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Its fatter in the middle, where the reeds are thickest.芦苇的间部位是最肥最粗的And then it tapers off here as well.然后由中间向两头逐渐变细You know, and like everything in survival,if you can use natural forms of things,生存下去的诀窍就是 运用大自然的资源its gonna help you so much.这一定会给你帮大忙的A short section of my rope cut into strips will hold the raft together nicely.我切下来一截绳子 用来束紧筏子Then what youve got is this basic shape like this.现在有个雏形了I reckon two or three of these are gonna give me easy enough stability and buoyancy to float me down this river.要想顺流而下 我感觉两三个这样的东西 就足够牢固 保我不沉了Reed rafts are incredibly durable and practical.芦苇筏相当结实 易于制作And once you know how,you can build one in an hour or so.只要掌握了方法 一小时之内就能完工One, two.Then we just finish off this third one.一个 两个 现在来完成第三个Im just trying to accentuate this taper at the end.我正努力让尾巴这端翘起来Pull it up.This is gonna be the bow.Pull those together.And then bind them up here.竖起来 让它做船头 把它们聚拢 然后捆紧This is gonna work great.All I need now is a paddle.这肯定管用 现在我需要一浆See there? Were gonna use this.Okay,were set to go,come on.看 就用它了 好了 准备出发 走Its incredibly heavy, but Im confident it wont sink.它很重 但我相信它不会沉Okay.Were floating and on our way.好了 漂起来了 上路了Just shows how buoyant these reeds are.瞧这些芦苇 浮力真强Its actually quite deep, this water.这里的水其实挺深的Tell you what,its a hell of a lot easier than doing battle with all of those reeds.告诉你吧 这真比在那丛芦苇中 劈荆斩棘要容易多了Okay. Were on our way.好了 上路了The water channel should lead straight to the coast.水道一直通向了海岸But getting a 500-pound raft into open water is gonna be quite a challenge.但要把一个550磅重的筏子拖入水域 绝非易事Come along. We can do this.Were so close now.加把劲 一定能行 没多远了201705/508206

Question really is, like, whats the ROI on not giving a fuck and being apologetically yourself?问题是一点也不付出,只做自己的投资回报率是多少?Cause thats kinda where—Speed.因为那有点儿像...速度。Speed. When youre not spending any time worrying,速度。你不把任何时间花在忧虑上,youre spending time on executing.而是花在执行上。Speed is the game in what we all do for a living.速度是一场比赛,我们每个人都为之奋斗。And if youre not worried about dwelling on what people think, youre in execution mode.当你不再担心揣其他人的想法时,你就进入到了执行模式。And I do everything in my possession,我会做好分内的每件事,everything in my power, excuse me, to put myself in full execution mode at all times.用好我的每份权力,让自己一直全力做事。201706/515079

Well use this as a baseplate,create a bit of a notch in it here.用这个做基座 切个小凹槽Just to make a little indentation.Start if off with a little pinch of sand or gravel.小小的凹痕就可以 开始钻的时候 加点沙子砾石Just put on there. Thats gonna create even more friction and heat.放上去就可以了 这样可以加大擦And then as you create an ember,it will drop down into the tinder and you get it flaming.Thats the theory.一旦生出炭火 炭火就会掉到火种上 火就着起来了 理论上是这样的Trust me, the practice is always much harder.但是相信我 说时容易做时难It can take hours to light a fire this way,And you often end up with more blisters than embers.像这样生火可能要花上好几个小时 最后往往都是满手起泡 火却生不起来Patience is the key.You want to take your time initially.Just build up that heat.关键就是要有耐心 最开始不需要那么着急 只需要擦生热即可And keep the drips of sweat off falling onto the ember.还有不要把汗滴到炭火上Building up the heat and building up that friction.提高温度 加大擦 And then once youve got that heat,you can then start really putting in the effort and start to speed it up a bit.一旦开始发热 就可以开始真的着力 加快转动速度Okay.Just tip that in.Gather this up gently.Theres no hurry at this stage.This ember will keep burning for a little bit.好了 把这放进去 慢慢地把这些捧在一起 现在不用太着急 炭火会持续燃烧一段时间的And theres fire.Okay.Lay it right in the middle.火生起来了 好了 把它放到中间And then just cover him up with lots of embers and some more wood as well.在上面堆上更多的炭火 再放上一些木头Okay, thats going nicely now.Leave that 15 minutes or so to cook.进行的很顺利 让它烤15分钟左右就能吃了In the meantime, go and grab some materials to make something to sleep on.同时我们去找一些材料 打造个睡觉的地方201701/486931

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