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Charging on Bill先记到找的账单上Room service.May I come in?客房务我能进来吗?Come in.Please.请进Sir,this is the coffee and b you want.Can I put it here?先生,这是您的咖啡和面包,我把它们放这里行吗?Yes.How much is that?可以多少钱?.6美元Would you please charge them on my bill?能先记在我的账单上吗?Certainly.Please sign your name here.可以,请在这里签字 3853。

Listen to your conscience. 听听你的良心的指示It after midnight and everyone is sound asleep.Youve tiptoed to the refrigerator.opened the freezer and found the carton of ice cream.Youve pulled out a clean spoon.parked yourself at the kitchen table and opened the carton when suddenly... youre not alone anymore!现在已过半夜,每个人都熟睡着我蹑手蹑脚地走向冰箱,打开冷冻柜的门,找到了那桶冰淇淋你拿出一干净的汤匙,坐在饭桌前.然后打开冰淇淋捅盖.忽然间……,你不再是孤零零的一个人了!;Well,hello there!You dont really want to do this.do you?;“嗨!你好啊!你不是真的想吃吧?”Doesnt your conscience ever sleep? No such luck.But it really is on your side,ever on the lookout to help you to what best you.So pay attention and go back to bed.In the long run,youll feel better about yourself.你的良心会睡着吗?想都甭想不过它真的是站在你身边的,随时看守着,协助你做对你有利的事所以要听你良心的指示回床上睡觉去吧到头来,你会觉得好些的健身短语1.(be) sound asleep 酣睡着.pull out. . .拉出3.park oneself at the kitchen table 使自已就座于餐桌边(=seat oneself at the kitchen table).on one side 站在某人这边5.on the lookout 看守,警戒 361981。

Part 1 LIFEBOATS AND LIFERAFTS第1部分 救生艇筏1.Check launching tracks.1.检查放艇滑道.Check working parts..检查工作部件3.Securing of No. 1 lifeboat is not in corrcct position.3.1号艇的固艇索不在其位.Securing of No.l lifeboat is damaged..1号艇固艇索损坏5.Fuel tank of No. 1 lifeboat is full.5.1号艇的燃油箱已装满6.Oil level of No. lifeboat engine is normal.6.号艇发动机燃油油位正常7.Operate lifeboat engine.7.启动救生艇发动机8.No. 1 lifeboat engine is not operating yet.8.不,1号艇发动机还没有启动9.Bilge pump in No. lifeboat is not operational yet.9.号艇污水泵还没有工作.Check slip gear in lifeboat..检查救生艇自动脱钩设备.Slip gear in corrcct position and secured.自动脱钩设备在其位并安全工作.Test ccrtificate of launching gear is expired..放艇设备检验书已经过期 Launch No. lifeboat..放号艇.Hoist No. lifeboat..收号救生艇.Secure lifeboats..固定救生艇.Inflation cord of No. liferaft not secured on board..号救生筏的气胀索绑扎不牢靠.Replace lifcraft in next port..在下一个港口替换救生艇 3778。

Boarding Time询问登机时间Sir what the boarding time?先生,什么时候可以登机?I am sorry. The flight is late. Please go to waiting room futher notice.抱歉,航班晚点了,请到候机大厅等候进一步通知I dont want to miss my flight.我可不想错过我的航班Dont worry.We will keep you well inmed.别担心,我们会随时联系您的Thank you.游客:谢谢 07。

第66期:In a Stationary StoreY:Id like to see that pen,please.Y:我想看一看那笔X:You mean fihis one?X:您说这吗?Y:No,the other one in the brown case.Y:不是,是棕色盒子的那一X:Oh,this one.…Here.X:哦,这一...您请看Y:May I try it?Y:我可以写写看吗?X:Sure.X:当然可以Y:It’s very smooth.Ill take it.Y:很好写,我买了X:Cash or charge?X:您是付现还是刷卡呢?Y:Charge,please.Y:请刷卡好了其他出国旅游英语句型:1.Ill take it.我要买下它例:A:This tie looks good on you.B:OK.Ill take it.甲:这条领带戴在你身上真好看乙:好吧我就买下来了.Cash or charge?付现还是刷卡呢? Will you pay by cash or charge?例:A:Will you pay by cash or charge?B:Cash.甲:您要付现金还是刷卡?乙:付现 3691。

Canada to pull out of Kyoto protocol.加拿大宣布将正式退出《京都议定书》Canada will pull out of the Kyoto protocol on climate change, Environment Minister Peter Kent said on Monday, dealing a symbolic blow to the troubled global treaty.加拿大环境部长彼bull;肯特本周一宣布,加拿大将退出有关气候变化的《京都议定书》,这对目前麻烦不断的这一全球条约来说无疑是沉重打击。Canada will become the first country to formally withdraw from Kyoto, which it says is badly flawed because it does not cover all major emitters of greenhouse gasses.加拿大将成为首个正式退出《京都议定书》的国家,并称该条约有严重漏洞,并未覆盖全部的温室气体排放大囀?The news came as little surprise, especially since Kent said last month that ;Kyoto is the past.; The right-of-center Conservatives took power in 2006 and made it clear they would not stick to Canadas Kyoto commitments.加拿大的退出在人们的预料之中,特别是自上月肯特说出;《京都议定书》对加拿大而言已经成为过去;之后。中间偏右的加拿大保守党006年上台后,明确表态不会遵守加拿大对于《京都议定书》所作的承诺;As weve said, Kyoto for Canada is in the past ... We are invoking our legal right to formally withdraw from Kyoto,; Kent told reporters after returning from talks in Durban, South Africa, on extending the protocol.肯特从南非德班的气候会议返回后告诉记者:;《京都议定书》对加拿大而言已经成为过去,我们将行使我们的合法权利正式退出;南非德班气候会议旨在延长《京都议定书》的承诺期。He gave no details on when exactly Ottawa would pull out, but said Canada would be subject to enormous financial penalties under the terms of the treaty unless it withdrew.肯特没有给出加拿大退出的准确时间,但表示如果不退出,按照目前的协议条款,加拿大将面临巨额罚款。The announcement will do little to help Canadas growing reputation as an international renegade on the climate. Green groups awarded the country their Fossil of the Year award for its performance in Durban.加拿大在气候保护方面的;国际叛徒;的名气越来越大,而肯特的表态更恶化了这一形象。由于在德班的表现,加拿大还获评环保组织评选的;年度顽固不化;。Ottawa says it backs a new global deal to cut emissions of greenhouse gases, but insists it has to cover all nations.加拿大表示持新的温室气体减排条约,但坚称这一条约必须覆盖全部国家。Canadas former Liberal government signed on to Kyoto, which obliged the country to cut emissions to 6 percent below 1990 levels by 2012. By emissions were 17 percent above the 1990 levels.此前,加拿大自由党政府签署加入《京都议定书》,承诺截至2012年,990年的基础上减%。但截至年,加拿大的温室气体排放仍然990年高7%。Kent says the Liberals should not have signed up to a treaty they had no intention of respecting.肯特表示,自由党本就不该签署一份自己都不重视的条约。Environmentalists quickly blasted Kent for his comments.环保人士迅速对肯特的予以抨击;Mr Kent does not understand what he is sentencing our children to. Catastrophic climate change will cost them far more,; said John Bennett, executive director of the Sierra Club Canada.加拿大塞拉俱乐部的常务董事约;本奈特说;肯特先生不明白他给我们的孩子宣判了什么。灾难性的气候变化会让他们付出更惨重的代价;词汇点津:pull out of: 退出,拉出 /164342。

U.S. President Barack Obama has marked the one year anniversary of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Ladens death with a quick trip to Afghanistan, signing a strategic pact with Kabul and delivering an election-year message to the American people that the Afghan war is winding down. In televised remarks broadcast to Americans late Tuesday from Bagram Airbase, Mr. Obama reaffirmed the transition in Afghanistan with U.S. combat troops completing their withdrawal and Afghans taking full security control of their country by 2014. The president said the ed States will continue to support counterterrorism and training efforts in Afghanistan, but ;will not build permanent bases; in the country. Hours earlier, Mr. Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai signed a strategic partnership agreement outlining the U.S. role in Afghanistan beyond 2014.美国总统奥巴马在基地组织领导人本拉登被击毙一周年之际对阿富汗进行短暂访问,其间与喀布尔签署了一项战略伙伴协议, 并在选举年向美国选民传达了一个信息,即阿富汗战争行将结束。奥巴马星期二晚从巴格拉姆空军基地发表电视讲话时重申了在阿富汗的移交行动,即美国将在 2014年前完成作战部队的撤军,由阿富汗方面完全接管阿富汗的安全防卫。奥巴马说,美国将继续持阿富汗的反恐和培训行动,但“不会在阿富汗修建永久性基地”。几个小时前,奥巴马和阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊签署战略合作协议。该协议描述014年以后,美国在阿富汗扮演的角色。In his speech Tuesday, President Obama made clear, ;our goal is not to build a country in Americas image, or to eradicate every vestige of the Taliban,; objectives that would ;require many more years, many more dollars and many more American lives.; The U.S. leader said the goal is to destroy al-Qaida. The U.S.-Afghan strategic agreement does not commit the ed States to any specific troop presence but pledges American aid for Afghanistan for at least a decade after the withdrawal of the last U.S. troops. Around 90,000 U.S. troops currently serve in Afghanistan. Some 33,000 American forces will have pulled out of Afghanistan by September of this year.奥巴马总统星期二在讲话中明确表示,“我们的目的不是按照美国的设想建立一个国家,也不是铲除塔利班的一切残余,”这样的目标将“耗费很多年、很多美元、以及很多美国人的生呀?”奥巴马说,美国的目的是摧毁基地组织。美国与阿富汗的战略协议没有规定美国继续在阿富汗驻军,但保美国在从阿富汗全部撤军后至少十年内为阿富汗提供援助。目前大约有9万名美军在阿富汗役。到今年9月,大约3千美军将撤离阿富汗。来 /201205/180586。