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Track oneI am not sure you can put a price on educationI am an educator – I started my life as a teacher and I still consider myself to be a teacherEducation is a life changing experienceYou can get into the cost-benefit aspect of what the fees are a programmeI teach the first major course on our MBA – ‘Decision Making under Uncertainty’I ask the students “Why are you here?”Are you looking something where there is a definite cost-benefit relationship?Or are you looking a way to change the way you think and see the world?If it is the latter – then Welcome!Education, particularly postgraduate education is designed to make you re-evaluate how you see the worldIn terms of the cost, the elite US business schools are very expensiveWhether you get value money is not something me to comment onIn a Glasgow context students get an exceptionally good education what is a fair market priceWith example, the business schools, one of the major factors is developing your connectionsThe people you are mixing with are going to be future leaders, future entrepreneursIt is a very good stepping stone to get connectionsWe sat in the reception (at an alumni event) and you could see a collection of young Chinese graduates from the Business SchoolIf I could wind the clock ward twenty years I would have a high expectation that they would be at the top of their various professions.Questions1.How is education described?.What do some people consider when looking at a university course?3.What should they really be looking at?.Apart from a good degree what can studying at a business school give the students?5.Who are the people there likely to become?Track twoThat exposure and if you can continue that exposure through alumni networks it is a fabulous resourceTeaching is one thing – it changes your mind-set but the networks you develop as a consequence of being at Glasgow is phenomenalAt the Alumni Award, one person said his parents could have bought a house, could have bought a car himInstead they sent him to universityAnd that was a far better investment because the other things would have been worthless todayI do not think you can put a price on a good educationWe pride ourselves on being an elite university that isn’t elitistWe take in students from a wide variety of backgroundsWe try to support them because we know that the value of a good education is not about how much you can earn but how much you can contribute to societyHow much you can contribute to your friends and colleaguesHow many opporties beyond money making that a good education providesWe have been doing that since 51 – we want to continue doing it another 5000 yearsEverything we do in the University is seen as a legacyWe are not just providing an education people todayWe are providing the platm education people tomorrow – next year – and the next ten years – and next fifty years and so on It is wonderful working with students in creating hope and opportyAnd hopefully lots of contribution to society and the economy in return the education that they getQuestions1.What is a fabulous resource?.What is a beneficial investment the future?3.What is a value of education?.When was the University of Glasgow funded?5.What is seen as a legacy the future? 3776918 Roller Coaster Ride第18单元 座云霄飞车Each summer the fall Fair comes to Cranbrook. They set up their games and rides on the west side of the river near the empty car lot. Every year little Tommy watches the strong men pound the tent pegs into the ground. He watches them build the stages and finally when the Fair is open he watches all the people line up to get on the roller coaster. He watches as the cars twist and turn upside down. He wishes he were brave enough to go on it.每年夏天,“秋季”露天游乐场都会移师到克兰布鲁克他们会在河的西岸靠近没人使用的汽车空地那里安排各项游戏,并架设各种游乐设施小汤米每年都会看着一群强壮的人把帐篷的钉子敲进地上,然后看着他们把台子搭好;等到露天游乐场开张那天,又看着一堆人排队等着坐云霄飞车他们看着飞车天旋地转,忽上忽下,很希望自己胆子够大,敢去试一试One day, one of the older boys sees Tommy and calls out, ;Hey kid. Do you want go a ride?; Tommy is shy,;No, Im scared.; The older boy says,;Come on. Ill let you ride free.; Still Tommy shakes his head. ;What if I ride with you?; Then will you come? This is my chance, Tommy thinks to himself. ;Ok, Ill do it.; The older boy took and strapped him into the car then sat down beside him. As the rolle coaster started to move, Tommy squeezed his eyes shut.有一天,有个大男生看到汤米就大声叫他:“喂,孩子,你想来坐坐看吗?”汤米害羞地说:“不要,我会怕”大男生说:“来嘛,我让你坐不用钱的”汤米还是摇摇头“那如果我和你一起坐的话,你要来试试看吗?”汤米心想这是个好机会,便说:“好,我去坐”于是大男孩让他上车,帮他把安全带绑好,然后坐到他身旁云霄飞车启动时,汤米把眼睛紧紧闭上;Dont close your eyes,; said the boy. ;Keep them open. That the fun part.; Tommy opened his eyes. They were going up, up, up! Then SWOOSH! The roller coaster was flying down the tracks. Tommy was holding on tight. His eyes were wide open. Everything was flying past him. This is great, he thought.“不要闭上眼睛,”大男孩说:“ 要把眼睛睁开才好玩”于是汤米把眼睛睁开,他们正不断地往上,继续上,还在上!接着嗖的一声!云霄飞车顺着铁轨往下疾驰汤米紧紧抓住车子,但眼睛仍然张开着,每样东西都从他身边飞驰而过他觉得这一切实在太棒了 6Smart Dogs 聪明的One night, several hunters were sitting around outside their tents boasting about the dogs they possessed. Noticing that an elderly native was listening intently, they all let it thick.一天晚上几个猎人围坐在帐篷外面各自吹嘘他们的当发现一个当地的老人正专注地听他们说话时,他们吹得更起劲了;Take my Setter; said one man, ;it my pride. When I sent him to the store eggs, he refuses them unless they are fresh. What a nose my dog has!;“比如我的赛特,”其中一个人说:;它可是我的骄傲我让它去买鸡蛋时,除非鸡蛋是新鲜的,否则他就不要这的鼻子多灵敏啊!;;That nothing.; another bit into a barbecued deer, waved his hand in the air, then said,; my Spinger goes out cigars and refuses to accept any but my favorite brand. Not only that, he wont split the packet and smoke any unless he gets home and I offer him one.“这算不了什么,”另一个人咬了一口烤鹿肉,把手在空中挥了一下说:“我的斯宾格去给我买烟,除了我最爱抽的牌子,别的它都不要不仅如此,它也不会撕开包装抽烟,只有在它到家,我给它一只时它才抽”;Say, old-timer,; said another man, turning to the native with silver hair, ;Did you ever hear of any dogs as smarter as ours.“你说说看,老人家,”另一个转头对满头银发的当地老人说,“你听说过有和我们的一样聪明的吗?”;Just one—my brother dog,; was the reply, ;I think his maybe a bit smarter.;“只有一只——就是我哥哥的,”老人回答,“我觉得它也许更聪明点”;How?; he asked.“此话怎讲?”他问;well,; the old peasant replied, ;He runs the store where your dog trade.;“额,”这个老农夫回答说,“你们的买东西的商店就是它开的” 018Dialogue 1Xiao Gao: Hey, Jingjing. Geez, are you gonna sit there and watch TV all day? Youre becoming a real couch potato.小高:嗨,京晶,天哪,你就打算一直坐在那儿看一整天电视吗?你都快变成不折不扣的懒骨头了Jingjing: Hey, lay off buddy! I just got back from Kung Fu practice and I wanna relax.京晶:老兄,你能不能不损我呀,我刚刚练完功夫回来,我想要放松一下Xiao Gao: Kung Fu practice? Wow, that a shocker.小高:你练功夫?太让我人吃惊了Jingjing: What? You didnt know girls practiced martial arts too?京晶:难道你不知道女孩子也有练功夫的吗?Xiao Gao: No I guess not, especially you.小高:我还真不知道,尤其不知道你会练功夫Jingjing: Do you study any martial arts? I bet youd really get a kick out of it, no pun intended.京晶:你学过什么武术吗?我敢说你肯定会喜欢的真的,没有要损你的意思啊Xiao Gao: I dont see the point.If someone wants to scrap with me, Ill just run away.小高:我觉得没有必要,如果有人想打我的话,我跑不就得了Jingjing: Self-defense isnt the only reason why people practice martial arts. I like it because it teaches me self-discipline,helps me relax, and gives me a great work out.京晶:自我防御并不是人们学习武术的唯一理由,我喜欢武术是因为它能教我怎么自律,帮我放松精神,并且强身健体Xiao Gao: Really? Well, maybe I better starts tudying martial arts too.小高:真的吗?那看来我也该开始学学武术了Jingjing: Why not? It cant hurt!京晶:为什么不呢?又没有坏处习语短语1. couch potato . lay off 3. shocker . get a kick out of something 5. no pun intended 6. scrap 1Dialogue 1Jingjing: Hi Mark! Do you know tomorrow is Children Day?京晶:嗨,马克!你知道明天是儿童节吗?Mark: That cool. Are you going to see a ceremony the Young Pioneers?马克:不错呢你会去看少先队的庆祝仪式吗?Jingjing: Maybe not this year. I might go with my cousin to the bidden City. She has a kid who can get in free tomorrow.京晶:也许今年不看了吧我可能会和表去故宫玩她的孩子明天去故宫免门票Mark: Yeah, I remember ing that kids under get free admission. It not a weekend. So, even if it swamped with little girls and boys, youd have an easy time seeing over their heads.马克:是呀,我记得在哪儿看到过说是岁以下的孩童免票也不是周末,所以,如果故宫里到处都是小朋友们,你也能很容易地越过他们的头参观嘛Jingjing: Hmm, I might feel like a giant there. Do you have any special plans?京晶:我可能会觉得自己是个巨人哦你有什么特别的计划?Mark: Well, itll be a regular workday me. Maybe Ill get an ice cream on my way to work. You know that one that looks like a face? I havent outgrown that kind of thing.马克:嗯,对我而言就是一个普通的工作日罢了也许上班路上给自己买个冰激凌吃吃吧你知道特别像人脸的那一款吗?我还没长大到能戒掉它们呢(我现在还很喜欢吃)Jingjing: Oh, you mean wáwa li#59;n! I remember eating that as a kid.京晶:哦!你是说娃娃脸冰激凌!我记得小时候吃过呢Mark: That must be a fond memory.马克:那一定是有趣的记忆吧Jingjing: sure. My grandparents took me with them to a vegetable market. I was a little bored. So, when we were almost finished, they bought me that ice cream.京晶:当然啰爷爷奶奶带着我去菜市场,我觉得挺无聊的,所以等他们快买完的时候,就给我买那种冰激凌Mark: It funny the events we remember from early childhood. How old were you?马克:真逗,我们还记得这些小时候发生过的事那会儿你多大?Jingjing: I must have been three or four.京晶:一定得有个三四岁了吧Mark: That a pretty early memory.马克:这记忆真够早的Jingjing: What about you? What do you remember from your early years?京晶:那你呢?你还记得童年时候发生过的什么事吗?Mark: Nothing comes to mind at the moment, because I have to finish some work now. But let chat about it on the way out of the office later on.马克:一时半会儿什么也想不起来,因为我现在还得去完成一些工作一会儿我们从办公室出来的路上再聊吧Jingjing: OK. See you a little later.京晶:行,一会儿见New words: 习语短语Young Pioneers 少先队Young Pioneers of China 中国少年先锋队get in free 免门票进入 (be admitted into a museum or tourist site free of charge, even if there is usually an admission fee)swamped 拥挤的 (crowded)outgrow 对某事而言已经有成熟的态度了,即不再迷恋和依赖某事(become too mature something)a fond memory 有趣的记忆(a pleasant memory, something that makes you happy to think about now)come to mind 想到 (be thought about, easy to discuss)Dialogue Jingjing and Mark are walking out of the office.京晶和马克一起走出了办公室Jingjing: So, Mark, do you recall anything from when you were a wee one?京晶:那,马克,你回忆起来了当你还是个小不点儿时发生的事了吗?Mark: Sure. I remember a few things. Like, when I was in Germany with my mom side of the family, some kids in the neighborhood had a red wagon. I asked them if it was me, and they said I could ride in it.马克:当然我记得一些比如说,当我和妈妈家的亲戚们一起在德国的时候,小区里有些孩子有红色的马车我问他们这是给我的吗,他们说我可以在里面骑它Jingjing: Could you communicate with people in Germany?京晶:您能和德国人交流?Mark: I knew a little German then. Also, my relatives gave me a small suitcase that had a key. I remember, when we got back to our house in the States, I threw the key down the stairs some reason and then cried my parents to fetch it me.马克:我那时稍微懂点儿德语还有就是,我的亲戚给了我一个带钥匙的小手提箱我记得,当我们回到美国的家中时,我不道为什么就把钥匙从楼梯上扔了下去,然后哭着喊爸妈给我取回来Jingjing: Did they?京晶:那他们照做了吗?Mark: Nope. They told me I lost it myself and I could find it myself. Come to think of it, most of my early memories are about what I could and couldnt do. What about you? Any other memories?马克:没有他们说既然我自己弄丢的就要自己找回来现在想想,我大多数儿时的记忆都是关于那些我能做的事和我不能做的事那你呢,还有什么别的记忆吗?Jingjing: I remember when I arrived at school one day and realized that I am only myself, independent from everyone else. I was looking around at all the other kids, realizing that only I was me.京晶:我记得有一天我到学校的时候,我意识到一件事那就是我是我自己,不是别人,是自己我看着周围其他的孩子,意识到时候我才是我自己Mark: Wow, that pretty philosophical. Did you talk with anyone about it?马克:哇,好哲学哦你跟别人谈起过这事吗?Jingjing: I didnt. That probably why I still remember it. I had my own thought and kept it to myself.京晶:没有呢这也许是为什么我至今还记得这事的原因吧我有了自己的想法,从未对别人说起过Mark: Yeah, and it was a thought about being your own person. That kind of an epiphany.马克:是呀,一种关于你成为你自己的思考,有点像某种顿悟呢Jingjing: Pretty cool what we remember, huh?京晶:我们还能记得这些是真不错呢Mark: Yeah, going from home life to school life is something that leaves a vivid impression on a young child. It cool that you had your own idea about it and remember it to this day.马克:是啊,从家庭生活到校园生活是能够给一个年轻的孩子留下清晰印象的事你有自己的想法,直到今天都还记得这些,挺好的New words : 习语短语a wee one 小不点(六岁以下的孩子)(a small child, under 6 years old)mom side of the family 母亲一方的亲戚 (maternal relatives)Come to think of it, ... 现在想想 (Now that were considering this, ...)philosophical 哲学的 (having to do with wisdom)keep something to oneself 某事只有自己知道,没有告诉别人 (have an idea, but dont tell other people about it)epiphany 顿悟 (a sudden understanding of great truth) 56

讲解Today key word is devastatedevastate d-e-v-a-s-t-a-t-e毁灭 破坏If something devastates a place, it damages the place very badly or destroys it totally.使荒废这个词既可以用在人身上,也可以用在破坏一个地方一个区域上Here is an example:He was devastated by his grief when his son died.他因为儿子的死伤心欲绝今天我们要讲的这个devastate的人,是一个想要跟女友求婚的男孩His name is Picca. When Picca planned on proposing(求婚) to his girlfriend Kayla. I bet he didnt imagine it going like this. Picca准备向自己心爱的人求婚,于是要求她去他们最喜欢的一家餐厅He planned to pop the question at their favorite restaurant, which is right by the water. When he got down on one knee on the dock(码头) and opened the ring box, the worst possible thing happened — the ring fell out and sunk into the ocean. 鼓足勇气单膝下跪后,刚把戒指盒子拿出来,万万没想到,戒指跳出盒子,一个优雅的转身,落入大海! 当时新娘就愣住了!她说:“I covered my face and began to cry because I knew my boyfriend was devastated,he did not even get to say anything to me bee the ring fell into the ocean.; 这个准新郎当时估计也是万念俱灰,万劫不复,万分丢脸,万万没想到啊…… But 就在此时, Their friends and strangers all jumped into the water with their clothes on and searched the ring in the ocean. 找戒指找了一个小时左右,the ring was finally recovered by a man named Kyle. 戒指找回来了,婚还得接着求啊 Picca reassumed his kneeling position and proposed. And of course, the girl said YES.事后周围的人都非常非常开心,Picca也说:“They were amazing and we are so grateful to have their help that night.;话说,这小伙子求个婚也是不容易啊顺便插一句,各位男同学要向Picca学习啊,结婚之前一定要求婚,哪怕戒指掉进海里,也要捞出来接着求就像Megan Trainer的歌里唱的:Dear future husband,Just be a classy guyBuy me a ringYou gotta know how to treat me like a ladyEven when Im acting crazy 53

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