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One of Tibet#39;s most sacred creatures is the black-necked crane.西藏最神圣的一种动物是黑颈鹤In summer they live and breed out on the plateau,夏季它们在高原上繁衍生息,but in winter they congregate on farmland.但是在冬天它们聚集在农田里。70% of the world#39;s population can be found here.世界上70%的黑颈鹤都在这里The species was only recently identified by scientists,尽管科学家最近才发现这种生物but it has been known to Tibetans for hundreds of years.但是西藏人认识它们已经有几百年了In the 17th century,Tibet#39;s supreme lama wrote,在17世纪西藏的达赖喇嘛写到;Crane,lend me your wings,I go no farther than Lithang county.“天空中洁白的仙鹤请将你的双翅借我我不往远处去飞;And thence,return again. ;只到理塘就回”Tibetans believed he was predicting the site of his own reincarnation西藏人相信他在预言他的转世and in due course his successor was found,在适当的时候可以找到他的继承者sure enough,living in Lithang county.当然他的继承者一定是在理塘生活Even today,black-necked cranes are treated with reverence and即使在今天黑颈鹤落在村庄附近的农田时are welcomed by farmers as they land in the fields around the villages.农民都会尊敬地欢迎它们的到来 /201208/195430前美国国务卿马德琳;奥尔布赖特坦诚地谈到政治与外交,要让女性参与到外交政策的中心议程上。她说到,女性参与远不是一个;软性;议题,这常常是最困难的一个议题,直接牵连着生与死。她与帕雷媒体中心的帕特;米切尔有一个开诚布公的很有意思的问答对话。 Article/201203/174654UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Today#39;s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Lind#39;s social studies classes at Highland High School in Ault, Colorado.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了林德先生的社会学习课堂。Which of these technologies is celebrating its 20th birthday this week?这周哪项技术在庆祝它的20个生日?Here we go, is it the cell phone, artificial heart, DVD or text message?开始!它是手机,人工心脏,数字多功能光盘还是手机短信?You#39;ve got three seconds, go!你有三秒钟的时间,开始!If you guessed the text message, you are right.如果你猜是手机短信,你对了。The first one was sent 20 years ago this week. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;第一条短信在20年前的这周被发送。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。(END VIDEO CLIP)AZUZ: The text of the first text message -- ;Merry Christmas.;第一条短信的内容是“圣诞快乐”。The engineer was sending it to his boss who was at a Christmas party.工程师给他在参加圣诞派对的老板发了这条短信。What started as two words has exploded in the 2.2 trillion texts.从两个单词开始的信息现在已经暴增到两万两千亿条短信。That#39;s how many are sent every year just in the U.S., so it works out to about 6 billion per day.那是仅在美国每年发送的短信数,因此平均下来一天有六十亿条。Text messaging is slowing down a little bit.短信现在减少了一点点。So, some analysts start wondering if it#39;ll BRB.因此,一些分析者开始疑惑它会不会马上回来。But for a lot of people, especially you guys, it#39;s the most common form of communication.但对于很多人来说,特别是年轻人,它是最常用交流方式。So, the idea of texting disappearing any time soon might just make you LOL.因此,短信马上就要消失的想法可能只会让你放声大笑。 /201212/212938on Howcast【视频文本】Get and keep his eye on you with these tips for attraction.You Will NeedPositive attitudes Confidence Sense of humor Step 1: Like yourself(爱自己)Like yourself. Be confident without being arrogant.Step 2: Be yourself(做自己)Be yourself – if you get a guy to like a version of you that isn’t genuine, he’s going to figure it out sooner rather than later.Don’t change the way you look to impress a guy. Any guy worth having will like your personal style. Most guys like natural-looking girls. Trashy girls attract trashy guys.Step 3: Be around him(围在对方身边)Make excuses or change your schedule so you can spend time together and you can show him how cool you are.Step 4: Be friendly(友好)Be friendly. Make him feel comfortable and welcome by greeting him with a smile and enthusiastic hello.Step 5: Talk(发起对话)Spark up a conversation with him. Ask him open-ended “how” and “why” questions to help keep the conversation going.Talk about subjects that interest him.Step 6: Laugh(多笑)Do not take things too seriously. Laugh and show him your positive outlook on life and good sense of humor.Sixty-five percent of people tend to tilt their heads to the right when about to kiss. Article/201005/104183

He#39;s out hunting in the forests outside Versailles,他在凡尔赛宫外的林中打猎时and he comes across, in her carriage, this very beautiful,遇上了她的马车very striking young woman.她是个非常美丽 引人注目的女子Everyone knows he#39;s taken by her.所有人都知道他迷上了她People referred to her as Louis XV#39;s latest piece of game.人们称她为路易十五的最新宠玩She was called Jeanne Antoinette Poisson,她叫珍妮·安托瓦内特·泊松the future Marquise de Pompadour,后来的蓬帕杜侯爵夫人and she was much more than a piece of game.而她对路易来说 也不仅仅是个宠玩In fact, Madame de Pompadour is a rather well-connected woman,事实上 蓬帕杜与权力中心的with one of the key factions at the heart of power,某一派系关系非常亲密who formed part of a big financial clique.这一派系是某大财团的一部分What everyone says, she#39;s strikingly beautiful.人们都说 她美貌绝伦And her beauty is really the key to her initial success.她的美貌也为她的成功奠定了重要基础She uses her beauty.她利用自己的美貌She uses her very considerable political acumen和非常敏锐的社交才能to establish herself at the heart of the King#39;s power.在国王的权力中心建立了自己的地位She was nicknamed Reinette, the little queen, as a child,她儿时外号叫希内特 意为小王后because when she was eight she had gone to see a fortune teller,因为她8岁时见过一个算命人who had told her that the King of France那人对她说would fall in love with her.法国国王将会爱上她So, she and her family were absolutely convinced因此 她和她的家人that this was her destiny.都认为这是她的宿命she sang, she danced, she had a beautiful voice,她唱歌 跳舞 有优美的声线she was very well , marvellous conversationist,读过很多书 口才极好extremely charming woman.非常有魅力 Article/201205/181492

After four months the cubs had to be returned to the reserve.4个月之后幼狼不得送回到原来的地方The experiment had proved that upbringing has little impact.实验明了后天教养的作用其实很小It#39;s impossible to turn a wolf into a dog,不管你怎么驯养他no matter how much you nurture it.想把狼变成根本不可能So according to our experiences,因此根据我们的实验结果the dog is not a socialised wolf at all.根本不是被驯化了的狼These differences we experienced in the community viability我们实验到的关于与狼的社会生存and in the social behaviour of dogs,与其社交行为上面的差异this is the effect of domestication.揭示了被驯养的影响力The difference must lie in the way已经被人类驯养了上千年dogs have been bred by humans over thousands of years.这导致了这种差异的出现Their unique abilities are now part of their nature.他们独特能力已经成为了其天性的一部分But how did dogs evolve these innate attributes?那么是如何进化出这些先天能力的呢What was the process that made them intrinsically tame?到底是哪个过程造就了他们温顺的本性A remarkable experiment in Siberia狼是如何转变成的呢may hold the key to understanding在西伯利亚的一个著名的实验how wolves turned into dogs.可能揭示了该问题的关键 Article/201302/226565

Paul Ellis shows you how to serve up a delicious and simple fried rice dish with prawns.保罗#8226;埃利斯向您展示做出简单美味虾肉炒饭的小窍门。Ingredients需要准备的原料vegetable oil植物油basmati rice, cooked and refreshed印度香米饭,已经煮熟且新鲜prawns, cooked对虾,已经烹制过garlic, chopped大蒜,切碎red onion, chopped红洋葱,切碎soy sauce酱油nasi goreng paste印度炒饭酱1 egg1枚鸡蛋Method制作方法:To refresh the rice, run it under some cold water.为了保持米饭新鲜,将它们放在一些冷水中。Heat some vegetable oil in a wok and add the chopped red onion.锅中倒入一些蔬菜油,加入切碎的红洋葱。Cook on a medium heat for around a minute and add the garlic.中火翻炒约一分钟后加入蒜。Be careful not to brown them.小心不要炒糊。Add around a tablespoon of nasi goreng paste and a drizzle of soy sauce and stir through.加入约一匙炒饭酱和一点点酱油,之后均匀翻炒。Break the egg into the pan and stir though the onions.打蛋倒入锅中,搅拌均匀,淋上洋葱。Add the cooked rice and stir through the other ingredients.加入米饭并和其他原料搅拌。Add the cooked prawns.放入虾。If you are using raw prawns, fry these at the beginning with the onions.如果你使用的是生虾,那么在一开始的时候需要搭配洋葱进行炒制。Add more nasi goreng paste for a spicier taste.加入更多的炒饭酱会更具独特鲜辣口感。You can also add chopped spring onions or peas at this point and heat through before serving.在盛盘享用前你也可以放入些切碎的洋葱或豌豆。 Article/201207/191774

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