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大理洱源县妇幼保健人民中心中医院预约电话大理意外怀孕两个月做可视人流手术需要多少钱A lot of people know this but I was born in the Republic of Georgia,很多人都知道这本书。我出生在格鲁吉亚共和国which was part of the Soviet Union for a long time.它曾经在很长一段时间里隶属于前苏联的一部分。And I remember one of our relatives came to our house once and she was complaining about having to buy b...我记得有次我的一个亲戚跑来跟我们抱怨买面包的事情…She said, There was only one type of b my entire life,她说,“在我的一生中只有一种面包,and I was just at the store and there are a 100 different types now! I hate this government! I hate everything now!而我刚刚待的那个商店里现在有100多种!我讨厌政府!讨厌这里的一切!”And as a kid I remember thinking, What the hell is wrong with her,那时我还是个孩子,就想,她这到底是怎么了,but now that I think about it, she did have somewhat of a point.但是现在想想,她说的也不无道理。Of course I dont want to live in a place where I can only buy one type of b,当然了,我不想住在一个只能买一种面包的地方,but at the same time there are disadvantages to having a 100 different bs to choose from.但是同时,选择太多也有一些缺点。And Im pretty sure youve experienced this yourself,我很确定你也有过这种经历,but sometimes I find myself in a store in front of a 100 different types of b,但有时我发现在一个品种繁多的面包店里,and I waste a lot of time just standing there having no idea what to pick.会浪费很多时间,只是站在那里却不知道该选哪个。This is the paradox of choice. All the different choices are supposed to make you better off,这就是选择矛盾。所有不同的选择都会让你变得更好,but they can cause paralysis and actually make you worse off.但它们也会引起麻痹,让你变得不好。So now that we know what were dealing with, lets take a look at how we can use this to sell or buy,知道我们面对什么,那我们就分析一下怎样利用这种选择矛盾来买卖东西,or just make ourselves better off. Lets start with selling,或是怎样让它把我们变的更好。从销售开始,and I like to talk about selling because a lot of people who watch this have a business or aspire to have one,我喜欢讨论销售,因为很多看这个视频的人都做生意或者想要做生意,but at the same time, we all have to sell something to someone every single day.但同时,我们所有人每天都会向某些人出售一些东西。Any time youre trying to persuade or convince anyone with anything, youre selling,只要你尝试说别人相信某事,你就是在销售,so it should be important and useful for everyone to cultivate the ability to sell.所以对大家来说培养销售能力很重要也很有用。Alright, so lets take a look at a study very briefly where they were trying to promote these high-quality jams.好吧,让我们来简单地看个推销高级果酱的研究,There were two different experiments... In experiment one, they offered 24 samples.有两种不同的试验…第一种,提供了24种样品。In experiment two, they offered only 6 samples.第二种,只提供了6种样品。So what were the results? Well, the large number of samples attracted more people那结果怎样呢?嗯,样品多的吸引了更多的顾客,but in both cases, people tasted the same number of jams on average.但在两个案例中,平均下来人们试吃了同样数量的果酱。But what happened when it came to buying? There was a HUGE difference...但是购买情况怎么样呢?差别很大…Only 3% of the people who were offered 24 jams to sample from went on to buy the jam.提供24种样品的,只有3%的人购买。However, 30% of the people who were offered only 6 jams to sample from went on to buy the jam.然而,提供6种样品的,有30%的人选择购买。That is a huge difference! Now lets take a look at what some restaurants do...这个差别太大了!下面我们再来看一下餐馆是怎么做的…They offer you a million different items on the ...他们的菜单上有很多菜品…You take a look at the , and its just impossible to pick...你看了一下菜单,却选不出来…They have successfully paralyzed you, but they also conveniently offer you 5 specials for the day.他们成功的麻痹了你,但是他们也很方便的提供了当天的五道特色菜。And a lot of times, these specials will never even change.大多数时候,这些特色菜品从来没有变过。Now what do you do? Well youve been offered something thats more managable,现在你要做什么?他们提供给你的都是经过精心安排的东西,youre much more likely to pick from this selection, and guess how the restaurant benefits from this?你极有可能从这些里面做出选择,猜想一下餐馆怎样从这里面获益?If you guessed that they sell you exactly what they want with high margins, youre absolutely right.如果你觉得他们销售给你的是正符合他们心意的高利润产品,那你就太正确了。Lets take a look at another example and make it even more personal.我们再来看另一个例子,让它更个体化。One of the most frequent things I get asked is, Hey, can you please make a ing list of your favorite books...别人经常问我,你能把你最喜欢的书列出来吗…And Ill definitely make it at some point, but lets take a look at what most peoples ing list looks like.我肯定会给出列表,但是让我们先看一下大多数人的书单是什么样的吧。A lot of authors and mentors have a ing list, but they literally put like 200 books on it.很多作者和老师都有书单,但是他们会放200本书在上面。Now when you take a look at that, most people are just going to be paralyzed.当你看的时候,大多数人就眼晕了。Theres too much choice, what if you pick the wrong book, its really hard to pick,选择太多,要是选错了呢,太难选了,so guess what youre probably going to do? Not pick anything...所以猜想一下你可能会怎么做?什么也不选…And Im telling you this is a mistake that people, who are a million times smarter than I am, make all the time.我告诉你,这是一个即使比我聪明很多倍的人也一直犯的错误。So keeping the paradox of choice in mind, when I do make the list, what is it going to look like?所以记住选择矛盾,当我做书单的时候,应该做成什么样的呢?Itll probably be about ten or maybe fifteen of the absolutely best books in my opinion.我认为应该包括十到十五本好书就可以了。Now even that is too much, but considering people will have half of them or possibly even more,即使那也很多,但是考虑到人们会读一半甚至更多,itll avoid the paralysis caused by 200 books.就会避免200多本引起的麻痹。Imagine if youve 9 out of 10 of the books, and theres one book that you havent .假设你读了10本书中的9本,有一本没读。You will most likely pick that book up. But if there were 200 different books,你极有可能把那本书挑选出来。但如果是200多本呢,the decision is too hard to make and youd just get paralyzed and probably postpone making the decision.就太难做出决定,你感到无能为力,进而可能延迟做出决定。Now lets talk about how you can use this if you just want to make your life better...如果想让生活变的更好,我们就来讨论一下怎样利用这种矛盾…Your number one priority is to avoid paralysis. A few months ago,首要任务就是要避免麻痹。几个月之前,Id get up and I wasnt really sure what I wanted for breakfast.起床后我不确定早餐要吃什么。And the amount of food in my fridge could probably make a 1000 different combinations,我冰箱里的食物可以有1000多种不同的组合,so there were times when I literally spent 20 minutes figuring out what I was going to have for breakfast.所以有很多次我都花费20分钟纠结我早餐应该吃什么。Now if you add that up over time, not only is it exhausting, youre wasting a lot of time.如果你把那些时间加起来,不仅很耗费精力,你也浪费了大量的时间。So what do I do now when I get up? Well, I have the same thing almost every morning.所以当我起床后该做点什么呢?我几乎每天早上都吃一样的东西。There are certain mornings where I dont and I just screw around and make a mess in the kitchen,只是在某些早上,我会在厨房里鼓捣鼓捣,but thats cool because thats what I want to do.因为我想那么做,所以感觉很酷。This isnt about not enjoying things. Its about enjoying things even more.这并不是不享受,而是更加的享受。So for most days, Ive turned something that wasted energy and time into something that is super easy,所以大部分日子里,我会把浪费时间和精力的事情转变成超级简单的事情,where I dont have to be paralyzed, and where I can dedicate that time and energy to things这样我就不会纠结,也可以把时间和精力花在that are more important and enjoyable than figuring out what Im going to eat for breakfast.比搞清楚吃什么早餐更为重要的事情上。And this is kind of like what Steve Jobs did with wearing the same thing all the time, which I would personally never do,这有点类似于乔布斯总穿同样的衣,我是坚决不会那样的,but if youre as indifferent with your clothes as I am with what I have for breakfast on a random Wednesday morning,但是如果你对穿着不那么讲究,就像我对某个周三的早餐不那么讲究一样,then this might be a good choice. So thats it.那这也许是个不错的选择。所以,就是那样。I hope you take this and apply it to your particular situation whether it be buying, selling,我希望无论是买东西,卖东西,or just making your life better.还是仅仅为了让生活变得更美好,你都能把这种思维方式充分利用到特殊情况中去。201706/515942弥渡县妇幼保健医院怎么样好吗 栏目简介:Also for International Museum Day, Shanghai Museum launched a souvenir design competition today. Song Wenjing tells us more.201704/499896The aboriginals talk about these tasting like salty oysters.土著觉得它们有与盐水牡蛎并称的美味I say thats a compliment to the worm.他们可真能拍马屁In the thick mangrove, with few visual references,finding a bearing is difficult.在厚密的红树林中 少有可视的参照物 使得辨认方向难上加难Use a long, straight stick like this.找一根像这样又长又直的杆子Gonna help us keep on our direction and stop us going round and round in circles.它能帮助我们朝正确的方向前进 避免不停兜圈子Jam it through in a straight line.将它沿一条直线放置And then however I weave my way to it,然后不论我如何迂回绕路过去as long as I weave my way back to the end of the stick,pick it up, I know Im gonna be on line.只要能绕到杆子的另一端 然后捡起杆子 我就不会走歪Also, people tend to have a dominant foot,Whether its left or right.而且 人们往往都有优势足 有可能是左脚也有可能是右脚When theyre in terrain thats really confusing to stay on course,当人们身陷 方向难辨的环境中时theyll tend to veer towards that dominant foot行走的路线便会朝优势足那边偏移and just end up going round and round in these slow circles.最后 他们只是在慢慢兜着圈子Finally, I emerge from the mangrove into a clearing.终于 我从红树林钻了出来 进入一片空地Theres footprints ahead, and theyre not crocodile.前面有些脚印 不是鳄鱼These are human. Look.Lets go. Follow them.Hey! Wait up!是人类 瞧 出发 跟着脚印走 喂 等等My Arnhem land encounter is over,an ancient place where aboriginal hunters have survived in harmony with nature for over 40,000 years.我的阿纳姆地探险结束了 在这片古老的大地上 土著猎人和自然和谐相处了4万余年Its an extraordinary place,and its been an extraordinary experience.这是片神奇的大地 也留下了我的一段神奇经历201701/489298大理安全无痛人流多少钱

宾川县中医医院做全身检查要多少钱For five years, nothing.五年来 没有半点研究成果His debts consign him to jail.他因负债而身陷囹圄His family relies on handouts.一家人靠救济金生活But goodyear believes hes divinely inspired.但古德伊尔认为他如有神助Theres no object so desirable, so important,对人类来说 没有什么能像橡胶一样 and so necessary to the human race,as making rubber available for mans use.必不可少 举足轻重 而被人运用到生活的各个角落中Then, a breakthrough. He adds sulfur.之后 研究有了突破 他加了硫The result: a material tough like leather but flexible.一种如皮革般结实 而又富有弹性的材料诞生了He calls the process vulcanization,After the Roman God of Fire.他以罗马火神之名 把这个过程称为硫化He lost his fortune several times,went bankrupt a number of times,他曾几度倾家荡产 也曾多次破产but never gave up on the idea this is something that will change the world.但他从未放弃过那个念头 他深信这个东西可以改变整个世界And he was absolutely right.他所想的千真万确Almost every machine in the industrial revolution几乎工业革命中的所有机器relies on rubber fittings and seals to withstand the pressure of the steam.都靠胶垫和橡胶塞 来承受蒸汽的压力Hundreds of parts in a model t ford are made from rubber,福特T型车内数以百计的零部件都是橡胶做的Freeing mankind to travel further and faster Than ever before.这使人类走得比以往 更远 更快201605/442306大理宾川县人流多少钱 【视频讲解】LSD is one of the most potent hallucinogenic drugs—active at just around 100 micrograms...a miniscule amount.麦角酸酰二乙胺(简称LSD)是药效最强的致幻药之一,只要100微克左右的微小剂量就能产生致幻作用。Potent1. 效力强的Their most potent weapon was the Exocet missile. 他们效力最强的武器是飞鱼导弹。2. 有权势的,有权力的:“The police were potent only so long as they were feared”(Thomas Burke)“只有当他们害怕时,警察才是有权力的”(托马斯#8226;伯克)Hallucinogenic 迷幻药 《》 hallucinatory 幻觉Miniscule 微小It has a miniscule market share, but its unique abilities make it important enough to be worthcatering to if you can do so without inconveniencing other users.它的市场份额很小,但是其独特的功能使它具有了足够的重要性,颇值得我们关注,但前提是不给其他用户造成不便That fact has fascinated pharmacologists for decades. Namely, how can it have such long-lasting effects...12 hours or more...at such tiny doses?这一事实数十年来一直吸引着药理学家的目光。他们想知道,为什么它的药效能如此持久?如此小的剂量为什么能产生长达12个小时以上的药效呢?Pharmacologist 药理学家Namely 即,也就说A district should serve its client, namely students, staff, and parents. 一个学区应该务于其主顾,即学生、教职员工和家长。long-lasting 持久的One of the long-lasting effects of the infection is damage to a valve in the heart.感染的其中一个长期后果是使心脏的一个瓣膜受损。Dose 剂量To find out, researchers legally obtained LSD. And built copies of the receptors it binds to in the brain—serotonin receptors.为了弄清这一点,研究人员通过合法方式获得了LSD。他们复制了LSD在大脑中连接的受体——5-羟色胺受体。Built1. 被构造2. 有…体格的(做形容词)...a strong, powerfully-built man of 60. …一位体格健壮的60岁男子。Serotonin血清素;5-羟色胺(血管收缩素)They mixed the LSD and the receptors together, and crystallized the result. They then imaged the structure, using x-ray crystallography.之后研究人员将LSD和受体混合,并将所得到的结果结晶化。最后他们运用X射线晶体学对结构进行成像。Crystallize1. 结晶2. 使成形; 具体化,He has managed to crystallize the feelings of millions of ordinary Russians.他成功地阐明了数百万普通俄国人的感情。-graphy 学crystallography 结晶学Geography 地理学aerography 气象学And they found that when LSD linked up with the serotonin receptor, a sort of ;lid; formed over it. Almost like the drug went in, then pulled the door shut behind it.研究人员发现,LSD与5-羟色胺受体相连时,会在上方形成一个“盖子”。就像药物进入以后关上后面的门一样。link up1. 连接;接合;We must link up theory with practice.我们必须把理论和实践联系起来。2. 联合成团体They linked up with a series of local anti-nuclear groups.他们与一系列反对核武器的地方团体联合起来了。;You could think of the top part of LSD as a hand, holding onto the latch and pulling it down.; Bryan Roth, a pharmacologist at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill involved in the research. “你可以把LSD的顶部想象成一只手,这只手抓住门闩拉下来。”布莱恩#8226;罗斯是北卡罗莱纳大学教堂山分校的药理学家,他参与了这项研究。latch门闩You left the latch off the gate and the dog escaped. 你没插门闩,跑了。;This explains why LSD is so potent, why such a small amount of it is active, and secondly why it lasts for such a long period of time. Because basically once it gets in there it takes hours to come off the receptor.; The study is in the journal Cell.“这就解释了LSD为什么如此强大,为什么很少的剂量就能产生作用,为什么其药效可以持续如此长的时间。基本上来说,一旦它进入体内,那就需要数个小时才会离开受体。”该研究结果发表在《细胞》期刊上。come off1. 离开2. 成功; 奏效It was a good try but it didnt really come off. 这是一次好的尝试但未真正奏效。3. 结果 (最差、最好)Some Democrats still have bitter memories of how they came off worst during the investigation. 一些民主党人仍留有他们在调查中如何惨败的痛苦记忆。The result may also explain why microdosing—taking even smaller amounts of LSD, at sub-psychedelic levels—might work as a mood enhancer, as some users have reported.该结果也可以解释为什么微剂量……为什么即使用很少量的LSD,产生轻度幻觉也可以使情绪兴奋,此前有使用者提到过这一点。Psychedelic1. 幻觉的2. 有迷幻色的...psychedelic patterns.…光怪陆离的图案。Enhancer 增强剂; 增强器Cinnamon is an excellent flavour enhancer.肉桂是一种绝佳的提味料。;Its clear from the data we have that these small doses can engage these receptors, and of course we know that the receptors that LSD interacts with, theyre the same receptors that are thought to be involved in antidepressant drug action.;“很明显,从我们获悉的数据来看,小剂量也可以对受体产生作用,当然我们知道,与LSD接触的受体同抗抑郁药的受体是一样的。”interact with 相互交流;相互沟通;The two chemicals interact with each other.这两种化学物品相互作用。Antidepressant 》 depressant lt; depress 沮丧Roth does not advocate trying it out. But he says the discovery of the ;lid; might someday lead to the development of novel antidepressants—ones with long-lasting effects, at just the tiniest of doses.罗斯并不提倡进行试验。但是他表示,这一“盖子”的发现或许在某一天可以促进新型抗抑郁药的研发,一种只需要最小剂量就可以长时间有效的药物。try out 试验;测验;The method seems good but it needs to be tried out.这个方法似乎不错,但需要试验一下。Lid盖子Novel 新奇的 newProtesters found a novel way of demonstrating against steeply rising oil prices.抗议者们找到一种新奇的示威方式来反对石油价格的飙升。201706/512629大理州中西医医院做产检价格

大理市引产需要多少钱栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481042 Oh, I guess we got to eat them raw.But its all about perseverance.看来我们得生吃了 但这完全取决于毅力Oh, he got it going. Its burning.成功了 烧起来了Cant wait for that rabbit.等不及享用那兔子了Well done, guys. How was that, getting that going?好样的 伙计们 怎么生起来的I feel like a man in the wild.我觉得自己像个野人You are a man in the wild.你本来就是荒野小组的成员Weve all been looking forward to this, so well done.这正是我们所期待的 干得好Now Joe has to gut the hares.现在乔要取出兔子的内脏Incision.This is a big deal for Joe.开始切了 这对乔来说是个挑战Meat is usually presented to us in shiny packaging and under electric lights in stores.肉对于我们来说一般都是裹着精美的包装 摆在商店温暖的灯光之下Okay, finger in.But unlike the city, eating in the wilderness is all about eating to survive.把手指伸进去 与在城市不同 在野外觅食 完全是为了生存Then stuff your whole hand all the way up inside it.然后把你的整只手伸进去The guts should be removed as soon as possible.要尽快把内脏取出来They contain bacteria that can spoil the meat and even be life-threatening.它们含有的细菌能让肉变质 甚至会威胁到我们的生命Push through the diaphragm, and youll feel its heart.穿过隔膜 就可以摸到心脏了I dont know whats in there.我不知道那里有什么Do you have hand sanitizer after this, I hope?你有带洗手液吗I hope you brought some. Oh, my.Okay. Good job.Whats this?Heart and lungs.希望你带了 天哪 好了 干得好 这是什么 心和肺All right. Get rid of the lungs.好的 丢掉肺Keep the heart. Who wants the heart?留着心脏 谁想吃心脏In survival situations, you need to eat what you can.在生死关头 只要是能吃的就得吃The heart is packed with protein and iron.Okay, share it. Thirds.心脏富含蛋白质和铁 每人三分之一201706/512402祥云县最好的妇科医院祥云县妇幼保健医院治疗妇科炎症好吗



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