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A U.S. man who found 300 letters to God floating in the Atlantic Ocean said on Friday he will donate them to a church instead of selling them on eBay following protests from religious people.The letters, sent to a deceased(1) Baptist(2) clergyman(3), mysteriously wound up(4) in a sealed plastic shopping bag near a beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Bill Lacovara, an insurance adjuster from Ventnor, New Jersey, said he waded out(5) to get the bag while on a fishing trip last week.The letters were addressed to the Rev.(6) Grady Cooper of Jersey City, New Jersey, who died in 2004. Someone cleaning his house may have discarded(7) the bag, which Lacovara found about 100 miles (160 km) from Cooper's residence.They include one from a teen-age girl asking God to forgive her for having an abortion(8), one from a prisoner who said he was innocent and wanted to be at home with his family, and one from a man who wanted God's help winning the lottery, according to media reports.Lacovara said he could have auctioned them off on eBay for up to ,000 (7,889 pounds) and would have given the money to charity. But he has withdrawn them from the online auction service because he said the move offended some religious people."There were a lot of religious fanatics(9) that were very insulted," he told Reuters. "They said they were disappointed in me, and I didn't want to do something that's going to create bad vibes(10)."Some urged him to burn the letters, throw them back in the ocean or give them to a church, Lacovara said.Lacovara said about a dozen clergymen have offered to take the letters, and he is evaluating the requests to make sure the letters don't fall into the wrong hands. 一位美国男子在大西洋中捡到300封给上帝的信。本计划在易趣上拍卖这些信件,但由于受到宗教人士的抗议,上周五他宣布会将信捐赠给教堂。这些信被放在购物袋中,是寄给一个已故浸信会牧师的,竟神奇地出现在新泽西亚特兰大附近的海滩上。新泽西文特诺保险理算员比尔·拉克维拉说他上周去钓鱼的时候发现了这个袋子。收信人是新泽西的格莱迪·库珀,已于2004年逝世。可能有人在清理他的房间的时候丢掉了这包信,拉克维拉捡到信的地方距库珀的居住地仅为100英里(160公里)。据报道称,其中一封信来自一位十几岁的小姑娘,祈求上帝原谅她做了堕胎手术; 一封来自一名囚犯,他说自己是无辜的,希望能和家人在一起;还有一封信请求上帝帮助他赢票。拉克维拉说他本能在易趣上以1万5千美元高价拍卖,然后将所得款捐赠给福利机构。但是他取消了在线拍卖,因为他说这个行为使一些宗教人士十分不满。他对路透社说:“很多狂热宗教徒感觉受到侮辱。他们说对我感到失望,我不希望这件事情使我们之间产生隔阂。”拉克维拉说有些人让他烧掉信件,重新扔回大海或者捐赠给教堂。拉克维拉说大约有十几个牧师请求带走信件,他依然在研究这些请求,以免信件落入“坏人”之手。 /200805/39780在上下扶梯的时候一定要留神,尤其是当你还戴着眼镜的时候。Take care when stepping on and off the escalator; take extra care if you wear bifocals.登上电梯之前,仔细检查自己和自己的孩子的衣物有没有松开或垂挂的可能被卷入扶梯的部分,比如鞋带、 绳子、手套等。Before stepping on, check your child#39;s clothing (and yours) for loose or dangling parts (like shoelaces, drawstrings, mittens) which can be trapped in moving parts.检查手镯饰品等容易弄伤自己的装饰物。Check your arms for bracelets and jewelry that may get caught.握紧自己的包、相机,以及其他的随身物品。Hold on securely to your bags, cameras, and other things you may be carrying.一定要格外注意小朋友的安全。Pay close attention to small children.让孩子面向前方站,不要随意移动。Teach your children to always face forward and stand still on the escalator.告诉孩子千万不要坐在扶梯台阶上。Remind children never to sit on the steps.刚学会走路的小孩子千万记得要站在台阶中间而不是台阶两侧,扶梯的衔接部位很容易夹住软橡胶鞋或者小靴子。Keep toddlers#39; shoes firmly on the step and away from the side. Soft rubber soles on children#39;s shoes and boots can get caught in gaps between escalator wall and steps.穿露脚趾的拖鞋或凉鞋应该避免乘自动扶梯,赤脚乘扶梯更是大忌。Do not use floppy sandals and open-toe shoes in escalators. Always wear shoes when taking the escalator.如果带着小孩子购物的话还是搭乘电梯井比较合适,上下扶梯不适宜平衡手推车,很容易翻倒。Use the elevator if you are shopping with a child in a walker or stroller. Escalator steps are not designed to accommodate strollers; these will not be balanced and may tip over.如果别无选择,抱着小孩子,另一只手扶着小推车,再乘扶梯。If you must carry a stroller on the escalator, remove the child from the stroller. Carry the child and have one hand free to hold onto the handrail and keep your balance.告诉孩子不要倚靠扶梯扶手,这样会拖慢其速度,还会导致其他人失去平衡站不稳。Tell your child not to lean on the handrail. This can slow down the escalator and may throw other people off balance.上扶梯前,确定应急按钮的位置。该按钮一般是在底层,但有时候也在侧壁台阶旁边。Take a little time to locate the emergency stop buttons on every escalator before you get on. These may be near the bottom, but sometimes alongside, the stairs.上下扶梯要看准台阶。Watch your step when you enter or leave the elevator.对于井式电梯,如果门忽然打不开,不要慌张,按下警报,然后等待营救人员。If the elevator doors fail to open upon stopping, push the alarm button and wait until help comes.不要用手强行阻止正在闭合的电梯门,站稳。Do not stop the closing doors of an elevator with your hands. Stand clear.发生火灾时避免使用电梯。Do not use elevators when there is a fire.生命只有一次,留心方能安全。Life has No reset Button, Think Safety. /201306/245949

Ikea has recalled thousands of cakes from its stores in 23 countries after Chinese authorities identified high levels of bacteria normally found in human and animal waste.宜家从23个国家的连锁店召回了数千个蛋糕,因为中国当局在宜家蛋糕中发现了大量人畜粪便中所含的细菌。The furniture giant admitted on Tuesday that coliform bacteria had been found in two batches of almond cake from a supplier in Sweden.这一家具巨头周二承认,在来自瑞典一家供货商的两批杏仁蛋糕中发现了大肠菌。It comes after Chinese customs officials announced that they had destroyed a batch of 1,800 cakes after finding it contained high levels of coliforms which failed to meet hygiene standards.此前,中国海关官员宣布已经销毁了1800个宜家蛋糕,因为在这批蛋糕中发现了大量超标大肠菌。Coliforms, common bacteria which are found in faeces as well as soil and water, do not normally cause serious illness but are a sign of contamination which can indicate the presence of more harmful bacteria such as E.coli.大肠菌是一种存活在粪便、泥土和水中的常见细菌,一般不会导致重大疾病,但是大肠菌标志着可能存在一些更有害的细菌的污染,如大肠杆菌。It comes after Ikea recalled meatballs and sausages from 24 countries due to fears they could have been contaminated with horse meat.此前宜家刚刚从24个国家召回了肉丸和香肠,因为担心这些食品可能被马肉污染了。Ikea said batches of the cakes sold in all countries had been tested, but no evidence of contamination was found in those sold in the UK and Ireland.宜家称,已经对出售到各个国家的不同批次的蛋糕进行检测,在英国和爱尔兰出售的蛋糕没有发现污染迹象。The affected batches of almond cake with chocolate and butterscotch all came from the same Swedish supplier which exports to stores across the world, the retailer said.该零售巨头称,受污染的几批巧克力奶油糖杏仁蛋糕都来自同一家瑞典供货商,该供货商的产品出口到世界各地的商店。A spokesman said: ;There is no health risk associated with consuming this product. The production batches have, as per safety and quality routines, been tested for bacteria that can cause health issues, such as E.coli, and none of these pathogen bacteria have been found.一位发言人说:“食用这一产品没有健康风险。这几批产品都按照安全和质量常规检测过可能导致健康问题的细菌,如大肠杆菌,但没有发现任何这类致病细菌。;However, since the product does not comply with our strict food quality standards we have decided to withdraw the concerned production batches from sale in the 23 affected countries. The UK and Ireland are not affected.;“但是,因为这一产品不符合我们严格的食品质量标准,我们决定从受影响的23个国家召回受污染的批次产品。英国和爱尔兰没有受到影响。”The 23 countries(areas) in which almond cake was withdrawn were: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the ed Arab Emirates.杏仁蛋糕召回的23个国家(地区)是:澳大利亚、奥地利、比利时、保加利亚、中国、捷克共和国、丹麦、芬兰、法国、德国、希腊、匈牙利、意大利、荷兰、挪威、波兰、罗马尼亚、俄罗斯、斯洛伐克、瑞典、瑞士、台湾和阿拉伯联合酋长国。 /201303/228669Josh Morden and fiance Van Lawson have a love story straight off the silver screen. At least that#39;s what their engagement photo shoot shows.乔什·登和他的未婚妻范·罗森对彼此的爱情毫不逊色于荧幕剧情。至少从他们的订婚照看来是如此。The Canadian couple decided to shake up the traditional set of romantic pictures by adding a bit of humor and gore.这对加拿大情侣决定一改传统订婚照的浪漫风格,而要融入幽默和惊恐元素。Photographer Brandon Gray shot the photos in an idyllic country setting.摄影师布兰登·盖里在风景如画的乡村环境中为他们拍摄了这组订婚照。The couple that jokes together, stays together: Van Lawson, left, and her fiance Josh Morden, right, decided to include Friday the 13th killer Jason Vorhees in their engagement photo shoot.这对并肩而行边说边笑的情侣,范·罗森(左)和她的未婚夫乔什·登(右)决定邀请《十三号星期五》中的杀人狂魔杰森在他们的订婚纪念照中客串。Josh and Van are pictured holding hands, hugging and kissing in a romantic pastoral setting.乔什和范在田园美景中手牵着手,拥抱,亲吻。A sign for Camp Crystal Lake is the only clue that all may not be well in this couple#39;s paradise.一个水晶湖路牌成为唯一的暗示——他们的伊甸园中将出现不测。Josh and Van stare at each other while relaxing on a picnic blanket. But perhaps they should be paying attention to their surroundings.乔什和范躺在午餐毯子上,注视着对方。也许他们本应该多留意周围的环境。Run! Every horror movie has a moment right before the antagonists realize they are being stalked by the killer when the audience yells at the screen for them to get out while they can. This is that moment.快跑!在每部恐怖电影里都有这样一刻,受害人在意识到自己被杀手追踪前一秒、观众对着镜头尖叫,提醒他们趁还有机会赶紧逃命。这一刻就在这里了。Josh and Van finally notice Jason and their happy photo shoot turns into a nightmare.乔什和范注意到了杀人狂魔杰森,他们的快乐之旅变成了一场噩梦。Let#39;s get out of here! The couple flee from a machete-wielding Jason. Will they make it out alive?我们快逃吧!杰森挥舞着大砍刀,这对情侣试图逃脱。他们能活着生还吗?Josh looks almost too scared to move in this shot taken from over Jason#39;s shoulder.这张照片是从杰森的肩膀后面取景的,乔什看起来似乎害怕的无法行动了。Somehow Josh falters and loses pace with Van, quickly becoming prey for a blood-thirsty Jason who stabs him through the chest.不知怎的乔什绊了一跤,落在范的后面了。他很快被杰森刺穿胸膛,成为嗜血狂魔的猎物。Van manages to momentarily evade Jason and runs for her life.范得以暂时躲开杰森,慌忙逃命。Van hides in the brush and tries to silence her breathing while Jason searches for his next victim.范躲在树丛背后,努力屏住呼吸,杰森正在寻找他的下一个被害人。But like many a horror-film heroine, Van can#39;t resist returning to the side of her love, hoping he#39;ll be alive and she can save him. Unfortunately Jason finds her and kills her too.但是和许多恐怖电影里的女主角不同,范忍不住回到爱人身边,希望他还活着,希望她能救活他。不幸的是杰森找到了她,将她也杀害了。Josh and Van #39;die#39; side by side in one last embrace, their bodies covered in blood - including Van#39;s engagement ring.乔什和范最后相拥在一起,“死”在对方身边,身上沾满血迹——范的订婚戒指也沾满了血迹。Sequel? With such an action-packed engagement photo shoot, who knows what the couple will do for their actual wedding photos.续集?拍摄出这样有剧情的订婚照片,谁知道这对情侣到时候会拍出什么样的结婚照? /201311/264743

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