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上饶铁路医院祛痘多少钱上饶妇幼保健医院激光点痣多少钱上饶祛斑一般要多少钱 You wake up one morning to find a strange man standing in your kitchen; worse than that, heseems to have made himself completely at home.你一早醒来,发现你的厨房里站着一个陌生人。更糟糕的是,他似乎像在自己家一样随意。Someones child is sitting in the living room watching television, on which somebody or other isgiving a speech while standing next to a bust of some old guy.不知谁家的孩子正坐在客厅看电视,电视里播放着一个人站在一位老者的半身像旁高声演讲着。Who are these people? Andwheres your family?这些人是谁?你的家人去哪儿了?If you suffered from the neurological disorder called “facial agnosia,” a twilight-zone styleexperience of this sort might be a reality.如果你患上了一种脑神经失调的面孔失认症,那么像这样模糊不清的“过渡”式的经历或许是一个事实。Facial agnosia typically occurs to people who havereceived damage to the right hemisphere of the brain due to stroke or injury.面孔失认症常出现于人们大脑的右半球被打击或损伤后。People with facial agnosia lose the ability to recognize even the most familiar faces:患有面孔失认症的人会失去辨认面孔的能力,即使是最熟悉的人也不列外:in this case a husband anddaughter, the president of the ed States and a bust of Abraham Lincoln.比如丈夫或者女儿,美国的总统或者亚伯拉罕林肯的半身像。In severe cases anexamining physician will be able to hold up a photograph of him or herself and, seated in front ofthe patient with facial agnosia, ask if they recognize this person—to no avail.在严重的情况下,检查的医生会拿着一张自己的照片,坐在面孔失认症患者的前面,询问他们是否认识这个人,但是完全不起作用。Whats especially interesting to researchers about this condition is its specificity.对于研究者来说这种情况最有趣的就是它的特殊性。Visual ability itself isnot damaged, and the person with facial agnosia can still recognize anything else—except a face.视觉能力本身没有损坏,面孔失认症患者仍然能够辨别别的事物-除了脸。Indeed, they can still describe faces very accurately, but only in the way one describes an object:事实上,他们仍然可以非常准确地描述面孔,但是就像描述物体似的。“He needs a shave. He has droopy eyes. He has a small scar,” but never “Wait a minute—this ismy high school yearbook picture.”“他需要刮胡子,他有双下垂的眼睛,他有一个小疤痕”。但是从不会听到“等一下-这是我高中的毕业照。”Facial agnosia strongly suggests the existence of amechanism in the brain devoted specifically to recognizing individuals weve seen before, a mechanism thought to exist in many other animals and even some insects.面孔失认症患者暗示了人类大脑里存在着一种专门用于辨认见过的人的机制,这种机制也被认为存在于别的动物甚至一些昆虫中。 201408/324726上饶市第二人民医院美容中心

上饶市肿瘤医院激光去红血丝多少钱Retail零售业Hard knocks沉重打击Department stores have been losing customers to other retailers for decades. But some are thriving几十年来,百货公司的消费者一直在转向其他零售商,但是一些百货公司正在复兴。Aug 17th 2013 | NEW YORK |From the print editionIN THE shopping calendar, the back-to-school period ranks behind only Christmas in importance to American retailers. It is a time for outfitting tots with superhero rucksacks and fashion-conscious teens with “metallic” oxford shoes. But events off the sales floor have distracted merchants from the tinkling of tills. In July Hudson’s Bay, a Canadian department-store chain, said it would buy Saks, an upmarket American one, for .4 billion. Then on August 13th Bill Ackman, an activist investor, quit the board of J.C. Penney, a less luxurious retailer, after a failed attempt to hasten the departure of its interim boss, Mike Ullman (see article).在购物时间表上,返校季对美国零售商来说是仅次于圣诞节的重要时期。这时候运动装搭配印有超级英雄图案的背包以及时尚的青少年所爱的金属色牛津鞋都将大卖。但是卖场之外的一些事件让商人们分心。7月,一家加拿大零售连锁店哈德逊湾表示将会收购以24亿美元的价格收购美国高档百货公司萨克斯百货。接着8月13日,激进投资者比尔·阿克曼退出了彭尼的董事会。彭尼是一家相对低端的零售公司,阿克曼在该公司催促其临时老板Mike Ullman退出未果后离开。Both events are symptoms of the weakness of department stores. J.C. Penney has not recovered from the short but disruptive reign of Ron Johnson, who tried to break shoppers’ addiction to price promotions but drove them away instead. He left in April. Saks is not a basket case (partly because its customers are richer). Richard Baker, the American property tycoon who controls Hudson’s Bay, has ambitious plans. But none involves new, full-sized stores in America. Instead, there will be savings of C0m (m) a year, a push into Canada and more discount outlets.上述两个事件是百货公司疲软的征兆。彭尼还没从罗恩·约翰逊短暂却充满破坏性的任职期恢复过来。当时罗恩试图停止价格促销,结果赶跑了消费者。他在四月离职。萨克斯百货也不是毫无是处(部分原因是其大部分消费者相对较富)。美国房地产大亨理查德·贝克控制着哈德逊湾百货公司,他有雄伟的计划。但是计划中不包括在美国开设新的大型商店。取而代之的是,每年节省出1亿加元(9700万美元)开发加拿大市场,提供更多折扣直销。The humbling of department stores began in the 1960s. First specialised retailers, their shopping-mall neighbours, stole sales, as did discounters. Then came “category killers”, which laid claim to electronics and toys, for example, followed by online-only retailers, the current menace. America’s biggest department-store group, Sears Holdings, is one of its sickest. J.C. Penney’s customers defected not to rival stores but to discounters like T.J. Maxx.百货公司的衰退始于60年代。首先是紧邻百货公司的专营商和折扣商店抢了百货公司的生意。然后是品类杀手,比如只经营电子产品和玩具的专卖店,接着是线上零售商,正是当前的威胁。美国最大的百货商店集团希尔斯控股集团是最惨的。彭尼的的消费者大都转战折扣店T.J. Maxx去了。It would be tempting to write off department stores altogether if some were not doing surprisingly well. Same-store sales at Nordstrom, a Seattle-based luxury retailer, have risen by 7.5% on average over the past three years. Those of Macy’s, which operates mainly in the tougher middle market, rose by 4.5% (but its second-quarter results, released on August 14th, were disappointing). Department stores started collecting data about their customers through loyalty-card schemes long before their rivals, says Mortimer Singer of Marvin Traub Associates, a consultancy. When these relationships shift to tablets and smartphones and are linked to modern logistics and inventory management, department stores have a fighting chance.但是还是有些百货商店做的不错。立足于西雅图的奢侈品零售商诺德斯特姆公司的同店销售额过去三年平均增长率为7.5%。梅西百货立足于竞争激烈的中端市场,销售额提高了4.5%(但是8月14日发布的二季度表现令人失望)。Marvin Traub Associates咨询公司的Mortimer Singer表示,百货商店通过忠诚卡计划开始收集消费者信息远远早于其竞争对手。当这些关系转移到平板电脑和智能手机上的时候,加上现代物流体系和库存管理,百货公司还有翻身的机会。Nordstrom’s newest stores have more mobile devices for accepting payment than fixed ones. With them, salespeople can tell, for example, if a customer is close to an upgrade, which would entitle her to such goodies as free alterations to clothing. She can then be encouraged to claim the benefit by buying a little more. Nordstrom’s grasp of inventory is good enough that shoppers can check online whether an item is available at a specific store.诺德斯特姆最新的商店比起老店有更多的移动设备付方式。依靠这些移动设备,店员可以判断很多东西,比如消费者近期是否需要更新自己的装备,这样她就会享有免费更换装的优惠。然后如果消费者多买点东西就会享有这个特权了。诺德斯特姆的库存控制能让顾客在线上看到某种商品在某个店是否有货。One of Macy’s tricks is to use its shops as distribution centres. This expands choice online and prevents stock going unsold. An unwanted coat in Boston can be shipped to a shivering shopper in Boise. That sounds expensive but “if you can prevent a markdown, that covers a lot of shipping costs and satisfies the customer,” says Karen Hoguet, Macy’s finance chief.梅西百货的一个小招数是将其商店用作配送中心。这样就增加了线上选择,同时也防止了库存积压。波士顿卖不出去的一件大衣可以运到尔西卖出去。梅西百货的财务主管卡伦·霍格特说,这样看起来很昂贵,但是如果你不降价的话,就能填补配送费用并且满足消费者。Mr Singer thinks that such wizardry makes “the next ten years incredibly promising” for some department stores. Perhaps not for J.C. Penney and Saks. Penney has burned through cash at an alarming rate this year; confidence among lenders and suppliers has been further shaken by boardroom infighting, says Liz Dunn, an analyst at Macquarie Securities. Saks would be lucky to thrive in the hands of a property mogul and may be bested in Canada by Nordstrom, which is also marching north, believes Robin Lewis, a retail pundit. Department stores have some hard schooling ahead of them.Singer先生认为这些计策使得很多百货商店未来十年看起来非常有希望。或许跟彭尼百货公司和萨克斯百货没什么关系。彭尼今年亏损严重,麦格理券分析师利兹·杜恩表示董事会的内战进一步减弱了借贷者和供应商的信心。萨克斯百货在房地产大亨的掌控下会比较幸运。零售界权威人士罗宾·路易斯相信,萨克斯公司会被同样向北部加拿大进军的诺德斯特姆击败。百货公司前面一片荆棘。 /201308/253516信州区去蝴蝶斑多少钱 上饶痤疮治疗多少钱

上饶德兴市开眼角多少钱 Science and technology科学技术Exercise and longevity锻炼与长寿Worth all the sweat出点汗,值了!Just why exercise is so good for people is, at last, being understood为什么锻炼有利于身体健康呢,人们终于知道了ONE sure giveaway of quack medicine is the claim that a product can treat any ailment.有一种绝对能推销出去皮膏药的方法就是说它包治百病。There are, sadly, no panaceas.遗憾的是灵丹妙药并不存在。But some things come close, and exercise is one of them.但有些方法却起到类似的作用,锻炼就是其中之一。As doctors never tire of reminding people, exercise protects against a host of illnesses,医生们一直不厌其烦地提醒人们锻炼身体有助于防范一系列疾病,from heart attacks and dementia to diabetes and infection.包括心脏病、痴呆症、糖尿病以及感染。How it does so, however, remains surprisingly mysterious.但是人们一直不知道为什么。But a paper just published in Nature by Beth Levine of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre and her colleagues sheds some light on the matter.德克萨斯大学西南医学中心贝丝莱文及其同事最近在《自然》杂志发表的论文给出了一些解释。Dr Levine and her team were testing a theory that exercise works its magic, at least in part, by promoting autophagy.莱文士及其小组明一个理论的正确性,即锻炼之所以有神奇的作用,This process, whose name is derived from the Greek for self-eating,部分原因是它能促进自体吞噬。is a mechanism by which surplus, worn-out or malformed proteins and other cellular components are broken up for scrap and recycled.这个名称来自希腊词语自食其肉,指的是多余的、不能再用的、畸形的蛋白质和其他细胞成分被分解成碎片并再循环。To carry out the test, Dr Levine turned to those stalwarts of medical research, genetically modified mice.莱文士在这个实验中使用转基因老鼠作为实验对象,医学研究中经常使用转基因老鼠。Her first batch of rodents were tweaked so that their autophagosomes,第一组老鼠被调整使得其细胞中的自噬体发出绿光,structures that form around components which have been marked for recycling—glowed green.这种结构形成的部分被用于再循环。After these mice had spent half an hour on a tmill,这些老师被放在跑步机上半个小时后,she found that the number of autophagosomes in their muscles had increased,莱文士发现它们肌肉中的自噬体增加了,and it went on increasing until they had been running for 80 minutes.直到跑了80分钟才停止增加。To find out what, if anything, this exercise-boosted autophagy was doing for mice,为了找出这种由锻炼刺激的自噬作用对老鼠有什么作用,the team engineered a second strain that was unable to respond this way.研究小组设计了另一组不能如此反应的老鼠。Exercise, in other words, failed to stimulate their recycling mechanism.换句话说,锻炼并没刺激再循环机制。When this second group of modified mice were tested alongside ordinary ones,当第二组的转基因老鼠和普通老鼠一起接受实验时,they showed less endurance and had less ability to take up sugar from their bloodstreams.它们的耐力逊于后者,也不能很好地从血液中吸收糖分。There were longer-term effects, too.还有长期影响。In mice, as in people, regular exercise helps prevent diabetes.老鼠和人一样,定期锻炼有助于预防糖尿病。But when the team fed their second group of modified mice a diet designed to induce diabetes,但是在研究小组给第二组转基因老鼠喂了一种专门用来诱发糖尿病的食物后,they found that exercise gave no protection at all.他们发现锻炼并没有任何预防效果。Dr Levine and her team reckon their results suggest that manipulating autophagy may offer a new approach to treating diabetes.莱文士及其小组认为实验结果表明受到操纵的自噬作用有可能提供一种新的治疗糖尿病的方法。And their research is also suggestive in other ways.他们的研究在其他方面也有启示。Autophagy is a hot topic in medicine,自噬作用在医学界是个热门话题,as biologists have come to realise that it helps protect the body from all kinds of ailments.因为生物学家逐渐意识到它能抵御各种小病。The virtues of recycling再循环的功效Autophagy is an ancient mechanism, shared by all eukaryotic organisms.自体吞噬机制很古老,所有真核生物都有。It probably arose as an adaptation to scarcity of nutrients.它的产生可能是为了适应营养物质的缺乏的环境。Critters that can recycle parts of themselves for fuel are better able to cope with lean times than those that cannot.有些家畜能循环利用它们身体的一部分作为养料,这样的动物比其他的动物在食物匮乏期更容易生存。But over the past couple of decades,但是在过去几十年里,autophagy has also been shown to be involved in things as diverse,自体吞噬在其他很多地方也有所体现,as fighting bacterial infections and slowing the onset of neurological conditions like Alzheimers and Huntingtons diseases.比如对抗细菌感染、放缓老年痴呆症和亨丁顿舞蹈症等神经症状的发病。Most intriguingly of all, it seems that it can slow the process of ageing.最有趣的是,看起来它还延缓了老化过程。Biologists have known for decades that feeding animals near-starvation diets can boost their lifespans dramatically.生物学家几十年来都知道在动物保持接近饥饿的状态下喂食能大幅度提高它们的寿命。Dr Levine was a member of the team which showed that an increased level of autophagy, brought on by the stress of living in a constant state of near-starvation,莱文士曾经工作的一个小组明在长期接近饥饿的状态下生存的压力引起了自体吞噬水平的提高,was the mechanism responsible for this life extension.这种原理使得寿命延长。The theory is that what are being disposed of in particular are worn-out mitochondria.被处理掉的其实是衰弱的线粒体。These structures are a cells power-packs.这种结构给细胞提供能量。They are where glucose and oxygen react together to release energy.在线粒体里,葡萄糖和氧气共同作用释放能量。Such reactions, though, often create damaging oxygen-rich molecules called free radicals,不过这种反应却常常制造出有害的富氧分子,即自由基,which are thought to be one of the driving forces of ageing.它是促成老化的原因之一。Getting rid of wonky mitochondria would reduce free-radical production and might thus slow down ageing.除掉没用的线粒体可以减少自由基的生成,这样就可能减缓老化过程。A few anti-ageing zealots aly subsist on near-starvation diets,一些反老化的狂热分子已经开始靠保持饥饿状态的饮食为生了,but Dr Levines results suggest a similar effect might be gained in a much more agreeable way, via vigorous exercise.但是莱文士的实验结果表示通过积极锻炼身体这样一种更随和的方式也能得到类似的效果。The teams next step is to test whether boosted autophagy can indeed explain the life-extending effects of exercise.该小组下一步将测试被激发的自体吞噬是否真的能解释锻炼有助于长寿。That will take a while.这尚需时间方能出结果。Even in animals as short-lived as mice, she points out, studying ageing is a long-winded process.她指出即使研究像老鼠这样寿命很短的动物也是长期曲折的过程。But she is sufficiently confident about the outcome that she has, in the meantime, bought herself a tmill.但是她对结果非常自信,于此同时还给自己也买了一个跑步机。 /201403/281866上饶激光脱毛团购上饶哪家医院激光祛志好



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