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Five Pieces of Advice You#39;ll Hear in Every Grad Speech毕业演讲公式解密Five pieces of advice you#39;ll hear in every grad speech你在每场毕业演讲都会听到的五个建议I would encourage you to take risks now. Do something bold!我会鼓励你现在就冒险。做些大胆的事!Fortune favors the bold.幸运之神眷顾勇者。Imaginative and bold people make a difference.有想像力且无畏的人创造不同。Try to love others and serve others.试着友爱并务他人。A great responsibility—to serve and love others.一个重大的责任--务并爱其他人。Acts of sacrifice and decency, without regard to what#39;s in it for you.奉献和宽容的行为,不去考虑其中对自己有什么好处。The world needs your energy, your passion.这世界需要你的力量、你的热情。Your intelligence, your capacity for hard work.你的智慧、你的孜孜不倦。We need your enthusiasm, we need your energy, we need your imagination.我们需要你的热忱、我们需要你的干劲、我们需要你的想像力。Any 22-year-old who thinks they know where they will be in 10 years, much less in 30, is simply lacking in imagination.任何一个认为自己知道他们十年后会怎样的 22 岁青年,更别说知道三十年后会怎样了,他们纯粹是缺乏想像力的一群。And make no mistake about it, you are dumb. You#39;re a group of incredibly well-educated dumb people.别误会,你们很笨。你们是一群教育程度很高的蠢蛋。The law of averages, not to mention the myth of Icarus, predicts that you will at some point fall.平均法则,更不用提伊卡洛斯那则神话,预言了你们在某个点将会跌倒。So failing is okay, and it#39;s okay to fail really big.所以失败没关系,重重摔到谷底没关系。The world doesn#39;t care how many times you fall down as long as it#39;s one fewer than the number of times you get back up.这世界不在意你跌倒几次,只要你跌倒的次数比你重新站起来的次数少一次就好。 Article/201507/383476

This is the more recent human ancestor.这是出现得晚一点的人类祖先Its teeth are smaller, they#39;re crustier,它的牙齿小一些 却更坚硬and the enamel is thinner.釉质也变薄了Professor Ungar wants to find out恩戈教授想探究how these very different sets of teeth have adapted to different diets.各式各样的牙齿是如何适应不同饮食结构的Enter the BITE Master II.咀嚼模拟器II出场This unique machine simulates chewing.唯一能够模拟咀嚼的机器It will put these ancient jaws to the test.我们将用它检测这些古老的颌骨We#39;re going to set it chewing on different sorts of foods我们会让它们咀嚼不同的食物and try and see how the different teeth努力观察不同的牙齿affect the way the food#39;s broken down during the chewing.咀嚼时食物破碎的方式This is the first time in three million years这是这些南方古猿的牙齿that these australopithecus teeth have seen action.三百万年以来第一次运动So how will they fare against a raw carrot?它们进食生胡萝卜时效果如何呢OK, give it a shot.好了 试一下吧 Article/201504/372068

;Especially after 11 September 2001, when the firemen were so involved in New York, the helmet attained new significance for me personally, because I had been given a fireman#39;s helmet way back in the 1980s by a Boston fireman which was heavy, which was classically made, made of leather with copper and metal spine on it and so on. I was given this, and I had a great sense of receiving a ritual gift, not unlike the way Beowulf receives the gift from Hrothgar after he kills Grendel.;911事件中,纽约的消防队员舍生忘死。在那之后.头盔对 我个人而言有了全新的意义。早在二十世纪八十年代,一名波士顿消防员就送过我一个消防员头盔,分量极沉,用传统工艺制成,原料是皮革和黄铜等等,还有一道金属脊。接受这件礼物对我而言有宗教仪式般的感觉,就和贝奥武甫杀死哥伦多后接受来自荷罗斯加的礼物一样。In a sense, the whole Sutton Hoo burial ship is a great ritual gift, a spectacular assertion of wealth and power on behalf of two people-the man who was buried there and commanded huge respect, and the man who organised this lavish farewell and commanded huge resources. We are clearly in the presence of power.从某种意义上说,整个萨顿胡墓葬都是一件仪式性的礼物,展示了两位历史人物的财富与权力:一位是埋葬在这里的受人尊敬的逝者,另一位是拥有巨大财富、安排了这次豪华葬礼的人。The Sutton Hoo grave ship brought the poetry of Beowulf unexpectedly close to historical fact. In the process it profoundly changed our understanding of this whole chapter of British history. Long dismissed as the Dark Ages, this period-the centuries after the Romans withdrew-could now be seen as a time of high sophistication and extensive international contacts, that linked East Anglia not just to Scandinavia and the Atlantic, but ultimately to the eastern Mediterranean and beyond.萨顿胡船葬无意中将诗歌《贝奥武甫》拉近了历史现实。在这个过程中,它彻底改变了我们对英国这一时期历史的认识。罗马撤离后的几 个世纪曾长期被认为是“黑暗时代”,现在我们了解,这其实是个高度发达的社会,贸易范围十分广泛,东安格利亚不仅与斯堪的纳维亚和大西 洋地区建立了密切联系,甚至与东地中海以外的地区也有往来。The very idea of ship burial is Scandinavian, and the Sutton Hoo ship was of a kind that easily crossed the North Sea, so making East Anglia an integral part of a world that included modern Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The helmet is, as you might expect, of Scandinavian design.船葬是斯堪的纳维亚常见的墓葬形式。我们的萨顿胡船轻松地穿越北海,使东安格利亚成为包括现代丹麦、挪威和瑞典在内的一个更广阔 世界的一部分。你也许猜到了,头盔也是斯堪的纳维亚式的。 Article/201510/401985

原味人文风情:How to Create a Candy Thanksgiving如何打造一个糖果感恩节We gotta have a turkey for the centerpiece, and I know we have one. I don#39;t think we#39;ve ever used it. Here#39;s our fake-our fake fruit box. Yes! I#39;ve forgotten about this thing. My idea is to turn this into a gummy turkey. I#39;m gonna send it off to all the guys that make our giant gummy bears and gummy worms...see if we can turn this into a gummy turkey.我们一定要有只火鸡当餐桌中央的装饰品,我知道我们有一只。我不认为我们有用过它。这是我们的假--我们的假水果盒。好耶!我都忘记这玩意了。我的想法是把这变成一只软糖火鸡。我要把它寄给帮我们做超大小熊软糖和巨虫软糖的那些人...看看我们能不能把这变一只软糖火鸡。I#39;m making a sweet potato casserole with Just Cereal Marshmallows.我正在用棉花糖谷片做地瓜砂锅。That#39;s some tasty-looking green jelly bean casserole. This is the VAT19 Thanksgiving stuffing. Three-quarters of a jar of Brownie Crisps, Cupcake Cookies, and regular Nam#39;s Bits-the chocolate chip ones-all mixed in with some caramel.那是一些看起来很好吃的软糖青豆砂锅。这是 VAT19 版的感恩节馅料。四分之三罐的布朗尼脆饼、杯子蛋糕饼干,还有普通的 Nam#39;s Bits 饼干--巧克力碎片口味--全用一些焦糖拌在一块。The sweets are prepared. The table is set. So let#39;s bring in the VAT19 family and begin the feast.甜食准备好了。餐桌摆好了。那我们请 VAT19 家族进来,然后让宴会开始吧。Gummy Turkey: 25,625 calories软糖火鸡:25,625 卡Green Jelly Bean Casserole: 3,055 calories软糖青豆砂锅:3,055 卡Nam#39;s Bits Stuffing: 4,470 caloriesNam#39;s Bit 馅料:4,470 卡Cereal Marshmallow Casserole: 2,959 calories棉花糖谷片砂锅:2,959 卡Gravy Bubbles: 80 calories肉汁泡泡:80 卡Corn on the Cobsicle: 35 calories玉米棒冰:35 卡Gummy Cranberry ;Sauce;: 2,000 calories软糖蔓越莓「酱」:2,000 卡I heard that the Native Americans actually introduced gummy to the Pilgrims in the first Thanksgiving.我听说美国原住民其实在第一个感恩节时把软糖介绍给清教徒。That sounds wrong.那听起来不太对。Whiskey Pecans: 1,440 calories威士忌核桃:1,440 卡Pumpkin Pie Soda: 170 calories南瓜派汽水:170 卡Pumpkin Pie Lollipops: 540 calories南瓜派棒棒糖:540 卡Cheers!干杯!Should we go around the table and talk about what we#39;re thankful for?我们要不要整桌轮流然后说说我们感谢什么?Yeah.好啊。VAT19.comVAT19.comCheck out the featured products in this .看看这影片中的特色产品。If you wanna see us pig out on spice, check out this . And if you want a little more gummy, check out this one. And subscribe to VAT19 and share this with your friends and family. It is Thanksgiving after all.如果你想看我们大口吃辛香料,瞧瞧这部影片。如果你想要多一点软糖,看看这部。订阅 VAT19 频道然后和亲朋好友分享这部影片。毕竟这是感恩节。 Article/201702/490832

请在TED里与面包师、食物学家、大厨、农民和饕餮们共坐一桌,探究食物的真知。 Article/201506/378385

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