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黄浦手术疤痕修复多少钱上海市中西医结合医院激光祛太田痣多少钱Google is building two smartwatches that will use its AI voice assistant feature, a source close to the top-secret project has revealed. The devices, which are likely to be Nexus branded, are expected to hit shelves sometime early next year.据一绝密项目的知情人士透露,谷歌正在研发两款使用其AI语音助手功能的智能手表。这两款设备将作为Nexus旗下产品发售,预计将于明年早些时候与消费者见面。The top-secret specifications were revealed by #39;multiple sources#39; to gadget rumour site, Android Police. Code-named #39;Angelfish#39; and #39;Swordfish#39;, each offer a different wearable experience, the sources said.“多名消息人士”都在小道消息网址“Android Police”上透露了关于这一绝密项目的信息。据消息人士透露,两款设备分别代号“天使鱼”和“剑鱼”,分别提供不同的穿戴体验。#39;Angelfish#39; is rumored to be a larger, sportier, and app with LTE, GPS and a heart rate monitor, as well as the Google Assistant integration. It looks similar to the Moto 360 and LG#39;s Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.其中“天使鱼”将会更大、更运动,装载有LTE、GPS和心率监测仪等应用软件,还有一体化的谷歌助手。这款设备看起来很像Moto 360和LG的Urbane2代LTE。It will have a smooth circular shape that curves where the watch band touches the wrist and just three buttons. Possible colours include a dark matte grey branded #39;titanium#39;.它的形状将是一个光滑的弯曲圆形,用表带绑在手腕上,只有三个按键。有可能的配色方案包括一款名为“钛”的深灰色。The second watch, dubbed the #39;Swordfish#39; caters for gadget lovers looking for style over substance.第二款手表绰号“剑鱼”,迎合了粉丝们注重款式胜于材质的需求。It comes in silver, titanium or rose gold, the source disclosed. Smaller than the #39;Angelfish#39; it has a diameter of 42mm and thickness of just 10.6mm, making it almost 10mm thinner than the current Moto 360. Its straps are compatible with Google#39;s MODE bands too, unlike the #39;Angelfish#39;.据知情人士透露,这款手表的配色方案有银色、钛和玫瑰金。“剑鱼”比“天使鱼”略小,直径42毫米,厚度仅10.6毫米,比Moto 360要薄大约10毫米。和“天使鱼”不同,这款手表的表带型号和谷歌的标准表带一样。Both watches will offer Google Assistant integration, although details on exactly how this differentiates from current Android Wear devices is unclear.两款手表都将搭载一体化谷歌助手,但是目前在细节上尚不清楚它们和目前的安卓穿戴设备有什么不同。Following Apple#39;s Watch flop, many will be surprised that the search giant is making the investment in its own device when there are several Android wearables on the market.在Apple Watch已经失败的情况下,许多人都对谷歌感到惊讶,这家公司在市面上存在着多款安卓穿戴设备的情况下,仍然在发明自己的Android Watch。 /201607/454897上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院隆鼻多少钱 Two diaries written by Anna Nicole Smith have sold on online auction site eBay for more than 0,000 (255,00 pounds) to a German man planning to use them as the basis of a book, according to the memorabilia(1) house that sold them.Jeff Woolf, co-partner and auction director at Universal Rarities in Corona, California, said the diaries, from 1992 and 1994, were found a few years ago by a man cleaning out(2) a house in Los Angeles where Smith stayed during a filming project.He sold the diaries to a memorabilia collector who runs a shop on Hollywood Boulevard who came forward with the diaries after the mystery death of the former Playmate in a Florida hotel on February 8 at the age of 39.In the 1992 diary, which has the words "I follow my own star" on the cover, Woolf said Smith confesses: "I hate for men to want sex all the time. I hate sex." This diary sold for about 5,000.In the second diary Smith writes about the illness of her billionaire husband Howard Marshall, who died in 1995 at the age of 90, with a religious awakening with lots of references to Jesus. This sold for about 0,000.Woolf said the demand for Smith memorabilia had been overwhelming(3) following her death so the price realised for these diaries was not that surprising."I don't think I've had the luck of being in such a situation, where the timing was really that perfect as far as the peak of someone's popularity in the news," he told Reuters."The gentleman who bought them required to be anonymous but I can tell you he is from Germany and has the intention of making a book out of them and doing some things in the publishing world."The long-awaited results of an autopsy(4) on Smith will be made public on Monday by a Florida medical examiner.Her death triggered a bitter and highly publicised legal feud(5) over her remains and the custody(6) of her 6-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, who might one day inherit(7) millions.Smith was buried in the Bahamas on March 2.Her longtime companion and lawyer, Howard K. Stern, is listed as the father on her daughter's birth certificate but several other men, including Los Angeles photographer Larry Birkhead, also claim to be the father and the paternity(8) issue is still being fought in the courts. 两本Anna Nicole Smith日记在易趣上以50万美元的高价拍卖给一名德国人。出售日记的纪念馆透露这名德国男子计划用它作为写书的参考材料。加州科罗纳Universal Rarities合伙人、拍卖理事Jeff Woolf称这两本日记写于1992年到1994年间,几年前被人从洛杉矶一所房子中清理出来的。Smith曾因拍摄需要在这里居住过。Smith曾是,今年2月8日在佛罗里达神秘死亡,年仅39岁。她死后,这名男子将日记卖给好莱坞大道上的一个纪念品收藏家。1992年的日记封面上写着“我追随自己的明星”。Woolf说Smith在日记中坦白:“我讨厌男人总是要做爱。我讨厌做爱。”这本日记售价28.5万美元。在第二本日记中,Smith提到在1995年病逝的老公Howard Marshall。Marshall死时已达90岁高龄,是个亿万富翁。Smith对此写了很多宗教方面的觉悟并多次提到上帝。这本日记售价23万美元。Woolf说Smith的逝世使人们疯狂寻求她的遗物,这样的价格并不奇怪。他对路透说:“我从未想过自己可以如此幸运,在一个人的名声达到顶峰的时候出售她的物品。”“买家希望匿名购买,但是我可以告诉你他来自德国,将利用日记写一本书并在出版界有所作为。”等待良久的Smith验尸报告将于周一在佛罗里达由验尸官公布于众。她的死亡引起激烈、备受关注的遗产和女儿抚养权之争。她六岁的女儿Dannielynn有一天可能会成为上百万家产的继承人。Smith的遗体在3月2日埋葬于巴哈马。孩子出生明上注明的生身父亲是Smith多年的伴侣和律师Howard K. Stern,但是还有其他几名男士都称自己是孩子的父亲,其中包括洛杉矶摄影师Larry Birkhead。亲子之争仍然在进行中,等待法庭裁决 /200805/38709上海泪沟凹陷是怎么回事

浦东新做双眼皮修复手术费用In 1925, John Logie Baird wanted toconvince the public that his latest invention would be a great success.Unfortunately, when he arrived at the London offices of the Daily Express, hissales pitch was quickly dismissed. “For God’s sake, go down to reception andget rid of a lunatic who’s down there,”a news editor reportedly told staff. “He says he’s got amachine for seeing by wireless.”1925年,约翰#8226;罗杰#8226;贝尔德(JohnLogie Baird)想让人们相信,他最新发明的东西将大获成功。遗憾的是,当他跑去《每日快报》(Daily Express)伦敦办公室推销,却很快就被打发了。“看在上帝的份上,去前台把那个疯子赶走,”据说一位新闻主编对他的手下们这样说,“那个人说他有台能通过无线电波看到画面的机器。”This illustrates our inability to predictthe appeal of a medium, and particularly the problem of making a judgmentwithout hands-on experience. “Seeing by wireless”sounds impossible —until someone shows you a television set.这件事说明,我们无法预知传播媒介的吸引力,尤其是我们总爱不经体验就妄下判断。“用无线电观看画面”听上去不可思议——直到某个人让你见识到电视机。And that is why anyone surprised by thecontinued success of console games, with a revival of market share and analystsforecasting a “golden era” — long after smartphones were supposed to havestolen their business — should try playing a few. Appreciating the differencebetween the experiences makes it easier to see how they can happily co-exist.人们很早就认为智能手机会抢走主机游戏的生意,而事实上,不仅主机游戏的市场份额在复苏,分析师们还预言它将迎来一个“黄金时代”,那些惊讶于主机游戏长盛不衰的人都应该试着玩一玩。认识到智能手机游戏和主机游戏给人以不同的体验,就更容易明白二者为何能够愉快共存。Of course, we should not underplay theexplosive rise of mobile gaming. A decade ago, playing a game on the go meantbuying a dedicated gadget such as the Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable. Nowcommuters tap away on their phones at Candy Crush or Clash of Clans, whileanswering emails and checking the weather on the same device.当然,我们不应忽视移动游戏的迅猛崛起。10年前,想要边走边玩游戏,就得买个像任天堂DS (Nintendo DS)或是索尼PSP (PlayStation Portable)那样的专用设备。而现在,人们在上下班路上不仅能用手机回邮件、查天气,还能在手机上玩《糖果传奇》(Candy Crush)或《部落战争》(Clash of Clans)。This year, for the first time, mobile gamessales are predicted to be higher than those on consoles and PCs[REVISE EDS:SEPARATELY, NOT COMBINED]. But that is down to the creation of a vast newmarket, not the cannibalisation of an old one. Many of those playing games ontheir commute go home and switch on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.今年,预计移动游戏的销量将首次超越主机游戏或电脑游戏。但那要归因于一个巨大的新市场被开发出来,而不是移动游戏夺走了主机游戏的市场。那些在下班路上玩游戏的人,有很多回家后还会打开微软Xbox One或索尼PlayStation 4等游戏机。The two genres are quite distinct. Mobilegames are friendlier — not least because their revenue model depends on playerssticking with them. They are often free to download, making money fromadvertising or in-app purchases. They often tend to focus on repetitive puzzlesor slow-building strategies, which lend themselves to small pockets of time andimprecise, stabby fingers.这两种游戏截然不同。移动游戏相对更友好些——主要因为其盈利模式取决于玩家的忠诚。移动游戏通常是免费下载的,其收入来源于广告或玩家购买游戏内嵌的应用程序。移动游戏很多都是那种重复性的闯关游戏或需要慢慢构筑的攻略,人们只要花些零碎时间动动手指就能玩。Console games, however, need to justify thepurchase of the machine itself, at about £250, and of the game, at £30. So theytend to be epic — sweeping plots, gorgeous graphics, storylines that un-foldover many hours. (I have personally saved humanity at least a dozen times, andeach time it looked beautiful.) They often deal with war or its peacetimesubstitute, sport. And they demand precision and dedication, making them almostimpenetrable to anyone who did not start playing as a teen.主机游戏则不然,需要人们考虑值不值得买,一台游戏机大概要250英镑,游戏也要30英镑。这些游戏往往如史诗一般恢弘——广阔的场景地图、绚丽的视觉效果、各异的故事主线动辄就耗掉数小时。(我自己就至少拯救过人类十几次,而且每次体验都很棒。)有很多主机游戏都设定为战争场景,或选用战争在和平时期的替身——体育场景。主机游戏需要精准度和专注度,除非像青少年一样投入,不然基本搞不定它。This brings us back to Baird and his greatinvention. Television did not kill the movie industry; we did not all decidethere was no point going out when we could watch what we wanted at home.Instead, the mediums bifurcated: each focused on content suited to its form.Films, like console games, can do spectacle in a way smaller screens cannot.Captain America is a very different experience from Mad Men. So is Grand TheftAuto from Fruit Ninja.我们回头来说贝尔德和他伟大的发明。电视的问世并没有令电影业消亡;不是所有人都认为,既然在家想看什么就能看什么就没有必要出门了。只是传播媒介分化了:每种媒介只需专注适合其形式的内容。电影,就好比主机游戏,能够展现小屏幕无法表现的大场面。《美国队长》(Captain America)呈现的观感就和《广告达人》(Mad Men)截然不同。《侠盗猎车手》(Grand Theft Auto)与《水果忍者》(Fruit Ninja)给人的体验也不同。That also means films and console games areopen to the same criticism: their high production values are a barrier toinnovation because so few companies can invest the tens of millions it takes tomake them. Hollywood is dominated by the Big Six studios, themselves owned byconglomerates, and the top-grossing films of last year — Star Wars Episode VII,Jurassic World and Avengers: Age of Ultron — are all sequels. In games, the2015 US bestseller list was topped by Call of Duty: Black Ops III (a sequel toa spin-off, no less). Minecraft was the only original title in the top 10.那也意味着电影与主机游戏面临同样的批评:二者高昂的制作成本成为创新的障碍,因为很少有公司能拿出上千万投资来制作电影或开发游戏。好莱坞有六大影业巨擘,各自隶属于综合性企业集团,去年票房显赫的电影——《星球大战7》(Star Wars Episode VII)、《侏罗纪世界》(JurassicWorld) 以及《复仇者联盟2:奥创纪元》(Avengers: Age of Ultron) ——均为续作。至于游戏,2015年全美最畅销的游戏是《使命召唤:黑色行动3》(Call of Duty: Black Ops III)(依旧为一个系列的续作)。位列前10的游戏中只有沙盒游戏Minecraft属于初创。 /201605/444169黄浦区治疗痤疮多少钱 上海中山医院做隆胸手术价格

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