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福州晋安博爱医院做人工受精多少钱龙岩人民医院输卵管通液福建治输卵管积水的医院 As thousands in southwest China struggle in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, the country#39;s main charity has a plea: forget rumors and scandals of the past and open your wallet now.在中国西南地区成千上万的民众奋力抗击一场毁灭性的地震灾害之际,中国的主要慈善机构向公众发出了这样的请求:忘记过去的种种谣言和丑闻,为抗震救灾慷慨解囊。In the early hours Monday morning, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation urged Chinese citizens to forget Guo Meimei, a woman who has caused damage to the organization#39;s reputation since 2011, when she claimed to work for the Red Cross and stirred considerable anger after bragging about her flashy, high-end lifestyle.周一凌晨,中国红十字基金会(Chinese Red Cross Foundation, 简称:红十字会)呼吁国内民众忘记郭美美。郭美美曾在2011年声称自己为红十字会工作,并因炫耀其浮华的高档生活方式而引发了民众的巨大愤怒。自此之后,郭美美事件给红十字会的声誉造成了严重伤害。#39;Numerous people have been fighting through the night for the rescue operation, as now time really is life. Is there anything more important, more urgent, more worthy of the investment of our hearts and souls?#39; the foundation said on its official microblogging site.红十字会在其官方微上称:“无数人正在为救援行动彻夜奋战,这个时候,时间真的就是生命。难道还有什么比这件事更重要、更揪心、更值得我们全身心投入的吗?”Ms. Guo had incensed Chinese in 2011 after showing off her opulent lifestyle by posting photos of luxury cars and expensive accessories, while unconfirmed rumors linked her with a high-ranking official at the Red Cross Society, prompting many Chinese to believe that the Red Cross funds were used to fund her luxuries.2011年,郭美美在网上发布了豪华跑车和昂贵饰品的照片,以此来炫耀自己奢侈的生活。此举引发了国内民众的愤怒,因为有未经实的谣言将其与红十字会的一位高层官员联系到了一起,促使许多民众相信红十字会的钱已被用来维持郭美美的豪华生活。The Red Cross denies any connection to Ms. Guo. Officials announced on Sunday that Ms. Guo has been in no way connected to the Red Cross, according to China#39;s official Xinhua News Agency.红十字会否认与郭美美有任何关系。据新华社报道,公安机关周日宣布郭美美与中国红十字会毫无关系。#39;So from this moment, forget about her, and put the limited energy and resources into this disaster, #39; the foundation said Monday. The people hit by the earthquake will need supplies immediately, the Red Cross notes on its microblog.红十字会周日称,所以,从这一刻起,请忘记她,把有限的精力和资源全部转向灾区。红十字会的微称,灾区民众急需救灾物资。The plea comes as rescuers are rushing to reach southwest China, where a 6.1 earthquake that struck Sunday in the city of Zhaotong has killed 381 people and injured 1,800 others. The impact could be greater, as the epicenter was in Ludian county, home to more than 265,900 people, according to Xinhua.红十字会这一表态正值救援人员火速赶往中国西南地区救灾之际。云南昭通周日发生6.1级地震,已经造成381人死亡,1,800人受伤。新华社称,由于震中心在人口超过265,900人的鲁甸,地震造成的伤亡可能会更大。While the government has been quick to react, the destruction of the earthquake is vast, with rescue efforts complicated by inclement weather. Houses have toppled, crushing lives and the livelihoods that many have built for themselves. Xinhua ed a Ludian resident as saying the streets were like #39;a battlefield after bombardment.#39;中国政府迅速采取了行动,但地震造成的破坏非常严重,恶劣的天气也使得救援行动遭遇困难。地震导致房屋坍塌,夺去了许多人的生命以及他们努力创造的生活。新华社援引一位鲁甸居民的话报道称,街道像被炮轰之后的战场。Chinese citizens have struggled to trust charitable organizations in China, where a number of scandals over the years has left people questioning if their donations are truly going to people who need them most.然而在中国,民众对慈善组织缺乏信任,过去几年来一系列的丑闻令人们质疑他们的捐赠是否真正到了那些最需要它们的人手中。The 2011 Guo Meimei scandal was made worse by persistent questions over the whereabouts of billions of yuan in donations for victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, a significant chunk of which was managed by the Chinese Red Cross, and did lasting damage to charity fund-raising efforts in a country aly short on trust. Unlike most Red Cross organizations around the world, China#39;s is tightly linked to the state, something that has further deepened mistrust of the charity among many Chinese.外界对为2008年四川地震受害者捐赠的数十亿人民币去向的质疑从来没有停息过,这也令2011年郭美美丑闻造成的影响加重。这些捐赠大部分都为红十字会管理。这些也给这个原本就缺乏信任的国家的慈善筹款带来了持久的影响。此外,不像全球大部分红会组织,中国红十字会与政府部门联系紧密,进一步加剧了许多中国人对这个组织的不信任。Ms. Guo could not be reached for comment.记者未能联系到郭美美置评。The Red Cross has made many attempts to move beyond rumors and problems in the past. And now, as it faces thousands of people who need help in some of China#39;s hard-to-reach areas, it will attempt to do so again.过去红十字会多次努力消除传言的影响。现在它面对的是中国交通最不便利地区成千上万名急需帮助的民众,红十字会将再一次作出努力。#39;Yes, relentless action is our only option to wash away the sewage, to overcome the rumors and overcome ourselves,#39; the Red Cross said on its microblog.红十字会在其微上写道,是的,只有不懈的行动才是我们唯一的选择,能涤出污水,战胜谣言,也战胜自己。 /201408/318648福州检查输卵管那里最好

福州看不孕不育去那好This is possibly the most fantastic, yet incredibly bizarre news Sherlockians could possibly have hoped for as reports have emerged that an actual Sherlock Holmes theme park is in the works with fans of the famous detective being able to play the the crime solver, cracking various puzzles along the way.对《神探夏洛克》粉丝们来说,这可能是最不可思议又奇妙无比的消息——据报道,一座真正的《神探夏洛克》主题公园正在建设中,大侦探的粉丝们将可以沿着这个公园一路破解各种谜题,体会破案的。But it#39;s going to cost some mega mega bucks and by mega bucks we mean like £25 million for the park which will open in Portmouth – where author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used to live.主题公园将要花费数额巨大的资金,这座即将在朴茨茅斯开放的公园大约要花费2500万英镑,作者亚瑟·柯南·道尔曾在朴茨茅斯生活过。While no official dates have been announced for the fun fair, described as a “world class multimedia experience” will revolve around actual plots with characters including the super sleuth#39;s trusted side kick Dr. Watson and arch enemy Moriaty.虽然这个趣味主题公园的官方开放日期暂未公布,但是它将重现剧中的真实情节,大侦探的好伙伴华生医生和死敌莫里亚蒂等人物都将出现,这一主题公园被形容为“世界级多媒体体验”。The park won#39;t just include rides but also holograms of it#39;s leading cast as fans will get the chance to explore dome of the stories’ most famous locations including, of course, Holmes#39; very own Baker Street.公园里将不仅拥有供游客乘骑的游乐设施,也会有主演阵容的全息照片。粉丝将有机会对故事里最出名的一些场所一探究竟,其中当然包括福尔斯住的贝克街。Sherlock Holmes has become one of the most iconic characters in British history since Conan Doyle#39;s hero first came to prominence in a series of short stories way back when in 1887.1887年柯南·道尔的系列短篇故事里,这位主角首次进入人们视线,从那以后,夏洛克·福尔斯就成为英国历史上最具代表性的人物之一。Since then he has gone to be portrayed on screen by Basil Rathbone in the 1939 film series and most recently of course by Robert Downy Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch.自此,从贝锡·罗斯本1939年的电影系列,到最近由小罗伯特·唐尼出演的电影、本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇出演的英剧,夏洛克持续被搬上荧屏。Steve Pitt of the Portsmouth Cultural Partnership – the man behind the madness explained: ;It would be very interactive and high quality. There are so many tie-ins around the legacy of Sherlock Holmes being ‘born’ in Portsmouth.;朴茨茅斯文化合作公司的史蒂夫·皮特是提出建设夏洛克主题公园这一疯狂想法的人,他说:“这个公园将会有很强的互动性,保持高质量。夏洛克·福尔斯与朴茨茅斯有着千丝万缕的联系,所以我们打算把主题公园建在这里。”Well, Steve will be the first in line if this all goes ahead! Fingers crossed guys!如果公园建设进展顺利,斯蒂夫将会成为第一个参观者!大家翘首以盼吧! /201403/278444福州第二人民医院卵泡监测 福州无精症那里好

福州那家医院检查输卵管比较好 Aly beset by aftershocks, incessant rain and mudslides, relief efforts in China#39;s quake-stricken Yunnan province have run into another impediment: a flood of do-gooders champing at the bit to help.除余震、连绵细雨和泥石流之外,中国云南地震灾区的救援行动遇到了另一个障碍:大量志愿者迫不及待地想参与救灾。Authorities in northern Yunnan#39;s Ludian county temporarily closed down access to the quake zone Tuesday morning because traffic from volunteers pouring in had made the aly damaged access road all but impassable. Yuan Yao, an local official involved in directing the volunteer effort, said traffic was backed up for several kilometers.云南鲁甸县政府周二上午暂时关闭了通往灾区的道路,因为大量志愿者的涌入使本已受损的道路几乎无法通行。参与引导志愿行动的当地官员袁耀(音)表示,交通拥堵已达数公里。#39;It#39;s packed with people. They#39;re having a hard time trucking in relief supplies and trucking out the injured,#39; she said.她说,到处都是人,无论是用卡车把救灾物资运进去,还是把伤员转移出来,都很困难。The closing of the quake zone meant the county seat was crawling with clusters of volunteers desperate for something to do. Regular citizens from other parts of Yunnan, Beijing, the Sichuan province capital of Chengdu and other places -- many decked out in self-designed uniforms with the names of their volunteer groups emblazoned across the back -- sat crouched on sidewalks or milled around hotel lobbies, trading rumors about when the road would reopen and going over strategies for when it did.道路关闭使得鲁甸县政府所在地挤满了迫切想为灾区做些事情的志愿者。来自云南省其他地区、北京、四川省会成都以及其他地方的普通民众或蹲坐在路边,或聚集在宾馆大堂附近,交流著有关道路何时重开的传言,并讨论在道路重开后的行动方案。他们中的许多人穿着自己设计的统一装,衣的背后印有所在志愿组织的名字。One such group from northern China#39;s Hebei province was led by Wang Wenzhong, a wealthy entrepreneur and ex-soldier who has taken volunteer teams to six quake zones over the past six years. Mr. Wang, who says he was recently named one of the #39;Ten Great Moral Models#39; in his home county of Zaoqiang, organized and outfitted a team of 10 volunteers, spending around 30,000 yuan (,860) on rescue equipment and relief supplies.其中一个来自河北省的志愿者队伍由王文忠率领。王文忠是一位富有的企业家,也是一名退伍军人,在过去六年中,他曾经带领志愿者前往六个地震灾区。王文忠说他最近在自己的家乡枣强被评选为“十大道德模范”。他组织了一个由10名志愿者组成的小组,并花费约3万元(4,860美元)购置援救设备和救灾物资。#39;These days, a lot of people only worry about accumulating money and seeking personal benefits. They have more than they can spend, but they still don#39;t think to do something for society,#39; he said during a five-hour middle-of-the-night van ride to Ludian from the Kunming, Yunnan#39;s capital. #39;This is my way of thanking society and the government.#39;王文忠连夜从昆明开五个小时的货车赶往鲁甸,他说,现在很多人只顾着赚钱,实现个人利益,他们赚的钱自己已经花不完,但仍然不考虑为社会做些事情。他说这是他感谢社会和政府的方式。Mr. Wang was among the hordes of volunteers who descended on Sichuan province in 2008, when a 7.9 quake flattened the area around Wenchuan and killed some 87,000 people. The explosion of volunteerism was hailed as a watershed moment for civil society in China, a country where civic duty and social responsibility have long taken a back seat to personal achievement and the accumulation of wealth.2008年四川地震期间,王文忠也作为一名志愿者参加了救援。当时汶川附近发生了7.9级地震,导致87000人丧生。志愿精神的兴起被视为中国社会的一个分水岭,长期以来个人成就以及财富积累成了人们追逐的目标,而公民义务和社会责任没有得到应有的重视。But the 2008 effort was also criticized for being rash and disorganized and in some cases hurting relief efforts by gumming up roads and burdening food supplies.但2008年四川地震的志愿者也因为轻率和缺乏组织而受到批评,在一些情况下甚至因扰乱交通和加重食品供应负担而影响救灾活动。#39;Some people rush in and have no idea what the situation is. If you#39;re going to go you have to think first about what you can do,#39; Mr. Wang said. #39;That#39;s where my army experience comes in. Everyone on this team knows how to follow orders. And just like the People#39;s Liberation Army, we#39;re never a burden on the people. We don#39;t eat their food or drink their water.#39;王文忠说,一些人连情况都不了解就往里冲,如果你要冲进去的话,应该先想好自己进去能做什么。他说,我的从军经验此时就派上用场――我们队伍里的每个人都清楚如何从命令;而且,就像解放军战士们那样,我们从来不让自己成为别人的负担,不吃别人的东西、不喝别人的水。The Hebei group did indeed mimic the PLA. The entire group was outfitted with identical uniforms -- military fatigues, canvas shoes and red armbands -- and younger members described themselves as #39;new soldiers.#39; Appropriately, Mr. Wang runs the group like a battalion, collecting intelligence from contacts with state-run media and local government.王文忠的这队伍确实有着解放军的精神。整个小队着装统一,全体人员身着迷、穿帆布鞋、带红臂章。年轻一点的队员称自己是“新兵”。王文忠像军队营长一样带队,通过与官媒和地方政府接洽来收集信息。The Hebei team leader credits Wenchuan with teaching him the value of prior planning, but not all the volunteer groups in Ludian on Tuesday were so organized or professional. While Mr. Wang#39;s crew waited patiently for the go-ahead to enter the quake zone on Monday morning, another group of un-uniformed youth from various parts of Yunnan was loitering outside the county government offices trying to hitch a ride.王文忠说,汶川地震救援教会了他预先制定好计划的重要性。然而,周二在鲁甸灾区,并非所有的志愿者队伍都如此训练有素、如此专业。周一早晨,当王文忠的队伍耐心地等待进入灾区的放行信号时,一群着装各异、来自云南各地的年轻人却在县政府办公室外面逛荡,试图搭个便车。#39;They aren#39;t letting people in,#39; Li Wenwei, a volunteer from Kunming, said in a brief exchange with China Real Time. #39;Maybe we can go with you?#39;来自昆明的志愿者李文伟(音译)跟“中国实时报”栏目记者交涉道:他们(灾区官员)不让我们进去,我们能不能跟你们一起进去?It wasn#39;t immediately clear Monday morning how many volunteers had converged on Ludian with the hope of helping. #39;I don#39;t know. A lot. A lot,#39; said Ms. Yuan.袁耀说,周一早晨还无法立刻搞清楚有多少想帮忙的志愿者来到了鲁甸,我不清楚,只能说非常非常多。 /201408/319009南平治疗多囊卵巢综合症大概多少钱龙岩解扎手术那里好



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