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如今,越来越多的国家正在发展环保可持续的项目。CCTV的特拉维斯#8226;安德鲁斯报道现在在开普敦一个类似的项目已经以一种不寻常的方式转向大自然。Nowadays, more and more countries are aiming for eco-friendly sustainable projects. CCTV#39;s Travers Andrews reports now on one such project in Cape Town that has turned to Mother Nature in a rather unusual way.One of Cape Town#39;s most exclusive hotels, the Mount Nelson, has embarked on a sustainability project, of a rather unusual kind. As guests indulge in the luxurious 5 star service provided, visitors of a rather different kind get the finishing touches, prepared to their meals, something which could have lasting effects on Mother Nature.In a first of its kind on the continent, the hotel has embarked on a rather novel way, of disposing the large amounts of organic waste left by guests by setting up an organic waste recycling program, using earth worms.Mary Murphy, Co-founder of Mount Nelson Hotel Worm Farm, said, ;This is a very exciting project because it#39;s the first hotel in Africa to actually implement earthworms, to bring earthworms into the system to manage organic waste, it hasn#39;t been done before and it#39;s unique and I applaud the Mount Nelson hotel and their courage because when you think of earthworms and a 5 star hotel, you know it#39;s a funny mix.;Using a stacking tray system, akin to a miniature worm hotel, the sericulture farm disposes at least 20% of the hotels organic waste and in turn, produces an enriched vermi-compost, used in the irrigation of the hotels herb gardens.An estimated 800 000 earthworms are fed a variety organic waste, left over by guests, often after a dinner course or high tea.Rudi Liebenberg, Executive Chief, Mount Nelson Hotel, said, ;It#39;s any peelings, any vegetable and some fruit which we give to the worm farm and we just exclude onion and a little garlic, we leave out pineapples as well but anything else basically, we throw into the worm farm.;With waste filling up Cape Town#39;s landfills by the truck load, the innovative Mount Nelson worm farm has become a popular eco-attraction, especially amongst some of the hotels rather curious guests.Mary Murphy, Co-founder, Mount Nelson Hotel Worm Farm, said, ;So we get many guests coming to visit the worm farm, from all walks of life and from all nationalities, really exciting and I think when they first come in they a wee bit surprised, they surprised because it#39;s odorless, there#39;s no flies, there#39;s no pests and it#39;s really nice to be here and obviously people associate waste generally with smells and they just want to run away from it, not this worm farm, this is a little hotel, within a hotel, hats used to manage waste.;As the worms, indulge in a tasty morsel or two, the significance of the recycling program becomes clear that hotel#39;s worm farm is an innovative way of drawing attention to unsustainable discarding of organic waste.As the first of its kind in Africa, the Mount Nelson hotels worm farm brings much more than an ecological message of sustainability to an elite few but sends out a strong conservational message of waste reduction awareness, to the entire continent. Article/201206/185953For the fully-feathered adults,对羽毛丰满的成年there#39;s a cleaner, more invigorating option.有更干净 更清爽的选择The bracing waters of the Southern Ocean.南大洋振奋人心的波浪The 100-mile-long island of South Georgia延绵一百英里的南乔治亚岛lies on the northern fringe of Antarctica.位于南极洲的北部边缘Ice-free all year, its rich coastal waters这里终年无积雪 大面积的沿海水域make it a popular breeding destination for all beach lovers.为海滩的动物提供了繁殖地In summer, 95% of the world#39;s population夏季 百分之九十五的of Antarctic fur seals come here.南极海会聚集于此Packed tightly together, they form拥挤在一起 形成one of the densest gatherings of marine mammals on Earth.地球上海洋哺乳动物最密集的场所之一The island#39;s beaches are filling fast海滩被迅速占满and will soon be crammed很快就会充满with five million of these summer visitors.五百万夏季游客Space is at a premium, as every female needs a dry patch of sand这时空间非常珍贵 每一只雌性都需要一块the size of a beach towel for herself.沙滩浴巾大小的干燥沙滩And for good reason.而且理由充分Virtually all of them give birth within just ten days.几乎所有雌性在十天之内就将产下幼崽 /201211/208780

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him on HowcastStep 1: PracticePractice what you are going to say to him. Practice saying it in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself and your facial expressions.第一步:练习练习你将要对他说的话。要在镜子前练习,以便你能看到自己和自己脸上的表情。Step 2: DressFix your hair, apply your makeup, and dress in a flattering outfit that accentuates your assets and plays down your liabilities.第二步:打扮将头发扎起来,用化妆品打扮自己,衣装着漂亮也能突出你的优点,淡化你的缺点。Step 3: Be confidentBe confident in yourself when you approach him.第三步:要自信当你靠近他时要自信。Step 4: Greet himGreet him with an inviting smile, make eye contact, and ask to speak with him privately.第四步:问候他用一个迷人的微笑来问候他,和他要有眼神交流,并要求和他单独谈话。Step 5: Ask questionsAsk him questions about what he likes and dislikes. This will give you an idea as to what kind of guy he is and what he likes to do for fun.第五步:询问问题问他喜欢什么和不喜欢什么。这会给你一个大概的印象——他是什么样的人,以及他喜欢做什么来。Step 6: Ask him outAsk him out to see a movie, hang out at the mall, or attend a sporting event with you.第六步:约他出去邀请他去看电影或是去购物中心逛街,或是让他和你一起参加某项运动。Step 7: Tell him how you feelGet right to the point when the time is right and tell him how you feel. Be clear in your message but not overly aggressive or needy.第七步:告诉他你的感觉当时机成熟时要把握机会告诉他你对他的感觉。你表达的意思要清楚但不要夸大或不够力度。Tip:Avoid telling him how you feel over the phone, by text, e-mail, or by a written letter.小贴士:不要通过电话,短信,邮箱或是书信来告诉他你的感觉。Step 8: Be proud of yourselfBe proud of yourself if he responds with mutual feelings for you. If he rejects you, keep looking until you find your special someone.第八步:要为自己感到自豪如果他也对你有同样的感觉并回应你,要为自己感到自豪;如果他拒绝了你,就要继续寻找机会直到让他发现你的特别之处。 Article/201011/118166

在接下来的50年里,人口会增长到九十亿--而且只有在提升最穷人的生活水准的情况下,我们才能控制人口增长。这个看似矛盾的是Hans Rosling在戛纳的TED会议上用新颖多的数据展示科技所揭示的。 Article/201205/180415

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