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宜昌治疗早泄大概多少费用宜昌人民医院男科大夫毕业于麻省理工学院的大卫·梅若向我们演示了Siftables--饼干般大小、可以用手随意组合的电脑积木。这款先进的玩具可以算算术、演奏乐曲,还会说话。它会成为新一代的掌上学习机吗? Article/201305/237597宜昌包皮手术的好方法 湖北宜昌有治疗前列腺炎吗

宜昌前列腺炎检查的费用UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? 这合理吗?Neilsen ratings measure television viewership. 尼尔森收视率衡量收视率。It#39;s true. Television networks use those ratings when deciding how much to charge advertisers. 是的。电视联播网用这些排名来决定对广告商的收费。AZUZ: Most Americans watch their TV shows here. 大多数美国人在电视上看电视。There#39;s a new study out that suggests a growing number of Americans who are watching here, or here. 新的研究表明越来越多的美国人在电脑上或者手机上收看节目。The study shows that 5 million Americans don#39;t actually watch TV on TV, and those viewers aren#39;t being counted as part of the Neilsen ratings. 研究表明有五百万美国人实际上并不在电视上看电视,这些收看者没有被算入尼尔森收视率中。Zain Asher now looks at how the way we watch TV can affect the way that companies make money on TV.阿舍寻访了我们看电视的途径是如何影响公司赚钱之道的。 /201304/234950宜昌医院皮肤科专家 With so many choices, it#39;s no wonder most universities give students two years to choose a major. Here are some ways to narrow it down.面临如此多的选择,毫不奇怪许多大学给学生两年的时间来选择专业。以下是缩小选择范围的一些方法。You Will Need你需要Self-awareness自我意识Goals目标The courage to stay true to yourself保持真我的勇气Steps步骤STEP 1 Think about what classes you enjoy most. What subjects do you find interesting? What do you see yourself doing in the future?1.想一下你最喜欢什么课。你对哪些学科最感兴趣?你认为自己将来应该做什么?STEP 2 Find out when your school requires that you declare a major.2.确定一下学校要求你们何时选择专业。Try not to wait until the last minute to declare. If you put off the decision too long, it may delay your graduation.不要等到最后时刻才决定。如果做决定的时间拖得太久,可能会导致推迟毕业。STEP 3 While you#39;re deciding on a major, take classes that expose you to as many fields as possible.3.决定专业的时候,参加能够让你接触尽可能多的领域的课程。STEP 4 Think about what kind of career you want. What interests you? Is it more important to you to be well paid or fulfilled? Ideally, you won#39;t have to choose one over the other.4.思考一下你想从事哪种职业。你对什么职业感兴趣?哪种因素对你来说比较重要,高薪资还是满足感?最理想的是,你不需要在两个专业中做出艰难选择。Remember that you don#39;t always have to major in a field related to the career you eventually want to pursue.要记住,你的专业不一定与你将来想从事的职业有关联。STEP 5 When considering a certain major, talk to people who have graduated with that degree. They can tell you how it helped – or didn#39;t help – them in the real world.5.考虑某一个特定的专业的时候,跟已经从这个专业毕业的人谈一谈。他们可以告诉你这个专业能够对你起到什么样的帮助,或者在他们的职业生涯中毫无帮助。Talk to upperclassmen who are pursuing your possible major. They can tell you what the program is like.跟正在同一个专业就读的高年级学生谈一下。他们会告诉你这个专业到底是什么样子的。STEP 6 Still confused? Something in the humanities, like communications or sociology, serves as a good base for a variety of careers.6.仍然非常困惑?可以选择人文学科,比如沟通或社会学,将来可以从事许多职业。The program of majors (or concentrations) was introduced at Harvard in 1910.专业制度于1910年由哈佛大学引进。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/304278宜昌包皮龟头炎多少钱

宜昌夷陵区治疗早泄多少钱UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m a type of flu virus that sp worldwide in 2009. 我是一种在2009年时在全世界蔓延的流感病毒。My symptoms are like those of a typical flu. 我的症状与普通流感病毒无异。But I used to be known as swine flu. 我曾被称为猪流感。Because I#39;m like a virus that circulates in pigs. 因为我与在猪之间传播的病毒有些相似。I#39;m H1N1 and I#39;m the most common strand of flu that Americans are catching this year.我是H1N1,我是美国人今年最普遍得的一种流感。AZUZ: Of course, we don#39;t catch it from pigs. 当然,我们不是被猪传染的。We catch it from other people. 我们是被其他人传染的。And with flu season in full swing, millions of Americans are coughing, running fevers, getting chills and body aches. 随着流感季节的全面到来,几百万美国人都在咳嗽、发烧、打寒战还有身体疼痛。And unfortunately, passing it around.不幸的是,还在传染别人。Just over the past week, the number of states reporting widesp flu activity jumped from ten states to 25. 仅上周,报告流感普遍的州从10个大增到25个。Widesp means large chunks of states are reporting flu cases. 普遍意味着该州的大部分地区都报告了流感。The most common strain, H1N1 virus is affecting a lot of young people, particularly in the south. 很多年轻人都感染了最普遍的种类H1N1,特别是在南部。With proper care, it#39;s not usually life threatening, but it#39;s sure not fun. 只要得到适当的处理,这一流感并不致命,但这也不好玩。So, how can you avoid it? 那么,怎么才能预防流感呢?Doctors say, the flu vaccine is a good start. 医生说,打流感疫苗是一个好的开始。It takes about two weeks before it#39;s effective, though. 尽管该疫苗要在两周之后才能生效。Another way to protect yourself, wash your hands. 另一个保护自己的措施就是洗手。You#39;ve been exposed - wash your hands. 你去了室外——洗手。Ready to eat - wash your hands. 要吃饭了——洗手。It makes the virus less likely to hit your body.洗手减少了你被病毒侵袭的可能性。 /201401/272036 But, should he and his possessions be here anyway? Questions like this crop up frequently -where do things from the past belong now? Should everything be exhibited where it was originally made? I#39;ll be coming back to these questions at various points in the programmes. But I asked the Egyptian writer Ahdaf Souief how she felt about seeing so many Egyptian antiquities so far from home:但是,他和他的财产应该陈列在这里吗?这样的问题经常出现:这些古董属于哪里?它们是否应陈列在发源地?在这一系列节目中,我会时常回到这些问题。我问埃及作家阿达芙·苏耶夫(Ahdaf Souief),看到大量的埃及展品“背井离乡”,她感觉如何:#39;Ultimately it#39;s probably no bad thing to have Egyptian obelisks and stones and statues sprinkled all over the world. It reminds us of ages of colonialism, yes, but it also reminds the world of our common heritage.#39; It#39;s that idea of a common heritage that#39;s become more and more apparent and more important to me, the longer I spend working in the British Museum. Personally, I think it#39;s never been more important than now to think about the history of the world as one shared story.“从根本上说,也许埃及方尖碑、石碑及雕塑流落于世界各地不是件坏事。这一事实虽然不断提醒我们埃及长达几个世纪的殖民史,但也同时提醒世界这些古董是人类的共同财产。”在大英物馆工作的时间越长,我越能感受到“人类共同财产”这一概念的明确性和重要性。我个人认为,当前最重要的就是将世界历史看做一部全人类共同参与的历史。#39;If I could decree a universal education programme, I would make every child in the world learn a brief history of the entire world that focused on the common ground. It would examine how people perceive their relationship to each other, to the planet, and to the universe, and it would see human history as a kind of ongoing joint project, where one lot of people picked up where another had left off.#39; (Ahdaf Soueif)“如果我可以开展一场全民教育活动,我将让世界上的每个孩子学习以共同基础为重点的世界简史,探究人类如何感知自己同他人、地球和宇宙的关系。人类的历史将被视为一项联合,互补,持续不断的伟大工程。”——阿达芙·苏耶夫(Ahdaf Soueif)I started this programme with the sound of a star whose explosion was seen across half the world around 1066. But the story of people making things began nearly two million years ago. And once again, the radio telescope can let us tune in to the echo of another dying star that those ancestors, nearly two million years ago, would have been able to see - but at this point all our ancestors lived in Africa.节目开始时,我们播放了一颗恒星发出的声音,半个地球的人于1066年左右见了它的大爆炸。然而,人类造物的故事始于近200万年前。通过无线电天文望远镜,我们再次听到了另一颗即将陨落的恒星的回响,而200万年前,我们的祖先能用肉眼观察到它,但当时,我们所有人的祖先都生活在非洲大陆。If at that moment, 1.8 million years ago, you had been gazing up at the exploding star from the Rift Valley of East Africa, you might well have heard the sound of the earliest human hands, creating the oldest known humanly made #39;thing#39;. Those hands were shaping stone tools; tools that represent the first step on the great journey of shaping our world. For me, it#39;s making #39;things#39; and then coming to depend on #39;things#39; that sets us apart from all other animals and, ultimately, turns us into the humans we are today. It#39;s one of those very first stone tools that I#39;m going to be looking at in the next programme.如果180万年前的那一刻,你正立于东非大裂谷仰望着那颗爆炸的恒星,也许你还能听到初民用双手创造已知的最古老的“人造物”的声响。那双手在塑造石质工具,它们象征着人类改造世界伟大征程的第一步。我认为,正是制作物品和依赖物品把我们同动物区别开来,并最终使我们进化成今天的人类。下期节目我要介绍的正是一件初民时期的石质工具。 Article/201402/276579宜昌男健男科医院看男科怎么样宜昌西陵区不孕不育收费好不好



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