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9. I was offered a better position by another company.另一家公司给我提供了一份更好的工作。还能这样说:Another company provided me a better job.I got a better job in another company.谚语:Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl.近墨者黑。10. Im quitting because I want to try something different.我辞职是因为我想尝试不一样的东西。还能这样说:I resign because I want to do something different.Id like to engage a different job so I quit my job.谚语:I succeed because I willed it; I never hesitated.我成功是因为我有决心,从不犹豫。11. I have submitted a formal letter of resignation.我递交了一份正式的辞职报告。还能这样说:I have handed my resignation to my boss.I have presented the reports of my resignation.应用:letter of intent 意向书;letter of introduction 介绍信12. One month should be enough for you to find a replacement for my position.一个月的时间足够您找个人来接替我了。还能这样说:You can find a person to take the place of me in one month.Its enough for you to find a person to take over me in one month.应用:fair enough 有道理;说得对;enough of 对……厌烦的;enough is enough 适可而止;have had enough of sth. 不能或不愿再容忍某事;curiously enough 稀奇的是 /201412/347571Im all at sea.我是一片茫然。 /201212/2136371.跟别人要钱 mooch off someone我最讨厌跟别人要钱得人了。I feel sick of those who mooch off others. /201304/237170

1. Where shall I register?我要在哪儿挂号?还能这样说:How can I register?Where is the registration office?应用:(be) in register 对得齐,配准;on register 有嫌疑,被怀疑,被注意;out of register 对得不齐,没有配准;register as 表现为,显示出2. Is it for emergency case?是看急诊吗?还能这样说:Do you want to have an emergence treatment?Are you asking for an emergence case?应用:a case in point 恰当的例子;a case of conscience 良心问题;a case of dog eat dog 残酷的竞争;a gone case 无可救药的事3. Please queue up to register.请排队挂号。还能这样说:Please wait on line to register.Please line up for register.应用:jump the queue 插队,不按顺序排队等候;企图抢先获得某种东西;queue up for 排队等候4. I think you should see a physician first.我想你应当先看内科大夫。还能这样说:I suggest you register with medical department.You had better see the physician in the first instance.应用:at first 首先,最初;be the first to (do) 最先……的;come in first 获第一名;from first to last 自始至终;一直;from the first 从头,自始 /201305/240062

拒绝邀请Im not sure about it. Ill have to check.我不大清楚。我看一下吧。A: Are you free next Saturday?下周六你有空吗?B: Im not sure about it. Ill have to check.我不大清楚。我看一下吧。I will be busy all day long.我一整天都会很忙。A: Are you free today?l have something to tell you.今天你有空吗?我有事要告诉你。B: Sorry, I will be busy all day long.对不起,我一整天都会很忙。all day long“整天”I wont be free until Wednesday.周三前我都没空。A: I wont be free until Wednesday.周三前我都没空。B: Then what about Thursday?那周四怎么样?Any time except this Sunday.只要不是这个星期天,什么时间都可以。A:Sorry, any time except this Sunday.对不起,只要不是这个星期天,什么时间都可以。B: Then how about this Saturday?那这个星期六可以吗?except和but都可以作介词来表示“除了…”。I have to work overtime tonight.I have to work extra hours tonight.我今晚要加班。A: Sorry,I have to work overtime tonight对不起,我今晚要加班。B:Then have a cup of coffee with me after work.那你下班后我们一起喝杯咖啡吧。overtimer n. 加班 extra a. 额外的Ill have to attend a conference that day.那天我得出席一个会议。A:Would you like to attend our wedding next Saturday?下周六你能参加我们的婚礼吗?B: Unfortunately, Ill have to attend a conference that day.不凑巧,那天我得出席一个会议。unfortunately ad. 不幸地have to意思是“不得不,必须”,含有不情愿的意思。Id love to, but l couldnt.Id love to, but I cant.我很乐意,但是我不能。A: Lets have some drinks.咱们去喝酒吧。B: Id love to, but I couldnt.我很乐意,但是我不能。I dont feel well.我不太舒。A: Thank you for inviting me, but I dont feel well.谢谢你的邀请,但是我不太舒。B: Then have a good rest. Maybe next time.那你好好休息。或许下次吧。 /201412/347677Donny在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是吴琼要问的是:挂羊头卖肉。Donny:Hey 吴琼, 你看,买这个可以赢200块现金奖!WQ:200块?! 哪有这种好事?I mean....Its too...too 什么来着?Donny:Its too good to be true!WQ:没错,Its too good to be true. 哪有这种好事? 你仔细看看,抽奖细则里一定有什么附加条件。Donny, 这种附加条件英文怎么说?Donny:Its called ;catch.; You can say:Its too good to be true. Whats the catch?WQ:Oh, catch, C-A-T-C-H, catch. Whats the catch? 就是“有什么附加条件”?Donny:对。Now 吴琼, tell me how I can win this.WQ:你就别想了! 你看,你要先花五百块买这件产品,然后再去抽奖,率千分之三!这根本就是挂羊头卖肉!Donny:挂羊头卖肉!这种说法好,英文里叫:false advertising!WQ:假广告?没错,就这意思。你别被忽悠啊!Donny:I cant believe I almost got bamboozled!WQ:Bamboo...竹子什么?Donny:是 Bamboozle, B-A-M-B-O-O-Z-L-E, 就是骗人。WQ:换句话说,Bamboozle 就是忽悠别人喽?Donny:Exactly. I almost got bamboozled. 我差点就被忽悠了。WQ:是啊,不是说 There is no such thing as a free lunch. 天下没有免费的午餐嘛!Donny:Yea, youre right! Lets see what youve learned today.第一,哪有那么好的事是 its too good to be true;第二,隐含的附加条件是 catch, as in ;Whats the catch?;第三,挂羊头卖肉是 false advertising;第四,忽悠是 bamboozle! /201305/240659Jessica在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是吴琼要问的:攻略。Jessica:Wuqiong, what are you doing on the computer? Youve spent hours on the Internet!WQ:Jessica, 我下个月要去意大利,出门在外,不先看看旅游攻略怎么行?Jessica:攻略?Are you going to attack Italy?WQ:哪有! 旅游攻略就是去过那里的人写的心得体会,总结建议,这在美语里要怎么说呢?Jessica:I see. You were referring to travel tips. You are right, Wuqiong, flipping through travel guide books and get some tips from the Internet can be really helpful, especially when it is your first trip to a new place.WQ:Yep! For example, I was just looking for ways to get discount on museum tickets, and some of the tips that people shared online came in really handy!Jessica:Make good use of the tips. They also help you avoid tourist traps!WQ:Tourist traps? 哦,就是旅行陷阱吧! 这个最烦人了,Tourist traps are annoying and can spoil the whole trip!Jessica:So, Wuqiong, how long are you going to stay in Italy?WQ:我当然希望可以慢慢走,慢慢看,仔细领略意大利的风景和文化,不过我假期有限,财力也有限,所以只有4天时间。Jessica:Four days only? So you are going to stay in one city?WQ:Actually Im going to tour 4 cities and they are far away from each other.Jessica:I see. This is a whirlwind tour then.WQ:W-h-i-r-l-w-i-n-d, whirlwind 是旋风的意思,whirlwind tour 就是旋风旅游,也就是一阵风似的在很短的时间内去很多地方走马观花。唉,I can only afford a whirlwind tour right now. I really wish I had more time and money.Jessica:You will! Italys not going anywhere. You can always go back someday!WQ:今天我们学了,旅行攻略是 travel tips, 旅游陷阱是tourist trap, 旋风旅行则是 whirlwind tour. /201307/246941

Todd: OK, Hello!托德:你好!Nicoleta: Hello!尼科莱塔:你好!Todd: Whats your name?托德:你叫什么名字?Nicoleta: Nicoleta.尼科莱塔:尼科莱塔。Todd: Hi, Nicoleta. Um, Nicoleta, where are you from?托德:你好,尼科莱塔。嗯,尼科莱塔,你来自哪里?Nicoleta: Germany.尼科莱塔:德国。Todd: Great. Great. Where in Germany?托德:很好。很好。德国的哪里?Nicoleta: Its called Tria, but its quite, quite small.尼科莱塔:一个叫做特里亚的地方,不过那里特别特别小。Todd: OK. So like north, east.托德:好的。那是在北部,东部的地方吧。Nicoleta:Southwest.尼科莱塔:在西南部。Todd: Southwest.托德:西南部。Nicoleta: Exactly.尼科莱塔:没错。Todd: OK.托德:好的。Nicoleta: Near Luxemburg.尼科莱塔:在卢森堡附近。Todd: Oh, OK. Must be pretty. OK, were going to talk about traveling. Do you like to travel?托德:哦,好的。那里一定特别漂亮。好的,我们要谈谈旅行。你喜欢旅行吗?Nicoleta: Yes, Of course.尼科莱塔:是的,当然喜欢。Todd: OK, what places have you visited?托德:嗯,那你都去过哪些地方?Nicoleta: Ive been to some places in Europe and to New York and now Im in Japan.尼科莱塔:我去过欧洲的一些地方,也去过纽约,现在我来到了日本。Todd: Wow, youve been all over. OK, whats your favorite place so far?托德:哇,你去过这么多地方啊。好,到目前为止你最喜欢的地方是哪里?Nicoleta: I have three. The Toscana in Italy. New York and I think Tokyo.尼科莱塔:有三个。意大利的托斯卡纳,纽约,还有东京。Todd: OK, Wow! One in every continent.托德:好的,哇!都在不同的大洲啊。Todd: Do you have a lot of luggage when you travel?托德:你旅行的时候会带很多行李吗?Nicoleta: Yeah, if I can yes. I mean there are limits.尼科莱塔:是的,如果我可以的话。我的意思是会有些限制。Todd: Sure. So how many suitcases did you have when you came to Tokyo?托德:当然。那你来东京的时候带了几个行李箱?Nicoleta: Mm, one. A big one. Yeah, its about 20 kilo, so, yeah.尼科莱塔:嗯,一个。一个大箱子。大约20公斤,嗯。Todd: OK, where would you like to go?托德:好的,你还想去哪儿旅行?Nicoleta: Oh, thats difficult. I dont know. South America maybe.尼科莱塔:哦,这很难回答。我不知道。也许南美洲吧。Todd: OK. Do you speak Spanish?托德:好的。你会说西班牙语吗?Nicoleta: No, but yeah, I mean.尼科莱塔:不会,我的意思是。Todd: Actually, you speak English perfect.托德:实际上,你的英语说得很棒。Nicoleta: Oh, no.尼科莱塔:还好啦。Todd: And you speak German. So, do you speak any other languages?托德:你还会说德语。那你还会其他的语言吗?Nicoleta: Yeah, I speak French and yeah, Im doing a little bit Japanese but..尼科莱塔:会,我会说法语,我现在可以说一点儿日语,但是……Todd: Oh, yeah, its hard yeah!托德:哦,是啊,日语很难!Nicoleta: Its very hard yeah.尼科莱塔:是非常难。Todd: Ive been here four years and my Japanese is terrible. Last question, are you nervous when you fly?托德:我来这里4年了,我的日语还是很糟糕。最后一个问题,你坐飞机的时候会紧张吗?Nicoleta: Yes, definitely.尼科莱塔:会啊,当然了。Todd: Yeah.托德:好的、Nicoleta: Yeah.尼科莱塔:嗯。Todd: Yeah, me too.托德:嗯,我也是。 /201309/258652嘉宾:Debbie Mason 话题:Life changes 年龄与梦想单词拼写: 1、Guernsey:a British islet belongs to the Channel Islands famous for its dairy food. 2、Patients:who are diagnosed with illness 3、Cider:apple juice /apple drink重点俚语: 1、The wrong peg in the wrong hole:what is wrongly matched or not fit 2、Farmers’ market:where organic products are available for sale by farmers问题: 1、How long had Fenella felt that she was the wrong peg in the wrong hole? 2、What does she say her main interest was? 3、How long has she been making cheese? 4、What does her husband do? 5、What does she say she smells of all the time? : 1、Fenella had felt that she was the wrong peg in the wrong hole by 20 years, though she loved the patients, she thought she should be a self employer, did not like to be a part in a huge organization.. 2、She says her main interest was food, as she had no land to grow apple trees, make cider, so she decided to make cheese. 3、She’s been making cheese for 2 years . 4、Her husband is an accountant. 5、She says she smells of sour milk all the time . /201311/263930

嘉宾:Debbie Mason话题:外国人过 Valentine’s Day!单词拼写:1. status 社会地位2. necessarily: next to essential 必要地重点俚语:1. in lieu of: in place of 代替2. get sb. down: make sb. feel depressed 让……失望3. a nice touch: a small thing makes the whole thing special 点缀,画龙点睛问题:1. What’s the first speaker going to do on Valentine’s Day, and who with?2. Where will the second speaker be?3. What does the last speaker think of Valentine’s Day?:1. She’s going to Paris to watch the rugby, with 30 men pairs, what more could a girl want?2. To be with her children in Japan3. It’s opportunity to do something different nice things for anyone, not necessarily with GF or BF. /201310/260598

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