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厦门地区光子嫩肤祛黑斑哪家医院好厦门电波拉皮除皱优势French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Thursday ;conditions are coming together; to eradicate the Islamic State group.法国国防部长德里安星期四说,消灭伊斯兰国恐怖组织的“条件正在形成”。He said that for the first time he is optimistic.德里安表示,他第一次对此感到乐观。France is part of the U.S.-led coalition carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State targets in both Iraq and Syria, while local forces and allied groups fight the militants on the ground.法国是美国领导的联盟成员,对伊拉克和叙利亚境内的伊斯兰国目标进行空中打击;与此同时,当地的武装力量和其他友盟团体则在地面与激进分子展开战斗。Le Drian said Islamic State has lost 30 to 40 percent of its territory since June 2014. He also highlighted the coalitions goal of pushing the militants out of Iraqs northern city of Mosul and the groups de facto capital in Raqqa, Syria by the end of the year.德里安说,自2014年以来,伊斯兰国控制的地区缩小了30%0%。他强调指出,联盟的目标是在年底之前将激进分子赶出伊拉克北部城市苏尔和叙利亚城市拉卡。拉卡是伊斯兰国指挥中心的所在地。U.S. President Barack Obama said Monday that his expectation for the end of 2016 is that conditions will be in place for the eventual recapture of Mosul.美国总统奥巴马星期一说,他预计到今年年底,最终收复苏尔的条件就会成熟。来 /201604/438563厦门大腿吸脂多少钱 China’s transformation from an isolated developing country into an economic juggernaut and emerging global actor is perhaps the most important power shift for twenty-first-century international politics. Its economy is now second largest in the world while its military budget has ballooned from billion in 1989 to 5 billion in 2015—an amount larger than the military budgets of Russia Germany and the ed Kingdom combined.中国从一个孤立的发展中国家到经济巨头和新兴的全球参与者的转型,也许是二十一世纪国际政治最重要的权力转移。中国经济现在是全球第二大实体,而其国防预算989年的200亿美元飙升至2015年的2150亿美元,这一数字超过了俄罗斯、德国和英国的军费预算的总和以下即世界对中国的误解: Myth #1: China is a global military superpower.神话1:中国是全球军事超级大国。Myth #2: Chinas holdings of over trillion in U.S. debt give it leverage over America.神话2:中国持有超万亿美元的美国国债,使得它可以对美国政策产生影响。Myth #3: China’s leaders are not taking steps to reduce carbon emissions.神话3:中国领导人不采取措施减少碳排放。Myth #4: China’s currency policies give it an unfair trade advantage that undercuts the ed States.神话4:中国的货币政策给它一个不公平的贸易优势以削弱美国。Myth #5: China doesn’t participate in global governance.神话5:中国不参与全球治理。来 /201606/450387BEIJING Canada said on Wednesday that it had applied to join China’s version of the World Bank, breaking with previous leaders who had shared ed States officialsskepticism of the new Beijing-led lender.北京——加拿大周三表示已申请加入中国版的世界,此举改变了该国以前领导人的态度,他们曾与美国官员一起对这家新的、由北京领导的借贷机构表示怀疑。The move came during a five-day trip to China by the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who is seeking to burnish trade, business and political ties with Beijing. 此举是加拿大总理贾斯汀#8226;特鲁Justin Trudeau)在为期五天的中国之行期间做出的,特鲁多正在寻求与北京加强贸易、商业和政治关系。China’s relationship with the previous Canadian government had been lukewarm.中国与加拿大上届政府的关系一直不冷不热。The membership would provide a lift for the lender, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a Chinese-led organization that counts 57 countries as members and that is looking to expand by about an additional 30. 加拿大的加入将提振亚洲基础设施投资这一借贷机构。中国领导的亚投行目前有57个成员国,并希望增加30个成员国。The bank founded last year to fund roads, power lines and other needed infrastructure projects in Asia is widely seen as an extension of China’s growing economic and political heft and as a counterweight to the World Bank and other institutions dominated by Western countries.去年成立的亚投行被广泛认为是中国日益增长的经济和政治实力的延伸,是中国与世界和其他西方国家主导机构的抗衡。亚投行将为修建道路、输电线以及亚洲所需的其他基础设施项目提供资金。The previous Canadian government, led by Stephen Harper, hesitated in joining the bank, saying that it wanted to ensure that the institution’s financial and environmental standards were sound. 斯蒂#8226;哈珀(Stephen Harper)领导下的上届加拿大政府曾对加入亚投行犹豫不决,说希望能确定该机构的财务和环境标准是可靠的。The Obama administration expressed similar reservations, and during the genesis of the bank, it advised several allies, including Australia and South Korea, not to join.奥巴马政府表达了类似的保留态度,在亚投行创建时,美国曾建议一些盟国不加入该行,其中包括澳大利亚和韩国。Both countries eventually ignored Washington and became founding members of the bank that is intended to both compete and cooperate with existing lending institutions. 那两个国家最终没有理睬华盛顿,以创始成员国的身份加入了旨在与现有的贷款机构既竞争又合作的亚投行。Britain also broke with the ed States over the new bank and became an inaugural member along with France, Germany and Italy.英国也在亚投行问题上与美国破裂,与法囀?德国和意大利一起成为亚投行的创始成员国。American officials have since softened their criticism and have encouraged the Chinese to finance projects with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank as a way of ensuring what they consider acceptable standards of environmental and lending practices.自那以后,美国官员已缓和了他们的批评态度,并开始鼓励中国与世界和亚洲开发一起投资项目,从而确保环境和借贷活动符合他们认为的可接受的标准。China is Canada’s second-largest single trading partner, after the ed States, and it is a major buyer of Canadian timber, paper, metals and fertilizer. 中国是加拿大仅次于美国的第二大贸易伙伴,也是加拿大木材、纸张、金属和化肥的主要买家。China, in turn, has become a major investor in Canada, buying up oil and natural gas reserves and high-end homes in Vancouver.同时,中国已成了加拿大的一个主要投资者,购买石油和天然气贮备,还在温哥华购买高档住宅。That wave of investment has prompted controversy in Vancouver, where residents blame China for steep home prices, and in other places, where critics worry about the influence of Beijing in Chinese communities and elsewhere.这些投资已在温哥华引发争议,那里的居民把房价高涨的原因归咎于中国,而在加拿大其他地方,批评人士担心北京对当地中国社区的影响。Relations between the countries have sometimes been rocky. 中加关系有时也有起伏。MR. Trudeau was expected to raise the issue of Kevin Garratt, a Canadian held by the Chinese authorities on accusations of spying. 特鲁多预计会向中国提有关凯文#8226;加勒Kevin Garratt)的问题,中国当局指控这名被其拘留的加拿大公民犯有间谍罪。MR. Garratt’s family disputes the allegations.加勒特的家人否认该指控。Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, Li Keqiang, China’s premier, said that the case would be looked at according to Chinese law and that MR. Garratt would be treated humanely.中国总理李克强在周三的新闻发布会上表示,中国将依法对待该案,并表示加勒特会得到人道的待遇。For Canada, joining the bank could help strengthen its relationship with a country that is increasingly important to its economy. 对加拿大来说,中国对加拿大的经济越来越重要,加入亚投行可能会帮助其加强与中国的关系。Canada’s membership will create commercial opportunities for Canadian companies and create jobs for the middle class, said Canada’s finance minister, Bill Morneau, at a news conference with the bank’s president, Jin Liqun.成为亚投行成员国将为加拿大公司创造商业机会,为本国中产阶级创造就业机会,加拿大财政部长比#8226;莫诺(Bill Morneau)在与亚投行行长金立群一起举行的新闻发布会上说。MR. Jin said he interpreted Canada’s application for membership as a vote of confidence. Canada is a leader in environmental matters and had a record as a clean government, attributes that match the bank’s efforts to be lean, green and clean, he said. We have zero tolerance of corruption, he said.金立群说,他把加拿大的申请加入解释为该国对亚投行抱有信心;加拿大在环境保护方面是领导者,有干净政府的良好记录,这些都与亚投行精干、廉洁、绿色的理念相符;亚投行对腐败采取‘零容忍’态度。MR. Jin acknowledged that one of the bank’s five vice presidents, Hong Kyttack, a former finance official in South Korea, had taken a six-month leave after allegations that he had been negligent in giving loans to Daewoo Shipbuilding amp; Marine Engineering during his tenure at the Korean Development Bank.金立群承认,亚投行的五位副行长之一、韩国前财务官员洪起Hong Kyttack)将休职六个月,此前洪起泽被指控在韩国产业任职期间,在向大宇造船和海运工程公司提供贷款上失职。MR. Hong had served as the chief risk officer for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the bank was now seeking a replacement, MR. Jin said.金立群说,洪起泽曾担任亚投行的首席风险官,亚投行现在正在寻找替代他的人。At its first annual meeting in June, the bank announced 9 million in loans for four modest projects in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Tajikistan. 在今月举行的首次年度会议上,亚投行宣布向孟加拉国、印度尼西亚、巴基斯坦和塔吉克斯坦的四个不大的项目发.09亿美元的贷款。Three of the projects are being financed with other institutions the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development a cautious approach that has helped build the bank’s credibility.项目中有三个也得到了其他机构——亚洲开发、世界和欧洲重建和发展——的资助,这种审慎的做法已帮助亚投行建立了信誉。The bank said Canada and other new members are expected to join early next year.亚投行表示,加拿大等新成员国有望在明年年初加入。来 /201609/464737龙岩隆鼻要多少钱

厦门欧菲医院电话France and Brazil have joined China in spurning Donald Trump’s threat to pull out of the Paris climate agreement if the Republican candidate wins next week’s US presidential election.法国和巴西加入中国的行列,对美国共和党候选人唐纳特朗Donald Trump)的这一威胁之词表示了否定——他威胁称,如果在下周美国选举中获胜,就将让美国退出巴黎气候协定。Speaking on the eve of the climate accord coming into force, French environment minister Ségolène Royal told the FT yesterday she would not even “entertain the hypothesisof a Trump victory because that “gives credibility to the idea She dismissed his threat to withdraw from the Paris deal as a campaign tactic, saying: “Maybe he needed more financing from the oil lobby.”法国环境部长塞戈莱罗亚Ségolène Royal)在巴黎气候协定生效前夕发表了看法。昨日她对英囀?金融时报》表示,她甚至不会“考虑(特朗普获胜的)假设”,因为那“会为这个想法平添可信度”。她认为特朗普退出巴黎协定的威胁无须理会,只不过是一种竞选手段。她说:“也许他需要从石油游说集团那里获得更多资金。”Even if he could legally pull out, “in practice it is impossible because countries have everything to gain from remaining she said.即便他可以合法退出,但“实际上也是不可能的,因为各国留在协定中将有百利而无一害,”她说。Separately, José Sarney Filho, Brazil’s environment minister, said yesterday he could not imagine any society abandoning the fight against global warming given how serious the problem was. “I hope Trump doesn’t win,the minister added. “I believe the American society is a strong society, much stronger than any possible head of state.”另外,巴西环境部长小若萨尔José Sarney Filho)昨日表示,鉴于全球变暖问题的严重程度,他无法想象任何一个社会放弃抗击这一问题的努力。“我希望特朗普不要赢,”这位部长接着说,“我相信美国社会是一个强大的社会,比任何可能的国家元首都强大得多。”The comments follow a warning from China’s top climate change negotiator that Mr Trump would be out of step with international trends if he turned his back on the Paris deal, which nearly 200 countries adopted in December 2015.她说这番话之前,中国气候变化事务特别代表解振华警告称,如果特朗普抛弃近200个国家在20152月达成的巴黎协定,那么他将脱离国际趋势。“I believe that if he were a wise leader, he should know that all policies should be responsive to the trend of the world’s development,Xie Zhenhua told journalists in Beijing on Tuesday.“我相信如果是一个明智的领导人,他应该知道所有的政策都应该顺应世界发展的潮流,”解振华周二在北京对记者们表示。The remarks reflect nervousness among climate change campaigners about the prospect of Mr Trump defeating Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s ballot.这些话表明,气候变化倡议者们对于特朗普在下周二的选举中可能会战胜希拉克林Hillary Clinton)感到紧张。The Republican candidate has called global warming a hoax invented by China to make US manufacturers uncompetitive and vowed to “cancelthe Paris accord. He also says he would stop all US payments for UN global warming programmes.这位共和党候选人把全球变暖称为中国为了削弱美国生产商的竞争力而设下的一场骗局,并发誓要“废除”巴黎协定。他还表示,他将停止美国对所有联合国(UN)全球变暖项目的拨款。No single country can scrap the deal, painstakingly negotiated by nearly all the world’s nations over four years. But Mr Trump could deal the pact a significant blow either by pulling the US out of it or by abandoning measures launched by President Barack Obama to cut reliance on coal and other fossil fuels.没有哪个国家能够单独废掉这项由全球几乎所有国家通过4年艰苦谈判达成的协定。但是,如果特朗普让美国退出该协定、或者抛弃巴拉克.奥巴Barack Obama)推出的旨在减轻对煤炭等化石能源依赖程度的措施,那么他可能会对该协定造成沉重的打击。The US election falls on the second day of the latest round of UN climate talks, to be held in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh from November 7 to 18.美国大选投票日就在最新一轮联合国气候谈判的第二天。该谈判将于11日至18日在洛哥的马拉喀什Marrakesh)举行。Delegates are braced for the election outcome to cast a large shadow over the meeting, the first since the conference in Paris that adopted the agreement.谈判代表们做好了选举结果给会议蒙上巨大阴影的准备。这是在巴黎举行的那次通过气候变化协定的大会之后召开的第一次会议。The prospect of a Trump victory has been cited as one reason why so many countries rushed to ratify or join the Paris accord this year, including the US, China, the EU and India.特朗普可能获胜,已被引述为这么多国家和地区——包括美囀?中囀?欧EU)和印度——在今年匆忙批准或加入巴黎协定的原因之一。That paved the way for the accord to come into force today, a record speed for an international agreement of this scale.这为巴黎协定今日生效铺平了道路,其速度对于如此规模的一项国际协定而言创下了纪录。But the UN warned yesterday that the world was still heading for a 2.9C-3.4C rise in temperatures this century, even with the pledges that have been made for the Paris deal, which aims to hold warming to 2C, or 1.5C if possible.但联合国昨日警告称,即便巴黎协定的承诺得到兑现,全球温度升幅在本世纪仍将朝着2.9℃至3.4℃迈进。巴黎协定的目标,是在本世纪把全球温度升幅控制在2℃以内——可能的话,控制.5℃以内。来 /201611/476283厦门全身吸脂手术多少钱 福建妇女医院是不是私立医院

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