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福州治疗多囊卵巢综合症最好的医院福州哪些医院输卵管复通术比较好三明市微创复通那家医院好 Flight on-time rate lowers航班正点率连续下降The punctuality rate of domestic flights has declined for a 4th straight year in 2014 to 68.37%, according to the National Civil Aviation Efficiency Report 2014 released by Civil Aviation Administration of China.民航局发布的《2014年全国民航航班运行效率报告》显示,去年我国航班正点率连续第四年下降至68.37%。Although the number of flights keeps growing by 10.8% annually on average from 2006 to 2014, on-time performance appears to be declining by about 1.46% per year.报告称,2006-2014年,我国航班量持续快速增长,年均增长达10.8%,但是航班正点率也呈下滑趋势,年均约下降1.46%。Air China boasted the best on-time performance, followed by China Southern Airlines and Sichuan Airlines, and all of their punctuality rates exceeded 70%.航班正点率最高的前三位航空公司依次是国航、南航和四川航空公司,正常率均高于70%。As for the 10 airlines whose punctuality rate was below 65%, China ed Airlines came right at the bottom of the list with 55.57%, Hebei Airlines was placed 2nd to last with 58.82%.而10家航班正点率低于65%的航企中,中联航排名垫底,仅为55.57%;河北航空公司其次,正点率为58.82%,Others include Xiamen Airlines, Tibet Airlines and Chongqing Airlines.其余航企还包括厦门航空、西藏航空、重庆航空等。 /201505/377563A little over a year ago, I would probably have dismissed Amanda Holden’s newly revealed ambition to become a “young grandmother” as absurd.近日英国女演员兼《英国达人》评审阿曼达#8226;霍尔顿(Amanda Holden)表示希望自己能做个“年轻的祖母”。一年多前,我也许会认为这个想法很荒谬。I would have raised my eyebrows and frowned (something Amanda herself might find hard to do) at the idea that the 43-year-old actress and Britain’s Got Talent judge was interested in anything other than turning back time.当时要是听到这位43岁的演员只热衷于让时光倒流,我也许会扬起眉毛、眉头深锁。What woman – I used to think – would seriously be anxious to undergo the most ageing experience of her life? Particularly Ms Holden, who was pictured just days ago slipping out to supper in white shorts and six-inch stilettos?我过去常想什么样的女人会真的担心衰老呢?霍尔顿就是个例子,媒体几天前拍到她身穿白色热裤,蹬着6英寸的细高跟鞋外出吃晚餐。“Young grandmother”, I always thought, was the ultimate contradiction in terms.我一直认为“年轻的祖母”是个最自相矛盾的说法了。But 12 and a half months after the arrival of my granddaughter Edie, I now know how wrong I was – and how right Amanda is to worry that she won’t get to be a granny until she is 80. Far from turning my hair grey and hastening the advent of false teeth and Tena Lady Pants, grandparenting has been ridiculously rejuvenating and made me just a little smug that – unlike Amanda and an increasing number of other women today – I had children in my twenties (Amanda had her first daughter at 34 and her second at 41).12个半月前,我的孙女伊迪(Edie)的降世,我才意识到自己真是大错特错。阿曼达担心自己80岁才能当上祖母完全是有道理的。现在,我离满头白发、一口假牙和穿成人纸尿裤的岁数还有好长一段时间。作为一个祖母,我仍然神采焕发,这让我庆幸自己在20多岁就生了小孩,而不像阿曼达和越来越多的女性那样推迟生育(阿曼达34岁生第一个女儿,41岁生第二个女儿)。Indeed the “Edie Effect” on my life – for which, thank you, Bryony and Harry – has turned out to be the most marvellous anti-ageing procedure anyone could imagine, to a point that is very nearly infantile (particularly when my granddaughter and I are crawling round the house together whooping with laughter).的确“伊迪效应”(Eddie Effect)(这点我真得感谢我的女儿和女婿)让我体验了他人无法想象的逆生长经历,尤其当我和孙女一块在房子四周爬来爬去大声欢笑时,我甚至觉得自己回到了婴儿时期。More uninhibited and less pressured as a young grandmother than I was when I was a young mother, I can live in the moment with Edie, happily spending hours sitting in the garden looking for “birdies” (her favourite thing right now) and singing along with Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy as we watch In the Night Garden on CBeebies (a programme that makes Mummy ill).与刚当上母亲那会相比,我现在更加无拘无束,也没什么压力。我可以活在当下,花上几个小时和伊迪一起坐在花园里找“小鸟儿”(这是伊迪现在最喜欢的东西),看动画片《花园宝宝》(In the Night Garden on CBeebies)时跟着“花园宝宝”一起唱歌。Sadly, though, the pleasure and privilege of being a young grandmother is something that more and more women will miss out on as the move to later motherhood continues (three babies a week are now being to women in their sixth decade).遗憾的是,由于越来越多女性推迟生育年龄(现在每周出生的婴儿中平均有三个是60岁年龄段女性所生),她们无法享受年轻祖母的快乐和好处了。As a result, among my own peer group (women in their sixth decade!) there are clear signs of the development of “granny envy”.所以看得出来,我的同龄人(60多岁的女性)明显在羡慕那些当祖母的人。It is only with my friends who are also grandmothers that I can really relax and talk with undiluted sentimentality about the beauty and the brilliance of “my Edie Bear”.我只有和那些同样当了祖母的朋友在一起时才能真正放心畅谈我漂亮聪明的孙女。Just as motherhood is a universal bond, so is grand-motherhood – and, yes, maybe there is an element of competition also, that makes me sometimes check myself when I overhear the oft-repeated words: “Oh, she’s so bright/adorable/funny/beautiful…”和母爱一样,祖母对孙辈的感情也同样强烈。当然了,也许也有竞争的因素作祟,所以有时候,当我无意间听到那些不断提及的溢美之词时,例如“哦,她太聪明了”、“真可爱!”、“太有趣了”或“真漂亮”,有时我总是会忍不住沾沾自喜。But there is a practical and quite serious reason, too, for Amanda Holden’s admitted desire to be a young grandmother. In an age when financial pressure means that both parents often have to work and child care is so prohibitive, granny (and granddad) provide a vital support.不过就阿曼达#8226;霍尔顿想早点当上祖母这件事来说,也有实际和严肃的考虑。现在人们的经济压力很大,父母不得不忙于工作而无法照料孩子,祖母(和祖父)能提供重要帮助。Britain’s 9.8 million-strong army of us look after our grandchildren for an average 8.2 hours a week (saving our children between #163;1,659 and #163;2,437 a year).英国980万的“祖父母军团”每周平均照料祖孙8.2个小时(每年能为子女省下1659至2437英镑。)And while in your fifties and sixties you are mentally alert enough to cope with things such as collapsing and reassembling a Bugaboo Cameleon, operating a digital baby monitor or using the microwave steam steriliser, you might have trouble in your seventies and eighties.五六十岁的时候,你还能有很好的精神状态来拆分或组装婴儿车、操纵婴儿监控器或使用微波蒸汽消毒机,但到了七八十岁的时候,干这些事可能就没这么轻松了。Being a hands-on granny demands a degree of physical fitness, too, that may be beyond those who have health problems.当一个亲力亲为的祖母意味着要有个好身体,而有健康问题的人可能就没办法胜任了。On the plus side, for the young granny this physical effort can make a welcome alternative to the punishing regimes non-grannies still endure (who needs Bikram yoga or Pilates when you can have a hilarious “babyweight” workout dancing Edie round the room to the tune of Pharrell Williams singing Happy?)当年轻祖母的一个好处是,你可以把带孩子当成一种锻炼,不用像那些没当上祖母的同龄人那样费力地运动。(和伊迪这样一个孙女一起随着美国歌手法瑞尔#8226;威廉姆斯(Pharrell Williams)的歌《快乐》(Happy)在房子四周跑跑跳跳,谁还需要练热瑜伽呢?)On the downside, of course, we young grandmothers do still have to cope with the prejudices of the rest of society: those who will call you “Granny” in a way that is beyond patronising and seem to think that your only possible interests in life are baking, knitting, gardening and Saga holidays.当然,这也有坏处。我们这些年轻的祖母还是不得不面对社会上的一些偏见:那些屈尊俯就地叫你一声“奶奶”的人似乎认为我们的生活乐趣只不过是烘焙、织毛衣、照料花园和随团旅行。But if the rest of the world might think you are past it, your darling little grandchild has no conception of age. Indeed, he or she offers you the kind of adoration (and endless cuddles) that more than makes up for the ageism of grown-ups – and, what’s more, gives you the strength to blow raspberries back at them.但就算整个世界都认为你老得不中用了,你可爱的孙子或孙女可没有年龄的概念。他们对你的那种尊敬(和数不尽的拥抱)很好地弥补了成年人对你的年龄歧视,还让你信心满满地予以还击。 /201405/296753福州精液常规检查哪里好

福建省费用保健院看不孕不育多少钱When it comes to difficult government jobs, few are as tricky as the one held by Xie Zhenhua, China’s chief negotiator on climate change.说到政府部门的职位,很少有比中国在气候变化问题上的首席谈判代表解振华的工作更棘手的。On the day he agrees to meet the Financial Times, in a room the size of a basketball court near his office in the country’s economic planning ministry, the air outside is “unhealthy”. At least, that is what it says on the smartphone air quality apps people in Beijing check as obsessively as Londoners watch weather forecasts.不久前,解振华同意接受英国《金融时报》的采访,地点安排在他在中国发改委的办公室附近一间篮球场大小的房间里。当天户外的空气质量为“不健康”;至少,智能手机上的空气质量应用是这么说的。北京市民对此类应用的痴迷程度,不亚于伦敦人对天气预报的重视。Much of the smog comes from cars but it also drifts in from the coal-powered plants that have helped propel China’s economy into second place after the US – and turned it into a carbon dioxide polluter like no other.大量雾霾来自汽车尾气,但燃煤电厂也是来源之一。这些电厂推动中国成为仅次于美国的第二大经济体,也将这个国家变成世界头号二氧化碳排放国。China’s hunger for coal meant it pumped out almost 10 gigatons of CO2 in 2012, more than the US and the EU combined and nearly a third of the global total. Despite its 1.3bn population, China’s emissions per head are higher than those of France, Italy and Spain and nearly equal to the EU average.中国对煤炭的巨大需求意味着,它在2012年排放了近100亿吨二氧化碳,超过美国和欧盟(EU)的总和,占全球总排放的近三分之一。尽管拥有13亿人口,但中国的人均排放量仍高于法国、意大利和西班牙,几乎等于欧盟平均水平。This makes Mr Xie’s position difficult. For most of the past decade, the 64-year-old engineer has represented China in the international climate talks launched nearly 20 years ago to curb emissions of CO2 , the main man-made greenhouse gas scientists say is warming the atmosphere to potentially dangerous levels.这让解振华的处境很困难。在过去10年的大部分时间里,这位现年64岁、工程师出身的官员代表中国参加国际气候谈判。这些谈判于近20年前启动,目的是遏制二氧化碳排放。二氧化碳是主要的人为制造的温室气体,科学家称,它正使大气层的温度升至潜在危险的水平。Those talks have failed to stop the fastest rise in emissions on record over the past decade, due in large part to China, which has resisted outside pressure to rein in carbon pollution.谈判未能阻止排放量在过去10年创下有记录以来最快的增速。这在很大程度上要归因于中国,中国一直在抵制外界要求其控制碳排放污染的压力。Mr Xie has been known to bang the odd table in climate talks when confronted with what he felt were unrealistic demands from other countries. But now, he says, the pollution visible each day outside his windows is forcing China to change regardless of what the outside world wants.在气候谈判中,如果解振华认为其他国家提出了过分的要求,他有时会拍桌,这让他出名。但现在他表示,窗外天天可见的污染,正在迫使中国做出改变——无论外国提出什么样的要求。“It’s fair to say the smog issue and climate change issue are caused to some extent by the same source,” he says. “The smog has pushed us to make greater decisions to accelerate the transformation of our development and living model, and transform the economic, industrial and energy structure.”“不夸张地说,雾霾问题和气候变化问题在一定程度上是相同来源造成的,”他表示,“雾霾促使我们做出更重大的决定,加速转变发展和生活模式,转变经济、工业和能源结构。”In other words, China wants to build on what Mr Xie describes as the “tremendous efforts” aly made to replace coal power with cleaner energy sources as its economy matures and becomes less reliant on heavy industry. The question is whether China is willing, or even able, to make such changes in time to prevent global temperatures warming to potentially risky levels.换言之,随着中国经济日渐成熟和降低对重工业的依赖,它希望在解振华所称的用更清洁能源代替燃煤发电的“巨大努力”基础上,更上一层楼。问题在于,中国愿不愿意(或者能不能够)及时做出改变,阻止全球气温升至潜在高风险的水平?Mr Xie bristles at the question. “Sometimes the international community wonders whether China will take real action,” he says. “There should be no question on this issue. China will definitely take action, not only in terms of protecting people’s livelihoods and health but also making a contribution to global climate-change efforts.”对于这个问题,解振华面露愠色。“国际社会有时候怀疑中国会不会采取切实行动,”他表示,“这件事应该是不存在问题的。中国肯定会采取行动,不仅是为了保护人民的生命财产和健康,也要为全球应对气候变化的努力做出贡献。”It is true that China is taking astonishing strides to switch from coal to cleaner forms of power. Of the 94 gigawatts of new generating capacity it installed last year, almost 60 per cent was renewable. That included more than 11GW of solar, enough to power a small Chinese city and more than any country has built in a single year.没错,中国正在迈出惊人的大步,从燃煤发电转向更清洁的发电方式。去年中国新增的9400万千瓦发电装机容量中,近60%使用可再生能源。这其中包括超过1100万千瓦的太阳能,足以为中国的一座小型城市供电,并且高于其他任何国家一年的新增装机容量。Solar, wind and hydropower now account for nearly a third of its installed electricity generating capacity, compared with less than 15 per cent in the US. It is also piloting emissions trading systems that could lead to a national carbon market by 2020.目前,太阳能、风电和水电占中国发电装机总量的近三分之一,而美国的这一比例不到15%。中国还在进行排放交易系统的试点,有望到2020年建立全国性的碳市场。But its addiction to coal is far from over. Fossil fuels, mostly coal, still make up nearly 70 per cent of its power generating capacity. Although it plans to boost sharply its nuclear and renewable power, it is also expected to add 248GW of coal capacity between now and 2020, according to IHS, the consultancy – equal to about three new coal plants every month.但中国对煤炭的依赖还远未结束。化石燃料(主要是煤炭)仍占发电能力的近70%。尽管中国计划大幅增加核电和可再生能源发电的比重,但咨询机构IHS表示,预计2020年前中国也将新增24800万千瓦的燃煤发电装机容量,相当于每月新建约三座燃煤电厂。Other factors underline the im#173;mense scale of the challenge China faces as it tries to wean itself off the coal choking its cities. Hydropower dams are by far is main source of renewable energy but cannot be ex#173;panded infinitely. Nuclear power is ex#173;pensive. The country’s shale gas industry is in its infancy. Coal is not just cheap – it is ingrained in an economy that is the world’s workshop.燃煤让中国的城市乌烟瘴气。但在中国试图摆脱对煤炭的依赖之际,其它一些因素突显中国面对的巨大挑战。水电大坝目前是中国遥遥领先的最主要可再生能源,但不可能无止境地建设下去。核电成本高昂。中国的页岩气行业仍处于发展初期。煤炭不仅廉价,在身为世界工厂的中国经济中,煤炭也根深蒂固、盘根错节。Interviews with officials and advisers working on energy and climate policies suggest China has something in common with St Augustine, who prayed for chastity but not yet.对能源和气候政策领域的官员和顾问的采访似乎表明,中国与圣奥古斯丁(St Augustine)有共同之处。后者曾祈祷:“赐予我贞洁吧,但不是现在。”Yes, it wants to reduce its emissions, but perhaps not as fast as climate science might dictate.没错,中国希望减少排放,但它或许不想以气候科学可能要求的速度迅速减排。Despite 30 years of remarkable economic growth, China still has almost 100m people living below the national poverty line of Rmb2,300 a year, or less than 0. The idea that it should cut its emissions as fast as western countries before it achieves a comparable standard of living remains deeply unpopular. “China is not Chad,” says Mr Xie, referring to one of the world’s poorest countries. “But on the other hand, China is not the US, the EU or even Japan.”虽然30年来中国的经济增长令人瞩目,但中国仍有近1亿人生活在每年2300元人民币(不到400美元)的国家贫困线以下。中国应当在实现与西方可比的生活水平之前像西方那么快地减排——这种观点仍极不受欢迎。“中国不是乍得,”解振华提到的乍得是世界最贫穷的国家之一,“但另一方面,中国也不是美国、欧盟或日本。”Those countries’ emissions peaked when per capita GDP was ,000 to ,000, and sometimes as much as ,000, he says, yet the figure in China is still around ,000.他表示,这些国家的碳排放在人均GDP达到1万至1.5万美元(一些情况下甚至是3万美元)时达到顶峰,而中国的人均GDP还在6000美元左右。So what does China really want? Part of the answer may come in September when heads of state are expected to spell out how they plan to tackle climate change at the UN.那么,中国真正想要的是什么?今年9月各国首脑在联合国(UN)阐述各自的气候变化对策时,我们或许将看出一些眉目。The event has been designed to focus attention on the international climate negotiations, which are due to produce a global deal on tackling carbon emissions late next year in Paris.按计划,此次联合国会议将重点关注国际气候谈判。此轮谈判定于在明年后期的巴黎气候大会上达成应对碳排放的全球协议。China has said it will cut the amount of carbon it produces as a proportion of GDP by at least 40 per cent from 2005 levels by 2020. This is a far cry from the absolute cut in emissions offered by the EU, the US and other industrialised economies.中国表示,到2020年,其碳排放与GDP的比例将至少比2005年水平降低40%。比起欧盟、美国和其他工业化国家提出的排放量绝对值削减,中国的目标相去甚远。China’s position is understandable, says Prof Detlef van Vuuren of the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, who was also an author of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.但政府间气候变化问题小组(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC)最新报告的作者之一、荷兰环境评估局(PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)的德特勒夫#8226;范维伦(Detlef van Vuuren)表示,中国的立场可以理解。China’s economy is growing much faster than that of European countries, “so for us it is much easier to reduce emissions in an absolute sense”, he says.他表示,中国经济增长远远快于欧洲国家,“所以对我们来说,削减排放量绝对值要容易得多。”That raises the question of when China’s emissions are likely to peak, either naturally or with policy effort.这就带出了一个问题:中国的排放量何时将见顶(自然或是受政策努力的影响)?The Dutch agency recently took part in a sweeping study that tried to answer this question using a range of climate-economy models. Most suggested that without more stringent policies, emissions would keep rising until at least 2050.荷兰环境评估局近期参与了一项大范围的研究,该项研究借助一系列气候-经济模型来尝试回答这个问题。大多数模型似乎显示,若没有更严厉的政策,排放增长将至少延续至2050年。They showed the most cost-effective way of stopping global temperatures rising more than 2C from pre-industrial times – a threshold some scientists say should not be breached – is for China’s emissions to peak shortly after 2020. Temperatures have aly risen by nearly 1C.这些模型表明,若要阻止全球气温升高到比工业化之前时期高出2摄氏度(一些科学家称,不应突破这一门槛)的水平,成本效益最好的办法是让中国的排放量在2020年后不久见顶。全球气温已经比工业化之前升高了近1摄氏度。Action could be delayed beyond 2030 but this would be more costly because it would require deeper emissions cuts later. Could China stop its emissions rising as early as 2020?行动可以推迟到2030年以后,但代价将更为高昂,因为那将要求对排放量进行更大幅度的削减。中国能否在2020年就阻止排放量继续上升?The influential Beijing think-tanks and institutes that advise ministries such as the National Development and Reform Commission, where Mr Xie is vice-chairman, have been working on an assessment of a likely peaking period.北京一些具有影响力、为国家发改委(解振华担任副主任)等政府部门提供建议的智库和研究机构一直在评估排放量可能在何时见顶。The findings may be y in time for the September summit but there is still plenty of disagreement about a realistic peaking date, according to analysts working on the topic.到9月份联合国峰会时,研究结果可能已经出炉。但研究这一课题的分析人士表示,各方对于现实的见顶日期还存在不少分歧。“Frankly, we have a very broad range of projections,” says Zou Ji of China’s National Centre for Climate Change Strategy. “Xie and Su Wei [Mr Xie’s negotiating colleague in the climate talks] ask us again and again, which figure is more reliable and more reasonable?”“坦白地说,我们预测的结果区间很大,”中国国家气候变化战略中心的邹骥表示,“解振华和苏伟(与解振华一同出席气候谈判的代表)三番五次问我们,哪一份数据更可靠、更合理?”The trouble is there are enormous problems to consider, he says. “People say: ‘Oh, coal is so dirty, let’s shut down the coal mines.’ But on the other hand we also see a very rapid increase in demand for electricity and it seems we cannot stop that.他表示,困难在于要考虑许多严峻的问题。“人们说:‘哎,煤炭太脏了,把煤矿关掉吧。’但另一方面,我们发现用电需求迅速增加,看上去也无法阻止这一势头。“Furthermore, we also see over 10m employees in coal factories. If we shut down some of the coal mines, how will those unemployed workers be addressed with a very weak social security system?”“此外,煤企雇佣着1000多万人。如果我们关闭一些煤矿,考虑到社会保障体系十分薄弱,失业工人应当如何安排?”Small wonder that Fuqiang Yang, senior climate and energy adviser at the Natural Resources Defense Council, a US group that operates in China, says the emissions-peaking debate has been fraught. “The first study five years ago said China’s emissions peak will be in 2035. Many Chinese government officials said ‘Why did you say that? It’s too soon’#8202;”难怪在中国开展研究项目的美国自然资源保护委员会(Natural Resources Defense Council)的气候与能源高级顾问杨富强表示,围绕碳排放何时见顶的辩论一直问题重重。“五年前的第一项研究称,中国的排放量峰值将在2035年到来。许多中国政府官员表示‘为什么这么说?太早了。’”He Jiankun of China’s Tsinghua University is one of the most senior advisers on climate change and has spent months trying to balance the myriad unknown variables that go into calculating China’s likely emissions peak.中国清华大学的何建坤是气候变化问题上最为资深的顾问之一,最近他花费数月时间权衡大量未知变量,计算中国排放量可能见顶的日期。These include how much its growing economy will slow down in the coming decades; what the energy mix will be and how much more efficient the industrial and transport structure will become.这些变量包括:中国增长中的经济在未来几十年将以多大的幅度放缓;未来的能源结构将是什么样的;以及工业和交通的效率将提高多少。It is a tough calculation in a planned economy that rarely performs according to the plan.对于中国这样很少按计划运行的计划经济,估算的难度很大。He figures the peak will be around 2030, based on the idea that economic growth will gradually slow to about 5 per cent a year, that more of China’s energy will be generated from low-carbon sources and that it will be able to reduce the amount of pollutants generated per unit of GDP by 3.5 per cent every year for the next 16 years.他估计,峰值将在2030年前后出现,依据是中国经济年增速将逐渐降至5%左右,中国更多能源产出将来自低碳来源,以及中国能够在未来16年将单位GDP产生的污染物每年降低3.5%。Any number of Prof He’s calculations are open to disagreement. Just discussing whether China’s one-party system can sustain an economic slowdown to less than 5 per cent is difficult for Chinese researchers. But the weight of probability points to a deceleration of the economy from today’s 7.4 per cent growth.何建坤教授估算的任何一个数字都可能引发意见分歧。中国的一党制体系能否承受经济放缓至5%以下?光是讨论这个问题,就让中国的研究人员头疼。但概率加权显示,经济增速将从目前的7.4%逐渐减速。There is a risk that if growth slows too fast it will trigger another attempt by Beijing to juice the economy with a shot of loose credit, as it did in 2008 after the global financial crisis and, to a lesser extent, last summer.目前存在的一个风险是:如果增长放缓过于剧烈,中国政府将试图为经济注入又一轮宽松信贷,它在2008年全球金融危机后曾这样做过,去年夏天又再次祭出此招,尽管规模较小。Such stimulus efforts tend to flood the state-owned, heavy industrial sector with money, unbalancing any natural transition in the economy to a more mature, service-led structure.此类刺激往往意味着向国有的重工业注入大量资金,从而扰乱中国经济自然地向更成熟、务业主导的结构转型。A bigger problem is the assumption that China can continue to wring the same amount of energy efficiency and improvements in emissions year after year, long after the low-hanging fruit has been plucked.更大的一个问题是,估算基于这样一种假设:在“好摘的果子”摘完之后,中国还能继续年复一年地取得等量的能效和减排改善。One notable aspect of a recent paper by Prof He, however, is the extent to which it examines how emissions peaked in the US, the EU and Japan as their economies moved beyond the rapid industrialisation China is now undergoing.不过,何建坤近期一篇论文中有一点值得关注:它深入研究了美国、欧盟和日本经济在走过中国正经历的快速工业化之后,它们的排放量是如何见顶的。And that goes to the heart of what China offers in the Paris climate talks. “China is definitely going to offer more ambitious mitigation action and contributions than what it has offered previously,” Prof He has said in an interview.这将触及中国在巴黎气候大会上提议的核心。“中国无疑将比以往提出更为宏伟的减排目标,做出更大的贡献,”何建坤在一次采访中表示。But this will depend on progress in the negotiations, he added, “including the principle of equity”.但他补充称,这将取决于谈判的进展,包括“公平原则”。Environment: Still dreaming of a blue sky环境:不变的蓝天之梦The smog was so bad that people’s eyes streamed on the way to work. Drivers had to pull over to the side of the road because they could not see for their tears. Officials fretted the pollution was a menace to aviation.雾霾如此严重,以至于人们上班路上会流泪。驾驶员不得不把车停到路边,因为眼泪模糊了他们的视线。官员们担心污染威胁航空安全。This was not Beijing, Shanghai or any of the other Chinese cities where a thick pall of smog regularly engulfs residents. It was Los Angeles almost 60 years ago, one of two western cities famous for choking levels of air pollution.这不是北京、上海或是任何一座经常被浓重雾霾笼罩的中国城市,而是近60年前的洛杉矶。西方有两座城市曾以呛人的空气污染而闻名,洛杉矶是其一。The other was London, where smog blanketed the city so heavily in 1952 that it killed an estimated 4,000 people.另一座是伦敦。1952年,浓雾笼罩伦敦,据估计导致4000人丧生。It took decades for each city to clean their skies but Xie Zhenhua, China’s top climate change official, thinks Beijing’s smog can be fixed in as little as five years, even though its pollution is in some ways more dire.它们各花了数十年才恢复了天空的清洁,但中国在气候变化问题上的最高级别官员解振华(见右图)认为,虽然北京的污染在某些方面更为严重,但该市的雾霾可以在短短5年时间内解决。“The London smog was caused mainly by coal combustion and sulphur dioxide emissions and Los Angeles’ smog was mainly caused by auto emissions,” he says.“伦敦雾霾主要由燃煤和二氧化硫排放引起,洛杉矶的雾霾主要由汽车尾气排放引起,”他表示。China has suffered both problems simultaneously, he adds, but by absorbing lessons from abroad it should be able to tackle its smog faster.他补充称,中国正同时遭遇上述两种问题,但如果汲取国外教训,它应当能更快地解决雾霾问题。“We have published 10 measures to address air pollution,” says Mr Xie. “If those measures can be honoured, it will take five to 10 years for Beijing to have a clear sky.”“我们公布了10项措施来解决空气污染,”解振华表示,“如果认真落实这些措施,5到10年就能还北京一片晴空。”Whether this comes to pass remains to be seen but there is no lack of plans being rolled out to address China’s unnerving environmental woes. There appears to be an air of increasing openness about the problem. This month, a government report that had previously been classified a state secret was published, showing one-fifth of China’s agricultural land is polluted. In March, officials revealed that only three of its 74 largest cities met national air-quality standards.治霾结果如何还有待观察,但中国确实出台了不少计划来应对令人不安的环境问题。在这一问题上,中国似乎表现得越来越公开透明。上月,一份之前被列为国家机密的政府报告发布,显示出中国五分之一的农业用地受到污染。今年3月有官员透露,在中国最大的74座城市中,只有3座达到国家空气质量标准。On Thursday, China finally passed long-awaited revisions to its Environmental Protection Law, removing a loophole that kept the cost of polluting lower than the cost of installing cleaner technology and opening the door to more public monitoring.最近,中国终于通过了各方期待已久的修订版《环境保护法》,堵住了污染成本低于安装清洁技术成本的漏洞,并且为加强公众监督敞开了大门。This comes as Li Keqiang, China’s premier, declared a “war on pollution”, but as anyone breathing the air in the country’s largest cities will attest, victory is still far from evident.与此同时,中国总理李克强宣告“向污染宣战”。但在中国大城市呼吸空气的每一个人都会明,胜利还遥远得很。 /201405/295049福州输卵管积水哪个医院好 In China, grave sweeping--that ancient Confucian tradition--has gone virtual. 扫墓本是中国儒家的一个传统,现在却走向虚拟化。Over the Qing Ming holiday weekend, millions of people flocked to the nation#39;s cemeteries to burn paper money, arrange dishes of food and deliver trinkets ranging from faux iPhones to plastic flower boas as a way to express their devotion to the departed. 今年清明节适逢周末,成百上千万人来到墓地陵园,用烧纸钱、献祭品,送纸糊的iPhone和塑料花篮的方式表达哀思。But increasingly, as the nation makes a push for more #39;environmentally friendly#39; ways to revere the dead, many mourners are going online instead. 但随着政府倡导以更环保的方式缅怀先人,越来越多的人选择在网上祭祀。At Waheaven.com, for example, users can build elaborate web shrines decked out with flickering bytes of candles, images of bouquets and pots of incense. This year, some draped portraits of their loved ones in black cloth, while others outlined them with red fabric. 在天堂网(Waheaven.com),用户可以为逝去的亲友创建网上纪念馆,点烛、上香、送花。今年有些用户还在逝者照片的旁边加上了黑色或红色的缎带。At least one user has created a shrine featuring Beijing#39;s Gate of Heavenly Peace, where they#39;ve chosen to supplant the portrait of Mao#39;s that hangs there in real life with images of his or her own loved ones. (Roast pigs, Terra Cotta stone warriors, and an elaborate white wreath of flowers were added to mark the recent holiday.) 至少有一名用户把虚拟纪念馆建成北京天安门的样子,然后把已故亲人的照片放在毛主席像的位置。(这家网站最近推出了天堂金猪、护陵兵马俑、白色花圈等最新祭品。)For Qing Ming, users flooded the site with tens of thousands of virtual tributes, spanning everything from GIFs of animated white lotuses to drummers dressed in white or pictures of departed ones#39; favorite foods. The company says it currently has more than 3.4 million users. 清明节,用户们涌向这家网站,敬献成千上万的虚拟祭品,这些祭品从GIF格式的白荷花、到身穿白衣的鼓手、再到逝者生前最喜欢的食物,可谓应有尽有。天堂网说,他们的用户已经超过340万。Elsewhere online, vendors on Taobao.com this weekend also offered to sweep tombs for those who couldn’t visit their relatives’ cemeteries in person. For a modest fee―usually around 100RMB or up―they offered to place flowers, candles and other offerings, perform a set number of ritualistic bows, and send photos as part of the bargain. 这个周末,淘宝网(Taobao.com)的商家也为无法亲自扫墓的人提供了代客扫墓务。只要付不多的钱(通常是人民币100元起),就可以雇人到墓地摆花、蜡烛和其他祭品,还可以雇人去鞠躬,送照片。On a sunny Monday, one family spanning three generations gathered to sweep tombs the traditional way in the outskirts of Beijing, carefully layering plastic flowers and paper money before a family grave. 周一是个阳光明媚的日子,一个祖孙三代之家在北京郊区的墓园以传统方式扫墓,他们小心翼翼地在墓碑前摆放塑料花和纸钱。Standing before the low mound of dirt and stone as his Bluetooth device idled in his ear, Mr. Wang, who only wanted to be identified by his surname, said he sympathized with people couldn#39;t sweep tombs in person. #39;What if they live overseas? Or outside Beijing and it#39;s not convenient?#39; said Mr. Wang, a media worker in his 40s. When he passes away, he said, he wouldn#39;t mind if his descendants didn#39;t always pay their respects in person. #39;If I#39;m not here, I won#39;t have any feelings about the matter,#39; he said. 王先生站在泥土和石头堆成的一个小土堆前,耳朵上挂着蓝牙设备。他说,他理解那些没法亲自来扫墓的人。“住在海外的人怎么办?人不在北京,不方便怎么办?”他说,如果他去世了,自己的后代不能经常来祭奠他,他是不会介意的。“如果我不在了,对这件事也不会有什么感觉了”。王先生40多岁,从事媒体行业,他不愿意透露全名。From his wheelchair across the way, though, Mr. Wang#39;s father interjected with disdain. #39;Tomb-sweeping is about the spirit. If you don#39;t do it yourself in person, there is no spirit.#39; 王先生的父亲坐在轮椅上,很不屑地插话说,“扫墓是一种精神,不亲自来就没有这种精神了。”For his part, Mr. Wang#39;s young son said he planned to keep sweeping tombs all his life. Looking around at the quiet, sun-dappled cemetery at the flower-festooned tombs, popping open a soft drink, he told his father, #39;I like doing it.#39; 王先生的儿子说,他会一直亲自来扫墓的。他环顾四周,看着安静、阳光斑驳的墓园和花朵装点的墓碑,打开手上的一罐饮料,对王先生说:“我喜欢这样做。” /201404/285489三明市输卵管接通哪家医院好

宁德人工授孕专业医院China has clamped down on importers of infant formula exploiting the nation’s hunger for foreign brands, as part of an effort to restore the local dairy industry’s share of the national market.中国已开始严格限制婴儿配方奶粉进口商,以此作为恢复国产乳品行业占国内市场份额努力的一部分。在此之前,这些进口商一直在利用中国国民对外国品牌奶粉的渴望牟利。A 2008 scandal in which domestic milk was deliberately adulterated with melamine, a byproduct of coal, in order to fake protein tests is still hurting Chinese dairy producers more than five years on. Foreign infant formula brands now account for half the market, up from about 30 per cent before the revelation that at least six infants had died and 300,000 were made ill after drinking tainted formula.2008年发生的一起丑闻伤害了中国乳品制造商逾五年,这种伤害的影响仍在继续。目前,外国婴儿配方奶粉占据了国内市场份额的一半,而在该丑闻曝光之前,这一份额只有30%。在那次丑闻中,中国国产奶粉被故意掺入了一种煤炭业的副产品——三聚氰胺,以便以作假方式通过蛋白质含量测试。爆料显示,该事件中至少有6名婴儿丧生,30万名婴儿在喝了被污染过的奶粉后患病。Since then, Chinese parents have snapped up infant formula with any international connection, allowing foreign brands to charge a hefty premium and spawning a homegrown industry of smugglers hauling boxes of formula into the country. Some Chinese companies have even set up shop in New Zealand repacking bulk formula and selling it into China as a foreign brand.自此以后,中国的父母始终在通过各种国际渠道抢购婴儿奶粉,令外国品牌的奶粉得以大幅加价出售,还在中国国内催生了一种新的行业——“水客”们将成箱的婴儿奶粉偷运进中国。部分中国企业甚至在新西兰设了车间,将成品婴儿配方奶粉重新打包,并以外国品牌返销国内。New rules issued over the weekend require dairy products produced overseas to be registered with the quality watchdog, or be barred from entry at China’s ports. A second regulation requires all formula sold in China to carry Chinese-language labelling affixed at the source.上周末发布的新规定要求在国外生产的奶制品必须在中国质检总局注册,否则将禁止进入中国口岸。还有一条规定则要求所有在华销售的婴儿配方奶粉必须带有在原产地贴上的中文标识。Together, the regulations appear to be aimed at importers redirecting formula products originally destined for different markets, as well as shutting down the domestic and overseas-based repackagers trying to capitalise on the “imported” cachet sparked by the safety scare.这两条规定合在一起,似乎是为了应对那些从其他市场向中国转运配方奶粉的进口商。同时,这两条规定还能堵上中国本土和国外从事再包装的商家通路,他们试图从因国内安全担忧而被罩上光环的“进口货”中获利。The new move coincides with state efforts to support and promote domestic brands. In 2013, China floated a plan to subsidise five domestic producers, including four of the country’s largest dairy producers and the previously unknown Treasure of Plateau, which had begun producing formula from yak’s milk in 2012.这一新的举措恰逢中国大力扶持国内品牌之际。2013年,中国提出了一个计划,为五家国内生产商提供补贴。这五家生产商包括中国四家最大的奶制品生产商,以及此前名不见经传的高原之宝(Treasure of Plateau)。高原之宝是一家从2012年开始用牦牛奶生产婴儿配方奶粉的奶制品生产商。Beijing city has allocated Rmb10m (.6m) to local champion Sanyuan to develop a national indigenous brand “fit for the growth of Chinese babies,” the Beijing Youth Daily reported on Monday. Sanyuan products tested free of melamine products in 2008, but it subsequently bought many of the assets of state-owned formula maker Sanlu based in neighbouring Hebei province, which was at the centre of the scandal.据《北京青年报》(Beijing Youth Daily)周一报道,北京市为当地冠军企业三元(Sanyuan)拨款1000万元人民币(合160万美元),以开发“适合中国婴儿成长”的中国本土品牌。2008年,三元在检测中未发现带有三聚氰胺的产品,不过该公司后来收购了许多三鹿集团(Sanlu)的资产。三鹿集团是一家总部位于与河北省的国有婴儿奶粉生产商,该集团正是三聚氰胺丑闻的当事人。State-led efforts to revive the domestic industry have included regulations that dairy product suppliers invest in their own dairy farms and the acquisition of formerly private market leader Mengniu by state agribusiness giant Cofco. But the efforts have done little to restore public confidence in the industry.中国实施了一系列政府主导下的复苏国内乳品产业的努力,包括规定奶制品供应商应投资建立自己的奶牛场,由国有农产品企业巨头中粮集团(COFCO)出面收购曾经的顶尖民企蒙牛(Mengniu)。但这些努力对恢复公众对该产业的信心没起到什么作用。China imported a record 1m tons of milk powder last year, customs data shows. In the first quarter of this year, imports rose nearly 24 per cent to 240,000 tons.海关数据显示,去年中国进口奶粉达到创纪录的100万吨。今年第一季度,奶粉进口量增至24万吨,增长了将近24%。One of the biggest beneficiaries has been New Zealand, whose national dairy co-operative Fonterra had partnered Sanlu and blew the whistle on the melamine adulteration. Chinese dairy companies have invested in New Zealand farms to bolster their own reputation and secure milk powder supply, while Fonterra is now investing directly in dairy farms in China.这种局面下最大的受益者就是新西兰。新西兰国家级乳品联营公司恒天然(Fonterra)曾与三鹿集团合作,还揭发过三鹿奶粉掺杂三聚氰胺的情况。中国乳品企业一直在投资新西兰农场,以提高自身的声誉,并确保奶粉供应源头的安全。同时,恒天然也在直接投资中国的奶牛场。 /201405/295108 HONG KONG – Investing in China’s health care sector is not for the faint of heart.香港——胆小的人不适合投资中国医疗行业。The country’s pharmaceutical supply chain is rife with corruption. Doctors and hospital staff have been attacked and even killed by patients who have been refused treatment. Farmers unable to pay for surgical amputations have made headlines by sawing off their own limbs.中国的药品供应链腐败横生;患者因被拒诊而袭击医生和医院工作人员;没钱进行手术截肢的农民,因为锯断自己的腿脚而登上新闻头条。Despite all this, Chinese health care is quickly becoming one of the most popular sectors for investors looking for the next great untapped market. Foreign and local private equity groups, drug companies, hospital operators and even construction companies are pouring record amounts of money into China to invest in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical businesses and medical equipment manufacturers. Mergers and acquisitions in China’s health care sector rose to a record .3 billion in the first 11 months of this year, up 13 percent from the billion in the same period a year earlier, according to Dealogic data.尽管如此,对于寻求下一个尚未被开发的巨大市场的投资者来说,中国的医疗行业正在迅速成为最受欢迎的领域之一。国内外的私募股权机构、医药公司、医院运营商乃至建筑公司,都在将创纪录的巨额资金注入中国,投资医院、诊所、制药公司和医疗设备制造商。Dealogic的数据显示,今年前11个月,中国医疗行业的并购金额增至创纪录的113亿美元(约合700亿元人民币),较去年同期的100亿美元提高13%。For all the challenges of China’s health care system, demand for more and better medical products and services is surging. That is because of a combination of demographics and economics: The world’s biggest populace is both rapidly aging and increasingly affluent. The consulting firm McKinsey amp; Company estimates that health care spending in China will grow to trillion by 2020, up from just over 0 billion in 2011.尽管中国的医疗体系面临诸多挑战,但对于更多、更好的医疗产品和务的需求正在快速增长。这既有人口结构方面的原因,也有经济方面的原因:作为全世界人口最多的国家,中国在迅速老龄化的同时,民众也越来越富裕。咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey amp; Company)预测,到2020年,中国的医疗出将从2011年略高于3500亿美元的水平,提高到1万亿美元。“We’ve started noticing all sorts of players who don’t normally play in the health care space becoming very interested — they could see the demographics, the aging population,” said Mark Gilbraith, the head of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ China health care and life sciences practice, based in Shanghai. “Within China, deals are more about gaining access to untapped markets.”“我们已经开始注意到,各类通常不涉足医疗领域的参与者,也变得很感兴趣——他们可以看到人口数据显示出的趋势,即人口老龄化,”普华永道(PricewaterhouseCoopers)驻上海的中国医疗和生命科学业务负责人马克·吉尔布雷斯(Mark Gilbraith)说。“在中国,交易所涉及的更多是获得渠道,进入未被开发的市场。”The surge in deal making and investor interest coincides with a wave of sweeping overhauls that the Chinese government has introduced in recent years, as it tries to improve the accessibility and affordability of a health care system that has been widely described as being in a state of crisis. While recent decades brought a significant opening of the country’s economy, the reduction of socialist-style state funding left the health care system to fend for itself. The result is a half-liberalized but highly bureaucratic public hospital system that often compromises patient care in favor of profit.交易达成的数量和投资者兴趣的激增,与中国政府近年推行的广泛改革浪潮同时出现。中国的医疗体系广泛被指处于危机状态,中国政府试图通过改革来解决看病难、看病贵的问题。尽管近几十年来,中国经济的开放程度大幅提升,但由于社会主义式的国家资助出现减少,中国医疗体系只得自谋生路。结果便造就了部分自由化、却高度官僚化的公立医院体系。这一体系常常为了获利而损害对病患的照顾。China had 13,440 public hospitals as of October 2013, and these provided 90 percent of the country’s medical services, Xinhua, the official news agency, reported in April.今年4月,官方通讯社新华社报道,截至2013年10月,中国有13440家公立医院,占据着中国医疗务市场90%的份额。“Unlike most public hospitals in the world, Chinese public hospitals are an embodiment of both government and market failures,” Winnie Yip, a professor in the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, and William Hsiao, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, wrote in an article published in August in the British medical journal The Lancet.“不同于世界上的大部分公立医院,中国的公立医院既体现了政府的失败,也体现了市场的失败,”牛津大学布拉瓦尼克政府学院(Blavatnik School of Government)的叶志敏教授(Winnie Yip)和哈佛大学公共卫生学院(Harvard School of Public Health)的萧庆伦教授(William Hsiao)在合撰的一篇文章中写道。文章于今年8月发表在英国医学期刊《柳叶刀》(The Lancet)上。While the government limits to 15 percent the markup on drugs that hospitals can charge, doctors increase revenue by prescribing unnecessary drugs or unneeded and expensive diagnostic tests. Moreover, the professors wrote, pharmaceutical and medical equipment makers provide benefits to hospitals and physicians for using their products.尽管政府规定,医院对药品的加价不能超过15%,但医生可以通过开不必要的药品,或是不需要的昂贵诊断检查来增加收入。此外,这两位教授还写道,制药企业和医疗设备制造商会向使用其产品的医院和医生提供好处。As a result, by 2011, China’s spending on drugs was 43 percent of the total health expenditure, compared with an average of 16 percent in the dozens of countries with advanced economies in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. At the same time, drug revenue accounted for 41 percent of total hospital revenue in China.因此,2011年,中国在药品上的出占到了全部医疗出的43%,相比之下,经济合作与发展组织(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)数十个发达国家的平均比例为16%。与此同时,药品收入在中国医院总收入中的比重达41%。“Many public facilities act as private entities, putting profit above patient welfare,” Professors Yip and Hsiao wrote.“许多公立机构的行为方式与私营机构无异,把盈利置于患者的福利之上,”叶教授和萧教授写道。The Chinese government has tried in recent years to extend basic subsidized health insurance to all its citizens and, according to official estimates, more than 90 percent of the population is covered. But the quality of this coverage varies widely across the nation, as does the ability of individuals to get access to care.最近几年,中国政府已经设法让基本医疗保险覆盖所有居民。官方的数据显示,覆盖率已超过90%。但中国各地医疗保险的质量参差不齐,个人享受医疗务的便利性也差异巨大。These disparities were vividly illustrated in recent news reports, including the case of Liu Dunhe, a farmer in the southeastern Anhui Province who, uninsured and lacking the money to pay for an operation, decided to perform surgery on himself. Over the course of six hours on the night of April 20, Mr. Liu, who was suffering from severe necrosis after his feet were frostbitten, amputated his feet.这些差异在最近的新闻报道中得到了生动的展示,比如安徽省农民刘敦和的例子。由于没有保险也没钱做手术,刘敦和决定自己动手。4月20日夜里,他在六个小时的过程中,锯掉了因为冻伤而严重坏死的双脚。Widesp corruption in the health care system, especially involving the prescribing of drugs, is also an issue, and one that has ensnared multinational investors. In September, a Chinese court fined the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline nearly 0 million for bribery and jailed five of its executives, including a Briton. The government had accused Glaxo of bribing hospitals and doctors by channeling illicit kickbacks through travel agencies and drug industry associations to inflate drug prices.医疗卫生体系普遍存在的腐败行为,尤其是涉及药品处方的腐败行为,也是一个问题。它已经让一些跨国投资者蒙受损失。9月,医药巨头葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline)因行贿被中国一家法院处以近5亿美元的罚款,该公司的五名高管被判刑,包括一名英国人。官方指控葛兰素史克向医院和医生行贿,通过旅行社和制药行业协会输送回扣,提高药品价格。China’s government is increasingly concerned about the problems of the health care system. Part of its solution has been to open the door wider to foreign investment in the sector. The latest example came in August, when the authorities expanded a pilot program begun a month earlier to allow wholly foreign-owned hospitals to operate in seven major cities and provinces. Previously, foreign ownership was capped at 70 percent.中国政府越来越担心医疗体系的种种问题,其中一个解决办法是进一步放开该领域的外国投资。最近的例子是,今年8月,当局扩大了一个月前开始的一个试点项目,允许纯外资医院在几个主要的城市和省份经营。之前,医院的外资持股上限是70%。A number of recent deals have followed as a result of this liberalization. In September, the American private equity giant TPG teamed with a unit of the Fosun Group, a big Chinese investment company, in a 0 million deal to privatize Chindex International, a Nasdaq-listed operator of hospitals and clinics in China and Mongolia.这种开放措施在近期促成了多笔交易。今年9月,美国私募股权巨头德州太平洋集团(TPG)与中国大型投资公司复星集团(Fosun Group)的一家子公司合作达成了一笔4.2亿美元的交易,对纳斯达克上市的美中互利工业公司(Chindex International Inc.)实施了私有化。该公司在中国和蒙古国经营着一些医院和诊所。More recently, UPMC, a hospital operator based in Pittsburgh, and Massachusetts General Hospital, which is affiliated with Harvard University, said they had signed or were exploring deals to manage or build hospitals in China.不久前,匹兹堡的医院经营企业UPMC,以及哈佛大学(Harvard University)附属的马萨诸塞州综合医院(Massachusetts General Hospital)都透露,它们要么已经签约在中国管理或建设医院,要么正在寻求这方面的合作。“Investing in China’s health sector faces many challenges,” said Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. He cited the large amount of capital required and the comparatively lower rates of return, as well as uncertainties over how privately owned hospitals will fit into China’s national medical care payment system.纽约的对外关系委员会(Council on Foreign Relations)专注于全球医疗卫生的高级研究员黄延中说,“投资中国的医疗领域会遇到许多挑战。”他提到,需要付出大量资本、回报率相对较低,此外私有的医院如何纳入中国的全国性医疗付系统也存在不确定性。Still, he said, more private investment would benefit the entire sector, including the troubled state-funded hospitals.他说,不过,更多私人投资会令整个行业受益,包括处境艰难的公立医院。“Increased competitive pressures would incentivize the public hospitals to kick off more meaningful reform efforts,” Mr. Huang said. “Private investment can play an important, even critical, role in China’s health care reform.”“竞争压力的加剧会刺激公立医院开展更有意义的改革措施,”黄延中说,“私人投资在中国的医疗改革中可以起到重要、甚至关键性的作用。” /201412/348606福州市宫腔镜手术专科医院福州去哪里造影最好



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