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Apple’s flagship store in Wangfujing, a central shopping district in Beijing, is a hive of activity. But, unfortunately for the iPhone maker, most people are not there to buy. 坐落在北京市中心商业区王府井的苹果(Apple)旗舰店人头攒动,但对iPhone的制造商来说,遗憾的是,大多数人来这里并不买手机。Part of the problem may be short term, according to staff in the shop. Many Chinese are putting off buying an Apple device until the new iPhone 7 model comes out in September, says an employee, who adds that a lull in sales before a big launch is to be expected. “There’s no reason for any concern; when the new phone comes out sales will pick up,” he says.店内员工表示,一部分问题可能是短期的。一位店员表示,许多中国人现在推迟购买苹果设备,要等今年9月iPhone 7上市。他补充称,在推出重大产品前销售停滞是意料之中的。他说:“没有理由担忧;当新手机推出时,销量就会上升。”Liu Shan, a matronly woman guiding her teenage cousin around the store, is one of the few seemingly in the shop to buy a phone — but even she fails to show the sort of devoted Apple fandom that made China the company’s largest market outside the US.刘珊(音译)是一位看似家庭主妇的女士,她带着十几岁的表同来。她是店内似乎会买手机的少数人之一,但从她身上看不到“果粉”的那种痴迷——正是这些果粉让中国成为苹果在美国以外的最大市场。“She’s just a student,” she says of her youthful charge, flicking through a display of iPads, “so there’s no need to wait for an iPhone 7. We’re very pragmatic.”浏览着iPad的展示画面,刘珊谈到自己的表时表示:“她只是个学生,因此没有必要等待iPhone 7上市。我们非常务实。”This lack of excitement points to the bigger problem Apple faces in China. A drop in revenues in the country by a third last quarter signalled to some that the company’s capacity to dazzle smartphone shoppers has been diminished amid stiffer competition from cheaper local competitors producing more technologically advanced devices.这种缺乏热情的表现反映出苹果在中国面临更大的问题。上季度苹果在华收入下降三分之一,这让一些人觉得,随着来自产品物美价廉的本土厂商的竞争加剧,苹果让智能手机购买者迷恋的能力下降了。The fall in sales should not have come as a surprise. Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, used a fall in search queries as a proxy for foot traffic to Apple stores to correctly predict a 23-34 per cent year-on-year fall in Apple’s quarterly revenues in China.人们不应对苹果销售下降感到意外。中国最大的搜索引擎百度(Baidu)用搜索查询数量的下降作为苹果商店客流量的晴雨表,正确地预测苹果在华季度收入同比下降23%-34%。Chinese smartphone users are no longer buying into the hype as they once did. When Apple first launched an iPhone in 2009, the smartphone was a status symbol for young Chinese middle class consumers.中国智能手机用户不再像过去那样跟风购买。当2009年苹果首次在中国销售iPhone时,拥有一部iPhone是中国年轻的中产阶级消费者有地位的象征。Apple consolidated its position with the release of several new phones aimed at the local market, briefly pushing the group to the top of China’s smartphone market last year.苹果针对中国市场发布了数款新手机,巩固了其地位,去年一度占据中国智能手机市场份额的头把交椅。But Xiang Ligang, an expert on China’s telecommunications sector, says that Apple now faces a challenge in “keeping itself interesting” in China, namely that the group was “looking like a trend follower these days”.但中国电信业专家项立刚表示,苹果目前在中国面临“保持自身有趣”的挑战,也就是说该集团“最近看起来就像是潮流跟随者”。Crucially, local rivals have caught up with, and in some cases exceeded, the sort of technological advances that were once the calling card of the US tech group. 关键问题是,技术上的先进一度是这家美国科技公司的名片,但本土竞争对手已经迎头赶上,在某些情况下还有所超越。Rumours suggest that the forthcoming iPhone 7 will have a dual-lens camera, for example, but by the time it launches in September “it will look old”, says Mr Xiang.项立刚表示,比如有传言称,即将发布的iPhone 7将会有双摄像头,但到9月发布时,“这种配置将会显得过时”。Many competitors aly have dual-lens cameras on their newer phones, such as Huawei’s P9 launched in April, and Xiaomi’s Redmi Pro. 许多竞争对手已经在新款手机上配置了双摄像头,比如华为(Huawei)今年4月推出的P9,以及小米(Xiaomi)推出的红米Pro。“The Chinese phonemakers are fast catching up with Apple in quality and performance, and the consumer mindset is also evolving,” says Mr Xiang. “Some users will always associate Apple with wealth and taste but, for a lot of users, sporting a Huawei or Oppo will no longer cause them to lose face.”项立刚表示:“中国手机制造商迅速在品质和性能上追赶苹果,消费者心态也在转变。一些用户始终会把苹果与财富和品位联系在一起,但对许多用户来说,拿着华为或Oppo手机将不再让他们感到丢脸。”Getting China right is important for Apple; until the previous quarter, it was the company’s fastest-growing market.对苹果来说,搞定中国市场非常重要。截止上季度,中国还是苹果增长最快的市场。The drop in sales in China has added to Apple’s troubles as it faces a number of setbacks in the country, from a spurious copyright infringement lawsuit — alleging a Chinese company owned the iPhone trademark — to a ban on its iTunes service.苹果在中国麻烦缠身,从假冒商标侵权诉讼——起诉一家拥有iPhone商标的中国公司——到iTunes视频务被禁,而在中国市场销售下降更是雪上加霜。But devices are core to its success. Apple has ceded ground to Huawei, as well as to relatively unknown brands such as Oppo and Vivo, who took the top three slots respectively in market share rankings for the second quarter, according to Canalys, the research group.但设备是其成败的关键。苹果已经将部分市场份额拱手让给华为,以及Oppo和Vivo等相对不太出名的品牌。根据市场研究公司Canalys的数据,在今年二季度,华为、Oppo和Vivo分别占据中国市场份额前三甲位置。Research by Counterpoint Technology, the market research firm, shows that Oppo passed Huawei in the second quarter to become the top-selling smartphone in China, with 22 per cent market share.市场研究公司Counterpoint Technology的研究显示,Oppo在二季度超过华为,成为中国市场最畅销的智能手机,占据22%的市场份额。Oppo and Vivo, both largely unknown brands abroad, are both owned by BBK Electronics, based in the southern city of Dongguan.在国外没什么名气的Oppo和Vivo都隶属总部位于东莞的步步高电子(BBK)旗下。Apple in the previous quarter came fifth in China, accounting for a market share of 9 per cent, just ahead of Samsung, according to Canalys.Canalys的数据显示,苹果上季度在中国市场排名第五,占据9%的市场份额,仅领先于三星。China’s smartphone market grew 3 per cent in the last quarter, according to the group.该集团表示,中国智能手机市场规模在上季度增长3%。Research from Piper Jaffray estimated that mainland China accounted for 15 per cent of Apple sales in the quarter, adding that part of the drop can be accounted for by an inventory drawdown and that the numbers “look worse than they are”.Piper Jaffray在研究报告中估计,苹果上季度销售的15%来自中国内地。该机构补充称,销售下降在一定程度上可以说是去库存造成的,而且数据“看起来比实际情况糟糕”。Bryan Ma, analyst at IDC, the research firm, says Chinese consumers quickly tire of last year’s, or even last month’s, model. “One of Apple’s problems in China is its product refreshes#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;or lack thereof,” he says.研究公司IDC的分析师马伯远(Bryan Ma)表示,中国消费者迅速厌烦了去年、乃至上月的机型。他说:“苹果在中国的问题之一是产品更新换代……或者更新换代不力。”The fickleness of the savvy Chinese consumer has aly caused problems for rivals, which have also struggled to stay on top of the China smartphone market. Previous years have seen Samsung and Xiaomi topping the charts at some point only to fall back.长了见识的中国消费者如今不再忠诚于某个品牌,这已经对竞争对手们造成了问题,后者也很难持续占据中国智能手机市场的榜首位置。一度位列榜首的三星和小米在前几年排名已经下降。Crucial to staying relevant is to promise something new. Mr Ma says the worry for Apple is that supposedly leaked images of the iPhone 7 appear to show little difference from the iPhone 6S. 贴合市场需求的关键在于承诺推出新产品。马伯远表示,对苹果来说,令人担忧的是,从据说是iPhone 7泄露的照片看,这款手机的外观似乎与iPhone 6S没有多大不同。“Apple needs to make sure that the next product looks noticeably different from the previous version, as the physical appearance is critical in market such as China where iPhones are viewed as status symbols”.“苹果需要确保下一款产品看起来与前款产品明显不同,因为在iPhones被视为地位象征的中国等市场,物理外观非常重要。” /201608/459851。

The music industry has opened a new front in its dispute with YouTube, as the three largest labels allege that the Google-owned site’s filtering technology fails to identify enough unlicensed content. 音乐行业在与YouTube的争端中开辟了新的战线,三大唱片公司指控这家谷歌(Google)旗下的视频网站的过滤技术未能识别足够多的未授权内容。 YouTube’s free site has grown into the world’s biggest streaming music platform, attracting more listeners than Spotify and Apple Music combined. YouTube的免费视频网站已成长为全球最大的流媒体音乐平台,吸引的听众人数超过了Spotify和Apple Music之和。 It is due to negotiate new licensing deals this year with Universal Music Group, Sony Musicand Warner Music Groupbut relations between the company and the labels and artists that provide much of its content have soured. 该网站今年要与环球音乐集团(Universal Music Group)、索尼音乐(Sony Music)和华纳音乐集团(Warner Music Group)谈判新的许可协议。然而,它与提供许多视频内容的唱片公司和艺人之间的关系已经恶化。 UMG, Sony Music and WMG have claimed in submissions filed to the US Copyright Office that Content ID, YouTube’s signature content recognition technology, was unable to identify all unlicensed tracks that had been uploaded. 在提交给美国版权局(US Copyright Office)的情况说明中,环球音乐、索尼音乐和华纳音乐声称,YouTube标志性的内容识别技术Content ID未能辨认出所有上传的未授权音轨。 Content ID was created by YouTube as a mechanism to identify illegally uploaded music and then give rights holders the chance to either block it or make money from it. But the labels say too much music is slipping through the cracks. Content ID技术是YouTube创建的一种机制,其目的是辨认非法上传的音乐,然后让版权所有者有机会封杀该音乐或从中赚钱。但这些唱片公司表示,该技术让太多音乐钻其漏洞的空子。 /201604/439405。

Apple is tackling an outbreak of spam on iPhone calendars by introducing a button that lets users report the junk appointments.苹果正在通过引入一个按钮来让用户报告垃圾邮件,以此解决iPhone日历上垃圾邮件爆发的问题。The messages appear as invitations to events but are sent by spammers not the brands.这些信息会以活动邀请的形式显示出来,但是由垃圾邮件发送者发送的,而不是该品牌。The ;report junk; button has been added to Apple#39;s iCloud.com site and is expected to be included in an iOS update soon.“报告垃圾”按钮已添加到苹果的iCloud.com网站,预计很快就会出现在iOS的更新中。The calendar bug was heavily exploited this year around Black Friday. Some people reported that declining an invitation led to them receiving more spam from the same source.该日历漏洞在今年黑色星期五前后被大量利用。而有些人报告称,拒绝邀请导致他们从同一来源接收到更多的垃圾邮件。The reporting button removes the junk invitations from a person#39;s calendar and lets Apple know about it.报告按钮会从用户的日历中删除垃圾邀请,并让Apple知道。Until iOS is updated, anyone wishing to tackle the spam on their calendar must visit iCloud.com and click to report the faked messages. The invitation will then disappear from all synched calendars.在iOS完成更新之后,任何想要在日历上处理垃圾邮件的人必须访问iCloud.com并点击报告虚假邮件。然后该邀请就会从所有已同步的日历中消失。Late last month, Apple apologised for the sudden influx of calendar spam and said it was working on ways to fix it.上个月末,苹果公司对突然涌入的垃圾邮件致歉,并表示正在努力解决这个问题。Before the introduction of the reporting system, many people fixed the problem by creating a second calendar only for spam. They moved all the junk invitations into that calendar and then deleted it.在引入报告系统之前,很多人通过仅为垃圾邮件创建第二日历来解决该问题。他们将所有的垃圾邀请移动到该日历,然后再将其删除。 /201612/485082。

It#39;s the most expensive cheese in the world, produced by just one farm in Serbia, but donkey cheese could be the next cult food item.驴奶酪是世界上最昂贵的奶酪,全球仅有塞尔维亚一家农场生产,但其有望成为新一代热捧食品。Although incredibly rare, the cheese is being hailed as a health food thanks to its nutritional value - donkey milk is exceptionally high in protein, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, which in turn are extremely good for maintaining cardiovascular health.虽然极其稀有,但因其营养价值,驴奶酪被称为健康食品——驴奶的蛋白质、钙质和欧米伽3脂肪酸含量都异常地高,这对保持心血管健康大有裨益。With more and more people claiming to have an intolerance to cow#39;s milk and cheese, the donkey alternative is becoming an increasingly attractive option.随着越来越多的人自称有牛奶和牛奶酪不耐受症,驴奶酪也越来越受欢迎。However donkey cheese#39;s hefty price tag means it#39;s unlikely you#39;re going to see it on the shelves of your local Sainsbury#39;s any time soon - the cheese costs 880 per kilo.然而,驴奶酪高昂的价格意味着它近期不太可能出现在你当地的塞恩斯伯里超市货架上——因为它每千克的售价为880英镑。Slobodan Simi#263; is the world#39;s only producer of donkey cheese - he does it all on his farm in Zasavica, 50 miles west of the Serbian capital Belgrade.斯洛丹.西米奇是全球驴奶酪唯一的生产商——他在位于塞尔维亚首都贝尔格莱德西边50英里处的扎撒维卡农场完成全部生产过程。Despite starting out with just 12 donkeys 16 years ago, Simi#263;#39;s herd has now grown to nearly 300. The reason the cheese, known as pule, is so expensive is that it takes 25 litres of fresh donkey milk to make a single litre of cheese.16年前,西米奇仅仅有12头驴,而如今农场的牲畜数量已接近300。 驴奶酪,即“普勒”奶酪如此昂贵的原因在于25升新鲜驴奶仅能做出1升奶酪。What#39;s more, donkeys produce a lot less milk than cows or goats to start with.另外,驴的产奶量比奶牛或山羊要少得多。On Simi#263;’s farm, the female donkeys are milked by hand three times a day.在西米奇的农场,每天要给母驴手工挤3次奶。But the difficulty in creating cheese lies in the fact that donkey milk doesn#39;t have enough casein to coagulate - how Simi#263; gets around this is a closely-guarded secret.但制造驴奶酪的困难在于驴奶的酪蛋白不足,难以凝成奶酪——至于其秘方,西米奇严守如瓶。Although not many people in the world have tasted the rare cheese, it is said to be similar to Manchego with a rich, nutty, earthy flavour and a crumbly texture.尽管世界上尝过稀罕的驴奶酪的人并不多,但据说,其与曼彻戈奶酪相似,味道浓郁深厚,有坚果口味和乡土味道,且口感松脆。One person who is a fan of the filling cheese, however, is Novak Djokovic, who was a few years ago reported to have bought the whole supply, a claim he denied.网球名将诺瓦克.德约科维奇就是驴奶酪的狂热爱好者之一。据报道,他曾在几年前买断所有的驴奶酪。但他对此予以否认。And if legend is to be believed, Queen Cleopatra was also a fan - she is said to have bathed in asses milk to maintain her beauty.如果古埃及传说是可信的话,埃及艳后克利奥佩特拉也钟情于驴奶酪——据称她用驴奶沐浴以使容颜永驻。Donkey milk has a number of health benefits which make it superior to cow#39;s milk - it has 60 times as much vitamin C as the more common milk.驴奶的健康益处数不胜数,使之优于牛奶——其维C含量是普通牛奶的60倍。Donkey milk also has anti-allergen properties and is just 1% fat.驴奶还含有抗过敏物质,而且脂肪含量仅占1%。What#39;s more, it#39;s been claimed that consuming even just a tiny amount daily can help tackle asthma and bronchitis.另外,据称只要每日食用少量驴奶就有助于治疗哮喘和气管炎。But unless it becomes cheaper to produce, it#39;s unlikely donkey cheese is going to give the wider population a health-boost any time soon.然而,若其价格一直居高不下,驴奶酪的健康价值也无法早日惠及大众。 /201611/480859。

China’s homegrown answer to SpaceX has outlined plans to invest .5bn in a space travel and future technology theme park, as the group prepares for manned tests of Asia’s first near-space tourism project.一家被称为中国SpaceX的公司概要介绍了斥资15亿美元建造一个太空旅游和未来科技主题公园的计划。该集团正准备为亚洲首个近太空旅游项目进行载人试验。Hong Kong-listed KuangChi Science has aly conducted unmanned tests for a high-altitude balloon called the Traveller. 在香港上市的光启科学(KuangChi Science)已经完成了旅行者号(Traveller)高空气球的无人驾驶试验。It is equipped with communications and weather-monitoring components, but is also intended to take tourists to 24km above the earth.这种高空气球装载着通信和天气监测设备,但也打算将游客送上24千米的高空。Manned tests are planned over the next two years, the company said.光启科学称,将在未来两年内进行载人飞行试验。Chinese media has dubbed the company’s chairman, Liu Ruopeng, the Elon Musk of China, referring to the founder of Tesla and SpaceX.中国媒体将光启科学董事长刘若鹏称为中国的埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk),后者是特斯拉(Tesla)和SpaceX的创始人。Shenzhen-based KuangChi is developing a range of what it calls future technologies, including a powered exoskeleton suit. 总部位于深圳的光启科学正在开发一系列未来技术,包括一款动力外骨骼。It has made several overseas acquisitions and launched a m investment fund targeting technology start-ups in Israel, with plans to establish a second fund soon.它在海外收购了几家技术公司,还设立了一5000万美元、专门投资以色列高科技初创企业的投资基金,计划很快设立第二基金。While its goals are less ambitious than projects such as Virgin Galactic — which aim to propel tourist-laden crafts across the 100km-high Karman line into what is officially considered space — KuangChi is among several private projects attempting to send leisure passengers to twice the altitude of commercial aircraft.虽然光启科学的目标没有SpaceX和维珍(Virgin Galactic)那样远大——这两家公司希望推动载有旅客的飞船越过海拔100公里的卡门线(Karman Line)、进入正式的太空——但它跻身于数个私营部门项目之列,旨在把休闲旅客送上两倍于商业飞机飞行高度的高空。The plans come as SpaceX has suffered a series of challenges. 光启科学公布上述计划之际,SpaceX遇到了一系列挑战。Its pilotless Falcon 9 rocket exploded on its Florida launch pad last week, and in June a cargo flight bound for the International Space Station broke apart in mid-air.上周,SpaceX的一枚无人驾驶的猎鹰9号(Falcon 9)火箭在佛罗里达州的发射台上发生爆炸;去年6月,SpaceX的一枚火箭在向国际空间站(International Space Station)运输货物途中解体。The Kuang-Chi group, parent company of KuangChi Science, said the space and future park it plans to build in the Chinese city of Hangzhou will showcase technologies, including a ride designed to give visitors the sensation of space travel in the Traveller balloon.光启科学的母公司光启集团(Kuang-Chi group)表示,计划在中国杭州建造的这座太空旅游和未来科技主题公园,将展示各种技术,包括一种能让游客们感觉到自己正在乘坐旅行者号气球游览太空的模拟飞行装置。Set up in 2010, the company bought a majority stake last year in Martin Jetpack, which makes an individual flight craft. 创立于2010年的光启科学,去年收购了个人飞行器制造商Martin Jetpack的多数股权。It also bought a stake in a Canadian company that produces a hybrid aircraft called Solar Ship.它还收购了生产混合动力飞机的加拿大厂商Solar Ship的部分股份。 /201609/465569。

Airbnb faces a fight for its life in the Big Apple as New York governor Andrew Cuomo prepares to sign a bill that would in effect end the home-sharing group’s business in New York City.Airbnb将在纽约面临一场生死之战,纽约州州长安德鲁.库默(Andrew Cuomo)准备签署一个法案,实质上将结束这家住房分享集团在纽约市的业务。The San Francisco start-up is waging an eleventh-hour campaign to thwart the legislation, offering to impose a mandatory host registration system to help the state keep track of renters and a “one host, one home” rule to curtail the challenge it poses to New York hoteliers.这家位于旧金山的初创企业正在进行最后时刻的努力以阻止立法,提出将执行强制性房东登记系统,帮助纽约州追踪租户,并实行“一个居所,一个房东”规则,以减少其对纽约酒店业构成的挑战。Mr Cuomo must decide whether to sign the bill by the end of next week. If it becomes law, it would impose fines of up to ,500 on hosts who advertise short-term accommodation through Airbnb.库默必须最迟在下周结束之前决定是否签署该法案。一旦立法成功,房东若通过Airbnb宣传短期住宿,将受到高达7500美元的罚款。Linda Rosenthal, the state assemblywoman who co-sponsored the bill, told the Financial Times that Airbnb’s concessions were “absolutely not” enough to address her fears. “The lawbreaker does not get to make the law,” she said.该法案的共同倡导者、纽约州议员琳达.罗森塔尔(Linda Rosenthal)向英国《金融时报》表示,Airbnb的妥协“绝对不足以”解决她的忧虑。她说:“违法者不能制定法律。”The online service, which connects owners of homes and flats with tourists and other renters in cities around the world, has often clashed with regulators who accuse the company of facilitating illegal hotel businesses and reducing affordable housing stock.Airbnb提供的网上租房务,在全球独立屋和公寓的业主与游客和其他租客之间牵线搭桥,该务经常与监管者发生冲突,后者指控Airbnb为非法酒店业务提供方便,减少了可负担住宅存量。In New York, hotel unions and New York City officials have been particularly vociferous about the company’s failure to comply with a 2010 law that banned short-term rentals in Manhattan — but is rarely enforced.在纽约,酒店工会和纽约市官员的反对尤为激烈,他们指责该公司未能遵守2010年一项禁止在曼哈顿提供短租务的法律——但很少执行。Airbnb said yesterday that it wanted to pay taxes in New York, estimating that it could generate about m a year for the state under its new registration scheme. The company also proposed a new “three strikes” rule that would permanently ban hosts who break the 2010 law more than three times.Airbnb昨日表示想在纽约缴税,按照新的房东登记计划,估计这将为纽约州产生每年9000万美元税收。该公司还提出了新的“三振出局”规定,违反2010年法律三次以上的房东将遭到永久性禁止。The company has aly reached similar tax agreements with many other cities. In New York, Airbnb lists 46,000 apartments and homes.该公司已与其他许多城市达成类似税务协议。在纽约,Airbnb提供4.6万套公寓和住宅。Like other such Silicon Valley start-ups that have disrupted traditional business models, Airbnb has been forced, often through confrontation, to become more responsive to local regulators and interest groups as it expands.就像其他破坏了传统商业模式的硅谷创业公司一样,Airbnb在扩张时一直被迫(往往是通过对抗形式)对地方监管者和利益集团做出更多回应。The company is experimenting with revenue-sharing arrangements that see part of the revenue from Airbnb rentals go back to apartment buildings themselves, and executives said the approach could be expanded in New York.该公司正尝试收入分成协议,将Airbnb租金中的部分收入返还公寓楼本身,高管表示这种做法可以在纽约推广。Chris Lehane, Airbnb’s policy chief, called on Mr Cuomo to veto the bill, saying that it represented special interests and hotel-union lobbying.Airbnb政策主管克里斯.勒汉(Chris Lehane)呼吁库默否决该议案,他表示该议案代表了特殊利益和酒店工会的游说。 /201610/472913。