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第一, 迷你对话A: Mr. Jackson is so hard on us. Jackson对我们如此苛刻。B: He may appear so, but he has his heart in the right place and he’s y to help anyone in trouble.也许他看上去是严厉,但是他是好心,他准备去帮助在困境中的人。A: I don’t know that.我不知道哦。第二, 地道表达have one’s heart in the right place1. 解词释义Have one’s heart in the right place的意思是“真心实意,好心”。2. 拓展范例e.g. So long as you have your heart in the right place on this issue, we will support you.只要你对这件事心怀好意,我们将会持你。e.g. She has her heart in the right place and will help anyone in trouble.她有副好心肠,会帮助任何有困难的人。e.g. He pretends to be very hard, but he has his heart in the right place at bottom.他装得很严厉,而实质上是个好心肠的人。第三, 咬文嚼字be hard on:对……苛刻e.g. He is hard on the girl.他对这女孩过分严厉。e.g. He was so hard on me last night.他昨天晚上对我很凶。in trouble:在困境中e.g. If you get in trouble, dont hesitate to ask for advice.如果碰到麻烦, 要赶紧向人求教。e.g. They always lean upon us when theyre in trouble.他们有麻烦时总是依赖我们。 /201611/475470。

  • Subject:Your suggestion is out of this world. 迷你对话A: Do you have any ideas to promote our products?你有什么想法对我们的产品进行促销吗?B: Maybe we can distribute some to citizens for free. If they find it OK, we may have a good promotion.我们可以向市民免费派送产品。如果他们认为还不错,我么的销量就会上去了。A: Ah, your suggestion is out of the world.啊,你的提议太棒了。 地道表达 out of this world 1. 解词释义Out of this world是美国俚语,意思是“无可比拟的,精的,令人激动的,精绝伦的,绝妙的”,其英文解释为:wonderful and exciting。 2. 拓展例句e.g. The scenery in Hawaii is out of this world.夏威夷的风景美得非凡,宛如仙境。e.g. The scenery and costumes for the opera are out of this world.这个歌剧的布景和戏装顶刮刮。e.g. The performance was simply out of this world.那场演出简直再好没有了。e.g. My boyfriend is just out of this world.我的男友好得不得了。 Ps 1:promote one’s product:促销产品 have a good promotion:销量好 Ps 2:for free的意思是“免费的”。例如:People living in that city can use their public transportation for free.住在那城里的居民可以免费乘坐公交车。He says the patients receive the best medical care at the camp for free.他表示病人将在这里免费接受最好的治疗。 Ps 3:distribute something to somebody的意思是“把......分送给......”“分发或分配某物”。例如:The demonstrators distributed leaflets to passers-by.示威者向行人分发传单。 /201410/333235。
  • 特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。迷你对话A: I feel that Bob’s father-in-law is a hard nut to crack.我觉得鲍勃的岳父是个难对付的家伙。B: You have taken words out of my mouth. He is a tough customer.你说出了我要说的话。他是个倔强的家伙。A: But his daughter is a very nice girl.可是他的女儿是个不过的女孩。对话精讲第一、地道表达【核心短语】a tough customer【解词释义】tough的意思是“倔强的”,customer是“顾客”或“主顾”的意思,用于口语表示“家伙”。这两个词连起来构成的短语a tough customer的意思是“难对付的人”,“性格倔强的人”或“难斗的家伙”。Their new sales manager is a tough customer, so I was particularly pleased to negotiate such a favorable price.他们新来的销售经理是个难打交道的人,因此能谈妥这样一个优惠价,我特别高兴。She is also a tough customer while showing.购物的时候,她也是个难伺候的顾客。第二 词海拾贝a hard nut:难对付的人;难解之事;不易亲近或了解的人I never know Bill very well.He was not very communicative and always seemed to me a hard nut to crack. 我从来就不太了解比尔,他不太爱说话,我总觉得他这个人很难对付。 The third question in the examination is a hard nut to crack. 考试的第三道题真是够难的。 My manager is a hard nut to crack. He always shouts at me about what I have done. 经理是个很难对付的人,他总是对我做的事大吼大叫。 Mind you, she is a hard nut to crack. 小心,这是个难对付的女人。 take words out of one’s mouth:抢先说出某人要说的话 Great! You take the words out of my mouth——I have set my mind to buy a new computer. 太好了,这正是我想说的,我决定买一台新电脑。 /201308/250651。
  • 第一, 迷你对话A: When Joe and Lisa were splitting in each one’s throat, why did you clam up without speaking up for Lisa?当Joe和Lisa吵得不可开交时,你为何沉默不语,不帮Lisa说话了。B: I could not put in a word in edge ways. They come on each other like a ton of bricks.我根本不想插嘴,他们吵得那么激烈。A: But you should stand up for Lisa. You should be fair and square.但你应该站出来为Lisa说话,你应该主持公道。B: I do not take side with anyone unless I am sure of what I’m doing.除非我清楚我在做什么,否则我不会站在任何一边。 特别声明:该文处于可可编辑Juliet与外籍教师和英语教学专家共同合作出版的《娜娜教英语》之《小题大做》,若转载请注明出处。 /201507/387982。
  • 1. Head Start如果这两个词开头的字母是大写,则连在一起是一个专有名词,指的是美国政府为贫穷或弱智的儿童设立的一种训练机构,这种机构旨在帮助他们在进小学之前能赶上教学进度。例如:Many poor parents send their children to Head Start.很多贫穷的家庭都将他们的孩子送去Head Start接受提前教育。但是如果head start的字母是小写,那么就是普通名词了,是指比別人早着手或领先,例如:To know more colloquial expressions is a head start in learning English.了解更多的俗语对学习英语有好处。2. blue blood是指有钱人或出身富家的人Some people do not want to admit that they have blue blood.有些人不愿承认自己是富家出身。Many blue blooded children attend this private school.许多有钱人家的孩子就读这所私立学校。3. bed of roses意思是称心如意的境遇;美好、理想的“安乐窝”。例如:Life is not always a bed of roses.生活未必都是称心如意的。 /201109/152350。
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