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大理做人流哪个好China#39;s Alibaba has made more than .9bn in sales in the first hour of Singles#39; Day in China, the world#39;s biggest online shopping event. The figure is almost double the bn spent in the same time period of the retail giant#39;s sales event last year.今天是双十一,中国阿里巴巴在凌晨1点交易额就突破39亿美元,这是网购最大的交易额。相比去年同期20亿美元的交易额,今年的数据翻了一番。Singles#39; Day, also known as ;Double Eleven; because its held on 11 November, is the biggest single shopping day in China. Alibaba said bn was spent within the first eight minutes.It said 130 million users visited its marketplace app Taobao.光棍节,因为日期是11月11日,也被称为“双十一”,它是中国最大的购物日。在今天凌晨前8分钟,阿里巴巴就突破了10亿美金。有1.3亿用户浏览了淘宝商城网站。Singles Day has grown tremendously since it was started by Alibaba in 2009, and now includes many retailers such as rivals JD.com that stage sales promotions.自2009年,阿里巴巴推出了光棍节狂购节的营销活动后,这个活动增长迅猛,现在很多其他商家也加入了这个营销活动,比如对手京东商城。Alibaba reported a record .3bn in sales on its platforms in 2014.In comparison, sales on Cyber Monday, which the biggest online shopping day in the US, hit .35bn, according to comScore.阿里巴巴称2014年其销售总额为93亿美元。相比而言,根据comScore数据,美国最大的交易平台Cyber Monday去年交易额13.5亿美元。Alibaba chief executive Daniel Zhang said over the course of the 24-hour shopping marathon, consumers will have a new surprise every hour, especially targeting mobile users. ;The whole world will witness the power of Chinese consumption this November 11,; he said in a statement.阿里巴巴首席经理Daniel说道,在长达24小时的购物狂欢中,消费者每个小时都会有新的惊喜,尤其是对于手机用户。“全世界都会在双十一见中国的消费力,”他说道。More than 27 million buyers were using mobile phones in the first hour, the company said. The tech giant accounts for over 80% of China#39;s internet sales market.阿里巴巴表示,共有超过2700万的用户在双十一的第一个小时用手机登录。这一科技巨头占据了中国网络营销市场的80%。Economists will be looking for clues about domestic consumption in Wednesday#39;s sales as the world#39;s second-biggest economy heads for its slowest growth in nearly a quarter of a century.在本世界前25年经济增长最缓慢的情况下,经济学家将把周三光棍节的消费作为世界第二大经济体,来寻找国内消费的线索。 /201511/409244大理打掉一个孩子需要多少钱 大理市巍山县妇幼保健人民中心中医院在线咨询

云龙县b超哪家医院最好的 By year#39;s end, mobile payment will be accepted on all public buses in Hangzhou, making the city the first in China to do so and consolidating its reputation as a mobile application pioneer.在今年年底,移动付预计将在杭州市的所有公交车实现,这意味着杭州市将成为中国第一座这么做的城市,也进一步巩固了其作为移动应用覆盖城市的先锋地位。Hangzhou Public Transportation Group, the city#39;s main public transportation service provider, announced last Tuesday that it will have mobile payment terminals in its 5,000 downtown buses by the end of June and in the remaining 3,000 buses in outlying districts by the end of December.作为这座城市公共交通务的主要提供单位,杭州市公共交通集团于本周二宣布,截止到六月底,市内5000多辆巴士都将可以持移动付,剩余的3000多辆郊区线路的巴士将在今年十二月底之前实现。;Mobile payment is accepted and used by Hangzhou#39;s residents in their daily life in areas like shopping, eating, taking a taxi-all except for taking a bus,; said Weng Jun, deputy general manager of the group.交通集团的副总经理翁军表示:“除了不包括坐公交,杭州市民在日常生活中,如逛街、吃饭以及乘出租车时,已经接受并使用移动付了。”Almost 3.9 million passenger trips are made on public buses daily in Hangzhou, and cash accounts for 48 percent of total fare income, about 1.7 million yuan (7,000) a day.在杭州,每天约有390万乘客乘坐公交通勤,每日现金收入约在170万元(约合247000美元)左右,约占总票款收入的48%。;Only a dozen passengers, mainly young people, used the mobile payment every day at first. Gradually, the number grew to 200,; Weng said.翁军表示:“最开始主要是一些年轻乘客每天使用移动付,慢慢的,人数增加到了两百人。”;Passengers can use Alipay and UnionPay flash payment cards on this terminal. ApplePay, SamsungPay, HuaweiPay, MiPay and AndroidPay can be used with smartphones or wearables like watches and electronic bracelets,; said Liu Xiaojie, general manager of public services at Ant Financial.蚂蚁金融公共务部门的总经理刘晓杰表示:“乘客可以使用付宝或银联云闪付付。而智能手机或如手表以及电子手环等佩戴设备上的苹果付、三星付、华为付、小米付以及安卓付也可以使用。”Traditional cash payments and city transport cards will be kept to meet the needs of those who might be unfamiliar with mobile payment, like older riders.传统的现金付以及城市公交卡等则可以继续保留,主要是满足如老年人等不太熟悉手机付的人群的使用需求。The change is not just about a payment revolution, Weng said, since ;it can help us to improve our service;.翁军称,这不仅仅是一场付革命,因为#39;它可以帮助我们提高自身的务。#39; /201705/511784大理市第一人民医院医生在线咨询洱源县妇科医院哪家好



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