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哈尔滨妇科检查阴道镜多少钱五常市儿童医院门诊怎么This is our planet the Earth.这是我们的星球,地球It#39;s unique in the solar system, perhaps even in the universe.在太阳系这是独一无二的,也许甚至在宇宙中也是My name is Iain Stewart我叫伊恩.斯图尔特and I want to show you how our planet works.我想告诉大家我们的星球是怎样运作的I#39;m exploring the atmosphere.这星期我们讲述的是大气层The atmosphere creates our climate大气创造了我们的气候and protects us against the cold hostility of space.保护我们不受宇宙寒冷的袭击And it provides oxygen to fuel our bodies.并且为我们的身体提供氧气Our atmosphere is full of contradictions.我们的大气层充满了矛盾It#39;s immensely powerful and yet it#39;s incredibly sensitive.它非常强大 但也很容易遭到破坏It#39;s destructive and at the same time it protects us.它具有破坏性,但同时也保护着我们It#39;s essential for all life and yet it was created by life.它对所有的生命来说很重要,但它也是由生命所创造的Without it, the planet would be utterly uninhabitable.没有大气层,我们的星球可能会完全不适于居住 Article/201509/396938牡丹江第一人民中医院治疗好不好 Harry Potter is a global phenomenon.哈利·波特是一股全球效应。And J.K. Rowling is now in demand all over the world.J.K ·罗琳现在成为了全世界青睐的对象。It#39;s clearly a story with a happy ending.显然这是一个大团圆的结局。Here she is with her husband, Neil on a private jet her publisher has hired for them.她现在和丈夫尼尔一起在一架出版商给他们租的私人飞机里。He#39;s a doctor.他是一位医生。They married in 2001 and have two children, David and Mackenzie.他们于2001年结婚,育有两个孩子,戴维和麦肯齐。I wondered what their marriage was like and if there were tensions.我不知道他们的婚姻如何,是否会有压力。What is J.K. Rowling like to live with?和J.K ·罗琳生活是怎么样的?Jo, uh... Tell the truth. Yeah. I only tell the truth.乔…… 说实话。好啊,我就说实话。Jo detaches... When she#39;s very stressed she#39;ll detach herself and only trust one person and that#39;s herself.乔很有压力的时候就会孤立自己,她会自我封闭,仅仅相信一个人,那就是她自己。So everyone else gets blocked out and she becomes more and more stressed and less and less able to accept any help.所以每个人都被她排除在外,然后她变得越来越有压力,越来越不愿接受任何帮助。So that#39;s presumably quite stressful for you.那么对你来说可能压力很大。Oh, it is stressful.是挺有压力的。Basically the barriers go up. And it#39;s not just me, but it#39;s everyone else around her.基本来说她会自筑屏障,不只是对我,而是对她身边的每个人。Only one person is trusted, and she#39;s gotta do everything herself despite the fact that you know, it#39;s not possible to do everything herself.她只相信自己,她一个人承担所有,然而事实上,你知道,她自己一个人不可能做完所有的事。But Jo#39;s singlemindedness has led to the most anticipated book launch in history.但乔专心的结果育出了史上最被期待的书籍。 Article/201511/410796【新闻精讲】In any case, the allure of cheap loans is so great that households in Sweden and beyond will find ways around the restrictions that remain in place.无论如何,由于低息贷款诱惑太大,瑞典内外将不断想方法去规避监管。Allure魅力例:It#39;s a game that has really lost its allure.这是一场已经真正失去其魅力的比赛。In place适当This grouping, as mentioned above, has everything to do with the branching strategy currently in place.正如前面所提到的,这个分组需要在适当的位置处理当前的分策略。When the Slovakian government put limits on housing loans, banks boosted other forms of lending to bridge the gap.斯洛伐克政府限制房屋贷款时,通过推广其他形式贷款以弥合差距。housing loans住房贷款例句:Movement on the issue of housing loans is crucial for the recovery but it alone will not be enough.住房贷款问题取得进展对于复苏至关重要,但只有这一点是不够的。Boost促进例:Lower interest rates can boost the economy by reducing borrowing costs for consumers and businesses.低利率可以通过为消费者和商家降低借贷成本来促进经济发展。In Sweden, so-called “blanco-loans”, more expensive unsecured loans, can be used for that purpose.在瑞典则出于这种目的采用了被称作“白色贷款”的高成本高风险贷款。All told, credit is still growing and asset prices climbing, despite regulators#39; efforts.总的来看,虽然监管机构做出了许多努力,但贷款仍然在增加,资产价格仍然在攀升。all told总之All told, by the time I took office the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan approached a trillion dollars. 跟读在我就任总统之际,我们都被告知,伊拉克和阿富汗战争的开销接近一万亿美元。A better solution might be to eliminate the tax code#39;s various incentives for home ownership.更好的解决方案也许是消除税法中各种刺激买房的因素。Eliminate1. 根除例: Recent measures have not eliminated discrimination in employment.最近的举措还未能根除就业歧视2. 淘汰例: I was eliminated from the 400 metres in the semi-finals.我在400米半决赛中被淘汰了。Incentive 鼓励例:There is little or no incentive to adopt such measures.几乎或根本没有鼓励来采取这样的措施。Property taxes were abolished in Sweden in 2008; up to 30% of mortgage interest can be deducted from personal tax bills and a rebate of up to 50% can be claimed on home extensions and repairs.2008年,瑞典废除了财产税;高达30%的贷款利息可以从个人所得税中扣除,住宅扩建和维修则可获得最高50%的折扣。Abolish废除例:An Illinois House committee voted Thursday to abolish the death penalty.伊利诺伊州议院的一个委员会在星期四投票废除了死刑。Deduct扣除例:The company deducted this payment from his compensation.公司从他的补偿金中扣除了这笔款项。The Riksbank thinks that abolishing mortgage-interest relief alone could cut aggregate debt as a share of income by more than 50 percentage points over the next 50 years.瑞典央行认为,在今后的50年中,单单废除抵押贷款利息减免就可以将收入份额中的累积债务减少50%以上。Alone1. 独自的例:There is nothing so fearful as to be alone in a combat situation.没有比独自一人处于战斗环境中更可怕的事了。2. 惟一的例:Am I alone in recognizing that these two statistics have quite different implications?惟独我看出这两个统计有完全不同含意吗?Reducing the maximum LTV ratio to 80% would only trim debt-to-income ratios by five percentage points; the FI#39;s repayment scheme would cut them by 12.将最大价值贷款比减至80%仅能减少5个百分点的债务收入比率;瑞典金融监管局偿还计划则预计将其削减掉12个百分点。Trim1. 修剪例:My friend trims my hair every eight weeks.我朋友每隔8周就为我修剪一次头发。2. 整洁美观的例:The neighbors#39; gardens were trim and neat.邻居们的花园既整洁又美观。The tax code is in the hands of politicians, as are the planning and rent-control regimes that impede the construction of new homes.政治家掌控着税法,以及阻碍新房屋建设的规划权和租金管制权。in the hands of由…掌握;在…掌握中The choice between the two lies in the hands of US voters. 在这两人中间做出选择的权利在美国选民手中。Impede阻碍例:Debris and fallen rock are impeding the progress of the rescue workers.瓦砾和落下的岩石正阻碍着救援人员的进程。An independent commission last year recommended urgent reforms to all three, but has been ignored.去年,一家独立委员会向三方建议立即对这三项进行改革,但遭到无视。Recommend1. 建议例:The judge recommended that he serve 20 years in prison.法官建议判他入狱刑20年。2. 推荐例:I just spent a holiday there and would recommend it to anyone.我刚在那儿度过一个假期,愿意向任何人推荐那里。Urgent紧急的; 迫切的例:There is an urgent need for food and water.有着对食品和水的迫切需要。Politicians at least seem to be warming to the idea of cutting mortgage-interest relief, partly because they are looking for money to pay for the influx of refugees.政治家们至少对削减房贷利息补助这一想法感兴趣,部分原因是他们需要资金来供给涌入的难民。looking for 寻找He turned out all his pockets looking for the ticket. 他把所有口袋都翻出来,寻找那张票look upon / on 认为,看待:用某种方式看待:looked on them as incompetents.认为他们不胜任Look out 小心,当心;注意:If you don#39;t look out, you may fall on the ice. 如果不小心的话,你会在冰上摔倒的。Look to期望:He looked to hear from her.他期望收到她的信But for the most part, measures to slow the property boom seem politically unpalatable.但对大多数人来说,减缓资产泡沫的措施似乎在政治上难以接受。“People feel rich today thanks to these crazy prices,” says one member of parliament.“多亏了高涨的物价,人们如今才感觉更为富有,”一名国会议员说。“Nobody wants to be the one who breaks the spell.”“没人希望带头打破美梦。”for the most part 在极大程度上;多半The students are, for the most part, from the villages. 这些学生一大半来自农村。thanks to 幸亏,因为To be sure, war, violence and poverty are still with us and we as mankind are probably more aware of these problems worldwide than ever before thanks to advances in technology and communication.毫无疑问,战争、暴力以及贫穷仍然伴随着我们,并且,作为人类,由于技术与通信的进步,我们可能比以往任何时候都更深切地意识到了这些问题。Politicians and regulators also know that any measure that obliges Swedes to spend more of their income on deposits or mortgage payments would be a drag on consumption, and thus a blow to an aly fragile economy.政治家和监管层也知道,任何迫使瑞典人民在储蓄或房屋按揭上花费更多收入的措施将拖累消费,让脆弱的经济雪上加霜。Oblige1. 迫使例:The storm got worse and worse. Finally, I was obliged to abandon the car and continue on foot.暴风雨越来越猛烈。最终,我被迫弃车徒步前行。2. 帮助例:Mr. Oakley has always been y to oblige journalists with information.奥克利先生一直乐于提供信息帮助记者们。Fragile 脆弱的The fragile economies of several southern African nations could be irreparably damaged.几个南部非洲国家脆弱的经济可能会无可挽救地被摧垮。“Ideally, I#39;d like to have something in my toolkit with which I could influence the housing market and nothing else,” says Henrik Braconier of the FI.监管会成员亨里克#8226;布拉克里尔说,“理想状态下,我希望自己找到一种工具,只影响房地产市场,而不影响其他方面。”;But up to now,; he adds, ;I have not found it.”他补充说,“然而至今我还没有找到它。”Toolkit 工具箱To start the wizard, boot the machine with the toolkit. 跟读要启动该向导,使用工具包引导机器即可。up to now 至今例句:Up to now the post of president has been largely ceremonial.到目前为止,总统一职在很大程度上只是礼仪性的。 Article/201703/495638七台河市做人流医院

黑龙江哈医大一院做引产需要证明吗I could see they were looking for particular traits -能看出他们在寻找特别的个性特征impulsivity reward-seeking vulnerability to stress冲动 奖励寻求 面对压力的脆弱性but I wasn#39;t convinced the test could really act as a basis for prediction.但我不认为 这种测试可以作为预测的基础So I brought my scepticism to所以我带着疑问找到了the scientist behind the scheme -Professor Schumann.负责这个研究的科学家 舒曼教授Do you think when someone is as young as 14您觉得一个14岁的小孩can you really measure and distinguish你能真正测量或分辨出来a young character thats gonna be more or less likely to一个年轻人将来吗酗酒的可能性seek out alcohol effects?大一点还是较少一点吗There are some basic behaviours有一些基本的行为that are associated with mental health and mental disorder.与心理健康和心理异常有关联This is known. What we want to find out这是大家都知道的 我们想要探求的is what is actually happening in the brain.是在大脑里究竟发生了什么-Are you OK there? -Yes.-你还好吗 -还好Unlike my experience in Washington和我在华盛顿的体验不同in their reward test they wouldnt be receiving alcohol在这个奖励测试中 他们不摄入酒精but scientists believe但科学家相信that watching how their brain responds to any reward观察他们大脑对待奖励的反应will be revealing.能对研究有启迪作用The children had to play a game孩子们要玩一个游戏to try and win sweets.并试图获取糖果作为奖励重点解释:1.look for 寻找;寻求例句:He turned on the torch to look for his keys.他打开了手电筒,寻找钥匙。2.associated with 与…相联系,与 ... 有关例句:Whisky is usually associated with Scotland.人们常把威士忌同苏格兰联系起来。3.respond to 响应; 对 ... 起反应例句:The patient did not respond to treatment.病人经治疗後未见起色。 Article/201508/392771黑龙江省哈尔滨市第十医院妇科好不好 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201510/403231巴彦县宫颈糜烂多少钱

黑龙江省人民医院男科好不好It turns out, artists have been using some of the same techniques for tens of thousands of years.事实明,数万年来艺术家们一直在使用同样的技术。A team of excavators discovered 16 engraved limestone blocks that date back 38,000 years. One depicts a woolly mammoth in pointillist style.一组发掘者发现16块可追溯至38,000年前的雕刻石灰石块。一幅雕刻中用了点派风格描绘一头猛犸象。In that technique, artists use small dots to create a larger image. The style was adopted by 19th- and 20th-century artists, such as Georges Seurat and Camille Pissarro.在该技术中,艺术家使用小点来创建一个更大的图像。该风格被19世纪和20世纪的艺术家所使用,例如乔治·修拉和卡米耶·毕沙罗。But the discovery supports previous findings that people used this style tens of thousands of years before Seurat#39;s ;Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.;但发现持了先前的研究,在修拉创作“在拉·格兰德·加特岛的一个星期天下午”数万年以前,人们就已经使用这种风格。The same team reported earlier this year it uncovered a pointillist image of an extinct wild cow from the same ancient time period. 同一小组报告,今年早些时候发现了一幅来自同一时期灭绝的野生牛点图像。Similar paintings have also been found in the Chauvet Cave in France, showing even our ancient ancestors knew a thing or two about art.类似的绘画也已在法国肖维岩洞穴发现,表明我们古老的祖先对艺术也略知一二。译文属。 Article/201702/494777 原味人文风情:Family Tree《族谱》New York Time#39;s best selling author Barbara Delinsky joins us to discuss her explosive novel Family Tree, which delves into the hot-button issues of race and family.纽约时报的畅销作家Barbara Delinsky加入我们讨论她那充满爆点的小说《族谱》,探究种族和家庭等敏感议题。Barbara, welcome!Barbara,欢迎!Thank you, Michele. It#39;s a pleasure.谢谢,Michele。这是我的荣幸。The couple in the novel, Dana and Hugh are white, but they give birth to a child who has African-American features. Is this even possible?小说中的夫妻,Dana和Hugh是白人,但他们生出了一个拥有非裔美国人特征的孩子。这实际上是有可能的吗?This is very definitely possible. Genetics is a very interesting field, and for the sake of this book, I did a lot of research. Certain traits can lie dormant for generations. Suddenly we can have a child who#39;s got red hair, and we don#39;t quite know where it came from. It can be a mix of different genes, or it can come from a family member from way back. The latest DNA tests are able to determine where we came from, literally, on four different levels: Asian, European, Native American and African. Now we can have a test and find out what percentage of each of these races we are. Racial purity is very very rare.这是非常肯定有可能的。遗传学是个非常有趣的领域,为了这本书,我做了很多研究。某些特征能够潜伏数个世代。突然之间我们会有个长着红头发的孩子,而我们不大清楚它是从哪儿冒出来的。它可以是不同基因的混合,或者它可以从久远之前一位家族成员而来。最新的DNA检测能够判定我们打哪儿来,丝毫不夸张地,以四个不同的标准:亚洲人、欧洲人、美洲印地安人和非洲人。现在我们可以做个检测然后找出我们身上这些每个种族所佔的百分比。纯种是非常非常稀有的。Authors often get the germ of a story from real life.作家时常从真实生活中得到故事的楔子。Maybe I an article about Thomas Jefferson, because there was a lot of attention about the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren who he perhaps sired, and the racial element involved in that.也许我读了一篇关于Thomas Jefferson(美国第三任总统)的文章,因为有许多目光集中在可能是他生出的孩子、孙子以及曾孙身上,以及牵扯在那其中的种族要素之上。Dana and Hugh are so different, and yet so similar.Dana和Hugh如此不同,然而又如此地相似。Dana comes from a family that doesn#39;t really know its history, much as mine does not. She doesn#39;t even know who her father is, or was. She doesn#39;t know anything about him. Dana becomes who so many of us are, who would, in some very human ways, like to know where she came from. But then again, it#39;s a little bit frightened of knowing, because she#39;s not sure if she#39;s going to be pleased.Dana来自一个不全然了解其历史的家族,就很像是我的家族一样不了解。她甚至不知道父亲是谁,是否健在。她不了解任何关于他的事情。Dana变成我们之中的很多人,愿意以一些非常人性的方式,想要知道她打哪儿来。但再者,知情是有点令人害怕地,因为她不确定是否会开心。Hugh knows everything about his family and takes pride in his family tree.Hugh知道他家族的所有事情,并以他的族谱而自豪。I found that interesting that you use knitting and stitch work as a metaphor in your book. Why?我发现那很有趣,在书里你用编织以及缝纫作为一种象征。为什么?There#39;s been a resurgence of interest in knitting in this country, and that is something that has been around for generations and generations, so knitting becomes a parallel legacy to all those that are discussed in Family Tree.在这个国家,一直有个对编织的爱好的复生,而那是某个已经存在了一代又一代的事情,所以编织成为在《族谱》书里谈论到的所有那些人共同的遗产。What is the most significant message that you want to relay to your ers?你想传达给读者最有意义的讯息是什么?I want them to think about the fact that things are not always as they seem, that people may look to be one thing, and not be that thing, and that there#39;s often personal anguish involved in this.我想要他们思考几件事实,眼见不一定为凭,人们也许期盼成为某个东西而无法达成,而且这其中通常有个人痛苦牵扯在内。Barbara Delinsky#39;s Family Tree is an utterly unforgettable novel that ask penetrating questions about race, family and the choices that people make in times of crisis.Barbara Delinsky的《族谱》是本彻头彻尾令人无法忘怀的小说,针对种族、家庭以及紧要关头人们所做出的决定,提出犀利的问题。 Article/201504/369959哈尔滨腹腔镜结扎多少钱肇东市人民医院医生咨询



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