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福建排卵监测医院排名龙岩人流那家医院好福州去那家医院检查精液好 Facebooks chief executive has said he is sympathetic to Apples position in its clash with the FBI.Facebook的首席执行官扎克伯格近日表示,对苹果公司在与FBI对峙中所处的位置表示同情。The FBI has ordered Apple to disable the security software on a dead murderers iPhone but the tech giant has refused. Mark Zuckerberg said he did not believe the authorities should have backdoors to bypass encryption protection.联邦调查局要求苹果公司解锁一名死去的杀人犯的iPhone手机,但是被该科技巨头拒绝了。马克·扎克伯格表示,他认为当局不应该引入绕过加密保护的后门。However, a lawyer representing some of the gunmans victims has backed the federal bureau.然而,一名代表受害者的律师表示持联邦调查局的做法。Mr Zuckerberg made his comments at the Mobile World Congress tech show in Barcelona.扎克伯格先生在巴塞罗那举办的世界移动通讯科技大会上就此事做出了自己的;I dont think that requiring back doors to encryption is either going to be an effective thing to increase security or is really the right thing to do;, he said. ;We are pretty sympathetic to Cook and Apple.;他说:“我认为,在加密系统中引入后门不是一种改善信息安全的有效方式,也不是一种我们应当采取的做法,我们真的对库克先生和苹果公司深表同情”。He added that Facebook was committed to doing all it could to prevent terrorism but his company was in favour of encryption.此外,他还补充说道,Facebook承诺尽最大努力阻止恐怖主义,但是他的公司持数据加密。Leaders at Google and Twitter also voiced support for Apple last week.就在上周,谷歌和推特的领导人也发声持苹果。In a statement published in Sunday, the FBI Director James Comey said the demand was ;about the victims and justice;.美国联邦调查局局长詹姆斯·科米在周日发表的一份声明中说道,解锁这一要求是“有关受害者和正义的”;We simply want the chance to try to guess the terrorists passcode without the phone essentially self-destructing and without it taking a decade to guess correctly,; the FBI director wrote. ;Thats it. We dont want to break anyones encryption or set a master key loose on the land.;联邦调查局负责人这样写道:“我们只不过是希望,在设备不自毁不花上十年时间的情况下,有机会去猜测恐怖分子的密码。我们无意破坏任何人的加密或者是获得一把万能钥匙。;Maybe the phone holds the clue to finding more terrorists. Maybe it doesnt. But we cant look the survivors in the eye, or ourselves in the mirror, if we dont follow this lead.;“可能手机上会掌握了找到更多恐怖分子的线索。也可能没有。但是,如果我们没有跟随这个线索走下去,我们无法面对幸存者,也无法面对镜子里的自己。”来 /201602/428125福州市第八医院输卵管复通好不好费用多少

福州市博爱医院检查不孕收费高吗Chinas press and publication regulator has ordered social media platforms featuring and audio programs to obtain licenses.我国新闻出版管理部门日前发布规定,提供视频和音频节目的社交媒体平台必须取得相关许可。The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has recently issued a document strengthening the regulation of and audio programs on social media platforms, such as Weibo and WeChat, ordering such platforms to obtain licenses.国家新闻出版广电总局近日发布了关于加强微、微信等社交媒体平台传播视听节目管理的文件,要求此类平台取得许可。If organizations and individuals operate online streaming services on social media platforms such as Weibo or WeChat without licenses, the platforms should be held responsible for the content.根据文件,未持有许可的机构和个人在微、微信等社交媒体平台开展互联网流媒体务,应由平台对节目内容负责。The platforms must monitor whether content is suitable according to ;various requirements for managing and audio programs,; the document said, adding that the scope of content cannot exceed the limit specified in the license issued to platforms.社交媒体平台须按;视听节目管理的各项要;对节目内容是否合适进行监管,且节目内容不得超出平台所持许可载明的业务范围。Online platforms are also prohibited from offering access to Weibo or WeChat accounts that defy regulations.网络平台也不得为违规微、微信账号提供接入务。Moreover, films and TV series circulated on social media platforms must obtain licenses for public airing, and social media platforms are not allowed to repost user-generated and audio programs featuring political news.此外,利用社交媒体平台传播的影视剧须具有公映/发行许可,社交媒体平台不得转发用户自制的时政类视听新闻节目。来 /201612/486035福州检查地贫那里比较好 福州做人授最好的三甲医院

福州结扎后复通多少钱The oil market “could drown in oversupplyas a rise in Iranian output offsets production cuts elsewhere, threatening a further price collapse, the world’s leading energy forecaster has said.全球顶尖能源预测机构国际能源IEA)表示,石油市场“可能会被供应过剩淹没”,伊朗石油产量的增加将抵消掉其他国家减产的影响,这可能导致油价进一步下挫。In a stark assessment of the challenges facing the global oil industry, the International Energy Agency warned on Tuesday of an overhang of at least 1m barrels a day for a third consecutive year in 2016.周二,IEA在这份对全球石油业面临的挑战进行的严峻评估中警告称,今年供应过剩的规模将连续第三年达到每日至00万桶。Production outside the Opec cartel would decline this year, the IEA said. But that would be offset by slower demand growth and higher production from Iran now that sanctions linked to its nuclear programme had been lifted.IEA表示,石油输出国组织(Opec,简称:欧佩克)以外国家的石油产量今年将下滑。但石油需求放缓以及伊朗产量增加将抵消掉这一下滑。伊朗受到的与核计划有关的制裁现在已被解除。“Unless something changes, the oil market could drown in oversupply,the wealthy nationsenergy watchdog said in its closely watched monthly oil market report.IEA在其受到密切关注的月度石油市场报告中表示:“除非情况发生变化,否则石油市场可能会被供应过剩淹没。”It said if Iran a powerful member of the producersgroup moved quickly to offer its oil under attractive terms and its Opec peers such as Saudi Arabia refused to “stay on the sidelines prices could lurch lower.IEA表示,如果伊朗(欧佩克的强大成员国之一)迅速采取行动、以有吸引力的条件供应石油,而沙特等其他欧佩克成员国拒绝“离场观望”,油价可能会继续下跌。Oil prices have tumbled almost 75 per cent in 18 months as the largest producer countries have refused to give ground, with supplies and inventories ballooning to near-record levels.油价已在18个月内下跌了5%,原因是大型产油国拒绝让出市场份额,石油供应和库存急剧增加、逼近历史高点。Global oil stocks rose by 1bn barrels in 2015 from the year before and the IEA has forecast a further increase of 285m barrels over the course of 2016.2015年的全球石油库存较上一年的水平增加0亿桶。IEA预测016年全年,石油库存还会再增.85亿桶。Overall the IEA expects demand growth to moderate from almost 1.7m b/d in 2015 to 1.2m b/d this year.IEA预测,总体而言,石油需求增幅将015年的每日70万桶降至今年的每20万桶。来 /201601/424075 宁德去那治疗早泄福州哪间医院看不孕不育最好



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