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年6月四级作文范文:大都市生活带来的优点 -- ::3 来源: 【题目】  Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.  【范文】The Advantages of City Life  There are undeniable advantages to both life in a big city and in a small town. The mer offers more excitement and convenience while the latter offers a cleaner, quieter and often friendlier place to live. However, despite the advantages of small town life, I prefer to live in a big city several reasons.  First, life in the city is more convenient. More goods are available and stores are open later. Also, there is better public transportation so it is easier to get around. I can find almost anything I want easily in the city. Second, there are more ways to spend leisure time in the city. There are many places I can go to meet friends and have fun. Finally, and most importantly, the city offers more educational and career opporties. The city often attracts the best teachers and the best companies. There is also a wider choice of jobs so it is easier to move up the career ladder.   all of these reasons, I prefer to live in the city. Although I sometimes miss the fresh air and quiet life of a small town, nothing can make up the opporties that the city offers me. If one wants to be successful,读句子轻松学英语四级语法 第66节  如:If the small hot spots look as expected,that will be a trumpet…. (1998年第7题)随着改革开放的深入和经济文化的发展,我国工人阶级队伍不断壮大,素质不断提高包括知识分子在内的工人阶级,广大农民,始终是推动我国先进生产力发展和社会全面进步的根本力量在社会变革中出现的民营科技企业的创业人员和技术人员、受聘于外资企业的管理技术人员、个体户、私营企业主、中介组织的从业人员、自由职业人员等社会阶层,都是中国特色社会主义事业的建设者对为祖国富强贡献力量的社会各阶层人们都要团结,对他们的创业精神都要鼓励,对他们的合法权益都要保护,对他们中的优秀分子都要表彰,努力形成全体人民各尽其能、各得其所而又和谐相处的局面

   I am sorry I was a little short with you just now. I don't feel myself today.

九变篇 NO.4:故用兵之法,无恃其不来,恃吾有以待之;无恃其不攻,恃吾有所不可攻也。这句啥意思:所以用兵的原则是:不抱敌人不会来的侥幸心理,而要依靠我方有充分准备,严阵以待;不抱敌人不会攻击的侥幸心理,而要依靠我方坚不可摧的防御,不会被战胜。英文这么说:The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy#39;s not coming, but on our own iness to receive him;not on the chance of his not attacking,but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable. 何为严阵以待 加强备战 其实总体就是说 战争没有侥幸心里 我们要时刻保持警惕的心理 时刻严阵以待 能够面对任何的变化 做出对应 针对敌人制作出任何克制敌人的战略。将敌人尽量明朗化 并制作有效的克敌战略。 那么这样已经“暴露”的敌人并已经有应对策略的敌人并且时刻保持警惕还有什么好怕的?内容来自: Article/201308/252557


  . 大火使这家著名旅馆几乎化为灰烬

年6月四级作文范文: Power Failure -- :: 来源: 年6月四级作文范文: Power FailureDirection   this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition entitled On Power Failure. You should write at least 0 words according to the following guidelines(given in Chinese):  1.很多城市缺电现象严重  .分析原因  3.提出建议  [参考范文]  On Power Failure  Recently, every morning when I wake up, I find my air-conditioner automatically turned off . I didn't understand why at first , but soon I learned that there was a great shortage of electricity supply in our city – my air-conditioner turned off because of a power failure midnight.  With the rapidly developing industry and the ever-increasing population, demand electricity supply is soaring. Besides, summers in recent years are much hotter than bee , so most working places and households are air-conditioned , which consumes additional electricity.  Face with such a hard nut , we have to find ways to crack it . Above all , in western areas China , there is surplus of electricity supply. So , cities that are thirsty electricity may ask remote help. Then ,when we have electricity , we should remember to save it . Set your air-conditioners at 7C and you won't feel less comtable than when they are at 6C . In fact , some factories aly shift their working hours to avoid the peak time of electricity consuming. My parents don’t work from Monday to Friday as bee – they work m Saturday to Wednesday and have the following two days off instead. This is also a way out, isn't it?

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