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厦门祛晒斑价格厦门祛除雀斑要哪家医院好职场新人弥补错误六大准则 --9 :37: 来源: Everyone makes mistakes. Usually you can correct your error or just get about it and move on. Making a mistake at work, however, can be more serious. It may cause problems your employer and even affect the company's bottom line. Repercussions will ultimately trickle down to you.  人人都会犯错通常情况下你可以改正你的错误或者干脆忘掉它并继续前行但若在工作中犯错就要严重得多了,它很可能给你的雇主造成麻烦甚至碰触到公司的底线,而这些后果最终会反应到你的头上  Simply correcting your mistake and moving on may not be an option. When you make a mistake at work your career may depend on what you do next.  仅仅改正错误然后继续向前可能并不现实若在工作中犯了错,你的职业生涯就取决于你下一步的行动了  Admit Your Mistake  承认错误  Tell your boss about your mistake immediately. The only exception is if you make an insignificant error that will not affect anyone. Otherwise, don't try to hide your mistake. You will look terrible if someone else discovers it.  立刻跟你的老板承认你的错误除非你犯的错无关紧要且影响不到别人,否则不要试图掩饰你的错误,因为如果错误被发现,你会变得很惨  Present Your Boss With a Plan To Fix Your Mistake  带着能弥补错误的计划去见老板  When you go to your boss to confess your mistake, you must have a plan correcting it. Present your plan clearly. Tell your boss how long it will take to implement your plan and if there are any costs involved.  当你去向老板承认错误的时候,必须带着一个能够弥补错误的计划把你的计划讲清楚告诉老板你的计划要多久才会生效,或者是否需要额外的费用  Don't Blame Anyone Else Your Mistake  不要因为你的错误责怪任何人  Pointing fingers won't help anyone if you make a mistake. Encourage those who may share responsibility to follow your lead in confessing to your boss.  如果你犯了错,指责别人帮不了你鼓励那些愿意和你分担责任的人跟着你一起去找老板承认错误  Apologize Your Mistake But Don't Beat Yourself Up  为错误道歉但不要把自己打倒  There's a big difference between admitting your mistake and beating yourself up about it. Take responsibility but don't berate yourself making it, especially in public.  承认错误和把自己打倒之间有很大的差别承担责任,但不要苛责自己,尤其是在公共场合  Correct Your Mistake on Your Own Time  用自己的时间弥补错误  If you have to spend extra hours at work to correct your mistake, don't expect to be paid that time. You can also use your lunch hour or come into work early.  如果你不得不加班来弥补你的错误,那么不要指望拿加班费你还可以用午餐时间或者提早上班来做这些事情在厦门第一医院位置 厦门欧菲彩光脱毛仪超声波去眼袋冰点脱毛要多少费用

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杏林区家整形医院好年翻译资格:口译笔译分类词汇(二) --1 19:6: 来源: 年翻译资格:口译笔译分类词汇(二)从全局、务全局be subordinated to and serve the overall interests of the country复杂多变的国内经济环境complicated and volatile economic environment both at home and abroad改革价格形成机制rem the price mation mechanism干堤的修复加固任务the task of repairing and reincing the main dikes干法旋窑水泥dry-process rotary kilns敢抓敢管、不讲情面 have the courage to bear their responsibilities and exercise management no matter what others might think高等教育“工程” the “” Project higher education高技术产业发展plans the development of high-tech industries高技术产业化 apply high technology to production高技术产业化示范工程 high-tech model projects to demonstrate their commercial viability高举邓小平理论伟大旗帜,全面贯彻’三个代表’重要思想hold high the banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory and carry out the important thoughts of ’Three Represents’高清晰度电视功能样机 functional prototype of high definition TV个人所得税法 the Law on Personal Income Tax个体经济、私营经济 self-employed and private businesses各地区经济发展的客观需要 the needs of the economic development of different regions各级各类教育 all ms of education at all levels各种“小金库”屡禁不止 failures to prohibit unauthorized departmental coffers repeatedly各种偷税、骗税和逃税行为 all acts of tax evasion and tax fraud工程监理制 project supervision system工程质量事故 accidents resulting from poor quality of projects工业增加值 industrial added value公开市场操作 open-market operations共建、调整、合作、合并 a program of joint development, adjustment, cooperation and mergers购买力 purchasing power鼓励兼并 encourage mergers关心群众疾苦 help alleviate their hardships规范管理 standardized administration规范化的财政管理 standardized financial management规范破产 standardize bankruptcy procedures规范税制 standardize the tax system国际公认 internationally recognized国际通行的吸引外资方式 internationally accepted methods of absorbing eign investment国家财政包揽过多 The state finance takes on too much financial burden.国家发展计划委员会the State Development Planning Commission国家确定的重点领域投资 investment in the key areas designated by the state国家税源的大量流失 great loss of state revenue国家重点科研项目 national key scientific research projects国库券 treasury bonds国民经济各方面 all sectors of the national economy国民生产总值 gross national product (GNP)国内短缺原材料和资源性产品 raw and semi-finished materials and resource products which are in short supply in China国有独资商业 wholly state-funded commercial bank国有企业改革rem of state-owned enterprises国有企业和集体企业资本金统计报告制度 a system reporting statistics on the capital funds of state-owned and collectively-owned enterprises国有企业重组 regroup SOEs国有商业一级法人管理 management of the state-owned commercial banks with only their head offices as their legal persons国有资产管理、监督和营运机制 management, supervision and operation of state-owned assets国有资源有偿使用 paid use of state-owned resources国债资金 the capital obtained from issuance of government bonds过剩的生产能力 excessive production capacity海峡两岸关系 cross-Strait relations合同管理制 contract management system黑市交易 black market transaction in eign exchanges很多上海企业涌向西部,掀起了去西部的淘金热 Many enterprises of Shanghai go on a ’gold-rush’ spree in the western parts of China.宏观调控目标 macro-control targets宏观经济预期目标 macroeconomic targets会计法 the ing Law会计信息质量抽查公告制度 the system publicizing the results of random inspections the quality of ing inmation 厦门玻尿酸隆鼻价钱厦门假体隆胸一般多少钱



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