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爱因斯坦癖好大公开:狂爱吃鸡蛋 --9 :33: 来源:中国日报 Albert Einstein is perhaps the world's greatest scientist. The Nobel Prize winner, who solved the riddle of the photoelectric effect and proposed the general theory of relativity, died on April 18, 1955, aged 76 after laying the foundation of modern physics and changing mankind's views on space, time, mass, and energy. But did you know he was obsessed by fried eggs? That's one of quirky things about the man behind the famous equation E mc that we learn from the bookEinstein at Home, which will be published in English in May the first time. The book contains five interviews conducted by scientist Friedrich Herneck with Herta Waldow, neacute;e Schiefelbein, who was the live-in housekeeper of Einstein in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district of Berlin six years.阿尔伯特bull;爱因斯坦可能是世界上最伟大的科学家他是诺贝尔奖得主,破解了光电效应的谜题,提出了广义相对论,奠定了现代物理学的基础,改变了人类对空间、时间、质量和能量的认识他于1955年月18日逝世,享年76岁但是,你知道他对煎蛋非常痴迷吗?我们也是从《爱因斯坦的家庭生活这本书知道的这个提出著名等式E mc 的科学家有个癖好,都收录在这本书中此书的英文版将于年5月第一次出版书中还收录了科学家弗里德里希bull;赫尔内克对赫塔bull;沃尔多(娘家姓席费尔拜因)女士的五次采访,沃尔多女士曾经在爱因斯坦位于柏林夏洛滕堡-威尔默斯多夫区的家中当了六年的住家管家下面,我们就来看看这本书中揭秘的爱因斯坦的那些;怪癖;The mad hair came on the cheap凌乱的头发是省钱省出来的Einstein's second wife was his cousin Elsa Loewenthal. Elsa could not persuade Einstein to pay a barber so she would cut his hair herself. Waldow recalled: ;When his hair was too long, when it was beyond the pale, Elsa would cut off his hair with scissors and he was willing to put up with it. As well as his disheveled hair, Elsa also trimmed the great scientist's moustache.爱因斯坦的第二任妻子是他的堂艾尔莎bull;洛文塔尔艾尔莎没法劝爱因斯坦,让他花钱找理发师理发,只能自己给他剪沃尔多回忆说:;当他的头发长得太长,长得让人无法忍受时,艾尔莎就会拿剪子给他剪头发,他也愿意让她这么剪除了修剪凌乱的头发,艾尔莎还会给这个大科学家刮胡子He made his shoes last他的鞋寿命很长Penny-pinching seems to have been a thing in the Einstein household - a seven-room apartment. Waldow, who was the housekeeper from 197-1933, said that he was always short of cash and his wife was very penny pinching. He wore shoes with holes in them, even if they were no longer watertight. ;He would wear them until it was no longer possible.; She said his favourite footwear was sandals. No wonder he kept a sign up in his office in later life in Princeton that said: ;Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.;爱因斯坦住的公寓有七间屋子,节俭似乎是他家的主题沃尔多在197-1933年间在这里当管家,她说爱因斯坦手头总是很紧,他的妻子也非常节俭他的鞋有破洞了,甚至都不防水了,他还在穿;他要把它们穿到实在穿不了了为止;她说他最喜欢穿的鞋就是凉鞋怪不得他晚年在普林斯顿大学的办公室里挂着一句话:;不是所有有价值的都可以被计算,不是所有能计算的都有价值;He really was an egghead (especially fried eggs )他真是鸡蛋(特别是炒鸡蛋)爱好者Waldow had to deliver fried eggs and scrambled eggs almost every day his breakfast. There were eggs breakfast, usually fried. There was also a lot of honey, which we bought by the pail, brought by a beekeeper. ;Herr Professor always ate fried eggs, at least two.; They bought their fresh eggs from an elderly Jewish man. ;Dear me, he was so grubby!; Waldow said. Einstein also enjoyed mushrooms with his eggs. ;He would probably have eaten mushrooms three times a day, that's how fond he was of them.;沃尔多几乎每天都给他送煎蛋和炒蛋当早餐早餐的鸡蛋通常是煎的,里面还加了很多蜂蜜蜂蜜是从一个养蜂人那里一桶一桶买来的;教授先生总是吃煎蛋,一次至少吃两个;他们的鲜鸡蛋是从一个老犹太人那里买的;天呐,那个卖蜂蜜的可邋遢了!;沃尔多说,爱因斯坦还喜欢在鸡蛋里加蘑菇;他几乎一天吃三顿蘑菇,他就是这么喜欢;。

胖妞进选美决赛 主办方取消其资格(图 -- :8:37 来源:   A beauty pageant contestant who labelled herself 'terribly ugly' has been disqualified after being voted through to the final because organisers thought she had tampered with the vote.  俄罗斯一项选美比赛的一名自认为“长得很丑”的参赛者,在被选进决赛后却被取消了资格,原因是大赛主办方认为她以不正当手段干预了投票结果  Maya Shelkovaya from Sochi was shocked when she ousted more than 00 other girls in Russian contest Miss Games to make it through to the last five.  玛雅来自索契,当她得知自己从参加俄罗斯游戏选美大赛的00多名女孩中脱颖而出进入五强的时候,非常吃惊   She said she didn't expect to win a single vote and only entered the pageant because she wanted to win some of the Allods Team games offered to the finalists, according to Vocativ.  她说自己参加比赛根本没期望能获得哪怕一张投票,只是为了能赢得大赛为决赛选手提供的一些Allods Team  But organizers suspected she had cheated and sent her an email which did not set out a clear explanation her disqualification.  但是主办方却怀疑玛雅以欺诈手段获取投票,并取消了她的资格,但在给她的邮件中并未给出具体明确的原因  She uploaded a photo to enter the competition, saying she thought she was 'terribly ugly' and received an onslaught of online abuse.  玛雅参加比赛时上传了一张照片,称自认为“长得很丑”,之后就收到了网友们的攻击和谩骂  Many commented saying she was 'fat' and 'should go to the gym', but others praised her bravery and voted her to stay in the competition.  有人说玛雅“胖”“该去健身房”,但也有一些人称赞她的勇敢并投票给她希望她不被淘汰  'Mostly people write that I'm brave and honorable. But, to be honest, I don't know where they got that from. I'm completely average,' she said.  玛雅说:“中有很多人说我勇敢、诚实但说实话,我不知道她们这么说的依据是什么我真的只是个普通人”   'In general, me personally, all kind people are beautiful. Kindness adorns their faces, and it's impossible to call them ugly no matter what their appearance.'  “总的来说在我眼里,所有的人都很漂亮只要心地善良,不管长成什么样子都不可以被称作丑陋”  The organizers of the pageant, run by Russian email service, Mail.ru, have now announced the winners, one of whom was given a trip two to a five-star hotel in Egypt.  比赛的主办方目前已经宣布了获胜者名单,其中一位还得到了入住五星级酒店埃及双人游的机会  They said: 'We are pleased to announce the completion of the contest. As we warned all the votes obtained by dishonest means, when calculating the results have been removed.'  主办方称:“我们非常高兴,大赛圆满落幕之前我们曾警告过参赛者,任何通过不诚实的手段获得的投票在计算最后结果时都将被排除在外”。

英国新首相特雷莎·梅访问苏格兰 -- 19:8:6 来源: 英国新任首相特雷莎·梅日抵达苏格兰首府爱丁堡,与苏格兰政府首席大臣斯特金就国内联合以及英国“脱欧”等问题举行会谈这是特雷莎·梅就职不到8小时首次离开伦敦 GLASGOW — Theresa May visited Scotland on Friday in her first official engagement as Britain’s new Prime Minister in a clear indication of the strength of her commitment to maintaining the “special Union” between the ed Kingdom’s four nations and people.格拉斯哥报道——特雷莎·梅上周五首次以英国新首相的身份正式访问了苏格兰,清楚地表明了她对维持英国四部分与人民之间的“特殊联盟”的承诺和力度And the new Conservative Party leader will deliver a message to Scots, saying: “The government I lead will always be on your side.”这位新的保守党领袖向苏格兰传递了这样的信息:“我所领导的政府将永远站在你们这边”May is holding talks with Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon in Bute House in Edinburgh, in which she will stress how she wants the Scottish government to m a central part of the Brexit process — Britain’s exit from the European Union.梅首相在爱丁堡的布特大厦与苏格兰政府首席大臣尼古拉·斯特金举行了会谈,在会谈中,她强调她非常希望苏格兰地方政府在英国“脱欧”谈判中形成中心力量Ahead of her visit, May said: “I believe with all my heart in the ed Kingdom; the precious bond between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This visit to Scotland is my first as prime minister and I’m coming here to show my commitment to preserving this special union that has endured centuries.在此次苏格兰之行以前,梅首相说:“我全心全意地相信英国;我相信英格兰、苏格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰之间的珍贵纽带这是我第一次作为首相次访问苏格兰,我到这里,是为了展示我会维护这个经历了几百年的特殊联盟的承诺”“I want to say something else to the people of Scotland too: the government I lead will always be on your side. Every decision we take, every policy we take ward, we will stand up you and your family; not the rich, the mighty or the powerful.“我还想对苏格兰人民说一些别的事情:我领导的政府将永远站在你们这一边我们做的每一个决定、采取的每一项政策,我们都会为你和你的家人站出来;我们不仅仅为那些富有、强大或有权力的人务“That’s because I believe in a union, not just between the nations of the ed Kingdom but between all of our citizens. Whether it’s reming the economy or strengthening our society, we are going to build a better Britain and a nation that works everyone; not just the privileged few,” she added.“那是因为我相信我们是一个联盟,这种关系不仅仅存在于英国四部分之间,更存在于我们所有的公民之间无论是经济改革还是加强我们的社会,我们的目标都是要建立一个更好的英国,建立一个适合所有人的国家;而不只是少数人的特权”她补充说However, the potential an early intergovernmental clash is high as May has been adamant that “Brexit means Brexit” while Sturgeon has insisted, given Scotland voted strongly to stay in the EU, that from her perspective “Remain means Remain.”然而,早期的政府间冲突的可能性依然很高梅首相坚持认为,“脱欧就是脱欧”,而斯特金则坚持,鉴于苏格兰大多数人投票留欧,从她的角度来看,“留欧就是留欧”Within the government the new prime minister is regarded as a tough, no-nonsense negotiator. She is thought to have believed David Cameron caved in too easily to demands by the pro-independence Scottish National Party bee and after the referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country.在政府内部,新首相被视为强硬而严肃的谈判者她认为大卫·卡梅伦在年苏格兰独立公投前后,太容易屈于持独立的苏格兰民族党的诉求One source, reflecting on the prospect raised by Sturgeon of a second independence referendum, said: “Theresa is a tough cookie and will not give ground as easily as David did.”一个消息来源反映了斯特金提出二次苏格兰独立公投的想法:“特雷莎是个强硬的人,不像大卫那样容易让步”Sturgeon said she was hoping a constructive discussion but stressed: “I respect how people in other parts of the U.K. voted; I hope the prime minister will respect how people in Scotland voted." Scotland voted to remain in the EU in the referendum last month. The U.K. overall voted to leave.斯特金说,她希望能有一次建设性的讨论,但强调说:“我尊重英国其他地区人们的投票结果;我也希望首相能尊重苏格兰人们的投票结果”苏格兰上个月通过公投决定留在欧盟而英国整体投票决定“脱欧”"My job is to seek to protect Scotland’s interests and I’ve said I’m open to seeking to do that through the U.K. process. If I’m going to be able to do that, then she has to make the process open and flexible," Sturgeon said.“我的工作是保护苏格兰的利益,我说过,我愿意通过英国来这么做如果我能够做到这一点,那么她必须让过程灵活、公开”斯特金说Sturgeon said a second Scottish independence referendum could be the only way to secure Scotland’s interests and protect its EU membership but stressed she wanted to "explore all options".斯特金说,二次苏格兰独立公投可能是确保苏格兰利益、保护其欧盟成员国资格的唯一途径,但她也强调,她想“探讨所有的可能性”David Davis, the new secretary of state Brexit, suggested Britain could quit the EU by December 18, noting how a “brisk but measured approach to Brexit” was achievable.新任“脱欧”大臣大卫·戴维斯表示,英国可能会在18年十二月以前退出欧盟,并指出了“快速并慎重地脱欧”的实现方法Earlier this week, David Mundell, the reappointed Scottish Secretary, suggested he was open to Scotland having a different Brexit deal to the rest of the UK if it was “doable”.本周早些时候,新任英国苏格兰事务大臣戴维·芒德尔表示,对苏格兰与英国其他地区在“脱欧”问题上的意见不合,如果可行的话,他持开放态度But Philip Hammond, the new Treasury chief, made clear this would not happen, pointing out how the people of the U.K. had voted “collectively” to leave the EU.但是新任财政大臣菲利普·哈蒙德明确表示这不会发生,他指出,英国的人们非常“团结地”投票离开欧盟Sturgeon described these comments as "deeply disappointing," adding: "I hope the new prime minister,Hammond and all of the U.K. government will understand that we are absolutely serious when it comes to achieving our goal of protecting Scotland’s vital interests."斯特金称这些“令人深感失望”,并称:“我希望新首相,哈蒙德和所有的英国政府官员能够明白,当涉及到保护苏格兰人民切身利益的时候,我们是绝对认真的”She spoke after the first meeting of the Standing Council on Europe, which she set up to advise the Scottish government following the vote to leave the EU on June 3.她和欧洲议会常务理事会会面之后进行了讲话,希望能够建议苏格兰政府遵从6月3日“脱欧”公投的结果The body is made up of 18 legal, economic and diplomatic specialists and chairman Anton Muscatelli said they would examine how best to secure Scotland’s place in the EU.该机构由18个法律、经济和外交专家组成,主席安顿·马斯卡特里表示他们将研究如何确保苏格兰在欧盟的席位May spent Thursday appointing and firing ministers from the Cabinet. One insider said: “This is not a reshuffle but a completely new government.”梅首相在周四任免了内阁大臣一位内部人士说:“这不是重新洗牌,而是一个全新的政府”Those ministers who were sacked, including Michael Gove, Nicky Morgan, John Whittingdale and Theresa Villiers, were told their services were no longer needed in early morning private meetings.被免职的大臣们包括迈克尔·戈夫,尼基·根,约翰·惠廷德尔和特雷莎·维利尔兹,他们在凌晨的秘密会议上被告知他们的务已经不再需要了Later in Downing Street, the procession of promoted ministers and those who survived the chop took place bee television cameras. Among the winners were a string of women and Brexiters.稍候在唐宁街,任命和留任大臣的过程发生在电视摄像机前这些人中很多人都是女性和“脱欧”派These included Justine Greening promoted to the education brief, Liz Truss, who succeeds Gove as justice secretary, and leading Leave campaigner Andrea Leadsom, who takes on the environment portfolio.他们包括被提升的教育大臣贾斯汀·格里宁,接替戈夫成为司法大臣的利兹·特鲁斯,领导“脱欧”的活动家安德烈·兰德森,则接任了环境方面的领导May’s office made clear that the new premier had created “a bold cabinet, which was hitting the ground running” with ministers aly having met some of their eign counterparts talks.梅首相的办公室明确表示,新首相一鼓作气组建了“一个大胆的内阁”,几位大臣和外国的部长级官员进行了会谈“What you have seen with the appointments today is that commitment to putting social rem at the heart of her government," declared May’s spokeswoman.“你今天看到的任免,显示了本届政府把社会改革作为工作重心的承诺”,梅首相的发言人说The creation of specific Cabinet posts exiting the EU and boosting international trade "underlines the commitment to delivering on the decision of the British people," she added.为“脱欧”和促进国际贸易所创的内阁职位的创造“强调了传递英国人民决定的承诺,”她补充说But the opposition Labour Party said the promotion of a string of right-wingers contradicted the new premier’s "warm words" on her entry into Downing St. about seeking to govern "not a privileged few but every one of us".但反对党工党表示,提拔右翼分子违背了新首相在她进入唐宁街谋求执政时候的“温和话语”——“不为少数特权人士,而为我们每个人”Meantime, the prime minister, who has aly taken telephone calls from Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Francois Hollande, had a -minute congratulatory telephone call from President Obama.与此同时,已经和德国总理安吉拉·默克尔和法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德通过电话的新首相,和美国总统奥巴马通了分钟的祝贺电话。

阶层天花板---说说教育中的不公平现象 -- :36:9 来源: 在高考---也就是中国高等学校入学考试的两天内,在高中附近的地方不能有嗡嗡的汽车喇叭声,更不能有轰隆隆的货车通行为了此次高考,学生们已经进行多年填鸭式地学习,他们认为(有充分的理由),这次考试将会决定他们的一生 NO CAR may honk nor lorry rumble near secondary schools on the two days when students are taking their university entrance exams, known as gaokao. Teenagers have been cramming years these tests, which they believe (with justification) will determine their entire future. Yet it is at an earlier stage of education that an individual’s life chances in China are usually mapped out, often in ways that are deeply unfair.在高考---也就是中国高等学校入学考试的两天内,在高中附近的地方不能有嗡嗡的汽车喇叭声,更不能有轰隆隆的货车通行为了此次高考,学生们已经进行多年填鸭式地学习,他们认为(有充分的理由),这次考试将会决定他们的一生不过,其实在教育更为早期的阶段,个人的生活已经被决定了,而且通常是以不太公平的方式To give more students access to higher education, the government has increased its investment in the sector five fold since 1997. The number of universities has nearly doubled. In 1998 6% of secondary-school graduates went on to university. Now 88% of them do. About 7m people—roughly one-third of those aged between 18 and —now gain entry to some m of higher institution each year.为了给更多学生接受高等教育的机会,政府自1997年以来,在教育领域的投资增加了5倍之多大学的数目几乎增加一倍在1998年,有6%的高中生上大学,而现在有88%的高中生上大学每年大概有700万人,也就是18岁到岁年轻人的三分之一,有机会接受高一级的教育China’s universities offer more opporty social mobility than those in many other countries, says James Lee of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. But the social backgrounds of those admitted have been changing. Until 1993, more than 0% of students were the children of farmers or factory workers. Now universities are crammed with people from wealthy, urban backgrounds. That is partly because a far bigger share of young people are middle-class. But it is also because rural Chinese face bigger hurdles getting into them than they used to.香港科技大学的詹姆斯.李称,中国的大学和其他国家相比,提供了更多的社会流动性但入学学生的社会背景已经发生变化直到1993,有超四成的学生来自农民或工人家庭而现在的学生都是来自城市中的富裕家庭这可能是因为很大一部分的年轻人来自中产阶级,但也是因为中国的农民正面临前所未有的困难The problem lies with inequality of access to senior high schools, which take students the final three years of their secondary education. Students from rural backgrounds who go to such schools perm as well in the university entrance exams as those from urban areas. But most never get there. Less than % of young people in the countryside go to senior high schools compared with 70% of their urban counterparts. The result is that a third of urban youngsters complete tertiary education, compared with only 8% of young rural adults.问题在于高中阶段的不公平,在高中,学生将会完成第二阶段教育的最后三年进入高中的农村学生,和那些城市学生在高考中表现的一样好但大部分农村学生都没有机会进入高中学习不到一成的农村年轻人会上高中,而7成的城市年轻人会上高中,这也导致有三分之一的城市年轻人能够完成他们的第三阶段教育---大学,而农村学生仅有8%的比例One reason is that junior high schools in the countryside are far weaker academically than urban ones. Local governments invest less in them per student than they do in cities. Urban parents tend to be better educated and thus better able to help children with their studies.一个原因是农村的初中教育质量远低于城市对每个学生的人均投入,地方政府给城市的,要远多于农村而且城市的父母教育程度更高,能更好地辅导学生的学习Expense is a huge deterrent many. Governments cover the costs of schooling the nine years of compulsory education up to the age of around . But at senior high schools, families must pay tuition and other expenses; these outlays are among the highest in the world (measured by purchasing-power parity). Many students drop out of junior high school—which isfree—because rising wages in low-skilled industrial work make the prospect of staying at school even less attractive. Millions enter the workce every year who are barely literate or numerate此外,费用问题对农村学生来说也是一大障碍在九年义务教育阶段,也就是到学生大概岁左右,政府负责学生上学的费用,但是上高中,农民们就需要自己付学费和其他费用(根据购买力测算),中国的这类费用,在全世界范围内都属于高昂的而且,还有很多学生在免费的初中就辍学,因为工业的低技术工种工资不断上升,也让继续求学的吸引力越来越低成千上万的年轻人进入社会,而这些人还属于半文盲ince the 1990s more than 0m people have moved from the countryside to work in cities. Many have left their children behind because of the difficulty of getting them into urban schools: the country’s system of hukou, or household registration, makes it hard migrant children to enjoy subsidised education in places other than their parents’ birthplace.从上世纪90年代开始,有亿人从农村进入城市有很多人因为无法将孩子送到城市中的学校,而把他们留到了老家:中国的户口系统使农民工的孩子,无法在他们父母出生地之外享受义务教育Unnatural selection非自然的选择Children from poor backgrounds who do make it as far as the gaokao face another difficulty: competition with better-prepared candidates from 700 or so feeder (usually known as “keypoint”) schools. These receive more funding per student than average schools, have better teachers and plusher facilities. They are supposed to train the brightest students, but many get in with the help of money and connections.来自贫困家庭的学生即使能参加高考,也会面临另一重困难:和来自大约700余所重点中学的学生竞争这里的学生和普通学生相比,国家对每个学生的投入更多,拥有更好的教师和昂贵的器材他们本应该教育最优秀的学生,但很多学生是通过金钱和关系进去的Hoping to make the system fairer, some feeder schools now allocate places on the basis of pupils’ proximity. Inevitably, this has sent local house prices skyrocketing, reincing the schools’ privileged intake by a different means.为了使教育体系更公平,一些重点学生以距离学校远近来招收学生不可避免地,这使当地房价快速上涨,同时,也阻止有采用各种特殊方法进入学校的新生Some of the feeder schools channel their pupils into the best universities via an alternative route to the gaokao. The Ministry of Education introduced this in to reward people with “special talents” that are tricky to assess through standardized tests, such as innovative thinking, creativity, or skills in sport or art. This was supposed to make the types of students attending university more varied. Instead it has increased inequality, by giving advantages to those who have benefited from the superior facilities of key point schools.一些重点高中还通过替代通道送其学生进入重点大学中国教育部在年奖励一些通过高考有难度的“特殊人才”,包括有创新思维,或者体育、艺术特长这本是想让更多类型的学生能进入不同的大学学习,但与此相反,它反而助涨了不公平,特别是那些通过不公平手段进入重点高中的那群人The government is trying to reduce other unfairnesses, too. But it has been tough going: those who benefit from unequal opporties are unsurprisingly reluctant to cede their privileges. This was evident from the outcry that followed an announcement last month that provinces and cities would have to reduce as local students at their universities. These allow universities to accept local students even though they may have lower gaokao scores than those from elsewhere. The news triggered protests in three cities by parents who worried about losing a precious advantage their children.政府也在尝试降低不公平性,但这相当困难:那些享受到不公平机会的人不愿放弃自己的特权这个道理显而易见,特别是上个月个省市宣布降低本地学生的录取名额通告后,爆发的那场抗议原来,即使本地学生的高考分数线比其他地方略低,本地大学仍会录取这条消息导致三个地方的家长进行抗议,他们担心这将会影响到自己的孩子。

最强关羽最悍大刀亮相湖北荆州 -- 18:: 来源:sohu 巨型关羽雕像最近在中国荆州亮相它身高58米,体重超过1,3吨,而且用了超过,000块铜片建造这纪念碑体积巨大,里面更是一个8,000平方米的物馆雕像由曾为年北京奥运会设计吉祥物的著名艺术家韩美林所设计“我是怀着敬畏之心,将关公圣像作为封山之作来打磨”韩美林说,他曾做过58座大型雕塑作品,但这是他人生中唯一的一座关公雕塑 The enormous statue of Guan Yu has just been unveiled in Guan Yu Park in Jingzhou, China. It's 58 metres (190ft) tall and weighs over 1,3 tonnes, and it contains over ,000 strips of bronze. It was designed by Han Meilin, who is probably best known his designs of the Beijing Olympics mascots, and the monument is so big that there's even an 8,000sqm museum inside it! 关羽生于混乱的三国时期, 他手上如斧头般的武器名为青龙偃月刀, 此刀跟雕像融为一体, 成了不可分离的一部份唯一的分别, 在于现在这武器重达6公吨! Guan Yu lived during China’s turbulent Three Kingdoms period. He carried an axe-like weapon called a Green Dragon Crescent Blade, which has been immortalised with him as part of the statue. The only difference is that the weapon now weighs 6 tonnes! English Source: boredpanda。

报废公交改装情侣酒店,萌翻了! -- :33:30 来源: 在中国北方一个度假胜地,一些废弃的公交车改装成独特的卡通图案的旅馆而备受游客欢迎 (CNN)Abandoned vehicles may not shout holiday charm, but a resort in northern China is attracting customers with its unique, cartoon-filled bus hotels.CNN报道—在中国北方一个度假胜地,一些废弃的公交车改装成独特的卡通图案的旅馆而备受游客欢迎Owners of the Tai Tai Mountain Park in the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, have converted more than 30 old buses into mini-hotels featuring private kitchens, bathrooms and colorful interior and exterior designs.山西省太原一个公园主人将30多辆废旧公交车改装为特色旅馆车内厨具、电视、空调、洗浴、卫生间等设施齐备Each bus hotel has its own theme, mainly popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and Doraemon.每个公交车都装饰成独特的主题风格,大多数是受欢迎的卡通形象,有米奇鼠,凯蒂猫和哆啦A梦Cartoon murals adorn the exteriors, while bright bedsps, novelty dishware and big stuffed animals help bring the insides to life.车外装饰着卡通壁画,车内有颜色鲜亮的床罩,别致的餐具和毛绒玩具,室内无比温馨Guolin Han, president of the Tai Tai Mountain Park, explained why he decided the buses were the way to go.公园园长郭林涵解释为什么想把公交车装扮成这样"These abandoned buses are cheap to buy and it’s great reuse of waste," said Han. He said they spent more than ,000 to transm each bus.“这些废旧的公交车价格便宜,这是很好的废物利用,”园长说道,他说他们花费了9000多美元改造这些公交车More buses coming, says owner很多公交车将会加入The resort charges customers a night to stay in the mini-hotels and is targeting couples and families.度假村以最低每日不足0元人民币向外出租,以低价吸引青年情侣和家庭,前来享受野外露营项目Since opening in May business has been steady, especially on weekends. Owners say advance bookings are recommended.自五月开张以来,生意一直不错,特别是周末顾客会更过旅馆老板说住宿可以提前预定The Tai Tai Mountain Park owners have lofty goals. They plan to convert 0 vehicles by July 1.And it’s not just abandoned buses. They’re adding tractors, trucks and even planes to the mix.公园园长有远大的目标他计划在7月1日前改装0个交通工具,目标不只限于公交车,可以将拖拉机、卡车甚至飞机加入其中Chongfeng Yue, vice President of Tai Tai Mountain Park, said he aims to create a recreational vehicle museum. "It will be really meaningful to look back at these outdated vehicles in the future," he said.公园副园长说,他目标是创立一个公交车物馆“回收利用这些交通工具,这看起来是非常有意义的事”。

[社会]必胜客击败海底捞全聚德成中国最受欢迎餐厅 -- :1:9 来源:sohu 在中国烹饪协会和中国经济出版协会共同发布的中国餐饮行业品牌排行榜上,必胜客等餐厅名列餐饮品牌前名据悉,这些奖项评定经过企业申请、协会推荐、网上投票、专家意见和媒体意见等环节,历时四个月完成 其他排名还包括包括十大晚餐品牌、十大火锅品牌、十大快餐品牌、十大西餐品牌、十大清真食品品牌和十大小吃食品品牌等 China Cuisine Association and the Association of China Economic Press published the rankings of brands in China’s catering industry, with Pizza Hut leading the top catering brands. These awards were based on applications from the enterprises, recommendations by the association, online voting, expert opinions and media opinions, which took four months to complete. Other rankings announced included the top dinner brands, top hotpot brands, top fast food brands, top Western food brands, top Muslim food brands and top snack food brands. 以下是名列前茅的 个餐饮品牌名单 The following are the top catering brands in China. 第十位:真功夫 Top : ZKungfu 第九位:耶里夏丽 Top 9: Yershari 第八位:外婆家 Top 8: Grandma's Home 第七位:全聚德 Top 7: Quanjude 第六位:千喜鹤 Top 6: Qianxihe 第五位:肯德基 Top 5: KFC 第四位:豪享来 Top : Haoxianglai 第三位:海底捞 Top 3: Haidilao 第二位:东来顺 Top : Donglaishun 第一位:必胜客 Top 1: Pizza Hut English Source:China Daily。

莎士比亚之隐藏的段子手 - 最刻薄的咒骂 -- 18:56:30 来源:chinadaily 作为“人类最伟大的戏剧天才”(马克思语),莎士比亚独领文坛风骚四百年吾等平民仰望大师,难免有高山仰止之感莎翁笔下人物浪漫缱绻的情话和发人深省的独白确实可算凌绝千古(虽然有时有点“污”)但是,莎士比亚其实是一个资深段子手,损起人来那是一套一套的 莎翁塑造了形形色色个性鲜明的人物形象在他笔下,王公贵族出言高贵文雅,谄媚弄臣说话世故圆滑,市井商贾言谈间透着精明狡黠,乡野村氓满口粗鄙脏话,但所有这些人物骂起人来都是一个字——狠比如: 说人矮Away, you three-inch fool! 滚,你这三寸丁!《驯悍记第三幕第三场熊杰平 译 《水浒传中武大郎的诨名就叫“三寸丁谷树皮”《水浒传约成书于元末明初,在时间上比莎士比亚作品早了两百年左右,但二者形容人身材矮小竟都用“三寸”,可说是惺惺相惜(3英寸7.6厘米) 说人丑I will beat thee into handsomeness. 我要把你这丑脸打得好看点《特洛伊罗斯与克瑞西达第二幕第一场刁克利 译 难道星爷的“还你漂漂拳”是跟莎士比亚学的?毁容整容 这个损人的点子是中西大同啊 说人笨 Thou hast no more brain than I have in mine elbows: an asinico may tutor thee. 我的胳膊弯都比你有头脑;一头毛驴都足够教导你《特洛伊罗斯与克瑞西达第二幕第一场刁克利 译 毛驴躺:What? 好犀利! 说人欠揍Methink'st thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee. I think thou wast created men to breathe themselves upon thee. 你不受众人待见,谁都应该对你拳脚相见依我看来,你生来的唯一作用就是充当众人的出气筒《终成眷属第二幕第三场王剑 译 说人脏Would thou wert clean enough to spit upon.我想啐你,又怕玷污了我的唾沫《雅典的泰门第四幕第三场孟凡君 译 呃~~~~~~ 算你狠! 说人臭…there was the rankest compound of villainous smell that ever offended nostril.那种最恶心的恶臭可是鼻孔从来没有受过的罪啊《快乐的温莎巧妇第三幕第五场彭镜禧 译 骂个人还要背这么多单词 也是不容易, 人身攻击集大成者: Thou elvish-marked, abortive, rooting hog,Thou that wast sealed in thy nativityThe slave of nature and the son of hell.Thou slander of thy heavy mother’s womb,Thou loathegrave;d issue of thy father’s loins,Thou rag of honour… 你这天生的丑怪,贪婪的猪猡,你生而低贱,死而凄惨,这在你出生时就已注定你愧对你母怀你时的便便大腹,你父亲怎会有你这样的孽子,你这臭名远扬的人渣……《理查三世第一幕第三场孟凡君 译 活到这个份儿上,还不如……见识了莎翁的毒舌功力之后,是否有无语凝噎之感? 不要担心,以上诅咒谩骂用语均引自《莎士比亚全集;英汉双语本(外研社版),想要学习如何优雅的讽刺别人,快去买本书看看吧。

银幕上的青春季——年北京国际电影节佳片推... -- :: 来源:i1st 导读:广大电影发烧友们,一年一度的电影盛宴——北京国际电影节本周将盛大开幕啦!月日至3日,海量电影等你来赏评~世纪君为大家精选了几部北影节展映的优秀青春片,它们展现出的青春不仅有爱情和友谊,更是压力和责任International movie festivals usually draw crowds of film buffs, hoping to see the latest cinematic marvels to hit the big screen.国际电影节总能吸引不少电影发烧友,他们希望见新晋影史传奇在大银幕上的风光This year’s Beijing International Film Festival, which runs from April to 3, offers a long lineup of critically acclaimed films, many of which dissect the trials of youth. These films go the themes typically associated with young people – treacly romance, everlasting friendship–in favor of more complex meditations on life. Their protagonists, young as they are, confront invisible ces far greater than themselves, pressures and anxieties that stretch back generations.今年的北京国际电影节于月日至3日举办,届时将展映大批口碑极佳的电影,其中不乏剖析、审视青年人的佳作这些电影通过融合常与年轻人联系在一起的两大主题——甜蜜的爱情和永恒的友谊,突出了对生活的多重反思电影中年轻的主人公们要面对自己难以克的无形力量,他们面临着几代人共有的压力和焦虑The Intern, instance, depicts a young entrepreneur striving to balance her career and family. Another anglophone film, Brooklyn, transports viewers from a small Irish town to New York City, where its heroine learns to thrive in a growing Irish immigrant commy. A third English-language film, Straight Outta Compton, dramatizes the real-life ascent of a group of young rappers who take music as a platm to denounce racial injustice.以电影《实习生为例,它讲述了一个年轻企业家试图平衡事业和家庭的故事另外一部英语电影《布鲁克林则把观众从一个爱尔兰小镇带到了纽约,电影的女主人公必须学习如何在快速壮大的爱尔兰移民团体中成长第三部英文电影《冲出康普顿则改编自一群年轻说唱歌手真实的励志故事,他们以音乐为平台,谴责种族歧视There are also stories that reinterpret the meaning of family and emphasize the weight increasingly placed on young shoulders. Our Little Sister explores what happens when three young women adopt their stepsister, while the immigration drama Dheepan presents a family bound not by blood, but by necessity.还有影片重新诠释了家庭的意义,聚焦年轻人肩上越来越沉重的责任《海街日记探讨了三接纳同父异母的之后会发生什么,而移民电影《流浪的迪潘则展现了一个不以血缘而以需求为纽带的家庭Each of these films showcases what it means to be young–and all the uncertainties that entails. They’re sure to leave you inspired, as you walk out of the cinema.每部电影都向我们展示了年轻意味着什么,以及它包含的所有不确定性当你走出电影院,它们一定会让你有所感悟Brooklyn《布鲁克林Directed by John Crowley IrelandUK导演:约翰?克劳利 爱尔兰英国Brooklyn is a film about a young Irish girl who must choose between two lovers and two countries at the same time.电影《布鲁克林讲述了一个年轻爱尔兰女孩必须同时在两个爱人和两个国家之间做出选择的故事Adapted from Irish novelist Colm Toibin’s best selling novel, Brooklyn is set in both Ireland and US, the two countries that the protagonist Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) calls home. In her native Ireland, Eilis had few prospects, an underpaid job and a grim future in a small town. When she immigrates to the US, she feels homesick but nevertheless finds her niche. She starts to attend night school in ing, has a promising career and finds love with a handsome Italian-American named Tony (Emory Cohen).电影改编自爱尔兰作家科尔姆?托宾的畅销小说,《布鲁克林的背景设定在爱尔兰和美国,这两个国家都是主人公艾莉丝(西尔莎?罗南饰)口中的家乡在出生地爱尔兰,艾莉丝在一个小镇里过着毫无希望的生活,干着收入微薄的工作,面临着残酷的未来当移民到美国后,她开始思念故乡,尽管如此,她还是找到了自己的位置她开始上夜校学习会计,找到了一份前途大好的工作,还和意大利帅哥托尼(艾莫里?科恩饰)坠入爱河Complications arise when Eilis returns to Ireland her sister’s funeral. During her brief stay, she becomes more in demand than she’d ever imagined. She gets a job as an ant and attracts the attention of a desirable local bachelor, Jim Farrell (Domhnall Gleeson).当艾莉丝返回爱尔兰参加的葬礼时,新的状况出现了在爱尔兰的短暂停留,她发现自己变得比想象中更受欢迎她找到了一份会计的工作,还受到了当地优质单身汉吉姆?法雷尔(多姆纳尔?格里森饰)的青睐Like many young people, Eilis stands at a crossroad. The decisions she makes will ultimately determine whom she spends the rest of her life with, where she lives and what career she pursues. Eilis’ struggles in the US have transmed her from a fearful girl into a confident, self-reliant woman, and it is her newfound insight into her own character that allows her to make the fateful choice.和许多年轻人一样,艾莉丝站在了人生的十字路口她的选择将决定她将和谁共度一生,在哪里生活,追求怎样的事业在美国奋斗的经历让这个曾经恐惧不安的女孩成为了自信、独立的女人,也正是她新发现的自己个性中的洞察力,让她能够做出命运的选择 over a century, American cinema has explored the immigrant experience, and an array of movies have depicted the struggles of migrants coming to the US. What makes Brooklyn fresh is its small town story and empowered female protagonist who feels torn between different worlds. “In Ireland, Eilis is a daughter with a history; in America she is a woman with a future; in both she is filled with displaced longing,” Guardian movie critic Mark Kermode wrote.一个多世纪以来,美国电影一直在探究移民的经历,不少影片描绘了初来美国的移民的艰难奋斗而让《布鲁克林与众不同的则是它讲述的小镇故事和它赋予女主人公选择两个不同世界的权利,这个抉择让她心痛英国《卫报电影员马克?柯默德写道:“在爱尔兰,艾莉丝是个有故事的女儿;而在美国她是一个有未来的女性;而无论哪个选择都让她有背井离乡的感觉”。

联合国测试:迷失的小女孩儿在不同着装下 路人竟这般反应 -- :0:5 来源: 联合国儿童基金会最近进行了一项社会实验,他们让一个小女孩在不同着装下装作走丢的样子站在街道,观察人们会对此有何反应 Would you stop if you saw a 6-year-old girl alone in a public place?当你看到一个6岁的小女孩孤零零站在街头的时候,你会停下来对其提供帮助么?A social experiment conducted by UNICEF shows how differently people reacted — depending on the girl’s appearance.联合国儿童基金会最近进行了一项社会实验,他们让一个小女孩在不同着装下装作走丢的样子站在街道,观察人们会对此有何反应The posted to YouTube on Tuesday features a 6-year-old child actor named Anano. When Anano was dressed in a nice dress and coat, people stopped to ask if she was lost, tried to comt her and made phone calls on her behalf.本周二YouTube网站公开了此次实验的全程录像,参与这次实验的6岁小女孩名为阿娜诺视频中显示,当阿娜诺穿着时尚整洁的衣站在街边时,人们都会停下来询问其是否迷路,并试图安慰她,有些行人还会主动打电话为其提供帮助Then makeup artists covered her face with soot and dressed her in dirty sweats and a knit cap. The shows people walking right past her without a second glance.随后,化妆师在阿娜诺的脸上涂上煤灰,并让其换上了破旧的毛衣,戴上一顶脏兮兮的针织帽视频中显示,当阿娜诺以衣衫褴褛的面貌站在街边时,来往行人无人问津UNICEF then repeated the experiment inside a restaurant. When Anono was clean and dressed nicely, diners welcomed her at their tables. Strangers smiled at her, patted her arm and even rubbed her cheeks.联合国儿童基金会随即又将饭店作为实验地点当阿娜诺穿着整洁得体的衣出现在餐厅时,很多用餐的顾客都非常欢迎她坐在自己身边,冲她微笑,拍她的手臂甚至还抚摸她的脸颊以示喜爱When she returned to the restaurant in the dirty sweats and knit cap, people clutched their purses and bags when she passed by. One man signaled to an employee and asked, “Can you take her out please?”当她换上破旧的脏衣再次出现在饭店时,情况却截然不同有些顾客特意将自己的包远离阿娜诺,还有一位顾客直接向店员表示将阿娜诺赶出餐厅The shows Anano running out of the restaurant in tears.视频的最后显示阿娜诺流着眼泪跑出了饭店“We stopped the experiment because Anano became too upset,” UNICEF said.“由于阿娜诺情绪特别低落,我们的拍摄工作便没有再继续进行下去”联合国儿童基金会表示“They were all telling me to go away,” UNICEF ed the little girl as saying.联合国儿童基金会引用阿娜诺的话说道:“大家都叫我快点走开”“Every day, millions of children living in poverty are ignored, pushed aside and deprived of everything they need to thrive,” UNICEF stated on YouTube. “It doesn’t need to be this way. Our State of the World’s Children Report is a call to action the world to treat its least tunate children the way it treats its luckier children.”联合国儿童基金会在YouTube上公开发布:“世界上平均每天有数以百万计的儿童处于贫困的境地他们被人忽视,被人冷落,被剥夺了他们成长所需要的一切事实本不应该如此,年世界儿童状况报告就曾呼吁全世界用平等的方式对待所有的孩子,无论其贫穷还是富有”。