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生活真美好……欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,我今天做了件傻事,真丢人……Shame: n. 羞愧,羞耻,惭愧;羞愧感,羞耻之心;羞辱;耻辱;可耻的人[事];令人惋惜的事To my shame, I never did help them. 我感到惭愧的是, 我从来没有帮助过他们。She is completely without shame. 她毫无廉耻之心。Its a shame you cant stay with us. 你不能留下来和我们在一起, 真是太遗憾了。Shame on you! 你真丢脸!What a shame! 真遗憾!Shame: vt. 使蒙羞,玷辱;使感到羞愧,使觉得丢脸;使相形见绌,使黯然失色I have shamed my family. 我使我们家蒙羞了。I have a history shamed to be mentioned. 我有一段难以启齿的历史。ashamed adj. 惭愧的,羞耻的,害臊的Be/feel ashamed of …为……羞愧,为……感到丢人Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? 难道你就不感到羞愧吗?He has done nothing to be ashamed of. 他从未做过亏心的事情。I’m ashamed of my poor English, I’m afraid to open my mouth. 我为自己英语太差而觉得丢人,不敢开口。To my shame, I haven’t taken a shower for months; I’m really ashamed of admitting it. 真丢人!我好几个月没洗过澡了,真不好意思说出来。 /201206/184993

批评的话恐怕没有几个人爱听,万一说的不合适,吵起来也有可能。但是,工作真的做的不好的时候,该批评还是得批评。其实,批评也是门艺术。如何在批评的同时又不得罪人,今天我们就一起好好来研究研究。Avoid direct accusationsPhrases like “You’re wrong!” and “Your presentation was terrible!” have no place in effective criticism. In fact, it’s best to leave the word “you” out, if at all possible. Personal attacks make people feel defensive, and then they won’t really listen to anything you have to say. 避免正面指责一些表达的方式像是”You’re wrong!”及”Your presentation was terrible!”皆不是有效的批评。事实上,如果可能的话,舍去“你”这个字。个人攻击将使人们会使人自我防御,然后他们将不会听进去你说的任何话。 Soften with complimentsBefore starting with the criticism, warm the person up with compliments. If you are discussing their work, find several things you truly like about what they have done. For example, “I enjoyed your presentation today. You presented a lot of good and helpful information in it, and I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. I appreciate your hard work.” This will lower their defenses and make them feel appreciated. 说些和蔼赞美的话在给予批评以前,先说一些赞美的话给对方暖身暖身。如果你正在探讨他人的工作,找一些你真的喜欢他们所做过的事。例如:”I enjoyed your presentation today. You presented a lot of good and helpful information in it, and I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. I appreciate your hard work.”这将减少他们的防卫自己并让他们有欣慰之意。 Don’t continue with “but”However, a short, vague compliment followed by “but” such as “It was a helpful talk, but you really need to improve your presentation skills” won’t do much to help the process. After you’ve shared your compliments, allow them time to be absorbed. Immediately following your compliment with a “but” will destroy all you’ve tried to accomplish by making your praise seem false and insincere. 切勿使用’but不管如何,由一些’but’的简短模糊赞美,将对于事情不会有太大的帮助。在你已经分享你的赞美之后,允许他们有吸收它的时间。立刻接着马上 /201208/196245

嘿,大家好欢迎收听独家专栏节目;E聊吧;,我是Ukki,不知道大家还记不记得第15期的;E聊吧;我们聊了一些什么样的内容呢?其实呢,第15期的;E聊吧;我们聊了;睡眠负债;,sleep debt,大家还记得;睡眠负债;到底是什么意思吗?其实讲的就是有些人长期不睡觉,导致严重的睡眠不足,其实我觉得吧,有睡眠负债的人呢一般都是一些夜猫子,所以呢,本期的;E聊吧;我们就一起来聊聊;夜猫子;的英语表达。夜猫子night owl,o-w-l,owl,夜猫子。Owl就是猫头鹰。猫头鹰晚上很活跃,它还发出一种特殊的叫声。Night owl就是形容一个人象猫头鹰一样,晚上不想睡觉,很清醒,很活跃,也就是我们经常说的夜猫子。也许你认识某个人喜欢白天睡觉,到了晚上他就开始忙了,等大家睡了,他就开始工作了。下面说话的人似乎就是一个夜猫子。例句:Yes, Im a regular night owl. So if you want to talk business with me, the best time to phone is from 10 at night until two in the morning. Thats really the time when Im wide awake and y to work. Yes sir, Im a real night owl.对,我经常是一个夜猫子。 所以,要是要跟我谈生意,最好在晚上十点到清早两点之间打电话给我。这是我最清醒,真正工作的时间。没错,我确实是一个夜猫子。如果你是个夜猫子的话,一定要记住;夜猫子;这个表达,night owl,owl,o-w-l.夜猫子。OK, so much for todays program. 今天的;E聊吧;,我们聊了;夜猫子;,night owl. 那我们下期节目再见咯,bye~~ /163742

  Asia: Afghan Highs亚洲:阿富汗,毒品新高As violence surges in Afghanistan, so too does the countrys opium business.随着暴力事件在阿富汗剧增,这里的鸦片生意也蒸蒸日上。Last year was the deadliest year ever for non-combatants, with nearly 3,700 killed.去年那些不上战场的人中有将近3700人因此丧生,死亡人数空前。In its latest World Drug Report, the UN says it was also a record year for the area of farmland used to grow opium: 224,000 hectares, which produced 85% of the worlds opium and 77% of its heroin.在最近世界毒品报告中,联合国称用于种植鸦片的农田面积达到新高:224000公顷的土地提供了世界上85%的鸦片和77%的海洛因。When cocaine production was at its peak in Colombia in the 1980s, drugs produced 6% of that countrys income.在20世纪80年代可卡因在哥伦比亚泛滥成灾时,毒品竟然占到国民收入的6%。In Afghanistan, they generate at least 15%.在阿富汗,至少占到15%。The business thrives on the lawlessness of conflict, which has escalated in Afghanistan along with the withdrawal of a large part of the American-led international forces.这个生意之所以红火是因为在打击中无法可依,加上美国主导的国际刑警组织撤退造成在阿富汗地区斗争不断升级。Large-scale poppy-growers often use their connections to keep prying officials at bay.大规模的罂粟种植者经常利用关系使卧底警察陷入困境。Eradication efforts thus mainly target poorer farmers.这样一来贫穷农民主要是根除力量的打击对象。That risks making the violence worse.这种风险让暴力不断恶化。Desperate farmers stripped of their livelihoods may turn to the Taliban.使得温饱不济而又绝望的农民可能转而投身塔利班。译文编自AuroraW201703/498054

  And tell me who youre talking about.At my chiropractor and in the waiting room然后要告诉我你在说谁 在师的等候室里I found the perfect man,he is seriously many different kinds of yummy我看见了这个完美的男人 他真的各种性感If anyone konws where I can find a single version of this man,you just let me know.God did good with that one要是谁知道哪有这样的单身男子 请务必告诉我 老天待他不薄啊I found out he was married,so I cant stalk him now我后来知道他结婚了 所以我就不能再花痴他了Hes hot.he was on the Friday Night Lights,I just heard hes won他超性感 他还演过《胜利之光》 我刚听说他得奖了That he won the Emmy.I didnt konw that.I just would like him to know that I loved you before you had an Emmy他得了艾美奖 我之前还不知道 我希望他明白 我在你得奖之前就看上你了So,thats true love.I got it is.Isnt he cute.He is very cute这是真爱 我懂了 难道他不可爱么 他确实很可爱So you want that kind of guy.They dont make me like that anymore I feel.Really所以你喜欢这种类型的么 我感觉没有以前那么喜欢了 真的么Yeah,I konw they all wear skinny jeans and earn a ban and dont wash the hair.Its like a new thing,yeah嗯 有些人穿着紧身牛仔裤 被发限制令 又不洗头 这是种新类型 是吧Or everybody ever get to meet a very much sexual can on my e.Alright,so if theres any filthy dirty man who dont bathe如果谁认识这种类型的 可以联系我 好吧 如果观众里有谁下流无耻又不洗澡的Any truckers,any truckers out there.please get touch with us,well help you find kelly所有卡车司机 还有所有卡车司机们 请联系我们 我们会帮你联络上KellyKellys new CD ;Stronger; comes out Oct 24th,thank you so much Kelly Clarkson for being here,thanks to Chris PrattKelly的新专辑《Stronger》将于10月24日发行 非常感谢Kelly来到我们节目 谢谢Chris PrattI got to say a very very special thank you to Brad pitt,I know you dont like doing a lot of talk shows,but Im happy you decided to do me.我还要特别感谢Brad Pitt 我知道你不是很喜欢上脱口秀节目 不过我非常开心你能来我这 You know what I mean,you know that mean.Do the show.Ill see you tomorrow.Be kind to one another.Bye,do the show你知道我的意思 你懂的 来上我的节目 明天见 记得善待他人 再见 谢谢来到这期节目 /201611/478577。

  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。 本期节目的topic: Pick sth up收到,获得,看到讲解:Pick sth up不但有收到的意思,还指获得,看到等。例1:I picked up a bargain at an auction sale here last weekend.上个周末,我在此处的拍卖会上买到了便宜货。例2:Her grandmother picked up health soon after she got to the seaside.她的祖母到海滨去后不久,身体就康复了。例句3:I picked mine up last night.我昨晚就接到分派的任务。 /201210/204406

  The relationship between celebrity and their assistant is very complicated.名人和助理之间的关系非常复杂As you know,I have heard,by the way.which I want to ask you about in a second.顺便说句 我听说你感同身受 我一会想问你这个 我很好奇My assistant and I,yeah,I had the same assistant,for 5 1/2,almost 6 years now.是的 我的助理一直没变 我们合作了五年半 将近六年了Getting weird,huh?No,its great.She will tell me to f-off,you know.变得奇怪了吗 不 很棒 她会对我说滚蛋 你知道吗What,youre crazy.Shut up,you know.She hits me and then I hit her.Its just craziness.她会说 什么 你疯了 闭嘴 她打我 我也打她 非常疯狂Sounds healthy.It will all be worked out in court.听起来挺健康 一切都会在法庭上解决的Its what happens after while.When you have this relationship with people,who youre involved with each others lives and it gets really kooky.合作一段时间后就会这样 你和他们产生了感情 你们的生活互相交织 感觉很古怪So much isolation and protection that has to happen.会牵涉到很多隔离及保护Then you sort of like end up,kind of like hiring a buddy,a confidante.结果你相当于 雇了一个好友 知己Like somebody to organize your schedule,but in addition to that,like kind of live with you essentially.某个为你安排日程的人 但是不仅如此 你几乎还和他住在一起So yeah,it more complicated than just like go buy me tampons,because Im embarrassed to go to right aid done it myself.比 去给我买卫生棉条 因为我不好意思自己买 要复杂多了I never asked her to buy me tampons.Sorry.One time I asked her to buy me tampons,and its because I was making puppets.我从没有让她给我买过卫生棉条 抱歉 我只让她给我买过一次卫生棉条 那是因为我在做木偶201612/482732Subject:I will fight tooth and nail. 迷你对话A: Have your prepared well for the exam?你已经为考试做好准备了吗?B: I will fight tooth and nail.我将全力拼搏。 地道表达fight tooth and nail 1. 解词释义Fight tooth and nail其实就是fight with teeth and nails的简约写法。Tooth是“牙齿”,nail是“指甲”。在打架的时候,又咬又抓,那可真是一场使出浑身解数的恶斗。所以,fight tooth and nail的意思就是“全力拼搏”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. There is another election coming on next fall, and he knows we are going to fight tooth and nail.来秋另一次大选就要来到了,他知道我们要全力以赴的。e.g. When Susan took her case against the company to court, people in the office were afraid to testify on her behalf. But she went ahead anyhow, fought tooth and nail, and she won.当Susan上法庭控告这家公司的时候,办公室的人都不敢为她作,然而她仍然挺身而出,全力拼搏,并取得了胜利。 /201401/271508rule out 把某件事或某种可能性排除在外Japan ruled out nuclear arms日本不会发展核武器The Catholic church ruled out admitting more non-faith students. 天主教会不会招收更多的非基督徒学生。The storm ruled out a picnic trip因为下暴雨,我们没法去野餐了We had to rule out buying a house我们不得不取消买房的计划break up 分开、驱散Police break up hundreds of protesters.警察驱散了数百名抗议者We should break up the fight.我们应该把打架的两人分开背景音乐:依旧是spicy girls的 2 become 1 在中国这肯定是黄歌啊 /201006/106128

  今天我们来看一看“你现在有和谁在交往吗”用英语怎么说:Are you seeing anyone? D: Theres something Ive been meaning to ask you…有一件事我一直想问你...L: Oh? What is it?哦?是什么?D: Are you seeing anyone at the moment?你现在有和谁在交往吗?L: Not really. Why?没有呢,为什么这么问?D: Because Id like to ask you out!因为我想要约你! /201409/329819大家好,欢迎收听并学习Faith口语课堂-天天学,我是Faith老师。今天是第75课。那么大家还记得是什么时间以前我们开始了Faith口语课堂-天天学的第一课吗?哎呀,故事有些复杂,说来话长。 今天专攻表示以前的两个词的用法:ago和before#61548; 首先,来学习ago的用法:ago表示某时间以前,在其前面放上一个时间词组,如:3 years ago(3年以前), 2 days ago(两天以前), one year and a half ago(一年半以前), 4 months ago(4个月以前):用到ago这个词时,句子一般用过去式:I came to Guangzhou and settled down 6 years ago. 我六年前来到广州并定居下来。Jenny didn't know how to ride a bike 5 months ago. 珍丽5个月前还不会骑自行车。We met each other on the internet 3 weeks ago. 我们是3个星期前在网上认识的。My roommate borrowed 200 dollars from me days ago. 我的室友几天前从我这儿借了200块钱。I started to pick up my career months ago. 我是在数月年重拾了自己的事业。 下面,我们来学学before的用法,首先,我们可以在before后面放上一个名词,或名词性词组:I'll try to finish my report before dinner. 我要在晚饭前完成这个报告。I'll pick you up at the entrance before 6:30. 我6点半以前到入口处接你。 同时,我们也可以在before后放一个句子,表示在做某事之前,一般也会用过去式,或一般时:Before I came to Guangzhou, I was in Beijing as an English interpreter. 我来广州之前,在北京做英语口译。Before we got married, we were living in completely different countries. 我们结婚以前,住在完全不同的两个国家。Before everything goes well, we need to work out a plan. 在一切顺利之前,我们需要做出一个计划出来。 另外,before还可以直接单独使用,表示“从前”,“以前”:I never thought about it before. 我以前从来没想过这事。 /201111/160188

  今天我们要学几个以fight为关键词的习惯用语。大家都熟悉fight个词,它的意思是斗争、搏斗或者奋斗。1. fight to the bitter end 历尽艰辛、苦斗到最后关头Bitter end有一种特殊的意义。船员把船尾系锚绳的柱子叫bitt,系在这柱子上的锚绳的尽头称为bitter end。所以to the bitter end就是到了尽头,再没有多余的绳索了。例句-1:Mrs Brown fought to the bitter end to keep her house, the only one left after the developers tore down all the others. But after five years she gave up and took the money.布朗太太为了自己的房子可真有斗争到底的精神,开发商把周围所有的房子都拆光了,她还不动摇。但是她苦熬了五年之后,不得不改变初衷,接受拆迁费,搬家了。2. knock-down drag-out fight 殊死搏斗;激烈的论战Knock-down意思是击倒,而drag-out可以解释为拖出来。听了这个习惯用语你很可能会联想到美国西部电影里大打出手的场面。在十九世纪二十年代的美国西部这种竖着进来、横着出去的殊死搏斗确实是常有的事儿。下面这个例子说的就是回顾当年西部牛仔生活的电影。例句-3:Every cowboy movie Ive seen has had a knock-down drag-out fight. Its usually in a bar with everybody jumping in, knocking each other down and breaking up the furniture.我看过的每一部牛仔片总有一场殊死搏斗。这通常发生在酒吧。一夥人冲进来挥拳斗殴、击倒对方,还把家俱砸个稀巴烂。3. cant fight ones way out of a paper bag 软弱无力Paper bag是纸做的口袋,是一撕就破的东西。如果谁连个纸袋也无法挣脱的话,那他简直就像小虫子一般软弱无力 了。当然cant fight ones way out of a paper bag这个习惯用语是用作比喻的。我们来看个例子,说的是Larry聘用律师控告他的上司种族歧视。例句-5:Larry has almost no chance to win his case, Im afraid. The company lawyer is shrewd and very tough. And the young lawyer Larry hired looks like he cant fight his way out of a paper bag.恐怕Larry几乎没有机会打赢他的官司。公司的律师非常精明强干,而Larry聘用的年轻律师却显得如此软弱无力。 /201205/182562

  1、You look good with your new hairstyle. 你的新发型很好看。Hairstyle: 发型2、A hair salon was just opened in our neighborhood. 我们小区新开了一家美发厅。 barber 理发师 hairdresser 美容美发师 stylist 形象设计师 barber's 理发店 hairdresser's 美发店 hair salon / beauty salon 美容美发厅 A beauty salon was just opened in our neighborhood. 3、How do you want your hair cut? 您想把头发剪成什么样? 剪 cut 洗 wash 也可以说shampoo 如:I’d need a shampoo 我要洗发吹 blow dry Perm:烫发eg:Do you want a perm like you had last time?您要不要跟上次一样烫头发?dye 染 dye one‘s hair 染发4、I want a shampoo and a set. 我想洗洗头,再做个发型。 shampoo n. 香波,洗发水 v. 洗头发 hair conditioner 护发素 You shampoo my hair with this brand of shampoo. 请用这个牌子的洗发水好吗?5、A trim will do. 修修就可以了。 trim sth 修剪某物trim the Christmas tree 修剪圣诞树The shirt is trimed with lace. 给衬衫绣上花边。在这里是修饰的意思。trim your hair 修头发trim your beard 修胡子sideburns 两鬓 ;鬓角 eg:what do you want for you sideburns?您要留什么样的鬓角?fringe 刘海 /201104/132486。



  我们为何学英语?Why do we learn English? /201501/353275

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