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听力原文:A hollow superpower外强中干的超级大国Don’t be fooled by Syria. Vladimir Putin’s eign policy is born of weakness and made television别被俄罗斯的对外政策迷惑,弗拉基米尔·普京大帝的对外政策从根上是软弱的,主要是为了在电视上好宣传hollow 空洞的;无用的;无价值的JUBILANT crowds waved Russian flags; homecoming pilots were given fresh-baked b by women in traditional dress. Judging by the pictures on television, Vladimir Putin won a famous victory in Syria this week. After his unexpected declaration that the campaign is over, Mr Putin is claiming credit a ceasefire and the start of peace talks. He has shown off his ces and, heedless of civilian lives, saved the regime of his ally, Bashar al-Assad (though Mr Assad himself may yet prove dispensable). He has “weaponised” refugees by scattering Syrians among his foes in the European Union. And he has outmanoeuvred Barack Obama, who has consistently failed to grasp the enormity of the Syrian civil war and the threat it poses to America’s allies in the Middle East and Europe.重点词汇:1 jubilant 喜气洋洋的;欢欣鼓舞的;欢呼雀跃的 heedless (of sbsth) (mal) not paying careful attention to sbsth 不加注意;掉以轻心3 regime(尤指未通过公正选举的)统治方式,统治制度,政权,政体 Bashar al-Assad 巴沙尔阿萨德5 dispensable不必要;可有可无;不重要6 refugee 避难者,难民;7 scatter 撒;撒播8 foe 敌人;仇敌9 outmanoeuvre 比…高明;比…技高一筹 consistent 一致的;始终如一的 enormity 巨大;深远影响;严重性 pose(威胁、问题等);引起;产生claim credit oneself 居功听力原文:Look closer, however, and Russia’s victory rings hollow. Islamic State (IS) remains. The peace is brittle. Even optimists doubt that diplomacy in Geneva will prosper (see ). Most important, Mr Putin has exhausted an important tool of propaganda. As our briefing explains, Russia’s president has generated stirring images of war to persuade his anxious citizens that their ailing country is once again a great power, first in Ukraine and recently over the skies of Aleppo. The big question the West is where he will stage his next drama.重点词汇:1 ring (说法、讨论、辩论等的)特性,特点例句:His proud boast of leading the party of low taxation has a hollow ring.他洋洋得意地吹嘘自己领导着“一个主张低税收的政党”,这听起来很空洞 brittle 脆弱的;不稳固的;易变的3 exhaust 用完;花光;耗尽 propaganda 宣传;鼓吹5 stirring 令人澎湃的;激动人心的6 ailing 处境困难的;每况愈下的7 aleppo 阿勒颇(叙利亚西北部城市)听力原文:Make Russia great again Mr Putin’s Russia is more fragile than he pretends. The economy is failing. The rise in oil prices after 00, when Mr Putin first became president, provided .1 trillion of windfall export revenues him to spend as he wished. But oil prices are three-quarters down from their peak. Russian belts have tightened further because of sanctions imposed after Mr Putin attacked Ukraine. Living standards have fallen the past two years and are falling still. The average salary in January was 0 a month; a year later it was .重点词汇:1 windfall 意外之财;意外获得的东西 trilion 万亿听力原文:Mr Putin was losing legitimacy even bee the economy shrivelled. Many Russians took to the streets in the winter of - to demand that their country become a modern state with contested elections. Mr Putin responded by annexing Crimea and vowing to restore Russian greatness after the Soviet collapse—“the greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the th century, he called it. Part of his plan has been to modernise the armed ces, with a billion weapons-renewal programme in ; part to use the media to turn Russia into a tress against a hostile West; and part to intervene abroad.重点词汇:1 legitimate 合法的;法律认可的;法定的 shrivel 枯萎,干枯,皱缩3 annex 强占,并吞(国家、地区等) crimea 克里米亚5 restore 恢复6 geopolitics 地缘政治;地理政治学7 catastrophe 灾难;灾祸;横祸 同义词:disaster8 tress 堡垒,要塞;9 hostile 敌意的;敌对的 renewal 恢复;更新;重新开始 intervene 出面;介入欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 5讲解Today key word is Recognition(n.认识,识别;承认,认可;褒奖;酬劳)例句Facial recognition programs are used in police and security operations. 面部识别计划将用于警方和安全任务之中延伸It means the action of identifying a thing or a person from previous knowledge. In a university in Chinese Henan Province, students are taking attendance by a facial recognition system. It is a computer application that automatically identifies or verifies a person from a digital image. The sign-in system is invented by a professor who works in the university as an anti-truancy tool.Notes河南大学为了防止学生逃课 使用“人脸识别器”考勤打卡制度 河南工业大学新闻与传播学院播音专业的大学生们上课前用“人脸识别器”签到用高科技的“刷脸”设备进行上课签到,代替了传统的签到制度,有效避免了学生逃课行为,被老师称为“防逃课神器”据实行“防逃课神器”的该院播音与主持艺术教研室主任李红光老师介绍,“人脸识别器”是他新推行的一种考勤打卡制度,主要针对播音专业的两个班学生早晨练声使用,自从使用了它后出勤率达到百分之百对“刷脸上课”,很多学生亦表示赞同 19

7 I never work after supper7 我晚饭后从不工作A stingy farmer didnt want his hired hand to stop working. One morning, he told the farm laborer, ;It such a nuisance to come in from the field, wash up lunch and take time to eat. It wastes too much time. And the other harvest is above to start. Why dont we save time and eat lunch now?;一位吝啬的农场主不想让他雇佣的帮手停下来休息一天早上,他对帮手说:“从地里回来,又要洗手吃饭,又花时间,真是太繁琐了,并且秋收就要开始了,我们何不省点时间,现在就吃午饭呢?”The hired man agreed. The farm wife brought in some cold mutton and hams and fried potatoes from the kitchen cupboard.雇员同意了农场主的妻子从橱柜里端进来一些冷羊肉火腿和油炸土豆When they finished the brunches, the cheap farmer said, ;While were still at the table, let have supper too.; They were now served steak, pancakes, two bowls of gruel and they ate once more.吃完了这顿早中饭后,吝啬鬼又说:“既然我们还在桌子边,让我们连晚饭也吃了吧”这次上桌的有排骨、薄饼和两碗稀粥于是两个人又吃起来;Now that the meals are out of the way, ; the farmer announced, “we can go out and work all day without interruption. ;“现在饭都吃过了,”农场主宣布说:“我们便可以出去一整天不停地干活了”“Oh, no,” the hired man answered. ; I never work after supper.“哦,不,”雇员回答说,“晚饭后我从不工作” 3953栏目简介:《美国熊孩子Kids React是轻松听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容主要是美国的孩子们对一些事物的反应,这些react反应非常的有意思,能够提高英语学习爱好者的学习兴趣,帮助英语学习爱好者在轻松愉快的氛围中掌握一些英语知识,轻松、幽默、风趣,尽在美国熊孩子栏目中 366

If You Are Warm and Happy如果你温暖而快乐Once upon a time, there was a nonconming sparrow who decided not to fly south the winter.从前,一只不守常规的麻雀决定冬天的时候不飞去南方He said, ;Ive had enough of this flying south every winter, Ill just stay right here on this farm, what the big deal, anyway?;它说:“每年冬天都飞去南方,我受够了这回我就要留在这儿,在这个农场里过冬,有什么大不了的?”However, soon winter came and the weather turned so cold that he was afraid that he might freeze to death. So he reluctantly started to fly south.然而不久,冬天就来了,天气很冷,麻雀担心自己会被冻死于是它不情不愿地向南方飞去In a short time, ice began to m on his wings and he fell to earth in a barnyard, almost frozen.飞不多久,它的翅膀上就结冰了麻雀掉到一个谷仓旁的场地上,几乎冻僵了The poor bird was cold, tired and hungry. ;Why did I stay?; he asked himself.这可怜的小鸟饥寒交迫,而且累坏了,它问自己:“我为什么要留下来呢?”A cow passed by and crapped on the little sparrow. The crap was too heavy the sparrow to free himself and he thought it was the end. But, the manure warmed him and defrosted his wings.一头牛路过这里,还在小麻雀的身上拉了好大一泡屎小麻雀钻不出来,它想自己死到临头了可没想到,热热的牛屎温暖了它,它翅膀上的冰化了Warm and happy, able to breath, he started to sing. Just then a targe cat came by and, hearing the chirping, went down to investigate the sounds.温暖而快乐的小麻雀一能呼吸就开始唱歌就在这时,一只大猫经过这里,听到了小麻雀的叫声,循声找了过来The cat cleared away the manure, found the chirping bird. The sparrow was so happy to be free from the crap that he thanked the cat who promptly ate him.猫清走了牛屎,发现了唧唧喳喳的小麻雀小麻雀重获自由太高兴了,它谢了猫而猫——马上把它吃掉了The moral of the story:这个故事的寓意是:1. Just because someone craps on you, it does not make him your enemy.1. 有人只是在你身上拉屎并不意味着他是你的敌人. Just because someone gets you out the crap, it does not make him your friend.. 有人把你从屎里救出来并不意味着他就是你的朋友3. And, if youre warm and happy in a pile of crap, keep your mouth shut.3. 如果你在一堆屎里感到温暖而快乐,记得把嘴闭上 98778讲解Today’s key word is EfficiencyEfficiency 效率Efficiency is the quality(质量) of being able to do a task(任务) successfully, without wasting(浪费) time or energy.Here is an example:Here are some ways to help you improve efficiency at work.以下是帮助你提高工作效率的几种方法俗话说,天下武功唯快不破在新的一年怎么样能更好的快速有效的工作学习呢Today, we will give you some tips about this used by me and SJ.No.1 Do the most important thing first. 到办公室,或者学校之后,先完成最重要的必须要做到事情 example, the first thing SJ did in the morning was write the script ayoenglish. According to our experiences, it is difficult to concentrate after 5 to 6 hours of work and study. 所以列出一天要完成的任务也不错的选择It is easier when you can see the tasks in a list. So 开始一天的工作时,先把最重要的事情作完才安心,效率也会更高No. Plan something fun after work as a motivation if possible. 激励,计划一下做完手头工作后就可以去看个电影或者与朋友小聚If you want to finish everything by 5pm. Then set up a dinner plan with friends at 6pm or buy a movie ticket. External ces may motivate you to get things done within the time you have. 酱就有了动力不逼自己一下永远不知道自己有多强大啊No.3 Find your zone. 每个人都有自己做事情的习惯和节奏Theree, it is important to find yourown flow and zone. 你肯定经历过这样一种情况,当你特别投入的干某件事情的时候,你周围发生了什么,你会全然不觉It called in the zone. When you are so focused(集中) on one thing, you are in the zone. Anything else out of the zone will be ignored(忽略) by you. 所以,要想一想在什么情况下更容易进入自己的zone.Some people find it is easier to be in the zone at night, others think morning is the best time to be in the zone. It totally depends on yourself.No. Plan one or two short breaks during the long hours of work if you are too exhausted如果是一整下午的繁重的工作,不妨在中间休息一两次,每次三到五分钟During the short breaks you can enjoy a cupof coffee, do some exercises or chat with your friends. Probably you can be better inspired rather than simply sitting there still hours and achieving nothing. 利用这个时间去喝点东西,运动一下,或者与周围人聊聊天总比一直坐在那里好久缺效率很低要强的多哦这样放松一下精神说不定就会得到更多灵感No.5 Follow the ;two-minute rule.;When I was in the college, I a rulecalled “ minutes rule”.忘记是谁说的了,但大概是这样的:If you see a task that you know can be done in two minutes or less, do it immediately. 不要想着这个事简单,一会儿有空就做NO.既然简单,很快就能完成,Why not complete it right away. 完成了以后,还能增加任务完成的成就感最后,也是最重要滴Keep your phone away.离手机远点,离手机远点,一定要离手机远点重要的事情说三遍Smartphones are our best friends nowadays. However, they are not always good friends. Keep them away, when you want to focus on your tasks. 不然,手机一拿出来,几个小时就不见了当然,听英语悠选的节目时,是可以拿出来的See you next time. 5699Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻.PuzzleA businessman got on an elevator with a businesswoman. She smiled at him and said, ;T-G-I-F.; He smiled back and said, ;S-H-I-T.;The woman was surprised and puzzled. She said, ;T-G-I-F,Thank Goodness It Friday, get it?” The man answered, ;Sorry, Honey, It Thursday.;Notes:1.A businessman got on an elevator with a businesswoman.一个男企业家和一个女企业家进了电梯;elevator;是指有车厢的电梯.“电动手扶梯;则是 ;escalator;;get on;除了可以表示搭电梯之外,也可以表示 “登上(大型的交通工具,如:巴上)、骑上(机动车、自行车、 马等)”.若是搭乘轿车,则必须用;get in;因为on有“在… 之上”的意思,而in则有“在…之内”的意思businessman [#7;b#618;zn#601;sm#30;n] n.男企业家;男性商人elevator [#7;el#618;ve#618;t#601;(r)] n.电梯businesswoman [#7;b#618;zn#601;sm#30;n] n.女企业家;女性商人escalator [#7;esk#601;le#618;t#601;(r)] n.电动年扶梯.She smiled at him and said, ;T-G-I-F.;她笑着对他说:“T-G-I-F”3.He smiled back and said, ;S-H-I-T.;他回她一个微笑并说:“S-H-I-T”若把S-H-I-T拼在一起念,就变成了表示愤怒的感叹词shit(可恶)了,他这么说,恐怕电梯里的女士会一阵错愕.The woman was surprised and puzzled.这个女人感到吃惊而且困惑puzzled [#7;p#65;zld] adj.困惑的5.She said, ;T-G-I-F,Thank Goodness It Friday, get it?”她说:“T-G-I-F,感谢老天,今天星期五了,你听明白了吗?”句中的;goodness;也可以用God替换;goodness;在这里当感叹词用,用以表示惊讶或愤怒等,如:Thank Goodness!(谢天谢地!)、My goodness!(天哪!)美国人喜欢玩这种游戏,只说出每个词的第一个字母, 让对方去猜它真正的含义,这种游戏称为头字语 (acronym ),如:ASAP( as soon as possible gt;表示“越快越好”TGIF是美国人常用的头字语,表示终于熬到星期五了,要放假了!6.The man answered, ;Sorry, Honey, It Thursday.;这个男人回答说:“对不起,亲爱的,今天是星期四”听到这句话,女士应该会在心里喊“Shit!;本节目可可原创节目, 597

讲解Today key word is fitting room.A fitting room is a room in which you can change clothes. 试衣间,化妆间dressing room, changing room 也可以用来表示试衣间优衣库的试衣间用的是哪种表述,大家可以亲自去看一看哦Here an example:May I try this on? Where is the fitting room?我可以试试这件衣吗?试衣间在哪里?Now, let’s learn the word in the news. The ;hottest; shopping destination in Beijing is the Uniqlo in Sanlitun. In a viral smartphone posted online, a young couple can be seen having passionate sex in what appears to be a Uniqlo store fitting room. The footage went viral overnight, attracting millions of views and thousands of comments. Beijing police announced online that they had received complaints about the and would investigate the case.Notes:-近几日,微,微信被“三里屯优衣库试衣间”刷屏-原因想必大家都知道的哈(一对情侣在试衣间不雅视频流传网上)-有人认为是优衣库的营销手段-目前该店已成为新的热门景点-警方已经介入调查 37867

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