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2019年10月21日 19:34:45

Immigrants Send Less Money to Families in Latin America美经济衰退拉美移民汇款减少 Although economists say the ed States is not technically in a recession, the slowdown in economic activity is having a dramatic impact on the amount of money immigrants are able to send back home. The so-called remittances have fallen off sharply, according to officials in several Latin American nations.  尽管经济学家认为,严格地说,美国现在并不能算是陷入了经济衰退,可是经济活动减速所造成的负面影响随处可见,而且外国民工首当其冲,这从他们给家里汇款的数量上可见一斑。根据拉丁美洲好几个国家官方的统计数字,在美国打工的拉美人寄回国的钱已经急剧下降。The crowds of immigrant workers from Mexico and Central America seeking jobs has grown a little larger in Houston because of the slowdown in construction and the ripple effect in other areas of the economy. Houston is in relatively good shape compared to some other parts of the nation, having avoided a big downturn in housing because there was never a sharp increase in prices here as there was on the east and west coasts. But some of the same factors driving down the economy elsewhere are also present here. 由于建筑行业萎缩及其对其他经济领域造成的连锁反应,工作现在是越来越难找了。在德克萨斯州的休斯敦市,四处寻觅工作的来自墨西哥和中美州的移民劳工人数看上去是越来越多。相对美国其他地区来说,休斯敦的情况还算是不错的,因为跟东海岸和西海岸不同,休斯敦的房地产价格从来没有暴涨过,所以现在也就没有像其他地方那样出现房价暴跌。然而这并不意味着休斯敦可以幸免于难,造成其他地区经济下滑的一些因素这里也同样存在。High fuel prices, in particular, have caused some transport and construction companies to cut back. The pinch on the pocketbooks of average people has translated into less work for gardeners, house cleaners, landscapers and other unskilled or low-skilled laborers. 比如油价飙升导致运输公司和建筑公司裁减员工。一般人也不得不勒紧腰包,过去雇人做的事情现在都自己动手了。这样一来,园丁、清洁工、园艺师和其他没有特殊技术或技能较低的工人就发现活计变得越来越少了。Oscar Ramiro, an auto mechanic from Vera Cruz, says times are hard. He says the work has gone down and at the same time the prices for such things as gasoline, food and rent have gone up. He says he used to send around 0 a week to his family back home, but now he struggles to do it every two weeks. 拉米罗是一位来自墨西哥维拉克鲁斯的汽车修理工。他告诉美国之音,现在的日子实在不好过。拉米罗说:“工作少了,可是同时,汽油、食品和房租都涨价了。过去我每个星期都给家里汇去一百美元,可是现在两个星期都寄不了那么多了。”Juanita, a house cleaner who has lost work, says she used to send up to 0 a week to her mother in Michoacan, in central Mexico, but now she can barely manage to send . She says she hears similar stories from other immigrants. 花妮塔是一个帮人家打扫屋子的清洁工。她现在已经失去了工作。花妮塔说:“我过去每个星期给我妈寄150美元。我妈住在墨西哥中部的米却肯州。可是现在,我每个礼拜勉强能寄50块钱。听说其他移民工人也都是这样。”Juanita says she wishes someone would do something to help the undocumented workers who are struggling to survive here. She says returning to Mexico is not an attractive option because, she says, things are even worse there. 她说:“我真希望有人能对我们这些没有正式文件的劳工提供一点儿帮助,我们真是难以为生。返回墨西哥也不是什么好的选择,因为墨西哥的情况更加糟糕。”According to the Banco de Mexico, remittances to Mexico have dropped by nearly three percent this year. Last year, immigrants in the ed States sent home a record .9 billion, but bank officials say that figure is not likely to be matched this year. Using data that shows all remittances sent by Mexicans living outside the country, Banco de Mexico reports that immigrants sent .3 billion home from January to March of this year. In the same period last year, they sent .5 billion. 根据墨西哥的统计,在美国打工的墨西哥人寄回家的钱今年以来已经减少了将近3%。去年,在美国打工的墨西哥人给国内寄回了239亿美元,今年看来肯定没那么多了。今年1月到3月,在外国打工的墨西哥人总共给家里寄回了53亿美元。然而去年同一时期,他们寄回了55亿美元。The reduction is important because remittances are second only to oil as a source of foreign income for Mexico.  移民劳工汇款回家的数量减少对于墨西哥经济来说影响很大,因为在墨西哥的外汇收入中,移民汇款是仅次于石油出口的第二大财源。Although the price of oil has reached record levels recently, the country has not been able to take full advantage because production at Mexican wells is slowing. President Felipe Calderon has a proposal before the Mexican Congress that would allow limited participation by private companies in exploration and development so that new reserves could be opened. But leftists in the Congress have blocked discussion of the proposal saying that it is an attempt to privatize the state-owned energy sector. 尽管石油价格最近飙升到创纪录的水平,可是墨西哥却由于油田产量降低而没有得到多少好处。墨西哥总统卡尔德龙已经向议会提出建议,允许私人公司有限度地参与石油勘探和开发,以便开辟新的油田。然而议会中的左翼议员阻止了有关这个提议的讨论,并且声称,这是企图让国有的能源企业私有化。The situation is similar in many other Latin American nations, according to the Inter-American Development Bank, which released a report Wednesday showing that only half of the nearly 19 million Latin American immigrants in the ed States send money home on a regular basis, compared to well over 70 percent two years ago.  美洲开发报告说,在其他很多拉美国家,情况跟墨西哥差不多。根据美洲开发的报告,在美国打工的1千9百万拉美移民中,现在只有一半定期给家里汇款;而在两年前,这个比例超过70%。But the bank estimates that total remittances to the region this year will be about 0 million more than they were two years ago. What has changed, according to the report, is that there are no longer large increases in money transfers, as happened each year between the years 2000 and 2006. 美洲开发估计,拉美国家今年收到的移民汇款总额将比两年前多5亿美元。发生的变化是:移民汇款的增长幅度不会再像2000到2006年期间那么大了。200805/38515三明市检查卵巢哪里好WFP Urges More Food Aid to North Korea联合国促各国为北韩提供紧急粮援 The ed Nations World Food Program is calling on donor nations to urgently provide food assistance to North Korea. The agency says people in parts of North Korea are experiencing their worst levels of hunger in nearly a decade. 联合国世界粮食计划署呼吁捐赠国为北韩提供紧急粮食援助。该机构说,北韩部分地区正在经历近10年来最严重的饥荒。Jean-Pierre de Margerie is the World Food Program's country director for North Korea. He says hunger is once again a serious problem there. 德马尔热里是世界粮食计划署北韩地区负责人。他指出,饥荒再次成为北韩一个严重的问题。"We believe that the current food security situation, right now, in many parts of the country, is the worst that it has been since the late 1990's," said de Margerie. "We believe that it is between five and six million Koreans who are in need of food assistance right now." 他说:“我们认为,目前北韩许多地方的粮食安全问题是1990年代末期以来最严重的,现在有500万至600万北韩人立即需要食品援助。”While speaking to reporters in Beijing, De Margerie said a food security assessment conducted last month shows that the situation in parts of North Korea could deteriorate into what he described as a humanitarian emergency, in the lean season ahead of the Autumn harvest. 德马尔热里指出,上个月进行的粮食安全评估显示,在秋收前青黄不接的月份,北韩部分地区的形势可能会恶化到他所说的人道主义危机。"One of my team members came to me and said that some of these households were in tears," he added. "They were asking WFP for support, in the northeast of the country, because they simply didn't have any options." 他说:“我们小组的一个成员告诉我,在北韩东北地区,一些家庭哭着央求联合国粮食计划署提供帮助,因为他们别无选择了。”De Margerie says North Korea's food shortage has worsened this year. Severe floods, last year, were followed by poor harvests. 德马尔热里说,去年的几场洪水造成粮食歉收,北韩的粮食短缺问题今年恶化了。He is calling on international donors to help raise million. This money would allow WFP to expand its food distribution to more than six million North Koreans - five times the number of people it reaches now.  德马尔热力呼吁国际捐赠国协助筹集2000万美元,使世界粮食计划署能够将获得食品援助的北韩人增加到600万,是现在的5倍。The agency says Pyongyang has granted it permission to help feed the most vulnerable segment of North Korea's 23 million people. 世界粮食计划署说,平壤已经同意协助向北韩2300万人口中最需要帮助的人提供食品。200807/45211福州市一院检查精液怎么样US Senate Approves Financial Rescue Plan美参院通过金融法案焦点转向众院 Revised legislation to rescue America's financial institutions has cleared its first hurdle, winning approval in the U.S. Senate. The bill could face a tougher test Friday in the House of Representatives.经过修改的拯救美国金融机构的立法通过了第一道关卡,在美国国会参议院得以通过。这项法案星期五在众议院可能面临更艰难的考验。Senators overwhelmingly passed the enhanced version of the bailout, 74-25 Wednesday night, sending it to the House, which rejected the first incarnation of the bill earlier in the week. 星期三晚间,参议员们以74票比25票的压倒多数通过了修改后的救市计划。该计划将送往众议院表决。 本星期早些时候众议院拒绝了这项计划的最初版本。Under the controversial plan, the U.S. government would spend 0 billion to take over bad debts from U.S.-based financial institutions.根据这项具有争议的计划,美国政府将使用7千亿美元来收购美国金融机构的坏账。The easy Senate approval raised hopes among the Bush administration and congressional leaders that many of the Representatives who voted against the bill on Monday might change their minds by Friday.参议院顺利通过救市计划,重新燃起了布什政府和国会领袖们对星期五众议院通过这一计划的希望,他们估计很多在星期一投反对票的众议员可能改变立场。The revised legislation is said to be gaining support in the House, thanks in part to amendments including 0 billion in tax breaks for businesses and middle-income families, as well as an increased limit on federal deposit insurance.这项经过修改的救市立法据说会在众议院得到更多持度,因为该立法作了部分修正,包括对企业和中产阶级家庭减免高达1千亿美元的税收,同时提高了联邦政府给存款的保险金的最高限额。The proposal is not popular with many taxpayers. Mail, e-mail and telephone calls to congressional offices have been overwhelmingly against it. With the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate up for re-election about one month from now, many lawmakers have been hesitant to support the bailout.这项提案对很多纳税人来说是非常不受欢迎的,反对提案的信件、电邮、电话像潮水一样涌向国会议员办公室。还有一个月左右的时间,国会全体众议员和三分之一参议员将面临重新选举的考验,很多议员在是否持这项法案问题上犹豫不决。Even some Senators who voted for the plan, such as Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, say they did so reluctantly.甚至一些投了赞成票的参议员,例如来自南卡罗来纳的共和党人格雷厄姆就表示,他们这样做并不是心甘情愿的。"We have two choices as far as I am concerned: a bad choice we all recognize, and a catastrophic choice if we do nothing," he said.“我们认为我们有两种选择,一个是我们都承认的不好的选项,而假如我们不采取行动,另一个选项则会是灾难性的。”Many lawmakers who voted yes warned of a financial catastrophe if the bailout goes down again. Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York said failure to pass the bill would result in the financial equivalent of a heart attack.很多投了赞成票的国会议员都警告说,如果救市计划再次失败,金融灾难就将来临。来自纽约州的民主党参议员舒默说, 假如救市议案不能通过,金融界发生的情况就像是人的心脏病发作。"Our economy's body is in terrible shape because its arteries, the financial system, is clogged, and it will cause a heart attack, maybe in a day, maybe in six months, but we will get a heart attack for sure if we do not act," he said.“我们的经济体系情况很糟糕,因为供血的动脉系统,也就是金融系统被堵塞了,这会引发心脏病卒发,也许再过一天,也许再过半年,总之,如果我们不采取行动,心脏病终将发作。”Both presidential candidates left their campaigns to return to the Senate and vote in favor of the bill. Illinois Democrat Barack Obama spoke on the Senate floor, saying a second defeat for the legislation would affect Americans everywhere.美国两党总统候选人中断了竞选,回到参议院,为救市方案投了赞成票。来自伊利诺伊州的民主党参议员奥巴马在参议院说,如果再次否决这项立法,全国各地的美国人都将受到影响。"What it means is that businesses will not be able to get the loans they need to open a new factory or make payroll for their workers. And if they cannot make payroll on Friday, then workers are laid off on Monday. And if workers are laid off on Monday, then they cannot pay their bills or pay back their loans to somebody else. And it will go on and on and on, rippling through the entire economy," he said.“这意味着企业在开设新工厂或者给员工发放工资时不能得到它们所需的贷款,如果星期五他们开不出工资来,工人下星期一就被裁员。如果工人星期一失业的话,他们就无法交付账单,无法偿还拖欠别人的贷款。”Earlier in the day, Republican John McCain of Arizona warned of dire consequences if the enhanced bailout plan went down.星期三稍早,来自亚利桑纳的共和党参议员麦凯恩警告说,如果修改后的救市方案再次受挫,后果不堪设想。"If the financial rescue bill fails in Congress yet again, the present crisis will turn into a disaster," McCain said.“如果金融救援议案在国会再次失败,那么,目前的危机就将变成灾难。”Wednesday's vote crossed party lines. Many Republicans voted for the plan, and some Democrats voted against it. Some liberals oppose using taxpayers' money to rescue the financial markets, and some conservatives believe the government should not interfere in private business. 星期三的表决超越了政党的界限,很多共和党人赞成这一方案,一些民主党人则投了反对票。一些自由派的议员反对利用纳税人的钱去挽救金融市场,一些保守派人士认为,政府不应该干预私有经济。Alabama Republican Richard Shelby voted against the proposal because he thought there should be a better alternative.来自阿拉巴马州的共和党参议员谢尔比投票反对这一立法,因为他认为应该有一个更好的选择。"Many around here are finding comfort in the notion that something is better than nothing. I believe that is a false choice. The choice we faced was between pursuing an informed response or panic. And I think we chose panic," he said.他说:“这里很多人认为,做点事情总比什么都不做更让人感到安心。而我认为那是错误的选择。我们面临的抉择是,或者在得到足够的信息后做出反应,或者惊恐万状不知所措。我认为我们选择了惊慌失措。”If the House passes the bailout plan, it will go to President Bush for his signature.如果众议院通过了救市立法,该立法将送交总统签字生效。After the House rejected the previous version on Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost almost 780 points, a record for a one-day point loss. The Dow recovered more than half of that lost value on Tuesday.众议院星期一否决前一个救市方案之后,道琼斯指数下降了近780点,创下单日跌幅历史纪录。星期二这一指数回升,收复前一天跌幅的一半以上。200810/51521KING: Well, we don't -- all of our pain is not front page.ANISTON: No that's true.KING: What is that like?ANISTON: It's what you would imagine it to be. It's not great.KING: A bitch.ANISTON: It's a bitch. It's not great, no.KING: But you chose the profession.ANISTON: But I chose it. I also wouldn't trade it in for the world what I get to do for that. I mean just because of that.KING: But you sued successfully over it once didn't you?ANISTON: I have, yes, well...KING: In other words, when someone printed something about you that was wrong you took action.ANISTON: Yes. Yes, you -- well, I'll always take them head on if they -- they cross lines anyway but when they really go too far, you know.KING: Is it a thin line? What right, and this is for both of you, what right does the public have to your life?ANISTON: I don't really think any, private life none but it's somehow got through the cracks and it's just -- it's just OK.KING: So you don't say -- it doesn't go with the territory?ANISTON: No. I think we do our job. We go to work. We give them a movie, a television show, theater, you know. You buy your tickets. You go and see our work, if we're on the red carpet, we're at a premier, we're, you know, at a public event but when it's your backyard, when it's at your home, when it's...KING: They photograph you right?ANISTON: Yes.KING: They follow you around. It's got to be a weird life.ANISTON: Yes. But it's also -- there's nobody sort of stopping it or corralling it in any way so it's kind of just a free for all.200807/44956龙岩做试管婴儿三甲医院

三明市看无精症费用福州市看无精症那里比较好US Presidential Contenders Focus on Economic Issues经济成为美国总统竞选主要议题  Concern about the troubled U.S. economy continues to dominate the U.S. presidential race. Presumptive presidential nominees John McCain and Barack Obama are busy debating taxes, foreign trade and health care. 对美国经济困境的忧虑仍然是美国总统竞选中的主要议题。预计能得到总统候选人提名的麦凯恩和奥巴马正忙于辩论税收、外贸和保健等问题。Americans are increasingly focused on the rising cost of fuel and food, making the economy the top issue in this year's presidential election campaign. 美国人越来越关注燃油和食品价格上涨的问题,这使得经济问题成为今年大选的首要议题。In Washington, the presumptive Republican Party nominee, Senator John McCain, told a group of small business owners that his plans to cut corporate taxes and keep in place President Bush's tax cuts for individuals would help stimulate the economy.  在华盛顿,预计将得到共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩参议员对一组小型企业主说,他计划削减公司税,并保留布什总统为个人设定的减税措施,并说这一计划有助于促进经济发展。"No matter which of us wins in November, there will be change in Washington, " he said. "The question is, what kind of change? Will we go back to the policies of the 1960s and 1970s that failed? Or will we go forward?" 他说:“不论我们中谁将赢得11月大选,华盛顿都会发生变化。问题是发生什么样的变化?我们是否退回到上世纪60年代和70年代的失败方针呢?还是我们将向前迈进呢?”McCain also pointed to sharp differences over trade with his Democratic Party opponent, Senator Barack Obama. 麦凯恩也指出自己与民主党对手奥巴马之间在贸易问题上有很大分歧。Obama has proposed reworking the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada, a popular stand with workers who have lost their jobs in several industrialized states. 奥巴马已经提出要重新研究与墨西哥和加拿大的北美自由贸易协议。这一立场在工人中深得人心,因为在美国几个以制造业为主的州里,工人失去了就业机会。McCain says if elected, he will stand by U.S. trade commitments and will seek to expand free trade. 而麦凯恩说,自己如果当选,将坚持美国的贸易承诺,并将寻求拓展自由贸易。"I welcome the debate with the Democratic nominee," he said. "I want to break down foreign trade barriers, break them down, so that America's small businesses can compete abroad, not build them up." 麦凯恩说:“我欢迎就这一问题与民主党提名候选人展开辩论。 我希望消除对外贸易壁垒,要除去障碍、而不要升高障碍,以便让美国的小型企业能在海外展开竞争。”Obama is also focused on the economy as he campaigns in several so-called battleground states, states that are expected to be competitive for both candidates in the general election campaign. 在几个所谓的“摇摆不定的州”,即预计两位候选人在大选时竞争激烈的州,奥巴马在那里展开竞选时,也把焦点集中在经济上。Obama defended his plans to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations while offering a middle class tax cut during a campaign stop in Missouri. 奥巴马在密苏里州停留展开竞选时,为自己提高富裕阶层及公司赋税、降低中产阶层赋税的计划作辩护。"And so, what we are trying to do is to restore some balance," he said. "Put some money in the pockets of working families, in the pockets of consumers. That actually, I believe, will be good for business because those folks will be spending money and that means that businesses will have products and services that they can sell." 奥巴马说:“所以我们正在努力恢复某些平衡。把一些金钱放进工人家庭的口袋和消费者的口袋。我认为那样做其实对企业有利,因为那些人将会花钱,那意味着企业将能出售他们的产品和务。”Obama also continues to tie McCain to President Bush, arguing that electing the Arizona Republican in November would amount to a third Bush term in office. 奥巴马也继续把麦凯恩和布什总统联系在一起,他争辩说,如果在11月选亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩,就等于让布什总统第三次连任。Public opinion polls suggest economic concerns will benefit the Democrats in November. Analysts say that is why McCain is determined to also keep the focus on Iraq, national security and foreign policy where he believes he has an edge in experience over Obama. 一些民调显示,选民对经济的忧虑在11月份的大选中将对民主党候选人有利。分析人士说,那就是麦凯恩为什么决定也要把焦点集中在伊拉克、国家安全和外交政策这几个问题上,因为他相信自己在这些方面的经验比奥巴马略胜一筹。The latest polls give Obama slight lead over McCain in some of the first head-to-head match-ups since Obama clinched the nomination over rival Democrat Hillary Clinton last week. 从上星期奥巴马挫败克林顿赢得民主党总统提名后,最近对奥巴马和麦凯恩两人所作的一些首次直接较量的民意测验中,奥巴马略微领先于麦凯恩。200806/41752"Across the battlefield, I saw the bodies of Jamuqa's(扎木和) men lying together like felled logs in the forest." Following the defeat, Jamuqa fled into the mountains of Tannu(唐努). He hid throughout the winter of 1204. In the spring, he reappeared, escorted by two of his own generals who thought they knew where their best interests lay. They delivered Jamuqa to Temujin(铁木真). "The generals expected a reward for betraying their leader and delivering him into the hands of his enemy. And I saw they got their reward."felled: chopped down (about a tree)200809/49720宁德去那治不孕Australia Boosts Immigration to Plug Labor Market Gaps澳将移民定额增加至每年三十万人   Australia will increase its annual migration intake to 300,000 people a year - the biggest rise since the end of World War II. The increase in the annual a is intended to address the country's chronic skills shortages.  澳大利亚把外来移民定额增加到每年30万人,这是二战结束以来增长最多的一次。增加每年的移民人数是为了应对澳大利亚长期的技术人员短缺。Australia's booming economy does not have enough qualified workers and immigration has become an important economic tool.  澳大利亚迅速发展的经济得不到足够的合格劳动力,因此移民就成为了重要的经济手段。This year 300,000 permanent and temporary migrants will be allowed to settle in Australia. Just over 133,000 skilled workers will be allowed in, and about 13,000 refugees will be granted visas.  今年,有30万永久移民或者临时移民被允许到澳大利亚定居。超过13万3千技术工人可以移居澳大利亚,一万三千难民可以得到移民签。The government also plans to test a new program to recruit unskilled workers from the South Pacific. 澳大利亚政府还计划试行一个新的项目,从南太平洋地区征召非技术工作者。For years, governments of Pacific island nations have urged Australia to allow islanders to plug gaps in its labor force. 多年来,太平洋岛国政府一直敦促澳大利亚允许他们的国民到澳洲填补劳动力的空缺。Economic necessity has prompted Canberra to finally relent. Many Australian companies simply do not have enough staff, and that could stunt economic growth.  经济的需求最终致使堪培拉放宽了政策。很多澳大利亚企业面临人员不足的困境,这可能会导致经济受阻。Under the new test program, islanders would be recruited on a short-term basis, particularly in seasonal industries such as fruit picking.  在这个新的暂行移民项目中,太平洋岛国民众可以通过短期招聘,特别是季节性生产、例如收获水果等方面的需求到澳大利亚工作。Associate Professor Richard Brown, who studies migration issues at the University of Queensland, says the plan would benefit everyone.  昆士兰大学研究遗民问题的副教授里察德.布朗说,这个计划将有利于所有的人。"Our argument is by opening up the Australian labor market to unskilled migrants from the Pacific islands a) we would alleviate certain bottlenecks in the supplies in both skilled and unskilled areas and b) we would be making a significant contribution to the development of the island economies especially in terms of poverty alleviation," Brown said.  布朗说:“我们的观点是,对太平洋各岛国非技术移民开放澳大利亚的劳务市场,一则我们可以在提供技术和非技术移民方面减轻某些方面遇到的瓶颈,二则可以为这些岛国经济的发展、特别是缓解贫穷的压力上作出可观的贡献。”There are concerns too that high levels of unemployment in the South Pacific could contribute to political instability. 不过也有人担心,南太平洋国家的高失业率可能会造成政治的不稳定。Under a pilot program New Zealand will grant visas to 5,000 guest workers this year. 在一个试验项目中,新西兰今年将为5千名临时劳工发放签。The Wellington government hopes the initiative will help the economies of the Pacific island nations and make them less reliant on aid from Australia and New Zealand. 惠灵顿政府希望这个作法将帮助太平洋国家的经济,使它们不必过于依赖澳大利亚和新西兰的经济援助。 200805/39477福州仓山区输卵管通水什么医院好

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