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淄博市精液常规检查周村区文昌湖男科大夫High Rents and Low Wages Trap ChineseImmigrants in SROs游客看不到的另一半唐人街,中国移民一家4口蜗居在4平米房间Ming Dang lives in a 7 by 7 foot room in San Francisco#39;sChinatown with her husband, teenage son and daughter. (Melanie Young/KALW)明党(音译)和她的丈夫,带着十几岁的儿子和女儿住在旧金山唐人街的一个7英尺长,7英尺宽的房间里。Editor#39;s Note: Thisstory originally aired on KALW-FM. Listen to the story here.编者按:该故事最初在KALW-FM播出。下面请听:Tenants are facing a tough time in San Francisco. The cityhas some of the nation’s highest rents and laws like the Ellis Act have madeevictions front page news. But there are pockets of affordability, like in Chinatown, where the average rent is one third as much asin other neighborhoods. 旧金山的房客正面临艰难时期。该市有些房租为全国最高,而且诸如埃利斯法案之类的法规同意驱逐房客已成为头条新闻。但还是有考虑到付能力的地区,像在唐人街这些地方,平均房租只有周边地区的三分之一。But the neighborhood is also one of thecountry’s most overcrowded and tenants claim that landlords violate health andsafety codes.该社区也是美国最拥挤的地区之一,二期据房客们声称房东违反了健康安全法规。In response to rising rents and shoddy housing,a group of low-income, mostly elderly Chinatownrenters have crossed language and cultural barriers to change to theirneighborhood.应不断上涨的房价和劣质住房,一群主要由唐人街老年人组成的低收入者跨越了语言和文化障碍,组成一队正努力改变他们的街区面貌。Small rooms, cheap rents房子小,租金少Constant stress over money combined with livingin a cramped space, literally on top of each other, lead to a lot ofconflict. As she opens up about her family, Lee starts to cry. “Whenmy husband gets back from work he’s tired. He yells at my son to get off thestool and sit on the bed instead. I am so sorry. I wish I could helpearn enough to move.”缺钱再加上居住在一个狭窄的空间里,毫不夸张地说就是叠在彼此身上,这样的情形有着源源不断的压力,也会招致很多冲突。当李女士敞开心扉,谈及自己的家庭时,她哭着说“我丈夫下班之后回到家时,他已经很累了,便会吼儿子,让他去床上坐,把凳子让出来。对此我很遗憾,我多希望我能多挣点钱好搬出去住。”Years ago, when immigrants arrived in Chinatown, they’d live in an SRO for a while, save up,then move to a bigger place. But soaring rents and low wages block that pathnow, even for more seasoned immigrants.多年以前,当移民们到达唐人街之后,他们便会在单间租房里小住一段时间,当他们攒到钱后,便会搬到大点的地方住。但如今,一路飙升的租金加上微薄的薪水,即使是已移民多年的人,这条路也行不通了。Wanting a way out寻求出路Lee Ping Yee (no relation to Lee Ming Dang)moved to the USin 2004. She’s lived in her SRO for 5 years. 2004年,李萍叶(音译)(与李明党没有关系)移民到美国,她在单间租房里已居住5年之久。Her daughter’s friends are visiting, leaving Leewith no place to sit. Instead she leans on the doorway of her unit saying helloas neighbors walk by. As we speak, the lights suddenly go out.当她女儿的朋友来访时,李萍叶就没地方可坐了。她只好靠在单元楼门口,在邻居路过时,打个招呼。当我们在进行访谈的时候,路灯突然熄灭了。“There’s always power shortages.” Lee says. “Ihave to wait for the neighbors finish cooking. Then I can have power to cook mydinner.” “总是电力不足”李女士说“我必须得等到邻里们全部做完饭后,我才有电做晚饭。”With no electricity and no place to sit, LeePing Yee paces the hall in frustration. She wantsout. She’s been in the US for 10 years, and she feelsstuck. 没电,没地方坐,李萍叶在走廊里踱步徘徊,十分沮丧。她想摆脱这种状况。她来美国已经10年了,而这让她感到心力交瘁。“I not enough money to buy house.” Lee says it’seven harder with children, “support them and you know, grow up my daughter, youneed money. Always call mommy, I need money buy food. Ah, it’shard.”“我没钱买房子”李萍叶表示,自己甚至感到养育孩子都异常艰难,“你知道的,要供养孩子,把女儿养大,需要钱。女儿常说,妈妈,我需要钱买吃的。啊,没钱真难过。”Fighting for change力图改变Like many in Chinatown,both Lee’s are immigrants with limited english, limited incomes, and limitedprospects. They are not, however, powerless. The women are members of theCommunity Tenants Association or CTA.像许多唐人街的华人一样,两家李姓移民英语水平,收入及发展前景都很有限。然而,她们并不是没有能力。两位女士都是社区租户协会(CAT)的会员。The CTA was founded 26 years ago when one Chinatown building’s tenants got together to fight aneviction. When they won their case they decided to share what they’d learnedwith other residents. Since then they’ve seen each other through rentalproblems and weighed in on San Francisco’s housing policies. 26年前,唐人街一栋出租楼的租户们齐心协力抵抗房东驱赶租客时,成立了社区租户协会。胜诉后,他们决定把学到的东西分享给其他租户。此后,租户们通过租赁问题相互联系拜访,并且还曾参加过旧金山住房政策比赛。Neighborhood resident Leung Wing Ho says CTAsaved his home. “I had just retired when I was evicted from my apartment. I wasreally worried because I was old and only had my retirement income.”社区居民Leung Wing Ho表示社区租户协会保住了他的家。“当我被房东赶出来时,我正好退休。我当时真的很担心,因为我老了,唯一的收入就是退休金了”Leung and his neighbors turned to CTA for help.They pulled together other housing rights groups and elected officials tosupport the tenants. “We held rallies in front of the building with hundreds ofpeople,” Leung recalls. “At a mediation conference the landlord rescinded theeviction notice.”Leung和他的邻居们便向社区租户协会求助。他们联合其他住房维权组织,并选举出相关领导以援租客。“我们一百多人团结起来,围在出租楼的前面”Leung 回忆道“经过调停会议之后,房东取消了驱逐令。”That was six years ago. Today, Leung is CTA’spresident. 那是六年前的事情了。现在,Leung已经当上社区租户协会的主席。That unaffordability is especially stark in Chinatown. The average household income here is only onequarter what it is the rest of San Francisco’s. Despite that inequity, rents are on therise.这种负担不起的现象在唐人街尤其明显。这里的家庭平均收入只有旧金山其他地区收入的四分之一,尽管收入不公平,但租金还是一样在涨。Striking a chord outside of Chinatown 唐人街附近的惊心动魄CTA member Lee Gum Gee rented an apartment onthe border of Chinatown and NobHill for 34 years. When a new landlord invoked the Ellis Act to evict all theresidents, Lee decided to fight.社区租户协会会员李金枝(音译)在唐人街和诺布山交界处的租房内住了34年。当新房东援用艾利斯法案驱赶所有的租户时,李金枝(音译)决定奋起反抗。Chinatown Community Development Corporation’sNorman Fong says it wasn’t just her neighbors who rallied behindher. 唐人街社区发展公司的董事Norman Fong表示,团结在她背后的,不仅仅只有她的邻居。“I think because she was saying I’m not moving,I’m not leaving my daughter here who is mentally challenged. This is my home. Ideserve to have a life here in San Francisco,” Fong says. “Somehow her story resonatedwith hundreds of others.”“我认为,因为她说我不走,我不会带着我智障的女儿离开这里。这是我的家。在旧金山生活是我应得的,”Fong说“不知何故,她的故事激起了成千上万人的共鸣”“On the day of her eviction, CTA were there butcitywide people came from all over.”“她被驱逐出租房的那天,不仅社区租户协会的成员们到了,来自全市各地的人也来了”Dozens of elderly Chinese tenants from CTAstationed themselves in front of the apartment-- holding signs and showingsupport.来自社区租户协会的数十位上了年纪的中国租客在公寓楼前驻扎下来,举起标牌表示持。Lee and her family eventually had to leave theapartment but Norman Fong says the case drew public attention and helped spuraction at City Hall and Sacramento.李和她的家人最终不得不搬出出租房,但Norman Fong说,这件事引起了公众注意,有利于刺激市政厅和萨克拉门托采取应对措施。“This little Chinatown case” Fong says,“with CTA backup, citywide and statewide policies are changing now to helpprotect all San Franciscoso there are homes for middle class folks that are at risk for Ellis act aswell.”“这件看似很小的唐人街事件”Fong解释道,“在社区租户协会的持下,导致全市乃至全州的政策都要做出变化,以保护旧金山所有的人。也就是说因埃利斯法案遭受风险了的中产阶级民众也会受到保护”“We’ve turned fear into action. That’s what CTArepresents to me. They’re fearless.” “我们已经将恐惧转变成了行动。这就是社区租户协会对我的意义。我们的成员无所畏惧”Every Wednesday CTA members meet for workshops,share news updates, and socialize. They launch each session with asing-a-longgt; CTA president Leung Wing Ho says it helps bringthem together.社区租户协会会员每周三都会聚在一起开会,分享最新信息,探讨如何适应社会生活。社区租户协会主席Leung Wing Ho说,每次开会都会先唱一首歌,这有助于使他们团结起来。“Singing makes us happy, gives us courage andthe spirit to fight for our causes,” Leung says.“唱歌使我们感到快乐,还给我们带来勇气,帮我们树立为生活而奋斗的精神。”Leung说道。And that fighting spirit is sping. Onehundred new members join CTA every year.这种奋斗精神还在传播中。每年约有100名新会员加入社区租户协会。 /201606/448734淄博那个医院治疗男人生殖器 Thai wordsmith Komol Panyasophonlert, 31, is one of the world#39;s best scrabble players and ranked third in the world after memorising 90 per cent of the entire language.31岁的泰国语言大师Komol Panyasophonlert,是当今世界上最好的拼字游戏玩家之一,他在记住90%的英文单词后拼字游戏排名世界第三。He learned how to play from a tatty handbook he found lying around at home when he was 14 and trains by ing the dictionary for six hours a day.他14岁时在家中发现一本破旧的手册,因此学会了怎么玩拼字游戏。他通过每天在家读上六小时的字典练习。But remarkably, Komol can only utter a handful of words in broken English, can#39;t string a sentence together and relies on Google Translate for written communication.不过值得一提的是,Komol只会说一点不标准的英文单词,连一个句子也串不起来,并且需要依靠谷歌翻译来做笔头沟通。He said: #39;Scrabble is more about logic, memory, maths and being able to outsmart your opponent.他表示:“拼字游戏更多的是考验逻辑、记忆、数学和比对手聪明的能力。”#39;Plus, I train hard. Before competitions I spend all my free time ing the dictionary. In bed, in the bathroom, on the train - nearly every waking moment.#39;“再者,我努力训练。每次比赛前我用所有的空闲时间读字典。在床上、厕所里、火车上——几乎所有走动的时候我都会用来读字典。“Ok. it#39;s time to defend myself. These are what I answered the journalist that made him think I used Google translate [sic],” Komol wrote on Facebook.Komol在脸书上声明:“行,是时候为我自己正名了。这是我当时怎么回复那名记者的,也就是这回复让他认为我用了谷歌翻译。呵呵。”In their conversation, Komol only suggested that it would be easier to respond via Facebook messages to give detailed answers. It did not say his reason was because he couldn’t speak English. So basically, Komol was doing the guy a favor to ensure he got his story.在对话中,Komol只是建议通过脸书消息来沟通能更容易给出详细的答复。这并不能成为他不会说英语的理由。因而实际上,Komol当时是确保让那名记者能听懂他的故事。Thais use English as a foreign language, and common Thai schools focus on teaching the students written English and grammar, rather than speaking skills. Therefore, some Thais may not have too much experience with casual conversation or need time to think about how they should arrange a sentence when they speak English.英文被泰国人当做一门外语,而普通的泰国学校重视英文的笔头和语法教学,口头技巧却少有重视。因而一些泰国人也许没有很多日常对话的经验。或是说,他们在说英语时,会需要一些时间来组织语言。 /201608/459380The humble watermelon. The epitome of summer. But how do you know if it#39;s perfectly ripe? Well, one theory is that if you knock hard on the outside, the sound you hear will help determine if it#39;s y to eat.其貌不扬的西瓜象征着夏季。但你怎么确定西瓜是否熟透?有种理论是,用力敲敲西瓜皮,听听声音,这能帮你确定它们是否完全熟了。That theory lead to a huge online debate in China about what kind of people engaged in the art of #39;watermelon knocking#39;?这种做法近期在中国的网络上引发热议,大家争相讨论哪些人爱“敲西瓜”。The discussion, which thousands of people contributed to on the Chinese micro blogging site Sina Weibo, was kicked off by an obscure event thousands of miles away in Italy.数千人参与了新浪微上的这次大讨论,而引发这次讨论的是遥远的意大利的一件小事。It all began when a Chinese social media user posted the picture below of a sign in an Italian supermarket asking customers not to knock on the watermelons. The sign was stuck in a crate full of watermelons which : ;please stop knocking on the watermelons, they will not respond to it!;一位中国社交网站用户发布了下面这张照片,照片上,这家意大利超市挂出一则标识,要求顾客不要敲西瓜。这则标识插在装满西瓜的板条箱里,其上写道:“请不要再敲西瓜了,西瓜不会回应你。”There is no indication that the supermarket was targeting this message at customers with Chinese heritage. The sign was in Italian not Mandarin. But somehow it was taken as an attack on a practice which some Chinese observers regarded as being unique to their national customs.没有迹象表明超市挂出这则标识是针对中国顾客。标识是用意大利语写的,而不是汉语普通话。但不知为何这被当成了对敲西瓜这种行为的攻击,而一些中国者认为敲西瓜是中国人独有的习惯。According to What#39;s On Weibo, the photo was widely shared after Chinese media outlets reported that the notice was aimed directly at Chinese customers. But some social media users were quick to establish that the art of knocking watermelons is not exclusive to China and is in fact universal. The viral photo was originally posted by a user on Weibo who calls himself #39;Isolated Guardian#39;. He is allegedly a Chinese man living in Milan. The photo has since been removed from his page.根据微上的信息,在中国媒体报道称这则标识针对的是中国顾客后,这张照片迅速火遍中国网络。但一些社交媒体用户很快发现敲西瓜并非中国独有的现象,其实在全球都非常普遍。最初上传这张照片的是一位名为@孤岛守护者的微网友,据说是一位居住在米兰的中国人。后来他将照片在其个人主页删除。Many shared jokes aimed at the supermarket sign.很多网友分享了有关这则超市标识的笑话。Some people shared photos of themselves listening for a response from watermelons.一些人分享了自己听西瓜“回应”的照片。The topic of watermelons is another example of how some people in China are concerned about how they are perceived around the world.敲西瓜这一热门话题是一些中国人关心外国人如何看待他们的又一例。Online users are keen to show they know better, especially on the subject of watermelons.网友们热衷于表现出自己知道的更多,特别是关于西瓜这件事。Others pointed out that the concept of watermelon knocking has been passed down from their parents.还有人指出敲西瓜是爸爸妈妈传下来的方法。A quick online search will reveal that Chinese social media users are not alone in their thinking. Watermelon knocking and listening for a hollow sound is indeed a near universal concept. A vast array of s and blogs provide with advice on how to pick a good watermelon. It even appears in film and animation. Popular Russian cartoon, #39;Nu, pogodi!#39; included watermelon knocking as part of an episode.在网上快速搜索一下就会发现,不仅仅是中国的社交媒体用户这样想。敲西瓜、听回声其实是一种普遍现象。有很多视频和客都给大家提供了如何挑选好吃的西瓜的建议。敲西瓜这种行为甚至还出现在电影和动画片里。流行的俄语卡通片《兔子,等着瞧!》中也有敲西瓜的情节。One comically claimed to have a magic formula but the end result was not very convincing. There#39;s even a smart phone app designed by Chinese university students to you help you in your endeavour to find the ideal watermelon.一段视频中滑稽地说,有个挑选好西瓜的魔法公式,但其结论并没那么有说力。几位中国大学生还发明了一个帮人挑选好西瓜的智能手机应用。There are no absolute guarantees about what to do when it comes to choosing fruit. But at the risk of causing an international diplomatic incident we would suggest there some common ground about what to look for to choose the perfect watermelon.在挑选水果的时候,没有什么万全之策。但冒着引发国际外交事件的风险,我们给您提几条关于挑选好西瓜的建议。Feel the weight of the melon. The heavier the better感受一下西瓜有多重,越重越好。Press on the watermelon. It should feel firm and if it springs back, it#39;s y to eat在西瓜皮上按一按,应该很硬实,如果按下去后能恢复原状,就熟透了。Look at the markings on the melon. A yellow patch on one end indicates it#39;s y看下西瓜上的条带。如果一端发黄就是熟了。Of course if that all that fails, you could always, knock and wait for a reply.当然如果这些都没用,你就可以敲敲西瓜,等它回应。 /201606/451159高青县男科最好的医院

淄博包皮长手术淄博哪家医院泌尿外科比较好 张店区高新区割包皮多少钱

淄博阳痿早泄费用A pizza shop owner in New York, took to social media to introduce his latest innovation, an edible pizza box. 纽约一位披萨店主近日在社交媒体上介绍了自己的最新发明:可以吃的披萨包装盒。The pizzeria is ditching the cardboard container for a pizza box that#39;s made of one thing and one thing only—100 percent pizza. 该店的披萨外包装将不再采用纸板盒,转而使用一种由单一材料制成的盒子,这个单一材料就是:100%的披萨。Vinnie#39;s Pizzeria in Brooklyn revealed “the pizza box pizza” via Twitter and it#39;s been sending hungry pizza lovers into a tailspin. 这家名叫“维尼披萨”的店位于布鲁克林。店家在推特上披露了自己“披萨做成披萨盒”的创意之后,饥饿的披萨吃货们立刻不淡定了。The pizza box pizza starts with a pepperoni pie that comes enveloped in a square pizza, replacing those boring non-edible boxes of yesteryear. 这种“披萨盒披萨”中间是意大利辣香肠馅饼,包装在一个方形的披萨面饼里面,取代了过去那种不可食用的纸盒。;It#39;s a Sicilian pizza underneath—like a fluffy Sicilian pizza that forms the pizza box,” said Vinnie#39;s owner Sean Berthiaume. 维尼披萨的店主西恩·贝尔蒂奥姆表示:“底下就是一种薄饼,把松软的薄饼做成了披萨盒的样子。”He says the idea came to him during slower business hours while he was thinking about customers coming in for a slice or two, then discarding their greasy boxes right away. 他表示,顾客不多时,他就有时间考虑一些事情,比如看到食客吃完几片披萨后,随手就把油乎乎的盒子扔掉了。于是他想到了这个“披萨当盒子”的主意。“Sometimes I get a little upset when customers ask for a box and then they sit down and eat the pizza and they throw away the box right away. So that kinda clicked something in my brain.” “有时面对顾客要包装盒的状况,我挺沮丧的,因为他们就坐在那儿吃,吃完把盒子一扔。这种场景深深地印在了我的脑子里。”So the pizza box isn#39;t just delicious—but it#39;s also environmentally friendly. 所以这种披萨盒不仅美味,而且环保。But an entire box made of dough, sauce and cheesy goodness doesn#39;t come cheap. Each pizza box pizza costs . And to keep it fresh, it#39;s wrapped in tin foil. 不过,这种由面粉、酱料和奶酪做成的披萨盒可不便宜。买一款这种“披萨盒披萨”要花费40美元。为了保鲜,这种披萨外面还要包上锡纸。While many people want to help the environment by using less cardboard boxes, they still want to get their pizza delivered to their home. 虽然很多人有少用包装盒保护环境的美好愿望,但他们还是希望自己订的披萨能够送货上门。Vinnie#39;s Pizzeria does deliver right to your doorstep but Berthiaume prefers customers enjoy his pizza in the store or come pick it up fresh. 维尼披萨也提供送货上门的务,但老板贝尔蒂奥姆更希望顾客能堂食,或者来店自取。 /201605/440490 The canine companions of airport security staff in Manchester are quick to spot sausages and cheese in passengers#39; luggage but are failing to sniff out class A drugs, a report has found. 一份报告指出,曼彻斯特机场安检人员的犬类同伴最擅长在乘客行李中发现香肠和奶酪,却嗅不出A类毒品。 Inspectors said sniffer dogs at Manchester airport have failed to find any drugs or illegally smuggled cash. The report also found there were major faults with immigration controls, which allowed scores of passengers into the UK without the correct border checks. 缉查人员称,曼彻斯特机场的缉毒犬找不到任何毒品或非法走私的现金。报告也发现出入境管控存在很大漏洞,导致许多入境英国的旅客没有接受正规的边防检查。 The dogs failed to spot a single person carrying heroin or cocaine over the border during a six-month period studied by the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration. But one dog, trained to detect illegal animal products, often found “small amounts of cheese or sausages” carried by holidaymakers, the report said. 英国边境与移民首席独立缉查员调查发现,在长达六个月的时间内,这些缉毒犬没有一次在边检中嗅出携带海洛因或可卡因的人。但报告称,有一只受训专门探测非法动物制品的,却经常能发现度假者携带的“少量奶酪和香肠”。 Inspectors said that although heroin and cocaine were assessed as “very high priority” for the search team, no class A drugs had been found by the dogs between November 2014 and June 2015. 缉查员称,尽管海洛因和可卡因是被评为搜查队应搜查的“最高优先级”的危险物品,但在2014年11月到2015年6月期间,缉毒犬们没有发现一例A级毒品。 The review assessed airport border checks by 286 staff, and the Home Office, which oversees the checks, said improvements must be made. 报告对机场边检的286名工作人员进行了审核。负责监督边检工作的内政部称必须做出改善。 The airport, the UK#39;s third largest, has six detector dogs and new kennels, which cost £1.25m. One dog made “accurate detections” – but most were of cheese or sausages, which the report said was a poor return on the annual cost of running the canine team. 曼彻斯特机场是英国第三大机场,有六只缉毒犬和新舍,共花费125万英镑。其中一只虽然能“准确探测”,但多数情况下找到的却是奶酪或香肠。报告称,与这群缉毒犬每年的花费比起来,这样的回报少得可怜。 Over the period, the dogs helped seize more than 46,000 cigarettes, 60kg of tobacco, 181kg of illegal meat, and £28,000 in cash. The dogs successfully detected illegal drugs on three occasions, finding small amounts of class B substances. They also found tablets of human growth hormone, Viagra and Bromazepam. 在调查期间,这群缉毒犬还帮助查获了超过4.6万根香烟、60公斤烟草、181公斤的非法肉制品,和2.8万英镑的非法现金,还三次成功找出了少量的非法B级毒品。它们还找出过人类生长激素药片、伟哥和溴基安定。 Other elements of border checks were also reviewed, with the report finding that: 边检中的其它要素也受到检查,报告发现: - A significant number of Border Force staff at the airport were not fully trained in immigration work, leading to delays and inefficiencies in the processing of passengers. 大量机场边检工作人员都没有接受过完整的出入境检查训练,导致在检查旅客的过程中拖延没有效率。 - Some staff were called upon to supervise immigration functions at a terminal for a shift without the relevant immigration knowledge or training. 一些工作人员被调去航站楼监督出入境工作,却没有相关的出入境知识,没接受过相关培训。 - There was a “control breach” in April 2015 when 150 passengers from a delayed Ryanair flight were “misdirected through an unmanned immigration control”, meaning they were able to leave the airport without their passports being checked. Managers “acted decisively” to deal with the breach. 2015年4月发生了一次“管控事故”,一架瑞安航空公司的飞机延误,150名乘客被“领到无人看守的出入境管理处”,也就是说,他们不经护照检查就可以离开机场。管理者们“果断行动”处理了这场事故。 A number of passenger entries were also questioned in the report. These included: 报告中也披露了很多旅客入境的问题。其中包括: - An American passenger on a two-month visit with just £37 to his name who had just returned from Egypt on an Islamic studies course. 一位持两个月签的美国游客,刚从埃及进行伊斯兰方面的学习归来,名下只有37英镑。 - A 12-year-old Japanese boy who arrived alone to be picked up by a “dishevelled” man who admitted no schooling arrangements had been made and interacted badly with the boy. When social services weren#39;t available he was granted entry anyway. 一个12岁的日本男孩独自到达机场,后来一个“披头散发”的男性来接他。这位男性承认没有给小男孩安排任何教育计划,和小男孩交流也极其不畅。可是当时没有社会务人员在场,他还是被允许入境了。 - A Chinese national with a visa declared an amount of money for “tourism and shopping” which was well above his annual income. He was allowed in for six months, which should not have been permitted without a luggage check or interview, according to the inspector. 一位中国公民,其签上显示其用于“旅游和购物”的钱远远超过了他的年收入。边检人员说,他在没有经过行李检查或面谈的情况下,被允许停留六个月,本不应该这么久的。 - An American professional poker player who wanted to meet a woman he had met on Facebook. Declaring himself a medical marijuana user, he was granted temporary admission to visit the woman until his flight five days later. The inspector said there should have been more checks because two children lived at the woman#39;s home and he should have been told medical marijuana was illegal in the UK. 一位美国职业扑克玩家想约见在脸书上认识的女网友。他说自己是药用大麻使用者。这个人得到了临时许可去约见那个女人,五天之后才离开。边检员说,本该有更多审查程序,因为这个女人家里还有两个孩子,并且该男子也应该被告知药用大麻在英国是非法的。 A Manchester airport spokesman said staff “work extremely closely” with the Border Force and “support their work to address the issues raised in this report”. 一位曼彻斯特机场发言人表示,他们的工作人员与边检部门“在进行极其密切的沟通,持他们的工作,解决这篇报告中提到的问题”。 /201604/438529淄博哪儿有男子医院淄博友谊医院割包皮手术价格



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