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Shanghai SFECO Group is a holding company of 5 subsidiary companies. 或Shanghai SFECO Group holds shares of 5 subsidiary companies.。

预测:自身发展所需的品质 -- :36: 来源: 预测:自身发展所需的品质大学英语六级考试在即,你准备好了吗?小编搜集整理了一些六级作文预测范文,希望可以帮到大家!自身发展所需的品质:交友,健康,独立能力,发展,自信与挑战,互助合作,乐观态度模板二As is vividlysymbolically depicted in the picturecartoon,we can notice that____.[The caption in the drawing s:"".] [Which may open the door to success.]Undoubtedly, through the thought-provoking illustration, the drawer aims at reminding us the significance of ___. Owing to te quickening pace of life, competition goes increasingly fierce in all walks of life, and this makes it easier us to encounter difficulties on our way to success. Then we need ___ to surmount the challenge. Once a person lose___,he can hardly attain success. (例子,实例或虚例).When all factors are considered, we may safely come to the conclusion that ___ really count in this competitive society. It deserves more attention and praising from the public. one thing, our authorities should publicize the noble story of eminent people who attain outstanding achievement in their career, and set good examples the children. another, parents and teachers should cultivate children 's concept of the significance of ___ since childhood.例子: instance, when we come to a difficulty in our study, work and life. [We should strengthen our mind, which will lead to a powerful impetus, to solve the problem.] Thus we will take a solid step towards success. Also, when we look back to history, we can find that the elitists____.模板三(分类三)As is vividlysymbolically depicted in the picturecartoon,we can notice that____.Through the thought-provoking illustration, the drawer aims to point out the advantages and disadvantages of ___. As ___ is playing an increasing important role in our daily life nowadays. Just like a coin has two sides, ___ is a two-edged weapon. On one hand, ___. On the other hand, ___.So to sum up, it is imperative us to take effective measures aims at the disadvantages ___ bring to us. one thing, our authorities should exercise strict control over ___. Person who attempt to destroy the normal order of ___ should be punished seriously, thus to establish a healthy ___ culture. another, we should cultivate ourselves the capability of distinguishing right from wrong and utilize ___ moderately. Thus, we will enjoy a better life and develop a harmonious society.。


考研英语 考研英语阅读技巧:巧抓主题词 --19 :: 来源: 考研英语阅读技巧:巧抓主题词考研英语题量大,时间又有限,那么怎样有效而快速地完成考研英语阅读题呢?首先我们要了解考研英语阅读题的特点,即中心单一、突出,所以要出色地完成考研英语阅读题,我们就只要抓住表示主题的关键词,即主题词就可以了  名词表主题  When it comes to the slowing economy, Ellen Spero isn’t biting her nails just yet. But the 7?year?old manicurist isn’t cutting, filing or polishing as many nails as she’d like to, either. Most of her clients spend $ to weekly, but last month two longtime customers suddenly stopped showing up. Spero blames the softening economy. “I’m a good economic indicator”, she says. “I provide a service that people can do without when they’re concerned about saving some dollars.” So Spero is downscaling, shopping at middle-brow Dillard’s department store near her suburban Cleveland home, instead of Neiman Marcus. “I don’t know if other clients are going to abandon me, too,” she says.  文中划线名词短语为考生提供了復现信息,即使没完全读懂,考生也能确定本段的主题是讲疲软的经济状况,每句话都没离开这个主题  动词表变化  All of this caused a crisis of confidence. Americans stopped taking prosperity granted. They began to believe that their way of doing business was failing, and that their incomes would theree shortly begin to fall as well. The mid 1980s brought one inquiry after another into the causes of America’s industrial decline. Their sometimes sensational findings were filled with warnings about the growing competition from overseas.  动词是各种变化最明显的体现,它可以表明文中所述情况、作者态度以及情感的变化等本段中出现的划线动词都体现了一个从好到坏的变化趋势,再结合文章话题,可以确定本段讲到了美国经济霸主地位的丧失给人们的信心带来的消极影响  形容词表态度  Even bee Alan Greenspan’s admission that America’s red hot economy is cooling, lots of working folks had aly seen signs of the slowdown themselves. From car dealerships to Gap outlets, sales have been lagging months as shoppers temper their spending. retailers, who last year took in percent of their revenue between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the cautious approach is coming at a crucial time. Aly, experts say, holiday sales are off 7 percent from last year’s pace. But don’t sound any alarms just yet. Consumers seem only mildly concerned, not panicked, and many say they remain optimistic about the economy’s long ?term prospects even as they do some modest belt tightening.  形容词是作者对所论述话题的态度的直接体现以此段为例,前半部分都是关于美国经济不景气的描述,如果隻看到这些,一定会认为下文也应该是一些消极方面的描述但在But转折之后,出现了一系列的形容词,这是词都具有积极的感情色,与前面的情况形成鲜明的对比,表明了作者的态度,也是本段段落中心的体现  虽然,在考研阅读思路中还有许多其他方式可以确定文章或段落的主题,但是当文章话题比较陌生,语言比较晦涩难懂的时候,通过找主题词来确定文章主题无疑会是一种简单有效的途径所以,希望考生们牢记“最强音符,旋律復现”,读文章过程中树立找主题词的意识,帮助自己有效理解文章、快速解题。

  如:Oil food.。

考研英语 考研英语: 记单词不再难! -- :53: 来源: 对于考研英语来说,同学们开始准备的时间越早越好,因为语言学习是一个积累的过程大家不要指望通过考前一两个月的猛背单词和考前技巧学习来应付考研英语,这样收获甚少,考前你的毫无积累会让你在考场上不知所措,甚至在考前就打起了退堂鼓所以,我们一定要重视平时的词汇和语法的学习,这样考试中才能有的放矢,做到心中有数一、利用好据统计,每年中的单词重复率可以达到80%左右,这是因为中的文章大多来自于西方国家的报纸杂志,就一些常考话题的论述的词库大体是固定的这就告诉我们绝对不可以忽略中出现的词汇的价值在考试前,中出现的不认识的词汇至少要背遍二、怎样记词汇大家需要把中不认识的单词查出来,除了要掌握其基本含义外,还要能够掌握词汇之间的词义关系,如同义词、近义词等,这是因为阅读文章的选项一般是对原文表述的同义替换,掌握了同近义词就可以轻松判断选项是否正确了;掌握词汇之间的搭配关系,如动词与介词、形容词与介词、形容词与名词等,这样有助于完型题的快速选择和写作词汇知识积累;掌握词汇生成的基本知识,如词源、词根和词缀等,这样可以提高我们遇到陌生词汇时的猜词能力另外,同学们在记忆单词时,不要单纯去拼读背诵单词,一是要理解单词的基本含义,二是要把单词放在句子中去记忆,理解单词在具体语境下的具体含义也就是说,我们在记忆单词时,需要注意词汇的用法,如单词的构成方法(词根和前后缀)和内涵,词汇出现的语境,可以替换该单词的其他词汇如果大家的自学能力不是很好,建议大家可以通过一对一辅导的方式进行学习和总结,这样可以大大提高学习效率通过这样全面地去记忆词汇,我们在记忆时,不仅仅是在记一个独立的词,而是记忆和它相关的所有英语知识,我们头脑中形成的是词与词之间的逻辑关系,词与句之间的相辅相成这样有系统的去记忆,我们就不会再有边记边忘的苦恼,也不会有记住后也不知道文章在说什么的困惑,更不会有理解了却选不对的遗憾,渐渐地你会喜欢上英语学习通过这样科学有效的方法记忆单词,相信考研的同学们对词汇掌握会更上一层楼!。

0常见名词词汇巧记忆 --1 ::39 来源: 0常见名词词汇巧记忆词汇量很大,足有8000,要记住这么多词汇可不是一项简单的工程不过,相信大家都很清楚,死记硬背不是什么好办法,但是我们可以把单词放到句子里去理解记忆,通过句子记单词相信一定对大家有所帮助下面是小编收集整理的0个常见名词词汇,供大家学习  1.   I have an with the bank. 我在开有户头   He turnedput his knowledge of Spanish to good . 他善加利用他对西班牙语文的知识   Don’t stay away on of John. 为了约翰,不要离开   .act   Don’t take him seriously --- it’s just an act. 不要把他看得太认真 ——他只是假装那样而已   In the act of (while) picking up the ball, he slipped and fell. 正当其拾球之际,他失足跌倒   3.addition   They’ve just had an addition to the family. 他们家里刚又增加一口   .adjustment   They do an adjustment on humance resources to achieve the goal. 为了达到目标,他们调整了人员   5. advertisement   Advertisement helps to sell goods. 广告有助于销路   6. agreement   I’m quite in agreement with what you say. 我十分同意你所说的话   7. air   My plans are still quite in the air. 我的计划还未定案   Radio Beijing is on the air hours a day. 北京电台全天小时广播   8. amount   There is still quite an amount of prejudice against him. 人们对他尚有很大的偏见   He has any amount of money. 他的钱不可数计   9. amusement   He looked at me in amusement. 他很感兴趣地望着我   There are plenty of amusements here – cinemas, theatres, concerts, football matches, and so on. 这里有许多 - 电影院、戏院、音乐会、足球比赛等   . animal   animal desires 肉欲   . answer   She gave no answer. 她没有回答   . apparatus   Your digestive apparatus takes the food you eat and changes it so that it can be used to build up the body. 你的消化器官把你所吃的食物消化、吸收,用以增进身体的健康   . approval   Your plans have my approval. 你的计划我赞成   . argument   I have no wish to engage in (an) argument with you. 我不想跟你辩论   . art   The story is developed with great art. 那故事非常技巧地展开   . attack   Attack is said to be the best m of defence. 常言道,攻击是最好的防御   . attempt   Her attempt at a Christmas cake had to be thrown away. 她的圣诞蛋糕做得不好   18. attention   Pay attention to what you’re doing. 注意你在做的事   A pretty girl usually receives more attentions than a plain girl. 一个漂亮女孩通常比一个普通女孩得到较多的殷勤   Attention! 立正!   19. attraction   He cannot resist the attraction of a pretty girl. 他无法抗拒漂亮女郎的吸引力   . authority   He is a great authority on phonetics. 他是语音学方面的权威 5 名词词汇。

英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 求朋友写介绍信的英语作文 --31 :: 来源: 求朋友写介绍信【内容提示】假定你名叫简(Jane)你明天要到北京旅行,怕人地两生没人关照,想求你朋友杨红给她姑妈写封介绍信,以便得到帮助但是,杨红碰巧不在宿舍,所以你给她留了张便条,请她见字后给你写信【作文示范】A Note Asking a Friend to Write an Introducing LetterFriday morning Dear Yang Hong,I\'m going on a trip to Beijing by train tomorrow. But I\'m afraid that Beijing is too strange to me. Will you please write me a letter of introduction to your aunt, from whom I expect to get some help there. Sorry the trouble.Yours ever, Jane【写法指要】求助留言(message note help)是为了求别人帮忙而写的所以,一定要把在哪方面需要得到帮助写明,如请求某人代劳取物、查询、代购以及向人借钱、物等由于篇幅有限,不必将前因后果写得过于清楚结尾可用一些简单的客套话,如“Thank you”,“Sorry the trouble”等。

  . 他的著作举世闻名,而他个人却一直默默无闻,因为他一生始终避免抛头露面。

  如:It theree becomes more and more important that, if students are not to waste their opporties, there will have to be much more detailed inmation about courses and more advice.。