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吉林省长春妇保医院男科好不好吉大一院属于几级1.Uniqlo made the uniforms for Japan#39;s Olympic team in 1998, 2002, and 2004.优衣库为1998年、2002年和2004年奥运会日本国家队提供队。2.Uniqlo#39;s name comes from the words ;Unique Clothing,; which throws back to the company#39;s original name, ;Unique Clothing Warehouse.;优衣库这个名字来源词组;独一无二的衣物(Unique Clothing);,追溯回公司最初的名字;独一无二的装大仓库(Unique Clothing Warehouse);。3.All retail associates at Uniqlo stores worldwide are trained to hand your credit card and receipt back with both hands, as it is common in Japan.全球所有优衣库零售员训练有素,均被要求双手奉还顾客信用卡和小票,因为在日本这是很普遍的。4.Founder Tadashi Yanai views Uniqlo as ;a technology company…not a fashion company.;创始人柳井正将优衣库看作;一家科技公司……而非时尚公司。;5.Tadashi Yanai is also the richest person in Japan, with a net worth of .8 billion.柳井正是日本首富,坐拥净值178亿美金。6.The country with the fewest Uniqlo stores (ignoring those that have none) is Germany. They only have one, in Berlin.全球优衣库零售店(忽略没有优衣库的国家)最少的国家是德国。只有柏林有一家优衣库。7.Uniqlo gets its denim from the same factory in Hiroshima that produces jeans for Levi#39;s, Gap, Seven for all Mankind, and J. Crew.优衣库所有的牛仔裤都来自广岛的同一家工厂,这家工厂同时为李维斯、盖璞、赛文·弗奥曼德和美国J. Crew供货。8.In 2012, Uniqlo partnered up with Sanrio to create a Hello-Kitty-themed campaign to sp awareness of cervical cancer.2012年,优衣库和三丽鸥合作出品Hello Kitty主题活动来扩大全民对宫颈癌的关注度。9.Uniqlo#39;s global staff contains a higher percentage of people with disabilities than any other large business in Japan.优衣库全球残疾人员工的比例远高于其他日本大型企业。10.Uniqlo#39;s best sales day ever was November 11, 2001, when the opening of its Seoul location netted .16 million in one day.优衣库销量最好的一天是2001年11月11日,韩国首尔分店开张一天就赚116万美金。 /201507/386034长春中医医院收费贵吗 If you want to impress a man, don#39;t try to be funny。如果你想给一个男人留下好印象,那么不要试图太有趣。Research shows that men aren#39;t hugely attracted to witty women。研究表明,机智幽默的女人对男人没有太大的吸引力。Given the choice of a female who makes him laugh, or one that laughs at his jokes, he will choose the latter。如果让男人选择让她笑的女人还是听他的笑话笑的女人,他会选择后者。Luckily, women aren#39;t too worried about their jokes being appreciated. They, it seems, like men who make them smile。幸运地是,女人不太担心她们的笑话会不会被欣赏。他们似乎更喜欢让她们笑的男人。It is thought that women see the ability to make people laugh sign of intelligence – and men have evolved to show off how good they are with words。女人把让人们笑的能力当做是聪明的标志,男人已经演变的擅长卖弄他们对文字的操控能力是多么的游刃有余。The University of Miami researchers quizzed more than 80 men and women about how much importance they placed on having a partner who could make them laugh。有个让他们笑的对象到底有多重要?迈阿密大学的研究员采访了80多位男人和女人。The answers revealed that women like men make them laugh, while men want to go out with women who appreciate their humour。显示,女人喜欢让他们笑的男人,然而男人想要跟欣赏他们的幽默的女人约会。Given that women tend to be more choosy, men are under pressure to make them laugh。考虑到女人们变得更加挑剔,男人也有逗她们笑的压力。Miss Hone, who is close to completing her PhD, said: #39;Given that humour requires high-level linguistic capacity, women are thought to use humour production as a sign that a man is a mentally-capable suitor.#39;将要获得士学位的Hone说:‘鉴于幽默需要高水平的语言能力,女人把幽默作品看做是男人是个充满智慧的追求者的标志。’However, she said that funny women shouldn#39;t despair. There is also hope for bachelors who never remember punch lines。然而,她说,有趣的女人不应该绝望。还有希望,还是有很多单身汉不会妙语连珠的。This is because her results were based on averages – and not everyone will have the same taste。这是因为她的结果是基于平均值的,并且不是每个人的品位都是相同的。 /201507/384651吉林省中医院的qq号

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长春省人民医院在线问答There is a very famous traditional Chinese story that has a close connection to the Dragon Boat Festival. Once upon a time on E-Mei mountain there lived two snake spirits, White Snake and Green Snake. These snakes, being magical, turned themselves into beautiful maidens and set off on a journey to the West Lake of Hang Zhou.有一个与端午节息息相关的中国传统故事是“白蛇传”。从前,在峨眉山上有两只蛇精,白蛇与青蛇。这两只蛇精运用法力将自己变成美丽的女子,并到杭州西湖游玩。When they arrived at West Lake they met a man named Xu Xian. White Snake quickly fell in love with Xu Xian and they were soon married. A Buddhist monk, named Fa Hai, warned Xu Xian of his wife#39;s deceptive appearance and suggested to him a plan.当她们在西湖游玩时,遇到一位名叫许仙的男子,白蛇与许仙很快的相恋并且随即结婚。当时一位名叫法海的和尚,曾经警告许仙注意他妻子惑人的外表,并建议他一个揭开真相的计划。On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival White Snake wished to stay home so as to avoid the Ay Tsao, used for protection from spirits, hanging on the doors of people#39;s houses.Her husband prepared, according to Fa Hai#39;s instruction, some realgar wine, as this was a tradition during the Dragon boat festival. White Snake, thinking her magic would protect her from the effects of the realgar wine accepted a cup. After she drank the wine she became very ill and was barely able to get to her bed.When her husband came to her side, he found not his wife but a huge white snake. So great was Xu Xian#39;s shock that he fell to the floor dead.端午节当天,白蛇待在家里以避开人们挂在门上驱邪的艾草,而许仙则依照法海的建议准备了大家在端午节时都会喝的雄黄酒。白蛇自认魔力可以抵挡雄黄酒对她的影响,因此喝了一杯。但是在她喝下那杯酒之后,她却变得精疲力竭,几乎走不到床上。当许仙回到白蛇身边,看到的不是自己美丽的妻子, 而是一只巨大的白蛇,许仙震惊不已,从楼梯上摔死了。After recovering from the realgar wine and regaining her human form, White Snake was grief-stricken to find her husband dead.She set off on a journey to obtain a potent medicinal herb, which could revive her husband. After returning and reviving her husband with the medicine, she explained to Xu Xian that the white snake he saw was actually a dragon and that this vision was indeed a very good omen. Xu Xian#39;s fears were put to rest for the moment by his wife#39;s fanciful story.当白蛇恢复精力及人形时,她才发现自己丈夫已经身亡,因此白蛇外出寻找能使许仙起死回生的强效药草。许仙在用药草,并起死回生之后,白蛇告诉许仙他看到的那条白蛇,其实是一只代表吉相的龙。而在此时,许仙也在白蛇引人入胜的故事中将恐惧抛诸脑后。 /201506/381355 Hearing loss is practically an epidemic among young people in middle- and high-income countries -- and it#39;s getting worse, not better. The World Health Organization said that 1.1 billion people ages 12-35 listen to personal audio devices at ;unsafe volumes,; risking permanent hearing loss. Worse, people who experience hearing loss don#39;t always get the help they need fast enough, and they may not recognize that their behavior is risky to begin with.The proliferation of smartphones, which provide easy access to music-listening apps and often come packaged with earbuds, coincides with higher hearing-loss statistics. There#39;s basically no question that the two are related.Here are a few simple things you can do to protect yourself from permanent, noise-induced hearing loss.听力损害几乎已经成为了年轻人的一种流行病,在中等收入和高收入的国家,这个问题并不见好转,却越来越严重。世界卫生组织发布消息,全球有11亿的青少年由于听音乐的“时间过久、音量过大”而处于可能永久性听力损害的危险之中。更为糟糕的是,听力受到损害的人往往没有得到及时有效的帮助,而且他们可能还并没有意识到自己的听力受到损害。智能手机的普及,让青少年更容易使用耳机通过个人音乐播放器,同时我们也可以看到,听力损失数据的不断升高 。毫无疑问,二者是有关联的。你可以通过这些简单的事情来保护自己的耳朵不受到永久性、噪音导致的听力损害。Get Headphones That Fit佩戴合适的耳机A whopping 86 percent of U.S. consumers age 25-34 owned smartphones in 2014, according to a recent Nielsen survey.That#39;s a lot of phones. The problem is, the headphones that come with these devices aren#39;t designed to fit perfectly into your ears, which means they let in a lot of ambient noise. People tend to crank up the volume on their devices to make up for this.It#39;s imperative that your headphones fit correctly, so you should test out a few different kinds before buying.最近的一项尼尔森调查显示,2014年有高达86%的美国青少年消费者拥有智能手机。这是一个很大的数字。问题在于,这些手机所配置的耳机的设计并不是很完美,阻挡不住周围的噪音。人们往往通过增加他们的音量来弥补这一个缺陷。耳机必须要选择完全合适的,所以在买手机之前,你需要测试几种不同类型的耳机。Give Your Ears A Rest让耳朵有休息的时间The World Health Organization recommends that young people limit themselves to one hour of listening per day on devices like smartphones.;You shouldn#39;t have exposure to 80 decibels for longer than 60 minutes,; Hall ,executive director of the Hearing Loss Association of America,said. ;Give yourself a rest. Let your ears recover a little bit.;For reference, 80 decibels is equivalent to the sounds of city traffic or a garbage disposal. After several hours, this decibel level can be damaging to your ears. Consider that next time you#39;re pumping music through your headphones.世界卫生组织建议青少年把每天在电子设备上,比如手机上,听音乐的时间限制在一个小时之内。美国听力损害协会执行主任霍尔说:“不能让耳朵暴露在80分贝的听力环境下超过一个小时,要给自己一个休息的时间,让耳朵恢复一下。”作为参考,80分贝相当于城市噪声和垃圾处理的声音。几个小时之后,这个分贝水平的环境会对你的耳朵造成损害。下次通过耳机使用个人音乐播放器播放的时候要注意了。Get Screened及时检查耳朵的健康状况You know not to listen to music too loud. You know to wear earplugs. Now you need to make sure your ears stay healthy.We need to get screened for hearing loss from their health care providers.Adults should try to get a hearing test every five or 10 years. And even then, many people find out they#39;ve got hearing loss, but actually wait a few years for it to get worse before they actually do something about it.In short,the sooner we can get them assistance, the better.你知道了不要播放太大的声音去听音乐。你也明白了必须要带耳塞。现在你需要确保你的耳朵是健康的。需要去医生那里去做自己的听力损害的检查。青少年应每5年或者每10年做一次听力检测。即便如此,还是有很多人发现他们的听力受到了损害,但是在等上几年问题变得严重之前做点事情还是比较有帮助的。总之,越早治疗越有帮助。译文属原创,未经授权! /201505/367946吉大四院正规吗?怎么样吉林长春第二医院怎么去



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