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赣州南康医院包皮手术多少钱Forensics辩论术/ 法医学A murder has been committed. The scene of the crime is a secluded area. There were no witnesses, and the body is considerably decayed.有一场凶手案。凶案现场是一个隐蔽的地方,没有目击人,尸体也严重腐烂了。As the chief investigator, you have a suspect who was in town a week ago. But to convict him, youll need to know the date and time that the victim was murdered. How can you tell? And besides, whats that annoying buzzing in your ear? Wait, dont swat that fly! Hes your star witness. In fact, that little fly just told you the date of the crime!身为首席侦查员,你在一周前就在镇子里有一个怀疑对象。但是要明其有罪,你需要知道受害人被害的日期和时间。你要怎么说呢?除此之外,你耳朵里那些恼人的嘈杂声又是什么呢?等等,不要拍打这只“苍蝇”,它就是你的重要目击人。事实上,这只小苍蝇就告知了你犯罪日期。Flies dont carry pocket calendars, and they cant testify before a jury. How can a crime-scene insect help a police investigation? By doing what it naturally does—eating and laying eggs.苍蝇并没有在兜里自带日历,它们也不能在陪审团面前作。那一只在犯罪现场的虫子是怎样帮助警察调查的呢?通过它们正常的方式—— 食用(尸体)并产卵。When someone dies outdoors, the first investigators on the scene are usually bright greenbottle blowflies. Attracted by the smell of decaying flesh, these usually arrive within ten minutes of the death. While this smell might make us retch, for the blowfly its as savory as grandmas apple pie. The blowflys scientific name is ;Sarcophagi;, which means ;corpse eater;.当一个人死于户外时,到现场的第一批侦查员通常都是亮亮的绿头苍蝇。他们被正在腐烂的肉味所吸引,通常在死亡后十分钟内就到来了。这些(腐肉)气味或许会令我们作呕,但对于绿头苍蝇来说他们就像是外婆做的苹果派一样可口。绿头苍蝇的学名是“Sarcophagi(中文意思为“石棺”)”,意思是“尸体食用者”。While they eat, the blowflies lay eggs in the softer parts of the body, and these hatch into maggots twenty-four hours later. These maggots attract other insects, like the predatory rove beetle(隐翅虫), who feast on them. And so on. Wave after wave of hungry insects arrive, marking time as accurately as a clock.这些苍蝇一边嗜(尸体),一边在尸体较软的地方产卵,然后这些卵又会在24小时后会孵化称蛆。蛆又会引来其它的昆虫,比如说以蛆为食的肉食型隐翅虫等。饥饿的昆虫们一波接一波的到来,时间精准的跟时钟一样。Meanwhile, the blowflies follow their natural life cycle. Maggots become pupae, the pupae become adults. By surveying the insects in and around a corpse, forensic scientists can help a police investigator determine how long ago a victim was murdered.与此同时,绿头苍蝇们继续这它们的正常生命循环。蛆变成蛹,蛹再长大。通过调查尸体周围的昆虫,法医可以帮助警方调查人员确定受害者遇害的时间。 /201209/201312章贡区妇幼保健院在那 赣州全南治疗妇科炎症哪家医院好的

会昌治疗宫颈炎多少钱 Sometimes its easy to understand how an evolutionary change took place, but its more difficult to understand why.有时候去理解生物进化演变的过程很容易,想知道原因却很难。For example, consider the beautiful birds of paradise which live in the forests of New Guinea. The males of many bird-of-paradise species have evolved colorful plumage, used for dramatic courtship displays. How this plumage evolved is no mystery: The healthiest males usually have the most spectacular plumage, so females choose whichever male has the gaudiest feathers. With this criterion, its not surprising that male plumage would grow more and more elaborate over the generations.就拿居住在新几内亚森林中的极乐鸟作例子吧。极乐鸟种群中的雄性常常会利用它们绚丽多的羽毛上演一幕又一幕的求爱话剧。这羽毛是怎样进化来的并不神秘:最健壮的雄性往往拥有最绚丽的羽毛,所以雌性往往会选择有艳丽羽毛的雄性。在这种标准的要求下,雄性鸟儿拼命想长出比同类更抢眼,更精致的羽毛,这一点不足为奇。Understanding why the plumage evolved is a little trickier. After all, there are some bird-of-paradise species that are really quite drab. These birds devote most of their energy to finding food and raising their young, instead of wasting it on courtship. What makes these near neighbors so different?了解羽毛色泽为什么会进化就有点棘手了。毕竟,有几种极乐鸟的颜色十分单调。这些鸟把它们主要的精力都放在寻找食物和抚养后代上了,而不是用于求爱。是什么导致这些近邻如此不同?The answer is diet. Those species with the most elaborate plumage also have the most diverse and reliable diet: a variety of insects, and fruits rich in complex nutrients. With this healthy, reliable food supply, females can raise the hatchlings without help from the males. This frees the males for their extravagant courtship behavior, and the complex diet provides them with chemicals to make their brightly colored feathers.就是日常饮食。那些有着最美丽羽毛的鸟儿有各式各样并且稳定的食物:各种昆虫和富含多种营养的水果。有了这种健康的、可靠的食物供应,雌性极乐鸟可以完全不依靠雄性而独立抚养后代。这样就使得雄性有闲暇时间去发展求爱行为,而且多样饮食中的化学物质能让他们的羽毛更鲜亮。In contrast, the drabber birds have a limited diet of simple figs, which are available more sporadically. Theyre monogamous, and both parents need to spend most of their time foraging. This means less time for elaborate courtship behavior.与此相反,拥有单调毛色的鸟儿的食谱就相对简单,仅限于零星分布的无花果。同时它们实行一夫一妻制,父母双方都需要花费大量的时间寻找食物,这就大大缩短了用于考虑花哨的求爱方式的时间。So different diets lead to different behaviors, which results in the evolution of different plumage. These exotic birds show just how complex evolution can be! 所以,不同的食物产生不一样的生活方式,也是进化出不同毛色的原因。这些奇异的鸟儿向我们解释了进化有多么复杂!201206/185346会昌县人民医院可以做人流吗赣南医院人流多少钱



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