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Living in harmony with nature is so essential to our well-being that it is the first lesson of scripture. The of creation in the book of Genesis tells of the idyllic Garden of Eden where man lives amid beauty and new life. Rather than be contrary to scientific explanations of the origins of the world, Genesis can be as a parable about the need man and woman, God and nature to live together, a communion of balance. That idyll was lost when the serpent tempted Adam, persuading him that he knew best. It was as if the leaves shrivelled, the birds fell silent, and the flowers drooped.我们《圣经中的第一课就是,和自然和谐共处对我们有莫大的好处《创世纪中关于造人章节中,描述了一个田园诗般的伊甸园,人们在其中体会着生机勃勃之美跟世界起源的科学解释不同,《创世纪有其比喻意义,男人和女人,上帝和自然之间有和谐共存、均衡发展的必要当毒蛇诱惑了亚当,让他觉得自己无所不知的时候,伊甸园消失了,枝叶枯萎了,鸟儿静默了,花朵凋零了 99Simone: So, what did you think of Bruce? Isnt he great?西蒙:那么,你觉得布鲁斯怎么样?他人挺不错的,不是吗?Dirk: Well, he certainly direct and thright with his opinions. I dont think Ive ever met anyone who speaks his mind the way he does.德克:是的,但他说话直接,总是对自己的观点直言不讳我从来没遇到像他那样表达自己的人Simone: Yeah, isnt that great? Ive never liked a guy who straddles the fence or has namby-pamby opinions. Ive always liked guys with strong opinions.西蒙:是的,这样不是很好吗?我不喜欢那些犹犹豫豫、无病呻吟的人我一直很欣赏能坚持已见的人Dirk: Well, there strong and there pigheadedness. Dont you think?德克:但是,有时候坚持过头就是顽固了你不觉得吗?Simone: What?! You think Bruce is pigheaded, just because he doesnt budge when other people try to sway him? I think that an admirable trait.西蒙:什么?就因为布鲁斯在别人劝他改变主意的时候拒绝让步,所以你认为他很顽固?我倒觉得这种品质很令人钦佩Dirk: I think being blunt can be admirable under the right circumstances, but being stubborn as a mule can make it hard on other people, dont you think?德克:我认为在特定的场合,直言不讳是值得赞扬的,但是如果像骡子一样倔强会让别人很难接受,你不觉得吗?Simone: No, I dont. Other people can pull their punches if they want to, but a man wholl speak up about what he believes in and stand by it is a real man to me.西蒙:不,我不这样想如果别人愿意,说话可以有所保留,但是对我来说,一个人能表达自己的想法,并坚持自己的立场,那就是真正的男子汉Dirk: I can see why you two make a perfect couple. I hope never to be on the wrong side of an argument with either one of you.德克:难怪你们俩是一对完美的夫妇我希望你们俩永远不要对立起来争吵本文译文属 1883

Jane: Hey, Henry. You look busy. What's that you're ing? Henry: Oh, hi, Jane. I'm studying the driver's manual so I can finally get my driver's license. I just hope I can remember all these traffic laws. Jane: I’m sure you’ll pass the tests with flying colors, especially since you can miss a few and still pass. Just don't get to bring your glasses with you so you don’t fail the vision test. Henry: Yeah, I know. I think the written test will be okay, but I’m really worried about the road test. I never took driver’s ed and I’m nervous behind the wheel. My brother failed his test the first time because he got to signal a left turn, and then he didn't yield to a pedestrian. He also screwed up on the parallel parking. Jane: It sounds like he just got nervous. A busy intersection is always tricky. So when's your appointment at the DMV? Henry: Next Tuesday. But I might just go in earlier and take the test as a walk-in. Jane: Can't wait, huh? Well, I'll let you get back to studying. Good luck! Henry: Thanks. See you around. 0

I needed to schedule a meeting the three departments involved in a new project. I called each one to find a date that would work all three of us. Bruno: So, Nicola, would the day after tomorrow work you? Nicola: No, I'll be out of the office all day. Could we do it early next week or a week from today?Bruno: I was hoping to schedule it as soon as possible. How about the end of this week? Nicola: Well, I think that's okay. We could meet late Thursday or Friday. I'm free Thursday from 3 to 5, and on Friday from to 1.Bruno: Okay. Let me talk to Kumi and I'll let you know. .Bruno: Hi Kumi, can you make a meeting with Nicola and me this Thursday or Friday?Kumi: Oh, I wish I could but I'll be in the Boise office starting tomorrow. How about the following week? Bruno: I think we can do it early next week. Would Monday at work you?Kumi: Sure, that's fine.Bruno: Let me check with Nicola. You know, I think this would be much easier on email. I'll send Nicola a note and we can confirm on email. Kumi: Okay, I'll look your email.You know, sometimes, I think scheduling a meeting is the hardest part of actually having a meeting!背景链接: 10

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