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What began as an appeal on social media turned into an event that organisers say gathered more than 100,000 people in central London in support of refugees.社交媒体上开始报道这一事件,伦敦市中心聚集100,000多人持难民。Just hours after he had become the new leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn also turned up to deliver a “speech”:在刚成为工党下议院新领导人几小时后,杰里米·柯比也出面发表“演讲”A similar if smaller rally was held in Copenhagen.在哥本哈根同样举行了类似小规模的集会。“I think we are just here to show solidarity with the refugees, they’re just looking for just a bit of humanity from people in a world which sees they’ve lost so much. So we want to show our support and tell people that refugees are welcome in England,” said one man.“在这里,我们只是表达我们要和难民团结在一起,他们失去了太多,他们只是寻求一点人道主义。所以我们持他们,也告诉人们英国欢迎难民。”“We’re here today with our families to say that our government should open the border and let these refugees in. These people aren’t here for benefits, they’re escaping our bombs and it’s about time we take our responsibilities to the decades of chaos we caused in the Middle East,” said one woman.“今天我们与家人在这里,告诉我们政府应该开放边境,让难民进来。这些人来这里不是为了利益,他们逃脱我们的炸弹。数十年来我们引发中东国家混乱,现在是我们负责任的时候。”However anti-migrant events were held in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, underlining an emerging east-west split in opinion over the refugees’ plight. The EU’s eastern members have refused Germany’s proposals for as to sp the burden.然而,在捷克、波兰和斯洛伐克反移民事件在上演,强调关于难民困境引发东西分裂的观点。欧盟成员国拒绝了德国为分散负担提出的难民配额提议。译文属。 /201509/398895连江县看不孕专业医院TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201601/418369福州市检查卵巢费用都是今天的节目我们要说说各种有钱、没钱的英语说法。从broke到rollin in the dough and many more in between.你是哪一种呢?201507/389374DHA, the key omega-3 fatty acid, DHA作为主要的欧美加3脂肪酸must be deposited in adequate amounts in the brain必须充分存储在大脑和and other tissues during fetal其他组织中,这主要是指在怀期间and early post-natal life.和胎儿出生后一段时间内Several studies have shown an association有好几项研究表明between maternal dietary intake of oily fish母亲在期及/或哺乳期摄入富含油的鱼类or oils providing omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy and/or lactation或是提供欧美加3的脂肪酸and visual and cognitive development of infants.与婴儿的视觉和认知发育有联系Pregnant and lactating women should aim to妇和哺乳期妇女应当achieve a dietary intake of DHA努力通过饮食摄入的DHAat least 200 milligrams a day.至少达到每天200毫克Intakes up to 1 gram a day DHA have been used每天摄入1克DHAin randomized trials已经列入随机测试了without occurrence of significant adverse affects.并没有出现显著的不良影响Women of child bearing age育龄妇女can meet the recommended intake of DHA要达到建议的DHA摄入量by consuming one to two portions of oily fish per week.应当每周吃一到两份富含油的鱼类This intake of oily fish rarely exceeds富含油的鱼类的摄入量很少超出the tolerable intake of environmental contaminants.可承受的环境污染物的摄入量Dietary fish should be selected from a wide range of应当广泛选择食用的鱼类species without undue preference for large,不要过度偏好大的predatory fish which are more likely掠食性鱼类,因为这些鱼更有可能to be contaminated with methyl mercury.遭受甲基汞的污染Intake of omega-3 fatty acids can also be achieved摄入欧美加3脂肪酸with flaxseed and canola oils.可以通过食用亚麻仁和菜籽油Some studies have shown that有研究表明higher maternal intake of fish or oils母亲食用的鱼肉或油类越多results in a slightly longer during of gestation,怀期会略长a somewhat higher birth weight,婴儿的出生体重也会重一些and a reduced risk of early preterm delivery.早产的风险也会降低The clinical importance of such effects with regard to infant health这些影响婴儿健康的临床重要性has not been fully elucidated.还未得到完全阐明Screenings for dietary inadequacies要筛查妇饮食中in omega-3 fatty acids should be performed during pregnancy,摄入欧美加3脂肪酸是否不足preferably during the first trimester.特别是早期妊娠阶段If less than desirable dietary habits are detected,如果检测到一些不太好的饮食习惯individual counseling should be offered应当提供个别咨询during pregnancy as well as during lactation.无论是在期还是哺乳期During pregnancy, calcium is needed怀期间很需要钙元素for the development of babys bones, teeth,有助于婴儿的骨骼,牙齿heart, nerves, and muscles.心脏,神经和肌肉的发育When a pregnant women does not consume如果妇没有摄入enough calcium, it is removed足够的钙元素from her bones for the baby;钙元素会通过母体转移到婴儿身上therefore, it is important to consume 1,000 milligrams因此,应当每天摄入1000毫克钙元素of calcium a day before, during, and after pregnancy.在怀前,怀期间,怀后都应摄入That means at least three daily servings也就是说,至少每天要摄入三次of calcium rich foods such as low-fat富含钙的食物,如低脂or fat-free milk, yogurt, or cheese或无脂牛奶,酸奶,奶酪or calcium-fortified cereals and juices.富含钙的杂粮和浓缩果汁等等If you choose to get your calcium如果选择from fortified juices, avoid those通过浓缩果汁摄入钙元素,那就要避免with high sugar content.那些含糖量很高的Vitamin D is important for the absorption维生素D对吸收钙元素至关重要of calcium, without Vitamin D,没有钙元素calcium isnt absorbed as ily into the body.钙元素就无法顺利吸收到身体里Vitamin D can come from two sources,维生素D的来源有两种the diet and the sun.饮食和阳光Vitamin D can be synthesized维生素D可以in the skin exposed to the sunlight在经过阳光照射的皮肤上合成and only ten to fifteen minutes of exposure per day每天只需晒10到15分钟太阳is needed to maintain Vitamin D levels.就可以维持维生素D的水平了However, the ability to make Vitamin D但是,合成维生素D的能力is influenced by skin color and genetics受肤色和基因的影响as well as the angle of the sun.同时还受阳光角度的影响201503/364316福州附一医院收费贵吗

福州哪里可以割包皮福州武警医院电话号码多少Without cold water sinking at the poles, the ocean conveyor would collapse.没有南北两极冷水下沉大洋输送带就会崩溃You only fully appreciate just how important the ocean conveyor你只是刚刚完全明白大洋输送带的重要性is to life on Earth when it goes wrong.如果它出错了地球上的生命会有何遭遇Many believe this happened and it helped cause the death它曾发生过,导致了地球上of almost every living thing on the planet.几乎所有生物体的死亡This catastrophe happened 250 million years ago这次灾难发生在2亿5千万年前and these were the creatures in the firing line.这些就是在前线的生物They werent dinosaurs.它们不是恐龙This was an age well before dinosaurs walked the Earth.这是恐龙出现在地球上之前的年代It was a time of increasing global warming.这是温室效应不断增强的时代Rising temperatures made life hard, but things were about to get much worse.温度升高导致生活艰难但是一切会变得更糟糕As global temperatures continued to rise,随着地球温度不断升高the oceans warmed up so much that the cold water at the poles could no longer sink.海洋温度也升高 两极的冷水无法再下沉The crucial link in the ocean conveyor had been broken.大洋输送带这个关键联系被打破了So the ocean currents stopped moving and the sea became a graveyard.所以海洋洋流停止运动大海变成了坟墓201511/412202福州治疗输卵管积水去哪比较好英语非常道 第10期:名师2011年雅思考试趋势(下)201508/385185龙岩输卵管通水要多少钱

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