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Another battle is being waged here but on a much longer time scale.这里又开辟了一个新的战场,可是不会持续多久These loose boulders are the mountains crumbling bones.这些散落的石块是从山脊上崩裂下来的The Rockies are no longer rising but slowly disintegrating.落基山脉已不再上升,却是在慢慢地崩塌All mountains everywhere are being worn down by frost, snow and ice.世界各地的高山都在不断经受森林、积雪和冰川的消蚀The Alps were raised some 15 million years ago阿尔卑斯山崛起于1500万年前as Africa, drifting northwards, collided with the southern edge of Europe.原因是非洲板块向北漂移,与欧洲南麓相撞These spires are the eroded remains of an ancient seabed that once stretched between the two continents.曾经连接两块大陆的古老海床侵蚀后留下了一座座尖耸的山峰But these are just the Alpine foothills.可是这些只是阿尔卑斯山麓地带的小山The range at its centre rises to three miles high and is crowned with permanent snows.山脉中心地带的山峰伫立高达3英里,并且终年覆盖积雪。201703/499973Scientists say they discovered the worlds oldest fossils,dating back 3.77 billion years.科学家称他们发现了世界上最古老的化石,距今37亿7000万年。The research team found the fossilized microorganisms in quartz layers of some of the worlds oldest rock. They come from the Archean Eon, when Earth was bombarded with asteroids.该研究团队在世界上最古老的岩石石英层发现微生物化石。他们来自于太古宙,当时地球被小行星轰炸。The scientists say the finding supports the idea that life emerged from hot seafloor vents shortly after Earth formed.科学家表示这一发现持地球形成后不久,在热的海底火山口出现生命的观点。This discovery comes just a few months after another team of scientists announced it had found the worlds oldest fossils in Greenland. But those fossils date back only 3.7 billion years.就在这一发现的前几个月,另一组科学家宣布在格陵兰岛发现了世界上最古老的化石。但这些化石的历史只有37亿年。Both research teams agree these discoveries could help in the search for life on other planets. If life existed on Earth in one of its most radical states, it might be able to survive the extreme conditions of other planets in our universe.两个研究小组都认为这些发现有助于寻找其它星球上的生命。如果地球在极端条件下有生命存在,那么宇宙其它星球的极端条件下也可能存在生命。译文属。201703/495309Oh, hey guys, you caught us on our lunch break!嘿,朋友们,你正好赶上了我们的午餐时间Squeaks and I just stepped out of the lab to have a little snack...我和Squeaks刚刚溜出了实验室去买小零食,Well, at least, Im having a snack.好吧,至少我正吃着。And since Squeaks doesnt have to eat like I do, I was just explaining to him what teeth are for.由于Squeaks不必像我一样吃东西,所以我刚才正向它解释牙齿的作用。People have different kinds of teeth.人有好几种不同的牙齿。I have molars in the back of my mouth that help me grind up vegetables and other things.我口腔最里面的牙齿叫臼齿,它能帮我磨碎蔬菜和其他东西。But I also have pointed canine teeth so I can tear through things like meat.但我也有尖尖的犬齿帮我撕碎肉类等食物。Being able to eat different kinds of food is really important, to help you stay healthy.吃不同种类的食物很重要,这关乎你的健康。Other animals have different kinds of teeth, too.其他动物也有不同种类的牙齿。But while theyre all super-useful, some of them can seem a little strange.有些尽管看起来有些奇怪的牙齿却超级有用。Like, we all know sharks have sharp teeth.比如,我们都知道鲨鱼有尖锐的牙齿。But did you know many sharks have 5 rows of teeth? Sometimes even more!但是你知道许多鲨鱼有五排牙齿吗?有时甚至更多。A shark can go through thousands of teeth in a lifetime!鲨鱼一生会替换数千颗牙齿!Thats because, unlike us, sharks teeth arent rooted in bone.那是因为鲨鱼的牙齿不像我们人类那样扎根在骨头里。Instead, their jaws are made of something softer, called cartilage—thats the same flexible stuff that you have相反,鲨鱼的下颌是由柔韧的软骨组成的。in your ears, or in the tip of your nose.和我们人类耳朵和鼻尖处的软骨一样。Since sharks teeth sit in this soft cartilage, they can lose them pretty easily—especially considering how they eat!由于鲨鱼的牙齿是从软骨中长出来的,所以很容易脱落,尤其是当它们进食的时候!Sharks feed by biting down hard on their prey—like seals, or other fish—鲨鱼捕猎时会狠狠地咬住它们的猎物,如海豹或其他鱼类,and they shake them from side to side with a lot of force.然后非常使劲儿地左右摇晃嘴里的猎物。This can make their teeth come loose or even fall out, so they need to be able to replace them easily.这会导致它们的牙齿松散甚至脱落,所以它们需要简单地替换牙齿。Luckily for them, they have these rows of new teeth right behind the last ones, just waiting to move up.幸运的是,这些新牙齿就在脱落的位置,等待长长。When a shark loses a tooth, its replaced with another one in just one or two days.鲨鱼只需要一两天就能长出新牙。Other predators have different kinds of teeth for catching food.其他捕食者用于捕食的牙齿种类不同。Vipers, for example, are a kind of snake, and they have fangs.例如,毒蛇——蛇类的一种,就拥有毒牙When a snake is resting, these special teeth fold up inside its mouth, so that theyre out of the way.平时,这些毒牙收缩在上颚,这样就不会影响它们的正常活动But when the snake bites its prey, like, say, a rat—但是,当毒蛇撕咬猎物如老鼠时,Oh, no, no, no, not you, Squeaks! No a mechanical one, a real one!稍安勿躁,Squeaks,不是吃你这种机械老鼠,是真真正正的老鼠哦When it bites into a real rat, these teeth act like needles.当毒蛇咬住老鼠时,毒牙就像针一样刺入老鼠体内,Toxic venom then travels from the snakes mouth through the hollow fangs and directly into the prey.毒囊里的毒液通过其中空的毒牙直接注入到猎物体内But teeth arent just for eating! Other animals use them for different reasons.但是,牙齿不仅仅用来捕食。 其他动物的牙齿就有与众不同的作用For instance, did you know tusks are teeth?比如 你知道獠牙吗Walruses have tusks up to a meter long, and they keep growing throughout their whole life.海象的獠牙可以长到一米长, 而且一生都在生长。Male walruses sometimes use their tusks like swords, to fight with other males.雄性海象有时会把它们的獠牙用作武器,来和其他雄性搏斗。But, both males and females use their tusks for other reasons, too.但是,雄性和雌性海象的獠牙都可以用作它途。Like, when theyre swimming under the ice,例如,当它们在冰下游泳时,they can use them to poke holes in the ice so they can come to the surface to breathe.它们可以用獠牙在冰上捅一个洞,方便它们浮出水面换气。And they can even use their tusks to pull their big, heavy bodies out of the water.它们甚至利用其獠牙将自己笨重的身体从水里拉出来。But theres probably one animal thats more famous than any other for its unusual teeth.但是,也许有一种动物因其特殊的牙齿而更加出名。Thats right! Thats right! Im talking about beavers!是的,我说的就是海狸。Beavers are well-known for their oversized incisors.海狸因其超大的门牙而闻名于世。These teeth never stop growing, so beavers are constantly trying to wear them down by chewing on wood.它们的门牙一直在长,因此,它需要通过啃木头不停地磨牙。You might think that chewing on wood all of the time would ruin the beavers teeth.你也许会想,不停地啃咬木头会损坏海狸的牙齿,But the front side of their teeth actually has iron in it!但是,海狸的牙齿正面其实是有铁存在的。Iron is the same stuff that they use to make really strong metals.这种铁与我们铸造坚硬材料的铁相同。And it not only makes beavers teeth extra tough,它不仅让海狸的牙齿变得坚硬无比,it also gives them their unique, rusty orange color, kind of like the rust you might see on an old car or bicycle.还让海狸拥有了独一无二的铁锈色牙齿,有点儿像旧汽车或旧自行车上见到的铁锈的颜色。So its this extra strength that makes it possible for beavers to bite through wood, for as long as they want to.正是这种坚固才使得海狸随心所欲地不停啃木头。No wonder they can stay so busy, those busy beavers!怪不得它们总是那么忙碌,忙碌的海狸啊。Speaking of busy, we have to get back to work, but thanks for sharing our lunch time with us!说到忙碌,我们得回去工作了,谢谢各位和我们一起度过午餐时间。201706/514681TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461822

Therere so many comic book movies now.现在有很多由漫画改编的电影I wanna get a sense of how many people actually know all the characters.我想要看一下 有多少人知道那些漫画人物So we went on the street and we asked people we said name as many as avengers as you can.所以我们上街采访了大家 让他们说出自己知道的复仇者And then we asked them, name as many presidents as you can.Ok?再说出他们知道的美国总统So which do you think......Well..well....lets find out. Name as many avengers as you can.你们猜哪个更多咧……算了 自己看吧 请列出你知道的复仇者So many avengers...... Captain America Hawkeye The Hulk. Um......Iron Man. Black Widow啊 有很多诶 美国队长 鹰眼侠 绿巨人 嗯……钢铁侠 黑寡妇Name as many U.S. presidents as you can. Wu....its where you get down.请列出你知道的美国总统 呃……去……这……难倒我了Um......say...... Obama. George Washington Um...... En...... Well......嗯……我想想 奥巴马 乔治·华盛顿 呃……嗯……还有……Name as many avengers as you can. Oh. Capitan America, Thor, Hulk Um......请列出你知道的复仇者 喔 美国队长 绿巨人 呃……Black Widow Hawkeye En...... Scarlet Witch Em...Quick Silver Um...... Iron Man黑寡妇 鹰眼侠 嗯…… 猩红女 银色快手 呃……钢铁侠Em......I think thats it. Is that it? Ok.....Hu.....嗯 差不多了吧?呼……Name as many U.S. presidents as you can. Em...... Grover Washington.再列出你知道的美国总统 呃…… 高凡·华盛顿Avengers? You mean like chif police Beck? En......Lets see...... Um....Bat Man复仇者?什么鬼?你说像贝克警长那种的?嗯……让我想一下 呃……蝙蝠侠?Robin Super Man Bat Man Avengers...... I dont know. I only saw different colors.罗宾?超人 蝙蝠侠 复仇者嘛……我不晓得名字诶 我只记得他们的颜色了Blue...pink...green...yellow...... Orange呃……有蓝色的……粉色的……绿色的……黄色的…… 还有橙色的 嗯Bangnet New revengers...... Hawaii Five O《霹雳网》 再说个不那么久远的 《夏威夷特勤组》Name as many U.S.presidents as you can. Aaa...forget it. I mean I dont vote.请说出你所知道的美国总统 擦……算了吧……我又不投票I dont know. Im not political and Im not religious.我不知道 我不关心政治也不信宗教But do you know any U.S. presidents? Oh yeah. Jackson...... Um...Pro那你多少还是知道些总统的吧?喔那当然 杰克逊啊 呃……那谁……普罗啊When was Pro president? En..You know I really dont remember. I dont know if some like there or maybe there.普罗啥时候当过总统了?呃……谁知道呢……我记不太清楚了 也许……可能……大概……在……1870s? Abraham Lincoln Tom Satison Thomas Jefferson Franklin D.Roosevelt Donald Trump1870年?亚伯拉罕·林肯汤姆·赛特斯 托马斯·杰弗逊 富兰克林·罗斯福 唐纳德·特朗普Name as many U.S. presidents as you can.请说出你所知道的美国总统Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Buren, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Tyler华盛顿 亚当斯 杰斐逊 麦迪逊 门罗 亚当斯 杰克逊 范布伦 哈里森 泰勒 波尔克 泰勒Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Athur, Cleverland, Harrison, Cleverland, Mckinley, Nixon菲尔莫 皮尔斯 布坎南 林肯 约翰逊 格兰特 海斯 加菲尔德 阿瑟 克利夫兰 哈里森 克利夫兰 麦金莱 柯立芝 尼克松Tafft Oh...George Washingtons Yeah. Thats it so far. You miss Kelvin Vorge塔夫特?喔喔喔……那个……乔治 华盛顿……嗯 差不多了 你漏了一个凯文.沃金First naming presidents, never forget Kelvin Vorge下次说总统的时候 千万不要忘了凯文·沃金Do you love clicking buttons that subscribing to things?喜欢订阅节目吗?Then click the button to subscribe to my channel and you will finally be happy.那就快点击订阅我的频道吧 有更多的精内容等着你哦!201706/514215

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/467988

Its as if the whole of America就好像整个美国was getting bigger and bigger every day.日益增大Youd think it would be impossible to keep the map up to date.你可能会认为地图永远赶不上变化But cosmologists take everything into account,但是宇宙学家考虑周全by using careful measurements of the expansion rate.将仔细测量而得的膨胀速率纳入其中It works like the scale factor on any road map.工作原理和公路图上的比例尺类似Imagine the ed States is doubling every day.假设美国土地面积每天翻番You wouldnt want to make a new map every day,你可不会希望每天制作新地图you wouldnt draw a new map.太不现实了All you would have to do really is change the legend.你只需修改一下比例尺就行Instead of one mile between tick marks,一刻度现在代表1.6公里the next day would be two miles,第二天它就代表3.2公里the next day would be four miles.第三天就代表6.4公里And that scale, changing on the side in your legend,图例中的比例发生变化would completely account如实反映了for the fact that the States kept doubling.土地面积不断翻番的事实And so you could keep your originally drawn map.这样地图本身不用做任何更改The map of the observable universe doesnt change除了比例系数 可观测宇宙的星图except for the scale factor.并没有发生变化重点解释:1.as if 犹如,好像例句:She ran as if the Old Boy were after her.她跑得飞快好像魔鬼在追她似的。2.instead of 代替;而不是 ...例句:I gave him advice instead of money.我给了他忠告,而不是钱。3.except for 除 ... 之外; 要不是由于例句:The room was empty except for a broken wood chair.屋子里除了一张破木椅什么都没有。201706/512440

By World War I, doctors realize theres a link between bacteria and disease一战时期 医生们已经意识到 细菌和疾病之间存在某些联系but cant stop infection sping.但仍无法阻止细菌感染The tried and tested cure:cut away tissue,他们不断尝试各种疗法:切除细胞组织Dowse it in an antiseptic, carbolic acid.把伤处浸泡在无菌的石碳酸中A deadly trade-off.这是艰难的权衡The acid disinfects wounds,酸类可以消毒伤口but also attacks white blood cells,但会损害白血球the bodys natural defense against bacteria.而它正是人体抵御细菌的天然屏障Imagine being at the side of a soldier想象一下一个士兵with a small flesh wound, easily treatable,受了新伤 随意处理and yet watching the gangrene climb up the leg.但随后坏疽会爬满整条腿Most did not survive very survivable wounds,多数人都是死于一些看似无碍的轻伤because of the resulting infections.随之而来的感染则是死因Face to face with the enemy.与敌人面对面He knows bacteria are killing millions.他知晓细菌是杀死数百万人的元凶Now he begins a 10-year battle to stop them.因而他开始了十年的持久对抗战I was consumed by a desire to discover,after all this struggling,在挣扎之后 我渴望继续探索something which will kill those microbes.找寻对抗这些细菌的方法201605/443889

Well enter by the river,take them by force if necessary.我们将通过河流进去 需要的话 用武力制Remember your training, follow orders.记住你们接受的训练 从命令If they start shooting well hit them back hard.如果他们开始射击 我们会猛烈还击There is no place for cowardice.我们没有任何畏怯的余地The Pinkertons were mercenaries.平克顿是一帮雇佣兵They were from out of town.他们从城外来They had no ties to Pittsburgh,no ties to these workers.同匹兹堡没有关系 同这些工人也无关They were paid a wage to wield their clubs.他们只是收人钱财 替人使用武力The moment Frick made the decision to bring in Pinkertons,the die was cast and the only way this strike was going to end was in tragedy.弗里克雇佣平克顿的那一刻起 死伤就已注定 罢工肯定会以悲剧收场FIRE!开火2,000 men barricade themselves inside the Homestead plant.两千人在霍姆斯泰德工厂里筑起路障Causing steel production to grind to a hault.让钢铁生产无法进行Carnegie Steels chairman, Henry Frick,is in no mood to negotiate.卡内基钢铁公司的主席亨利?弗里克没有任何妥协的意思Under pressure to quell the revolt,Frick brings in the Pintertons.为了平息反抗 弗里克招募了平克顿A mercenary army capable of outgunning the U.S. Military.一个武器多于美国军队的雇佣军And their presence threatens to be the spark that light the powder keg.他们的出现将点燃冲突的导火索Frick thought to himself when the workers see the Pinkertons,when they see that Im not going to back down they will back down.弗里克认为工人们看到平克顿后 看到他不会妥协后 他们自己就会妥协He thought a show of strength,a show of resolve, was all that was needed.他认为展示武力 展示决心 就足够解决问题了And that would be the end.只需要这样事情就能了结He badly miscalculated.他显然犯了重大错误201605/442270

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