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As fears intensify over terrorists threats in Europe, a cloud of worry hangs over the refugee camps on the continent.随着人们日益担心欧洲发生恐怖袭击的威胁,欧洲难民营里的很多人开始担心自己的命运。In Germany, Syrians say they fear backlash if they are blamed for Islamic State militants’ increasingly horrifying campaign.在德国,一些叙利亚人说,他们担心伊斯兰国组织日益频繁的攻击行动会导致人们对他们的责备。In the wake of the Paris attacks, he said, Syrian refugees in Europe are sometimes feared and politicians around the world are warning that terrorists may be hiding among the refugees.巴黎恐怖袭击发生以后,一些人对叙利亚难民感到害怕,很多国家的政界人士警告说,恐怖分子可能隐藏在难民之中。By some estimates, 1.5 million from the Middle East, Africa and increasingly other places will have migrated to Europe by the beginning of 2016.据估计,到2016年初,将总共有大约150万人从中东、非洲以及其他地区进入欧洲。President Barack Obama said he will veto legislation that puts more restrictions on Syrian and Iraqi refugees.在美国,奥巴马总统说,他将否决任何给接收1万名难民增加附加条件的法案。 /201511/411305

Bicycle riders in China are benefiting from a new deal in the country#39;s burgeoning bike-sharing sector as six players team up with popular mobile payment tool Alipay.我国的骑车一族可以从国内蓬勃发展的共享单车领域近日达成的一项新协议中获利,因为六家共享单车企业与流行移动付工具付宝达成了合作。The 450 million users of Alipay can now access the bike-sharing services of the companies - ofo, Bluegogo, Youon, Hellobike, funbike and U-bicycle - via its mobile app, to keep from having to download each company#39;s app and pay deposits to ride.如今,4.5亿付宝用户可以通过付宝手机应用获取ofo、小蓝单车、永安行、Hellobike、funbike和优拜提供的共享单车务,无需下载每个企业的应用和付押金即可骑行。The service is available in 50 cities and connects Alipay with about 6m bikes, over half of all the shared bikes in China, Ant Financial, owner of Alipay, said in a statement.付宝所属公司蚂蚁金在一份声明中称,该务覆盖50个城市,将约600万辆单车接入付宝,占全国现有共享单车的一半以上。The move is a counterpunch to WeChat, the messaging-to-payment app that inked a similar deal with bike-sharing company Mobike in March.此举是付宝对通讯兼付应用微信的反击。3月,微信与共享单车企业拜签订了类似协议。Alipay and WeChat are locked in fierce competition to win the offline payment market.付宝与微信为争夺线下付市场正展开激烈竞争。;This saves a lot of space on my smartphone and reduces the time to look for targeted bicycles, for I can choose six types of bikes now,; said Zhang Wentao, a Beijing bank worker.北京一位名叫张文涛的员工表示:“这能为我的智能手机节省很多空间,并且减少了寻找指定自行车的时间,因为我现在可以选择六种自行车了。”Under the partnership,Alipay will also provide insurance for each rider who accesses the service via its app.此外,根据该合作协议,付宝还将为每个通过其app访问这一务的骑车用户提供保险。 /201705/508154

China Hyundai dealers seek up to 5 million compensation中国现代经销商要求赔偿1.35亿美元BEIJING: A group of Hyundai Motor Co dealers in China is seeking 800 million-900 million yuan (0 million-135 million) in compensation from the South Korean automaker, saying Hyundai has cut the flow of models it exports to them, resulting in dealership losses and closures.中国一群现代汽车经销商要求韩国现代汽车赔偿8-9亿元(1.2-1.35亿美元),称现代汽车削减了向他们出口的车型,导致经销商亏损严重。The group’s leader, Wang Rongzhen, told Reuters on Wednesday that the automaker has scaled back the range of models it supplies to dealers in Hyundai imports in China, only consistently supplying one model, while steadily increasing car manufacturing in China.现代中国经销商Wang Rongzhen7月20日向路透社指出,现代汽车已经缩减提供给中国进口经销商的产品阵容,仅提供一款车型供销售,而在中国国产的车型不断增加。“We sell cars+ , if you don’t give us cars, naturally we won’t be able to go on, we’ll close,” Wang said in an interview, estimating import dealers are losing between 3 million and 10 million yuan a year each. The group seeking compensation represents 30 of the roughly 40 remaining imported Hyundai dealers in the country.Wang Rongzhen在采访中表示,“我们就是要卖车,如果厂家不提供车型,我们就卖不下去了,也只能退网。”他估计经销商每年亏损300-1000万元。目前,现代汽车在中国有近40家进口经销商,其中30家经销商要求退网赔偿。According to the China Auto Dealers Chamber of Commerce, which is helping to organise the dealers, Hyundai’s import-only dealer network has aly halved in size since 2014.全国工商联汽车经销商会数据显示,自2014年进口现代中国经销商网络已经缩减了一半。 /201607/455981

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