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The Promised Land.乐土,福地,希望之乡。This is the view from Mount Nebo in Jordan.这是约旦的尼波山。According to the Bible, this is where Moses died after leading the Israelites for 40 years through the wilderness, on the very threshold of the God-Promised Land he was never actually allowed to set foot in.据圣经记载,这就是西耗费40余年带领以色列人穿过茫茫荒野后来到实际上他从未允许涉足神所应允的乐土前就死去的地方。You dont have to accept the Bible as literal truth to believe that, 3,500 years ago, something extraordinary and fateful in world history did happen over there on the other side of the Jordan Valley.你不必对圣经的一字一句锱铢必较,早在3500年前,世界历史上意义重大的事情的确发生在约旦河谷的另一边。Trying to understand what remains as urgent and necessary for me as it once was for Sigmund Freud.对我来说试图了解残留下什么才是当务之急,因为对西格蒙德·弗洛伊德曾经也是如此。But the first people in the modern era to actually go there and explore the history of the Jews from the ground up werent Jewish at all.但在现代实际上第一个前往那里探究犹太人的历史的并不是犹太人自身。They were evangelical Christians, Victorian scientists, surveyors, clerics and military engineers, funded by bishops and philanthropists.这些先驱是由主教和慈善家所资助的福音派基督徒,维多利亚时代的科学家、测量员、神职人员和军队工程师。150 years ago, the Palestine Exploration Fund despatched a series of expeditions to the place its supporters called the Holy Land.150年前,巴勒斯坦探索基金会派遣一系列考察队前往称为圣地的地方。They wanted to prove the truth of their Christian faith by discovering the Jewish foundation stones on which that faith stood.他们想通过找寻犹太人信仰的基石明基督教信仰的真理。Equipped with the latest in technology that Victorian science could provide, they sought nothing less than the precise grid references for the places where the miraculous events described in the Book of Exodus actually took place.配备了维多利亚时代的科学可以提供最新的技术,他们仍然找寻不到在《出埃及记》中所描述的神奇事件实际发生的精确网格坐标地点。Thats a lovely one, isnt it?这很可爱,不是吗?Thats just beautiful!太漂亮了!Felicity Cobbing, curator of the PEF collection, showed me the fruits of their labours.PEF收藏馆的馆长向我展示了他们的劳动成果。201404/286359。

Don: Time now for another episode of A Moment of Sciences ;Did You Know...; So, Yael, did you know that there have been about twenty-three mass extinctions since life began on earth?唐:现在进入科学时刻另一段情节:“你知道...”那么,雅艾尔,你知道吗,地球上自有生命以来发生过23起物种大灭绝事件?Yael: I know thereve been a few extinctions, Don, but not that many!雅艾尔:我知道几次物种大灭绝,但不知道次数如此多!Don: Yep. Many were of prehistoric bacteria and other single-celled microorganisms. But in the past 540 million years or so there have been about five mass extinctions, mainly of marine plants and animals but also of land organisms.唐:是啊。许多都是史前的细菌或其它单细胞微生物。但是在5.4亿年前已发生过5次大灭绝,主要包括海生植物和动物,当然也有陆生生物。Yael: Well, I know that the dinosaurs disappeared about 65 million years ago, possibly due to a large meteor that crashed into earth and blotted out the sun. But what caused all those other extinctions?雅艾尔:好吧,我知道恐龙大约在六千五百万年前消失,可能是由于一颗大流星撞击地球,遮住阳光引起的。但是什么导致其他物种灭绝的呢?Don: Thats been a mystery for a long time. But now some scientists think that most mass extinctions have been driven by the rise and fall of sea level. That may sound strange, but consider that millions of years ago a shallow sea covered the entire middle section of North America. That sea grew and shrank back several times. Each time it drained it caused entire species of sea plants and creatures to die off. The last time it drained was around 65 million years ago—when the dinosaurs disappeared.唐:长期以来那一直是个谜。但如今一些科学家们认为大多数的灭绝是由于海平面的上升和下降引起的。这也许听起来很奇怪,但考虑到百万年前有一片浅海覆盖在整个北美洲中部就不足为奇了。那片海历经几次扩张和消失,每一次干涸就会导致这个海洋的生物灭绝。最后一次干涸发生在6500万年前恐龙消失的时候。Yael: OK, I understand how a sea vanishing would kill off marine life. But did the seas disappearance also have something to do with the dinosaurs going extinct?雅艾尔:好吧,我明白了海洋的消失会引起海洋生物消失。但海洋的消失与恐龙的灭绝也有联系吗?Don: Maybe. When a sea disappears it has a big effect on climate. All that water provides heat and moisture. And when a sea drains, the climate becomes drier and colder. So the change in climate may have combined with the meteor impact to kill off the dinosaurs. 唐:也许。海洋消失会对气候产生深远的影响。海水能提供热量和湿度。当海水干枯时,气候就会变得更加干燥和寒冷。因此气候变化再加上流星撞击地球足以将恐龙推向毁灭。原文译文属!201305/240934。

The soldiers had originally promised that they would relinquish power in 1967 but they stayed on, 士兵们原本承诺,他们将在1967年放弃权力,但他们却死守不放,with military hardliners determined to crack down on any form of opposition. 军方强硬派决心打击任何形式的反对。On June 26th, 1968, a mass demonstration, the march of a hundred thousand, 1968年6月26日,成百上千人进行了一场大规模示威游行,was held in Rio, organized in protest at the killing of a student shot by police. 在里约热内卢举行的抗议,有组织的抗议中一名学生被警察射杀。Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque, Edu Lobo, Paulinho Da Viola and Milton Nascimento were among the musicians who took part.Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque, Edu Lobo, Paulinho Da Viola和Milton Nascimento是参与其中的音乐家们。注:听力文本来源于普特201304/235810。

Business商业报道Corporate etiquette公司礼仪Manners maketh the businessman仓廪不实而知礼节The economic crisis prompts an outbreak of politeness in business经济危机的爆发使得公司职员知礼守节WHEN Andrew Chadwick-Jones, a management consultant with Oliver Wyman in London, went to pitch to a private-equity firm late last year,去年年底,伦敦奥利弗·威曼管理咨询公司的安德鲁·查德威克·琼斯,前往一家私募公司展业时,he expected the usual: about 20 minutes and a brisk attitude.他像往常那样预期:约20分钟的长度,不友善的态度。He was surprised to find the private-equity people instead explaining their strategy, offering introductions to senior staff and being more open and friendly.但他惊讶地发现,私募公司的人转而向他讲解起该公司的战略,为他介绍起公司的高层,人也变得更加开放友好了。Now that money and deals are scarce, theyve got to be nicer to all the people they interact with, they might help bring business in future, he says.目前资金和交易量都不足,他们必须更好对待每个他们所接触到的人,以期将来可以照顾自己的生意,他说。Rudeness is out, and civility is the new rule in an uncertain world.粗鲁已经过时了,礼貌是这个瞬息万变的世界里的新规则。The former kings of abrasive behaviour—Masters of the Universe bankers, hedge-fund traders, private-equity chiefs—have been humbled.以前粗鲁行为的代表们—国际家中的翘楚,对冲基金的交易员,私募基金经理—已经学得温良恭检让了。On Wall Street, says a banker, its now all about charm and openness and taking time with people.华尔街的一位家说,现在所有人都要施展魅力,乐观开朗,使出浑身解数和人们交流。Cocky young things straight out of the best business schools have stopped skipping interview appointments, recruiters say,招聘人员说,刚从名牌商学院毕业的那些自大的年轻人已经不敢对面试挑三拣四了,and there is much less looking over peoples shoulders at drinks parties, reports one veteran.而且,酒会上监视别人的行为也少了很多了,一位职场老手说。Many people, fearful for their jobs, are trying to burnish their contacts at other firms.许多人因为担心自己的工作,正力图改善和其他公司的关系。The change in tone also reflects an upheaval in the balance of power between companies.这种状况的变化,也反映了公司与公司之间权力平衡的剧烈变化。Before the crisis, says Michel Pretie, head of investment banking at Societe Generale in Paris,位于巴黎的法国兴业的投资负责人米歇尔?佩雷蒂说,危机发生之前,他带着并购的提案拜会其他公司的高级执行官时,he would go and see a senior chief executive with a mergers-and-acquisitions idea, get in for a short while and, on the way out, walk past a line of all his competitors.只有很短的会见时间,出来走到门口,经过一排人还全是自己的竞争对手。Now, he says, Youre ushered in, you get an hour with the CEO and he walks you to your car.现在,他又说道,有人给你引路了,一个小时的和首席执行官的会见时间,他还会亲自送你到你的车前。As the representative of a bank with money to lend, Mr Peretie is now the chief executives potential saviour.因为代表的手里有贷款,他现在就成了首席执行官们的潜在救星。During this crisis, when there is so much uncertainty about who will end up having power, the best strategy is to be civil to everyone,在这场危机中,由于根本不能确定谁最后会手握权柄,最好的策略就是对每个人都彬彬有礼,says Adam Galinsky of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.西北大学凯洛格商学院的亚当?加林斯基说。People have more time to be friendly when business is slow.商业节奏的放缓使人们有更多的时间和睦相处了。Some reckon the new cordiality reflects a feeling that everyone is in the same boat:有人认为这种新的热诚反映出一种人人同舟共济的感觉:when some firms have to fire good performers as well as bad, no one is safe.当部分企业不得不不分良莠地裁员时,没人是安全的。But if people at different firms are being nicer to each other, things may not be getting any nicer inside companies.但是,如果说不同公司的人们之间彼此更为友好了的话,在公司内部,事情可能就没有任何改观了。At many, stress and in-fighting are on the rise because of the threat of job cuts.裁员的威胁增加了大量的压力和明争暗斗。And as soon as things turn up again, all agree, the extra niceness will vanish.大家都同意,一旦事情有所起色,这些额外的友善将消失殆尽。 /201304/237377。

This trail leads to the cave and the freshly dead bison, just out of reach.这条路通向凹陷的洞穴,洞穴里的是刚死不久的北美野牛,短面熊够不到尸体。Hunger makes the bear risk everything. He falls and joins the bison in its tomb. Now he can eat his fill. but after that theres no way out.饥饿使短面熊可以不惜一切。它掉了下去,进入了这个北美野牛的“坟墓”当中。现在它可以饱食一顿了,可过后,它却没有办法爬出洞穴。ln time hell be just one more ice age specimen. 不久后,它就会变成另一个冰河时代的“标本”。Outside, another group of predators head for their cave at dusk, pack hunters even more effective than the lion or the wolf.在洞穴外,另一群捕猎者们在黄昏下朝着他们的洞穴行进着,这群猎人们在捕猎上甚至比狮子和狼更有效率。Still relatively new here, theyll eventually transform the ice age plains, and build their own future by exploiting the herds of the American Serengeti. Even the giants that now dominate this ice age world will soon be gone. But theyll leave clues behind, and one day distant generations will pick up their trail and tell their story. 虽然和动物们相比,他们还算是初来乍到,但是他们将最终改变冰河时代的北美大平原。通过在北美大平原上发展畜牧业,他们创建着自己的未来。即使是现在正在配这个冰河时代世界的猛犸象也将会消失。但是他们会留下痕迹,未来的某一天,会有人类找出这些痕迹并讲述他们的故事。Next week on Wild New World, we discover why mammoths didnt make it through to modern times.在下周的B野性新世界,我们将探索为何猛犸象没能存活至今。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属.201307/246089。