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Apple has promoted Sir Jonathan Ive to a new role as chief design officer, in a move that will consolidate the British designer’s hold on the direction of new products at the world’s most valuable company.苹果(Apple)已擢升乔纳森#8226;艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)为首席设计官。此举将巩固这位英国设计师对全球市值最高公司的新产品方向的掌控力。Sir Jonathan was given combined duties for both hardware and software design in an executive reshuffle in 2012, but will relinquish day-to-day managerial responsibility for those two teams to Richard Howarth, vice-president of industrial design, and Alan Dye, vice-president of user interface design, respectively.在苹果公司2012年的高层调整中,乔纳森爵士同时被委任以硬件和软件的设计职责。但未来他将把这两个团队的日常管理分别交给工业设计副总裁理查德#8226;豪沃思(Richard Howarth)和用户界面设计副总裁阿兰#8226;戴伊(Alan Dye)。“In this new role, he will focus entirely on current design projects, new ideas and future initiatives,” Apple said. The new position acknowledges an ongoing expansion of his role beyond its devices and into designing Apple’s retail stores and new Cupertino campus, right down to its office furniture.苹果表示:“在新职位上,他将把精力完全投入到现有设计工程、新创想和未来项目中。”新岗位的职责将不再局限在设备设计,还将扩展至苹果零售商店和新库珀提诺(Cupertino)园区以及苹果的办公家具。“Jony is one of the most talented and accomplished designers of his generation, with an astonishing 5,000 design and utility patents to his name,” Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said in a memo to employees obtained by tech blog 9to5Mac. “His new role is a reflection of the scope of work he has been doing at Apple for some time.”“乔纳森是他的同代人中最有才华、成就最大的设计师之一,他名下的设计和效用专利高达5000件,”苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)在给员工的一份备忘录中说。“他的新角色反映了一段时间以来他在苹果所从事工作的范围。”Sir Jonathan now rivals the iPhone maker’s chief executive Tim Cook for power and influence within Apple, especially in the area of product direction that was previously led by its late co-founder Steve Jobs.乔纳森爵士目前在苹果内部的权力和影响力已可与蒂姆#8226;库克相媲美,尤其是在新产品方向上,这一领域曾由已故联合创始人史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)领导。Yet some outside observers have seen the transition as a possible signal that Sir Jonathan is preparing for an eventual exit from the company.不过,一些外部观察人士认为,这次职位变化可能意味着,乔纳森爵士正在为最终离开苹果而做准备。 /201505/377138SAN FRANCISCO — On a day when Apple showed off lots of new devices, the iPhone was still the star of the show.旧金山— 苹果公司(Apple)在发布会上展示了大量的新设备,但iPhone仍是其中的明星。Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, presented the latest version of the company’s iPhone on Wednesday, along with several revamped devices in an event in the spacious Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.本周三,在比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂宽敞的大厅里,苹果首席执行官蒂莫西· D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)展示了最新版iPhone,以及其他几款升级设备。Mr. Cook called the new phones, “the most advanced smartphones in the world.”库克称新iPhone是“世界上最先进的智能手机”。Apple executives demonstrated most of the anticipated new features of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, including an upgraded, 12-megapixel camera and a new capability called 3D Touch. It can sense how hard a user is pressing a button, allowing for easier access to different s and information. It also gives users “tactile feedback” when they touch their screens. Pressure-sensitive touch screens are aly available on the Apple Watch and the new MacBook.苹果高管演示了iPhone 6S及6S Plus的新功能,其中大多在外界的预期之中,包括升级的1200万像素摄像头,以及名为3D Touch的三维触控新功能。它能感知用户按下按钮的力度有多大,可以更方便地打开各种菜单,获得不同信息。当用户触碰屏幕时,它还可以提供“触觉反馈”。Apple Watch和新的MacBook已经在使用对压力敏感的触摸屏。The new iPhones will also come in a new rose gold finish, with a new glass that company describes as the strongest in the industry.新 iPhone会推出一款新的玫瑰金配色,还配备了新的玻璃屏。苹果称之为业内最坚固的玻璃屏。The touch ID sensor has been upgraded and the phone will feature iOS 9, the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.新iPhone还升级了Touch ID传感器,并将搭载苹果移动操作系统的最新版本iOS9。The new iPhone 6S will cost 9 and the iPhone 6S Plus will cost 9 with a phone contract. Prices for previous versions of the iPhone will drop by 0.新iPhone 6S合约价为199美元(约合人民币1300元),iPhone 6S Plus合约价299美元。老款 iPhone将降价100美元。Apple introduced its own payment plan called Apple Care Plus. Starting at a month, customers can upgrade their phones every year if they buy them through Apple. The new phones will be available in 12 countries, including the ed States, on Sept. 25. They will be available for pre-order starting Sept. 12.苹果还推出了公司自己的付款方案Apple Care Plus。用户如果通过苹果购买iPhone,每年可以获得升级,而此项务的起步价是每月32美元。新iPhone将于9月25日在包括美国在内的12个国家推出。预购时间将从9月12日开始。When Apple unveils its latest iPhones each September, investors closely watch changes to the device in the hope they will be enough to draw in new or repeat buyers. The iPhone, which was first sold in 2007, accounted for 56 percent of the company’s sales in fiscal 2014, making it far and away Apple’s most important product.每年9月苹果推出最新款iPhone时,投资者都会密切关注升级状况,希望它们足以吸引新老买家。iPhone最初上市是在2007年,到了2014财政年度,它对苹果总销售额的贡献达56%,无疑是公司最重要的产品。Thanks to the first iteration of the larger-screen iPhone 6 that hit shelves last year, Apple’s fourth quarter of fiscal 2014, when the company had an billion profit, was the most profitable quarter ever for a publicly traded company.去年推出的第一代大屏iPhone 6,帮助苹果在2014财年第四季度赚取了180亿美元的利润,创下了上市公司历史上最高单季盈利的记录。“Investors have been rewarded by assuming Apple can continually push the envelope on what a phone and the company can do,” said Michael A. Sansoterra, the chief investment officer at Silvant Capital Management, which owns Apple stock.“一些投资者觉得苹果可以不断推进iPhone和公司的境界,他们也一直在获得回报,”Silvant资本管理公司首席投资官迈克尔·A·桑索特拉(Michael A. Sansoterra)说。这家公司持有苹果股份。But meeting those expectations is becoming a bigger challenge. In its most recent quarter, Apple posted quarterly revenue of .6 billion and a .7 billion profit; iPhone revenue was up 59 percent from the previous year. But those results still fell short of Wall Street estimates, and Apple’s share price tumbled 4 percent in the following day of trading.但是,达到这些期望的难度也在与日俱增。上个季度,苹果公司的营收为496亿美元,利润为107亿美元,iPhone带来的营收同比增长了59%。但这样的业绩仍低于华尔街预期,苹果公司的股价在接下来的那个交易日下跌了4%。Mr. Cook also presented a new, beefed-up Apple TV, which represents the company’s most ambitious effort yet to become the focal point of home entertainment systems. Apple TV aly streams s and music. Now it is set to offer up games, shopping and travel tools, and user-generated content like live streaming through an expanded array of apps.库克还在发布会上展示了加强版的新款Apple TV。这款产品代表着苹果公司为成为家庭系统的中心而进行的最为进取的努力。Apple TV已具备播放视频和音乐流媒体的功能,现在将通过扩容的应用来提供视频游戏、购物和旅游工具,以及用户生成的实时流媒体等内容。“Our vision for TV is simple,” Mr. Cook said. “We believe the future of television is apps.“我们对TV的设想很简单,”库克说。“我们相信电视的未来就是应用。”The new version of Apple TV also includes a remote control that could be used as a game controller. The product now comes with a higher price tag that starts at 9, up from , indicating that the company is betting that consumers will think all of the new bells and whistles are worth the higher price.新款Apple TV还包括一个遥控器,可以用来操控视频游戏。新产品的起售价从之前的69美元提至149美元。这表明苹果确信,消费者会认为所有这些新功能对得起更高的价钱。Apple also introduced a new iPad Pro tablet device, which Mr. Cook called “the most capable” tablet the company has ever created. With a larger screen and optional keyboard (a feature aly found in other tablet devices, like the Microsoft Surface), it becomes a device that’s more useful for the creation of content rather than simply the consumption of content.苹果还推出了新款平板设备iPad Pro。它被库克称为公司开发的“功能最强大的”平板。这款设备屏幕变大了,并配备了可选键盘(其他一些平板设备,如微软的Surface已具备这一功能),变得更有利于内容生成,而不是单一的内容消费。“It makes sense for Apple to reveal a new keyboard along with new, larger-screen iPads with faster processors,” said Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein amp; Company. “The message being that Apple is trying to push the iPad to be more of a PC replacement, a converged device of a tablet notebook that has broader computing powers.”“苹果推出新键盘和处理器更快的新款大屏iPad是情理之中的事,”桑福德·C·伯恩斯坦公司(Sanford C. Bernstein amp; Company)的分析师托尼·萨克纳吉(Toni Sacconaghi)说。“它传达的讯息是,苹果正在尝试推动iPad成为更像替代个人电脑的产品,一款平板笔记本的聚合体,拥有更强大的计算能力。Mr. Sacconaghi added that Apple had long rejected the idea that it would create such a device, but that some of the pieces were aly in place. The iPad now runs Microsoft Office software and has a faster processor so it can handle more complex computing tasks.萨克纳吉还表示,长期以来,苹果一直没有采纳推出这样一款设备的主意,但实际上,其中的一些元素已经有了。iPad现在可以运行微软(Microsoft)的Office软件,处理器也更快,能处理更复杂的计算任务。Apple’s senior vice president of operations, Jeff Williams, also talked about improvements to the Apple Watch, including a spate of new apps including Facebook Messenger and Airstrip, a health care app that lets doctors coordinate patient care and monitor health data.苹果负责运营的高级副总裁杰夫·威廉斯(Jeff Williams)还宣讲了对Apple Watch的改进,包括新涌现出的Facebook Messenger和Airstrip等应用。Airstrip是一款健康应用,可以让医生协调对病人的照护,并监测健康数据。Drawing all of these devices together is Apple’s voice assistant technology, called Siri, with improved search capabilities that were prominently displayed throughout the event, especially on the new Apple TV.把所有这些设备联系在一起的是苹果的语音助手技术Siri。苹果对其搜索功能进行了改进,并在整场发布会上进行了突出的展示,特别是在新款Apple TV上。Befitting the Graham auditorium’s history as a music venue, the Apple event also featured a performance from the pop band OneRepublic.苹果的此次发布活动还有流行乐队OneRepublic的表演,呼应了格雷厄姆礼堂作为音乐厅的历史。 /201509/398127

SINGAPORE — Savir Singh’s taxi rolled into downtown Singapore, taking an overpass that provides a stunning view of the popular hotels and tourist attractions around Marina Bay.新加坡——萨维尔·辛格(Savir Singh)的出租车驶进新加坡市中心,开上了一座立交桥。那里景色壮丽,人们可以将滨海湾周边的热门酒店和旅游景点一览眼底。The only problem was that he could barely see them. Thick haze from forest fires set in neighboring Indonesia to clear land for agriculture has blanketed this island state for weeks, and has sp to Malaysia and southern Thailand.唯一的问题是,他几乎看不到那些美景。数周来,邻国印度尼西亚烧林垦荒造成的浓重烟雾笼罩着这个岛国,并已向马来西亚和泰国南部扩散。While many Singaporeans have sought refuge from the pollution in their homes, offices or shopping malls, Mr. Singh’s only haven is his mobile workplace, and a small bottle of eyedrops lying near his armrest.为了躲避污染,很多新加坡人待在家、办公室或商场里,但对辛格来说,出租车这个移动工作场所,和车座扶手旁边放着的一瓶滴眼液,是他仅有的庇护。“Look at this,” he said, pointing to the partly obscured Singapore Flyer, a 540-foot-tall Ferris wheel. “I wish they had haze in Jakarta. Then the government there would do something about it.”“你看看,”他指着有些模糊的新加坡天观景轮(Singapore Flyer)说。“我希望雅加达也有雾霾。这样那里的政府就会采取点行动了。”新加坡天观景轮是一座高540英尺(约合165米)的天轮。Mr. Singh’s anger is part and parcel of a near-annual ritual: Fires set in Sumatra and the Indonesian side of Borneo blanket parts of Southeast Asia with smoke for weeks. While this has been going on for decades, an especially long dry season this year coupled with the effects of El Ni漀, threaten to make it the worst on record, scientists say.辛格的愤怒是一项几近年度仪式中必不可少的一部分:苏门答腊岛和婆罗洲印尼一侧点燃的大火,让东南亚部分地区数周都处在浓烟的笼罩下。这种情况已经持续了数十年,但科学家称,今年的干季特别漫长,再加上厄尔尼诺现象的影响,可能会造成有记载以来最恶劣的后果。Around the region, flights have been grounded, schools have been closed, and tens of thousands of people have sought medical treatment for respiratory problems, allergies, eczema and other ailments. The first night of an international sports competition, the FINA Swimming World Cup, set for last Saturday and hosted by Singapore, was canceled because of health concerns — as was a marathon in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysia capital, set to be run the next morning.在该地区各地,航班停飞,学校停课,数万人因呼吸疾病、过敏、湿疹和其他病症而求医。出于健康方面的考虑,由新加坡主办、定于上周六举行的国际性体育赛事国际泳联世界杯短池游泳赛(FINA Swimming World Cup)第一天晚上的活动被取消。此外,定于第二天早上在马来西亚首都吉隆坡举行的一场马拉松比赛也被取消。This year, there have been more vocal complaints from people affected in Singapore, Malaysia and even in Indonesia. There has also been high-profile sniping among government leaders, along with lawsuits, investigations and arrests of accused fire-starters — a familiar replay from 2013, when the region suffered its last major bout of haze.今年,在新加坡、马来西亚乃至印度尼西亚,受到影响的人们表示了更强烈的不满。政府领导人也进行了高调的抨击,此外还出现了诉讼、调查和被控点火的人遭到逮捕的情况。这一幕很眼熟,实际上是2013年,也就是该地区上一次深受浓烟之苦时的情景再现。After the skies cleared in 2013, the issue was once again forgotten — until last month, when the crisis erupted anew.在2013年,碧空重现后,这个问题就被抛之脑后,直到上个月危机再次爆发。The consensus this year is the same as it was then: The slash-and-burn techniques used in Indonesia’s palm oil industry are continuing unabated, and there is no magic bullet for ending the practice — or the haze it causes — in the short term.人们今年所持的一致看法和那时一样:印尼棕榈油行业使用的刀耕火种做法保持不减,且短期没有灵丹妙药能结束这种做法,及其带来的浓烟。Finding the long-term solution requires reducing agriculture in Indonesia’s carbon-rich peatland, curtailing slash-and-burn methods for clearing land and halting the conversions of forests to agricultural uses including palm oil, said Peter Holmgren, director general of the Center for International Forestry Research, a global scientific organization with its headquarters in Bogor, Indonesia.总部位于印尼茂物的全球性科学组织国际林业研究中心(Center for International Forestry Research)总干事彼得·霍姆格伦(Peter Holmgren)表示,找到长期解决办法需要减少印尼在碳含量丰富的泥炭地的农业种植、限制砍烧这种开荒方式,并停止把林地变成农业用地和生产棕榈油的土地。“Fire is the most cost-effective way of clearing, which is why it is done,” he said.“放火烧是最省钱的开荒方式,这就是个中缘由,”他说。Finding a permanent solution is daunting enough, but more than a month into the crisis, it seems that the region cannot curb the haze in the short term. Indonesia says that its military personnel are battling more than 1,000 forest-fire clusters, while Greenpeace says that figure does not include fires that started aboveground on peatland and are now burning out of control.找到永久性的解决办法是很难,但危机已出现一月有余,而该地区似乎无法在短期内控制烟雾。印尼称,该国军事人员正在1000多个林火现场奋战,但绿色和平(Greenpeace)表示,这个数字未包括泥炭地上燃烧起来的,以及眼下火势失控的大火。Up until Wednesday, Indonesia had rebuffed offers by neighbors to help it battle the blazes and had even admonished Singaporean and Malaysian leaders for daring to complain about the haze.在周三之前,印度尼西亚都还在断然回绝邻国协助灭火的提议,甚至还斥责新加坡和马来西亚领导人竟敢抱怨浓烟。On Thursday, President Joko Widodo of Indonesia said his government had requested “help and assistance” the day before from Singapore and Malaysia, as well as Russia and Japan, in getting the peatland fires under control, according to a statement released by his cabinet secretariat.不过,印尼总统佐科·威多多(Joko Widodo)的内阁秘书处已经发表声明,说总统周四表示,他领导的政府已于前一天请求新加坡和马来西亚,以及俄罗斯和日本,在控制泥炭地上的火势上提供“帮助和援”。Mr. Joko said his government had specifically requested firefighting aircraft with a water-carrying capacity of 12 to 15 tons, saying that Indonesian planes currently fighting the blazes have carrying capacities of between two and three tons.佐科表示,以他为首的政府明确请求获得载水量在12到15吨之间的消防飞机的援,称眼下参与灭火的印尼飞机的承载能力只有两到三吨。The aid request seemed to reflect a new seriousness from the Indonesian government.求援似乎反映出印尼政府对此事的重新重视。Late last month, the country’s outspoken vice president, Jusuf Kalla, repeated a statement he made earlier in the year in which he said that neighboring countries “should be grateful” to Indonesia for the clean air they have the other 11 months of the year.上月末,该国说话并不婉转的副总统优素福·卡拉(Jusuf Kalla)重复了他今年早些时候的言论,声称对一年中其他11个月的好天气,邻国“应该感谢”印度尼西亚。During the 2013 haze crisis, Agung Laksono, a senior Indonesian cabinet minister at the time, compared Singaporean leaders to a child having a temper tantrum after they complained about the impact that thick haze was having on tourism, which is a major contributor to Singapore’s economy.2013年烟雾危机期间,在新加坡领导人抱怨浓烟影响了新加坡重要的经济柱旅游业后,当时担任印尼内阁高级部长的阿贡·拉克索诺(Agung Laksono)把他们比作乱发脾气的小孩。“It’s like a blame game,” said Bustar Maitar, global leader of the Indonesia Forest Campaign at Greenpeace.“像是在互相推卸责任,”绿色和平印度尼西亚森林项目(Indonesia Forest Campaign)全球负责人布斯塔尔·迈塔尔(Bustar Maitar)说。“Of course all the fires are coming from Indonesia, but Singapore is enjoying the ‘deforestation economy’ of Indonesia as a financial center,” he said, “and there are many Malaysian palm oil companies operating in Indonesia, and Singaporean companies are there as well.”“当然,所有的大火都来自印尼,但作为金融中心的新加坡也享受着印尼的‘毁林经济’带来的好处,”他说。“而且马来西亚的很多棕榈油公司在印尼有业务,新加坡的公司也是。”Ultimately, Mr. Maitar said, the cycle will continue until rain forest deforestation is severely curtailed in Indonesia, where it remains rampant, and the Indonesian government bans the draining and clearing of peatland for agricultural use. Currently, Indonesian government policy allows peatland of less than about nine feet deep to be cleared.迈塔尔表示,最终这个循环会继续下去,直到印尼依然很普遍的雨林砍伐现象受到严厉限制,并且印尼政府禁止把泥炭地的水排干开荒以用于农业。目前,印尼政府的政策允许开垦不足九英尺深的泥炭地。“That’s the only long-term way to stop haze,” he said.“这是唯一一个阻止烟雾的长久之计,”他说。Then there is the issue of who is responsible for the fires. As in 2013, this time around, there has been ample finger-pointing: Multinational palm oil companies, pulp and paper companies, the smaller plantations that sell to them, traditional farmers and even day laborers have all been blamed for starting the fires — and they in turn have blamed one another.然后就是谁该为大火负责的问题。和2013年一样,这一次也出现了大量的相互指责:跨国棕榈油公司、纸浆和纸业公司、为它们供货的小种植园、传统务农者乃至零工都被指是大火的始作俑者,而它们之间又相互指责。On Wednesday, NTUC FairPrice, Singapore’s largest supermarket chain, released a statement saying it had pulled from its shelves toilet paper and other products sourced from Indonesia’s Asia Pulp amp; Paper, one of the world’s largest pulp and paper companies.周三,新加坡最大的连锁超市职总平价超市(NTUC FairPrice)发布了一则声明,声称已将从印尼的亚洲浆纸业有限公司(Asia Pulp amp; Paper,又称金光纸业,简称APP)采购的厕纸等产品下架。后者是全世界最大的浆纸业公司之一。The supermarket said it had made the move “following notification from the Singapore Environment Council that it has instituted a temporary restriction on the use of the ‘Singapore Green Label’ certification for A.P.P. products,” the statement said.超市在声明中称,做出此举是“遵循新加坡环境理事会(Singapore Environment Council)的通知行事。其中表示,该机构开始实行一项临时规定,禁止对APP的产品进行‘新加坡绿色标志’认”。On Monday, the council had released a statement saying that it took action after an Asia Pulp amp; Paper subsidiary was “one of five companies named by the National Environment Agency (NEA) suspected to be contributing to the haze pollution.”周一,理事会曾发表声明称,APP的一家子公司“被新加坡国家环境局(National Environment Agency,简称NEA)列为涉嫌制造烟雾污染的五家公司之一”后,促使它采取了行动。Aida Greenbury, managing director of sustainability for Asia Pulp amp; Paper, said in a statement on Thursday that the company was “firmly against” the intentional setting of forest fires and would disengage from any supplier proven guilty of illegally starting one.APP负责可持续发展的执行董事艾达·格林伯里(Aida Greenbury)在周四发表的声明中称,公司“坚决反对”故意放火烧林,并将与一切明犯有非法纵火罪行的供应商解除关系。“We understand why FairPrice feels the need to take urgent action and we feel the same urgency also in addressing this haze issue, but accuracy is just as important,” she said. “The fire situation is complex, and both the Singapore and Indonesia governments, and authorities are still investigating the situation.”“我们理解职总平价超市为什么觉得有必要采取紧急行动,我们也感觉到了应对这一烟雾问题的紧迫性,但准确也同样重要,”她说。“火情复杂,新加坡和印尼政府及权威机构仍在调查情况。”Ang Peng Hwa, a university professor and founder of an antihaze activist group in Singapore, is promoting an American model for dealing with environmental negligence: suing those responsible, using a law passed by the Singaporean Parliament in 2014.在新加坡创立了一个反烟雾活动团体的大学教授汪炳华(Ang Peng Hwa)正在倡导美国处理环境疏忽的模式:用新加坡议会2014年通过的一项法律起诉责任人。Mr. Ang noted that under the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act, Singapore-listed companies involved in illegal land clearance in Indonesia can be sued in civil court for causing financial losses to businesses and individuals.汪炳华指出,按照《跨境阴霾污染法令》(Transboundary Haze Pollution Act)的规定,与印尼非法垦荒活动有牵连的新加坡上市公司,可以因为给企业和个人造成经济损失而被告上民事法庭。People have been coming forward to say that they have lost business because of the haze, Mr. Ang said. The prospective plaintiffs include a sporting events company and a sports training academy, though no lawsuits have yet been filed under the new law.汪炳华称,人们纷纷站出来说,因为烟雾,生意受到了影响。可能的原告包括一家体育赛事公司和一家体育训练学校,不过尚未有人依据这部新通过的法律提起诉讼。Possible injured parties include upscale hotels that suffer canceled bookings during haze periods and the organizers of the annual F1 Singapore Grand Prix. The F1 race was held on Sept. 20 despite concerns about air quality.可能的受害方包括高档酒店和每年一届的F1新加坡大奖赛的组织方。烟雾出现期间,酒店遭遇了预定取消的现象。9月20日,尽管有人担心空气质量,但F1大奖赛仍照旧举行。The problem, Mr. Ang said, is that it is very difficult to determine liability because “there are layers that protect ultimate owners of companies.”汪炳华称,问题是很难界定责任,因为“有一层又一层的外壳保护公司的最终所有人”。Yet, he said, the fact that some people have aly come forward asking about financial compensation for haze through Singapore’s courts leads to an inescapable conclusion that should concern governments around the region. “People are getting more angry, more worked up.”但他表示,一些人已经站出来,询问通过新加坡的法院获得经济赔偿的可能,而这一现象会引出一个必然的结论,当令该地区的各国政府警醒。“民众正变得愈发愤怒和激动。”Whether that anger will lead to more lasting change is yet to be seen. Mr. Ang is not optimistic. “They burn for a period, everyone gets upset, and then people forget,” he said of the fires.这种愤怒是否会带来更持久的变化还有待观察。不过汪炳华对结果并不乐观。“大火烧一段时间,于是群情激奋,过后又都忘了,”他说。 /201510/402722


  This company partners with many manufacturers to sell a wide variety of products online. It#39;s willing to sacrifice some profit to ensure its prices are bargain-bin low. It#39;s also one of the hottest tech companies in the world.有一家公司与许多制造商联合,在网上售卖各种各样的产品。它愿意让利以保产品是价格最低,是世界上最火的科技公司之一。Sound like Amazon? It#39;s actually an apt description for Xiaomi.听起来很像亚马逊对吗?事实上,这是对小米的描绘。It#39;s not a household name in the US, but Xiaomi is one of the hottest brands in Asia. The Chinese company is valued at billion, making it the world#39;s second-most valuable startup behind Uber. It built its reputation selling inexpensive but high-quality smartphones, which get snapped up by consumers in Asia within hours.小米在美国虽然不是一个家喻户晓的品牌,但在亚洲却是最火爆的的品牌。这家中国的公司市值估价高达460亿美金,使之成为世界上价值仅次于Uber的第二大创业公司。它以销售价廉质高的智能手机闻名,其产品在亚洲一经开售几小时内就会被抢购一空。The company#39;s founder took the time to remind people at a Wall Street Journal conference on Wednesday that it offers a wide range of products, from televisions to air purifiers -- all of which are offered at ultra-competitive prices.在周三的《华尔街日报》会议上,小米的创始者特意提醒与会者,小米公司还销售其他很多的产品,从电视机到空气净化器,而且都以很有竞争力的价格出售。;We are more in the area of smart consumer electronics,; said Bin Lin, co-founder and president of the company. ;We#39;d rather be called an Internet company.;小米的联合创始人和现任总裁林斌说到:“小米其实在智能消费性电子领域涉及更广,我们更愿意被叫做网络公司。”Xiaomi#39;s push to broaden itself puts it more inline with massive online retailers such as Amazon or China#39;s Alibaba, which have benefited from consumers#39; increasing comfort with making purchases over the Internet. It#39;s a retail strategy that could help it expand faster into different parts of the world, as evidenced by its decision to launch a US and Europrean online store in May that features electronic accessories but not phones.小米的努力扩张使它与大规模在线零售商结合更紧密,诸如受益于消费者网上购物的亚马逊或是中国的阿里巴巴。这是帮助小米更快地扩张到世界各地的零售策略。而小米五月份决定在美国和欧洲开网店销售电子配件而不是手机这一消息更是明了这一点。Still, in markets where it does sell smartphones, Xiaomi envisions the handheld device as the remote control for everything. Unlike Amazon or Alibaba, which sell everything from DVDs to Halloween costumes, the Chinese startup is focused on gadgets.小米出售手机的商店里,小米希望有一个手持设备能够远程控制一切。中国的创业品牌不像亚马逊和阿里巴巴什么都卖,而是致力于小配件的销售。;It#39;s been clear for a long time that it has much broader ambitions and that seeing Xiaomi as just a smartphone company was missing the bigger picture,; said Jan Dawson, an analyst for Jackdaw Research.Jackdaw调查公司的分析师简道森指出:“很明显,一直以来小米都有更广泛的野心,只把它看作是智能手机公司显然是一叶障目了。”Lin, for instance, touted the capabilities of his new air purifier, which addresses the pollution issue in China. The device can clear the air around you in six minutes and connects to a smartphone. He called the MiTV 3 television the company launched yesterday ;almost like a phone, except for the bigger display.; The television, which packs a 60-inch super-high resolution 4K display, sells for less than 0.例如,林很吹捧他们新生产的空气净化器的功能,它与中国的空气污染问题紧密相连。这个设备能够在六分钟以内净化你身边的空气,并连接到智能手机。他还提到,公司昨天推出的MiTV3电视机“就像一个手机一样,只是显示器更大了。”该款电视机配备了60英的超高清4K分辨率的显示器,售价还不到800美金。Like Amazon, which looks beyond simply selling hardware to its consumers, Xiaomi believes there is an opportunity to provide media, gaming and other services through the TV, Lin said. It also, of course, connects to a smartphone.林还说到,像亚马孙一样,小米不只是简单地向顾客出售硬件设施,我们还相信,通过电视会有机会向顾客提供媒体、游戏和其他务。当然这都是和智能手机相连的。Each month, 130 million people use its smartphones, televisions, routers and other products, Lin said. Xiaomi is ;generating decent revenue; from the services related to those products, he added, although he didn#39;t specify how much.林说到,每个月,有13亿人使用他们的智能手机、电视、路由器及其他产品。他还提到,小米还从跟这些产品有关的务中“收益颇丰”,但没有明确地说具体的收益有多少。Xiaomi is looking beyond smartphones as its mainstay business continues to mature. ;The last couple of years in China the smartphone business is changing from rapid growth to a replacement market,; he said. ;So the absolute growth of the smartphone market is flat.;小米在自身核心产业逐渐走向成熟了之后,开始放眼于智能手机之外的领域。林说到:“中国近几年的智能手机市场正在从飞速增长到产品替代,所以这个市场将不再会有绝对的增长。”Lin addressed the rising concern that smartphones are getting boring, with consumers finding it difficult to get excited about the same metal and glass slab. He hinted at potential innovation in touchscreen inputs and how people interact with devices. ;In the next few months, I#39;m sure we can come up with something that is super cool,; he said.消费者认为手机变得越来越无聊,他们很难对一样的金属材质和玻璃屏再次感到兴奋。林对此担忧日增,因此他暗示可能在触屏输入和人机互动上有所创新。他还说:“我敢肯定,在接下来的几个月里,我们一定能搞出特别酷炫的东西。”Xiaomi#39;s Mi Store in the US offers products like battery chargers and headphones. Lin said he was thinking about selling his popular smartphones in the US, but stayed mum on when exactly that would happen.在小米的美国店里,它出售像电池充电器、耳机一类的东西。林表示,他在考虑将流行的小米智能手机卖到美国,但没有说具体什么时候实行。 /201510/405458。

  The Birth of the First Computer中国第一台计算机的诞生In the mid-50th century, though the Chinese computing technology was only one or two years later than Japan, after all, but it has been a decade later from the emergence of world#39;s first computer. The unanimous opinion is to learn and master the Soviet Union#39;s technology first, on this basis, according to China#39;s specific conditions, to carry out their own research, that is, ;innovation ofter imitation, imitation for innovation. ;上个世纪50年代中期,中国的计算技术虽然只比日本晚一两年,但毕竟距世界上第一台电子计算机的出现已经晚了十年。大家一致的意见是:先学习掌握苏联已有的技术,在此基础上,再根据我国的具体条件,开展自己的研究工作,即“先仿制后创新,仿制为了创新”。In September 1956, China sent a delegation of computing technology to the Soviet Union. Min Naida is the head, deputy head Wang Zheng, fifteen members including Wu Jikang, Fan Xinbi, Xia Peisu, and so on. The former Soviet Union reception unit is the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Preasion Machinery and Computing Technology Institute . In two months, computing technology research, production and education of Moscow, Leningrad were studied respectively, with an emphasis on the M-20 computer.1956年9月,我国派出赴苏计算机技术考察团。团长闵乃大,副团长王正,团员有吴几康、范新弼、夏培肃等15人。前苏联方面的接待单位是苏联科学院精密机械与计算技术研究所。在两个多月的时间里,考察团分别对莫斯科、列宁格勒两地的计算技术的科研、生产与教育进行了考察,并重点对M-20计算机进行了学习。In April 1957, by the government, China ordered a M-3 computer and B3CM computer drawings information. On the basis of study and drawings information, the development work started. Led by Zhang Zichang and Mo Gensheng, M-3 ( code 103) Computer Engineering Group was organized. Through the efforts of all staff, in close collaboration with Beijing cable plant, China#39;s first digital computer successfully developed on August l,1958. This tube computer with computing speed of 30 times per second filled in our modern electronic computer blank.1957年4月,我国政府订购了M-3计算机和E3CM计算机图纸资料。在考察和取得图纸资料的基础上,研制工作开始了。以张梓昌、莫根生为首,组织了M-3(代号103)计算机工程组。通过全体研制人员的努力和北京有线电厂的密切配合,于1958年8月1日研制成功了我国第一台数字电子计算机。这台运算速度为每秒30次的电子管计算机,填补了我国现代电子计算机的空白。 /201602/419377

  Zisha Teapots紫砂壶Zisha teapots, also known as “Yixing teapots”, are made of purple clay specially produced in Yixing of Jiangsu Province. The first Zisha teapot could be traced back to the middle of Northern Song Dynasty, 900 years ago. As a non-glazed type, Zisha ware achieves its visual effect from its form and structure rather than the decorations of glazed, colored drawing.During the long develop-ment of Zisha art the potters have created many exquisite and unique patterns in-corporating rich aesthetic thoughts.紫砂壶又名“宜兴壶”,它是用江苏宜兴特有的紫砂泥烧制而成的一种茶具。紫砂壶创始年可追溯到北宋中期,距今有900年历史。紫砂器是一种无釉陶,它并非以釉绘画的装饰来达到陶瓷艺术中美的效果,而是通过造型结构来表达其外观美。紫砂壶艺经过长期的发展,陶工创制了不少精练别致的壶样,这些设计都蕴含着很多美学观念。The demand of stability is well met in the designing of its form. Sia-bility means more than a teapot that pours clean and steady for the visual stability also counts. To make the Zisha teapot easy to handle and sim-plify the manufacturing process,round or a symmetrical form is usually the most favored shape of the teapot.The center of gravity lies in the axis,which is also the center line of whole structure and perpendicular to the center of the bottom. Thus the visual stability largely depends on the bottom size.Moreover,the changes in shoulder and waist also contribute to the position of gravity center and overall stability.紫砂壶的造型基本上要符合稳的要求,“稳”除指使用时的稳定外,也要求视觉上具有安定感。紫砂壶为求使用及创作上的便利,多做成圆形或对称的形体,这种造型都以形体的中心线为轴,而造型的重心就落在中轴上,从造型霞心下垂的中轴线,并落在壶底的中心点,所以壶底的大小就在视觉上影响壶的稳定性。此外,壶体的肩、腹部位的变化,也影响着整体造型的重心和稳定性。Boccaro art can be described as a type that is “from but beyond life”. A good Zisha teapot is the combination of perfect form and proficient skill.Furthermore, it is crucial to select suitable patt erns, texture of decorations, and the correct tech-nique.Since Zisha art is an art of emotions, a relatively perfect work must be both convenient and have the function of cultivating, enlightening and generating the aesthetic feelings within.紫砂艺术是一种“源于生活,高于生活”的艺术创作形式。一件好的紫砂壶,除了讲究形式的完美与制作技巧的精湛,还要审视纹样的适合,装饰的取材以及制作的手法。再说壶艺本身就是感情,所以一件较完美的作品,既要方便使用,又要能够陶冶性情,启迪心灵,给人油然而生的艺术感受。 /201512/410758The past year has brought significant disruption to China’s financial landscape, with internet heavyweights Alibaba and Tencent leading the charge into mobile payments, deposit-like savings products, and even fully fledged banking.过去一年中,中国金融行业版图发生了巨大变化。互联网巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和腾讯(Tencent)带头进入了移动付、类似吸收存款的储蓄产品,乃至成熟的业务领域。Chinese policy makers have said that internet companies can play a positive role in enhancing customer service, spurring innovation and increasing competition in financial services.中国的政策制定者曾指出,互联网公司能够在金融务领域发挥提升客户务水平、激励创新以及促进竞争等积极作用。Competition began in mid-2013 with the launch of Yu’E Bao, an online money-market fund. Run by Alibaba, the financial services affiliate of ecommerce group, the fund offers cash on demand but also provides higher interest rates than those available on bank deposits.新竞争始于2013年年中在线货币市场基金——余额宝的问世。该基金由电子商务集团阿里巴巴旗下的金融务子公司运营,向客户提供所需的现金,同时利率也比存款高。Assets under management at Yu’E Bao reached Rmb599bn (bn) by the end of 2014, making it China’s largest money-market fund.截至2014年底,余额宝管理的资产达到了5990亿元人民币(合960亿美元),成为中国最大的货币市场基金。Tencent Holdings, the gaming and social networking group, and Baidu Inc, the search provider, have also launched similar products.中国游戏和社交媒体集团腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)以及搜索务提供商百度(Baidu Inc)也推出了类似的产品。In addition to higher yields, the money-market products have lured depositors away from traditional banks by integrating them with these companies’ mobile-payment services.除了较高的收益率之外,货币市场产品还通过与各自运营商的移动付务结合在一起,将储户从传统吸引过来。Customers can use their Yu’E Bao credit to make purchases on Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall ecommerce platforms, as well as for paying credit card and utility bills. Alipay, Alibaba’s mobile-payment service, is also increasingly accepted at food shops.用户可以使用自己的余额宝存款在阿里巴巴的电子商务平台淘宝(Taobao)和天猫(Tmall)购物,也可以用来进行信用卡还款,缴纳公用务费。阿里巴巴的移动付务——付宝(Alipay)也被越来越多的食品店接受。Last year, taxi-hailing apps became the locus of a fierce battle for mobile-payments market share. Alibaba-backed Kuaidi Dache has vied with Tencent-backed Didi Dache for pole position. Meanwhile, Baidu haspurchased a stake in US car-hailing company Uber.去年,打车应用成为各方争夺移动付市场份额的核心战场。阿里巴巴投资的快的打车(Kuaidi Dache)与腾讯投资的滴滴打车(Didi Dache)争夺领先地位。与此同时,百度入股了美国打车软件公司优步(Uber)。Both Alibaba and Tencent spent tens of millions of dollars on hefty rebates to riders and drivers for paying taxi fares with Alipay and Tenpay, respectively, instead of cash.阿里巴巴和腾讯分别向不用现金、而使用付宝和财付通(Tenpay)结算出租车费的乘客和司机返还了数千万美元。Meanwhile, Tencent, which until recently had a minimal presence in ecommerce, has enhanced its popular WeChat instant messaging app to allow brands to sell products directly through their WeChat accounts, with payments processed by Tenpay.与此同时,直到最近都在电子商务领域占极小份额的腾讯,已经升级了其广受欢迎的即时通讯应用微信(WeChat),允许商家通过自己的微信账号直接销售产品,并通过财付通完成付。The final frontier is banking. China’s banking regulators last year approved 10 privately owned companies, including Alibaba and Tencent, to establish regional banks.最后的待开垦之地是业务领域。去年,中国业监管机构批准10家民营企业(包括阿里巴巴和腾讯)设立地区性。A joint venture led by Tencent this month became thefirst bank to start operations under the pilot. Premier Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony for WeBank, named after WeChat.1月份,多方出资、腾讯牵头成立的深圳前海微众(WeBank,随微信之名)成为首家在上述试点计划下开业的。中国总理李克强出席了该行启动仪式。Alibaba will partner with Fosun International, one of China’s largest private conglomerates, to form Zhejiang Internet Commerce Bank this year. Other companies including an airline, a pharmaceuticals producer and an auto-parts manufacturer are also participating in the pilot project.今年,阿里巴巴将与中国最大的民营企业集团之一复星国际(Fosun International)合作筹建浙江网商(Zhejiang Internet Commerce Bank)。其他多家公司也参与了试点计划,其中包括一家航空公司、一家药企以及一家汽车零部件制造商。Policy makers want these companies to focus on lending to small, privately owned businesses and consumers, who have struggled to obtain loans from state-owned banks. There is also the potential for internet companies to draw on troves of user data to evaluate small borrowers’ credit risk.政策制定者希望,这些公司能专注贷款给那些难从国有获得贷款的小微民营企业和消费者。互联网公司还可以利用海量用户数据评估小额贷款人的信用风险。Even before the latest pilot, some lending had aly occurred. In September 2013, Alibaba’s microfinance arm sold 10 tranches of securitised loans to investors. The deal did not require a banking licence because microfinance companies, which do not collect deposits, are licensed separately.在这一最新试点计划启动之前,一些贷款业务已经开展。2013年9月,阿里巴巴旗下的小额贷款公司将10笔券化贷款出售给投资者。此类交易不需要执照,因为不吸收存款的小额贷款公司可以单独获得许可。 /201502/358697Xiaomi Inc launched its latest flagship smartphone, the Mi 5, on Wednesday at a press conference in Beijing, with founder Lei Jun saying the company plans to focus this year on making ;exciting; products and winning consumers#39; hearts and wallets.在上周三北京的发布会上,小米公司正式推出了其最新旗舰智能手机小米5。创始人雷军表示,公司计划在今年集中打造“令人兴奋”的产品,以赢得消费者的青睐。Analysts warned, though, that the new device wasn#39;t distinctive enough to help the Beijing-based company regain sales momentum in a hotly competitive market.尽管如此,分析家们却警告称,这款新机器并不能直接帮助这家总部位于北京的公司赢回在竞争激烈的市场上的热销势头。In 2015, Xiaomi shipped nearly 70 million smartphones domestically, up about 14.5 percent from the previous year, retaining the No.1 position in China#39;s smartphone market with a 15 percent share, according to a report issued by US-based market consultancy Strategy Analytics in late January.根据美国市场研究公司策略分析1月下旬发布的报告显示,2015年小米智能手机国内出货量近7000万,较上年同期增长约14.5%,并以15%的市场份额的优势稳居中国智能手机市场销量第一名。However, Xiaomi#39;s shipments in 2015 fell significantly short of its target and raised doubts over the prospects of the Chinese tech start-up in a cut-throat battleground. The company had aimed to ship 80 million to 100 million handsets last year.然而,2015年小米的出货量在还未达到制定的目标时就出现大幅度下跌,这不免引起了人们对中国科技初创企业在激烈的市场中前景的质疑。去年该公司的目标是销售8000万至1亿部手机。By contrast, domestic rival Huawei Technologies Co, which woos consumers around the world with both high-end and low-cost models, disclosed in early January that it had shipped 108 million smartphones globally in 2015, up 44 percent from 2014.相比之下,该公司的国内竞争对手华为技术有限公司,面向世界各地出售高端低成本智能机,赢得了消费者的广泛持。2015年1月初该公司已向全球出货1亿800万部智能手机,同比2014年增长了44%。Liu Dingding, an industry analyst with Beijing-based market research firm Sootoo, wasn#39;t very optimistic about the prospects of the Mi 5. ;The new smartphone is ?well-spec#39;d but shows no distinctive differences from its domestic comparatives,; Liu told the Global Times on Wednesday.北京市场研究公司速途网的行业分析师刘丁丁表示,他并不看好小米5的发展前景。刘先生于周三接受环球时报采访时表示:“尽管新的智能手机配置很好,但它与国内同类商品相比较并无明显差异”。Xiaomi will confront a tough year in 2016 in the face of increasingly strong Chinese competitors with respect to specifications and prices, Liu noted.刘丁丁指出,2016年将是小米最艰难的一年,它将面对因技术和价格优势而日益强大的中国竞争对手。Wang Yanhui, head of the Shanghai-based Mobile China Alliance, told the Global Times on Wednesday that the Mi 5#39;s product positioning is almost the same as that of the Mi 4, so the new model is unlikely to fare much better than the Mi 4 in the market.总部位于上海的手机中国联盟负责人王艳辉周三对环球时报表示,小米5的产品定位几乎与小米4一样,所以这一新的设备不可能比小米4销售得更好。The 5.2-inch Mi 5 model is priced at 1,999 yuan to 2,699 yuan, available both on its own online marketplace and at more than 1,000 brick-and-mortar stores of domestic home appliance retailer Suning Commerce Group Co in March.5.2英寸的小米5售价为1999至2699元,3月份将在自己的网上市场和1000多家国内家电零售商--苏宁商务集团有限公司的实体店出售。 /201603/428850

  3.Driverless Cars3.自动驾驶汽车Worldwide, roughly 1.3 million people are killed in car accidents each year. And then there#39;s the evil of traffic itself; the American commuter is trapped in his or her car for an average of 38 hours each year. That#39;s a full week of lost productivity!每年,全球大约有130万人死于车祸。而交通本身就是罪魁祸首,一个美国上班族每年平均被困于车上38小时,这就浪费了整整一个星期的生产力。Enter the Google self-driving car, an autonomous vehicle that promises to steer clear of accidents and keep traffic flowing smoothly via algorithm. Powered by Google Chauffeur software, the car uses GPS and a rooftop scanner to stay on course and respond to nearby vehicles. As of 2013, the car was still in its beta testing phase, but dozens of robotic cars were aly on the road in California and Nevada.进入谷歌自动驾驶汽车时代,就能通过其系统运算法则减少车祸的发生,使交通流量保持平稳。车内装有强大的导航驾驶系统,它可以通过GPS 导航保持车辆在规定路线上行使,通过车顶扫描仪对临近车辆做出反应。直至2013年,这款车仍在进行第二阶段测试。但在加利福尼亚州和内华达州,一批自动驾驶车已经准备行驶上路。One of the biggest concerns about driverless cars isn#39;t a software glitch, but the awkward transition from robot mode to human mode. The soothing voice of Google Chauffeur alerts its human driver of upcoming situations that require hands-on control, like a tricky merge or a tollbooth. But Google engineers are still working out how much warning time is needed before the hand-off, or what to do if the driver has done something understandably human like doze off. No one wants to wake up behind the wheel of an SUV barreling down on a tollbooth at 65 mph (105 kph). And even fewer people want to be in that tollbooth.对于这款汽车,人们最担心的并不是软件失灵的情况,而是自动模式与手动模式之间转换的灵活性。在遇到需要手动驾驶的情况,如棘手的合并路段和进入收费站时,自动驾驶系统会用舒缓的声音通知车主。但是,谷歌的工程师们仍在测试究竟多长的缓冲时间才是合理的?或是驾驶人出现打瞌睡这样的常见行为时,该怎么办?谁也不想一觉醒来就发现自己正以65英里/时(105公里/时)的车速跟在一辆SUV的后面快速驶入收费站,甚至没有人想在收费站看到这种场景。2.Geoengineering2.地球工程The most important engineering innovations of the industrial age — motorized vehicles, electricity generation and industrial manufacturing — are the greatest sources of CO2 emissions. Since world leaders appear unwilling or unable to take meaningful action to reduce greenhouse emissions, some maverick scientists are proposing a risky solution called geoengineering.机动车辆、发电机和工业制造业是工业时代的三大重要创新工程,也是二氧化碳的主要来源。对于减少温室气体的排放,世界各国领导人都没有表现出足够的意愿及能力采取行之有效的行动,因此一些特立独行的科学家就提出了一个风险极大的解决方案:地球工程。Geoengineering uses science and technology to ;hack; the planet back into shape. Since global warming is the biggest threat, scientists are proposing creatively creepy (and very expensive) ways to artificially cool the atmosphere by either blocking the sun#39;s rays or sucking up excess CO2. Among them:地球工程是指通过科技手段像黑客一样“侵入”地球,使其恢复常态。鉴于全球变暖已成为对人类最大的威胁,科学家们提出了一些极具创造力又令人毛骨悚然(还非常昂贵)的怪招,通过阻挡太阳光或是吸收二氧化碳的方法来降低大气温度。其中有:Spraying chemical aerosols like sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to bounce a fraction of sunlight back into space喷洒化学气雾剂(如二氧化硫)到大气中,将一部分太阳光线反射回太空。Pouring iron into the ocean to spur algae blooms that consume CO2将铁质注射入海洋,催生浮游植物繁殖以吸收二氧化碳。Spraying a mist of seawater into low-lying clouds to make them brighter, reflecting more sunlight将海水喷洒到大气中,以增加云层的亮度,反射更多太阳光线。Planting forests of artificial trees that use chemical reactions to absorb and store CO2种植“人造树”,利用化学反应来吸收和储存二氧化碳。Even geoengineering promoters warn of unintended side effects. Out-of-control algae blooms could create massive dead zones in the ocean; one nation#39;s seawater spray could cause monsoons halfway around the world; chemical reactions could cause widesp damage to natural habitats and human life. Geoengineers argue there#39;s just as much danger in doing nothing. By researching these techniques now, at least we#39;ll have some hard data when it#39;s time to push the panic button.地球工程的发起人曾警告过世人这可能会带来意想不到的副作用:失控的浮游植物会导致大量海洋生物死亡;在一个国家上空喷洒海水可能会影响到大半个世界的季风情况;化学反应会对自然环境和人类生活造成巨大损害。然而,即使听到了这样的警告,地球工程的持者们仍然认为不采取任何行动的危害更大。不过通过目前对这些技术的研究,至少在情况变得令我们不知所措的时候还能按下应急开关启动这项技术。For our last scary technology, we consider a little thing called the Internet.至于最后一项吓人的科技,我们考虑将互联网这项新兴科技纳入清单。1.Internet Surveillance1.互联网监视More than 380 million people visited Web sites owned by Google and Yahoo in an average month in 2013. Every e-mail sent through Gmail, every spsheet saved in Google Docs and every chat conversation held on Yahoo Messenger is stored in ;the cloud,; a global network of servers and data centers. You might assume that all of this private information and personal data is encrypted and protected from prying eyes. But now we know better.谷歌和雅虎网站2013年的月平均浏览量超过三亿八千万人次。每一封通过谷歌邮箱发送的邮件,每一份储存在谷歌文档的电子表格,还有每一段在雅虎通上发生的对话,都记录在云务器上—一个全球性的务器和数据中心网络。可能你还以为“窥探魔眼”这个程序可以加密保护自己的私人信息和数据,但事实不是这样的,现在真相就裸地摆在我们眼前。Thanks to the leaked revelations of former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden in 2013, we learned that the U.S. intelligence agency is actively sifting through e-mails, search histories and phone records of millions of innocent people, looking for potential terrorist activity. As part of a secret program called PRISM, the NSA won court approval to force companies like Google and Yahoo to turn over records on foreign Web users. If that wasn#39;t enough, the NSA also secretly tapped into Google and Yahoo#39;s cloud servers without the companies#39; knowledge or approval. Critics call it blatantly unconstitutional to submit every unwitting Web user to blanket surveillance.感谢前国家安全局(NSA)承包商爱德华#8226;斯诺登于2013年的透露,让我们能够了解到,原来美国情报机构一直在积极筛选数百万无辜者的电子邮件、搜索历史和电话记录,以此查找潜在的恐怖活动。作为“棱镜”这个秘密计划的参与者,美国国家安全局获得了法庭的批准,可以强行要求像谷歌和雅虎这样的公司上交外国网络用户的记录。如果这还不足以得到足够的信息,那么在没有告知相关企业并得到批准的情况下,美国国家安全局还能悄悄进入谷歌和雅虎的云务器查看信息。批评者们认为,在用户毫不知情的情况下全面监测其网络信息,这样的行为是公然违反宪法的。As scary as it is, you should assume that all your online activities are being collected by someone, whether it#39;s your Internet provider, Google or a secret government spying program. Sleep tight and don#39;t let Big Brother bite!假设你自己的网络活动正在被某人监视着,这个人可能是你的互联网务提供商,也可能是谷歌或执行着秘密监视计划的政府,想想这是多么可怕的事啊。希望你还能睡个好觉,可别被监视的大佬吓到了!审校:Fiona 校对:落花生 Freya然 /201507/385685

  Following is Axact’s response to a New York Times article published on May 18 asserting that the Pakistan-based company is at the center of a global network of fake online schools offering unaccredited degrees for money.以下是Axact公司对5月18日发表于《纽约时报》的一篇报道的回应,报道指称总部位于巴基斯坦的Axact公司创建了一个虚假在线学校全球网络,通过出售无认学位牟利。The response was originally published on the company’s website here and is copied below.这篇回应最初发表在该公司的网站上,现转载如下。Axact’s Official Response to the defamatory articleAxact公司对诽谤报道的官方回应Axact’s official response to an article published by New York Times reporter in collaboration with its local partner Express Media Group and some other media outlets to hurt the success of BOL (Express Media Group publishes International New York Times in Pakistan).《纽约时报》记者在其当地合作伙伴“快报传媒集团”(Express Media Group)以及其他一些媒体的配合下,发表了一篇报道,以破坏BOL集团的成就,Axact公司为此做出正式回应。(快报传媒集团负责《国际纽约时报》在巴基斯坦的发行)。This is regarding a defamatory article published by New York Times (NYT) regarding Axact.本回应针对发表在《纽约时报》(下称NYT)的一篇诽谤Axact公司的文章。Axact condemns this story as baseless, substandard, maligning, defamatory, and based on false accusations and merely a figment of imagination published without taking the company’s point of view. Axact will be pursuing strict legal action against the publications and those involved.Axact公司谴责这篇毫无根据、不合规范、恶意中伤、诽谤和诬告的报道,它在无端指控的基础上进行了凭空想象,将本公司的角度排除在外。Axact公司将对报章及相关人等采取严厉的法律措施。It is clarified that NYT in Pakistan is partnered with Express Media Group to publish International NYT in Pakistan and receive earnings from the group. Express Group was under a restraining order and contempt of court proceedings by Sind High Court for publishing a defamatory news item and further from publishing anything detrimental to Axact’s reputation. (Click here to view the courts restraining order). Hence Express Media Group to counter the success of BOL and to circumvent the court order has got this story published via its partner NYT in collaboration with some reporter called Declan Walsh.众所周知,NYT与快报传媒集团合作,在巴基斯坦发行《国际版纽约时报》,并从集团获取回报。快报集团曾因发表诽谤新闻而得到信德高等法院(Sind High Court)的禁制令以及藐视法庭的指控,禁制令禁止其进一步发布任何损害Axact公司声誉的内容。(点击此处查看法院的禁制令)。因此,快报传媒集团为遏制BOL的成功,绕过法院禁制令,在名叫德克兰·沃尔什(Declan Walsh)的记者配合下,通过其合作伙伴NYT发表了这篇文章。It should also be noted that a few months back in a registered criminal case by Axact for Data Theft (Criminal case No.561/2015), Police investigations led to Mr. Sultan Lakhani as the ultimate hidden owner of that company involved in Data theft of Axact and other IT companies and his name was included in the interim police Challan. (Click here to see the police challan mentioning Sultan Lakhani). After which Mr. Sultan also tried to transfer the investigations to another Police department of his choice but on 12th May 2015 that transfer was also suspended by Sind High Court and the criminal investigation again started against Mr. Sultan Lakhani. (Click here to view the request for transfer,transfer order and court order suspending the transfer).此外还应指出,几个月前Axact公司向警方报告数据盗窃刑事案件(刑事案件No.561/2015),警方的调查表明,在Axact公司和其他IT企业数据被盗案件中,苏尔坦·拉克哈尼先生(Mr. Sultan Lakhani)是隐藏在涉案公司背后的最终所有人,他的名字被列入警方临时指控记录。(点击此处查看涉及苏尔坦·拉克哈尼的警方记录)。此后苏尔坦先生还试图将调查工作移至另一个自己选择的警察局,但该移交于2015年5月12日被信德高等法院中止,针对苏尔坦·拉克哈尼先生的调查重新展开。(点击此处查看案件移交申请、移交令和法院中止移交的判令)。The story is authored by some reporter Declan Walsh of NYT who was expelled from Pakistan as Persona non-grata by Pakistan Interior Ministry allegedly due to his involvement in damaging Pakistan’s national interests. Even the media group he is affiliated with, the Express Tribune, published a story against him (click here to more). Several other organizations have also written about him (click here to more). This reporter has worked and devised a one-sided story without taking any input from the company. A last-minute, haphazard elusive email was sent to the company demanding an immediate response by the next day to which the attorney for Axact responded. Click here to view the response.这则报道是由一名叫德克兰·沃尔什的《纽约时报》记者撰写,该记者曾作为不受欢迎的人被巴基斯坦内政部驱逐出巴基斯坦,原因是参与破坏巴基斯坦国家利益的行动。即使是他所隶属的传媒集团《论坛快报》(Express Tribune),都发表了一篇反对他的报道(点击此处阅读更多)。还有几个组织也曾发表关于他的文章(点击此处阅读更多)。这名记者在没有从公司获得任何信息的情况下,捏造了一则片面的故事。在报道发出前最后一刻,公司收到一封随意写就、语焉不详的电子邮件,要求公司在第二天前立即作出回复,Axact公司律师回应了这封邮件。点击此处查看回应。Moreover, this reporter has not mentioned the conflict of interest which the NYT has due to its association with Express Media as its revenue source in Pakistan. This necessary disclosure regarding the criminal cases on NYT Partner in Pakistan was deliberately omitted and is an injustice to the er not expected of a publication like NYT.此外,这名记者没有提及与《纽约时报》存在的利益关系,《纽约时报》将其与快报传媒集团的合作视为在巴基斯坦的收入来源。鉴于《纽约时报》的巴基斯坦合作伙伴涉嫌刑事案件,这种利益关系的披露是必要的,但在文中被有意隐去,如此不义之举,不应该是NYT这样的媒体所为。In an exemplary display of poor journalistic skills and yellow journalism, the writer ed references from several imaginary employees to corroborate accusations made out of thin air. None of these accusations have been substantiated with any real proof. Search engines have been used to type ‘fake degrees’ and whatever images have turned up have been portrayed as evidence. Additionally, no proof has been given linking any of these sites and allegations to Axact and widely recognized names such as that of John Kerry have been used to increase the impact of the story. In fact the writer himself admits that when he approached these universities, they denied having any links with Axact. Furthermore, in a glaring display of bias, he didn’t even mention the fact that all these previous published allegations have been more than adequately addressed by Axact earlier in the civil suit 907/2013 filed against GEO and others.作者在文中引用了若干虚构员工的话,以实一些无中生有的指控,堪称蹩脚的报道技巧和黄色新闻写作的典型。所有的指控都没有任何真正的据持。作者在搜索引擎中键入“假学位”,显示的所有图片都被其称为明。此外,没有据表明这些网站和事实陈述与Axact有关。一些大人物的名字也被用来提高故事的冲击力,例如约翰·克里(John Kerry)。事实上,作者承认,当他联系这些大学时,它们都否认同Axact有关系。此外还有一个非常醒目的据明作者具有偏向性:作者甚至没有提到,在此前对GEO及其它公司发起的民事诉讼907/2013中,Axact已经对报道中提及的指控做出了极其充分的阐述。One aspect that stands very clear from all this is that a personal grudge has been displayed by the writer. Parallels laded with negativity have been drawn with the portrayal of positive Pakistan and also including references to the Silicon Valley as if offering world-class facilities to employees is something that we should be ashamed about when it is our pride. This reminds us of the story made by Forbes against NYT reporters of publishing false stories. Click here to more有一点是非常明确的,作者在文中表现出了私人恩怨。文章将此事和巴基斯坦的正面描绘进行了充满负面的对比,还用硅谷(Silicon Valley)作为参照,仿佛为员工提供世界一流环境这样一个引以为荣的事,是我们应该感到羞耻的。这令我们想起之前福布斯(Forbes)的一则报道,指出《纽约时报》记者曾发表假新闻。详情请点击这里For information on Axact Education , it is hereby clarified that Axact provides a comprehensive education management system that benefits diverse bodies of students and caters to all types of educational institutions—online and traditional. It is a 360 degree solution for students and faculty around the globe, available on multiple educational platforms being its core capability. For details on this, click here.关于Axact教育部门的信息,本公司特此澄清,Axact提供完整的教育管理系统,惠及多元化的学生群体,满足各类教育机构——不管是线上还是传统机构的需求。对全球的学生和学校,这都是一个完美的选择。本系统的核心能力是适用于多个教育平台。详情请点击这里Furthermore, Axact’s Online Education Management System is World’s Leader outside North America. And Axact is now collaborating with other renowned education groups in the USA to provide its Education Management System and is poised to be a major player in the online education industry of USA by 2018.此外,Axact的线上教育管理系统,在北美以外的地方是处于领先的。目前,我们正在与美国一些知名教育团体合作创建教育管理系统,准备在2018年时成为美国线上教育产业的主要参与者。All ten business units of Axact are completely legitimate, legal and committed to enhancing the quality of IT services across the world.Axact下属十个业务部门全部是完全正规、合法的,均致力于提高全球IT务的质量。From the very first day of announcement of BOL, certain elements have started campaigning against Axact and BOL. The GEO/Jang group and Express Media Group being direct competitors of BOL (initiated by Axact) have started a defamation campaign and other criminal pursuits since last 2 years accusing BOL of belonging to multiple groups, sometimes establishment, sometimes a real estate tycoon and sometimes other controversial personalities and were coining all kind of conspiracy theories. Now they have planned this story in collaboration with this reporter as evident from the fact that within less than 60 seconds of the publishing of this article, these media outlets started sping this maligning campaign via different means. It is also come to our notice that they are planning with other foreign media groups to publish this story with different angles.从宣布创办BOL的那一天起,一些人就发起了反对Axact和BOL的运动。GEO/Jang集团和快报传媒集团是BOL(由Axact创办)的直接竞争者。两年前开始,它们发起了污蔑BOL的宣传运动,同时还对BOL提起刑事诉讼,指控BOL属于多个集团,有的时候说是权力阶层,有的时候说是地产大亨,有的时候是一些有争议的人物。它们捏造了各种阴谋论。现在它们又跟这位记者一同策划了这个故事。据很明显,这篇文章发表后的60秒内,这些媒体机构就开始在各种渠道散播污蔑的言论。我们还注意到,它们还在计划与国外媒体一起以多个角度刊发这个故事。It should be noted that the announcement of BOL as a positive and pro-Pakistan channel in Pakistan who cares for its employees has shaken these traditional media houses who have promoted hatred, despair, negativity and hopelessness in Pakistan. Axact and BOL have vigorously pursued these elements that are desperate to malign BOL and Axact.需要指出的是,BOL作为一个正面的、持巴基斯坦、尊重其雇员的渠道的声明动摇了这些传统媒体。这些媒体宣传巴基斯坦的仇恨、绝望、消极和无望。Axact和BOL对这些正面信息的积极追求,引来这些媒体的诽谤与中伤。BOL has addressed this in the past and the following link on its website gives details of these defamation and other criminal activities and how Axact and BOL have addressed these legally.BOL在过去也处理过这些问题,点击以下的链接可以阅读关于这些诽谤和犯罪活动的详细信息,以及过去Axact和BOL是如何通过法律途径来解决问题的。 /201505/376343



  TAIPEI, Taiwan — Across Asia, motorized two-wheeled vehicles provide mobility for the masses, but emissions from hundreds of millions of scooters and motorcycles are responsible for more than half of traffic pollution in many cities, choking the air with hazardous levels of benzene and particulate matter, in addition to greenhouse gases.台湾台北——在亚洲,二轮机动车辆是民众普遍的代步工具。不过这些难以计数的机车所排放的气体,也得为许多城市的交通污染负上大半责任。这些废气使得空气中除了温室气体,还布满了苯与微粒物质,高达有害人体的程度。This year, a Taiwan-based startup called Gogoro has been using the scooter-filled streets of Taipei to test its Smartscooter, an electric scooter with an efficient all-electric drive train, sleek design and Internet of Things ingenuity. But Gogoro doesn’t want to be called a scooter company. It sees itself as an energy services company at heart.台湾起家的新创公司“睿能新动力(Gogoro)”自今年开始,在台北这个满街机车的城市测试他们的智慧双轮电动车。这是一种使用高效能全电力传动系统的电机车,造型时髦,还是一个智慧型物联网载具。不过Gogoro不甘于机车制造商的角色,他们自许为一间以能源务为本的公司。“What technology has done to content, it can also do to energy,” said Horace Luke, Gogoro’s chief executive. The company operates a 4G-connected network of 90 battery-swapping stations around metropolitan Taipei serving a fleet of 2,000-plus smartscooters that are challenging their gasoline-powered rivals in performance — zero to 30 in just over 4 seconds — convenience, and environmental impact.“科技改变了我们吸收内容的方式,这种影响力也可以发挥在能源上,”Gogoro的执行长陆学森(Horace Luke)说。Gogoro在大台北都会区设有90座电池交换站,全都有4G网路连线,为两千多辆智慧型电机车务。这些机车在性能(从0加速到时速30公里只需4秒)、便利性、环境影响等方面,都在挑战市面上与之竞争的汽油动力型机车。The Smartscooter is quickly gaining market share. As of late November, Gogoro’s flagship vehicle accounted for 95 percent of Taipei’s electric vehicles and 5 percent of scooters overall, Mr. Luke said.目前这些智慧型电机车正在快速抢攻市占率。陆学森表示,至十一月下旬,Gogoro的主力车款已占台北市电动型机车的95%,以及总机车数量的5%。Gogoro scooters are powered by two lithium-ion batteries that use the same Panasonic cells as Tesla batteries, with one charge enabling travel of up to 60 miles. When it’s time to swap in fresh batteries, a smartphone app offers directions to the closest station with available batteries (one is a 7-eleven convenience store). In seconds, the user replaces used batteries — which send vehicle diagnostics to the Gogoro network via Bluetooth — with the newest and most-charged batteries at the station.Gogoro机车使用的两个锂电池组由松下电器(Panasonic)生产的电池芯构成,和特斯拉(Tesla)电动车的电池芯是一样的。每次充满电后,最远行驶距离可达100km。需要更新电池的时候,车主可通过手机应用程序得知能取得有效电池且距离最近的交换站(其中一间还是7-11便利商店)。在这些站点上,数秒内就能取下旧电池,换上最新、电量最饱满的电池组,而那些旧电池会将车体分析资料经由蓝牙技术传送至Gogoro务网。Panasonic has bought into Gogoro’s vision. In November, Gogoro announced that the Japanese company had joined the Taiwan government and the billionaire Samuel Yin as Series B, or second round, investors in Gogoro, making it the second electric vehicle maker to attract Panasonic capital, the other being Tesla. Shortly after raising 0 million in Series B funding, Gogoro announced that it would expand into Europe, beginning with Amsterdam.松下电器与Gogoro是英雄所见略同。Gogoro在十一月时宣布,这家日本公司已经加入台湾政府与百万富豪尹衍梁(Samuel Yin)的行列,成为他们的B轮(第二轮)投资者。他们也是继特斯拉之后,第二个吸引松下投入资金的电力运输工具制造商。在B轮融资筹得一亿三千万美金后,Gogoro很快就宣布他们将自阿姆斯特丹开始,进军欧洲市场。“The fundamentals of how people live changed in a decade with the smartphone,” Mr. Luke said. “If we put the same effort into how energy is consumed, how much can we change things in 10 years?”“过去十年来,人们的基本生活方式因为智慧型手机起了很大变化。”陆学森表示,“如果我们也对能源的使用投入同样心力,接下来十年,又能造成怎样的改变呢?”Mr. Luke speaks from experience. He was chief innovation officer at the Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC from 2006 to 2011, helping transform the company from one that made products for other companies to a global brand. While at HTC, Mr. Luke and a colleague, Matt Taylor, began discussing their vision for a new company that would leverage technology for social impact. Being based in Taiwan — where 14 million scooters serve a population of 23 million — scooters seemed like a good place to start.陆学森的发言源自他工作的经验。他曾在2006至2011年间,担任台湾智慧型手机公司宏达电(HTC)的创意长,协助这间公司从代工厂转型成全球品牌。当陆学森还任职于HTC的时候,他和同事麦特泰勒(Matt Taylor)就开始讨论他们的共同愿景,也就是借由打造一间新创公司,使科技发挥社会影响力。由于他们身在台湾,一个有两千三百万人口骑着一千四百万辆机车的地方,所以这种交通工具似乎是个不错的起点。“The scooter hasn’t seen much evolution in the last 20 years,” Mr. Taylor said. “We asked ourselves if we could apply modern technology to something we see buzzing in the streets every day and make a better product in the process.”“机车自过去二十年来似乎没有多大的进展,”泰勒说,“我们自问,是不是能把现代科技运用在这种满街跑的东西上,并且从中创造出更好的产品来。”In 2011, the two men co-founded Gogoro, with Taylor as chief technology officer. They decided to rebuild the scooter from the ground up. Their initial focus was on performance and innovation, but minimizing environmental impact quickly became important.2011年,两人共同成立Gogoro,泰勒担任首席技术官。他们决定从头开始,重新设计机车。他们最初的重点在性能和创新上,但很快,把对环境的影响降低到最少变得重要起来。In Taiwan, pollution from scooter exhaust is a public health concern. Studies have found correlations between higher measurements of the fine particulate matter classified as PM2.5 in the air and increased cases of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in local hospitals.在台湾,机车废气污染是一个公共卫生问题。研究发现,空气中被划分为PM2.5的微小颗粒物的测量数值升高,和当地医院慢性阻塞性肺病病例增加存在相关性。During peak traffic hours, exhaust hangs heavy on the city’s scooter lanes, also affecting air quality for nearby pedestrians. The amount of pollutants found in emissions from a new gas scooter exceeds the pollution found in new car emissions by a factor of 100 to 1,000, said André Prév琀 of the Switzerland-based Paul Scherrer Institut. Scooters using two-stroke engines are the worst culprits, he said.交通高峰期间,浓重的废气笼罩着这座城市的机车道,并影响到了附近行人的空气质量。瑞士保罗·谢尔研究所(Paul Scherrer Institut)的安德烈·普雷沃(André Prév琀)称,一辆新汽油机车的排放物中污染物的含量,是一辆新汽车的100到1000倍。他说最糟糕的是使用二冲程发动机的机车。“The two-stroke engine scooter is the first vehicle to think about in terms of going all-electric, even before larger vehicles, because the pollution is much worse,” said Mr. Prév琀, who researched scooter emissions from 2010 through 2014. “It’s the logical next step in reducing traffic pollution in many Asian cities.”“如果要使用全电力,首先要考虑的甚至不是大型车辆,而是使用二冲程发动机的机车,因为它的污染要严重得多,”在2010到2014年间曾研究机车排放物的普雷沃说。“这是很多亚洲城市减少交通污染接下来应该采取的合理步骤。”The Taipei government agrees, and is actively promoting electric scooter purchases. The city’s Department of Environmental Protection offers replacement subsidies of around for residents who retire their two-stroke scooters. A subsidy of up to 0 is available to those who replace their gas motorcycles with electric scooters. Gogoro Smartscooters currently cost between ,200 and ,375.认同这一观点的台北政府正在积极鼓励购买电动机车。该市环境保护局向弃用二冲程机车的民众发放约45美元的换车补贴。而用电动机车替代汽油托车的人,最高可获得800美元的补贴。Gogoro智慧型电动机车目前售价在2200美元到2375美元之间。In Gogoro’s most recent round of funding, the government also invested million via its Taiwan Development Fund. The company appeals to a government concerned by the vulnerability of its semiconductor industry, an economic pillar that faces increasing competition from China. “They see Gogoro as a huge opportunity for furthering the tech sector,” Mr. Luke said.在Gogoro最近的一轮融资中,政府也通过台湾发展基金投资了3000万美元。作为台湾经济柱的半导体行业面临着大陆日益激烈的竞争,其脆弱性让政府担忧,这家公司因此就有了吸引力。“他们认为Gogoro是进一步推动科技业的巨大机遇,”陆学森说。Taiwanese themselves have welcomed Gogoro. Elaine Kuan, a 29-year-old corporate accountant in Taipei, said she bought her Smartscooter in late July for its ease of riding and convenient technology, but also for its low environmental impact.台湾人自己也对Gogoro持欢迎态度。29岁的台北公司会计伊莲·关(Elaine Kuan)说自己在7月末买了一辆智慧型电动机车,因为它好骑,技术方便,对环境的影响也小。“I have asthma, so air pollution is a big deal to me,” Ms. Kuan said. “I hope that starting with myself I can slowly influence others and make the planet a place without vehicle emission pollution.”“我有哮喘,所以空气污染对我来说是大问题,”她说。“我希望从自己做起,再能慢慢影响其他人,让地球成为一个没有机动车尾气污染的地方。”Performance and convenience were the two main reasons Darren Liu, a 31-year-old pastry chef, bought his Smartscooter. “The riding experience and acceleration are much better than my previous gas-powered bike,” Mr. Liu said. “It’s the first electric scooter I’ve seen that can get up into the hills.” The battery swap model was also a big selling point. His previous experience using a relative’s electric scooter required hours of charging, compared with 30 seconds to swap his Gogoro batteries.性能和方便是31岁的糕点师达伦·刘(Darren Liu)买智慧型电动机车的两大原因。“骑行体验和加速都比我之前那辆汽油机车好很多,”他说。“这是我看到的第一辆能上山的电动机车。”电池交换模式也是一大卖点。他之前用亲戚的电动机车时,充电要好几个小时,而现在他的Gogoro电池只用30秒便可完成交换。As it expands beyond greater Taipei to Taoyuan — where it is headquartered — and the tech hub Hsinchu, Gogoro is exploring the possibilities offered by a growing network of battery stations.随着从大台北地区扩展到其总部所在地桃源和科技中心新竹,Gogoro正在探索一个不断扩大的电池交换站网络所带来的可能性。“At our core, we’re an energy company,” Mr. Taylor said. “Once the mix is actually working, it’s ily scalable.” The stations cost less than ,000, have a small footprint and require only an outlet and Internet access, he said.“本质上,我们是一家能源公司,”泰勒说。“一旦二者的结合真的起作用了,就容易拓展了。”他表示,电池交换站的成本不到1万美元,碳足迹小,只需要一个插座和互联网接入。Mr. Luke said his company envisions an open system in which other companies develop products that can use Gogoro’s batteries.陆学森表示,公司设想的是一个开放的系统。在这个系统中,其他公司也能开发使用Gogoro电池的产品。Many companies — in fields as diverse as robotics, logistics and appliances — have inquired, he said. But he added that Gogoro’s longer-term vision was focused on “how to take energy and give it back to the grid when it needs it most.”他说,很多公司都来打听过。这些公司所处的领域多种多样,如机器人、物流和电器。但他接着表示,Gogoro的长远侧重点在“如何取电用电,并在电网最需要的时候把电回馈给电网。”Gogoro’s entrance into the market this year comes as car companies including General Motors, Ford and Daimler-Benz are beginning to view themselves as service providers rather than manufacturers.Gogoro今年进入这个市场之际,正值通用汽车(General Motors)、福特(Ford)和戴姆勒-奔驰(Daimler-Benz)等车企开始把自己当做务供应商而非制造商。“There’s a transformation in the market where companies are being expected to expand into energy services,” said John Gartner of the consultancy Navigant Research. Companies that get involved in electric-powered mobility will naturally move toward stationary storage, he said.“市场发生了变革,企业被寄予了进入能源务的期望,”咨询公司Navigant Research的约翰·加特纳(John Gartner)说。他表示,进入电动车领域的公司自然会向静态储存的方向发展。“They’re looking to expand both markets by getting to economies of scale faster,” Mr. Gartner added.“他们希望通过更快形成规模经济来开拓这两个市场,”加特纳说。Mr. Luke said that taking the scooter to Amsterdam in the first half of 2016 would provide a platform for demonstrating the role of Gogoro’s scooters and battery stations to new markets.陆学森表示,智慧型电动机车将在2016年上半年进入阿姆斯特丹,这会提供一个向新市场展示Gogoro电动机车和电池站所扮演角色的平台。“If you think about smart cities in the world today, Amsterdam comes up in the top three, if not the top one,” he said. “We’ve seen a lot of success in Taipei. We’re taking that momentum and building on that to move into Europe quickly.”“想到当今世界的智慧型城市,阿姆斯特丹即便不是第一,至少也是前三,”他说。“我们在台北看到了巨大成功。我们正借着这股势头,希望以此为基础迅速进入欧洲。” /201512/415145


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