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上海隆鼻手术哪种较好上海市曙光医院激光祛斑多少钱Its only place on earth where Viking could have landed and search for life and dirt on earth and not found it and instead found the reactive mixture of chemicals.这是地球上唯一一个维京号能登陆并寻找地球生命和污垢的地方,没有找到它,而是发现了化学混合物的反应。The only place. Even here, in the driest corner of the driest desert on earth,唯一的地方。即使在这里,在地球上最干旱的沙漠中这最干燥的角落,life has confounded scientists.生命也一直在困扰着科学家们。Cyanobacteria have been found living inside the rock heart salt of a long-gone lake.蓝藻已被发现在盐湖的岩石中心。This is a halite.这是氯化钠盐,Its a sodium chloride salt,这是岩盐。which is colonized by Cyanobacteria.而这是蓝藻的殖民地。Its dark green because they have this particular pigment protecting them from the access of UV light.它是深绿色的,因为它们有这个特殊的色素保护自己从而不受紫外线的侵害。Once in a blue moon,曾经的蓝色月亮,a fleeting early morning ground fog deliver some rare humidity to the air above the desert.一个短暂的清晨,低雾给沙漠上空的空气带来一些罕见的湿气。These precious moisture is greedly sucked into the microscopic pores of the water-hungery rock salt.这些珍贵的水分被岩盐中口渴难耐的微孔吸入。This is a very rare event so these bacteria are living in an environment where liquid water is available a few hours during one year, very, very hard.这是一件非常罕见的事情,所以这些细菌生活在一年内仅几个小时液态水的环境中,可想而知非常,非常困难。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/182165徐汇除黄褐斑价格 上海市奉贤区奉城医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

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玫瑰李鸿君做鼻子 Bradycardia心动过缓Don: Yaeuml;l, isnt normal heart rate somewhere between sixty to one hundred beats per minute?Yaeuml;l,正常人的心跳次数是不是60~100次/分?Yaeuml;l: Thats right, Don. Why?是啊。有什么问题吗?D: This would be the one time you dont correct me. My heart rate is only 44 beats per minute. That means I have bradycardia. Oh, Yaeuml;l, I may be dying.难得有这么一次你没有纠正我。我的心率仅仅是44次/分,我心动过缓!我的天,Yaeuml;l,我很可能就要死啦!Y: Hold up! Yes, bradycardia is the term for a heart rate slower than about sixty beats per minute, but bradycardia doesnt necessarily mean youre not in perfectly good health. In well-conditioned athletes, bradycardia is a result of being in such good shape that the heart beats more efficiently, and so it doesnt need to beat as quickly.稳住啦!确实,心动过缓专指心脏跳动次数慢于60次/分。但是,心动过缓并不就是说你不健康。对于那些身体非常健康的运动员们来说,心动过缓的情况非常普遍。之所以会这样是由于他们的心脏能够进行更加高效的跳动,因而,运动员心脏无需跳得有多快。An athlete may have a heart rate as slow as thirty and not show any signs of problems. Also, deep relaxation, such as sleep, slows the heart down.运动员的心率一般会低至30次/分,而他们的身体没有任何问题。同时,在深度放松的情况下,就比如说睡觉,心率会自然而然的降低。D: Yeah, yeah! Tell me about the bad news.嗯,那给我讲讲不好的方面。Y: Well, bradycardia can also be caused by certain medications, by other disorders such as hyperthyroidism, and by dysfunction of the sinus node. I dont mean the hollow space behind your nose, but the node inside your heart. The sinus node powers your heart by electrical impulses.额,心动过缓也可能是由特殊的药物治疗、甲状腺机能亢进一类的机体功能紊乱、窦房结(位于右心房外膜上)功能障碍——窦房阻滞等原因引起的。窦房结并不是指你鼻后中空的地方(此处是因sinus的意思为“穴”,谈话者将sinus与node分开来讲),而是指心脏内的一个结点。窦房结通过电脉冲为心脏提供动力。Dysfunction of the sinus node then can cause the heart to beat too slowly to keep up with your bodys need for blood. Lightheadedness, weakness, and fainting are symptoms that a heart may be beating too slowly. In such cases, doctors will remove problem medications, correct the underlying disorder, or insert a pacemaker that fills in for the sinus node.窦房结的功能障碍会使心脏跳动过缓,而无法满足身体对血液的需求。心脏如果跳动过缓就可能会出现头晕、身体疲乏、晕厥等症状。如果出现这样的症状,医生会采取一定的药物治疗、调节机体功能,或是为窦房结安装人工心脏起搏器。If symptomatic bradycardia goes untreated, it could lead to death, but thats easy enough to prevent—just go see your doctor.由心动过缓引发的症状治疗无效时会导致死亡,但是,这样的情况也相当容易预防——看医生就得嘞! /201210/203277宝山区人民中医院隆鼻价格费用上海市徐汇区宛平地段医院激光祛太田痣多少钱



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