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2019年07月19日 10:27:58

This premiere, Basic Instinct 2 in New York is for Concerned Parents for AIDS Research.And how did you decide? I mean, were you a part of that decision?Yes, I went to the studio when we were planning our premieres and around the world and we discussed, we know where the American premiere'd be and they talked to me about the fact that, you know, I've been an Aids activist for so long and that they would love to have a New York premiere. That was very elegant and we just talked about the possibilities of what we would do it for, and if we would do a philanthropic premiere, and, and I talked to them about this which I love very much, Concerned Parents for AIDS Research, and we all agreed that it would be a great cause. So the studio Sony is supporting it, er, Dior is supporting it, er, Choparte has been very supportive, my agent, Scott Lambert has donated money, so it's just been marvelous. Yeah.Filming Basic Instinct, did you ever think there would be a sequel and is this the way that you would have pictured it?Um, I think it's really great. I'm happy with the way that it turned out. I didn't think when I was filming it that there would be a sequel, or that if there was, that it would include me. I, so I'm actually kind of shocked and surprised about everything. Life is very um, propitious. She just, (you) never know and so, it was just great, lucky and fun. And How about playing Catherine this time around? Do you, you know, you're matured, she's matured. How m(uch), how different was it?It was different, and exciting, and scary and funny and hard and sometimes easy. Finally, anything you want to share with us about your recent trip to Israel? I mean we saw a lot about it, but I'd like to hear a bit more.You know, it's really marvelous, you know, when I got the call that Shimon Perez had invited me to come on behalf of the Perez Peace Foundation and talk about the subject of peace in Israel, to both Israelis and Palestinians to travel and see their good work. They have hospitals where they're giving open-heart surgery to infants one to four months. And these are Palestinians and Muslims and Israelis and Bedouins and it was just extraordinary. And to, speak to the mothers and to go to the oncology ward and talk to the kids and to go to the schools where the kids are li(ving), working together and living together in this school called coexistence and to go and to be as the biggest tennis camp there ever that has also all these mixed cultural kids working together and learning and understanding of peace and they are doing these games where they run up and they say their name and they say a word in their language and the other kid says that word in their language and their name and runs back with the ball. And it was just so moving and exciting and I learned so much being there and I flew with a helicopter all over and we went white water helicoptering over the Jordan river and it was so exciting and, and helicoptering over the sand dunes to see Bedouin outposts and saw this great mission carved into the side of the sand dunes. It was, you know, hundreds of years old, and we went to the Dead Sea and, you know, you see in Israel that you just don't see on television 'cause what we see is bad news on the news. And then you get there, and this is a gorgeous place with these beautiful people who are really trying to work towards peace and it was just, it was marvelous. It was, it was, so encouraging and, and really every time I get to go and travel to these other countries and meet other people, I just come to understand more and more that we all want the same thing. We wanna be loved, we wanna be liked, we wanna be seen and we wanna share our culture with you. Sounds like we in the media have a, have to do a better job of covering those things as well, isn't it?It is true and I thank you for understanding that because really... it is the journalists' job, not just to, to take what you are being fed, but to go and explore and see and show the world what really exists. And you know what, people everywhere are just the same. They get out of the bed the same way, they put on their pants the same way, and they say I need to be cared about and loved, and you know, every kid in the war is some mother and father's son. And nobody wants peace more than a kid out there on the field. And we have to, for them, for those children, we have to be better, we have to try harder and we have to do more.200809/47882沙坪坝区妇女儿童医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱重庆市第三人民医院激光祛斑多少钱文本:On a rocky beach in Iceland, two youngsters are on a mission of mercy. Inside their cardboard box, they have two orphans, fledglings plucked from the streets of town, baby puffins. The children of Heimaey have been saving young puffins called pufflings for generations. In fact, at the end of the summer, releasing them by the hundreds to the safety of the sea has become a local tradition."They have to save the birds, well, if they don't do it, they'll die. They find it very exciting."Exciting obviously for the kids who get to throw live birds into the air and watch them fly away. But no doubt it's a little nerve-racking for the recently born pufflings. The problem for the pufflings is that when they are old enough, they leave their burrows in the cliffs and head out to sea. But the lights of the town confuse them. Instead of flying out to sea, they fly into town where they crash land and end up on the streets. That's where the puffling patrols come in. Each night, during the month of August, Moms and Dads lead troops of kids through town looking for wayward pufflings. They use flashlights to search the ground near buildings and street lights. The piers are particularly popular place."Oh hey guys, look it's there, it's there!"When a bird is spotted, the kids rush to scoop it up, and bring it in off the mean streets of Heimaey for the night. It's hard work. The following day all the birds that landed in friendly hands are transported to the seashore, pointed in the right direction, and given their flying orders. The kids seem to be having a great time. Apparently there is a proper way to release the pufflings. First, the proper grip, then, the right technique. With its wings free and flapping, the idea is to cock your arm like a quarterback, and throw a short path. Whether they swim to safety or fly off over the North Atlantic, one wonders what kind of impact all this has on this species as a whole. The world's largest Atlantic puffin colonies are found in Iceland, containing some 8 to 10 million birds. They are still flourishing with a little help from some strong arms and big hearts.200810/51923重庆大坪医院的营业时间

重庆医科大学附属二院门诊在哪里巴南区妇幼保健院护理That’s a bit direct Anna.安娜,这有点直接。Slow down and tell them your name and why you’re calling.慢慢来,告诉他们你的名字和为何打电话。Find out something about them.调查一下他们的情况。Maybe say “I’d like to tell you about our great new laser-curved fruit”.或许可以说“我想向你们介绍我们的新型激光曲线水果”。Ask them “How much plastic fruit do you buy?” and at the end of the call say “thank you for your time.问问他们“你想买多少塑料水果”,电话结束的时候要说谢谢你宝贵的时间。We hope to hear from you soon.”我们希望很快接到你的来电。Give it a go Anna.试一试,安娜。OK. Erm… hello my name is Anna.好吧,你好,我的名字叫安娜。How are you today?你今天过得好吗?Good thank you.好的,谢谢。That’s good. I’d like to tell you about our great new laser-curved fruit. Oh yes.很好,我想跟你介绍我们的新型激光曲线水果。 是吗。Our company is called Tip Top Trading and we are the UK’s number 1 plastic fruit manufacturer我们公司叫 Tip Top Trading,我们是英国第一的塑料水果制造商,and well, we’re so proud of our fruit that we’ve decided to let the rest of Europe enjoy it too.我们对自己的水果很自豪,我们还决定让欧洲其他地区的人们也喜欢上它。Very good Anna!做得好,安娜!We make our fruit using laser-curved technology.我们用激光曲线技术打造水果。In fact we’ve just launched our best product ever, the Imperial Lemon – it looks so real you want to squeeze it.事实上,我们刚推出了迄今为止最好的产品,皇家柠檬,它看起来无比逼真,让你想捏一捏它。Hmm, lemons, interesting.柠檬,有意思。Anna’s got the hang of this – she’s on fire – I mean, she’s doing really well.安娜已经完全掌握了,她已经蓄势待发了,我的意思是她做得很好。Her cold calling technique has really warmed up.她的调查访问电话技术已经预热了。She’s pitched the products now she needs to sell.她推销了产品,现在她要把东西卖出去。…so thank you for your time.谢谢你宝贵的时间。I hope you may consider us when you next purchase some plastic fruit.我希望下次你们买塑料水果的时候可以考虑我们公司。 /201703/497211重庆私处脱腋毛一般哪家医院好China to Pay Record Prices for Australian Minerals中国宝钢同意高价购买澳洲铁矿石  Chinese steel makers have agreed to pay record prices for iron ore from the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia. In a deal signed this week, Australian mining giant Rio Tinto has secured increases that almost double the price of some grades of the mineral. 中国钢铁公司同意以高价购买西澳大利亚皮尔巴拉地区的铁矿石。根据这个星期签署的一项协议,澳大利亚采矿业巨人力拓公司为一些矿石争取到高于过去几乎一倍的价格。Australia's resources boom shows no sign of slowing down, thanks largely to demand from Asia.  澳大利亚的资源开采热潮毫无减退迹象,这很大程度上要归功于亚洲的需求。This week Anglo-Australian minerals company Rio Tinto has been negotiating with China's biggest steel maker, Baosteel, which has traditionally set the international iron ore price for China's other steel producers. 这个星期,力拓矿产公司和中国最大的钢铁公司宝钢进行谈判。宝钢通常为中国其它钢铁公司在国际市场购买铁矿石制定价格。In 2007, the Chinese imported 383 million tons of iron ore, up 17 percent from the previous year.  2007年,中国进口了3亿8千3百万吨铁矿石,比前一年增加了百分之17。In the past, China has paid Brazilian and Australian exporters the same amount for minerals. But this year Australian miners demanded more, insisting their iron ore is higher quality and - because Australia is closer to China - is costing less to transport. 过去,中国付给巴西和澳大利亚矿石出口商同样的价格。但是今年澳大利亚方面要求提高价格,他们说自己的铁矿石品位更高,而且由于澳大利亚离中国近,所以运输费用相对较低。Rio has secured an 80 percent price increase for the iron ore known as Pilbara fine and a 97 percent increase for iron ore lumps from its operations in northwestern Australia - 10 times last year's percentage increase. The scale of the deal has surprised many analysts. 力拓得以将皮尔巴拉铁矿石提价百分之80,将西北地区铁矿石提价百分之97,这是去年提价幅度的10倍。这笔交易使许多分析人士感到吃惊。A spokesman for Rio Tinto said the deal was "very significant," as iron ore is one of the company's key commodities, along with copper and aluminum.  力拓矿业公司的一名发言人说,这是一项“非常重要的”交易。铁矿石和铜、铝一样,都是该公司的主要商品。Rio Tinto chief executive Tom Albanese believes more good times lie ahead for his company. 力拓公司的首席执行官汤姆.阿尔巴内塞相信,他的公司未来的前景将更好。"Overall, Rio Tinto believes that this global shift will see the size of our key markets double over the next 15 years, as demand balloons in line with rising urbanization in developing countries. And, that is also very good news for Australia," said Albanese. 他说:“总体来讲,力拓相信全球市场的转移,伴随发展中国家快速都市化的需求膨胀,将使我们主要市场的规模在今后15年翻一倍。而且,这对澳大利亚来说是个非常好的消息。”Australia's mining boom has fueled a decade-and-a-half of unprecedented economic growth. 澳大利亚采矿业的繁荣造就了过去15年前所未有的经济增长。It is driven by soaring demand for iron ore and coal from China and India. 其推动力正是中国和印度对铁矿和煤炭需求的迅猛增长。The bonanza has the potential to end Australia's long-term current account deficit and push the country's international trade balance into surplus. 蕴藏丰富的矿藏有可能让澳大利亚摆脱长期的经常账赤字,并且推动其在国际贸易中获得盈余。But despite such massive earnings in the minerals sector, there are fears that the higher income from exports could increase inflation in Australia and push up domestic interest rates. 虽然澳大利亚在矿业方面获得巨大的收益,有人却担心出口带来的更高收入会在国内引发通货膨胀,并且拉抬国内利率。But Australia's mining boom has cushioned the economy from the worst effects of the global credit squeeze. 然而,澳大利亚的矿业繁荣使它的经济在全球信贷危机的恶劣影响下得以喘息。200806/42810四川重庆激光祛斑贵吗

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