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Well, Im so glad that I can stand here. Its my great, great honor to win this award. I first would like to thank Ken Liu – he is a great translator of my story. And Id like to thank Lynn and Michael of the Uncanny magazine who publish my story. And I would like to thank everybody who voted for me. Thank you very much! Im not going to say that Im very surprised of this prize because I aly expected it for this scenario. Well, it does not mean that Im very proud and I think Im better than anybody else. The truth is that I also expected for another scenario that Im not winning. I registered for a party called ;Hugo Losers Party; after the ceremony, held by one of my favorite writers. Actually, I almost cannot decide which scenario Im more looking forward to. Science fiction writers love to expect all possibilities, whether its good or bad, its likely or unlikely. Sometimes, you will hear the science fiction writers talk about the strategies to face aliens, on the dining table, seriously. We just live in all possible scenarios. We live in all the parallel universes. Back to my story, Folding Beijing, I also give a scenario of a possible future. All human nowadays have to face the problems of automation, the technological development, unemployment, and also inequality and other issues. In my story, I give one of the solutions, a quite dark one. Obviously, its not the optimal one. However, its also not the worst one. At least in my stories, people are not have to…people do not have to starve to death, and the government do not send the poor young people to the war field, which always happen in the reality. I dont know what will happen in the true future. But I do hope that the real future will be brighter than my story. Thanks for everyone. Thanks to my husband, my parents, my daughter, and also my friends for all the supports youve brought me all these years. You are my strength and my endless love. Thank you!201608/462809Because for 2 of my years I lived with undergraduates in Pierson College. 因为我有两年和皮尔逊学院的本科生们住在一起As a yes and yes. 作为 好而且 好The P is for the P in Pierson College So I just cannot take this is an opportunity to say thank you to. P是皮尔逊学院的首字母所以我必须利用这个机会 感谢One of the more extraordinary men ive met in my academic journey who is the master of Pierson College. 我大学生涯中遇到的这位杰出人物也就是皮尔逊学院院长Harvey Goldblatt. Thank you Harvey for your incredible love and decency. 哈维.戈德布拉特 谢谢你 哈维谢谢你难以置信的爱和正直品质Where? There he is. Stand up, Harvey So I have a strange approach to my remarks today. 你在哪 在那里 站起来 哈维我今天讲话的方式有些奇特And it has a lot to do with Pierson College Now I am confident. 这很大程度上同皮尔逊学院有关我敢说That nobody at Pierson College knows what Im about to tell you about Pierson College. 皮尔逊学院没有人会知道接下来关于皮尔逊学院我要讲什么Pierson College was named for this is what you do know was named for Abraham Pierson, who was. 皮尔逊学院这个名字来自于 这个你们知道来自于亚伯拉罕.皮尔逊The first rector of Yale university known as really the first president of this great college. 他是首任耶鲁大学校长他以这所伟大学校的首位校长闻名于世But Pierson Abraham Pierson actually spent his time before he came to Yale. 但皮尔逊亚伯拉罕.皮尔逊在来到耶鲁之前 一直身处In Newark, New Jersey His father. 新泽西州纽瓦克市他父亲Was one of the founders of the great city of Newark and for me this was a powerful revelation as I began. 是伟大纽瓦克市的建立者之一这对我而言是一个强大的启示 让我明白To get clarity about what my life purpose was was to join this incredible city in a course that I thought was far greater than myself. 我的人生目的就是要加入到这个不可思议的城市这是我要为之奋斗的事业 重要性远大于我自己As I more about Abraham Pierson while living at Pierson College I saw one weird similarity to his life and to mine. 我在皮尔逊学院期间 对亚伯拉罕.皮尔逊的了解也越来越深我认识到我和他历程有一个奇妙的相似点His father helped found Newark But really what he helped to found was a religious institution. 他父亲帮助建立了纽瓦克实际上他所建立的是一个宗教组织201611/476790

6. Be a good sport. 做个有风度的人。 用法透视 这个句子引申自"有运动家风度"。用来劝人要有雅量。 持范例 1. Be a good sport and help me with this problem. 做个有风度的人,来帮我解决这个问题。 2. Come on. Be a good sport. You just lost a race. 算了。做个有风度的人。你不过输了场比赛。 3. You've been a good sport to laugh at the trick we played on you. 你真是个有雅量的人,对我们的恶作剧一笑置之。 会话记忆 A: You are not being a good sport about this. 你在这件事上没有风度。 B: That's because you cheated. 那是因为你作弊。 A: I never cheat. 我从来不作弊。 B: Yes, you do. 有的,你有 /200705/13028

英语日常口语 23:New Year's resolutions本单元是关于新一年愿望的对话。Alice: Oh it's nearly the New Year. Has everyone got their champagne glasses y? There's still time to think about our New Year's resolutions. Tim, you go first. Tim: OK, this year I'm going to work really hard and try and get promoted! What about you, cousin Michal? Michal: I'm going to give up fast food and be much more healthy. Helen?Helen: I've got to start really studying. My finals will be here before I know it. Alice? Alice: My resolution is to find love. I want to meet someone who's gorgeous, funny and rich! Look look, look, it's almost midnight! Let's start counting down: five, four... All: Three, two, one. Cheers, cheers. Happy New Year everyone!Tim: Marvellous...Vocabulary:to snog (v, informal): to kiss passionately to give something up (v): to stop doing something (which is bad for us, for example smoking)本单元的语言点是关于圣诞节和新年的词汇,看看下面的词汇你都知道吗?Christmas and New Year VocabularyWe can use these words with or without 'Christmas' before them:A lot of Christmas vocabulary can be used with or without the word 'Christmas' in front of it. For example we can talk about 'Christmas crackers' or just 'crackers' a cracker (n): a small paper tube which is pulled from each end by two people at Christmas time. It makes a sharp bang (or 'crack') when it is pulled and inside there is a toy and a joke written on a small piece of paper a carol (n): a religious song (hymn) or non-religious song about Christmas wrapping paper (n): specially decorated paper (usually with pictures of snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa Claus (etc.) used to wrap Christmas gifts a card (n): a greeting card (like a birthday card) which you send to your family and friends around Christmas time a tree (n): a pine tree (an evergreen tree) with leaves like needles which people put in their house around Christmas time and decorate with fairy lights, ornaments and tinsel a wreath (n):a circle of fresh or dried flowers or leaves which people hang on their front door around Christmas time a pudding (n): a traditional dessert made of dried fruit soaked in alcohol, eaten on Christmas day an ornament (n): a decoration (a small ball, toy or piece of chocolate) which is hung on a Christmas treeWe can't leave out 'Christmas' with these words:a white Christmas: when snow falls on Christmas day Christmas lights: outdoor lights, usually in town squares or main streets which are put up and lit during the Christmas period Father Christmas (also knows as Santa Claus): an imaginary person who brings presents to children on the night before Christmas Day. Traditionally he is an old man with a red suit and white beardWe don't use 'Christmas' before these words:fairy lights: small lights which are hung on a Christmas tree tinsel (n): lengths of glittered string which are hung on a Christmas tree Secret Santa: people who work together put everyone's names in a hat and each person picks out one name. They have to keep the name a secret from everyone else and buy a small gift for that personmistletoe (n): a small green flower which is hung from the ceiling around Christmas time. When people are under the mistletoe at the same time, they have to kiss each other Boxing day: The day after Christmas day the festive period: the time around Christmas and New Year when there are lots of parties and Christmas activitiesNew Year vocabulary:Scottish people are famous for the ways they celebrate the coming of the New Year so it's no surprise that a lot of words connected with New Year are Scottish. Auld Lang Syne (Times gone by): a Scottish song that people sing at New Year to remember old friends to first foot (v): to be the first person to visit friends or relatives in the New Year. Traditionally if the visitor is tall, dark and handsome, he (or she!) will bring the people in the house good luck for the rest of the year Hogmanay (or New Year's Eve): The evening before New Year's Day a New Year's resolution: A promise we make at New Year to improve ourselvesThe Bells: traditionally, bells ring out at midnight to signal that the New Year has arrived. In the UK, radio and TV often broadcast the chiming of the bells from Big Ben in London /200707/15997

What Im really curious about is if one day,我真正好奇的是会不会有一天,it will be possible to repair, rebuild and augment our own bodies with stuff we make in the kitchen.人们有可能修复、改造、强化我们自己的身体,用到的只是我们厨房里的材料。Speaking of kitchens, heres some asparagus.好,说到厨房,这是一些芦笋。Theyre tasty, and they make your pee smell funny.它们很可口,不过会让你的尿液有股怪味。Now, I was in my kitchen, and I was noticing that when you look down the stalks of these asparagus,有一次,我在我的厨房里发现,当你观察芦笋茎秆那一端(的截面),what you can see are all these tiny little vessels.你会看到这些细小的导管。And when we image them in the lab, you can see how the cellulose forms these structures.而当我们在实验室里观察它们时,你会发现纤维素是如何形成这些结构的。This image reminds me of two things:这张图让我想到了两样东西。our blood vessels and the structure and organization of our nerves and spinal cord.我们的血管和我们的神经和脊髓的结构组织。So heres the question: Can we grow axons and neurons down these channels?那么问题来了:我们能否沿着这些通道,培植神经轴突或神经元呢?Because if we can, then maybe we can use asparagus to form new connections如果我们可以实现,也许我们就能用芦笋来形成全新的节点,between the ends of damaged and severed nerves.连接损伤或切断的神经末梢。Or maybe even a spinal cord.或者甚至可以是脊髓。Dont get me wrong -- this is exceptionally challenging and really hard work to do,不要误会--这非常具有挑战性,而且极其难操作,and we are not the only ones working on this.并不是只有我们正在研究这方面内容。But we are the only ones using asparagus.但只有我们在使用芦笋。Right now, weve got really promising pilot data.如今,我们已经取得了,具备可行性的实验数据,And were working with tissue engineers and neurosurgeons to find out whats actually possible.正在和人体组织工程师以及神经外科医生合作,来找出其中的可能性。201609/467872

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