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希甲球员阿兰·普利度在墨西哥遭绑架 --30 ::35 来源: 墨西哥籍希甲足球运动员阿兰·普利度在墨西哥北部边境州被绑架,疑似与毒贩有关 Mexican footballer Alan Pulido has been kidnapped in the northern border state of Tamaulipas, officials say.据官方透露,墨西哥籍足球运动员阿兰·普利度在靠近北方边境的塔毛利帕斯州被绑架The 5-year-old striker was reportedly kidnapped on Sunday near his home in Ciudad Victoria after leaving a party.此前曾有报道称,被绑架前这名5岁前锋曾离开了一场聚会,随后周日的时候,他在自己位于维多利亚城的家附近被绑架He plays the Greek team Olympiakos and has made several appearances Mexico’s national team.阿兰·普兰度目前效力于希腊球队“奥林匹亚科斯”,他之前在墨西哥国家队上也有过几次露面Mexico has the one of the world’s highest kidnapping rates, with government figures saying some 1,000 people are taken every year.墨西哥是全世界绑架率最高的几个国家之一,其官方数据显示每年都有近00人被绑架Others argue that the true figure could be almost times as high.还有人认为被绑架人的真实数量是这一数据的倍Criss-crossed by drug smugglers泛滥成灾的毒品走私Local media reports said Pulido had been leaving a party with his girlfriend late on Saturday night when their car was surrounded by several trucks.墨西哥当地媒体曾有过报道,称普利度和其女友在周六深夜的时候离开了一个聚会,当时他们的车被几辆卡车给围了起来Six masked men reportedly took the striker away "by ce" while his girlfriend was left unharmed in the car park where the incident took place.据报道,六名蒙面男子“强行”将普利度带走,而他的女友并没有受到伤害,被留在了案发现场的那个停车场Tamaulipas is one of Mexico’s most violent states, and Mexico recently deployed more security ces to tackle cartels operating in the area.塔毛利帕斯是墨西哥暴力案件最频发的一个州之一,最近墨西哥政府部署了更多的安全部队来打击掌控该地区的卡特尔组织(毒贩)Dozens of people have been killed in recent weeks in the border state, which is criss-crossed by drug-smuggling routes to the ed States.最近几周,塔毛利帕斯州有数十人被杀塔毛利帕斯是墨西哥北部边境城市,境内有很多通往美国的毒品走私线路Pulido joined Olympiakos last July and finished the season with six goals in games.普利度于去年7月份加入奥林匹亚科斯,本赛季他参加了场比赛,一共打入了6记进球。

凯特王妃的穿衣经,旧衣穿出新品味 --9 :31: 来源: 你五年前的衣是否还留着?凯特王妃身着五年前的礼参加高级晚宴 The Duchess of Cambridge rolled out an old favorite as she attended an exclusive country gala dinner.剑桥公爵夫人身着一件昔日最爱的礼参加一场高级乡村晚宴Accompanied by her husband, Prince William, Kate was attending a glitzy gala dinner together in aid of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), of which she is patron, at opulent Houghton Hall. Prince William opted a traditional black tux and dickie bow.在丈夫威廉王子的陪伴下,凯特出席了这场作为赞助人为帮助东安格利亚儿童收容所(EACH)而举办的奢华晚宴晚宴地点是富丽堂皇的霍顿府,威廉王子特意穿上了传统的黑色礼,打着蝶形领结Kate stepped out in the same stunning blush pink Jenny Packham gown she wore on one of her first engagements as a member of the Royal Family, following her wedding. She first wore the dazzlinggown five years ago when she bought a touch of glamour to a charity dinner held in honour of the th annual Absolute Return Kids (Ark) at Kensington Palace.凯特王妃穿的依然是那条魅力四射的蜜桃粉色珍妮·帕克汉礼裙年婚礼后不久,她作为王室成员参加活动时,这条裙子在很早的一场活动中就出现过5年前她第一次穿这条光夺目的礼裙,是参加肯辛顿宫第届“完全为了孩子”(Ark)年度慈善晚宴,当时艳惊四座Two children and almost six years later, the designer gown still fitted her like a glove – the only difference being that tonight she wore her hair up in a lady-like chignon. She paired the sparkling gown that retailed at over ?3,000 with a pair of nude LK Bennet heels that she also wore in . Kateaccessorised with a simple silk Prada box clutch which she balanced as she enjoyed a glass of wine.近6年过去了,凯特已经生了两个孩子,但这件设计师礼依然非常合身——唯一的不同是她今晚挽了个女人味十足的发髻搭配凯特这件价值逾3000英镑的眩目礼裙的是一双曾在年穿过的裸色LK Benet高跟鞋,她还拿了一只简单的普拉达丝绸手包,其色调与美酒的颜色十分相称But an extra touch of high glamour came from the chandelier diamond earrings loaned to the Duchess by the Queen, which she wore to her first state banquet with the Chinese President and his wife last October.还有一件饰品让凯特韵味十足,那就是女王借给她的钻石耳坠去年月,在习大大和彭麻麻出访英国的国宴上,女王戴的就是这对耳坠A special five course meal was created and cooked by five top chefs. Kate and William chatted with the chefs bee a reception outside on the manicured lawns. Kate suggested her husband was looking ward to a break from her cooking at the event: ’William has to put up with my cooking most of the time, ’ she said. ’It’s the reason I’m so skinny, ’ the prince retorted.五位顶级大厨设计并烹饪了五道特别菜品凯特和威廉在修剪整齐的草坪上参加露天酒会时,还和这些大厨们聊了天凯特这时暗示说,她丈夫正在期待能有机会不吃她做的饭她说:“威廉大多数时候都不得不忍受我的厨艺”而王子回应道:“这就是我这么瘦的原因”It is rumored that guests paid up to ?,000 a ticket to rub shoulders with William and Kate. The charity has so far secured more than ?.5million towards the appeal total.据说客人们需要为每张票付1万英镑,才能与威廉和凯特并肩出席晚宴目前这场慈善活动一共已经募集到了超过50万英镑。

如果迪士尼公主也会变老,会怎样? -- :3:31 来源:chinadaily 白雪公主现在已经9岁,在电影中只有岁贝蒂;怀特是她现在这个造型的灵感Snow White is now 9 years old. In the movie she was years old. Betty White was my inspiration. Isaque Arecirc;as 是一位巴西艺术家他非常喜欢迪士尼系列的电影,所以在的时候决定要进行一个艺术创作:曾经和后来的迪士尼公主 Isaque Arecirc;as is a Brazilian artist. He loves Disney movies and he decided to start an artwork project called : “After and Bee – Disney Princesses” in . 他在看到好莱坞明星慢慢变老时想到,迪士尼公主不也是她们主演的电影中的演员么,那她们不是同样也会变老吗? 他开始了创作,却很快因为技术不成熟而搁置条件成熟后,他终于重拾画笔 He was inspired by watching the Hollywood artists getting older; people from movies getting older and he thought“What if Disney Princesses were artists in their own movie? Why aren't Disney Princesses getting older too?”. Then he started drawing, but soon he gave up because his skills were not that good by that time. Some days ago, he gave no reasons to restart the project. 奥罗拉公主现在已经7岁,在电影中只有岁 Aurora is now 7 years old. In the movie she was years old. 贝儿公主现在已经1岁,在电影中只有岁 Belle is now 1 years old. In the movie she was years old. 茉莉公主现在已经38岁,在电影中只有岁 Jasmine is now 38 years old. In the movie she was years old. 爱丽儿现在岁,在电影中只有岁她的脸颊是根据卡梅隆;迪亚茨来设计的 Ariel is now years old. In the movie she was years old. Cameron Diaz was the inspiration the cheeks. 灰姑娘现在已经8岁,在电影中只有19岁朱莉;安德鲁斯是她现在这个造型的灵感 Cinderella is now 8 years old. In the movie she was 19 years old. Julie Andrews was my inspiration. 花木兰现在33岁,在电影中只有岁温明娜是她现在这个造型的灵感 Mulan is now 33 years old. In the movie she was years old. Ming-Na Wen was my inspiration 宝嘉康蒂现在38岁,在电影中只有18岁 Pocahontas is now 38 years old. In the movie she was 18 years old. English Source: boredpanda Photo credit: Isaque Arecirc;as。

女神竟是糙汉!男扮女装结婚无一人识破 -- :5: 来源: 一名男子靠扮女装在多名男子间周旋、骗取钱财,甚至还和“男朋友”结过婚 A cross-dressing man in China managed to trick eleven men into dating him bee running away and taking cash gifts.中国一名男子通过男扮女装的方法成功地骗过了名男子,和他们约会,骗取钱财后便跑路The 7-year-old, known as Miao Songtao, dressed as a woman and met men online bee defrauding them in various means, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报网络版报道,7岁的苗松涛(音)把自己打扮成女人模样,先和男人网聊,随后便用各种手段骗取钱财The man’s deception was brought to light after another man claimed he was dating the same woman who later disappeared with a large chunk of his cash.之前一名男子向警方报案,称一名和其交往的女子(和此前一桩案件中当事人同名)卷走了他的部分钱财,随后苗松涛的诈骗案才浮出了水面According to the report, the conman managed to trick men into believing he was their girlfriend in an attempt to defraud them in just the space of one year.据新闻报道,为诈骗钱财,苗松涛将自己打扮成女人模样,成功地使那些男人相信他就是自己的“女朋友”,而在短短一年时间内,就有人上当受骗In one extreme case, he even married his unsuspecting boyfriend who me met in an online chat room in under the alias Miao Xiaomin.还有一个更极端的例子,年苗松涛化名苗小敏在一个网络聊天室里结识了一名男子,随后他竟然和这名毫不知情的男子结婚了Miao dated a man surnamed Wang several months until Wang’s family arranged a wedding in October last year involving a costly ceremony and grand feast.当时苗松涛和这名王姓男子交往了数月,去年月份王家举办了一场婚礼,安排了一场昂贵的仪式和盛大的宴席But to his shock, Wang’s new wife disappeared just three days later taking wedding gifts and other items from the family home.但是令人始料不及的是,仅仅三天过后王先生的“妻子”就人间蒸发了,还带走了宾客们赠送的新婚礼物和夫家其他一些东西His family were concerned that she had left following a minor accident between the couple and so never inmed police.夫家以为是“小俩口”有什么矛盾,所以“女方”才离家出走的,也一直没有报警However suspicion was aroused when a man from a nearby city reported to police that he met a girl online claiming to be Miao Xiaomin. He said that the girl had used various methods to get around 31,000 yuan (pound 3,37) out of him.但是随后邻近城市一名男子向警方报案,这才引起怀疑,该名男子称其在网上遇到一名自称是苗小敏的人该名男子称,这名女子用各种手段一共从他手中取得了300元(约合337英镑)Police arrested who they thought was Miao Xiaomin and discovered the man’s secrets.警方逮捕了苗小敏,发现他竟然是一个男人He was possessing an identity card 7-year-old Miao Songtao.据身份显示,他今年7岁,名为苗松涛They searched Miao’s house and discovered skirts, wigs, high heeled shoes and even women’s underwear.警方搜索了苗松涛的住处,发现了裙子、假发、高跟鞋等物品,甚至还有女性内衣。

Facebook女员工不得穿“让人分心”的衣 -- :37:31 来源:chinadaily Female workers at Facebook were routinely told not to wear clothing that “distracted” co-workers, a mer employee has claimed.一名前Facebook员工称,该公司的女员工经常被告诫不要穿那些让同事“分心”的衣Antonio Garcia Martinez, who was fired after two years at Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, has made a series of sensational claims about the company in a tell-all book about life in Silicon Valley.该爆料人叫安东尼奥?加西亚?马丁内斯,在马克?扎克伯格的社交网络公司Facebook工作两年后被解雇离开公司后,他著书和盘托出了在硅谷工作生活的种种细节,并对Facebook给出了一系列耸人听闻的说法Martinez’s book paints a picture of Zuckerberg as prone to bouts of anger, and claims that female workers were repeatedly criticised inappropriate clothing.马丁内斯在书里声称扎克伯格很容易发怒,而且公司的女员工经常因为着装不当受到批评“Our male HR authority, with occasional backup from his female counterpart, launched into a speech about avoiding clothing that ‘distracted’ coworkers. I’d later learn that managers did in fact occasionally pull aside female employees and them the riot act,” Martinez claims in his book, Chaos Monkeys.马丁内斯在《混乱的猴子一书中说:“我们人力资源部的男主管经常会发表长篇大论,宣讲女员工不要穿‘让同事分心的’衣有时人力资源部的女主管也会站出来帮腔我后来才知道,这些主管有时候还会将女员工拉到一边进行训诫”“One such example happened in [the advertising department], with an intern who looked about sixteen coming in regularly in booty shorts. It was almost laughably inappropriate, but such was our disinhibited age.”“其中一个这种事例发生在广告部当时,这个部门有一个看起来约岁的实习生经常穿着热裤来上班这显然严重不符合公司的着装规定,但我们在这种不受控制的年纪也曾如此”Facebook and many other Silicon Valley companies have long been accused of a male-dominated workplace culture. 68 percent of employees are men, according to its latest diversity report, and 8 percent in technology roles. Ex workers have also claimed that allegations of sexism are not taken seriously at the company.长期以来,Facebook和其他很多硅谷公司都因其男性主导的公司文化而饱受诟病据Facebook最新发布的多样性报告显示,该公司68%的员工是男性;8%的员工从事的是技术性工作其他一些曾在Facebook工作过的员工也表示,在Facebook有关性别歧视的投诉并不会被认真对待Martinez’s book also claims that Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook’s chief operating officer and a high-profile feminist – once lambasted Dan Rubinstein, a senior engineer, a crude joke.马丁内斯还在书里声称Facebook首席运营官、知名女权主义者谢丽尔?桑德伯格曾因为一个粗鲁的玩笑而痛斥高级工程师丹?鲁宾斯坦When Rubinstein was demonstrating an algorithm that filtered out explicit photos, Sandberg stopped him to ask why all the demo photos in the presentation were of kittens.当时鲁宾斯坦正在演示一个可以过滤直露图片的算法桑德伯格打断他,问为什么幻灯片中的所有演示图片都是猫的图片“Dan flatly replied, ‘We use kittens as the bad photos in demos, because the real bad photos are...you know...kind of obscene.’” Martinez claims.马丁内斯写道:“丹直截了当地回答说,‘我们在演示过程中用猫来代替那些不好的图片,你知道,那些图片比较淫秽’”Sandberg then reportedly asked: “Right, but why kittens and not something else?”.桑德伯格又问:“好吧,但为什么是猫而不是其他东西?”According to Martinez: “Dan looked up at the screen as if noticing the kitten pics the first time, and then turned to Sheryl and answered, almost under his breath: 'Well... demo purposes we don’t show really bad photos...so the engineers use kittens instead. Because, you know...kittens and cats are like, pu-'马丁内斯描述道:“丹抬起头看着屏幕,就好像第一次注意到那些猫的图片一样然后,他转过头对谢丽尔小声地说,‘好吧,就为了演示一下,我们总不能显示那些淫秽图片吧所以工程师们选择了用猫代替因为你知道,猫咪代表的就是女性的……’”“'Got it!' she expectorated. After sucking in a lungful of air, as if loading a verbal barrage, she continued. ‘If there were women on that team, they’d NEVER, EVER choose those photos as demo pics. I think you should change that immediately!’”“‘明白了!’谢丽尔几乎要吐血深吸了一口气之后,她又继续咆哮般说道,‘如果这个团队中有女性,她们是绝对不会选择这些作为演示图片的我想你应该马上把它们换掉!’”Martinez also claims that Zuckerberg was prone to angry outbursts. After an unknown employee leaked details of a new feature to the press, Zuckerberg reportedly emailed the entire office with the subject line “Please resign”, claiming that the person in question had betrayed the team.马丁内斯还声称,扎克伯格很容易发怒有一次,不知哪个员工将一项新功能的细节透露给了媒体,据说扎克伯格给办公室里的所有人发了一封电子邮件,主题是“请辞职”,声称给媒体通风报信的人背叛了整个团队Zuckerberg was also reportedly furious at the state of the walls at Facebook’s headquarters, which employees are encouraged to draw on, after employees had scribbled over them, rather than creating art.据说扎克伯格还因Facebook总部涂鸦墙上的内容大发雷霆原本他是鼓励员工在这些墙上涂鸦,结果有些员工在上面乱写乱画,而非艺术创作“That weekend Zuck sent another to-all email (or maybe it was posted in the general Facebook internal group to which everyone belonged), the gist being: I trusted you to create art, and what you f*****s did was vandalize the place,” Martinez wrote.马丁内斯写道:“那个周末扎克伯格又发了一封致所有员工的电子邮件(或许这封电子邮件发布在Facebook所有员工在的内部群组里),其要点是:我信任你们,让你们去搞艺术创作,结果你们却在肆意破坏”A Facebook spokesman did not comment on the allegations.Facebook发言人没有对这些爆料发表Vocabularytell-all: 和盘说出的 the riot act to: 训斥,斥责booty shorts: 热裤expectorate: 咯血英文来源:每日电讯报中文来源:腾讯科技审校#38;编辑:丹妮。

[文化]你会用iPhone拍照吗?5个拍照小诀窍 --5 :57: 来源:sohu 小编昨天给大家带来了iPhone拍出的“单反作品”各位是不是也想拍出自己的“大片”? 而然用iPhone相机拍出来的照片很容易会变得模糊,负责任的小编当然要为大家出谋献策了 其实只要用上一点诀窍,你也可以用你的iPhone拍出媲美大师级水平的照片 真的,这是可能的! 这里5个技巧和窍门,让你成为iPhone 的摄影高手 It's far too easy to take a blurry mess of a photo using iPhone camera, but with a little know-how, you can learn how to take awesome pictures that could easily pass as professional images. Yes, it is possible! Here are 5 tips and tricks to make you an iPhone photography wizard: 用拿相机的手势来拿手机 Hold your phone like it's a camera 首先,要有一张好照片,你要有个好pose! 用一只手拿手机拍照的话,时常会出现手震而导致照片模糊所以要用双手稳定地抓住你的手机啊! Hold your phone in one hand often results in shaky photos. So grab your phone with both hands and stabilize! 避免使用放大功能 Avoid zooming in 就算只是把照片放大了一点点,但拍出来的质素也会差很多所以建议走前几步拍摄目标,也不要使用放大功能 Photos taken with your iPhone lose a ton of quality even when you zoom in the tiniest bit. So instead of pressing zoom, take a few steps closer to what you're trying to take a picture of. HDR实验 Experiment with HDR HDR是什么呢? HDR代表高动态范围,另外更可以合并三种曝光度来拍出更清晰的照片你可以轻易在相机屏幕上方找到HDR开启此功能后,你就可以随时地拍出优质的画面 HDR stands high dynamic range and merges three exposures together a crisper photo. You can easily switch on HDR at the top of the camera and play around with it. 尽可能多用后置的摄像头(自拍也适用) Use the rear-facing camera as much as you can iPhone背面的摄像头比前方的自拍镜拥有更高的解像度,所以拍摄效果会更佳 The camera on the back of the phone is much better than the one on the front (your selfie cam), since it takes photos at a higher resolution. 就算是自拍,也可以尽量使用后置摄像头 清洁镜头 Clean your lens 镜头就好似你的眼睛,模糊的视力怎么能看清这个世界? 你可能整天都把iPhone放在口袋或钱包里,这样你的镜头很有可能会变成细毛或污迹的栖身地立即养成拍照前先清理镜头的习惯吧! Your iPhone probably hangs out in your pocket or purse all day, so that lens has probably become home to a bit of lint and maybe a few smudges. Make cleaning your lens a habit bee snapping your pics! 有了这5个小窍门,快拿起你手边的iPhone试一试!说不定你就是下一个获奖者!。

双语:Uber似乎离上市不远了 --01 3::1 来源:   有报道称,一家中国大型投资集团正主导对优步进行新一轮投资种种迹象都表明,优步离上市不远了  Chinese fund manager Hillhouse Capital Group is leading aninvestment in the ride-sharing company that could reacharound billion, according to The Wall Street Journal. Theconvertible bond deal involves buying bonds that can beconverted into shares at a discount to the company’s IPO price.The longer it takes Uber to go public, the greater the return investors, providing a time-laden incentive the company to launch an IPO soon. Uber hadpreviously raised around .6 billion from the wealth-management division of Goldman Sachs GS-1.8% in a very similar deal in January.  《华尔街日报称,中国的高瓴资本正在牵头发起对优步的新一轮投资,总额可能高达亿美元根据双方签订的可转债协议,投资人可将债券以低于公司IPO发行价的价格转换为优步的股份这样一来,优步越是迟迟不上市,投资人的回报就越高,这为优步尽快启动上市计划增加了时间压力今年1月,优步曾以类似的交易框架,从高盛财富管理部门筹资约亿美元  The entrance of Hillhouse is also notable two reasons: The Beijing-based firm is one of thebiggest fund managers in Asia, overseeing assets in excess of $ billion; and Hillhouse’s previousinvestments in technology firms, such as China’s Tencent Holdings, have paid off.  高瓴资本的进入之所以引起人们的关注,原因有两个:一是这家总部位于北京的企业是亚洲最大的基金管理公司之一,管理的资产超过了0亿美元;二是高瓴资本此前投资技术公司获得了丰厚的回报,其中包括腾讯   Working with such a prominent firm also plays well with Uber’s ambitions to go big in China. Earlierthis month, CEO Travis Kalanick said in an email that went public that the company’s global teamwas spending billion on expanding into China, making it the company’s “number one priority”.Uber aly operates in around 300 cities.  与这种知名公司合作也有助于优步实现其做大中国业务的雄心壮志本月早些时候,公司首席执行官特拉维斯·卡兰尼克在一封流传出来的邮件中表示,优步将投入亿美元以扩张中国业务,这是公司目前的“头号任务”目前,它已在全球300多个城市展开运营  The deal should also send confusing signals to Didi Kuaidi, the largest taxi-hailing app in China, and,by definition, Uber’s biggest competitor. Hillhouse is also an investor in the Chinese startup, and thislatest news will worry them. This comes after tech sites in Asia highlighted a consumer report thatDidi Kuadi had experienced more customer data leaks from taxi apps between January of and May of in China when compared to Uber.  因为高瓴资本也是滴滴快的的投资者,该交易引发了一些争议滴滴快滴是中国最大的叫车应用,也是优步在中国的主要竞争对手,高瓴资本投资优步的消息可能会让滴滴快的感到不安此外,多家亚洲科技网站此前在一份消费者报告中称,年1月至年5月期间,从滴滴快的应用中泄漏的客户数据要多于优步。

伦敦市长总要操心公交广告——禁止张贴消极人体像 -- 19:3:53 来源: 下个月起伦敦交通局将禁止在公交上张贴消极人像图片 Adverts promoting negative body images will be banned across the Transport London (TfL) network from next month.下个月起伦敦交通局将禁止在公交上张贴消极人像图片As part of his mayoral election manifesto Sadiq Khan pledged to ban adverts promoting "unhealthy or unrealistic" body images.Sadiq Khan承诺将把禁止张贴“不健康或不实际的“人体图片作为他市长竞选宣言的一部分The advertising watchdog received 378 complaints in about a weight-loss advert that asked customers if they were "beach body y?"年广告监管受到378计有关则项减肥广告的投诉——询问顾客们是否“拥有海滩身材?”Mr Khan has now asked TfL to set up its own advertising steering group.Khan先生已经要求伦敦交通局成立自己的广告指导组The Protein World "beach body y" promotional posters were defaced in Tube stations and a petition was started calling the adverts to be banned, however the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) watchdog later ruled the advert depicting a bikini-clad female model was neither offensive nor irresponsible.“准备海滩身材”促销广告在地铁站遭到污损,并有禁止该广告的请愿,但广告标准委员会监管裁定这个有一位穿比基尼女性模特的广告既不冒犯也非不负责任The steering group will advise TfL’s advertising partners and stakeholders of the mayor’s new policy and will ensure adverts continue to adhere to the regulations set out by the ASA.指导组将为伦敦交通局的广告伙伴和市长新政策的利益相关者给出建议,并保广告继续遵循广告标准委员会的规定Mr Khan said: "As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies. It is high time it came to an end."Khan先生说:“作为两个少女的父亲,我十分担心这类广告会贬低人们,尤其是女性,这使他们对自己的身体感到羞愧这种事情该结束了”Graeme Craig, TfL commercial development director, said: "Advertising on our network is unlike TV, online and print media.Graeme Craig,伦敦交通商业发展总监,说:“我们这儿的广告和电视、网络及出版媒体的广告不同”"Our customers cannot simply switch off or turn a page if an advertisement offends or upsets them and we have a duty to ensure the copy we carry reflects that unique environment."“在广告冒犯到或使他们失望时,顾客们不能简简单单地将其关掉或换页所以我们有责任保这些排面体现独特的环境”Previously, the eating disorders charity Beat said while it recognised advertising and media could not cause eating disorders it was aware of how toxic images could be to an individual.此前,饮食失调机构说虽然广告和媒体不会导致饮食失调,但要注意这些有毒的照片是会影响到个体的On the B London Facebook page many people were quick to praise the mayor’s initiative. Magdalena Michalik who lives in Greenwich said: "Please ban it. I don’t want my children to look at it!" but others warned it was the start of the "Islamification" of London and said the mayor was adopting this policy because of his religious values.在伦敦B脸书页面,许多人赞扬了市长的初衷居住在Greenwich的Magdalena Michalik说:“请禁止它我不想让我的孩子们看到这些!”但是也有人警告说这是伦敦“伊斯兰化”的开始,市长采用这个政策是因为他自己的总教观Sharene Kirchler said: "What happened to free speech? What happened to not being offended by everything. Why is it a matter of state to decide when something so subjective is to be allowed or not?"Sharene Kirchler说:“自由发言去哪了?说好的不被任何事情冒犯呢?为什么国家要决定什么样的题材是允许的?”The deputy mayor transport Val Shawcross said the policy was not meant as a "moral judgement", rather the mayor’s office was working with the advertising industry to ensure images were not used that were potentially harmful to young people’s mental health and how they viewed themselves.负责交通的代理市长Val Shawcross说这个政策不是“道德判断”,这只是市长办公室与广告业一同保广告中采用的图片不会对青年人的心理健康造成潜在的伤害,或影响他们对自己的看法。

不少百万富翁出生穷苦,成功之道是什么? -- ::9 来源: 这些百万富翁将成功归功于3个令人感到意外的因素:辛勤工作、积极进取和家庭教育 Most high net worth Americans say they worked their way up from a lower class.大多美国高净值人士表示,他们是从低层阶级一步步奋斗起来的That’s according to a report released by U.S. Trust on Monday, based on a survey that asked 68 adults in the U.S. with million or more of "investible assets" hundreds of questions.这个结论来自于美国信托星期一发布的一份报告,它基于对美国68名拥有300万美元或更多的“可投资资产”的成年人所提出的数百个问题的调查About 77% of those surveyed said they grew up in the middle class or lower, including 19% who say they were poor. And they credit their success to three somewhat surprising factors: Hard work, ambition and family upbringing. Respondents even went so far as to say that these influences were much more important than "connections" or "innate talent."大约有77%的受访者表示,自己出生在中产阶级或更低阶层的家庭,其中有19%甚至表示出生于穷人家不过,他们将成功归功于3个令人感到意外的因素:辛勤工作、积极进取和家庭教育受访者还表示,相对而言,这些因素比“关系”或“天赋”更为重要"The points seem to be so traditional in nature," said Chris Heilmann, the chief fiduciary executive at U.S. Trust, Bank of America’s private wealth management firm. "It’s [about] deeply held family values rather than an inheritance or existing wealth,"美国私人财富管理公司美国信托的高管Chris Heilmann指出,“这些观点看起来是传统的调查显示家庭价值要比继承或现有财富更具影响力”The survey was also a shout-out to strict parents. About 80% of respondents said their parents were firm disciplinarians. They also named "academic achievement," "financial discipline" and "work participation" as the family values that were most emphasized in their homes.调查还显示,严格的父母也是绝大多数美国百万富翁成功的功臣约有80%的受访者表示,父母对自己要求很严格此外,受访者声称,“学术成就、“财务约束”和“工作参与”也是他们的家庭教育中最为看重的几点"It indicates the American Dream seems to be alive and well," Heilmann said.Heilmann说,“这表明美国梦仍然颇具生机,深入人心”Considering that some people might doubt that, Heilmann said that the results were "refreshing, encouraging and a bit surprising."考虑到可能有部分人对此怀疑,Heilmann解释说这个结果“很振奋、鼓舞人心,也有点出乎意料”。

口无遮拦惹祸,特朗普持率下跌 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:美国共和党总统候选人唐纳德?特朗普素以口无遮拦、言论激进著称,这在竞选初期为他得超高人气,然而“大嘴巴”也逐渐让他暴露出自己的短板不当言论正在让他丧失选民们的持As the Republican front-runner US presidential nomination, Donald Trump has faced setbacks in the past few weeks. On April 3, he lost an important primary in Wisconsin. Critics speculate that Trump’s low poll numbers were linked to several off-color comments he made prior to the primary.作为年美国大选中共和党阵营的领头羊,唐纳德?特朗普最近几周屡屡受挫月3日,他在威斯康辛州的一场重要初选中落败家推测,特朗普民调持率下降可能和他在初选之前爆出的低俗言论有关In an interview with MSN’s Chris Matthews, Trump suggested “there has to be some m of punishment” women who have abortions–a comment that surely alienated many female voters.在接受微软全国有限广播电视公司记者克里斯?马修斯采访时,特朗普建议对于那些堕胎的女性“应该有某种形式的惩罚”——这一言论自然导致很多女性选民放弃他Then, in an interview with The New York Times published on March 6, Trump suggested that the US’ Asian allies shoulder more of the burden regional defense. He encouraged countries like South Korea and Japan to develop their own nuclear arsenals–a comment that, according to many critics, reveals how little he knows about international politics.其后,在3月6日的《纽约时报上的一篇采访中,特朗普建议美国的亚洲盟友应该承担更多地区防务的责任他鼓励像韩国和日本这样的国家发展本国的核武器库家认为,这一言论暴露了特朗普对国际政治一窍不通Trump has made trade a focal point in his campaign. He boasted he would negotiate “tough new trade deals” and “bring jobs back” to the US. He lambasted US companies such as d and Apple that have moved some or most of their manufacturing overseas. But in response, critics noted that he is guilty of the same practice in his businesses.特朗普把贸易作为他竞选的核心问题他夸口说自己将会通过谈判制定一个“严格的贸易新规定”,并为美国“创造更多的就业机会”他谴责像福特、苹果这样的美国公司把它们的部分甚至所有的生产线迁到海外而家们则反击说,特朗普自己的企业也难逃其责According to a Financial Times report, many of Donald Trump’s apparel products, including its shirts, ties, cuff links and eyeglass frames, are manufactured in China.据《金融时报报道,唐纳德?特朗普品牌的许多饰,包括衬衫、领带、袖扣和眼镜框在内都是中国制造。