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金华市丽都美容在线咨询医生金华婺城哪家医院脱毛好007 marriage and dating beginner A: how are you wedding plans going. B: very well. We started organizing everything early to avoid a last minute rush to get things done. The only thing that isn’t y yet is my wedding dress. A: when will that be y? B: the dressmakers said that is would be y in two weeks. A: you’re getting married in three weeks. So that should be ok. So, you’ve prepared the church, catering, transport, hotel-everything. B: yes. We’ve taken care of all of that. We decided not to get married in a church though. Neither of us is very religious. A: which hotel will the reception be held at? B: the palace hotel they’re taking care of the catering, including the wedding cake. I’m sure they’ll do a good job. A; oh, yes. It’s and excellent hotel. A friend of mine had her wedding reception there and said it was perfect, though very expensive. B: yes. It will be expensive, but we think it will be worth. It gives us great peace of mind to know that our reception is in the hands of experienced people. A; I think you make the right decision. Intermediate A: hello mary. I havn’t seen you for ages. Are you still seeing paul? B: no. we broke up last month. I’m taking a break from dating for a while. A: did you break up amicably? Sometimes couples row a lot before splitting up. B: we just decided to stop seeing each other. It was all very amicable. Are you still going out with mike? a: yes, I am. We’re thinking about getting engaged. We’ve been dating for over a year now. b: good for you! Have you seen Kelly recently: is she still dating nick? A; I havn’t seen her for a while. She stopped seeing nick because he was cheating on her. He was seeing a girl form his office. One day, she saw them holding hands and ended the relationship immediately. B; she was right to do that. I heard the neil and tina getting married soon. A: really? They’ve been together for a long time. When are they getting married? B; I think it’s 26th September. I’ll check and make sure that tina remembers to invite you to the hen night. A: tinks….hey, look at that guy over there. I think he fancies you. B: he certainly looks interested doesn’t he? Shall we invite him over to our table. Words Marry marriage propose divorce wedding engagement date fancy hen night stag night wedding dress anniversary separated split up unfaithful romantic kiss row live together flirt Phrases Be interested in sb. Set a wedding date go on a date fall in love have a relationship go out together be seeing someone stop seeing someone have and affair be engaged cheat on someone hold hands /200704/12813金华美容医院 Hi everybody. On Thursday, I traveled to Pittsburgh for the White House Frontiers Conference,大家好。周四,我来到匹斯堡参加白宫前沿大会。where some of Americas leading minds came together在那里,一些美国的领袖人物聚在一起,to talk about how we can empower our people through science to lead our communities, our country, and our world into tomorrow.探讨我们如何通过科学武装我们的人民,引领我们的社区,我们的国家和我们的世界走向明天。Plus, we had some fun. I had a chance to fly a space flight simulator where I docked a capsule on the International Space Station.还有,我们做了一些有趣的事情。我有机会飞行在宇宙飞行仿真器中,在里面我停驻在国际空间站的太空舱中。I met a young man whod been paralyzed for more than a decade - but thanks to breakthrough brain implants, today,我们见了一个年轻人,他已经瘫痪十来年了--但是多亏了突破性的大脑植入技术,现在,he can not only move a prosthetic arm, but actually feel with the fingers.他不仅能移动假肢,实际上已经能够用手指去感觉。Its awe-inspiring stuff.这是令人惊叹的事情。And it shows how investing in science and technology spurs our country towards new jobs and new industries;这显示出,如何在科学和技术上投资来激励我们的国家,发展出更多新的就业岗位和新的产业;new discoveries that improve and save lives.在新发现上投资,改善和拯救生命。Thats always been our countrys story, from a Founding Father with an idea to fly a kite in a thunderstorm,这一直是我们国家的故事。从一位国父有想法而在雷雨天放风筝,to the women who solved the equations to take us into space, to the engineers who brought us the internet.到解出了方程的妇女,让我们能够进入太空,到把我们带到互联网世界的工程师。Innovation is in our DNA.创新是深入到我们DNA中的。And today, we need it more than ever to solve the challenges we face.今天,我们比以往更需要创新,来解决我们面对的挑战。Only through science can we cure diseases, and save the only planet weve got,只有通过科学,我们才能治愈众多的疾病,拯救我们拥有的唯一的星球,and ensure that America keeps its competitive advantages as the worlds most innovative economy.确保美国拥有竞争优势,有着世界上最具创新型的经济。201611/476248金华中医院打瘦腿针多少钱

金华市丽都收费标准美国习惯用语-第89讲:to go to the dogs 美国人总是说:是人的最好的朋友。许多美国人对家里的就像对待家里的人一样好。有钱人还往往会出几千美元去买一只稀有品种的,我们今天要讲的一个俗语就和这种现象有密切关系的:to put on the dog。 To put on the dog就是摆排场给别人看。大概一百多年以前,一些有钱的人往往化很多钱去买一只稀有品种的小来显示自己很有钱。一些阔太太们经常在接待客人的时候把一只小抱在腿上来眩耀自己的阔气。当时耶鲁大学的学生就创造了to put on the dog这一说法来嘲笑那些暴发户。我们来举一个例子吧: 例句-1: "Joe Doak is sure putting on the dog since his rich aunt died and left him 10 million dollars. He's bought the biggest house in town and a Mercedes 600, and talks about buying some riding horses." 这句话的意思是:“乔多克自从他阿姨去世,留给他一千万美元遗产以后,他可真是摆阔气。他买了城里最大的一栋房子,还有一辆奔驰600型号的汽车。他还在说要买几匹马供他骑马玩呢。” 看来有钱的人也不都是那样挥霍的。下面就是一个例子: 例句-2: "I had this friend in the army who was the son of one of the richest men in the country. But what I like about him was that he never put on the dog to show off his money." 这句话的中文意思就是:“我在部队役的时候有个朋友,他的爸爸是美国最有钱的人之一。我很喜欢这个朋友,因为他从来也不眩耀自己多么有钱。” 和to put on the dog意思相反的一个俗语是:to go to the dogs。To go to the dogs这个俗语的意思就是:变得很穷,彻底破落。比如说,在十九世纪的时候,美国西部发现金矿的地区出现了一个又一个新的城镇。许多人到那里去淘金,都想发家致富。可是后来怎么样了呢? 例句-3: "As soon as the gold was all gone, these towns went to the dogs almost overnight. Everybody moved away, and these places are ghost towns now, with the wind whistling through the empty houses and shops.“ 这句话的意思是:“等到金子都淘光了,这些城镇一下子就被人遗弃,彻底完蛋了。那里所有的人都走了,剩下的只有风在吹过空房子和商店的时候发出的沙沙声。” 这是社会变迁造成的结局。但是,人为的结局更加悲惨: 例句-4: "I always thought my friend Pete had a good future. But then he got hooked on heroin and lost his job and his wife--I never saw a man go to the dogs so fast!" 这人说:“我总以为我的朋友皮特是很有前途的。但是后来他吸上了毒品,失去了工作,妻子也走了。我从来没有看到过任何人破落得这么快的!” 我们今天讲了两个俗语,它们是:to put on the dog和to go to the dogs。To put on the dog是摆排场眩耀自己阔气,而to go to the dogs是一败涂地,彻底破落的意思。 /200601/3044浙江金华第一人民医院附近公交车 逆向式英语口语所谓逆向,即反正统而为之。逆向式英语口语即先从听入手,把基本常用的英语句子听熟,掌握好语音语调,然后经反复操练,以把这些句子变成您自己的语言。逆向式英语口语每期十个句子,中英双语音结合,从基本常用句子入手,注重句子实用性,与您一起告别哑巴式英语。本期句子:1,游戏玩够了吧。2,一定要刷牙噢。3,明天的东西都准备好了吗?4,我去洗个澡。5,该睡觉了。6,电视还开着呢。7,别把你的东西都摊在这儿。8,把闹钟定在8点了。9,明天7点叫醒我。10,晚安。11,做个好梦。点击查看参考参考及注解:1 游戏玩够了吧。Enough with your games.2, 一定要刷牙噢。Make sure you brush your teeth.3, 明天的东西都准备好了吗?Are you y for tomorrow?4, 我去洗个澡。I'm going to take a bath.5, 该睡觉了。Time to go to sleep.6, 电视还开着呢。You left the TV on.7, 别把你的东西都摊在这儿。Don't leave your stuff here.8, 明天7点叫醒我。I set the alarm clock for 8:00. 9, 明天7点叫醒我。Wake me up at seven tomorrow.10, 晚安。Good night.11, 做个好梦。Sweet dreams!注解:该句和Good night!一起用于就寝前。一般人均可使用,特别多用于父母对子女。 /200607/8287东阳市中医院新院去疤多少钱

金华丽都整形美容医院做去眼袋手术好吗 Hello, everybody. One of Americas greatest strengths is our free market. A thriving private sector is the lifeblood of our economy – its how we create jobs, expand opportunities, and give everybody a shot at success. Its what has made America the strongest country on Earth. The most essential ingredient in a healthy free market is competition. But right now, too many companies are engaging in behaviors that stifle competition – like blocking new competitors from entering the market or limiting the information and options that give consumers real choice. As a consequence, the rest of us pay higher prices for lower quality products and services. Workers receive lower wages than they otherwise would. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can get squeezed out of the market. And none of that is fair – or good for our economy. The deck should not be stacked in favor of the wealthiest individuals and the biggest corporations, against working Americans. Thats why my administration is doing everything we can to reverse this trend and promote more competition in the marketplace. In addition to enforcing the rules on the books, Ive directed federal agencies to identify anti-competitive behavior in different industries, and find new and specific ways to promote competition. One industry thats ripe for change is cable TV. Right now, 99 percent of cable and satellite TV customers rent set-top boxes from their providers. According to one survey, this costs households an average of more than 0 per year. We spend some billion to rent these devices. While we have almost unlimited choice in what we watch on television, from traditional programming to online content, theres next to no competition to build a better, user-friendly product that allows you to easily access all this content in one place. So most consumers just rent whatever the cable company offers. Because we have to. That means companies have little incentive to innovate. As a consequence, we need multiple devices and controllers to access content from different sources. That makes no sense. So my administration has encouraged the FCC to remove the barriers to competition that prevent new players from offering innovative cable box options to consumers. We know this works. For years, Americans had to rent our telephones from the phone company. This was a while ago, but when the FCC finally unlocked competition for home phones, the marketplace was flooded with all kinds of phone options with new features, and at different price points. Consumers suddenly had many options. And the whole industry moved forward as a result. The same can happen with cable boxes, and in dozens of areas of our economy – all of which can make a difference in your everyday life. The bottom line is, competition is good for consumers, workers, businesses, and our economy. So Im going to keep doing everything I can to make sure that our free market works for everyone. Thanks, and have a great weekend.201604/439780金华丽都整形医院看效果怎么样金华整形美容医院网上挂号



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