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1、Scrap : food e.g:Lets go some scrap ..scrap v.get rid of sth scrap the idea : change the idea2、Grub:food in slang3、A way to a mans heart is through his stomach:feeding a man well and make him happy4、Chit chat:chat with5、The apple doesnt fall far from the tree:children resemble their parents6、Rain cats and dogs:to rain heavily7、Thats a shame:thats a pity8、Its the thought that counts:a small gift may be a token of profoundness9、Speaking of which:when speaking ( mention )of it /201311/266247Situation 79情景 79I have to watch my weight.我必须注意我的体重。Did you order your lunch aly?你已经点好的午餐吗?Yes.Im having a salad.是的,我要了一份沙拉。Is that all youre having?那就是你全部要的吗?Yes.Im on a diet.是的,我正在开食。Why?为何?I have to watch my weight.我必须注意我的体重。Would you like to drop by our place this evening for dessert?今晚你要不要到我们这儿吃点心?Oh,Id like to,but Im watching my weight.噢,我想去,但是我正在注意我的体重。Thats all right.Come for a cup of coffee.没关系。来喝杯咖啡。Well,O.K.,maybe I will.嗯,好吧,也许我会去。Then its settled,well see you about seven this evening.那么说定了,我们大约七点见。Ill see you then.到时见。Would you care for some candy or cookies?你要一些糖果或是饼干?They really look delicious,but I have to slim down.它们看起来真可口,但是我必须减肥。Are you on a diet?你在节食吗?Yes.Ive put on a few pounds this winter.是的。今年冬天我重了几磅。I know what you mean,Ive been on a diet ,too.我知道你的意思,我也在节食。I didnt know that.我不知道。 /201208/195085Todd: Hello! Can you introduce yourself please.托德:你好!请你做下自我介绍。Steven: Sure, my name is Steven Patterson and Im from a small town called Brentwood in Essex which is in England.史蒂文:好的,我叫史蒂文·帕特森,我来自英国埃塞克斯郡的布伦特伍德。Todd: OK. Essex. What part of England is that?托德:好,埃塞克斯郡。那里位于英国的哪部分?Steven: Thats in the southeast.史蒂文:在东南部。Todd: Southeast.托德:东南部。Steven: Yeah, yeah. Its attached to London, just next to London.史蒂文:对,没错。与伦敦接壤,就在伦敦旁边。Todd: Oh, OK, but you said its a small town.托德:哦,好的,你刚说那是一个小城镇。Steven: Its quite small, well, relatively small. The populations about 50,000.史蒂文:非常小,嗯,相对来说很小。那里的人口约为5万人。Todd: OK, well what kind of place is your town where you grew up?托德:哦,那你成长的那个城镇是什么样子的?Steven: Um, its actually a very nice town. People often move into Brentwood from the surrounding towns, or from the east end of London. Um, its quite prosperous. Well, you could, in some respects, its a dormant town. People often travel out from Brentwood into London and they work in the city, but its a pleasant place to live. It has lots of countryside around it. Theres a very large country park. Ah, its quite a small town but its, at the high street its quite small but its quite a pleasant town to shop in.史蒂文:实际上那是一个非常不错的城镇。人们经常从附近的城镇或是伦敦东区搬去那里。那个城镇非常繁华。就某些方面来说,那是个沉静的城镇。人们会从布伦特伍德去伦敦上班,不过那里是个适合居住的地方。周边有很多乡村。还有一个很大的郊野公园。虽然那里是个很小的城镇,虽然商业街很小,但是在那里购物还是不错的。Todd: Oh, it sounds nice. Well, now if you live in a little town thats near London is it really expensive?托德:听起来不错。你生活在伦敦附近的一个小城镇,那那里的物价高吗?Steven: Well, Brentwood is particularly expensive just because its a desirable place to live and its proximity to London also makes it, the housing is quite expensive, even a town next to it would have much cheaper housing.史蒂文:布伦特伍德的生活费用非常昂贵,因为那是一个令人向往的居住地,而且因为邻近伦敦,所以那里的房价也很高,而布伦特伍德附近城镇的房价则便宜得多。Todd: Oh, really, cause when I think of a small British village, you know, I think of really old houses, and nothings changed, so do you have modern stuff, like do you have a health club and a movie theater and things like that?托德:真的吗?因为想到英国小型村庄时,我会想到那些老房子,没有任何改变,那你们有现代设施吗,你们有健身俱乐部或是电影院之类的场所吗?Steven: Uh, I think the cinema in Brentwood actually closed down, with the advent of out of town shopping centers they always have their multiplex cinemas with six or eight screens and the cinema in Brentwood only had two screens and it couldnt really compete for everyone has cars these days so they can easily travel to big shopping centers, so that closed down however, yeah, it have a very nice health center and as I said lots of parks to play. Theres lots of opportunity to exercise and do various forms of recreation.史蒂文:嗯,我想布伦特伍德的电影院已经关了,因为城外的购物中心通常里面都设有六或八个银幕的连锁剧院,可是布伦特伍德的电影院只有两个银幕,所以无法和那些影院竞争,现在几乎每个人都有车,所以人们能很容易地开车去大型购物中心,所以布伦特伍德的电影院就关了,但是那里有一个很棒的健康中心,就像我刚说的,还有很多可以游玩的公园。那里有很多锻炼的机会,而且可以进行各种形式的活动。Todd: Wow, sounds like a nice place to live.托德:哇,听起来真是一个居住的好地方。 译文属 /201411/340550

Its cold...so cold it goes deep into your bones.天气好冷,冷得连骨头都在刺痛,与想象的完全不一样。There is one place I can go to find warmth. That is to think of you.但是只要我一想到你就感觉到无比温暖。I just wish I could be back there with you.我真想回去守在你身旁。Dear Rafe. I miss you so much.亲爱的雷夫,我好想你。Its so strange to behalf a world away from you.离你这么远的感觉好奇怪。What do you get for winning?你赢到了什么?Respect.尊严。So, why do you have to fight with your fists to get respect?你为什么要靠拳头才能得到尊严?I left my mama in Texas...and joined the Navy to see the world...become a man.我离开在田纳西的妈妈……我加入海军是为了见见世面……成为男子汉。They made me a cook. Not even that.他们却叫我当厨子,连厨子都不算。I clean up after other sailors eat.我只是清洁工。Two year, they never even let me fire a weapon.两年来没碰过武器。 /201210/206688

Jessica: So Ashley, what are you going to do this summer?杰西卡:阿什莉,今年夏天你打算做什么?Ashley: I am really excited. This summer Im going to my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. We are having a huge party and Im really excited. My entire family is going to be there. Theyre renting a house in Lake Tahoe, which is where my mom grew up, and where my grandparents spent the majority of their life together. Well be there for a week, on the lake, boating, jet skiing, that whole thing, and then this Saturday were having a party with people Ive never even met. Everyones gonna be there. Im really excited.阿什莉:我非常兴奋。今年夏天我要去参加我外祖父母结婚50周年的纪念日。我们会举办一个盛大的派对,我非常非常兴奋。到时我们全家人都会聚齐。他们在太浩湖租了个房子办派对,我母亲是在太浩湖长大的,而我外祖父母在那里共度了他们人生中的太部分时光。我们会在那里待一周的时间,在湖上划船、玩水上托,那就是全部的事情,这周六我会办个派对,我会遇到我从来没见过的人们。所有人都会聚集在那里。我真的很兴奋。Jessica: Oh, thats wonderful. So how many of your family member will be there?杰西卡:哦,那真棒。你们家大概有多少人会参加?Ashley: Oh, gosh, I have no idea. Every time I speak to my mother I hear somebody new who has been invited and somebody else is going to be there. Im really excited. Its going to be a lot of fun. My grandparents are crazy. They actually got engaged a month after they met, and February, the shortest month of the year. My grandfather told my grandmother he loved her a week after they met, and then he proposed and then he was in service so he went away until August. They didnt see each other until they got married. Yeah, my grandmother says, ;If any of you kids do this, well kill you.; I cant believe 50 years later theyre still together.阿什莉:哦,天哪,我不清楚。每次我问我妈,都会听到新加的受邀者名字,还有其他人也要去。我太兴奋了。这肯定很有趣。我外祖父母很疯狂。他们认识一个月后就订婚了,那个月还是一年中最短的二月份。在他们认识一个礼拜以后,我外祖父就对我外祖母说他爱她,之后他求婚了,然后他就去军队役了,直到8月份他都不在外祖母身边。他们直到结婚时才再次见面。所以我外祖母说,“你们这些孩子要是有人这么做,我们会杀了你们的。”我真不敢相信50年以后他们依然在一起。 /201311/263034

cliche 陈词滥调cheesy 令人不快的Corny 陈腐老套tacky 低劣的大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。汉语中,有些影视剧的剧情很老套、模仿很拙劣,或者表演很虚假,这个时候,我们常常会用到“血”这个词来形容。在英语当中,“血”这个意思该怎么说呢?我们来看相关的四个词:1. cliche陈词滥调。如果一部剧的情节很俗,很容易猜到,那就可以用这个词了。比如:The happy ending of the film is a romantic cliche, but I loved it just the same.电影美丽的结尾有些陈词滥调,但我还是喜欢。2. cheesy. If you describe something as cheesy, you mean that it is cheap, unpleasant, or insincere. 廉价、令人不快、虚伪的。大家可以在谷歌上搜索;TVs All-Time Cheesiest Shows;也就是中文当中所说的史上最血电视剧。3. Corny. If you describe something as corny, you mean that it is obvious or sentimental and not at all original. 可以用来形容影视剧的陈腐老套、过于煽情。比如有位家在谈到Meet Dave这部电影时就说:This is a corny idea, a corny film, with a corny plot. But its really not all that bad.点子、电影和情节都很血,不过也没那么差。4. tacky. If you describe something as tacky, you dislike it because it is cheap and badly made or vulgar.简单来讲就是“低劣的”。印度导演Farah Khan(法拉可汗)在接受采访时就曾说:“I don’t make tacky films.”我不拍粗制滥造的电影。我想这也应该是其他导演应有的职业态度。好了,这期我们学习了跟“血”相关的四个词。注意在表达时根据侧重点选择不同的词。今天的节目就是这样了,我们下期见!本栏目由原创,。 /201410/333718

Like father, like son.和你爸一个德行。 /201206/186619

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