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Xiaohua: Hello and welcome to this weeks Word of the Week. And this week were talking about underwear.John: Yeah. If you recall, if you listen to our show earlier in the week, you will remember that we talked about how lingerie is becoming a bit more popular here in China. and so we thought wed take a look at different types of underwear, not just women, but also men. But let start with women and looking at panties. Panties are just the very basic women underwear.Xiaohua: Panties, 最简单,一般是指女性的内裤John: And then there is thong. So a thong is a type of pantie, but the whole idea is to protect the front area but then expose the buttocks.Xiaohua: Thong是丁字裤,顾名思义屁股部分是要露出不少的John: Right. And then there is the G-string, which is a type of thong. Sometimes it called the G-string. Sometimes it called a G-string thong, even. But basically the only difference between a G-string and a thong is that the material going through the butt cheeks is going to be very, very minimal.Xiaohua: G-string在这里可不是什么G弦上的咏叹调,而是一种用料更少的丁字裤,基本上在屁股的部位只有一根单纯的细绳John: Right. And then there is the bodysuit, which is a one-piece m-fitting garment that covers the torso and the crotch. So it covers the top and the bottom part is basically just like a pantie but it just one whole piece.Xiaohua: That right. Bodysuit就是那种衣裤一体的连体内衣John: And then there is pantyhose. And it actually kinda funny because we just talked about panties, but panties and pantyhose really have basically nothing in common. Pantyhose start from your waist and goes all the way to your feet, covering the entire area. And theyre very sheer and very thin and very tight.Xiaohua: Pantyhose跟panties可不一样,是指透明的紧身连袜内裤John: Then there is the baby-doll, which is a short, sometimes sleeveless loose-fitting nightgown intended as nightwear.Xiaohua: Baby-doll是比较常见的一种内衣,就是可爱风的无袖睡裙John: And then there is the corset. Actually the corset has a pretty long history in western fashion. A lot of it was used to shape the waist and also especially in women to push up the chest as well. But it very, very tight-fitting. You see all these movies about the 18th, 19th Centuries where women are always fainting. It partly because theyre wearing these very, very tight corsets. These days when we look at women lingerie, corsets are just there to be fashionable. They do provide some extra support the chest, but theyre really not that tight any longer.Xiaohua: That right. 经常看年代片的人可能会知道corset这个词,就是紧身束腹胸衣,那主要的目的就是让腰显得很瘦并且胸部显得更丰满John: And then there is the garter-belt. Again the garter belt really was a functional piece of clothing designed to help women keep up stockings. Actually men have had similar things as well, but socks, like a sock belt, sock suspender. Very similar idea. But as time has gone on, the garter belt and garters in general have become part of lingerie, seem to be a bit more sexy or alluring, I suppose.Xiaohua: Garter belt是吊袜带,也就是把不连裤的长筒袜固定起来的装备但是现在日常生活中已经很少有人使用吊袜带了,而garter belt可能会跟性感内衣联系在一起John: And then last but not least, the women there is the boy short. It a type of pantie that resembles boxer briefs.Xiaohua: Boy shorts很简单,就是平角内裤啦John: And what are boxer briefs, you ask? Well, first let take a look at boxers. Boxers are basically just loose-fitting underwear men. And then therere briefs. Briefs and panties, in terms of style, are very, very similar. If you know what a pantie looks like, you know what a brief looks like, but with a bit of extra space in the front.Xiaohua: Boxer就是比较宽松的男式短内裤,kind of what a boxer wears.John: Right, exactly. That where the word comes from.Xiaohua: Right. 而brief呢,就是三角内裤的意思John: And then boxer briefs. Boxers briefs are a hybrid of the boxer shorts and briefs. And so again boxer briefs are tight boxers basically. So they go down a little bit on your leg, but it still tight like a brief.Xiaohua: Boxer brief指的是紧身的平角裤或紧身短裤John: And then there is the singlet. We dont use that word at all in the ed States. That is a word from the UK. A singlet is basically a tank top. It just a shirt that has no sleeves, pretty much.Xiaohua: Singlet, 或者tank top,就是男式的背心Yeah, so it looks like men underwear is more simple, than women.John: It a lot more simple, yes.Xiaohua: And that all we have Roundtable Word of the Week. 385318

Paula Deen back in the spotlight over the weekend, tearing up in her first public appearance since her big apology using racial slurs in the past.宝拉·迪恩在周末重返聚光灯下,她的首次公开亮相就因为过去的种族歧言论潸然泪下,大声致歉A D has the story.请看A新闻记者发回的报道 ten straight minutes, the sold-out audience couldnt stop clapping and Paula Deen couldnt stop crying. 连续分钟,满座的观众一直鼓掌而且宝拉·迪恩一直在哭泣These are tears of joy.这些都是充满喜悦的泪水Deen first appearance since her admitting using racial slurs in the past came Saturday at the Metro cooking and entertaining show in Houston. 这是迪恩承认在过去周六的一档休斯顿烹饪和节目中使用种族歧视后的首次亮相The queen of South cuisine was a star attraction, each of the 00 people at the event paid as mush as 00 dollars a ticket to see her.《午餐的女王具有明星般的吸引力,到场的每00人都要付00美元一张票去看她The one place that I would want to make my first step back out was Texas.我想自己后悔的第一站是德克萨斯州The celebrity chef returns to the spotlight comes after her mer restaruant manager filed a racial discrimination suit against her earlier this year. 这位名人厨师重回聚光灯下是在今年早些时候她的前高级经理提出对她的种族歧视后That what made her the headlines in May when Deen admitted in a deposition she had used the N word years ago. 这让她在5月瞬间成为新闻头条而迪恩承认自己在多年前曾经使用过不恰当的字眼Last month, a judge throw out part of the suit and Deen settled the rest, but the damage was done. 上个月,一位法官开始审理此案而迪恩解决剩下的事端,但却为时已晚The food network cancelled her popular show. 这家食物网取消了她的受欢迎的节目And Deen lost .5 million dollars in endorsement and products sale in retailors like Walmart and Target.而且迪恩损失了像是在沃尔玛这样的零售商中代言和产品的50万美元Her brand really sold well, being a wholesome, down-to-earth personality. 她的品牌因为健康的、务实个性卖得异常火爆And she sticks to that n then should be over to come back to her big brain that she was bee the downfall.而她坚称在遭受打击前应该让自己保持冷静I have a rough patch.我已经有了糟糕的污点Making it clear she is not leaving the kitchen, no matter how hard it gets.不论多么艰难,她都不想离开厨房 1989




  Recognizing a Good Idea第单元 认清这是个好点子The first rule to be successful is to recognize a good idea and do something with it. That is exactly what Scott Adams, the inventor of Dilbert, did. Dilbert is very popular cartoon character that graces over ,000 newspapers, appears on a variety of licensed products and has 9 printed books.成功的首则是,认清这是个好点子,并采取相关行动,《呆伯特的创作者史考特·亚当斯确实奉行《呆伯特是非常受欢迎的漫画人物,不仅让两千种报纸增色不少,还出现在各种授权产品,并出版了9本书Dilbert first appeared one day while Adams was entering himself during a boring business meeting.呆伯特最先出现在亚当斯无聊会议期间的自娱之作As usual, Adams was doodling rather insulting characters of his co-workers and bosses and there in front of him was Dilbert. Adams thought Dilbert might have potential as a comic strip. In 1988, he made up a few strips with his new charater and mailed them out to some of the major cartoon companies.那天亚当斯和平常一样,以他的同事与上司为对象,带点戏谑地乱画,而产生了呆伯特亚当斯认为《呆伯特有潜力可以成为连载漫画,一九八八年,他以这个新角色创作了连载漫画,并寄给几家主要的卡通公司Dilbert was selected out of thousands that were recieved and Adams was given a contract. Adams didnt quite his day job until 1995. He decided that Dilbert to really take off, he needed to give him full attention. It paid off! Now, Dilbert is recognized in 65 different countries.《呆伯特在上千个作品中雀屏中选,而亚当斯也获得了一纸合约亚当斯一直到一九九五年才辞掉白天的工作,他决定若要让《呆伯特真正成名,就必须全神贯注,而他也的确成功了!现在有六十五个国家都知道《呆伯特 1898

  Section :When I got out of my car, the air was pulsing. The whole place was absolutely silent, but the silence wasnt an absence of noise. It was really a presence of a kind of energy or quickening. And at my feet was the great, still blue plate of the Pacific Ocean. All around me were 800 acres of wild dry brush, and 1,0 feet of golden pampas grass running down to the sea. And the next day, when I woke up in the absence of telephones and TVs and laptops, the days seemed tostretch a thousand hours. It was really all the freedom I know when Im traveling, but it also profoundly felt like coming home. I looked at the clouds, and I did what is hardest of all me to do usually, which is nothing at all. And I thought back to that wonderful phrase I had learned as a boy from Seneca, in which he says, ;That man is poor not who has little but who hankers after more.; I do think it only by stopping movement that you can see where to go. And it only by stepping out of your life and the world that you can see what you most deeply care about and find a home. And Ive noticed so many people now take conscious measures to sit quietly 30 minutes every morning just collecting themselves in one corner of the room without their devices, or go running every evening, or leave their cell phones behind when they go to have a long conversation with a friend. Movement is a fantastic privilege, and it allows us to do so much that our grandparents could never have dreamed of doing. But movement, ultimately, only has a meaning if you have a home to go back to. And home, in the end, is of course not just the place where you sleep. It the place where you stand. Vocabulary:Pulsing, stretch, hanker after, collect oneself, privilege 3937

  电影《纳尼亚传奇:凯斯宾王子已于6月6日在全国公映较之第一部,此次剧情十分紧凑,场面宏大,笑料不断,值得一提的是片尾曲The Call让人惊艳!Artsit:Regina SpektorSong:The CallIt started out as a feeling Which then grew into a hope Which then turned into a quiet thought Which then turned into a quiet word And then that word grew louder and louder 'Til it was a battle cry I'll come back When you call me No need to say goodbye Just because everything's changing Doesn't mean it's never been this way bee All you can do is try to know who your friends are As you head off to the war Pick a star on the dark horizon And follow the light You'll come back when it's over No need to say goodbye You'll come back when it's over No need to say goodbye Now we're back to the beginning It's just a feeling and no one knows yet But just because they can't feel it too Doesn't mean that you have to get Let your memories grow stronger and stronger 'Til they're bee your eyes You'll cone back When they call you No need to say goodbye You'll come back When they call you No need to say goodbye Regina Spektor的音乐会让你不禁然地联想到一个很有古怪灵秀气质的女孩,事实上,在她所演绎的大部分音乐中,富于冷峻而诡异变化的钢琴是唯一的伴奏乐器,这让我们想起了另一位现在已身为人母、可当年却以怪异钢琴气质而独步乐坛的女唱作人Tori Amos但是,如果仅仅给Regina Spektor冠以"怪异风格唱作人"的头衔则无形中大大削减了她音乐中具有的多元化音乐色 从爵士到民谣再到说唱、嘻哈,甚至是古典音乐等众多元素,在Regina Spektor这张新专辑中一起粲然呈现,史派克特的多元化音乐元素融汇的创作手法是源于她个人多样化、杂食性的音乐聆听品味,当史派克特把各色的音乐风格片断以整体彰显诡异渲染色的方式呈现给我们时,我们必须承认这并非是一张适合聆听的音乐作品,但这也并不会让我们停下聆听的脚步而失去进入一个神奇世界的难得机会

  That Your Worry那是你的事情Fresh out of business school, the young man answered a want ad an ant.一个年轻人刚从商业学校毕业,去一家小公司应聘做会计Now he was being interviewed by a highly agitated, arrogant little man who ran a small business that he had started from scratch.现在他正在被一个焦躁而傲慢的小个子男人面试,这间公司就是他刚刚白手起家办起来的;I need someone with an ing degree,; the man said. ;But mainly, Im looking someone to do my worrying me.;“我需要一个有会计学学位的人,”小个子男人说,“可是,最重要的是,我要找的是能为我分忧的人”;How that?; the would-be ant asked.“那是什么意思?”年轻人问道;i worry about a lot of things,; the man said. ;But I dont want to have to worry about money. Your job will be to take all the money worries off my back.;“我要操心很多事情,”那人说,“但是我不想再为钱的事情操心了,你的工作就是替我分担这些对钱的操心”;I see,; the ant said. ;And how much will my position pay?;“我明白了,”年轻人说,“那么我的工资是多少?”;Ill start you at eighty five thousand,; responded the man decisively.“你的起薪是8500块,”那人语气肯定地说;Eighty five thousand dollars!; the ant exclaimed. ;How can such a small business afd a sum like that?;“8500元!”年轻人大声说,“这样一个小公司怎么能付得起这样高的工资?”;That,; the man said, ;is your first worry. Now get to work!;那人说:“这就是你首先要操心的事现在开始工作吧!” 5863。

  听力原文:The view from the rustbelt陷入经济困境的老工业区Even workers protected by trade tariffs feel angry and neglected甚至是被关税报税贸易保护的工人都感到喷怒和被忽略AMERICA feels sick at heart this year. Can conventional politics cure that malaise, or will voters turn to those peddling radical remedies, from trade wars to high border walls? That question weighs heavily in midwestern states, where factories propelled millions of post-war workers into middle-class prosperity. Though rustbelt states like Ohio, Michigan and Illinois helped Barack Obama win the White House, this year many midwestern voters seem drawn to fiery candidates who offer the sharpest contrast with the president’s cool, headmasterly style: from Donald Trump on the right to Senator Bernie Sanders on the left.重点词汇:1 rust belt 衰退地区,铁锈地带(指美国等已陷入经济困境的老工业区) rust 锈;铁锈3 tariff 关税 neglect 忽略;忽视;不予重视5 conventional 传统的,符合习俗的6 malaise (社会或群体的)痼疾7 peddle 兜售,宣传,传播(思想、消息)8 radical 激进的;极端的9 remedy 疗法;治疗;药品 propel 推动;驱动;推进 post-war 战后的;(尤指)第二次世界大战以后的 Illinois 伊利诺伊 fiery (感情、尤指愤怒)激烈的,暴烈的 contrast 明显的差异;对比;对照听力原文:More traditional politicians, starting with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, are moving to placate unhappy voters by promising “fair trade”, using import rules to punish unfair competition by such rivals as China. Mrs Clinton, who lost the Michigan primary to Mr Sanders earlier this month, took Ohio on March th after tacking to the left on trade: at an Ohio Democratic dinner shortly bee the primary she promised to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a flagship trade bill supported by Mr Obama.重点词汇:placate 安抚;平息(怒气) flagship(某组织机构的)最重要产品,最佳务项目,主建筑物,王牌听力原文:A day bee the Ohio primary Lexington travelled to Findlay, a frayed-at-the-edges town of 1,000 people which is home to one of Ohio’s larger tyre plants. The smell of cooking rubber hangs over its streets. Twice under Mr Obama, anti-dumping tariffs of up to 88% have been slapped on imported Chinese tyres at the prodding of the ed Steelworkers union (USW), to protect jobs at plants including the Cooper Tire amp; Rubber factory in Findlay. Mr Obama cited the tariffs in his state-of-the-union message in , declaring: “Over a thousand Americans are working today because we stopped a surge in Chinese tyres.”重点词汇:1 findlay [地名] [美国] 芬德利 fray (使织物边沿)磨损,磨散, (使)烦躁,恼火3 fray ataround the edges 开始卷边;脱线脚;分崩离析;失败Support the leader was fraying at the edges.对这位领导人的拥护已开始瓦解3 tyre 轮胎 rubber 橡胶5 anti-dumping 反倾销6 slap 猛然;径直7 prod 催促;督促;鼓动8 cite (尤指作为例)引用,援引,提及9 state-of-the-union message 国情咨文 surge 激增(产能过剩)听力原文:Such tariffs are rare, making Findlay’s tyre-builders an unusually well-protected minority. Their plant offers a glimpse of what might happen if a President Trump (or Sanders) fulfils his promise to use tariffs and taxes to keep manufacturing jobs in America. Economically trade barriers are a bad and harmful idea, but what Findlay offers is a case study in the politics of trade.重点词汇:1 glimpse 短暂的感受(或体验、领会) minority 少数;少数派;少数人3 barrier 屏障;障碍物听力原文:An evening shift-change saw lines of men leave the Cooper plant, lunch-boxes in hand. Most felt that tariffs on China had helped them: one called them a “game-changer” that had saved jobs and prompted extra shifts. But, strikingly, praise the president was mostly dwarfed by anger at the state of the country. Some workers said they were Democrats but felt underwhelmed by Mr Obama. Others, Republicans, expressed suspicion verging on contempt the president. Mr Obama is “the worst fucking piece of shit in this country, he should move to China”, spat a bearded worker in a camouflage hunting jacket who declined to give his name, turning back to add, pre-emptively: “And I’ve got black friends, so it isn’t that.” Another worker, Josh Wilkerson, a Trump supporter, said that anti-China tariffs were good, but he shared his colleague’s belief that, mostly, “Obama is the people who don’t work.”重点词汇:1 extra shifts 加班,多轮一班 striking 引人注目的;异乎寻常的;显著的3 dwarf 使显得矮小;使相形见绌 underwhelmed 无动于衷的;毫不激动的5 verge 接近,逼近; 处于边沿或边缘;6 suspicion 少许;一点儿7 contempt 蔑视,鄙视8 spat 小争吵;口角;争执9 beard (人的)胡须,络腮胡子,髯;(动物的)颔毛,须 camouflage 伪装,隐蔽 hunting jacket 猎装 decline 谢绝;婉言拒绝 pre-emptively 先发制人的欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 5

  I wanted to discuss my marriage, cause that important. My marriage, or as it was known, ;The Oxbow Incident;. 我想谈论一下我的婚姻,因为那很重要我的婚姻,正如人们所知的那样,是个“牛轭事件” 【1】I had a rough marriage. Well, my wife was an immature woman and, ah, That all I can say, she...See if this is not immature to you.我的婚姻很不平静我妻子是个很不成熟的女人,我就是这么认为的,你们看一下这是不是很不成熟I would be home in the bathroom, taking a bath, and my wife would walk right in, whenever she felt like, and sink my boats.我在家里的卫生间里正在洗澡,我妻子只要心血来潮就会闯进来,把我在玩的船只弄沉It was partially my fault that we got divorced, I had a lousy attitude toward her.我们离婚部分是我的错,我对她的态度很恶劣The first year of marriage I had a bad...basically a bad attitude toward her, I guess.结婚的第一年,我的脾气……基本上以很坏的脾气对待她,我想是的I tended to place my wife underneath a pedestal all the time.我甚至老是在想将我妻子压到某个基座底下去We used to argue and fight, we finally decided, we either take a vacation on Bermuda or get a divorce, one of the two things, and we discussed it very maturely, and we decided on the divorce, cause we felt we had a limited amount of money to spend, yknow.我们经常争论和吵架,最后我们终于决定,要么我们去百慕大群岛度假,要么就离婚,两者择其一我们心平气和地商量完,我们决定去离婚,因为我们觉得我们的钱已经所剩无几A vacation in Bermuda is over in two weeks, but a divorce is something that youd always have.去百慕大度假两周一过就结束了,而离婚这件事你可以一辈子离个没完And I saw myself free again, living in the Village, yknow, in a batchelor apartment with a wood burning fireplace and a shaggy rug, yknow, and on the walls one of those great Picassos by Van Gogh, and just great swinging...Airline hostesses running amok in the apartment, yknow.我发现自己又重获自由,我住在格林尼治村,一间单身公寓里,里面有燃烧木料的壁炉和粗糙的地毯,墙上挂着的是梵高画的众多的毕加索伟大画像中的一幅我享受着放浪形骸的生活和空们在屋子里胡作非为And I got very excited, and I ran into my wife, she was in the next room at the time, listening to Conelrad on the radio, yknow.我兴奋异常,跑进我妻子的房间,她那时就住在我隔壁,正在收听“电磁波辐射控制”电台【】I laid it right on the line with her, I came right to the point, I said ;Quasimodo, I want a divorce;.我开门见山、直接了当地对她说:“卡西莫多【3】,我要离婚”And she said ;Great, get the divorce;, but it turns out, in New York state, they have a strange law that says you cant get a divorce unless you can prove adultery, and it weird, because the ten commandments say ;Thou shalt not commit adultery;, but New York state says you have to.她说:“好啊,离婚就离婚”可是事与愿违,在纽约州,有一条奇怪的法律:除非你能明存在通奸行为,否则不予离婚这真的很怪异,因为“十戒”里说:“汝等不许行邪淫”可纽约州却说你不做不行Well, finally, what happened was, my wife committed adultery me.好吧,最终发生的事是:我妻子为了我行了邪淫She always been more mechanically inclined than I have.她总是比我更加容易机械地受到影响 37379

  The Smartest Dog最聪明的A butcher is working, and really busy. He notices a dog in his shop and shoos him away.一个肉贩在工作,而且很忙他发现一只在他的店里,就把它轰走了Later, the dog is back again. He walks over to the dog, and notices the dog has a ten-dollar bill and a note in his mouth. The butcher takes the note, and it s, ;Can I have sausages and a leg of lamb, please?;过了一会儿,那只又回来了肉贩走近它,注意到它的嘴里有一张元的钞票和一张字条他把字条拿出来看,上面写着:“请给我十二根香肠和一只羊腿”Amazed, the butcher takes the money, puts the sausages and lamb in a paper bag, and places it in the dog mouth.肉贩大为惊奇,他拿过钱,把香肠和羊腿装进一只纸袋,放到的嘴里Since it closing time, he decides to close up shop and follow the dog. So, off he goes. The dog is walking down the street and comes to a crossing. The dog puts down the bag, jumps up and presses the crossing button. Then he waits patiently, bag in mouth, a green light. Then he looks both ways and trots across the road, with the butcher following.已经到了打烊的时间,肉贩决定把在店关上,跟着那只于是肉贩就跟上那只它沿街走到一个十字路口,放下纸袋,跳起来行人过街灯的钮然后它把纸袋叼在嘴里,耐心地等待绿灯它两边看看,然后穿过马路肉贩跟在它后面The dog then comes to a bus stop, and checks the timetable. The butcher is in awe at this stage. The dog checks out the times, and sits on one of the seats to wait the bus.随后,那只来到一个汽车站查看时刻表肉贩对此充满敬畏那只看好时间后就坐在一张椅子上等车When a bus arrives, the dog walks to the front of the bus, looks up at the number, and goes back to his seat. Later another bus comes. Again the dog walks around to the front and looks up at the number, notices it the right bus, and boards the bus. The butcher, by now open-mouthed, follows him onto the bus.一辆车来了,那只走到车前,抬头看看是几路车,又走回去坐在椅子上过了一会儿,又来了一辆车那只又走到车前,抬头看看是几路车这回是它要坐的,它上了车肉贩看得目瞪口呆,跟着上了车The bus travels through town and out to the suburbs. Eventually the dog gets up, moves to the front of the bus, and standing on his back paws, pushes the button to stop the bus. The dog gets off, groceries still in his mouth, and the butcher still following.汽车穿过城区,来到郊外终于,那只起身,走到车头,用后脚撑地站起来,下停车钮它叼着纸袋下了车,肉贩还跟在后面The dog runs up to a house. He walks up the path, and drops the groceries on the step. Then he walks back down the path, takes a big run and throws himself-whap!-against the door. He goes back down the path, takes another run, and throw himself!-whap!against the door again!那只走向一所房子,它沿着小道走过去,把纸袋放在门前的台阶上然后它转身走回到小道上,加速跑,“砰”的一声撞向大门它转身走回到小道上,再次加速跑,又一次“砰”的一声撞向大门There no answer at the door, so the dog goes back down the path, jumps up on a wall, and walks around the garden. He gets to a window, and beats his head against it several times. He walks back, jumps off the wall, and waits at the front door. The butcher watches as a big guy opens the door, and starts laying into the dog, really cursing him.没有人来应门,于是那只又走向小道,跳上一面墙,绕过花园它来到一扇窗下,用头撞了窗户几下它走回来,跳下墙,在大门外等着肉贩看到一个大个子打开门,就开始恶语相向地责骂那只The butcher runs up and stops the guy, ;What the hell are you doing? This dog is a genius. He could be on TV, God sake!; To which the owner responds, ;Genius, my ass. It the second time this week he gotten his key!;肉贩跑上前去打断那个人:“你在做什么?这只是个天才天哪,它都可以上电视了!”主人答道:“天才,才不呢它这已经是这星期第二次忘带钥匙了” 9660

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