Often our deepest sources of unhappiness are found in poor relationships with others. A colleague at work who bullies or dismisses us creates untold wretchedness. A cruelly conflictual relationship with a partner or lover leaves us feeling betrayed and abandoned. A relationship with our parents or children which is not based on compassionate, unconditional regard creates isolation and misery. We never fully adapt to hostile relationships, they invidiously contaminate our wellbeing, squatting inside our minds as unresolved, destructive ruminations. When faced with such relationships, the most positive thing we can do is to either mend the relationship by confronting what is going wrong or learn to move on.Step 3: ShareIf I have discovered conditions or choices in life that have significantly improved my wellbeing, I would like to share them with you. Passing on what works is essential to improve our own and the wellbeing of others. /200812/58915

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