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福州哪间医院性激素检查好福州什么医院中医看不孕好昨天是春运首日车票网上出售第一天,不少网友却遭遇网站;卡壳;尴尬。此外,不断出现其他;插曲;,比如网络登录慢;火车票没订上,钱被扣走了;网上显示没票,但代售点却有;;对此,铁路部门昨天回应称,今年推出的许多新措施是第一次经受春运考验,网络购票每天访问量比平时增长数十倍,铁路部门正在努力改进。Hundreds of people failed to get their train tickets through the newly launched online train ticketing service after paying the money, Beijing News reported. The China Railway Customer Service Center responded that it will try to resolve the problem and return the money within 15 working days.据新京报网报道,数百人通过新开通的网络购票务购票,付钱之后却未能订到火车票。铁路客户务中心回应称,他们将设法解决此问题,并将在15个工作日内退款。词汇点津:online train ticketing service 网络购票online ticketing system或online booking system 网络订票系统telephone booking system 电话订票系统ID-based ticket booking system或real-name ticket system 实名购票内容来自: /201201/167214福建检查阳痿价格 Who hasn#39;t logged onto Facebook and pored through an ex#39;s page, looking at old posts and clicking on the photo of the girl or guy who took their place?登陆Facebook上前任的主页,查看那些旧日志和他或她的新欢的照片,这事儿你也干过吧?If a new study is to be believed, the vast majority of people are guilty of post-breakup cyber-snooping.如果一项最近的调查结果可信的话,大多数人会为分手后依然在网上窥视前任的一举一动而有罪恶感。According to a Masters thesis written by a student at University of Western Ontario in Canada, as many as 88 per cent of people - nearly nine of ten - check up on their former boyfriends or girlfriends on the popular social media site, the Toronto Star reported.据《多伦多明星报》报道,来自加拿大西安大略大学的一名学生在她的硕士论文中写道,88%也就是将近90%的人,会在流行的社交媒体上继续关注他们前任男女朋友的动态。Jilted lovers signed on to friends#39; accounts to spy on the person who dumped them. They deleted photos reminding them of happier times, long-forgotten wall posts and scrutinized their potential replacement.失恋的人们借用朋友的账号暗中监视那些甩掉他们的人。他们会删掉那些让人想起快乐旧时光的照片,重读那些遗忘已久的日志,并且密切关注对方可能的下一任。‘It#39;s so interesting right now, so different from before this technology existed. Once you broke up in the past, it was over,#39; media studies graduate student Veronika Lukacs, 25, told the Star after successfully defending her thesis titled ‘It#39;s Complicated: Romantic breakups and their aftermath on Facebook.#39;“自从社交媒体这项科技出现后,分手后的情况就和过去不同了,变得很有意思。在过去如果你们分手了,就意味着一切都结束了,” 这名25岁的传媒专业研究生瓦伦尼卡-卢卡斯面对《多伦多明星报》采访时这样说。她已经成功结束了自己的论文答辩,她的论文题目为《没那么简单:情侣分手后在社交媒体上的表现》。Lukacs said her analysis of Facebook as it relates to breakups has serious social implications. ‘Nearly everyone is participating in these behaviors, it#39;s very very common,#39; she said.卢卡斯说她之所以会分析Facebook是因为它关系到情侣的分手,而这有着深远的社交影响。“几乎每个人都做过这样的事情,这是一种非常非常普遍的现象”,她说。The student also found that 48 per cent of people remain Facebook friends with their ex after they break up and 74 per cent had tried to keep tabs on their former partner#39;s new flame.卢卡斯还发现,48%的人和前任分手后在Facebook上依然保持好友关系,而74%的人会密切关注前任新欢的动向。Of those who were no longer Facebook friends, 70 per cent admitted using a mutual friend#39;s profile to check on their ex.而对于那些分手后解除了Facebook好友关系的人,当中有70%承认他们会借用某个共同好友的账号来查看前任的主页。#39;At the end of the day, Facebook does present very serious challenges for people getting over a breakup,#39; Lukacs said. #39;It#39;s a much more serious issue than a lot of people think.#39;“最后表明,Facebook确实对人们度过分手时期的痛苦带来了严峻的挑战,”卢卡斯说。“这比很多人想象的更加严峻。”Surveillance of someone on Facebook, or ‘creeping,#39; did not follow the patterns Lukacs had foreshadowed‘I had expected people who were not Facebook friends with their ex-partners would be less distressed.在Facebook上监视或追踪某人的行动,也并不都是按照卢卡斯预料的模式进行。“我原以为那些和前任不再是Facebook好友的人会不那么痛苦。”‘We found the opposite was true. People who had #39;unfriended#39; their partners had higher levels of distress. Based on interviewing people, I#39;m thinking that people who are the most distressed are the ones who delete their partners,#39; she explained.“结果我们发现正好相反。那些和前任解除了好友关系的人反而更加痛苦。根据我们的调查访问,我认为最痛苦的就是那些把前任从好友中删除的人,” 她解释说。Less surprisingly, the rejected partners who were most upset by the split were also the most avid stalkers.不难想象,那些被前任甩掉、而且对于分手最伤心的人,也恰恰是最热衷于在社交媒体上窥探前任举动的人。As part of her study, Lukacs surveyed 107 people over age 18 who had their heart broken in the previous 12 months. Three-quarters of them attended University of Western Ontario.作为研究的一部分,卢卡斯调查了107名年龄在18岁以上,且过去一年里有过心痛的分手经历的人,其中3/4就读于西安大略大学。‘A lot of people who I had interviewed talked about their surveillance behaviour and how they knew it wasn#39;t good for them and yet somehow they were doing it anyway,#39; she said. ‘Rationality didn#39;t play a role for them.#39;“我访问过的许多人都提到了自己在社交媒体上监视前任的行为,他们明白这样做对自己并无益处,但还是忍不住要去做,”卢卡斯说。“理性对他们完全不起作用。”One man Lukacs interviewed confessed that he had hacked into his ex-girlfriend#39;s Facebook account.卢卡斯访问过的一名男子承认,他曾经入侵过前女友的Facebook账户。‘He never thought he was the kind of person who would do that. He was really embarrassed,#39; she said, adding that it is a good idea to change the Facebook password after a breakup.“他之前从不认为自己会是做这种事的人。他对此深感羞愧,”卢卡斯说。她还建议在分手后应该修改Facebook的账户密码。While deleting an ex from your friends list may seem like a viable solution to the problem, Lukacs said it is not entirely effective. In addition, it is generally considered rude to ‘unfriend#39; someone on Facebook, so many people are hesitant to sever that last tie.尽管把前任从你的好友名单中删除似乎是一个可行的解决办法,但卢卡斯认为这并不真的有效。此外,由于在Facebook上解除与某人的好友关系通常被视为不礼貌的,许多人因此而犹豫,并不愿切断这个和前任最后的联系。 /201208/195024南平去那间医院检查精液

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福州看不育去哪最好We all know that exercise is important – vital, in fact. Yet, one of the most common excuses for not exercising enough is “I can#39;t find time for exercise.”我们都知道运动很重要——其实是非常重要。可是,最常见的不运动的一大借口就是“我抽不出时间做运动”。And it#39;s true. It is hard to find time for exercise. Just like it#39;s hard to find time to meditate, cook healthy meals, and volunteer to make your community a better place.而事实也的确如此。人们很难挤出时间做运动,就像我们挤不出时间去冥想、烹饪健康食物、做社区志愿者一样。The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Heart Association (AHA) provides the following minimum exercise guidelines for healthy adults (18-65):美国运动医学学院(ACSM)和美国心脏协会(AHA)为成年人(18-65岁)的健康制定了以下最少的运动指南:Moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes, five days per week (e.g. a brisk walk) or;每周五天、每天至少30分钟的中等强度有氧运动(例如快走);Vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity for 20 minutes, three days per week (e.g. jogging) or;每周三天、每天20分钟的高强度有氧运动(例如慢跑);Some combination of moderate-intensity and vigorous-intensity.中等强度运动和高强度运动相结合。NOTE: Exercise can be performed in bouts of at least 10 minutes.注意:运动至少应持续10分钟。That#39;s not bad. In fact, it#39;s pretty achievable. So let#39;s move on to the challenging (but fun) part: Finding time for exercise.这真的不错,甚至还很有可行性。下面看看具有挑战性(但很有趣)的部分吧:挤出时间去运动1.Turn off the TV1.关掉电视This is usually a good place to start. In 2011, the average American watched 34 hours of TV per week. If you do the math, you could still watch 30 hours of TV and get all your exercise in (including a shower afterwards, which is typically appreciated by your colleagues/family members).关掉电视通常就是一个好的开始。2011年美国人平均每周看34小时电视。如果你计算一下就会发现,就算把运动后冲澡的时间算在内(通常是同事或是家人的要求),你也还可以看30小时的电视。And if you#39;ve aly whittled your TV watching down to just one or two favorite shows per week, consider exercising while you watch.如果你已经将看电视的时间减少到每周只看一两集喜欢的节目的话,可以考虑边看电视边运动。2.Limit Your Time Online2.限制上网时间If we#39;re not watching TV, we#39;re surfing the Internet, checking email, updating Facebook, tweeting, or pinning. According to comScore, the average American spent 32 hours per month online in 2011 (sounds low to me!).如果我们没有看电视,就是在上网、查收邮件、刷新Facebook,发微或刷网页。据comScore网站统计,2011年美国人每月平均上网32小时。(我觉得听上去好少啊!)That#39;s over 60 minutes per day, some of which could be devoted to moving your body rather than letting it waste away in front of a screen.也就是说,美国人每天花60分钟以上的时间上网。其实与其将时间浪费在电脑屏幕前,还不如去运动呢。Becoming more efficient with your online dealings is a great way to cut down on the time spent online. It#39;s not about the technology. It#39;s about improper use of the technology. You will be amazed by the amount of time you will save if you check your email only once or twice per day.提高上网效率可以有效减少上网时间。问题不在于科技本身,而在于对科技的不当使用上。如果你每天只查收一两次邮件,你会讶然发现大把时间被节省了下来。3.Ask for Help3.寻求帮助I don#39;t want to assume that you are a couch potato or an Internet addict. Perhaps you simply have your hands full with work, laundry, kids, community commitments, and all the other things that make up our plate of life.我无法断定你是否是电视迷或网虫,或许你只是工作太忙,洗衣、带小孩、小区义工或其他事情占据了生活的全部。If you are serious about finding time for exercise, ask for help. Maybe you just need somebody to watch the kids for an hour while you hit the gym. Ask your spouse, your mom, your friend, the teenager next door – anybody who can help you find that time. Also, if you have the money, hire somebody to clean your house. That frees up significant time.如果你真想挤点时间做运动,那就寻求帮助吧。或许你只是需要有人在你去健身馆的那一小时帮忙照看一下孩子。你可以向任何能够帮你腾出时间的人寻求帮助——爱人、老妈、朋友或隔壁的少年。而且如果你手头宽裕,可以请人打扫房间,这样可以帮你省出不少时间。4.Find Pockets of Time for Exercise4.利用零碎时间运动If your eyes didn#39;t completely gloss over when you the ACSM/AHA recommendations above, you may have noticed that you can exercise in “bouts of at least 10 minutes.”如果你仔细阅读了上面ACSM/AHA的建议,你应该注意到“至少应持续10分钟”这句话吧。This means that you could go for a brisk 10-minute walk after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only will you feel refreshed, but it also helps with digestion!也就是说如果在早中晚餐后快走10分钟,你不仅会感到神清气爽,还有助于消化呢!I often find myself with 10 minutes to spare, so I have a mental list of things that can be completed in that amount of time. If you have your own 10-minute activity list, just add exercise to it.我就经常发现自己可以抽出10分钟的时间,我心里有一个清单,10分钟可以干很多事儿。如果你也有“10分钟活动清单”,何不将运动也添进去呢?5.Combine Exercise and Transportation5.运动与交通相结合In many parts of the world, this is an obvious one. However, sometimes it#39;s easy to forget that getting from Point A to Point B can be a wonderful opportunity to exercise. Here are some options:对世界上许多地方而言,这一点显而易见。只是人们很容易忘记从一个地方到另一个地方也是绝好的运动机会。请看以下几个建议:Bike or walk to work/school骑车或步行去工作/上学Bike to the grocery store骑车去杂货店Walk over to a friend#39;s house步行去朋友家Walk or bike to the coffee shop步行或骑车去咖啡店As long as it#39;s at least 10 minutes and getting your heart rate up, it#39;s exercise!只要能花10分钟让心跳加速起来,也算是运动哦! /201209/198569 三明市性激素六项检查到哪家医院宁德男性生育检查三甲医院



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