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国家地理:Attack of the Killer Bees 杀人蜂 Costa Rica, 1986.30 years after Doctor Cur's fateful African trip, graduate students from the University of Miami are on a field trip exploring caves.Moving ahead of the group, 24-year-old Inn-Saing Ooi climbs into a deep crevasse. He's not alone. As he sweeps his flashlight around the interior of the cave, he startles a huge hive of Killer Bees. And these guys don't like surprises. They quickly retaliate. Stingers pierce his flesh, injecting venom into his bloodstream. As the bees try to fly away, their stingers are ripped from their abdomen. Defending the hive means certain death. But even without the bee, the stinger keeps pumping venom for as long as a minute. Inn-Saing Ooi quickly slides into a life-threatening condition known as anaphylactic shock. Like all victims, just how quickly depends on the dose of venom and his own sensitivity. Blood pressure plummets to a dangerously low level, his airways constrict. Inn-Saing Ooi's heart rate slows dramatically. In most cases, a shot of adrenalin will jump-start the heart, elevating his blood pressure, saving his life. But in an extreme case like this one, there is simply too much toxin for his immune system to handle. Tissue and body functions break down. His kidneys fail. Inn-Saing Ooi has nowhere to run, each sting sending out a chemical signal to the rest of the hive to keep up the assault. The young student suffers cardiac arrest and dies. He was stung over 8 thousand times, nearly 8 times the number of stings required to kill a man his size. Tragedies like this have earned these creatures the nickname---- Killer Bees. Despite its fearsome reputation, the killer bee is just a honeybee, a hard-working honeybee that produces some of the sweetest nectar in the world, but a honeybee that will sting its victim 10 times more frequently than its more docile cousin, and it will defend an area nearly 3 times as large. So just how do you tell these bees apart? It turns out you can't. They look almost exactly the same. Even the sting of the Africanized bee is virtually identical to an ordinary bee. It's just the number of Killer Bees who join the fight that makes their attacks so dangerous.New Words:field trip: (n.) A group excursion for the purpose of firsthand observation, as to a museum, the woods, or a historic place. 旅行考察crevasse: (n.) A deep fissure, as in a glacier; a chasm. 裂隙anaphylactic shock: (n.) A sudden, severe allergic reaction characterized by a sharp drop in blood pressure, urticaria, and breathing difficulties that is caused by the injection of a foreign substance, such as a drug or bee venom, into the body after a preliminary or sensitizing injection. The reaction may be fatal if emergency treatment, including the administration of epinephrine injections, is not given immediately. 过敏性休克adrenalin: (n.) [生化]肾上腺素cardiac arrest: (n.) Sudden cessation of heartbeat and cardiac function, resulting in the loss of effective circulation. 心搏停止nectar: (n.) A sweet liquid secreted by flowers of various plants, consumed by pollinators, such as hummingbirds and insects, and gathered by bees for making honey. 花蜜Africanize: (v.) To make African, as in culture. 非洲化200708/16991Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks Reportedly Resume津巴布韦两党恢复权力分享谈判 Officials in South Africa say the stalled talks between Zimbabwe's ruling party and the opposition have resumed Friday. The announcement came as the Zimbabwean government said it was lifting a ban on humanitarian agencies working in the country. 南非官员说,津巴布韦执政党和反对党星期五再次开始谈判。与此同时,津巴布韦政府宣布取消不准人道救援机构在津巴布韦运作的禁令。South Africa's Deputy Foreign Minister, Aziz Pahad, announced the resumption of the Zimbabwe talks more than two weeks after they stalled over power sharing between President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF party and two parties of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, MDC. 南非副外长帕哈德宣布津巴布韦双方恢复谈判。在此之前,由于穆加贝总统的执政党与反对派民主变革运动中两个党派在分享权利的问题上僵持不下,谈判停顿了两个多星期。"Today's talks must now try to see what else can be done to get a consensus among all three parties on the way forward. So if it takes them longer, I hope they will stay longer and resolve these outstanding issues," he said. 帕哈德说:“今天的谈判必须争取找到还可以采取什么措施来使三个派系达成共识,以便向前迈进。所以如果会谈需要更多时间,我希望他们留在这里更久一些,解决这些未决的问题。”The MDC won a majority of the parliamentary seats in general elections in March and the leader of its main faction, Morgan Tsvangirai, won the most votes in the presidential poll. 民主变革运动在今年3月的大选中取得了议会多数议席,它的主要派系领导人茨万吉拉伊在总统选举中也赢得了最多的选票。But Tsvangirai did not win a 50 percent majority and withdrew from the runoff election against Mr. Mugabe, ZANU-PF supporters of waging a campaign of violence that killed more than 100 activists. 但是茨万吉拉伊没有赢得50%的多数票,而且他退出决选,以抗议穆加贝及其执政党持者发起的暴力行动,其间有100多名活动人士遇害。Since then, the two sides have been negotiating an end to the crisis. They reportedly were close to an agreement in which Mr. Mugabe would remain as head-of-state and Tsvangirai would occupy a newly created post of prime minister. 从那时以来,双方一直在谈判如何结束危机。据报导,他们曾接近于达成协议,让穆加贝继续担任国家元首,茨万吉拉伊出任新设立的总理。But the talks collapsed two weeks ago reportedly over the distribution of powers. Mr. Mugabe Wednesday threatened to form a Cabinet without the opposition after being heckled the day before during the opening of parliament. 但是谈判两个星期前陷于瘫痪,据报导是由于权力分享问题。穆加贝星期三威胁要组成将反对党排除在外的内阁。之前一天,他在议会开会时遭到质询。The Zimbabwean government Friday said it was lifting a three-month ban on private humanitarian organizations that had been providing food, health care and other aid to millions of Zimbabweans. 津巴布韦政府星期五说,准备解除3个月以来禁止民间人道救援组织向津巴布韦民众提供食品、医疗照顾等各种援助的禁令。The Red Cross has issued an urgent appeal for donations, saying five million Zimbabweans, or one-half of the population, were facing food shortages. 红十字会曾经发出募捐紧急呼吁,他们说,有500万津巴布韦民众、也就是津巴布韦一半人口,面临食品短缺。South African official Aziz Pahad noted that the international community has drawn up an economic recovery plan that could help ease the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe."But unless there's a political solution you don't have the necessary framework in order to implement an economic recovery program. So the talks are crucial, all talks are crucial now, in order to find a way forward," said Pahad.Zimbabweans have been hard hit by an economic crisis characterized by hyper-inflation, 80 percent unemployment and shortages of food and fuel.200808/46913

Obama Advisor Provides Details on Vice Presidential Selection奥巴马顾问谈其选拜登为副手原因   A senior advisor to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama says the party's ticket has been strengthened by the selection of Senator Joe Biden for vice president. Obama named Biden as his running mate two days before the start of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. 美国民主党总统候选人奥巴马的一位高级顾问说,奥巴马选择拜登为自己的竞选副手,民主党人的竞选组合因此得到了加强。奥巴马是在民主党在科罗拉多丹佛市召开全国大会的两天前提名拜登为自己的竞选搭档的。The choice of running mate is, arguably, the most important decision a presidential candidate must make before the election, one that provides hints as to how the potential commander-in-chief would make decisions and ultimately govern the nation, if elected. 选择竞选夥伴可以说是一个总统候选人在大选前必须作出的最重要的决定。这个决定对选举获胜后,这位未来的统帅将如何决策,乃至最终如何管理这个国家提供了种种暗示。Barack Obama has tapped Delaware Senator Joe Biden, who has served for six consecutive terms and is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 奥巴马选择了德拉瓦州参议员拜登。 拜登连续六届担任联邦参议员,目前是国会参议院外交关系委员会主席。A senior Obama advisor, Robert Gibbs, says Biden fulfills the most important duty of a vice president: the ability to serve as president should the need arise. 奥巴马的高级顾问罗伯特.吉布斯说,拜登能履行副总统人选的最重要职责,那就是,在必要时有能力承担起总统的责任。"Senator Biden has unparalleled foreign policy experience. We [the Obama campaign] hired him for his judgment to lead this country, if something happens to Barack Obama, and the judgment and the advice that he will give to the next president of the ed States. And, we think we have a fabulous pick. We have got someone who has not forgotten where they are from, and someone who can help rebuild this country," said Gibbs, who was speaking on the Fox News Sunday television program. 吉布斯说:“拜登参议员拥有无与伦比的外交政策经验。我们选择他就是因为如果奥巴马发生了什么事,他拥有领导国家的决断力,以及他能给美国下一任总统提供建议和判断。我认为,我们的选择非常棒。我们得到了一个没有忘记他从何处来,一个可以帮助重建这个国家的人。”吉布斯是在“福克斯星期天新闻”节目中发表上述讲话的。Polls show Americans generally view Obama as the candidate who most represents change and a break from the status quo. But polls also show a majority of Americans view his Republican rival, John McCain, as more experienced and better equipped to serve as commander-in-chief. 民意测验显示,美国人普遍认为奥巴马是最能代表变革和打破现状的候选人。但是,民调同时显示,大部分美国人认为,他的共和党对手约翰.麦凯恩更有经验,更具备统帅全国的能力。Since Saturday, numerous political analysts have commented that Biden helps counteract Obama's perceived weakness on governance, but that, as someone who has served in Congress for more than three decades, Biden also blunts Obama's overriding message of bringing change to Washington. 星期六以来,为数不少的政治分析人士,拜登将有助于平衡奥巴马一直以来被认为在管理国家方面的弱点,但是,作为一个在国会务了30多年的人,拜登同时也削弱了奥巴马竞选中最突出的主题,那就是为华盛顿带来变革的信息。Aly, the McCain campaign has released advertisements pointing out instances during the primary season in which Biden, suggested Obama lacked the experience needed to be president. Biden was competing with Obama and others for the Democratic nomination at the time, but dropped out of the race early on. McCain ads have also attacked Obama for passing over his fiercest primary rival, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, for the vice presidential slot. 麦凯恩竞选团队播放的广告已经指出,在民主党初选季节,拜登曾暗示奥巴马缺乏当总统所需要的经验。当时,拜登和其他候选人与奥巴马一起角逐民主党总统候选人提名,但是他后来早早退出了竞选。麦凯恩的广告还攻击奥巴马不考虑他在初选中的最强硬的对手、纽约州参议员希拉里.克林顿为副总统人选。Former New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani, who competed against John McCain in the Republican primaries, echoed that message on A's This Week program. 前纽约市长朱利安尼在共和党总统提名争夺战中是麦凯恩的对手。他在美国广播公司的“本周”节目中也表达了类似的观点。"Senator Obama has made a choice more out of weakness than strength. It is quite clear [that] the strong choice would have been Hillary Clinton. The obvious choice would have been Hillary Clinton. She had 50 percent of the Democratic vote [in the primaries]; Obama had 50 percent of the Democratic vote," said Giuliani. 朱利安尼说:“奥巴马参议员的选择更多地是考虑(人选的)劣势,而不是优势。很明显,更强的选择应该是希拉里.克林顿。显而易见他应该选择希拉里.克林顿。她在初选中赢得了民主党50%的选票。奥巴马也赢得了50%。”Recent polls show roughly one-in-five who voted for Clinton in the primaries favor McCain over Obama, despite repeated Clinton statements urging her supporters to rally behind the presumptive Democratic nominee. 最近的民调显示,尽管克林顿一再发表声明鼓励自己的持者持民主党总统候选人,但是,在初选中选择克林顿的人当中有大约五分之一更倾向于麦凯恩,而不是奥巴马。Whether the Democrats can unite as a party during this week's national convention after a bruising primary season remains to be seen. Obama's chief strategist, David Axelrod, gave a preview of the core message that will be heard at the convention, beginning with Obama's personal story. 民主党在经历了伤痕累累的初选季节后,能否在这个星期举行的全国大会上全党团结一致,还有待观察。奥巴马的首席战略顾问戴维.阿克塞尔罗德披露了民主党全国大会的核心信息。他首先谈到奥巴马的个人经历。"The son of a single mother, working his way up, and then going back to work in communities that were felled by steel plant closings, we are going to tell that story. But we are also going to tell the story about what has happened to the country under the policies we have seen under the broken politics of Washington. We are not going to shy away from making a contrast," said Axelrod. 他说:“单亲妈妈养大的孩子,脚踏实地努力工作,然后来到因钢铁工业倒闭而满目萧条的社区工作--我们会告诉民众这个故事 。我们同时也会告诉民众我们看到的华盛顿离破碎的政治所导致的政策给我们国家带来的一切。我们将对此进行对照。”The Republican National Convention begins next week. The McCain campaign has hinted that the Arizona Senator could name his running mate as early as this Friday, the day after the close of the Democratic National Convention. 共和党全国大会下星期召开。麦凯恩竞选团队已经暗示,这位来自亚利桑那州的参议员将最早在星期五宣布自己的竞选夥伴。民主党全国大会也在同一天结束。200808/46657


  Despite Difficulties, Kremlin Sees Better Ties With US俄罗斯对未来美俄关系持乐观态度Kremlin leaders are offering a positive assessment about the future of U.S.-Russian relations, but caution that a number of difficult issues continue to separate the two sides, particularly those involving missile defense.  俄罗斯领导人对未来的美俄关系给予正面评价,但是他们也对一些持续给美俄双方造成分歧的难题提出警告,尤其是那些涉及导弹防御的问题。Russian President Vladimir Putin told visiting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates that he considers a letter he recently received from President George W. Bush to be a serious document, which the Russian side has thoroughly analyzed.  俄罗斯总统普京对到访的美国国务卿赖斯和美国国防部长盖茨说,他最近收到美国总统布什的一封信,他把这封信看作是一个重要文件,俄罗斯方面对这封信进行了全面的分析。Mr. Putin said if both sides are able to reach agreement on the letter's main points, it will be possible to say the U.S.-Russian dialogue is developing in a very productive manner. The Russian leader says a number of bilateral problems may be considered resolved. He notes, however, that many others still need to be discussed. 普京总统说,如果美俄双方能在这封信中提到的主要观点上达成一致的话,那么美俄之间的对话将有可能以一种富有成果的方式发展下去。普京总统说,有一些双边问题可以看作是已经解决了,不过他指出,还有其他一些问题需要讨论。Mr. Putin's successor Dmitri Medvedev met separately with Rice and Gates, saying there is an opportunity for continuity in U.S.-Russian relations despite divergence on key strategic issues between the two countries.  普京总统的继任者梅德韦杰夫与赖斯和盖茨单独举行了会晤。梅德韦杰夫表示,尽管美俄双方在关键性的战略问题上存在意见分歧,但是双方仍然有机会保持美俄关系的连续性。Russia's president-elect says differences between Russia and the ed States remain on such issues as the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, and missile defense. Nonetheless, Medvedev says there is will and determination to move ahead. He also notes the presence of every opportunity to create a necessary foundation for near-term continuity in U.S.-Russian relations.  新当选的俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫说,俄罗斯和美国在一些问题上仍然存在着意见分歧,比如《削减战略武器条约》和导弹防御问题。尽管如此,梅德韦杰夫说,他们有意愿和决心去推动这些问题的解决。他还指出为美俄关系在短期内的连续性创造必要基础的每一个机会。Medvedev adds that visiting U.S. officials are likely to face difficult talks on Tuesday with their Russian counterparts, Sergei Lavrov and Anatoly Serdyukov.  梅德韦杰夫还说,到访的美国官员在星期二会晤俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫和俄罗斯国防部长谢尔久科夫时,可能会面临一些困难。Rice and Gates arrived in Moscow with lowered expectations for progress in so-called two-plus-two talks among the defense and foreign-policy chiefs of both countries. Each side announced in advance that they expect the other to initiate movement. Russian officials said progress depends on serious proposals from the ed States.  赖斯和盖茨抵达莫斯科时,他们对美俄两国国防和外交政策领导人之间举行的这次名为“二加二”的会谈能够取得进展的期望不高。双方都事先宣布说,他们希望另一方主动提出行动方案。俄罗斯官员说,会谈的进展取决于美国提出的重要建议。But Defense Secretary Gates said the ed States has put a lot on the table in terms of missile defense proposals and it is time for the Russians to reciprocate. Gates added that he sees potential for progress during the Moscow talks, but cautioned that he would not get too excited at this point.  但是美国国防部长盖茨说,美国已经把很多有关导弹防御计划的建议列入谈判内容,现在是俄罗斯方面做出回应的时候了。盖茨还说,他认为这次莫斯科会谈有希望取得进展,但是他也警告说,自己目前还不能过分乐观。Both sides will be discussing a replacement for the 1991 START treaty, which set limits on U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons. The treaty expires next year. Secretary Rice has said the ed States does not object to a formal agreement, but notes it is important to know what would be formalized.  美俄双方将讨论1991年签订的《削减战略武器条约》的替代协议,该条约限制美国和俄罗斯的核武器的发展。这项条约将在明年期满失效。美国国务卿赖斯说,美国不反对签订一份正式条约,但是她指出,了解正式条约的内容非常重要。The Kremlin also opposes a U.S. plan to deploy a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic to offset a potential threat from Iran. Moscow is expressing fear the system could eliminate Russia's strategic deterrent. 俄罗斯还反对美国在波兰和捷克共和国部署导弹防御系统的计划。该导弹防御计划是为了消除来自伊朗的潜在威胁。俄罗斯方面则担忧该导弹防御计划会消除俄罗斯的战略威摄。An alternative Kremlin plan includes a joint Russian-American missile defense radar in Azerbaijan. American officials have been cool to this idea. The ed States has proposed delaying activation of the Central European sites until Iran demonstrated evidence of a genuine missile threat. The ed States also offered Russia access to the sites. Secretary Gates is in Moscow, still healing an arm that he broke in a recent slip on the ice. He joked that the injury might make it easier to negotiate with him. "We shall see," responded Dmitri Medvedev. 200803/31094。

  Could I have a word Anna, in my office?安娜,我们来办公室谈谈好吗?Hello again. I wonder what Paul wants to say to Anna?又见面了。我想知道保罗会和安娜说什么?Could it have something to do with Rachel, the pen thief - or is it just to do with biscuits? !Lets find out.是和瑞秋这个偷笔贼有关吗,还是和饼干有关?让我们去看看。Have a seat… so well done for speaking to her.请坐……关于你跟她谈话这事上干得好。Stealing all those pens from the office was the final straw.从办公室偷走所有的笔已经是忍无可忍了。She was stealing straws?她偷稻草?No, no. It was the final thing that she did wrong – and it meant disciplinary action.不,这是她做错的最后一件事了,应该受到纪律处罚。Ive had to let her go – in other words, sack her.我不得不让她走了,换句话说就是解雇她。Oh, so shes gone.所以她走了。But what is Mr Socrates going to say?但苏格拉底先生会说什么呢?She was his best employee.她是他的最佳员工。Leave it with me.交给我吧。Im sure hell understand…I hope.我肯定他会理解的……我希望是。Now, I wanted to speak to you about your appraisal.现在我想谈谈关于你的评估。My appraisal?你的评估?Yes, we do it every year.是的,我们每年都会这么做。Its a chance to talk about you, talk about the highs and lows of the past year and look forward.这是一次谈论你自己过去一年中的优缺点并且来年发展的机会。Highs and lows?高低点? /201706/514772

  hard as nails ------ 铁石心肠(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Unyielding; lacking compassion; unsympathetic.例句The wealthy old woman was as hard as nails, and never gave help of any kind to her friends or family members if they were experiencing difficulties.这位有钱的老妇人是铁石心肠,在朋友或家人有困难时从不给他们任何形式的帮助。 /201611/471251US Fed Chief Says Growth Depends on Stabilizing Markets伯南克:经济增长取决于稳定市场 As Congress debates President Bush's proposed bail out of the bad loans of financial institutions, central bank chief Ben Bernanke told lawmakers Wednesday that the U.S. economy risked "very serious consequences" if measures were not taken. 美国国会正在辩论布什总统提出的挽救陷于坏帐的金融机构的建议,美国联邦储备系统主席伯南克星期三对立法人员说,如果不立即采取措施可能给美国经济带来严重后果。Appearing before the Joint Economic Committee, Bernanke cautioned against reducing the size of the proposed 0 billion rescue plan constructed by the U.S. Treasury. 伯南克出席了两院联合经济委员会会议,他提醒说,不要减少美国财政部拟定的动用七千亿美元的救市计划的金额。He said the package, which Congress may vote on by the end of the week, is needed to rescue an aly weak U.S. economy. 他说,国会可能在本周末表决的这一方案是挽救业已疲软的美国经济所必不可少的。He said 0 billion, while a very big number, represents only five percent of the value of all outstanding U.S. home mortgages, which total trillion.他说,七千亿美元虽然金额巨大,却只相当于美国所有尚未偿付的住房贷款价值的百分之五,这笔未偿贷款高达十四万亿美元。The proposed package would aim to sell off these mortgage-related debts in the future when, the Treasury says, their value might have risen. 财政部说,提议的方案其目的是以后当房价上升后出售这些和房贷有关的债务。But skeptical lawmakers from both sides said they wanted assurances that the plan would benefit ordinary American homeowners as well as Wall Street.但是心存疑虑的两党立法人员说,他们希望确保有关计划能够既有利于拥有住房的美国大众,也有利于华尔街。Bernanke said the bailout, if successful, would not boost inflation and that interest rates would not rise.伯南克说,这一救市计划如果成功就不会出现通货膨胀,也不会导致利率升高。"If it does in fact strengthen the financial markets, increase credit extension, and help the economy grow, then the Fed would perhaps have to act sooner in raising rates, than otherwise perhaps," he said. "But that would be part of the normal part of recovery."他说:“如果这一计划果真能强化金融市场、促使信用扩张、并促进经济增长,那么联邦政府提高利率的速度也许必须比其它情况更为迅速。然而这只是经济正常复苏的一部分。”Bernanke was asked about the parallels between today's financial crisis and the earlier period of sustained economic decline in the Great Depression of the 1930s.人们问伯南克:当今的金融危机是否相当于上世纪三十年代大萧条时经济持续衰退的早期阶段。"When there are major dislocations in the financial sector, in the credit creation process, it can have significant effects on growth and employment in the economy," he said. "And that has been true not just in the ed States but in a number of countries, both emerging market and industrial countries."伯南克说:“当金融业及信用产生程序发生重大动荡时,可能会对经济发展和就业机会产生重大影响。这不仅在美国是如此,在许多其它国家也是如此,在新兴市场和工业化发达国家都是这样。”The Fed Chief pointed out that labor markets are weak and unemployment is high. And, he said, despite an easing of oil and gas prices, consumer spending is likely to be sluggish in the near term.这位美联储领导人指出,目前就业市场疲软而失业率高升。他还说,尽管石油和汽油价格有所平缓,但近期内消费者的消费量很可能低落。In addition, slower growth around the world is likely to blunt demand for U.S. exports, which had been helping buoy the economy.此外,世界各地的经济发展减缓很可能减少对美国出口商品的需求,而美国出口商品向来有助于加强美国经济。200809/503391 商品检验3句英文任你选Shall we take up the question of inspection today?今天我们来讨论商品的检验问题吧。How should we define the inspection rights?商检的权力怎样加以明确呢?Im worried that there might be some disputes over the results of inspection.我担心对商检的结果会发生争议。半个句型要记牢take up(讨论,谈起)Tip:take up用法很多,可以表示;开始从事;如 He took up Spanish while in Spain. (当他在西班牙的时候,他开始学习西班牙语。) ; ;吸收(液体);溶解(固体);如Blotting -paper takes up ink. (吸墨纸吸收墨水。 ),还有;占据,接受,拿起,改小;等用法,例句中是讨论的意思,相当于 go down to,不过 go down to中的 to是介词,后面接v-ing形式。 /201604/434132

  美国原汁原味访谈录:你的理财方式属于哪种? Eric Schurenberg is the managing editor of money magazine in this August issue, in which this quiz appears, you are here to tell us what we might find. Why is it so important to come up with your money personality type?Eric Schurenberg: Well, you know because people are just not rational about their money, you can't just say well you are always gonna do the smart thing because you'll think it through, instead the way you handle money is governed by behavior patterns, by your irrational thought, by your emotions, as so knowing the kind of prejudices that you go into money decisions with will help you make the right decisions, and avoid the same old mistakes.Ok, so after you take this quiz, you should find out if you're a guardian, that's, this discipline is the key to security, is guardian the best thing to be? Well, It's the one that most people are, most Americans are, is it the best thing to be. Well,you know, like all money types, there are good types and bad types. You have a lot of self-discipline if you're a guardian, ohh, financial security matters a lot to you, on the other hand, you are likely to be a little too conservative , and make choices that don't get you sometimes you have to take risks in the market to get ahead.Exactly. And if you get mostly Cs , if your answer are mostly Cs to our short pop quiz there, you are a guardian. On to the next one, the next personality type is an idealist, I think that's probably what I am, because money just isn't the top priority . That's right, you are more concerned with helping other people, and that's a good thing too for lots of reason, and doing fun stuff matters a lot too. But you know that's a good thing , it' also a good financial thing, because if you are not that concerned about money you are not chasing every squiggle of the stock market, and making decisions based on really short term thing; on the other hand if you don't have a financial plan , you may not reach your goals, so something you wanna pay attention to.OK! So, if your answer are mostly Bs, you are an idealist. ok what's next, Brian? I couldn't hear you: Artisans, this is interesting, Artisans, which I wouldn't figure to be a money personality type , so if your answers are mostly As, you are an artisan , what's an artisan?Artisans are people who are...they're willing to take risks, they go on gut instinct a lot. That’s a pretty good thing too. Sometimes you can, if you are willing to take risk, you buy a lot of stocks, and that sort of thing, you do...it works out for you in the long-run, on the other hand, artisans are not the type to do a series of long term financial plan, and so sometimes they have to put things into place like automatic savings plans so that they get that kind of a regular financial planning thing going.Ok, Rational, what Chad?If you said A to one of those questions, that was the one that said you strongly agree that financial advisors, you know, are great or whatever the quest of term was, right?I think so , I can't remember though, but good point, Eric saying you are right, Chad, Chad's always right, isn't he?and it kind of makes me nauseated .If your answers are mostly Ds, you are a rational personality money type. That seems to me the best way to be.Well, it has its strengthes and it has its weaknesses too. Rationals believe cool reason prevails and it means that you take a lot of satisfaction out of putting complex financial plans into place. That's a good thing for obvious reasons. The bad side is that you tend to think that you can outsmart the market, and the market is not a rational place, so soon that can get you into trouble.Eric Schurenberg from the Money magazine, thank you so much. If you wanna know more, if you wanna take this quiz, it's in Money magazine and the August issue. And you can learn a lot about yourself and possibly make yourself some money too.200707/15222"We advanced in silence, saving our battle cries to the last. When the enemy came within reach, my archers released a storm of arrows, and my cavalry attacked without mercy."According to the Secret History(蒙古秘史), each tactic was meticulously planned and ingenious. Temujin(铁木真) held squadrons and weapons in reserve. Then with the enemy in disarray, they regrouped and charged. One of Temujin's cavalry squadrons suddenly fled the battlefield. Jemuqa's(扎木和) men chased them down. But they were being lured into a trap. In the heart of the battle, Jemuqa saw his army destroyed and he ran. squadron: any of a variety of military units containing both personnel and vehiclesmeticulously: very carefully and precisely200809/49719


  Thank you very much for coming.Now the supermodel, Kate Moss, will not be charged over claims that she took cocaine. The Crown Crossive, the Crown Prosecution Service (Sorry) says there was not enough evidence to prosecute. Newspapers ran pictures last year of Ms Moss apparently taking drugs and in a statement the CPS said:The film footage provides an absolutely clear indication that Ms Moss was using controlled drugs and providing them to others.However, in the absence of any forensic evidence, or direct eye witness evidence about the substance in question, its precise nature could not be established.And they added that Ms Moss declined to provide any explanation when she was interviewed and direct eye witnesses also declined to give any evidence. So in the intervening 6 months what has happened to the super model's career, Ross Opton has this slightly surprising answer.Before she was ed to the mobile phone allegedly using cocaine, Kate Moss earned just under four and a half million pounds a year from modeling. But when the tabloids ran those blurred photos, word what her future was doomed. She was dropped from the high street fashion store Hamp;M, the cosmetics company Rimmel debated whether to continue her contract. And she lost work with Burberry and Chanel.Her then-boyfriend singer Pete Doherty stuck up for Kate against the press. 'Ruin life, Ruin life, yuppie.'But it didn't ruin her life at all, at least not financially. In fact, her notoriety seems to have increased her earning potential."Hello.""Kate, it is Kyle, is this a good time?""Yeah, I'm just making some tea."This advert for a mobile phone company even capitalizes on her losing other contracts."I just got you the mother of all contracts.""Really?"Kate Moss has, since the beginning of this year, signed lucrative deals with seven companies, including one with the Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon. That alone, said to be worth 1.5 million pounds. No wonder she's still smiling, Current estimates predict her earnings this year will be a whopping 11 million pounds. Now that's a payroll not to be sniffed at.From heroin, she took cocaine, she could all make some money.tabloidA newspaper of small format giving the news in condensed form, usually with illustrated, often sensational material.小报一种小版面的报纸,以浓缩的形式来报导新闻,通常伴有插图、而且常常是耸人听闻的材料notorietyThe quality or condition of being notorious; ill fame.声名狼藉的,恶名昭彰的whoppingExceptionally large出奇大的 200805/39353。



  VP Candidate Biden Takes Center Stage at Democratic Convention民主党大会将转向外交拜登演讲  Democratic vice presidential pick Joseph Biden will take center stage on the third day of the party's National Convention in the western U.S. city of Denver. The veteran senator from Delaware will be one of the headline speakers Wednesday night, along with former President Bill Clinton. Democrats will turn their attention to foreign policy and national security issues Wednesday. 民主党副总统候选人拜登将在美国西部城市丹佛举行的全国党代会的第三天成为会议的中心。除了前总统比尔·克林顿以外,这位代表德拉瓦州的资深参议员将是星期三晚上主要演讲者之一。民主党星期三晚上将把他们的注意力转向对外政策以及国家安全问题上。Joseph Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama's choice for running mate, is highly regarded by many lawmakers from both parties for his first-hand foreign policy knowledge and experience. 拜登是即将被民主党提名为总统候选人的奥巴马挑选的竞选夥伴。拜登因其具有第一手的外交政策知识和经验而受到两党的高度尊重。Ted Kaufman is a charter member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees Voice of America and other U.S. international broadcasting agencies. He is a close friend of Joseph Biden, and was his chief of staff in the Senate for 19 years. Kaufman told VOA that Biden brings decades of foreign policy expertise to the table, but that is not all. 泰德·考夫曼是广播理事会的成员,广播理事会负责监管美国之音以及美国其他国际广播机构。考夫曼还是拜登的亲密朋友,并且在美国参议院任拜登办公室主任长达19年。考夫曼对美国之音说,拜登所能贡献的是其数十年的外交政策才干,不过,这并非拜登的全部才能。"The biggest thing he brings to the ticket is he is qualified to be president of the ed States," Kaufman noted. "Everybody when they talk about potential vice presidential candidates, they put them in different categories - here is one that can help the ticket by delivering a state, here is one that can help the ticket by delivering an interest group. But they always talk about Joe Biden. He is the one, who, if something happens to Barack Obama, he is qualified. And I think that what is says about Barack Obama, he is not in this thing to win this. He is in this to make America a better place, and a better place in the world."  “拜登为总统竞选带来的最重要的东西是,他本人成为美国总统也是合格的。在谈到可能谁将是副总统人选时,大家往往将这些人归入另一个类型,例如这个人能够给竞选带来一个州啊,这个人能够给竞选带来一个利益集团啊。不过人们总是谈到拜登,认为拜登在奥巴马出现不测情况时,他是合格的人选; 我认为,不管怎么说奥巴马,他不是为了赢得这种地位,他是为了使美国变得更美好,使美国成为世界上更好的地方。”What tone will Biden speech adopt?Some analysts say the vice presidential candidate needs to take on the role of "attack dog" - to relentlessly go after the opponent from the other party. Larry Sabato, a political analyst and Director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, says the tone of this convention so far has been too "warm and fuzzy", and that Democrats need to use their four days in the spotlight to attack the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain and to tie him to President Bush. 某些分析人士认为, 副总统候选人需要像“猎犬”一样,无情地追击另外一个政党的反对派。拉里·萨托是政治分析人士,同时兼任维吉尼亚大学政治中心主任。他说,这次民主党代表大会的调子目前太过于“热烈和模糊”。民主党需要利用他们受人注意的四天时间,攻击有望成为共和党总统候选人的麦凯恩,并且将麦凯恩和布什总统挂起钩来。"Biden should, and probably will go after John McCain and the Republicans hard. The convention delegates are expecting some red meat and they have gotten very little. So, he may in a sense help to rescue the convention, if he does a good job,' Sabato said. "If he does not, and it's a mild-mannered presentation, I think the delegates will leave very disappointed." “拜登应该,而且可能会猛烈攻击麦凯恩和共和党。代表大会的代表们期待能够见到撕杀的局面,而目前却没有见到。因此,如果拜登表现出色,从某种意义上他能拯救这次会议;假如拜登的表现不好,在会上的演讲举止温和,那么我认为,代表们离开大会时会很失望。”Bill Clinton also scheduled to speak, WednesdayAlso in the spotlight will be former President Bill Clinton, the husband of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who lost the nomination fight in a long, tough race to Obama. Sabato says Bill Clinton has made clear he has not liked the way he believes the Obama campaign has treated his wife."Everyone is going to be measuring every word that Clinton says because it is very well known that he has been unhappy with Obama, some have said that he has been pouting," Sabato said. "He and his people have certainly been leaking quite a number of crucial comments from Clinton about Obama. So, his words will be weighed carefully. And, he will come through. He knows he is under the microscope. He will be very enthusiastic - while the cameras are on."Senator Hillary Clinton issued an emphatic call for unity in the Democratic Party Tuesday night, and gave her disappointed supporters their marching orders to get behind Barack Obama. 参议员希拉里·克林顿星期二晚上发出了强有力的号召,呼吁全党团结起来,并且向她的那些失望的持者们下达了持奥巴马的进军令。"Whether you voted for me, or you voted for Barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose. We are on the same team and none of us can afford to sit on the sidelines," said Clinton. “无论你投我的票,还是投奥巴马的票, 现在是全党团结一致,目标一致的时候了。(鼓掌) 我们是一队伍中的成员,谁也不能袖手旁观。”The former first lady also hit John McCain, saying voters cannot let him take the White House, and "squander the promise of our country." Next week, it will be the Republicans turn to go after Democrats at their National Convention in Minnesota. 这位前第一夫人还攻击麦凯恩,她说,选民们不能让麦凯恩占据白宫的宝座,希拉里说,“不能荒废我们国家的前程”。下个星期该轮到共和党在明尼苏达举行全国代表大会上攻击民主党了。200808/46850

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