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France#39;s First Lady Hospitalized After Affair RumorsValerie Trierweiler reportedly in shock after seeing tabloid photos of her husband and a famous actress.Sex scandal rocking France this morning with the country#39;s first lady has been hospitalized ,said to be in shocked after tabloids published photos exposing the prisedent scretafiar with the famous actress. He is now lashing out of press, A#39; R with all the details and in this kind ofvery complicated love way. yes, but it#39;s French,right,the French should do? and the French all usualy consider more liberal when that comes to this type of issues. But this is actually sending shockwaves through out the country.This moring French prisedent F is preparing to addressing allegations,he has been caring on affair with this woman, 41 year old actress J, rumors of trace began swilling after the Frech magzine Closer published theses pictures of a man , they say is H wearing a helmet and riding a motor scooter coming and going to met G in this Pairs apartment, not far from the home he is sharing with first lady T whose spokeman said suffer a big emotional shock after seeing this story. Frence says the news hit her like a high speed train, she has been hospitalized for depression and extrem fatige. People traditionally have sympathize with T,she does not have charming personality in public, but I think now they are begining to see her as a woman scorn.while T acts as the first lady,she and H have never been married. The prisedent has not denied the affair, but has said he greatly deplored the invasion of his privacy , and he is even threatening legal action.according to a new French poll, 77 precent French voters thoutht the president should remain private, and 8 in 10 say their opinion of him had not change. But this was before T hospitalisation was made public.when you look at the polls that say 80 percent of people belive this one change thier opinion of him,that is not a good nows, he has only got a 28 percent of approval rate to begin with.G has not commented on the alleged affair, but her lawyer has reportlly obtained a legally junction agasit magzine for publishing these pictures.Now,a lose friend of T says she does now want to slam the door on her partner 7 years she is prepare to forgive as long as he comes please with his intentions ,maybe will hear those later this morning 10.30 eastern time,he has a press confrence .they got to get a number for this state dinner here at the white house in Februry. That might be best. They might want to get on that.He basically gets together with his current live in girl friend when he was living his previous live in girl fridend.so she was the mistress before. who is his wife for president of France.so she a kind knew what she was getting into,I guess so. /201401/274226Seeing his chance, the male makes his move.是行动的时候了。Constant moisture in the Gaoligongshan forests means that throughout the year there are always fruits on the trees.高黎贡山的森林总是保持着湿润的气候,这意味着这里终年都出产水果。Such abundance of food encourages a high diversity of fruit eaters more commonly found in the tropics.如此丰盛的水果吸引了各式各样原本仅存于热带地区的“水果派”们。The black giant squirrel is found only in undisturbed rainforest. At close to a metre in length, it#39;s one of the world#39;s largest squirrels.大黑松鼠原本只生活在原始雨林中。体长近一米的大黑松鼠是世界上体型最大的松鼠之一The mystery is that these forests are growing well outside the tropics.神奇之处在于这些森林远离热带却依旧繁茂。By rights, none of this jungle, or its animals, should be here. These are bear macaques. They#39;re found only in tropical and sub-tropical jungle.要是公正的说,雨林及其间的动物本不该存在于此。这是短尾猕猴。他们通常只生活在热带亚热带的丛林中。With a tiny home range of just a few square kilometres, they depend on the abundant fruit that only true rainforests can provide all year round.之所以能够在这片方圆千米的袖珍家园生息。靠的是全年丰足的水果供给。这种得天独厚的饮食条件足以媲美热带雨林。To the European plant hunters, these northern rainforests must have seemed a fantastic and mysterious lost world.对欧洲的植物猎人而言,北方的雨林简直是奇幻美妙的失落世界。 /201404/288795

  马克.肖(Mark Shaw)为我們演示了“极度干燥”,一种可以非常有效的防水和水性材料的涂层。在纳米级上,这个涂层会在表面形成一层空气保护伞防止水的渗入。来看看这激动人心的两分钟吧! Article/201405/291756


  After days of reports about the heat in the southern and central China, creative people have come up with surprisingly funny ways to cool off.在中国南部和中部连续多日的高温天气后,富有创新精神的人们想出了有趣的方式来避暑。With diving equipment, four men in swim trunks are playing Mahjong at the bottom of a 5.5-meter-deep swimming pool in central China#39;s Hunan province. Land is no longer the best choice for those who have been suffering in the heat wave. Cool water is the key to being refreshed. All you have to do is to get a diving license!湖南省有4名男人穿着泳裤,带着潜水装备在5.5米深的泳池底部搓起了麻将。对于饱受热浪折磨的人们,地面以上不是人们避暑时的首选。凉爽的清水才是让人感觉清爽的关键。你所要做的就是去获得潜水执照。 Article/201308/252812

  Newcastle scraped through with a win over Chelsea.纽卡斯尔险胜了切尔西。But it won#39;t be enough in itself.Liverpool are breathing down their necks.但这还远远不够。利物浦队的积分紧随其后。重点词汇:scrape through 勉强通过例句: I just scraped through a couple of A-levels.我只是勉强通过了几门高级程度考试。 Article/201406/303012Bendy bamboo may not be the safest nesting place, but at least this youngster won#39;t end up as someone#39;s dinner.易弯曲的竹子或许并非安家的最佳场所,但至少这些小家伙们不会成为捕食者的腹中餐。These chicks have just had an eel delivered by their mom, quite a challenge for little beaks.这些小家伙刚从母亲嘴里分得美食,对新生的小嘴着实是一大挑战。Providing their colonies are protected, wading birds like egrets are among the few wild creatures which benefit directly from intensive rice cultivation.介于他们的栖息地是受保护的,像白鹭这样的候鸟是少数直接从发达的水稻种植中获益的鸟类。Growing rice needs lots of water. But even in the rainy south, there are landscapes where water is surprisingly scarce.水稻生长需要大量的水,但即便是在多雨的南方,有些土地也面临缺水的危机。 /201406/304917

  China Night has become a recent tradition at Cannes. And this year, besides Jia Zhangke and his cast from ;A touch of Sin;, a host of Chinese celebrities mingled with hundreds of stars to promote the country#39;s burgeoning film industry.中国之夜已经成为戛纳电影节必不可少的一部分。而今年亮相戛纳电影节的,除了贾樟柯和电影《天注定》一班人马外,还有众多中国名人与明星,他们一起为蓬勃发展的中国电影业加油打气。Renowned names included well-known media figure Yang Lan, pop singer Li Yuchun and TV host Li Siyu. The stars were on hand to lend their support to the industry and particularly to Jia Zhangke#39;s movie ;A Touch of Sin;.参加本次戛纳电影节的有知名媒体人杨澜,流行歌手李宇春以及电视节目主持人李思雨等。众多名人明星齐现身持中国电影并特别为贾樟柯电影《天注定》捧场。Some critics consider the film, which revolves around four narratives from different locations in China, a favourite to win the Palm D#39;Or. The winner will be announced on May 26th.这部电影以四个发生在中国的事件中的不同人物为原型,一些家认为该部电影非常有可能夺得头。获奖影片将于5月26日公布。 Article/201305/241514



  For me, the most remarkable thing about this papyrus is how close it lets me get to the fascinating quirky details of aspects of daily life under the pharaohs, not least culinary.对我而言,纸草书最有价值的一点是让我们能够近距离观察法老治下古怪的日常生活细节,尤其是饮食方面。我们了解到,如果你用“填鸭”的方式养鹅,需要的粮食是自然散养的五倍。So did the Egyptians really eat foie gras?埃及人难道也吃鹅肝?From the papyrus, you can learn that if you force-feed a goose, it needs five times as much grain as a free-range goose will eat.你可以从纸草书中了解到,如果你喂养一只鹅,它是自由放养的鹅所吃谷物的5倍。But Ancient Egypt also seems to have had battery-farming, because we#39;re told that geese kept in a coop-and so presumably unable to move-will need only a quarter of the food consumed by their free-range counterparts, and so would be much cheaper to fatten for market.同时, 他们似乎也圈养,因为纸上提到养在笼里的鹅所需的食物是散养的四分之一,因此如果都用于贩卖,笼养鹅的价格要低得多。Whether there were also champions of animal rights in Ancient Egypt at this date we just don#39;t know.而在那个年代的古埃及是否也存在动物权利,我们并不知晓。But in between the beer and the b, and the hypothetical foie gras, you can see the logistical infrastructure of an enduring and powerful state, able to mobilise vast human and economic resources for public works and military campaigns.在啤酒、面包和我们假想的鹅肝之间,能够勾勒出一个强大持久的国家的后勤保障结构,它能够自由调动广大的劳动力资源与经济资源,来进行公共与军事建设。The Egypt of the pharaohs was, to its contemporaries, a land of superlatives-astonishing visitors from all over the Middle East by the colossal scale of its buildings and sculptures, as it still does us today.在那个时代,法老的埃及是世界上最强盛的国家。来自中东各地的访客与如今的游客一样,都对这里规模巨大的建筑与雕像啧啧称奇。Like all successful states, then as now, it needed people who could do the maths.每一个成功的国家,不管是过去还是现在,都需要数学人才。And if you#39;re still counting the cats, and the mice, and the ears of grain in the puzzle that I began with, the answer is, of course...19,607.可能你还在思考本节开始时出的那道猫、老鼠和玉米的问题。是:一万九千六百零七。 Article/201407/310097

  特别声明该节目由解说词讲解由可可编辑编写。视频出处本期视频出自B纪录片《英国史》之《女王的一生》。精视觉精讲说Her image began to appear everywhere in allegorical pictures,她的形象出现在各个地方的寓意画中Elizabeth as the sun who gave the rainbow its radiant hues.伊丽莎白如太阳 照耀出虹的光芒Even those on the inside, who could cleanly see即使是知道内情的人 那些清楚地知道the elaborate scaffolding from which this image was projected,如此画面不是经过精心设计 巧摆姿势所造就的效果who knew that the pale moon glow of the Queen#39;s face尽管他们知道她脸上月光般的清辉was just pulverised eggshell, borax, alum and mill water,不过是蛋壳粉 硼砂 明矾和磨坊里的水做的even these knowing types were still total captives to the cult.依然对她顶礼膜拜She had this effect on all kinds of people, especially men,她倾倒众生 尤其是男人even when they got older and should have known better.即使随着他们阅历的增加 本应更为明智They built huge prodigy houses in her honour.他们为她建造宏伟的宫殿It was in its way a desperate need to impress,这种无所不用其极想要打动女王的方式a sign of the culture#39;s raw immaturity, its hunger for glitzy gorgeousness,标志着文明的匮乏 对于奢华的盲目追求Elizabethan razzle-dazzle, thigh-hugging hose,伊丽莎白时代繁复的紧身长筒袜oak-panelled libraries with yards of un classics,藏书万卷却无人翻阅的橡木图书馆ballrooms as big as playing fields.还有运动场般大小的舞池 /201308/253747


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